Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 71

Author: Blue_Rat


A few days later, as lunch concluded, Glacious gathered everyone at the training field.

“Teacher, I thought you said we’d have a week off. Could it be, teacher, you missed seeing us in pain every day?”

Shin laughed after he said that but Glacious rolled his eyes before flicking an air pocket at Shin, hitting him directly in the middle of his forehead.


Shin stumbled backward several feet but didn’t fall. Though he still gripped his head in pain and complained loudly.

“Teacher it was a joke a joke.”

“I know, I just didn’t think it was funny.”

Asuna and the others chuckled out loud as Glacious teased Shin.

“No, I didn’t bring you here because I missed you lot training. A few days ago it was brought to my attention that you guys found it unfair that Kazuki had received a treasure from me and so I promised to gift one to all of you as well. If however, you all don’t want one, then you may go back to your relaxation I guess. I’ll just throw these treasures back into the pile in my room.”

Shin acted overdramatically and fell to his knees.

“Teacher! Oh, gracious benevolent masterful dragon sama. Please allow me the honor of accepting your gift, hehe.”

Shin played it up but Glacious couldn’t help but shake his head.

(This one is really an odd ball.)

Glacious had a large chest by his side. Opening it up, he tossed a large cloth at Shin. It hit him in the head and wrapped awkwardly around his face.

Shin tore it away, revealing a dark grey cloak with specks of silver sprinkled throughout it. It was quite ugly and dull-looking. This caused Shin to grimace slightly as he imagined how he’d look wearing it.

Next Glacious handed a pair, strike that, a single bracer made of white gold to Kimi. An ancient inscription pattern crisscrossed around it and inlaced the patterns with magic gold. At the end of the bracer was a place to slide one’s hand through, at the end of that sat a small white crystal. Equipping this item would cause the crystal to rest neatly in the user’s palm.

Kimi looked at Sam and Sam helped her slide it on. As soon as it was equipped, she could feel a concentration of power emanating from the white crystal. The bracer was both stylish yet powerful. Kimi wanted to test it out immediately but she also wanted to see what the others would get. Bowing sincerely, she thanked Glacious.

“Teacher, thank you.”

Glacious gave a slight nod before pulling out another item and handing it to Asuna.

“Teacher this is?”

Glacious handed Asuna a golden hoop. It was around a foot in diameter and had a dozen tiny purple crystals that lined the entire hoop. It was neither sharp nor was it heavy. Asuna questioned if it was even a weapon at all and couldn’t see it being a tool either. She had no clue what it could be used for.

“I’ll explain it all in a second. Let me finish handing things out.”

Asuna nodded before thanking Glacious as well. She didn’t know what the golden hoop was but if Glacious said it was a treasure surely he wouldn’t gift her something unusable, right?

Glacious reached into the chest a final time and pulled out two items, one was a large dark green block made from some material no one could identify currently. It was nearly 5 feet tall and wide on every side and when Glacious dropped it, the ground trembled slightly. The other and final item was a flat thin piece of dark metal. Its size was similar to that of a ruler. Glacious tossed the ruler-like item to Kazuki and pointed at the large green block for Sam.

“Teacher, this joke, isn’t it a bit much? I get a dirty old piece of cloth, Kimi gets a bracer, Asuna a golden hoop, Sam a big ass block, and why does Kazuki get a second item? Aren’t these just prank items?”


Glacious flicked out another air pocket and hit Shin in the head once more.

“Fool, these are amazing treasures of my own personal collection. It’s not my fault your eyes can’t see. For example, that dirty old cloak you’re talking about, wars would start over such an item you know.”

Shin had a few tears in his eyes from constantly being hit in the forehead with a powerful air pocket. Still, he couldn’t help but hold the cloak up and look at it disheartened.

“Someone would actually fight a war over this filthy thing, really?”

Glacious sighed inwardly before snatching the cloak. Throwing it around his shoulders, the cloak covered only a portion of his body due to his large frame.

“Take a look.”

Glacious filled the cloak with power and the very next instant, the pat of his body that was covered with the cloak disappeared. Down below, however, his long legs could still be seen as they were not covered.

Glacious then stopped putting magic into the cloak and both the cloak and his body were revealed. As soon as everyone saw this, they became flabbergasted. Shin and Kimi especially. When they saw it, they both shouted at the same time.

“Harry Potter!”

