Chapter 104: Northern Disturbance ⑩ The Two Night Battles


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–Aegir POV–

「So, what did you want to say?」

Leopolt wanted to tell me something no matter what, so I gave up on embracing Celia and the two of us sit around a table instead.

「I believe Lord Hardlett also felt that the command of the enemy in the battle just now is strange.」

「It’s true……they didn’t do anything after I began to charge at them.」

The only thing they did as a reaction to me is to move their spear unit in front, but that is common sense so to speak and even if no orders were given from above, the commander at the scene would probably order this himself.

「I’ve thought about them being an incompetent who doesn’t think based on common sense, but if that was the case, the third division corps would have been destroyed in the forest.」

I guess so.

「Rather than it seeming like the enemy wasn’t receiving orders, it looked like they were confused by mismatching orders. Their formation was a mix between offense and defense, and while there were soldiers who wanted to advance forward, there were also soldiers who were retreating……this is different from the reaction if the general died in battle.」

「I also felt that, but in other words, what would that mean?」

「I’m not sure of the details. However, it is certain that the enemy has a fatal problem in their line of command.」

Leopolt’s expression remains unchanged while only his tone gets stronger.

「That’s where I want to use a tactic to disrupt their command to the highest extent.」

Speaking of a tactic that would cause chaos and panic…….

「A night attack?」


「This is directly after the battle though? Aren’t the soldiers fatigued?」

「The infantry in the private army haven’t really taken part in this battle. They probably aren’t too fatigued either.」

The private army infantry and bow cavalry don’t even total 3000. The enemy has close to 30 000, and even though they were technically defeated, since we didn’t pursue them their numbers haven’t been reduce by that much. Don’t tell me that he is trying to shoulder too much responsibility.

「We won’t be pressuring them with numbers. If you let me handle it, I will definitely deal a blow to the enemy.」

If we let the enemy go back now, we will have to fight them again somewhere down the road. It might be better to let him handle it if he’s saying this much.

「A spy has been mixed in with the retreating enemy. The enemy’s position can be ascertained even in the forest at night.」

「If you have prepared that much, I won’t stop you. I will entrust you with all of the infantry and the bow cavalry. Try it.」

Leopolt nods and is about to leave quickly, but I call out to stop him.

「Even if you fail, try not to die.」

If this guy disappears, my problems will increase.

「And also the enemy commander is a woman……a pretty one. Don’t kill her.」

Leopolt furrows his eyebrows and nods unhappily. That should be fine.

–Third Person/ Yurest POV–

Night, Inside the forest, Yurest Alliance Army Camp

The Yurest soldiers are sleeping like a log. The heated battle in the afternoon drained them of their stamina and energy. If they were victorious, their moods would be up, but defeat doubles their fatigue. The ones who led those soldiers are no exceptions.

「That was……miserable, wasn’t it.」

「……it is the worst result.」

Both of the generals, Hyuutia and Hartonen, slump exhaustedly around the table for war council. After their defeat became definitive, the two who put so much effort into somehow avoiding a total collapse feel way more fatigued than the average soldier, but they are still keeping alert because of the heavy responsibility they carry on their shoulders.

Perhaps due to fatigue, Hartonen loosens his clothing and relaxes, showing off an undignified appearance for a general. Hyuutia also removes the tight clothing covering her neck and her manner of speech is no longer befitting a dignified general, as she uses her original way of speaking.

「For such speed and such destructiveness to exist……we won’t be able to switch command in time.」

「The man doesn’t seem to be any less than the rumors about the brave general Hardlett from Goldonia.」

「Would it be preferable for either one of us to take command of everything? Then, we might be able to respond.」

「At this point in time……the soldiers’ morale is terrible too. If we don’t bring it back up, we won’t be able to fight again.」

Hyuutia’s voice sounds like a sigh, while Hartonen also rests his elbow on his knee and slumps his shoulders.

「You’re right. However the unification of command cannot be decided by us alone.」

They aren’t competing against each other to take the command for themselves. It was quite obvious that two generals of equal status would be inconvenient in the first place. But it was the council that appointed them and not something they could change on their own.

The two of them have their own feudal lords who they recommended. If the two generals change their standings on the battlefield by themselves, the feudal lords supporting them will not stay silent about it. Putting themselves aside, it would turn into an internal dispute and in the worse case, the soldiers might split themselves up in accordance with their political faction. If that happens, they would have a problem even before going into battle.

The female general slouches over exhaustedly and exposes the valley of her breasts. Her breasts are considered large, so coupled with her beauty, she attracts the gazes of men. More so when on the battlefield, where soldiers are pent up with urges.

