Return of the Fallen Volume 5 Chapter 90

Author: Blue_Rat


Glacious threw out an uppercut.


Fera’s hill sized fist was knocked upwards. Glacious flew forward and gripped one of Fera’s legs. He couldn’t wrap his arms around the leg due to its sheer size. Instead, his fingers dug directly into the metallic-like leg, and several cracks formed on the surface. Glacious flexed his large bulging muscles and lifted Fera’s mountain-sized frame up and over his head.

Fera had no time to react as Glacious flew into the sky and then whipped Fera’s body downward, slamming her into the ground.


The ground split and the world seemed to tremble in fear as a large shockwave rumbled out.

Although Kazuki and the others were nearly 100 miles away at this point, they all saw Fera’s body being slammed into the ground from here and they felt a force of air pushing against them. Finally, when the ground shook beneath them it felt greater than any earthquake they had ever experienced and even they with their enhanced bodies. Each one of them fell over due to the ground shaking so violently. Not just them. All of the Azirian’s Reya included, none could maintain their balance from such trembling and fell over. The scene was almost comical to those that witnessed this sight.

Etora was the only one who could stay on his feet and he couldn’t help but feel excitement and admiration in his heart.

(Big brother is awesome!)

Just as quickly as they fell, everyone took to their feet once the shaking stopped. Shin was the first to recover as he simply flew upward and avoided most of the shaking. Before his enemies could regain their balance properly, Shin still invisible to the naked eye, kicked out several wind blades, each one a least 100 feet in length.

Dozens of Azirian’s had their heads completely obliterated from these wind blades and they fell to the ground, dead. Shin didn’t stop there. He flew faster and kicked out wind blades again and again. Now that he had entered the 4th stage, his body was filled with power. Every breath he took it felt as though any power he sed was replaced with each inhale. Energy was filling his body almost as quickly as he was using it and his confidence grew. These Azirian’s that had bodies as tough as metal, Shin was cutting them down and shredding them apart as though they were vegetables on a plate.

His control over the element of wind had skyrocketed. Even if he felt as though he would miss with a wind attack, with a simple thought the wind would change direction according to his will and take out his enemies. The sensation on his skin as he gathered wind and launched it at an opponent gave him chills as he felt he had everything in the palm of his hand. Life and death now became easy things to understand for him. To him, right now, all of these Azirian’s were nothing more than target practice.

Shin couldn’t help but laugh every once and a while as he swept through these nasty creatures like a reaper.

He wasn’t the only one experiencing such feelings.

Asuna threw her golden hoop into the sky and both her eyes and the gems embedded in the golden hoop began to glow with a purple light. Asuna drew her steel daggers from behind her back and threw them into the golden hoop. Her steel daggers vanished as soon as they entered the golden hoop. The very next moment, they reappeared in two separate locations. One pierced an Azirian’s head, completely destroying it, while the other sliced out and cleaved a head into two even pieces and then it cut one more time destroying the head completely.

Asuna willed her golden hoop and in response, the golden hoop disappeared and then reappeared a dozen feet away. The daggers as well vanished with the golden hoop, following it. Once they reappeared, Asuna’s daggers roamed about the battlefield almost chaotically. They danced around enemies, cutting them apart as they vanished and reappeared out of nowhere. Her strength was still not as great as Kazuki’s or Shin’s so she required a few more cuts than others to kill an Azirian but at the same time, she didn’t need to move from her spot as she fought, causing her killing efficiency to soar.

Nunully waved her staff and a wall of water 200 feet wide and 100 feet tall formed beside her. The very next moment she froze it solid and pushed it forward, causing it to fall on hundreds of Azirian’s in the process. Those that weren’t crushed flat by the walls heavy weight, broke through certain parts of the wall, sticking their heads up like moles, they became easy targets. Nunully would then create ice spears and she would rain them down upon her foes, crushing their heads, killing them as though they were nothing.

Kimi extended her hand outward, and her bracer glowed brilliantly. She concentrated her power into the gem resting in her palm before aiming at an Azirian in the distance.


The light concentrated in her palm before a laser beam shot forward at high speed. The Beam was so hot that it caused the air around it to warp and go hazy. When it hit the Azirian’s head, the head simply exploded in a gnarly fashion, sending purplish-black blood in every direction. Kimi didn’t stop there. She continued to pump energy into her bracer and with a simple wave from left to right, the beam continued to burn anything in its path. She aimed directly for heads and just as the first, head after head would explode upon contact with her dangerous laser beam. She smiled evilly as she mowed these vile creatures down. Finally, she wasn’t the weak one. Finally, she was the one that had power.

Sam as well had his Heisho armor fully equipped. Although it increased his body weight several folds, his body was fully enclosed in powerful armor. Sam thought of Muteki and the way he used his power. The very next moment, dangerously sharp spikes protruded from all over his armor. He shaped these dark green spikes from his armor but it didn’t reduce his body’s coverage. He now resembled something akin to a mace. Sam got into a stance similar to a runner. The very next second he raced forward at his top speed.

*Bang Bam Bam Bang!*

Like a wrecking ball and a train combined, Sam began to run through enemy after enemy. Not run into but run through. His strength was already something to be admired beforehand but after enduring the cauldron’s effects time and time again, his strength exploded upward, and was close to someone in the 4th stage now. Combined with his dark green Heisho armor, Sam would ram into an Azirian and continue forward. His spikes would rip into them and their bodies would turn to puddles and meat paste as he bulldozed them. As he ran forward, the opponents he knocked down would have their heads crushed as he trampled over them. In this way, he was taking them out with literally every step he took.

At the same time, Kazuki and Reya continued to exchange blows.


Every time their bodies connected, the sound which rang out was not of the flesh but rather of metal. Like two metal walls crashing into one another repeatedly. The flesh of these two was well beyond normal. Every exchange caused a small wound on Kazuki’s hands but they quickly healed in the blink of an eye. At the same time though Reya was not happy and found no joy from causing such minuscule wounds.

Not only that, after each blow, the two would force each other back from the blows. However, after trading attacks, again and again, Kazuki was getting knocked back less and less. At first, he would get knocked back nearly a dozen feet but now he was only getting knocked back a few feet. He would also recover sooner and rush her quicker. He was constantly pushing her and now it was Reya who was getting knocked back further and further. Reya was frustrated and losing ground time and time again.

(He’s coming too quickly, It’s getting harder and harder to keep up and catch his timing. There’s almost no room for a counter. I have to do something soon before he completely has the advantage.)

This wasn’t idle thought on Reya’s side. She had only fought with Kazuki for a few minutes now and he was already pushing her. Things were already turning on her and Kazuki had yet to even use magic. It was obvious he wasn’t putting in his full effort and she knew that the moment he got tired of playing, things could become really bad for her.

(I have to stop his movements. I have to pause them for a moment, one moment, and I can change the outcome.)

Reya’s eyes scanned the battlefield. Seeing all of the corpses around her, she knew what she had to do.

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