Return of the Fallen Volume 6 Chapter 46

Author: Blue_Rat


To find out about his body’s evolution, he sat down in a meditative position and entered his soul world. Danny and Kai were already waiting for him. As soon as he appeared, they all watched the clouds spin together and play out Abura’s memories. They watched every fight and every battle the tub of lard ever experienced. They watched him slaughter innocent people and eat thousands upon thousands of different animals and other creatures.

From monsters and people to even rocks and roots. By the time they were done Danny already had a few theories.

“So as we all just saw, Abura’s meals consisted of things that could be considered weak compared to him. On the other hand, you consumed flesh from a being that well beyond your strength. I think this is the reason for your newfound strength. Abura, on the other hand, was at the 2nd stage when he first inherited this gluttonous power and for the many years after that, he only reached the third stage. His strength barely grew over all those years. At the same time, the number of times the technique activated in him was hundreds. At those times Abura would run rampant and eat anything within sight. Only after Muteki knocked him unconscious did the technique go dormant ad Abura regained his consciousness. This shows that it isn’t necessarily the number of times the technique activates that leads it to strengthen the user.”

Danny began to ramble on and on at this point and Kai was starting to become lost and had to interrupt before he went down the wrong rabbit hole.

“Wait, so are you saying the amount of food doesn’t matter rather it’s specifically what Kazuki eats? So if he eats something strong like the goat-headed stalker then his power increases but something like the lizard bat does nothing for him.”

Danny rubbed his chin in thought before he nodded.

“I can’t be 100% but that seems to be the case. Kazuki, you also seemed to be satiated for longer after eating some pieces from the strong monster than you do from the lizard bat. You ate part of the stalking monster and were washed down the river for several days. Eating some of this lizard bat though and you already seem to be hungry again. Not only that, the technique didn’t activate fully and most of the lizard bat went directly to your stomach instead of being sucked into the bottomless hole in your soul tree.”

Kazuki at his belly curiously.

“What does that mean?”

“Hmm, It’s just a guess but you physically ate over 150 pounds of meat in one setting just moments ago when you ate the lizard bat, while the hole in your soul tree by my estimates consumed several hundred thousand gallons of liquid from the monsters stomach acid as well as nearly half a ton of flesh on the way out of its gut and another 100 or so while it was trying to shake you off of its body the other day. Both are ungodly amounts that a normal person simply can’t achieve yet the difference between the two is clearly like the heavens and the Earth, you just can’t speak as if they are anywhere near on the same level. So what it means, I would say is that although you can’t really compare the two evenly, one way of eating keeps you fuller longer while the other is like throwing a single green leaf to a hungry elephant. I know what your probably thinking, of course, I would be fuller from eating the goat-headed monster seeing as how I ate so much of it but the quantity isn’t what matters but instead the quality. The quality of the stalking monster’s flesh is unfathomable but to me this makes my theory seem even more sound. Looking at Abura’s memories makes me believe my theory is even more sound. The fact that over all of those years his strength barely grew and the fact that yours exploded upward, if it’s not because of what you ate, then what in the world could it be?”

Kazuki didn’t know what to think of all of this but Kai on the other hand couldn’t help but smile and slap Kazuki hard on the back. Although Kai was now tiny as his soul has lost too much energy, his slaps still felt painful.

“Excellent, little dummy, this is a miracle. The gods are finally smiling down upon us brothers.”

Kazuki distanced himself from Kai.

“What are you talking about? b this explanation, doesn’t this mean that if I don’t eat constantly I’ll just fucking drop dead? How is this a good thing?”

Kai pointed at Kazuki’s right arm.

“That arm of yours is because of this eating power, can you not see the upside. Not only did it completely regenerate your arm, something unheard of but it also granted you an immense boon of strength by simply eating. Do you really not get it? If you simply use that technique and devour the goat-headed fuck as well as other powerful creatures, you will catch up to Fera in no time at all. Our revenge, you could easily take it at that time.”