「Hey General Hyuutia, do you want to try getting intimate with me so we can heal our fatigue? 」

「……You have a wife, don’t you?」

「Don’t be so strict……I do have some confidence in myself. I’ll treat you well so let’s regain our spirits.」

「I’m fine being strict; I’ve been like this ever since I was born. If you want to court me, please do so after you have left your wife.」

「I’m not trying to marry you, it will be just a one-time thing……」

Hyuutia straightens her back and fixes her clothes tightly. Hartonen sighs again at the clear signs of rejection. It was at that time.

「Enemy attack—-!!」

「It’s a night attack! The enemy’s position is unknown, but roughly from over there!!」

The two of them stand up suddenly and rush out the tent without even wearing any armor while carrying only their swords.

「Impossible! A night attack on enemy territory!?」

「Are they able to perceive our location in this forest even when it’s nighttime!?」

They rush out in a hurry, but flaming arrows are already raining on them from all directions. It appears they are already surrounded on all sides.

The arrows are not packed together densely, but the tents are going up in flames one after the other, and the arrows that fall to the ground are burning the piles of fallen leaves which welcomed the autumn season. In the eyes of the sleeping soldiers, who are fatigued, the scene is undoubtedly something from the depths of hell. Confusion arises before they could get into defensive positions and they run around in a panic, trying to escape.

「Shit, we can’t do anything with the soldiers like this! There shouldn’t be too many of them either.」

As far as Hartonen is concerned, even though they have been surrounded, the number of arrows is small and the number of enemies that come to attack them aren’t many either. If his fellow soldiers just calmed down, they should be able to defeat them.

「Let’s split up and calm the soldiers down for now! If this continues, everyone will scatter!」

The two nod at Hyuutia’s proposal and break up, trying to get a hold of their soldiers.

「You there」

「Yessir! 100 People present!」

「There aren’t that many of them! Retreat to the west first and arrange into formation! Tell the others around you too!」


The soldier runs and shouts the order, and the other nearby soldiers do the same. But when they head west, another commander stands in their way.

「What are you guys doing?!」

「We were ordered to retreat west and set up formation……」

「How could there be such an order? The enemy doesn’t have many troops. Close the distance and attack so you can break through their encirclement.」


「This is an order directly from General Hyuutia! Don’t grumble about something so trivial and hurry up!」


Hyuutia, understanding that the two contradicting messages led to their defeat in the earlier battle, gave out orders that Hartonen would have given and commanded the soldiers to attack so there wouldn’t be any contrasting instructions. The unfortunate thing is that Hartonen, being capable himself, was thinking in the same manner, giving out defensive orders. Both generals were thinking of the other and chose the tactic they were less comfortable with, ultimately resulting in a clash of instructions.

The Yurest soldiers move every which way and get confused, finally choosing to flee in chaos. Not being able to control them, they could not longer be stopped from fleeing.

「Wait! I won’t forgive you if you retreat! Commanders, hurry and pull your troo-guuoh!!」

An arrow pierces through Hartonen’s body. He was about to pull out the arrow and attack the person who shot him, but additional arrows pierce him and a final bolt from a bowgun through his throat made him fall back to the ground in a motionless state.

「General Hartonen has been killed!!」

「It’s all over!!」

Hyuutia, becoming the only remaining general, wasn’t concerned about the problem of command, rather the only thing she could do was to ensure the soldiers escaped alive.

In that despairing fight, the arrival of Goldonia’s reinforcements signaled our demise. With the unexpected success of the surprise attack, the extermination battle is inevitable and the swift cavalry are coming.

「Is this the end……?」

Having resolved herself, Hyuutia dismounts from her horse and stands on her own. The destruction of the army is practically obvious and there is nothing more she can do. If the nation was going to fall into ruin then she wanted to send even one more soldier back home.

Three vigorously approaching Goldonia soldiers were cut down without much thought, as she continues to stand and raise her spirit. She gets into a stance with her sword, prepared to let as many soldiers run free before she gets killed herself. It was then that a knight riding a remarkably large horse appeared in front of her.

–Aegir POV–

「I just tried to rush in and it’s already over.」

「Yeah, the enemy has collapsed. Next, we would just need people for the extermination battle, so Lord Hardlett didn’t need to come.」

The sleepy cavalry, who are still rubbing their eyes, have much less usefulness, but they shouldn’t have any problems chasing and finishing off escaping enemies. The enemy has already broken down and are only scattering about chaotically.

「I just shot a person who looked like a general earlier.」

「Don’t tell me, was it a woman!?」

I told them not to kill her too, what a waste.

