Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 9

Author: Blue_Rat


This was not the way things were supposed to go. Garn was seething in anger. No matter how he tortured Kazuki, he couldn’t get him to utter a single cry, a single scream of anguish, nothing. Garn twisted his limbs and broke his bones time and time again. He peeled at Kazuki’s flesh and burned him with lightning. Blood was splattered all around them and the smell of burnt flesh hung in the air.

Kazuki was in so much pain, so much agony that he was barely conscious. Yet his lips still parted as he whispered something in a weak voice. Garn couldn’t quite make it out and got closer, leaning in.

“Let them go.”

Garn pulled back as though he were just attacked but in actuality, he was maddened by all of this.

(How can he still…How is this satisfying at all? You killed my most loyal subordinate. You ran away with a disgusting half breed and you treat all of this as if I am the bad guy. No, you are in the wrong. You are the one who deserves death.)

Garn’s eyes began to glow and he lifted his scepter.

“You won’t make a sound while I torture you but you also want me to spare your friends. Hmph, as far as I’m concerned your friends are the same as you. Muteki told me he showed them your memories. They know exactly who you are yet they still chose you over what was right. They as well as you are guilty and so they should die. Even after all of this you still won’t utter a cry. Fine, let’s see if you’ll still be quiet after you watch me bury them in this mountain.”

Kazuki’s blood ran cold. He tried to climb to his feet but he couldn’t. He gathered his energy and managed to make a single fireball on the tip of his finger. With a flick of it, it shot toward Garn’s face but Garn expected it and the fireball hit Garn’s barrier and dissipated.

“Hmm, was that it. Not even a blue fireball but a regular one. Lay there and watch as I kill them.”

Kazuki barely lifted his head as he screamed.


Garn stopped for a split second.

“No, you say. Too bad, it’s far too late to stop me now. You can only blame yourself Kazuki.”

Garn waved his scepter and Iselda responded in kind. Thousands upon thousands of inscriptions glowed with golden light and arcs of electricity raced across its surface before traveling underneath of the floating island and gathering into 10’s of thousands of magic rods.

*Tzzzt tszzt*

This all happened in less than a second before all at once the sky boomed and Iselda fired thousands of barrel-sized bolts of lightning all around this mountain range.


thousands upon thousands of lightning strikes fired off continuously causing the world to go white. Kazuki felt his eardrums explode from the continuous strikes and he felt his chest reverberate repeatedly as all the hair on his body stood up. A weird tingling sensation crawled over the surface of his skin and he felt as though his heart was about to burst.

The raging storm around the mountains completely dissipated and all of the snow in the sky vaporized. strikes of lightning as thick as barrels rained down again and again and again. Each strike exploded against the mountain, shattering it repeatedly. Millions of tons of rock exploded all around and the heat from the repeated bolts superheated some of the rocks turning them molten. These glugs of liquefied molten rock splashed the mountain like a rain of acid, slammed into the ground creating craters that then melted downward, boring large holes into the ground in every direction.

A few splashes of molten rock and tens of thousands of pounds of flying rock came flying over toward Garn and Kazuki but Garn didn’t even flinch. The danger crashed into his barrier and was deflected away with little to no effort. Kazuki only survived because he was within Garn’s barrier.

Garn looked down at him and smiled.

“Did you think I would allow you to die with such ease? Your torment is far from over. After this is done, you will be coming with me back to Tresta. There you will spend a long while as I torture you until I finally become bored with you. Only then will I grant you death but even at that moment, I will be sure to see to it that it is a long and painful one.”

Garn’s cold tone sent shivers down Kazuki’s spine but Kazuki had no way of fighting back. He could barely open his eyes as the lightning continued to flash nearly blinding him. Kazuki no longer cared if he lived or died but when he thought about Nunully and the others, he felt his heart drop to his stomach.

(It’s my fault. I couldn’t…I couldn’t save them.)

