Chapter 100: Northern Disturbance ⑥ Fall


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Two nights after the battle, the soldiers and I are resting soundly in Roleil. The only prominent enemy left is in the fortress. There’s pretty much no risk of them coming out at this point in time, and as long as we dispatch enough scouts, we can rest easily.

「How does your back feel?」

「Aah, it feels nice.」

「Is it really alright if I step on it?」

「Yeah, someone of your size and weight is perfect for my hips.」

「Chief, please lift your legs a little. I’m putting the scented oil on.」

「It feels slightly cold……but it feels good.」

「Pipi will massage as well!」

「Hey, don’t mess with the face.」

Celia, Irijina, Luna and Pipi massage me as I lie face down on my stomach. It’s still morning, but I really pushed myself on the battlefield, so my body deserves a reward. Of course, the girls and I, as well as Pipi, are all naked.

「How is Schwartz doing?」

He got two or three wounds on the battlefield. Although they weren’t too deep, spear wounds aren’t shallow either.

「Well……when I went to check on his condition earlier, he was mating with the horse beside him.」

What a guy.

「There were two exhausted female horses next to him and he was on his third one.」

「What an atrociously perverted horse. To mate with three horses at once, it might be better to castrate him.」


Why is everyone looking at me?

「Oh yeah, isn’t there a council meeting today?」

「Yes, Leopolt …… -san will be participating.」

It seems Celia is still reluctant to address Leopolt with -san.

「Well, if it’s him, things should go smoothly.」

Things like the policies of occupying the city, and acknowledging the person responsible for managing the city are all too annoying. He would be reasonable yet merciless when deciding these things.

「I’m going out for a bit today. I’ll be fine by myself so all of you should stay and rest your bodies.」

The girls did their best on the battlefield as well. They need plenty of time to relax.


Not just Celia, but everyone is making an unsatisfied face.

「Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to make you feel good.」

I stand up with all the scented oil still smeared on my body and stick my erect cock in front of the girls.

「The one who wants it first has to beg for it.」

Celia rolls over on her back and raises both her legs, while Irijina lies on her stomach and spreads her buttcheeks apart so that both her genitals and asshole are exposed. Luna’s strategy is somewhat different as she uses one of the pillars on the side of the bed to rub her crotch while begging for my cock.

Everyone is doing well, but I’ll have to start with Irijina’s large and plump ass first. Pipi is also spreading her hairless genitals but she’s still too immature.

「Here I go……fuhn!」

「It’s hereee!! It’s too thicckkk」



Irijina screams and the remaining two are unhappy. So as not to keep them waiting, I slip my fingers in both of their holes and stir them up.

「Pipi, get on top of Irijina and turn your ass towards my face.」


Her hole is too undeveloped for me to slam my meat rod in so I’ll at least let her remember the feeling of my tongue.

「The tongue feels all slippery……my crotch is tingling so much!」

A mature woman feels the best, but it isn’t bad once in awhile to taste a young hole.

The morning orgy begins and it eventually gets quiet after the four women moan in pleasure.

「Fuuu, my hips feel lighter.」

After two hours of swinging my hips, I empty all the juices from my balls, leave the four collapsed women on the bed and leave for the town. On the way, I went to check on Schwartz’s condition, but he fell asleep. Resting after one shot? What a privilege. I check on his wound and see that it is already starting to heal.

「You’re fine, aren’t you.」

I slap his wound lightly and leave. I hear the sounds of a sex-obsessed horse rampaging behind me.

The place I am heading to is the Little Bird Pavilion……the home of Maria’s parents. Maria has probably heard about the war and knowing how kind she is, she will undoubtedly worry about her parents. I’m sure the flames of war didn’t burn it, but I have to check its well-being just in case.

「Pardon the intrusion.」

When I open the door of the nostalgic entrance and walk inside, I see Maria standing at the counter.

「What the……!?」

「I would say welcome……but you don’t look like a customer.」

If I look carefully, it seems Maria has gotten considerably older, and her voice is dignified. That surprised me, I thought that she came back all of a sudden.

「It’s unfortunate, but are you not getting much business?」

「Of course not! Travelers and peddlers both don’t come to an occupied city, so there have been zero customers!」

Naturally. This middle-aged woman sitting on the chair by the entrance doesn’t have anything else to do. The employees also look bored and are drinking tea and chatting with each other.

「The war will be over soon. Just a little more patience.」

「Haah? What do you kn- ……wait, you must be-! 」

「The ones who entered this town is my army.」

The woman and the others around her perk up. I get a little cautious, but they don’t look like they’re coming to beat me up. Nonetheless, they have clearly gotten stiff and are rather wary of me.

