Road to Kingdom Chapter 49-56

Hey guys, here are the chapters! Nat has actually helped to edit these and you will see some chapters have POV switches for easier understanding of what’s going on. Anyways, here is the mass release. We’ve finally caught all the way up to Chapter 56! Again be sure to give your thanks to Nat hes done awesome work on RTK! From this point on we will be releasing at a rate of two chapters a week unless we get sponsored chapters~

Chapter 49  Chapter 50

Chapter 51  Chapter 52

Chapter 53  Chapter 54

Chapter 55  Chapter 56

Hope you Enjoy~


  1. Awesome, thanks for the chapters!

  2. Sweet!
    Cheers again to Nat!

  3. Hey, if you are looking for new works to translate, can i suggest “Nobunaga no imouto ga ore no yome”.
    It seems like a story that fits in with other works here on the site. I think someone was trying to translate it, but the updates have stopped for over 150 day. Might be worth looking into.

    Thanks as always for an awesome job

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