The two turned and looked at one another in shock.

Shin asked curiously.

“Kimi, you like Harry Potter too?”

Kimi found it a bit repulsive to share anything in common with Shin but at the same time, she wouldn’t deny her love for Harry and was quite a big pothead herself.

“Of course I love the series, who doesn’t?”

Shin nodded repeatedly.

“Right right right. Harry Potter is my shit. My favorite character is Hermione, what about you?”

Kimi was taken aback.

“Yours too?”

“Hehehe, Hermione is the best. She’s so fucking smart and cool. I like Harry as well but he’s kind of oblivious to things. I guess it’s understandable though since for the first half of his life, he didn’t know a thing about the wizarding world.”

Kimi and Shin then started to get more and more excited and traded Harry potter facts as well as their favorite parts in the books and films. Before they got too deeply though, Glacious interrupted the two loose hens.


The two snapped back to reality and both felt a bit embarrassed for some reason.

“I don’t know who this Harry or Hermione is but if they have a cloak there’s no way it’s as grand as this one. This cloak not only hides you from eyes but it also erases sound for the one who wears it. It covers your breath as well as one’s scent. It reduces the weight of the wearer by 20% and increases your speed by 20% as well. It produces no shadow and when it’s fully enveloped a user, it’s even difficult to detect magic coming from it. Only someone with insane senses would be able to tell there’s something wrong. For someone who’s already fast like you Shin, this can give you a terrifying advantage while on the field of battle. So what do you have to say now? Oh, and I gave this new treasure to Kazuki because I took the old one back from him. The previous one could only help if one were thirsty, this new treasure however is quite something.”

Shin missed nearly all of Glacious’s explanation and only thought about being like Harry Potter. His eyes shined with anticipation and he almost snatched the cloak back.

“Teacher. Amazing, more than amazing, this is fan-fucking-tastic. Thank you, teacher.”

Glacious nodded in satisfaction and handed the cloak back. After that, he went over everyone’s treasures one by one.

“Kimi, that bracer is very simple. You use it like you would a staff. This bracer though it is much smaller than a staff, its power is several times that of. That white crystal embedded in your palm is a pure light elemental crystal. It uses only the power of light and the bracer itself amplifies all light magic by a few times over. With it, your magic cost will be reduced greatly and your power will rise as well. If you concentrate you can form physical objects made of light such as swords made from light and other things, though doing that would actually require a great deal of your magic but the skies the limits.”

“Asuna that golden hoop has a unique power that matches with you quite well. If you use your power on it, a small gate will form in the empty space inside the hoop. Once you open that tiny gate you can use it to send objects through it. Like Kimi’s bracer, you can use it the way you would use your powers naturally. You can lock objects further away from you as well as teleport things through it from a greater distance. At your current level, you could throw a dagger through that gate and hit an enemy a mile away.”

Glacious pushed the dark green block toward Sam and said.

“This green block is made from special materials perfectly suitable for you Sam. Create a gauntlet on your arm real quick and then while concentrating, touch the block.”

Sam did as he was told and created a sturdy crystal gauntlet around his arm. Concentrating, he then proceeded to touch the green block. As soon as he did, pieces of the green block fell off and snaked up his arm, covering the gauntlet entirely. The very next moment, the gauntlet seemed to absorb the pieces and fuse with them. Glacious grabbed a sword from his chest and before Sam could react, he sliced down at Sam’s arm at an astonishing speed.


The sword shattered on impact.

“This green block is an adaptive material. It’s called Heisho. It fuses with earthen materials and increases its strength by many folds. It can also be used by itself to shape weapons and armor and such. This stuff is durable and with enough power pumping into it, even if it’s damaged it will repair itself. I hear you’re the punching bag of the group. Kazuki told me, that every time you lot get into a fight, you get targeted a fair amount. With this, you will have a terrifying defense. Imagine it as a suit of armor and try it on.”

Sam thought for a moment before stepping forward. As he did he willed his power and the Heisho block broke apart in front of him and as though he were a large magnet, the broken pieces flew at his body in rapid succession forming a dark green armor that covered him from head to toe. Sam had to remember to form peepholes as well as a slot for the mouth, so he could see and breathe.

Sam felt powerful wearing this suit. His mind shot back to his encounter with Muteki as well as with Reya and Triska and wondered if he could at least hold his own now.

“Last but least. Kazuki, this is a ruler.”

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