「I didn’t come to make trouble or anything. But surely, you are Maria’s mother?」

Her face is exactly the same so I didn’t really have to ask, but I just wanted to be sure.

「Yeah, that’s right, and what are you to my daughter?」

「You haven’t heard from your daughter? I’ve been looking after her.」

The woman is stunned.

「Then, you’re Aegir!? ……No, Aegir-sama!?」

「Let’s talk in a private room, please guide me.」

In one room of the inn, alcohol is placed on the table at my request as we face each other.

「That girl…… she’s having a hard time right now, isn’t she.」

「She isn’t being treated poorly. Maria is my woman, so I won’t do anything trivial to her. 」

I have absolutely no intention to send her to an enemy country or anything.

「I can believe you, right? What is that girl doing right now?」

「She’s living without constraints in the Capital of Goldonia.」

「As a lover?」

「Yes, I love Maria and intend to take care of her properly.」

「You said it upfront, eh? Well, I’m relieved that although she’s your lover, it seems she’s being treated very kindly. Since my husband died, I’ve been raising her as my only daughter quite desperately after all…… I’ve been worried to death not knowing whether something terrible happened to her.」

The woman’s legs give out in relief as she loses strength and then she gulps down the alcohol in the cup. I’ll leave the fact that she made a fuss and quarreled during the marriage and the fact that she fell in love with Melissa and became lesbian covered up. If I get her pregnant and make her some grandkids, everything will be fine.

Oh yeah, I haven’t heard the most important part.

「Is it okay if I got your name? 」

「Oops, I forgot about that because of my daughter. My name is Pamela, the master of this inn. Please look after my daughter, ‘kay?」

I smile cheerfully and drink together with Pamela, who is now worry-free. She has a candid personality and can drink. It looks like I can enjoy my time drinking with her.

「……So, why are you on top of me?」

「Well, I wonder why that is.」

I push Pamela onto the sofa and steal her lips a little forcefully. I screw my tongue in and spread my saliva into her mouth.

「Puhha- are you sane!? I’m already 45. Plus, you already have Maria-!」

I kiss her once again while revealing her breasts. Pamela looks slightly younger than 45 but her tanned skin and wrinkles that are becoming more pronounced distinguish her as a middle-aged woman at first glance.

「Your breasts are impressive. Unlike Maria’s.」

「That’s exactly right! That girl hasn’t grown at all…… or well, that’s not that point now!」

I completely expose her breasts and suck on the bare nipple, rolling it around in my mouth. Her entire body twitches in surprise.

「There are no men in your life now, right? Are you keeping loyal to your husband?」

「No, it’s been several decades since my husband, and there haven’t been any more men. You’re Maria’s lover, aren’t you, so why are you embracing a mother like me?!」

「I felt you were a nice woman after I talked with you and just wanted to sleep with you. That’s all.」

「Maria’s told me before but you really move fas-! Hey now, don’t suck on my nipples!」

「I’ll do my best to make you feel good, so let me embrace you.」

I speak while opening the front of my pants and taking out my cock, which has gotten fairly erect.

「Huggeee!? What is that monster?! You put something like this in Maria……? Of course she’d fall then.」

「If you don’t want it, resist me. 」

I remove Pamela’s underwear and place my member against her lower lips. That place has gotten quite dark due to her age but it conversely feels fresh and arouses me.

「Sto-……I said you can’t.」

Pamela pushes her hand up against my shoulder to show resistance. I slowly lower my hips and decide in my mind that I would give up if her hand doesn’t stop resisting.

「I said……you can’t.」

The hand pushing against my shoulder loses strength and moves lower to my chest. It seems she’s given me permission.

「Here I go.」

「You can’t……」

I push against her tight hole with my dick and spread her open as I penetrate her. Pamela’s eyes spread wide open from the shock, but eventually wraps her hands around my head and rubs them around while hugging me.

「Look, it slipped right in.」

「Aaah……I did it. I let my daughter’s man fuck me……」

What follows is her resignedly pressing her lips against mine and rocking her hips of her own accord. Her mature hole which hasn’t seen a man in decades is tight, but still has a somewhat sticky feeling to make for a wonderful sensation.

「Geez-! Is embracing-! Ahn! Such an old lady-! Fun-?! Nnha!」

「It is, so how is this? 」

I thrust and pound her deep.

「Agghu! It feels good but hurts a little, yours is just too big.」

「Then, how about this?」

I rub the area around her entrance with the tip of my dick.

「That’s goooood! It’s unbearably so!」

I swing my hips while sucking on her breasts, and change positions every so often to provide some variance. Eventually, Pamela stops kissing and sticks her tongue out, looking only at the ceiling.

