Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 75

Author: Blue_Rat


The morning light shined down on the tiny world below. After breakfast, Kazuki and the others followed Glacious outside. Everyone but Tsura, Tilly, and Lamia were present.

Glacious and Etora were discussing something quietly while Mei was bouncing around energetically in excitement, even more than usual. Nunully as well couldn’t contain her happiness and was humming a fun little tune.

“First Mei and now you too, Nunully, what’s got the two of you abuzz like this?”

Nunully giggled in response to Asuna.


“Asuna, do you wanna know?”

Asuna rolled her eyes at Nunullys peppy attitude but in the end, she was curious.

“Stop giggling and just say it.”

Nunully was just about to speak when Mei jumped between the two and interrupted with an excited shout.

“We’re getting strong today!”

“Meiiii! I was gonna tell them.”

Mei ignored Nunully’s pout and kept bouncing around.

“What does that mean! I thought today Glacious was gonna show us the way to enter the 4th stage. How does that involve you two getting stronger?”

Mei stopped bouncing fora second and contemplated Asuna’s words but she herself didn’t know the answer. After a moment her little body couldn’t contain her own energy and she resumed bouncing all over. It was at this time that Etora and Glacious finished their conversation and came over.

“I am going to guide you to the 4th stage. The matter involving little bird and my niece is a separate matter. You all may not be aware but the two of them have been training just as hard as the rest of you and like you all today, they too will hopefully expand their strength.”

Everyone looked toward Nunully flabbergasted.

“Holy shit, are you telling us that Nunully is about to enter the 5th stage!?”

Shin’s cursing expressed everyone’s thoughts but Glacious shook his head.

“Whos said she would enter the 5th stage?”

Shin was confused.

“But teacher you just said her strength would go up right? She’s already at the 4th stage, the only thing above her is the 5th stage right?”

“Shin do you really think I would allow my godchild to enter such a level without a proper base. Nunully’s body until recently was closer to a normal person’s physique. After today though, her body will be enhanced greatly. No, she will not have the strength, toughness nor speed of which you all are capable of. After today though, an average human will not be able to leave a mark upon her flesh. She will consolidate her base and her strength will improve vastly. Maybe, later on into the future if she is talented enough, maybe she will be able to enter the 5th stage.”

Everyone finally understood. Nunully wasn’t entering the next stage of a Mages path, rather she was increasing her physical capabilities. Nunully wanted to be able to keep up with Kazuki and the rest. She knew that her lack of speed and other aspects caused her to be a burden on the others, weighing them down. After today though, that would no longer be the case.

Glacious took something out of his pocket and tossed it over to Nunully who then caught it. Raising it into the air, a small pill colored entirely in silver, reflected the light of the sun.

“Swallow it.”

Glacious commanded and Nunully didn’t hesitate.

“Senior, that pill was…?”

Kazuki recalled seeing such a pill in Glacious’s memories but he didn’t have the full picture on it and asked.

“Did you recognize it?”

Kazuki shook his head.

“It seems familiar but the name of it is eluding me.”

“Hmm, I’d think you’d have most of my memories by now, it seems your mind has not fully put them in the right order. Give it some time and you will know all of these memories as though they are your own. As for that pill, it’s a Modoshi pill.”

As soon as Glacious said that, like puzzle pieces fitting together, the memory he received from Glacious began to fall together and he knew everything about it. He didn’t say anything though, he wanted to confirm these memories and waited for Glacious to continue explaining in detail.

“This silver pill is something like a false reset. A lot of Mages Who have reached the 4th stage and even some who have reached the 3rd stage might use this. The reason being is that when they reach old age and recognize that they can no longer march forward and follow the path of a Mage, they see the light fading. Later on, health becomes very important to those with regular Mages physique. Mages tend to devote all of their time energy and wealth to become stronger. In doing so it isn’t strange for them to cut ties and relationships with friends and family. However, doing so is exceedingly lonely. When you come to that point in life and feel that death is just around the corner, one would feel that all of their knowledge and skill will disappear with them. They would then want to pass on everything they can to an heir. How can one do that though with such a decrepit and old body?”

Asuna and the others looked around at one another questioningly. Trying to see if anyone knew the answer.

“This pill takes magical energy from every part of the body, all the way down to the cells of a being. It takes said energy and fuses it with the natural energy in one’s surroundings, becoming more and more purified, to a dangerous extent. Then the second part kicks in. The user reabsorbs this new purified energy and it then becomes amplified as it fuses back into that person’s body. Once it’s fully absorbed, the body goes through a metamorphosis. It enhances a person to an unbelievable extent. Strength speed, power. In this way, the body would be in near perfect condition. Mages would do this so they could then have bodies capable of having heirs and it would also extend their life by a few decades. Plenty of time to have a son or daughter and pass on all of their knowledge. Nunully will soon go through this process and she will come out the other side with a strength that can not be doubted.”

Kazuki confirmed that the memories in his head did indeed line up with Glacious’s words but at the same time this worried him.

“Senior, you said this energy is dangerous. This reminds me of the energy inside of a Magic Beast core. The purer the energy, the more toxic and deadly it becomes to a person. Won’t this pure energy become a poison instead of a benefit to Nunully? All that pure energy will twist her insides and turn her blood black. It will kill her unless you don’t plan on her having too much of it but at the same time, too little and the benefit will be mute. You need some way to make sure she gets just enough without going under or over the limit. I guess that’s where Etora comes into play. You plan to use his ability to devour excess energy to help control the balance of energy she absorbs. In this way, you will ensure she does this safely. Am I right?”

Etora laughed loudly before slapping Kazuki repeatedly on the back.

“Bwahahahaha, you figured it out just like that huh? Kazuki are you a genius or what? Maybe I should be calling you big brother, hahaha.”

Kazuki had to move away from Etora because his slaps to the back, even while holding back were crushingly heavy.

“Etora, I could never be your big brother. I’d have to be able to first be able to eat more than you and we all know that’s impossible.”

Etora laughed even louder and changed his target from Kazuki to Glacious but Glacious wasn’t having it. He flicked Etora in the head with a finger, the power of which was astronomical.


When his finger hit Etora in the forehead, it sounded akin to thunder in the sky rather than a simple thump of flesh. Etora hit the ground and began to roll around on the ground in pain.

Everyone felt a shudder down their spine but Glacious simply rolled his eyes.

“Stop playing around I barely hit you.”

Etora, to everyone’s surprise, jumped back to his feet and laughed playfully. A bit of smoke rising from the center of his forehead.

“Hahaha, it really did hurt but at least you were holding back. If I was in my true form though, big brothers flick wouldn’t have even made me budge, hahaha.”

Glacious sighed inwardly.

“Why mention you’re true form. If I flick you in your true form while I’m in mine, then we’re right back where we left off.”

Etora thought for a moment and realized Glacious was right and began to laugh again. Glacious simply shook his head.

“Etora, why don’t you go ahead and escort Nunully to my lake of calmness. You can go ahead and start. After you’re done, You may help Mei, to try and become a true Sky Beast. At the same time, I’ll take these five underground, they’ll need absolute quiet and no disturbance if they are to have a chance of entering the 4th stage.”

Etora chuckled before grabbing Nunully by the waist before turning into a blur and disappearing into the distance. Mei stomped on the ground.

“No fair no fair, you always race ahead.”

Mei then jumped high into the air before she turned into her Mangshi bird form and flashed forward, disappearing at a great speed.

“Now that the distractions are gone, It is time, Kazuki, Asuna, Kimi, Shin, Sam, shall we start?”

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