Chapter 102: Northern Disturbance ⑧ Northern Turbulence


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Imperial edict! Viscount Hardlett is appointed as the commander of the army heading north. The central army will divide its forces and direct troops so the north.」

Erich and I are standing amongst the commanders of the central army in a line as the messenger from the capital is proclaiming loudly. For an instant, I felt like saying ‘I want to sleep in my house, so I’m going back’, but it would be twice as annoying later so I didn’t.

「I humbly receive the order.」

I thought there was no need to respond, since the choice to decline wasn’t given in the first place.

The messenger’s speech is still continuing, but since it didn’t concern me, I step back and stroke Celia’s ass. I’ve been anticipating it, but her ass has been feeling soft and fleshy, resembling more like a woman recently. I should fuck her intensely tonight for the first time in a long time.

「It is as you heard from the orders of His Majesty. I will remain here to clean up any surviving rebels and subjugate the local feudal lords. I will give Lord Hardlett and Lord Akse an army corps each.」

The Central army is currently composed of five army corps, with each corps having around 15 000 troops. Two corps remain directly under Erich’s command, one will be dedicated to the Majino fortress and one corps each will be distributed to me and this diligent-looking man.

「Lord Akse, you will standby along the river after you transport the prisoners of war. There’s a risk that Magrado might bring some enemies across the river unless they have them circle around. We can’t leave the headquarters unguarded after all…… before that, I have something I need you to do too.」

It’s not like I don’t understand. Right now, only the guards are left at the Goldonian headquarters, so their strength has fallen considerably. If they were attacked, they would be in quite the predicament.

「Lord Hardlett will head north along with your private army as well. If you are short on supplies, don’t hesitate to say so and we’ll resupply you. 」

「Roger that. But why was I designated as the army commander?」

Erich’s head dropped.

「……If His Majesty needs you to lead troops during emergency times, then His Majesty will order you to do so.」

Really? It must have been way in the past, since I don’t really remember.

「Whatever, so……」

Erich looks at the people around him and jerks his head. He’s basically indicating for everyone besides the commanders to go away. I reluctantly remove my finger, which was digging into Celia’s ass.

「……To avoid any chance of a leak, I have a secret order to tell you that I didn’t mention to the messenger.」

I have a bad feeling about this.

「Lord Hardlett, as soon as you move to the north, I want you to enter the Yurest Alliance’s territory. It will be a breaking of the peace, but you don’t need to worry about that at all. Just head all the way to the capital city without hesitation.」

There it is, I knew it would definitely be something annoying.

「We defeat Treia…… and now we attack Yurest while Magrado is hostile towards us?」

「It’s because Treia is defeated. And if we defeat Yurest next, there will no longer be any enemies on this side of the river. We won’t need to worry about the nearby countries any longer.」

‘Moreover’, Erich adds on.

「Yurest is clearly trying to avoid fighting with us. To say it another way, the border zone will also be shorthanded because they want to avoid any sort of confrontation, so as long as we ambush them, we can push our way deep into their territory very quickly.」

An attack that breaks the peace without declaring war? How irresponsible.

「The reason for the war will be sorted out later. And Lord Akse, you will occupy the port city in former Arkland…… the area where three different nations possess.」

It seems even Stura has extended their reach there. But this is actually much more refreshing for me.

「It would be preferable if the attack is simultaneously made when Lord Hardlett is invading Yurest. If possible, synchronize your times beforehand.」

The guy called Lord Akse bows to me when he looks over here. He is exactly as he appears – a diligent-looking man.

「Get ready right away!」

For the time being, it looks like sleeping with Nonna and the others back home will have to be postponed for the next while.

「Er, gentlemen of the third division corps……」

I address the 15 000 soldiers of third division corps as their new commander…… it looks more like 13 000, the number probably decreased after the fortress battle.

There aren’t any changes to the commander directly leading them or the corps’ staff officer, I don’t feel much of a difference, but it’s best if I appear in front of them at least once. Viscount Akse, if I’m correct, never had this hardship because he was originally the second in command of the central army.

「Aegir-sama, please do it properly so the soldiers don’t look down on you.」

Celia whispers behind me. I can only see the soldiers being afraid of me rather than looking down on me though. When I was thinking of what I should say, Leopolt steps forward and shouts in a loud voice.

