Return of the Fallen Volume 6 Chapter 48

Author: Blue_Rat


After the second layer of aura fell apart, Kazuki changed his way of thinking and placed his hands directly at the sides of the black hole.

(Still too weak. It’s hard to imagine containing it and suppressing the eating power when I’m not used to doing so with just a thought. I need to try an on-hands approach.)

Kazuki changed the flow of his energy and allowed it to float freely around the black hole. At the same time, he wore some of his own aura on his hands like a pair of gloves.

He pushed his hands close to the black hole and felt its presence. To suppress the devouring force, Kazuki’s power was clearly not and he needed more. That was the whole reason he wanted to use multiple layers of aura to block it. In this way, he would make up for his lack of power. By increasing the layers, it would enhance their resilience and suppression to a certain degree.

At the same time, the two energies were in opposition. Even with multiple layers, the pulling force would find a way through and collapse Kazuki’s aura. In order to counter this, Kazuki would have to sense where these tears were occurring.

With his hands covered in the aura, he felt small ripples across the black hole. The closer his hands got to the black hole, the more distinct this feeling became. He could feel tiny undulations on the tips of his fingers and he could tell exactly where the power from the devouring ability was increasing and decreasing. In finding this out, he now knew where the hole would need to be suppressed the most and where he could ease up from. If he could do that then he could increase the defensive nature of some parts of the barrier he would make while at the same time decreasing or purposefully weakening other parts.

Weakening the other parts seems stupid at first glance but Kazuki saw it in a different light. By pulling power from these specific spots on the barrier where the black hole would do less damage, Kazuki could then divert that power to the places where the black hole would cause more damage. These places would be strengthened and would be able to resist the damage from the eating technique.

Kazuki focused his mind and felt around the black hole and discovered almost a hundred different spots where energy from the hole confronted his own. Where he to place a barrier of aura over it now, these would be the spots that were attacked most frequently and harder than the other places.

With these near hundred places mapped out, Kazuki began to drape a layer of aura over the entire black hole. At the same time, when he came across the problematic spots, as though he were patching up some pants, Kazuki would add extra layers only to those specific places. He did this again and again and again. This seemed like it would add more burden to his consumption of aura but it was the opposite. Because he didn’t need to add layer after layer around the entire black hole and only added it directly to the problem spots, his efficiency went way up and the whole process became much easier.

Kazuki’s hands at first moved clumsily around the black hole like he was wrapping an odd-shaped gift but after a while, it became easier and easier and Kazuki’s hands moved more skillfully and much quicker as well. Eventually his hands moved similarly to a character in a show he enjoyed and he couldn’t help think of the move the main character in the show used.



Kazuki couldn’t help but chuckle slightly which made both Kai and Danny to stare at him as though he were a weirdo.

“Your brothers thinking of something odd again isn’t he?”

Kai nodded.

“Knowing him, it’s either something very weird or very strange no doubt.”

Danny cocked his head toward Kai.

“Those are the same exact things.”

Kai just shrugged his shoulders, laughed, and pointed at Kazuki.

“Look it seems like he’s finishing.”

With a roll of his eyes, Danny turned back to Kazuki and it was true.

After his hands blazed around the black hole several times, Kazuki had patched all the problem spots almost 6 times over while he only wrapped two layers of aura around the entire thing. Running his hands across the surface of the barrier, Kazuki could find no more imperfections and felt no more energy escaping from the black hole. A moment later, and the pulling force from it completely seized. At this exact moment, up in the sky, the clouds changed. With the technique’s control losing its grasp over Kazuki’s body in the real world, Kazuki’s body fell over face down in the ground and didn’t move.

Kazuki even though he needn’t breathe in his soul world, he mimicked out a heavy one.


With the black hole going completely dormant, Kai and Danny now felt it safe and came over. Kai of course came over excitedly.

“You actually did it little dummy, nice. With this, you’ll be able to use the nameless technique whenever you want and won’t have to worry about angering the Titan or whatever else. You can control it.”

Danny was right behind Kai and he quickly shook his head, denying Kai’s claim.

“Kai, you fail to see two major problems right from the start. Kazuki even though you can shut this technique off, do you understand why it’s still a bad idea to let this power take control of you?”

This time it was Kai’s turn to roll his eyes.

“What are you going on about now. The whole problem was whether or not he could shut this thing off and he did so, so why do you still have complaints?”

“No, Danny’s right. I don’t know what the second problem is but there is definitely a problem. It’s not just about if I can cut the technique on or off like flipping a switch but also how long it takes for the said switch to be flipped. Going by the time in here, the actual time that passed in the outside world was close to 4 or 5 minutes. For it to take so long for me to shut the devouring technique could easily be disastrous. Again it comes back to the Titan down here. Was I to approach its lair, of course, I would want to turn this black hole off immediately but as you just witnessed it takes far too long to shut it off. That’s one of the problems you were talking about right?”

Danny gave a nod but Kai waved it away.

“What is that what’s got you up in a twist. That’s simple. Little brother, all you need to do is practice and you should easily be able to decrease that time from a few minutes to a few seconds, maybe even down to an instantaneous shut-off when you master it.”

Kai stood there proud as if he just solved everything but Danny just rolled his eyes.

“What, how am I wrong this time. Are you telling me little brother won’t be able to improve!?”

“No, you are correct on that front. With enough time and practice, Kazuki should definitely be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to flip that shut-off switch but if you take into account the black hole itself you’ll realize a fatal flaw in your statement. Kazuki I saw you use your aura in an odd manner. Tell me how you were specifically adding the layers.”

Kazuki then went over a quick explanation as to how and why he did what he did and Danny nodded and rubbed his chin.

“As I thought.”

“As you thought what. Can you stop acting like a mysterious guru from the high mountain and just say what your gonna say.”

Danny looked at an irritated Kai and a curious Kazuki and just said what he was thinking.

“Kazuki, we know so little about that devouring power. The black hole is no different. You patched extra layers over the problem spots but whos to say those spots will be there the next time you go to patch them with your aura? Who’s to say they won’t have all moved and you’ll have to feel them all out individually again? Maybe you’ll get lucky and the next time you need to suppress it, the black hole will only have one or two spots that are resilient. That would be the best-case scenario. However, in the worst-case…In the worst case, the problem spots would have moved and you don’t have to deal with a hundred or so but a thousand or maybe ten thousand or a million, no one can tell. Not only that, if those spots can move, multiply or even decrease, who’s to say that they can’t grow bigger and in doing so become harder and harder to contain. Right now you’ve found a way to conserve energy and make multiple layers of aura to hold it down but again, what if it gets to the point that those problem spots aren’t contained with 5 or 6 layers but require a hundred. At that point, that technique may be able to take over your body permanently and you would be a prisoner inside here and you would have to watch as your body runs havoc on every living creature that isn’t strong enough to put you down.”

Kazuki swallowed hard and he and Danny both looked at Kai as if to say, you see.

Kai felt heavy at this moment.

“Alright alright I got it, Kazuki won’t use that technique but damn, why does it feel like the two of you have been ganging up on me lately?”

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