「No, it’s a man.」

「Then that’s fine.」

The cavalry that came along start to hunt the Yurest soldiers one after the other. When I leave this to Irijina and start to think how nice it would be to lick Celia’s crotch, I see a beauty dancing in the light coming from the burning tent.

「That is……」

Swords clash and sparks fly as she turns her body and cuts down a soldier. The one who was killed is my soldier, but the way she fought was beautiful. When the third head gets cut off, the soldiers stop moving at the appearance of an unexpectedly strong enemy. That is fine; killing her is not.

「Bow cavalry, wait. I will finish it.」

I stop the bow cavalry, who looked like they were going to shoot the formidable opponent, and advance forward. I had no intention to surprise attack her so I dismount from Schwartz and try talking to her.

「I’m Hardlett. You are?」

The beauty was surprised for a brief moment before recollecting herself.

「Myla Hyuutia, it’s an honor for the general to duel me himself-!!」

She lowers her body and comes at me with incredible speed. Without even time to counterattack, I block with my spear, but she dashes to the side and launches continuous attacks that made her seem like she was dancing. It was a continuous attack without any delay in between, but when I continue to block, the woman starts to breathe hard.

It’s true her speed is terrifyingly fast but my eyes could accurately grasp her attacks and above all, her attacks were light. I could probably block a hundred attacks and not get tired.

「What’s wrong! You should attack too!」


If I make a single swing horizontally with my spear, the battle would be decided regardless of whether the woman guards or not. But if I do that, she might get killed and she will undoubtedly get wounded. For the sake of my dick, which is already hard beyond belief, I want her to remain unharmed.


Deciding that slashing won’t work, Myla aims for the gap in my armor with repeated lightning-speed thrusts. Aah, that really helps me out. I pull my body a half-step back and swing my spear.

With a sharp metallic sound, Myla’s thin sword snaps off at the base of the blade. I approach the dumbfounded woman.

「So this is it……father, mother……I’ll be going before you.」

Myla tosses away her sword and closes her eyes while tilting her head up to the sky. I hug the body of that woman.

「Wh-what are you doing?!!」

「I don’t intend to kill you……why don’t we just talk for a bit?」

「Y-you’re going to rape me, right?! For a member of the Hyuutia household to taste such humiliation, I would rather die-! 」

Myla was about to bit her tongue, but I pry open her mouth and stick a finger in there before she is able to. If I am able to embrace such a nice woman, the pain of getting bitten is a small price to pay. I then tighten my grip on her body1.

「St-stop……guuh……gaah……I can’t breathe……」

I try not to break her bones when I hugged her tightly, and after Hyuutia struggled and resisted, she lost consciousness and became limp. The soldiers resume their chase after their obstacle disappeared.

「Well, I guess this means the fight is over.」

「Continue to carry out the extermination battle. Don’t give the enemy any room to hold their ground, crush them thoroughly.」

Leopolt purposely doesn’t touch the woman I’m carrying over my shoulder. Celia also has a resigned face as she takes command of the escort unit and continues the pursuit of the enemy. It looks like there is no need for me to take command anymore. When I lay the unconscious Myla on Schwartz, he turns his head around to sniff her crotch. Would you stop that, this is my woman.

The Next Morning

「Uuun……this place is……」

After a while, Myla slowly opens her eyes. Even though she didn’t get hurt, she really slept a long time. She was probably really fatigued.

「Are you awake?」

「Nnh……you are-! Where is this place!? What happened since then!?」

「This is my tent, inside the Goldonian camp. The Yurest army has been completely destroyed and scattered.」

「……Is that so? So I have been defeated.」

Myla droops her shoulders. After a while of the usual questioning, I learn that the woman was leading the army with another man. She probably found out the fate of her own country too. There wasn’t much that she was not willing to talk about.

「So two generals for one army? Are you guys idiots?」

「I don’t have the words to respond to that……」

Myla hangs her head, which means she is aware of it herself. It’s hard when the people above you are stupid.

「That has already been settled. Shall we move on to the next thing?」


Myla makes a sad face as if she’s going to be executed. I lend her my hand and help her stand up.

「Put your hands over here.」

「Are we not going outside?」

「No, we’ll stay here.」

Her hands are on the container with armor in it. It’s heavy so it should be quite stable.

「Raise your hips up a little more. Spread your legs open a bit more.」

「??? What on earth is this? Am I not going to get executed now?」

I won’t do something ridiculous like killing a pretty woman. I will be thrusting another spear.

「Umu, wonderful.」

I lower Myla’s pants and underwear altogether and rest my cock on her exposed, white ass.

「Eh ……what on earth are you doing ……eeeeeeeh!!!!??」

Myla turns back and shrieks in surprise. What is she screaming about now?