「Life or death will depend on luck when you face the enemy in front of you. But if you flee and run contrary to orders, your death is all but guaranteed. Engrave in your heart which is more frightening: the enemy or Lord Hardlett. However, you will be awarded with a suitable prize for your outstanding accomplishments. I am aware of the strength you gentlemen possess. If you display the power you have always shown, the enemy will most certainly be defeated.」

Hey, what are you saying? The soldiers will be completely afraid now……I’m not that scary, you know.

「It’s better for it to be like this in the beginning. They’ll gradually realize that Lord Hardlett isn’t such an evil demon.」

I secretly peek at Erich, who’s talking some nonsense like loyalty and patriotism to the soldiers, who are lined up with their backs straight. I hate how things get strange just from the mention of my name.

After that, the speech from each of the commanders and staff officers ends. They already have an established system of command and order. If a foreign object is placed in the squad that Erich has already created, it would be confusing for them. Thus, besides me becoming the commander, the composition of the army didn’t change, including the captains and commanders.

I am now leading two armies, including my private army, but since I’ve dealt with a similar situation before, it won’t be a problem.

「Well, we’ll head to north tomorrow. So everyone can eat and drink as much as you like tonight.」

Food and alcohol belong to the Central army. So nobody would mind even if you drink until you die. I will take high-class food and alcohol with me and go back too.

There has been so much to do that mealtime is pushed until late at night. The two of us – Celia and I – sit at a table and enjoy luxurious meat and alcohol.

「How long has it been since the two of us dined together like this?」

「I wonder.」

By the way, Luna and Pipi are already asleep, and Irijina has joined the soldiers to drink. There will probably be an extra barrel of alcohol that goes empty.

「This meat, it’s soft but it’s still quite rare in the middle.」

「I like it when it’s a little red and blood is dripping though.」

「How fitting of Aegir-sama.」

「What do you mean?」

「That’s a secret.」

Celia gazes at me passionately. We’ll probably have hot sex after we eat. But for now, my stomach is empty.

I cut a large piece off the meat and put it in my mouth. As I thought, it’s really tasty, and not something you can eat often on the battlefield. Maybe it’s because I ate something good, but blood is also rushing to my meat rod and pleasure is coming from my crotch. The crawling tongue is licking my dick all over, which is still dirty from not being washed, as if trying to clean it up.

「What is that slurping sound? It’s almost as if someone’s mouth is……」

Celia takes a peek under the tablecloth. She finds a girl sitting there with my meat rod in her mouth and bobbing her head up and down.

「You ruffian! How long have you been-!!?」

I stop Celia from running to get her sword. My dick is filling the mouth of this girl, but I remember seeing her face somewhere.

「Celia, no need to get your sword. ……I thought I put you under protection with the other kids.」

「Nmmoh…… nmmomooh!」

「Talk after you take your mouth off my dick.」

It feels good, but we can’t communicate with each other like that.

「Puhaa, that place, it didn’t hurt…… but there are so many men there and it’s scary to stay there. I want to be where Aegir is.」

Let’s see, have I ever told this girl my name?

「You little-! Addressing Aegir-sama without honorifics, what are you trying to pull here?!! Guards, why did you let something like this through!?」

Celia yells at the guards standing outside.

「Right! That girl called herself……Lord Hardlett’s sex slave and said she was called to look after him at night.」

「You believed that nonsense!? 」

「I am terribly sorry! But…… someone visits every night so I didn’t think it was suspicious!

「Enough already, don’t be mad.」

I silence the ranting Celia and sit her in the corner of the room. She glares at the woman while holding her sword.

「So, what did you really come here for?」

「I want Aegir, -sama to be affectionate with me as your slave.」

That’s no different from before.

「That’s why you are-! mgh mgh……」

The girl will get scared if Celia yells at her, so I use my hand to cover Celia’s mouth.

「You don’t remember……do you?」

「Sorry, not at all.」

The girl never had any sort of education so she could only use simple words like an infant, but she still started to talk in bits. In short, she was with me in the same place when I was still in this underground cave, but she was still just a small child. She wasn’t there when I escaped and destroyed the prison, but only watched as I ran off.

「I see, you did well to live until now.」

The children that were there got treated roughly and were in such a harsh environment, most of them died right away. I extended my life by fighting and winning continuously, but none of the people I knew back then are still alive.

