Road To Kingdom Volume 5 Illustrations

Hey guys, Nat here.

I know some people have been asking for the illustrations ever since the new volume of the novel was released. And now I’ve found some time to upload the pictures on the site.

Volume 5 covers chapters 57 to 68, which I have added links to the pictures into each of the chapters. Feel free to re-read or just check out the pictures.

There are some NSFW pictures among them so beware if you are in public…

Also, I’ll be busy the entire day tomorrow with personal business so the scheduled chapter will be delayed a day. Other than that… Enjoy~~~


  1. You sir are an international treasure

  2. thank you, enjoy your time and merry christmas!

  3. Thanks Nat, you always know how to make our day.

  4. Thanks Nat… You’re our hero😁


  5. somehow cant see link to images. just intro

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