「Wh-what are you doing!? What is that thing!?」

「What? It’s my dick, of course.」

「There’s no way a dick can be that big! Are you some kind of monster ……aahn!」

I put a finger into the genitals of the fussy Myla and stir around inside. Her hole is a pretty pink color and the thin wisps of pubic hair also excites my sexual appetite. Her asshole is contracting slightly and is quite cute.

「You’re a wonderfully beautiful lady. I want you to let me embrace you.」

「Of course I’m going to say no! Are you kidding me!?」

「I’m not joking around. I want to slam this guy……in a beauty like you.」

I place my dick at her entrance and rub it up and down. If she grants me permission, I’ll push it in right away.

「Kuuh! Kill me! I said I was going to bite my tongue if you’re going to rape me!!」

That’s not good. If such a beauty dies, it would be a loss to the entire human race.

「Then how about this? If you become my woman, I’ll improve the treatment of the prisoners.」

She’s a woman who thought about her soldiers to the end and held her ground. This seemed like a good condition to make a deal.

「H-how cowardly……using the lives of the prisoners as shields……」

Even if she doesn’t listen to me, I don’t intend to abuse the prisoners. If she listens to me, I just thought I could add some meat to one of their meals.

「Fine, then go ahead and rape me all you want……after that, I will end my life! I’ll compliment you and obey you, so do your worst!」

That isn’t allowed either. I want to embrace you again and again after this too.

「Then how about this? If you become mine from now on, I’ll advise the king to give special consideration to your household even if Yurest falls into ruin.」

Myla’s body twitches. As a general, she is definitely born from a noble family and as a noble, preserving the family lineage is way more important than her life.


「Yeah, it won’t be the same as before, but your household will avoid being extinguished.」

「The name of Hyuutia will……remain.」

Myla goes into thought while standing with her back towards me and remains in the same position with her exposed ass and genitals.

「Will you go back on……」

「No. I’m also a person with standing.」

Although I don’t really have any interest in standing or whatever.

After one minute of silence, Myla turns back to face me.

「I understand……I will……become your woman.」

「I’m grateful. Then I’ll immediately-」

I grab Myla’s twisted waist and adjust the position of my hips.

「Wait! I’m still a vi-!!」 「Here I go……there!!」

I slam my hips against her while still grabbing tightly to hers. Today is a continuation from previously, where I stopped just before doing it, so my dick is much harder and bigger and I can’t hold back. When I push with all my strength to penetrate her, I could hear the sound of something ripping.

「Hm? This is……」

「Oooow—!! Even though I’m still a virgin!! You’re so cruel, crueeeellll!!」

So she was a virgin……? Then it was bad of me to stick my dick in without caressing her satisfactorily before. I guess I won’t move for now.

For the next while, Myla sniffs and cries. Then she turns her teary eyes to me.

「You fiend……is it fun to torment a virgin !?」

‘It is fun because you’re cute’, is what I want to say, but she’ll definitely get mad so I won’t. Without replying, I close in for a kiss, grabbing her face when she turns away and sucking on her lips.

「It’s hard for me to endure like this while I’m inside a beautiful woman such as you. Is it alright for me to move?」

「It’s fine……to do as you please. But please don’t finish inside, since I’ll get pregnant.」

「Yeah, I know.」

I shake my hips while standing behind her. Attacking her intensely after she’s just lost her virginity is a little pitiable, but I want to speed up the release of the seed I accumulated. The blood from losing her virginity and the love juices secreted to protect her body makes wet sounds as the sound of my hips hitting against her echoes in the room.

「I-it hurts……please do it a little more gently.」

「Sorry. Your insides are tight……」

「Your dick is just too big. It can’t even compare to what I saw on my brother or father when I was little.」

「But your thing here is quite good, you know? 」

I fall on top of her body and cling to her, then when I expose Myla’s chest, large bouncy breasts spill out.

「You have big boobs, a lovely face and a wonderfully tight hole……you’re the best kind of woman.」

I fondle her breasts while rocking my hips and kissing her. But tears are forming in Myla’s eyes.

「Uuuu……endure it Myla, this is for the sake of your household and for the sake of the soldiers.」

Not good, this will become rape then. I have to make her feel good somehow.

「How is this?」

While my dick is still plugged in her, I gyrate my hips and slowly stimulate Myla’s insides.

「Ah……that doesn’t hurt.」

I continue moving in the same way for a while, and add a thrusting motion after she gets used to the other movement.

「Ah! That hurts!」

「Yeah, I know.」

I stop after thrusting a few times and gently rotate my hips again. My left hand gently rubs her breast while my right hand rubs her clit.