「Aegir…… -sama」「You can drop the honorifics」

「After Aegir left, a new master came and took a liking to me. So he brought me to a room and embraced me endlessly every night……」

I see, so she became the master’s favorite and was brought into a room. It must have been miserable to be raped every night, but her environment would be better and she would also be fed. If she was accepted, then she could live a long life. That was the case for me as well, but the majority of them lose interest or get broken and are thrown back into prison.

「They said that my lower part is nice, so I’ve been with that man for many years.」

I’m terribly curious about that, but I know not to pounce on her now.

「So why were you in that punishment room?」

When I found her, it didn’t seem like she was her master’s favorite. In fact, it looked like she was gangraped by other men and getting tortured.

「That man sold me off not too long ago……but I made a mistake and was returned.」

「Aah, I get the gist of things.」

She was sold off to a noble and she probably broke an heirloom pot or something. The noble came to her former master to yell and to be refunded the money after returning the goods. What he’s doing is illegal from start to finish so he couldn’t just say no after the noble threatened him. Then, the master tortured the girl in retaliation.

「Then I made it just in the nick of time.」

「Yeah, I’m sure they were about to kill me very soon.」

The girl clings to my arm.

「I have always been thinking of you …… ever since that time.」

I don’t really understand that. She was only fine with me and not any of the other soldiers during the time she was saved as well. I know that she was with me during that time, but that place isn’t meant for children to get along, and it’s strange how she could remember by name just from simply watching me escape.

「You don’t remember? The time you won against an adult opponent and the guest was extremely happy……」

「I’ve been in several hundreds of fights……so of course I won’t remember.」

「That night, I was in the same prison as you were, you know? Just on the whim of my previous master.」

Now that she mentions it, I remember. When I went to sleep after the fight, there was a small naked girl that came to cling to me.

「Yeah, and when I was going to sleep with you, your penis was too big and it wouldn’t fit…… so Aegir told me that it was fine.」

Something like that may have happened. Back then, I didn’t really have much interest in girls. And she was just a kid……

「But if we left it at that, they would have gotten angry so I tried desperately to put it in my mouth…… and you were stroking my hair during that entire time.」

I don’t remember that much. I do recall being in a small child’s mouth though.

「I’ve been fucked by hundreds of men so much that I can’t remember much of it, but the only time I was happy was during that time, that’s why I remember it so well.」

The girl leans against me more.

「Other men do painful things and get rough with me, which I absolutely hate…… That’s why I want to be with Aegir. I can’t do anything besides using this place, but men are delighted when they put it in, so I’m sure it feels good.」

The girl strips every piece of clothing without any hesitation and shows me her bare lower body.

「Moggh! Don’t show him something so dirty! Aegir-sama is- moghaa!」

「It’s dirty…… isn’t it. Yeah, it’s been used countless times after all. But I’m willing to do anything, you know? I’ll endure anything you do to me, so please…… won’t you keep me?」

I pinch Celia’s cheeks so that she doesn’t say anything unnecessary and hug the girl.

「I still haven’t heard your name.」

「I don’t have one…… people just called me whatever they wanted. So if possible-」 「How’s Leah?」

The girl mumbles it to herself several times and then shows me a smile that seemed like it would split her face in half. This smile is the first one since the time she’s been saved and it was extremely attractive for someone of her age.

It’s short, something even an uneducated girl can remember, easy to say and somewhat cute. It’s a nice name, if I do say so myself. It has nothing to do with the flat meat1.

「Please embrace me. Please do it so rough that I break, and use me like your toy. Leah wants to become yours.」

Leah hugs me, and although I have no intention of making her my slave, after she’s said this much, I can’t just not embrace her. I’ll think about what follows after I make her my woman.

I give the pouting Celia a kiss and leave her for Irijina to deal with.

「Don’t be so down. It’ll be fine if you get him to be affectionate with you tomorrow. You can sleep with me tonight!」

「No! Irijina-san, do you know how you sleep? I’ll be strangled to death!」

「Hahaha! It’ll be fine today! I drank tons of alcohol!」

「That’s going to make things unnecessarily worse!」

Yep, it’s nice that she isn’t disheartened. I’ll spoil her thoroughly tomorrow.

「Um, so」

Leah gets on the bed, puts both hands in front of her on the bed and lowers her head.

