Road to Kingdom Chapter 33, 34 & 35 + Exciting Announcement!!

Hello everyone, It’s Nefarian here! I have an exciting announcement to make!

New Translator

As I mentioned in my previous post a new Translator will be working with me at Light Novels Translations (LNT). He goes by Nat and he will be working on the amazing novel Road to Kingdom, I have had a look at his translations and also done some editing on them to keep the formatting and names of characters as consistent as possible. On this note, I made a recent change to “Baronet Eirich/Eli/Erihi Radhallday” and this has been changed to “Baronet Erich Radhalde”. other than that pretty minor changes and all characters should sound relatively the same (let me know if you see any major characters with conflicting names). His translations are of impressive quality and there aren’t many spelling, grammatical, syntax mistakes that I had to edit out.

Road to Kingdom

As many have noticed, I have been reluctant to place a sponsor button for Road to Kingdom. But with the arrival of our new translator he has stated that he is keen to do Sponsored Chapters for a faster release rate. Nat has stated that he will be happy to commit to 2 chapters a week.

The Amazing Nat has actually translated 24 chapters in advance for us to read! This is an InSaNe Crazye HOCUS POKAHauntES amount trolol!! I could have milked these chapters out and released them over like 24 weeks but I’d rather not do something so evil and greedy. I’d rather just share them with you guys xD.

I have edited 3 chapters and this is what is being released right now. (21 Chapters to go!).

For those that are worried, any sponsors that go to Road to Kingdom will be piled on and calculated after the 21 Chapters are released! So what this essentially means is: I or my awesome editors, will be editing, then releasing ALL 21 Chapters over the course of this week, and then any sponsors received will be used to increase the translation pace of 2 Chapters a week to 4 chapters each week (dependant on the sponsors).

Nefarian disclaimer: I myself, am not going to commit to any chapters for Road to Kingdom each week for now, but I will still be helping out and I’ll do a translation for it here and there to speed things up.


Guys, many of you have requested that I create an illustration page for Road to Kingdom, and some of you have even posted in comments that you don’t know who Maria or Carla is LOL. So I think that having illustrations of all Main and Major Characters including the sexy Heroines will make this much easier. However, creating this illustration page takes a huge chunk of my time. So I’m going to ask for some motivation from you guys; 1. is via my Patreon and 2. I’ll get into in just a second.

This is going to be a mini objective to help reach my $500 goal a month on Patreon, I am currently at $209 a month on Patreon, and IF I am able to reach $250 I will immediately start working on creating an Illustrations page for Road to Kingdom starting from Volume 1 Illustrations until the most recent chapter and onwards.


I noticed recently, that there are over 500 users registered at LNT (woohoo?!) so here’s a kind of mini game/event for you guys:

If I see at least 50 positive comments from Registered Users, below this post I will release the NEXT three Road to Kingdom Chapters within 3 hours, if not I’ll probably edit it and release it sometime tomorrow. (Just in case people don’t know registering is free and will eliminate the need to put in the Captcha Code when commenting)


If I see At least 100 positive comments from Registered Users, down below this post, I will start working on creating that Illustration page for you guys. I’m hoping I get some love on Patreon but here’s so that people can just show their appreciation in a different way.

This is all just for shits and giggles and you guys don’t have to participate in this one, I’m just curious how many people out of the 500 + users are actually real or if they are mostly just robots lelel~

If you Enjoyed the Translations of the Awesome Nat and or if you would like to see some of the beautiful illustrations for Road to Kingdom: Be sure to show your appreciation by leaving a Comment Down Below!!

That’s It from me guys, Nef signing out!

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35



  1. O.o

    Wow.. Cheers to the new translator.

  2. Much love. I’m glad someone’s getting back on it.

  3. Illustrations! Yoohoo!

  4. whats with the updates till ch 56 in Novel Updates?

    • I just responded on this thread. But to elaborate on the matter.

      In the translating community there is a general etiquette to translate projects which have not been taken by other translators and to allow for a period of around 3 months before taking a dropped project, unless there was a specific announcement of the project being dropped.

      Basically, Nat was just doing his translations because he loves the novel (RTK) and even I was not aware that he was translating the same project with me until a couple of days ago. Now, I have talked with him and he has given me the chapters and I only need to edit them in order to correct any spelling/grammar errors and keep all names of characters as consistent as possible.

