Return of the Fallen Volume 6 Chapter 47

Author: Blue_Rat


Down in this underground world, suppression was the name of the game. Constantly being suppressed by the pure concentrated dark energy. It weighed on his body. At the same time, his magic was suppressed. In order to even move around freely, he would have to suppress the Azirian blood hiding somewhere within his brain, and now in order to suppress the nameless technique, he would have to use his own aura to suppress the source of it within his soul world.

Suppression truly was the name of the game, yet all of these things did not take hope but shine a light of it in front of him. In every situation, every obstacle, whether it be big or small, Kazuki has found a way to adapt, overcome, and push forward. All of these problems were simply challenges to overcome rather than a death sentence and Kazuki was determined not to die.

After sifting through all of Abura’s memories, Kazuki and Danny gathered an immense amount of useful information and with it, Kazuki would put it to work for him. First, though he had to test somethings just in case.

Kazuki opened his eyes and reawakened in the real world. He was in a makeshift base he dug out of the ground. Beside him were a few corpses of lizard bats and many fist-sized fruits from the carnivorous trees.

Kazuki grabbed one of the lizard bat corpses and took a large bite from the creature’s scale-covered arm. Kazuki;’s bite was powerful and his teeth glided through the flesh and bone like a hot knife through butter. Even though the taste of the meat was awful and foul, Kazuki found it very difficult to stop eating.

This was one of the tests. As soon as he began to eat, a small whisper entered his mind.


Kazuki found that no matter how big or small his initial bite was, the voice would always call out to him. As soon as the voice called out to him, Kazuki sent out his aura and crushed it before it got out of control. Whenever he did that, it felt like a haze was lifted from him and his senses returned in full. The voice would call out no more. He could then eat in peace for a few minutes before the calling came again.

In return of this call, Kazuki would then silence it with his aura. Like this, a cycle would continue. Kazuki had searched through Abura’s memories. Abura had fallen victim to the call several times yet he never had the power nor the will to bring himself out of it. Instead, Muteki was there to knock him out.

Kazuki was different though and he was determined to prove that.

After suppressing the call within him several times, Kazuki felt he was ready to take it to the next step. Grabbing another lizard bat corpse, Kazuki began to eat it. This time he did not suppress the mini black hole inside his soul tree and allowed the voice to take control.

As the words echoed inside his mind.

(Devour Devour Devour!)

Kazuki’s mind began to blank.

The next thing he knew, he was inside his soul world. This time, however, instead of his mind being in a dormant state, Kazuki was completely self-aware. As his body was being moved about like a puppet, he could feel and see everything that was happening. Danny and Kai stood in the distance as they could not get too close to his soul tree without being affected by the pulling force from the black hole.

This was the first time Kazuki was seeing the actual hole at the base of his soul tree. Standing directly next to it, Kazuki was unaffected by the hole but at the same time, he got an awful feeling. A feeling of anger, pure rage, greed, and agony spilled out from it. Above all though was an overwhelming call of hunger. An unending and unyielding gluttonous force.

Kazuki felt he could not be sucked into the hole but at the same time, he felt sick being near it.

Kazuki retreated to Kai and Danny’s side. The three looked up at the sky and clouds formed. Inside the clouds, it showed exactly what Kazuki’s body was seeing and experiencing in the real world. As Kazuki ate, some of the pieces he had placed in his mouth, vanished from the real world and reappeared in the soul world for but a mere instant. The very next moment the pieces were sucked into the black hole and were devoured. All of this seemed to happen incredibly fast but time was different in the soul world and it moved at a much slower rate. Watching all of this play outstretched for a few minutes.

“Little brother, do you see how weird that hole is now? When it’s active it eats whatever you put in your mouth. Not only that but when you ate pieces from the stalking creature, the hole was expanding and the force of its pull was growing stronger. If you eat stronger things, I’m afraid it will only grow bigger and eventually suck us in. Maybe I was too quick to ask you to try and eat other stronger creatures.”

“Kai’s right but that’s not the point of this little experiment. Kazuki now that you’ve allowed the nameless technique to take over, you have to see if you can actually take it back. It should be easy since you are awake in here but who knows really. There’s still a lot we don’t understand about this technique. At the same time though, Etora who passed this technique onto the boar king is not a mindless monster. Sure he’s kind of a fool but he seems to be in complete control. I don’t know if there is a haunting voice that calls out to him or not but it’s clear he’s mastered the technique and if it can be mastered then you should eventually be able to tame it.”

Kazuki agreed with Danny. Not only was Etora unaffected by the technique, but it seemed like there were no side effects whatsoever.

“The boar king said that what he received was something akin to a lesser version of what Etora uses. If that’s true then I should have an easier time learning how to properly control than trying to master the full technique.”

Kai gave a thumbs up.

“That’s the spirit. Now go give it a try.”

He then took a few steps backward and retreated. Danny as well wasn’t sure what would happen. Giving A wry smile, he also retreated several steps back.

Kazuki wanted to laugh at their pitifulness but he was also unsure of what would happen next.

Kazuki wasn’t one to stand around for too long and he quickly willed his aura forth. His aura swiftly swept over and encircled the black hole. Making a barrier, he covered the black hole in an instant.

A few moments later, his black hole was still pulling things in. A few rotten fruits appeared from the outside world and were eaten up by the hole at the base of his soul tree. Its power was still active.

“Damn, this is gonna be more difficult than I thought it would.”

Danny called out from afar.

“Your aura is still not very strong! Stopping the eating power is easy when it first begins to start up. At that stage when you just start to hear the voice in your head seems to be the time to stop it. Once it fully activates though, it looks like you need more power if you want to suppress it! Do you want me to use some of my energy!?”

(What Danny says makes sense. Just when it gets going it’s still weak but once it’s fully consuming things, it takes more than what I initially have to cut it off.)

“Not yet, I want to try something!”

Kazuki refused Danny’s offer and he began to change the way he was using his aura. At first, he shaped it like a large ball. With the hole inside, he would trap its power but that only seems to work only if you use it before the eating power goes full meltdown.

(If it won’t work with a simple barrier then what about a second or a third overlapping it.)

Kazuki imagined his aura like a thin sheet of paper made from energy. With his will, he imagined folding it over top of itself. As he thought this, in response, his aura did just as he thought. One layer folded over the other. So although it was clearly the same energy as before, its structure became tougher, denser. The sucking energy from the black hole seemed to lessen but only by a fraction. It did this for only a split second before several holes appeared in his aura.

Whether it was due to the black hole or because Kazuki was still not used to manipulating his aura in such a way, either way, the second layer fell apart and the first became unstable and almost collapsed.

Danny wondered if he should step in once more but Kai grabbed his shoulder and shook his head.

“He’s figuring something out. let’s just wait on the sidelines, if he needs us, he’ll call us.”

Danny didn’t put up a fight. He knew Kai was right and looking at the determined expression Kazuki wore, Danny recognized it. It was the same expression Kazuki had just before he came up with a plan or showed them something they deemed impossible before. Danny could see that the gears were turning in Kazuki’s mind and so he stood there in silence and watched.

(Interesting, let me see what you can come up with this time.)

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