「My body is crude, but please relish it however you wish.」

She has helped me remember already so I pay no attention to whatever she says and steal her lips.

「Well, are you going to service me?」

I lower my pants and reveal my meat rod.

「It’s big, as I thought…… it was amazing back then, but it’s not even comparable now.」

Leah crawls her tongue slowly up my shaft, starting from the root and gets it wet with her saliva. Using her tongue, she can lick the entire thing, but she can’t take it in deep.

「Can you put it deeper inside?」

「I’m sorry, it’s too big and anymore than that and my teeth will scrape against it…… but if I remove my teeth then-」

Don’t talk about something painful, you’re going to make me go limp.

「It’s fine if it touches. I probably wouldn’t even feel your teeth.」

I hold Leah’s head and slowly push my way into her throat. Part way through, her teeth scrape against me, but that is only a portion of the pleasure.

「That’s good, you’re skilled.」

Leah continues to service me even after I remove my hand from her head, and she releases my rod when she finally found it hard to breathe.

「Gaahooh! Gohhho! Gehho!」

「You did your best. Thanks.」

I pet her head and she turns red. That is much more refreshing to me than having her take my entire length in her throat while naked.

Then it finally came time for me to taste what her hole feels like.

「Please, go ahead……」

I go in between her legs and rest my dick on her stomach, teasing Leah’s genitals. Leah is slightly shorter than Celia, so the size of their bodies is a little different. Moreover, contrasting with Celia’s toned, muscular body, Leah is softer and her skin is abnormally white from being underground. Finally, her entire body is covered in wounds and scars, but fortunately, those will heal with time.

「Those guys really don’t know how to treat women.」

I gently massage her breasts and put a finger in her genitals.

「Is it already wet?」

「If it isn’t wet, it’ll hurt so……naturally」

So it’s just a reaction from her body and not because she’s turned on. I’ll have to thoroughly make her aroused today then.

I push my finger deep into Leah, surprising her. Its outer appearance is slightly darker and the labia is protruding and considerably roughed up, but the inside is not loose at all, instead it’s strangely tight. The entrance is especially squeezing tight and when I go deeper, there are closely packed folds. The part around that area is undulating and rubbing against my finger.

「If I put my meat rod in here, it’ll be unbelievable, I bet.」

「Whenever you’re ready.」

Leah smiles cheerfully. There’s no way that smile is an act.

「Then I’ll be imposing on you.」

The anticipation of the exquisite hole made my dick even harder as I rub it several times against her entrance before penetrating her.


「It’s tight.」

As I thought, the entrance is narrow. I put in some more strength and my cock slips further into Leah as she throws her head back.

「Kaahaa, it’s biggg!! This is a first for meee!!」

To make Leah feel good, I push myself in and try to search her deepest parts first. I move slowly so I don’t make her feel any pain, and when my cock finally settles in, I finally reach the end.


「This is……oooh……amazing.」

As soon as I thrust to the back, not only Leah moaned, but so did I. First of all, it’s deep; I didn’t think that such a small body could fit almost my entire length. Moreover, as soon as I reached the end, the entrance tightens around me so much it hurts and her folds are wriggling. Even though I’m not moving, its entirety is coiling and contracting to stimulate my meat rod. Even though I just penetrated her, I can already feel the semen rising from my balls.

「What a wonderful piece of equipment you have.」

「You can thrust however you want, you know? Enjoy yourself to the fullest.」

I understood it as soon as I started moving my hips, but she is unable to feel pleasure near her entrance because it’s been so roughly rubbed. The skin around her clitoris has been pulled back but she’s been stimulated so much that its sensitivity has dulled. But to make up for that, her reaction is intense when I thrust to the very back.

「Wh-what was that? I feel a tingling sensation in the depths of my body……I’m becoming strange.」

「Leah, you’ve never felt turned on when you were being embraced by a man?」

「Sleeping with men has been my job and not something pleasurable, but something is weird.」

Liquid started dripping from the place I penetrated her. It isn’t urine or female ejaculate, but it’s the thick love juice that flows out when a woman starts feeling pleasure.

「Alright, I’ll let you cum like this. Grab onto me, kay?」

「Cum? Women can cum??」

I seal her lips with a kiss and shake my hips in a daze. Leah starts convulsing and clings onto me as her limbs are flapping around, finally stretching out and then becomes weakened.