      Although I was also quite surprised at the sudden uploads on the chapters at NU. There has been no aggressive take over and Nat will continue forth from Chapter 56 onwards here at LNT.

      • well,as long as everything ended peacefully. Not the worst case I’ve heard.
        found out a novel some time ago that the translator have been translating for a while, but later found out that someone else had finished translating it, even before he started translating.

  5. Man the hype for this LN/ WN to get this rapid fire translation is awesome. Faster than it has been for the last 2 years approximately for however long the translation for this project has started from.

  6. Thank you so much for doing this! You people that translate all of these LN are bloody awesome!

  7. Omg finally we can get closer to the Kingdom construction! Welcome and thanks to the new tl xD

  8. who is maria and carla now? One was the archer pervert, but i don’t remember which one.

  9. Someone who reads

    Thats definitely good news

  10. I’ve come here from following XNatkun’s blog which he had been translating on. All I want to say to Nefarian is thanks for pulling out Nat into your party here. His work is great and fast and he deserves all the recognition he can get with it. I’m honestly glad that he will be working with you (and your group) on this novel. I’ll be making an account here so that you got that 1 extra member!

    Thank-you for translating this with the time you have. If I could I wish I could help out if anything but apart from not being able to do anything I have no time myself which makes me wonder how Nat is able to do so much it’s amazing. The most I could do would be to support in Patreon and I hope this translation team continues on without any hindrance and conflicts


    • Thank you for your words of encouragement, it means a lot to me and I completely agree with you, I also think Nat is really good and provides high quality translations so I’m glad to have him over!

  11. Thanks for the chaps ~~~
    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give more つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  12. Yeaaa!!
    Thanks for the chapters!!!

  13. Great news thanks for the chapters

  14. Daoist_Sevennewts

    Glad to hear the news.
    Thanks for the translations.

  15. “Positive”
    there, you got my “Positive” comment…

  16. Awesome news! Please don’t burn your selves out. I would rather slow and steady then a mad dash followed by months of silence. I am fond of this site and look forward to more in the future.

  17. Thanks for the chapters!!!

  18. Wow.. this is gr8 news. Glad that this is getting back on the road.

  19. thank you for your translations! and welcome Nat!

  20. Yay! Got new translator and new project! Keep up the good work!

  21. Thank you so much translator 😀

  22. wowowowowowow

  23. Not to sound demanding or unappreciative but I see that the next 21 chapters were supposed to be released over the course of the week but so far only released 9 (10 if you are counting chapter 8.5) and the week is pretty much over. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what you have done and are doing for us, the readers, but I can’t help but be peeved when I am waiting to read chapter 57 and then given the exciting news of the translator being picked up by you followed by getting told that it will be only a week to catch up to the translator when in actuality the statement turned out to be kind of a let down. I am not necessarily mad but I would like to offer a suggestion so as to avoid any unnecessary disappointment. If you don’t know with 100% certainty that you can make the deadline that you set for a release, then can you hold off on posting a deadline so I or anybody else gets hyped up for something that in the end didn’t turn out. That is just a suggestion that I want to throw out there, I don’t want you to take it as me telling you to do it because I hold no ill will towards you and don’t wish for ill will back. That concern of mine aside, keep up the great work at translating light novels so this pleb (me) can keep reading them until he becomes fluent in Japanese himself which is going to take years at this rate. Your translations were one of my inspirations for starting to learn Japanese. Thank You for everything that you have done so far and everything that you will do in the future.

    • Hello Eric,

      If I made it sound like I was going to release 21 chapters as a “guarantee” within a week, you are mistaken. I am doing this on my own free time, I have to pass the chapters to my editor, or edit them myself, check for translation mistakes and keep every character name, every place, formatting of text consistent across all chapters, then I also have to find which illustration goes into which chapter, file them accordingly, link them correctly. and on top of all this, I also have to do my own translations and meet my own family commitments.

      Again I’m sorry if I misled you in “guaranteeing” 21 chapters within a week, I do have the chapters, if you are keen on editing them at a professional level, I can give them to you for early access. Feel free to message me at if you or anyone else are interested.

  24. How do I become a member? Please don’t bash me if the answer is obvious because I seriously just want to know.

  25. Thanks for the chapter!

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