Return of the Fallen Volume 6 Chapter 52

Author: Blue_Rat


Wind gathered above the palm of Groud and his crown started to glow. Without another word, several wind blades came slashing down at Kazuki.

Each blade of wind was over 20 feet long and flew at an incredible speed. Kazuki was interested in just how sharp these wind blades were but he wasn’t stupid enough to take them head-on.

Spinning the staff with both hands, the staff appeared to be a solid wall. With his heightened senses, Kazuki watched as the blades of wind appeared to approach him slowly.

*Clank Clink Bang Clank*

The blades of wind hit the staff repeatedly with loud metallic-like clanks. Each one was reduced to nothing as Kazuki quite literally battered them away with a spin of this staff. Finally, when the last blade of wind came flying toward him, Kazuki slowed the spin of the staff just enough to allow the edge of the wind blade to penetrate his defenses.


As a tiny portion of the wind blade landed upon his hand, a loud screeching noise rang out as the air tried to slice open Kazuki’s tough metal like skin. The blade of wind left a mere scratch upon the back of his hand before it ran out of both energy and momentum and dissipated into the aether.

Feeling this rough scratch on his skin, Kazuki was elated.

(A magic attack from a Sky Beast and it’s wind attack can’t penetrate my flesh. Either this Groud creature is weak with the element of wind, It’s barely a Sky Beast or I’m stronger than I imagine. I’ll need to test his physical strength to find out.)

As Kazuki thought about this, he had to immediately shake such things from his mind. Now was not the time to think about such things and become distracted. He needed to beat Groud and then find a way to leave this place.

(If I beat Groud, his soldiers should let me through. If they don’t…I’ll have to force my way through them. The main problem is this weird stone that’s sealed off the mountain pass. It’s Groud’s city so he must be the one controlling it. I need to beat him if I’m to get him to open the way.)

All the apes big and small saw their great leader Groud’s attack fail to do significant damage and became lost at the sight. Groud as well didn’t expect his wind blades to do nothing and felt he was losing face.

*Thump Thump Thump RAWRRRRRR!*

Beating his chest like a drum and roaring, he came stomping down with a large foot.


Grouds voice rang loud and clear in Kazuki’s mind as he came crashing down with a mighty stomp. His eyes glowed with a green hue and his crown glowed once again. Metal materialized around his foot and his speed accelerated.

Kazuki couldn’t simply watch this attack come at him. Groud was incredibly large but his speed was near Kazuki’s.

Kicking off the ground, Kazuki flew backward in retreat.


The ground shook but because it was made from that weird material, it did not break.

As soon as Groud landed he immediately gave chase.


Groud’s eyes and crown stayed alit with dangerous light and with a raise of his massive hand, the weird hard ground rose up in several spots. Stone pillars 10 feet in length and 10 feet in diameter made from the weird flat stone rose up one after another in a bid to block Kazuki’s path. Moving at this speed it was dangerous to collide with pillars composed of such dense material but avoiding these were no sweat. They may rise from the ground seemingly out of nowhere but the time it took for them to rise was more than enough for Kazuki to dance around them like an agile monkey.

Kazuki chuckled.

“Too slow.”

The other apes heard this but couldn’t believe such words. As the two moved across the open ground, they blurred and left after images in their wake. They moved with such speed that none of the other apes could keep up with their movement and could only occasionally see a fading image or hear a resounding collisions ring out. None of them could tell who was winning or losing and wondered just what exactly was going on.

Groud could see that he wasn’t catching Kazuki with just speed and quickly changed tactics. Rasing both palms in the air his crown and eyes lit up as he roared.


As soon as he called out, the ground responded to his words. His magic filled the weird flat stone and all of the flat stone within a few miles started to rotate and move beneath everyone’s feet. Added to that, a heavy pressure covered the entire area as well and the gravity increased several folds. The weaker apes began to panic as they felt their bodies being constrained and crushed under the increased gravity. They swiftly retreated miles and miles away to safety just in time to not be squished, while the stronger apes only retreated half a mile or so as they could still withstand it.

Kazuki felt the gravity increase 10, 15, 20 times all at once. With the ground rotating constantly at a fast speed, the combination left him feeling as though he were in a quagmire. His balance became unstable and his speed dropped by a noticeable rate. King Groud found this to be the perfect opportunity and raised his hands up once more and rushed forward.

Two large walls rose up on either side of Kazuki and tried to crush him flat. Kazuki quickly took the staff and wedged it between the two walls in time to jump away from the walls before they slammed into each other.


The gravity didn’t impact Groud in the least and the spinning ground was like a paved road beneath him allowing him to appear in front of Kazuki in an instant.


Groud’s enormous fists opened up and revealed his palms as he thrust them forward with precision. Kazuki could see Groud’s palms blur as they seemed to divide from the speed and seemed to be 100 unbearable attacks all at the same time but Kazuki was wise. The speed was a trick in itself and it was not 100 brutish palms but 95 feints with 5 brutal strikes hidden within. Each strike was precise and aimed for a weak spot. Eyes, nose, throat, solar plexus, Nutt sack.

(This damn dirty ape! How vicious.)

Ki circulated and Kazuki’s heavier body lightened and he was now faster even faster than he was before the gravity came down upon him. For each palm King Groud threw out, Kazuki was there to match it. Every blow was blocked perfectly with a palm from Kazuki and Kazuki even upped the ante. Kazuki’s strength was above Groud’s not by a large amount but enough to push Groud back step by step.

To not only lose in both strength but in speed as well, even after stealing his opponent’s balance as well as slowing them with his gravity, Groud found this both insulting and humiliating. Rage started to burn in his gut.


The intensity of the light increased from Groud’s crown and eyes. Wind crashed down upon Kazuki continuously, which made him even heavier and slower. At the same time, Groud reversed the spin of the ground in an instant and made Kazuki who was almost used to the rotation trip up and fall.


Groud lifted one of his feet and metal materialized around it. Before he could stomp down though, Kazuki used his palms to spin his body around, and with the momentum swept Grouds planted foot with a kick. Being off of one foot already, Groud fell right next to Kazuki. Kazuki smiled and mocked Groud as he shouted back.


Seeing through this move once, it was easy enough to copy. Very quickly while still lying on the ground, Kazuki threw out 100 palm strikes in an instant. In these blurred fists were 95 feints and 5 real vicious palm strikes except Kazuki mixed them up a little. Instead of aiming at the Eyes, he went for the ears in one of the moves. Kazuki’s hands came at the exposed eardrums and slapped them with a terrifying force, causing King Groud to be shaken. Kazuki used this short window to hit the other weak spots precisely.

Palm straight to the balls, one to the solar plexus one to the throat. At this time Groud finally reacted and managed to block the final blows to the nose and eyes.


Groud tried to grab Kazuki with his reach advantage. Since the two were still lying on the ground, the one with the longer reach should have the clear advantage but this was not the case. Groud reached out to try and grab Kazuki but Kazuki again mocked Groud and shouted.


A foot came smashing directly into Groud’s face with the force from the stomp, Kazuki went skidded across the ground and away from Groud, making it back to his feet.

Grabbing a staff off the ground, he casually waved Groud over.


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