The folds that have become plastered with juices tangle around my member as I climax simultaneously. Leah’s folds undulate as I ejaculate and her entrance squeezes down on me. Her lewd movements stimulate my ejaculation to continue for over five minutes.

「My body is moving on its own……is this what it means to cum?」

Leah is panting as she lies face down on the bed with a large amount of seed flowing back out from her ass. I slip a finger in her hole and cover her from behind with my body as I kiss her back and nape repeatedly.

「That felt really good. I thought it would be over once a man releases his juices.」

She’s only experienced horrible intercourse, huh. I turn her face towards me and kiss her.

「This was better than all the guys you had previously, right?」

Leah desperately twists her body and kisses me while she mumbles back.

「Not even comparable. So being embraced by a man feels this good. If so, then I want it every day.」

She reaches her hand to my dick and gently strokes it up and down. The seed remaining on my rod drips down viscously.

「Can I play with your penis? It’s the first time I’ve seen something this big.」

I gently pet the head of the innocent Leah as she fondles my dick.

I don’t have any particular emotional attachment to Leah. She treasures the memory of me when she was a child, but it was something that I only just remembered.

However, this kid is pretty now, and the way she’s looking up at me while playing around with my dick makes me want to protect her. She’ll definitely cry it if I let her go.

Let’s imagine it for a moment:
Leah getting on top of another man and rocking her body. The man is entranced by her delicate vessel and ejaculates after swinging his hips violently. Leah lets out a high-pitched moan as her stomach receives his seed……

「It makes me sick.」

「Eh!? Did you get hurt!? I’ll fix it right away, so tell me? Please don’t get angry!」

「My bad, just talking to myself. Come over.」

I hug Leah, who is sucking my cock.

「I’m sorry…… I always get anxious since all the other men have done horrible things to me.」

「All the guys around you are all just idiots, huh. I will teach you plenty about men from now on.」

Leah looks at me happily.

「Are you going to make me your slave!?」

I don’t prefer to keep women as slaves.

「Not a slave. Let’s see, as a lover.」

Leah hugs me tightly; it can’t be helped that I increased the number of lovers again. I’ll have to train my dick more so that I can handle more women.

「Heey Aegir. This part over here is still left, see?」

Leah gets on all fours on the bed and spreads open her ass.

「My mouth and vagina have been dominated, but no other men have used this yet.」

「What a small ass. It’ll split apart, you know?」

「I don’t really mind though? If Aegir’s penis breaks it then I’ll have become yours after all.」

I press my dick, which has regained its rigidity, against the brave Leah.

Joyous screams and beast-like shouting can be heard resounding late at night.

The next day, I woke up to Celia’s furious shouting when she found out that Leah was happily slathering anal ointment.

My army marches towards the border of the Yurest Alliance over two weeks and then steps into their land without any hesitation. The border security, who couldn’t do anything to our army consisting of over 20 000 soldiers, just ran away without putting up a fight, so we burn down all their crude defensive encampments at the border. We are able to invade deep into their nation, all the way to the outskirts of the capital, with absolutely no resistance since Yurest did not have a prepared army nor made any preparations for war.

At the same time, Lord Akse and his army tramples their way into the port city and its surrounding area on the eastern bank of the river, where three countries possess a part of, without declaring war. Anticipating an attack, Magrado withdrew their army, but the other two nations are caught completely off guard and are one-sidedly demolished, resulting in total destruction and plundering to even companies where government purveyors worked.

The royalty of Treia, who fled to Magrado, and the three nations insisted for a unified sanction aimed at Goldonia’s high-handedness, but it was already too late. Treia’s land is already completely controlled, a serious invasion is already taking place in the Yurest Alliance and they are solely focusing on defense, and Magrado and Stura lose the base on the eastern bank of the river so they can’t take the offensive.

Goldonia, who controls the whole nation of Treia and former Arkland, has gradually created a gap in national strength between the surrounding nations.

–Third Person POV–

Yurest Alliance, Capital city: Barrela

「Goldonia’s mad king, how inhuman!! To invade without declaring war!」

「For our friends to intrude without a shred of hesitation!」

At the central city of the Yurest Alliance, Barrela, the conference between the representatives is in disorder. This nation was originally formed by the area’s powerful families and influential persons, so there is no king or single ruler. With regards to the military, the armies of each representative will gather and a commander will be decided after a conference.

