Road to Kingdom Chapter 48 + Announcement

Hello guys, it’s Nefarian here! I’ve got a chapter of Road to Kingdom (RTK) for you guys! I also wanted to give a a bit of a progress update.

So I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should have done this and I decided to go ahead with it.  I’ve pretty much been doing the Editing and Translation Checking of these chapters but from now on, I will just post the remaining Chapters all the way to 56 without any editing or TLC so that I can get things going on the Road. I know many of you have been very keen in reading RTK, so hopefully this will make people satisfied~ I will also be giving Nat some admin functions on the site so that he will be able to post/edit the chapters himself, this should help to also speed things up!

Since I won’t be doing the Editing and TLC henceforth, there won’t be anymore illustrations coming up until I actually perform a check of the chapters later down the track. From what I’ve seen in the past, I know that the community has been extremely helpful in assisting us translators with any minor inconsistencies that prop up in a chapter, so what I want you guys to do is to comment below and help out if you see something amiss, or if something doesn’t make sense. Either me or Nat will be able to check the comments you’ve made and fix any inconsistencies as we go along. In any case I will be doing a thorough check of the chapters when I do get free time and to also include any illustrations missed, but for the time being I will be counting on you guys for some help.

The next 8 chapters should be up within the next few hours, so get ready!


Please Enjoy~


  1. Sounds good mate, I’ve read up to 56 on Nat’s site and been waiting for 57 to come out. Releasing the edited chapters with the illustrations is also a good idea. Works out well for both sides.


  2. Awesome, keep up the great and reliable work, RtK is one of my favorite novels.

  3. Should’ve or should have not should of ; )

    Second paragraph 1st sentence XD

  4. It’s been more than a few hours………

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