Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 87

Author: Blue_Rat


Just as Kazuki and the others stepped out of the crack in space, right in front of their very eyes was Reya. Not just Reya, in her hands she held Tilly by the back of the neck. Covered in bruises and leaking blood from many wounds, Tilly saw Kazuki and the others and had an apologetic expression.


Kazuki took a single step forward and Reya quickly tightened her grip around Tilly’s neck.

“Ah, I wouldn’t move if I were you. Otherwise, I might just finish this old woman right before your eyes.”

Kazuki’s steps froze. Glacious though wasn’t intimidated in the least. As a matter of fact, he was tempted to take a step forward and let Reya kill the old bat here and now. Things would be so much easier that way. At the same time though, he was curious at who this large woman with red eyes was and leaned over and asked.

“Young Kazuki, this woman is?”

Kazuki stared at Reya with hate-filled eyes. Thinking about how she killed Danny without mercy and now held Tilly hostage, Kazuki spoke with venom.

“That’s Reya, I’ve mentioned her before. She’s the one who works under my sister. She’s the one that killed Danny, stole my compass, and has been hunting me for months.”

Reya smiled hearing about her achievements. She pulled out the golden compass in question and dangled in front of her as to tease Kazuki.

“My Queen was not satisfied with just this and wishes for your head. Come to me quietly and I won’t kill this old one nor your friends. If you resist, I can only be the bad guy then.”

Asuna grunted and shouted at Reya.

“Who are you kidding here bitch! Last time we almost killed you and now you come to make threats. You would have died if Triska wasn’t there. Now that you’re all alone, all the humiliation you put us through, all the pain, prepare to receive it back 10 fold.”

A golden hoop appeared in Asuna’s hand. If she timed it right she could snatch Tilly away and deliver some much-needed hurt to Reya. Not just Asuna, Kimi’s bracer began to glow dimly, Shin’s cloak wrapped around him tightly, Sam had already put on his dark green Heisho armor and Nunully’s staff was already in her hand, with her power building.

Glacious was surprised to see everyone itching to fight. He had trained them for months and he had never before seen such seriousness from them. At the same time, Reya threw her head back in wild laughter.


“True, I nearly died last time but things will not always follow the same path. If I were alone, your right, I would most certainly fail today. However, whoever said I was alone?”


Reya snapped her fingers and the sound echoed off the mountainside and spread outward covering the surroundings.

*Crunch crunch*

The snow beneath them, all at once, it began to wriggle and move out of the way as figure after figure rose up out of the snow.

One person followed by another and another. A few became a dozen and a dozen a thousand as more and more figures rose from beneath the snow all at once. More and more and more. Thousands, ten’s of thousands. A flood of what seemed to be people rose from under the snow until a sea of people could be seen.

Glacious took a count but the numbers didn’t seem to bother him.

“Barely over 100,000, is this supposed to impress anyone?”

Etora covered his nose in disgust.

“Big bro those aren’t people. They have a foul dead like smell.”

Glacious observed closer and found that none of these people were inhaling nor exhaling. Not only that, the blood within them was sluggish. Combined with the red glow in all of their eyes, Glacious understood what they were.

“Azirian’s. This woman is an Azirian too. Is she the one controlling them?”

(Hmph, such foul creatures are actually this close to my territory, Garn, just what exactly are you doing you lazy old fool.)

Glacious then turned his attention to Reya and addressed her directly.

“Little girl, you seemed to be under the impression that these ugly creatures are a threat. They are little more than ants in my eyes. You don’t seem to know who I am and that may be my fault for not making an introduction. I’ll keep it brief. You can have my first name as that is the only one you deserve to hear. I am called Glacious. My title, Dragon Slayer. Now that I’ve said this much you should understand what I am capable of. That old bat in your hand, she is my prisoner. Hand her ver and leave these lands or face the consequences.”

Reya looked between Kazuki and Glacious before tilting her head in confusion.



Etora exploded in wild laughter. He slapped his knee in pure glee and couldn’t help but tear up a bit.

“Big bro, he’s known far and wide, all over the continent for centuries famous in every kingdom and told in legends, yet this little girl doesn’t recognize your name. Big bro, are you blushing yet, are ya? It seems you have been forgotten throughout the world. Only those powerhouses still hold your name with revere. To the young folk, they haven’t a clue it seems. This is too funny. Reya was it? You’ve given me a nice treat, that was a good one.”

Glacious looked back at Etora and glared at him but Etora was still laughing and there was no stopping it.

Reya didn’t know why Etora was laughing nor did she care.

“I don’t care who you think you are old man, whether you’re some big figure or not doesn’t matter. In front of the power of my master, it is you who is the ant, not I. Now shut up or I’ll kill you. Oy Kazuki! stop trying to stall. Accept your fate and reveal your neck or everyone here dies.”

Etora went dead silent after Reya made such threats. His anger bubbled up.

“You dare threaten my big br….”

Glacious stopped him.

“Little brother, I’ve got this.”

(This is the reason why people think they can just steal from me. Everyone has forgotten what I am capable of. I’ve been secluded for far too long because of this damn soul mark sapping my power but sometimes…Sometimes you need to spank a brat.)

Glacious outstretched an arm towards Reya and without saying a word he grabbed at the empty air in front of him.


Reya’s arm was severed and fell to the snow. Before she even realized what had just happened, Tilly was already in Glacious’s hand.

Reya’s purplish-black blood came spurting out but only for a split second, the very next a new arm exploded from the freshly cut stump and regrew. She had yet to make a move though because she was reeling from shock.

(So fast, so strong. How! When!)

Reya looked around at all of the Azirians she created. After turning all the nearby villages and towns in the surrounding hundred or so miles, she came up with an army of over a hundred thousand. Every single one of them had flesh as tough as metal and could regenerate nearly every wound. They were close to invincible in her eyes but after this one exchange, she knew, she knew there was no way any of her soldiers would be able to deal with Glacious. Not only him but Etora as well, she had overlooked Glacious and his abilities.

Seeing that Etora called Glacious big brother, did that not mean that he was strong as well. After all, there’s no way someone like Glacious would allow for a weakling to be his brother, right?

That was a passing thought in Reya’s mind but it made sense. Even with an army, there’s no way she could beat Glacious nor Etora. If it was just Kazuki and his companions alone, with her soldiers, she knew she could handle it but right now, they were anything but alone.

Glacious looked Reya up and down and lifted a hand in front of her. Energy began to gather at his fingertips.

“You and your kind are disgusting and can not be allowed to live. Though we’ve just met, It’s time for a swift goodbye.”

(NO no no! I can’t die! Not like this! Master, you warned me you would kill me if I called without Kazuki’s head but if I don’t, then everything will have been in vain. Yes, this is for her goal. If anyone can beat this arrogant man, then surely it’s my immortal Queen.)

The energy within Glacious’s fingertips began to spin and swirl dangerously in front of Reya and she didn’t hesitate. She rotated a red gem embedded at the center of her ring before pressing it down. As soon as she did, it seemed to send a pulse of energy out into the world.

Glacious was about to destroy Reya when he suddenly felt a dangerous power racing over.

High above in the air, the clouds started to spin up and darken. Cracks of lightning and the war drums of thunder gathered in the sky and condensed together.

The clouds up above formed and shaped until they became a large face in the sky. Electricity arced continuously making the eyes in the face and said eyes peered down at the world below as if everything beneath this being was less than shit. The mouth parted and a torrent of wind rushed out and exploded as the being spoke.

“Brother, I see you are still alive, how disappointing.”

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