On the other hand, since there is no superiority or inferiority among all the representatives, it takes time to reach a decision if there are dissenting opinions, so no quick actions can be taken. There have been proposals to strengthen the border in response to the recent moves made by Goldonia but due to the objections from the nobles married to Goldonian nobles, the discussions turned into a meaningless debates.

「That’s why I said Goldonia can’t be trusted! Who will take responsibility for this now that this happened!?」

「Ridiculous, isn’t it because you irritated them in the first place!? If my country also declared war against Treia, this kind of thing……」

The chairman, who was supposed to settle this yelling, also has the same rank as the others so he wouldn’t have the authority to convince them.

「They have already stepped into our country……nothing will happen if we just talk about it.」

「But do we even have a way to win against Goldonia if we make them our enemy?」

「Stura and Magrado are our allies. If we work together……」

「You idiot! They are separated by a river. They’re different from us, who are connected by land.」

「Why don’t we sort out this situation first?」

The man is the oldest among the representative nobles and is speaking in a relaxed tone of voice. In the case where every one is of equal class and rank, those who are older are generally more respected.

「How many do they have, roughly?」

「The reports state they have around 20 000.」

「And our gathered allies?」

「Around 30 000.」

The elder smiles and spreads his arms.

「Then are we not still at an advantage? This isn’t something that should make you frown.」

The expressions of the nobles around him relax. That old man didn’t open his mouth again after this, but the effect he had on the others was huge.

「Everything aside, we should defeat the enemy approaching the capital city first. There are no objections regarding this, right?」

「「Of course.」」

Everyone listens to the chairman’s motion and order returns to the assembly hall.

「Then we’ll have to decide the commander for these 30 000 troops first.」

「Chairman! I recommend the Savage Bear of the North, General Hartonen.」

「Ooh! If it’s him, the person who defeated the enemy with only a few soldiers in the Arkland war, Goldonia will be a cinch!」

The chairman gets excited, but another representative raises his hand.

「Then the impenetrable General Hyuutia should be suitable!」

「The female general Hyuutia!? She’s a defensive master who can repel any kind of mass army!」

Once again, there is a dicey atmosphere in the assembly hall.

「It will be a defensive battle, that’s why Hyuutia is well-suited!」

「What are you saying?! The only way to drive off the enemy is to defeat them. There’s no one else but Hartonen!」

With so much yelling back and forth, the assembly hall gets noisy again as the chairman holds his head. However, a single person’s voice restrained them.

「Please wait, everyone! We don’t have to narrow it down to one person!」

「What do you mean?」

「Are you going to divide the army and then command them?」

The man who raised his voice declared loudly.

「According to our information, the one leading the enemy is that brave general Lord Hardlett.」

A quiet voice also speaks out.

「But there is no need to worry! He is leading both the royal army of Goldonia and his own private army, but his valor will be reduced by half.」

「Is that……true?」

「Well, it might be difficult for a single person to lead two armies.」

「Conversely, we have one army led by two generals. If the two generals are granted with the same authority and one of them overlooks something, the other one will compensate. When we combine the strong points of both generals – the offensive Hartonen and the defensive Hyuutia – it should result in the strongest army!」

「Ooh……if the both of them join forces, there is nothing more reliable.」

「It is natural that two generals are better than one!」

Cheers dominate the assembly hall and the chairman also nods with a satisfied look.

And thus, it has been decided that two generals of equal rank will be sent to lead the Yurest Alliance army of 30 000 to defeat Goldonia.

Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Autumn. Wartime.

Subordinate Units

Private Army: 9800
Infantry: 2200, Cavalry: 1300, Archers: 700, Combat Engineers: 200, Bow Cavalry: 5400

Central Army Third Division: 13 000
Infantry: 10 000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 2000

Subordinates: Leopolt (Chief of Staff and Deputy General Commander), Celia (Adjutant, Escort Captain), Irijina (Commander), Luna (Bow Cavalry Commander), Pipi (Mascot), Leah (taking care of my lower half)

Current Location: Yurest Alliance, East of Barrela

Accomplishments: Annihilation of Treia Eastern Defence Forces (surrender), Captured Roleil, Magrado Army defeated, Treia’s Imperial Army destroyed, Fell the Majino Fortress (Joint)


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