Chapter 68: First meeting with Pipi




  1. “first meeting with pipi’. Ah finally. Having a face to put to a name is really impo…. Holy shit. She’s really small. I’m a little disappointed though. I imagined the mountain tribe people to be darker in colour. Like Native American in appearance. Not more white people.

  2. I guess The Rest Will Be Released Soon Too.

  3. holy cow she’s super young !! O.O

  4. 「I heard that it is a man’s pleasure to dye a girl around the same age as Pipi with their own color.」2

    「Pipi’s body is small so it’s easy for men to dominate. Men get excited when they dominate women.」

    So uh, when they said this, they were talking about children… I thought we could expect someone to be Celia’s age… and after he just got done with that other loli. He sure is going back on his word to not have sex with children isn’t he.

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