After about 30 seconds, the lightning descended no more. It was only that amount of time, yet to Kazuki, it felt like hours. Witnessing the power of Iselda was truly terrifying. Even if Kazuki had become a 5th stage Mage, he couldn’t see himself being able to take on such a weapon. Not only would he be instantly killed by such power but even if he wanted to counter-attack, Iselda had barriers like the palace did. Against such a thing, who could withstand such a threat.

Garn waved his scepter once more and a large gust of wind spread outward from him, pushing all of the dust and dirt out of the air, clearing the mountain.

As everything settled, Garn and Kazuki looked out at what was left.

Several mountains were no longer of this world and have been reduced to rubble and loose debris. Holes and deep craters filled the land for at least ten miles in every direction and the land was charred black. Tens of thousands of glowing rocks remained scattered all over creating a picture similar to what one may imagine one of the 7 realms of hell would look like. The ground now resembled little more than a wasteland. Even where Kazuki and Garn were at was not much better. Around them for about 15 feet was still fine due to Garn’s barrier but beyond that, it was nothing but destruction.

Even where they were at was in a dangerous position. The ground beneath them was now an unstable pillar that was hundreds of feet up. Garn’s power had actually managed to keep the ground underneath them from crumbling away with everything else.

Kazuki had no words but Garn on the other hand had a rare chuckle.


“You see this Kazuki, this is what you could have been a part of. Had you not murdered my subordinate and just handed that half breed over quietly, you could have followed me. Look…Look at what my power is capable of. Even without you heroes, the Miasma from the west will never reach my lands. I will create a border with Iselda. I’ll strike down with her and destroy a portion of land to separate all of us from the black Miasma. Once I scorch the land between us, the Miasma which feeds off life will have no choice but to stop its advance and starve itself away. Once it’s gone, I will personally lead my kingdom and the others to that side and we’ll route out the Azirian’s and destroy them once and for all. You could have been a part of it all, had you walked the righteous path but you were too arrogant, too cocky, and in the end, you sealed your own fate. You killed a good person to save a halfbreed creature not worthy to live in this world, a monster, and blight on humanity. You truly were foolish.”

Kazuki had lost everything and he wished for nothing more than to rip Garn’s head off but he had no strength. He couldn’t even utter a curse, he was so weak. Instead, he glared at Garn but even then Garn could tell there was little fight left in Kazuki.

Garn slowly floated into the air before curling one of his fingers and Kazuki’s raged body was drawn up and in into the air as well.

“Come Kazuki, it’s time we head back. I’ve got lots in store for you.”

Kazuki didn’t say a word and only looked at the empty ground below him. Not a single survivor down below. Garn took Kazuki up and landed on Iselda where a group of soldiers and Mages shivering in the cold awaited.

“Your Majesty, should we place the prisoner in cuffs.”

One of the Mages held thick cuffs that had dozens of magical inscriptions carved in them.

Garn waved the Mage away.

“That won’t be necessary. Magical cuffs don’t seem to work on this young man for too long. Right Kazuki, you escaped this very prison even while being chained. Those chains should not have been broken with magic but Muteki told me about your strange ki energy. Knowing about this energy of yours, things become clearer when thinking about the past now.”

The Mages and soldiers looked confused and one asked.

“My King, then how will we hold such a man.”

King Garn waved his scepter and a sphere of wind encircled Kazuki until he was trapped within.

The sphere of wind shrunk slightly forcing Kazuki to sit and curl up slightly.

“He’ll be staying like this. This man shall never stand again.”

Both the Mages and soldiers’ eyes widened in shock. Garn actually intended to continuously use his own energy to imprison Kazuki. 24/7 for who knows how long but thinking about it, it made sense and if anyone could do it it was Garn. Something like maintaining a barrier around someone would take their toll after a few minutes, several hours if they were a master but everyone knew Garn was above that. Not only was he at the 5th stage and was more than masterful but he also held the scepter which was connected to Iselda who had millions of Magical beast cores within. Even without using his own energy, he could naturally use some of Iselda’s power and potentially hold Kazuki for a thousand years and it would barely scratch the surface.

“Now it’s time we take our leave. You all seem to not be fairing too well.”

The soldiers and Mages gave a quick salute before escorting Garn back inside.

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