「Are you going to cum already?」

「Yeeeeah, I’m cumming! Aaaaaaaaah, cumminggg!!!」

Pamela’s arms and legs wrap around me as I thrust two, three times more while picking her up before finishing her off.


I also release a large amount while the beast-like groaning continues. I thought nothing else would come out today, but I can hear lots of squirting. I guess I’m unexpectedly peerless.

「You want any alcohol?」

「How thoughtful of you.」

I partake my alcohol through Pamela’s mouth, as she lies sideways on the bed. I gently massage her breasts and crotch and she no longer resists or runs away, but smiles shyly.

「That was really incredible…… you don’t just have a huge dick, you’re also skilled. That girl was helpless, right?」

「She was squealing.」

「So you’re gonna make some grandkids for me by getting Maria pregnant with this huge dick, eh……」

Pamela is continuing to stroke my member which remains plenty erect.

After that, we talked for awhile about some insignificant things regarding Maria and put our clothes back on. Pamela’s clothes look neat again, but seeing the enormous amount of seed flowing from her crotch makes me burst out laughing.

「You don’t have to mention anything unnecessary to Maria, kay?」

「Haha, you’re right.」

I give her another kiss before leaving the Little Bird Pavilion. The council should be ending about now too. Leopolt will come back and tell me lots.

–Third Person/Pamela POV–

「That was amazinggg.」

After the man left the inn, Pamela smiles at the worried employees to reassure them, then returns to her own room and collapses on the bed.

「My crotch is still convulsing……what a man……」

When she was still around her 30’s and after Maria grew up, she had been with several guys due to loneliness, but they were dimensions apart from him.

「I was distracted by his large cock, but the way he handles women is so good, he’s in a class of his own.」

It was the first time in her life that she ever stuck out her tongue and drooled like that.

「Maria found a pretty nice man.」

She felt somewhat jealous of her own daughter.

「Maybe I’ll find a man for myself.」

That reminds her of the man, who is the owner of the miscellaneous goods store in the back and has come to woo her recently. He’s about 50 years old and well-balanced.

「He looks like a lewd man, but he seems nice. Although there’s pretty much nothing I can do with his dick.」

Pamela sits in front of the mirror and starts dolling herself up with makeup for the first time in a long time.

–Aegir POV–

Evening of the same day

「Is it about time we bring down the Majino fortress?」

Leopolt breaks the ice by speaking in a matter-of-fact tone. I was ignoring most of the boring council and the topic suddenly changed.

「I’d want to bring them down if we could.」

I want to hurry and join up with Erich, bring down the capital and end this war. But that fortress is even incomparably sturdier than a fortress city.

Reconnaissance has been done repeatedly to roughly understand the outside surroundings, but even the back, which is relatively more vulnerable than the front, doesn’t seem like something we can make a dent in with our forces.

「We can trust Erich to breakthrough, but the enemy does have 40 000 after all.」

If it’s a field battle, we might be able to divide an army that is several times larger and fight vigorously, but we can’t do the same when it comes to battle in a fortress. As a result, we just have to ensure the supply lines remain cut off and wait for Erich to bring them down.

「It’s impossible for us to bring down the fortress by directly attacking it. However, it is not impossible to bring down the fortress.」

Leopolt starts explaining.

「It’s really just a trick, huh……?」

「If Lord Radhalde is not stupid, then it will work well. If he doesn’t meet my expectations, then we’ll run and return home.」

「Shall we do as much as we can then?」

If we fail, I want to laze around while tasting Pamela. That mature and developed smell is choking and getting addicting.

Two days later

We line up behind the fortress and set-up our tents. We are at an overwhelming numerical disadvantage in terms of military strength but we know that the enemy won’t proactively come out and attack us. Even if they do try and force a field battle, it would be convenient for us in a different way.

「Hurry up, finish the preparations before the sun sets!」

With the engineering corps taking over, the construction continues amongst the loud shouting. Mack carries ten stakes all at once. When I went to check on how he was doing, his sweat comes flying at me. I’m never going there again.

The enemy is probably monitoring us quite carefully so we construct and expand the camp so it could accommodate several tens of thousands of soldiers. Considering the amount of forces we have now, it might be meaningless, but this is part of the plan.

「If things go well, it’ll end quickly.」

Eventually, the sun starts to set and torches around the tents are lit. Well, it’s time to begin the plan.

The infantry and cavalry, who have dismounted from their horses, are relying on the moonlight instead of torches as they head east, disappearing behind the other side of a hill. Then, a large amount of torches, prepared beforehand on the other side of the hill, are taken and the troops march back to camp. Once they reach the camp, they leave their torches there and once again hurry back to the other side of the hill in the darkness of night. This sequence of events was repeated countless times.