Kazuki disagreed.

“Have you already forgotten how this technique affects me? I completely lose control of my body and it takes over like a puppet master. How am I supposed to fight properly. One false move and the monster could end up killing me because my body’s moving on its own. Not only that, the fact that I was able to eat some of that monster was due to sheer luck. If I wasn’t trapped in the monster’s gut, I would never have had such an opportunity. How in the 7 realms of hell do you expect me to eat more. I can’t exactly walk up to powerful creatures and just steal body parts from them, nor can I just go up to them and be like, hey, lemme get a bite of that arm or thigh. I’ll be crushed into meat paste.”

Kai shook his head.

“Who says you gotta do it like that. Just let them eat you like the goat-headed monster and then eat them from the inside out and burst out their chest like that one horror movie back on Earth.”

Kazuki was dumbfounded.

“Just get eaten by them, that’s your plan, are you serious? What happens if the creature just so happens to like to chew its food properly and I’m ground into hamburger or what if the thing likes to inject venom into its prey and lets its insides melt into a liquid before it slurps it up, then what?”

Kai was now starting to realize his plan had holes but at the same time, he was stubborn, especially after now seeing some hope.

“Danny, you agree with me, right? If Kazuki sticks with my plan we can all get our revenge right?”

Danny rubbed his chin.

“Hmm, technically speaking my revenge has already happened when Kazuki took out Reya. He already turned her into a crispy corpse. At the same time though, Fera was the one who orchestrated everything. To see her suffer would be nice but Kai, your plan has too many flaws.”

Kia grumbled a few choice curses under his breath while Kazuki appreciated Danny’s sound mind.

“Thank you, see Danny understands.”

Before Kazuki could go too far in his praising of Danny, Danny came back with.

“On the other hand, if it’s my plan, I could see to it that you don’t die when you get eaten. There are many ways to properly get eaten. I’m sure I can figure out a few options.”

Kai grew excited and was about to slap Danny on his back but Danny stared daggers at Kai and Kai realized his mistake and just laughed.

“Danny, you can’t be serious. You actually want to try Kai’s plan, are you two nuts?”

After a while, the three came to the conclusion that the idea of getting swallowed wasn’t quite as practical as some initially believed and the matter was dropped for the time being. Kai still wanted it to happen but was outvoted or rather none of them got a vote except Kazuki seeing as how it was his body and his life on the line. Eventually, they got back to the topic of Abura. Examing his body’s shape, Kazuki wondered.

“Even though I eat like Abura, how come after all of that I haven’t put on an ounce of fat.”

Kai pat Kazuki on the back.

“Don’t worry little brother, you’ll put on a gut in time. You’ll probably go bald too, hehahaha.”

Kazuki slapped his hand away in annoyance.

“Be serious. I don’t mind having a gut too much but there are a few ladies that would be really disappointed if the first thing they see when I climb out of this shit hole is a big flabby gut.”

“That’s impossible Kazuki. When Asuna and Nunully see you, the last thing they’ll care about is f you got fat or not. Just seeing you alive will make them crumble. Just don’t say something dumb when you first see them. Back to your weight. I don’t see why it’s a concern but if we look at it logically it’s got to be your metabolism. It was already high but then your body was enhanced several times through the Karada cauldron as well as Glacious’s own cauldron. Your physical body has been upgraded time and time again while Abura on the other hand was merely at the 3rd stage. He had no physical enhancements and beyond his inherited technique and his damaged mind, everything else of him was normal. A normal man-eating the way Abura did, of course, he would be fat. As a matter of fact, without the nameless technique, Abura probably would have died much sooner from the way he took care of himself. You on the other hand, after being improved and evolving so many times, your metabolism must be thousands of times faster than before. Add to the fact that you can’t use magic to feed your body, the moment food hits your stomach, the acid in there probably dissolves it instantly.”

Everyone went quiet contemplating this before Danny added one more interesting tidbit.

“This means you probably won’t shit anymore.”

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