I endure the welling sensation of my sperm and when I repeat the alternating movements, Myla’s face starts to relax gradually.

「Have you started to feel good?」

「I just got used to the pain!」

I could tell she’s lying from the way her hole is starting to get dripping wet. My dick is able to move smoothly now too. Her nipples and clitoris are erect, so only a virgin would insist they are still not turned on.

「Aahn……nnhaah! Nnnh!!」

I switch from the gyrating hip movement to the thrusting motion and then stop moving altogether.

「Eh!? Wh-what’s wrong? Are you finished?」

「You want me…… to thrust deep?」

「Of course not!」

I continue to keep my hips still while only touching her breasts and clit, then I converse with her further.

「Don’t be so stubborn. You’re a virgin……just like a new recruit. I have a considerable amount of experience so it can’t be helped that you feel good. If you accept it, the both of us can feel even better.」

I kiss her and continue speaking while remaining close enough to touch her nose with mine.

「Just one word……if you just say you feel good, I’ll move harder and pleasure you.」

Myla looks at me with an almost pouting face and mumbles something so softly that I couldn’t quite hear.

「It feels……good. Make me feel better……」

Alright, now it’s consensual.


「Kyaaaaa!! So rough! It’s intense but it feels good!!」

Almost as if the previous movements were a lie, I slam against her with reckless abandon, accompanied by the sounds of slapping flesh, and swing my hips hard enough to move her back and forth while standing.

I endure the intense movements as my pleasure builds up and then reach my climax soon.

「Here it comes, Myla! I’ll be releasing my seed now!!」

I grab one of Myla’s hands and place it on my balls. After being pent up from stopping just before sex previously, she should be able to feel how much they’re bulging.

「Do it outside! Not inside, I’ll get pregnant!!」

「I know. You’re probably almost there too, so cum!!」

Our voices and the sounds of our intense hip movements are loud enough to be heard from outside, but we pay it no mind as my seed has finally risen up my shaft and explodes out.

「I’m cumming!」「Kyaaa!?」

Following what Myla said, I was going to pull out to release my seed, but at that moment, the container she was holding fell over. To protect her from being pinned under the heavy thing and getting hurt, I rolled her to the side. But because my dick was still connected to her, it got pushed even deeper, digging into her womb.

「Kyaah!! You can’t go so deep!!」

「Guaah, sorry, I’m at my limit!!」

At the last moment, the feeling of my dick scraping against her womb causes me to go over the edge and release my seed like a fountain.

「Uoooh!! OOoooooooh.」

The sound of my ejaculation was so frighteningly loud that the both of us could hear it and Myla’s belly swelled accordingly. It appears a whole lot came out.

「Eh? ……you’re kidding me? It’s coming out……you’re cumming inside? Nooooooooo, you liar!! Traitor!」

Myla is making a fuss while being pinned down by me, but my ejaculation doesn’t stop. As expected, I don’t have enough reason remaining to pull my cock out while I’m in the middle of climaxing.

「Sorry, it just came out.」

「Don’t ‘it just came’ me! You’re horrible, squirting out so much……I’ll get pregnant……」

After letting out everything out, I separate myself from her body, and try to calm the angry woman somehow.

「Hey, cheer up. That was out of my control.」

「I don’t talk to liars! Uuu……it’s so deep that it won’t come out……it might be too late already.」

It can’t be helped. I’ll convince her through her body.

「Eeeh! Why again?! Enough already……」

「I already came a bunch the first time. The second or third time shouldn’t make a difference.」

「There’s no way-, aaah!! Don’t put it in when it’s still sticky!!」

In the end, I managed to avoid any further problems – she fell during the fifth round, pleading for me to impregnate her with my seed after I kept teasing her over and over.

Aegir Hardlett. 21 years old. Autumn. Wartime.

Subordinate Units

Private Army: 9400
Infantry: 2000, Cavalry: 1200, Archers: 700, Combat Engineers: 200, Bow Cavalry: 5300

Central Army Third Division: 11 000
Infantry: 8500, Cavalry: 900, Archers: 1600

Subordinates: Leopolt (Chief of Staff and Deputy General Commander), Celia (Adjutant, Escort Captain), Irijina (Commander), Luna (Bow Cavalry Commander), Pipi (Mascot), Leah (Night Companion), Helgen (3rd Division Corps Commander)

Myla (prisoner)

Current Location: Yurest Alliance, East of Barrela

Accomplishments: Annihilation of Treia Eastern Defence Forces (surrender), Captured Roleil, Magrado Army defeated, Treia’s Imperial Army destroyed, Fell the Majino Fortress (Joint), Repelled the Yurest Alliance Army


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