「If the enemy sees through this, we’ll look like idiots……」

「As long as we kill the scouts, the enemy won’t know anything for sure. This enemy of ours in the fortress is careful, but those kinds of people are also often cowardly as well.」

「Well, if it doesn’t work, you’ll complain to Celia after all.」

The soldiers who went back and forth, excluding the ones who are carrying bows, number around 3000. After they went back and forth 6 times, we begin our operation.

「Everyone holding a bow, move to the front! Shower the fortress with your flaming arrows!」

Approximately 6000 bows loose their arrows all at once and lit up the night sky beautifully.

–Third Person POV–

Inside the Majino Fortress

「Count Majino! Urgent report!」

Immediately after the sunset, the soldier who was monitoring the south side comes running.

「It looks like a large reinforcement army just arrived in the south, the place where Goldonia’s separate entity has deployed its forces!」

Everyone in the command room starts groaning.

「Impossible! To have such a large number come from the forest is already unbelievable enough, but to have further reinforcements?」

「We have no information on a separate force such as that!」

They don’t have any information to confirm it, but they can’t outright deny it either. Since the destruction of the eastern defence forces, the eastern area hasn’t been guarded, so if the Goldonian forces are there, they should be able to move freely. The messengers coming from their country are also being intercepted so they’ve been getting outdated information in a roundabout way, which obviously couldn’t be accurate.

「In any case, please come to the watchtower!」

The commanders grumble as they climb the watchtower.

「Oooh……this is……」

「What is this?!」

What they could see are torchlights that continue on forever without any interruption coming from the southeast hill and moving all the way to the enemy camp.

「A number of this magnitude; in the worst case there are ten thousand of them.」

「So 80 000 in the front and 20 000 at the back……?」

If this was the reinforcements for the forces in front, they still had a move to make, but in the first place, there really is nothing to do once they moved around to the back, where you wouldn’t think of defending. Rather, it’s strange that they haven’t been attacked back there yet.

「I wonder if any reinforcements will come……」

「What should we do……」

Their remaining food supplies will last around two weeks more and they’re getting uneasy about the number of arrows and oil. The soldiers have not been told the details, but they must have felt the change in mood and their morale has visibly dropped.

「It’s too premature to give up.」

Count Majino slowly climbs up the watchtower, accompanied by the sounds of his cane.

「You mustn’t believe everything until it has been confirmed. First, we should calm our hearts and remain level-headed-」

But right before the end of his sentence, screams and shouting resounds. From an area close to the fortress, fires are lit and several thousand flaming arrows pour down upon them all at once.

「Commander, incoming arrows, please go inside!!」

Getting pushed inside the castle from the watchtower, Count Majino’s face turns pale, and it wasn’t only due to the raining arrows.

「No matter how I look at it, there are a few thousand flaming arrows……there’s no way an army of 10 000 has that many archers!」

「As I thought, it must be the several tens of thousands of enemy reinforcement behind them!」

The old general’s words can no longer reach them. It’s the final nail in the coffin.

「The enemy’s main force in front of the fortress is moving as well! It’s an all-out attack!!!」

If the main force of Goldonia is acting as well, that can only mean that they waited for reinforcements to arrive to commence their attack. It isn’t so easy to mobilize an army of 80 000 instantly as soon as the sudden firing of flaming arrows is seen. This is clearly something calculated.

「Count Majino……something like this is-」

「You don’t have to say it. I know.」

The fortress will not hold out. What awaits them is a thorough and complete massacre. The old general could not make the choice to have all the youngsters and soldiers gathered from the people killed.

「Gentlemen! You have all fought well. This happened because of my incompetence and my lack of luck on the battlefield. You gentlemen should hold your heads high.」

Everyone takes a still, upright position at the old general’s words.

「I cannot make the lives of you gentlemen go to waste anymore. I will take all the responsibility for this choice.」

A messenger is called, and while everyone is allowed to talk in that short amount of time, not a single person could make a sound.

「In exchange for the lives of the soldiers in the castle, surrender…… to Goldonia. Go!」

The messenger takes the large white flag, made from the bedsheets and rushes out to both the Goldonian armies in the front and back. The old general, his men and all the soldiers did not say a single word.

Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Autumn. Wartime.

Subordinate Units: 9400
Infantry: 2000, Cavalry: 1300, Archers: 700, Combat Engineers: 200, Bow Cavalry: 5200

Subordinates: Leopolt (Chief of Staff and Deputy General Commander), Celia (Adjutant, Escort Captain), Irijina (Commander), Luna (Bow Cavalry Commander), Pipi (Mascot)

Current Location: Roleil

Accomplishments: Annihilation of Treia Eastern Defence Forces (surrender), Captured Roleil, Magrado Army defeated, Treia’s Imperial Army destroyed, Fell the Majino Fortress (Joint)


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