Chapter 108: Rafen Rhapsody


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

It was a peaceful trip with everyone coming along and there were no particular problems on the way from Goldonia to Rafen. Although the Eastern army separated from us, we are still an army with several thousands in number. Any bandits or monsters in the area knew that it would be suicidal just hanging around us, much less trying to attack us. The hitchhiking travelers following behind us don’t look tense at all either.

「……Are you thinking about something else? Does it not feel good?」

「No, it feels good. If possible, I’d like it if you pushed it in deeper.」


It is late at night and when I woke up to go outside the carriage to drink some water, Leah comes over to me.

「Would you mind if I did something naughty?」

Well, I couldn’t refuse her. Everyone is sleeping pleasantly and I especially don’t want to disturb Maria’s sleep, so I asked Leah to use her mouth to pleasure me without making too much noise.

「I’m gonna take it deeper in my throat then……nnggoh.」


Her throat rubs against my meat rod. The way her throat rubs me provides a different sensation than the inside of her mouth and I unintentionally let my voice out, but when I look away, I realize that Kroll is looking at us awkwardly from a nearby bush.

Oh yeah, there were some rustling sounds earlier so maybe he was taking a piss or something. We’re in front of the carriage so he couldn’t come back. I feel sorry for him since it’s cold out, but I’ll need him to endure it a little longer……in return, I’ll show him something nice.

I slip my hand in Leah’s skirt and shift her underwear to the side. Unlike Celia, who wears shorts, Leah prefers to wear short skirts. If I do that while Leah’s in between my legs and on all fours right now, Kroll should be able to see her genitals quite clearly from where he is.

「Nnnh!? You want to put it in?」

「No, I just wanted to touch. Continue.」

As Leah continues servicing me with her mouth, I extend my arm to her genitals and spread them apart with my fingers. Her genitals have been used frequently from when she was young, so the shape is much more evocative than Celia’s. The fleshy mound is protruding slightly while getting teased with my fingers and it should be an unbearable sight for a virgin kid like Kroll.

「……gh!! gh!!」

I start to hear more rustling sounds. It seems he’s started to masturbate. Getting such an expected reaction made me smile.

He’s been doing his job properly even during the time I was away, and it seems he’s done a little practice with a sword so he could protect the girls. It’s somewhat pathetic just to masturbate while peeping. His daily labor work has also developed his body. Maybe it’s time I teach him about girls.

Realizing that I’m thinking about something else again, Leah stares up at me before moving more intensely. After being pleasured for a while, I raise my hips up and my dick prepares to ejaculate my pulsing several times.

「Guuh……I’m cumming.」


It is just what Leah wished for but it can’t be helped. I press her head down and push deeper into her throat, then release my semen.


That would be a little frustrating for me, so I insert my finger in her bare hole and pinch her clitoris. Leah quickly squirts a large amount and convulses while sticking her ass upwards.


At the same time, I also hear a groan from the bush. Well, now that the three of us feel more refreshed, let’s return to the carriage and sleep.

I return to the carriage while kissing Leah, and Kroll returns shortly after, but…….I guess Leah’s pussy was too stimulating for a virgin like him, since he started rubbing himself again when everyone fell asleep. However, this area is where the keen Celia is.

「You little brat! What are you doing!?」

Celia instantly wakes up and hits him in the crotch. Celia……as a man, it hurts me to see an erect dick getting kicked, so please don’t.

Besides a trifle or two, the journey went pretty smoothly as expected and it only took a couple days until we could see the city walls of Rafen.

「Heeeh……this is quite nice.」
「A splendid city, isn’t it?」

Melissa and Maria sound impressed. They may have imagined a more rotten-looking city from the surrounding countryside.

This place is also considerably developed. The interior of the city couldn’t be seen because of the walls, but the fields around the city have flood control laid out and farms spread out. Occasionally, the peddlers we pass in wagons heading north get frightened at the sudden appearance of an army, but when they see me, they take their hats off and greet me. Business is also developing nicely ever since Claire set up her shop.

When I let my thoughts run wild about the development of the city, I could see something strange in the clear, blue sky. I thought it was a bird at first, but it was precisely heading for us while drifting along. That white thing gets blown left and right by the wind occasionally, but I could see that it’s Casie, with her fluttering white hair, drifting towards us. As usual, she’s slow……she’s flying, but I could probably walk faster than that.

She came flying down in the shining light, without any sense of mysteriousness, while Celia and I wave her down with our hands out the window. With the dumb thought that she was poor at physical activity during her time alive, she somehow manages to grab and cling on the roof of the carriage.

(Welcome back-!)


Casie peeks her face in from the ceiling of the carriage suddenly. The abrupt appearance of her face caused Miti and Alma to scream.

Miti hugs Melissa and Alma hugs Kroll. It is during these times that you need a person who you can rely on. Miti considers Melissa and Maria to be elder sisters naturally, but Kroll also has a girl who relies on him after all.

I thought it was sad that he needed to peek on people having sex while masturbating, but it would be fine if he just embraced Alma. Alma is still a child so I wouldn’t even be able to use my index finger, but Kroll is similar in age with her and she could probably take him inside. His dick is small anyways, so it won’t hurt Alma.

「Casie……stop showing up so suddenly.」


The ghost phases through the ceiling and snuggles up against my chest. When I pat her head, I could feel the distinct sensation of simultaneously feeling yet not feeling her body.

「Eh? What is it, master? Miti-san and Alma as well, what is it? This stuffed toy……」

Oh I see, Leah can’t see her.

「Well, it’s a bit of a long story regarding that. But I’m keeping a ghost.」

(I’m not a pet.)

「Heeeh……you’ve even done it with a ghost. As I thought, master is amazing.」

Why do you say that every time I say I’m keeping you. It isn’t wrong.

「Another foreign thing……」

(I’m Casie, I’m not strange.)

It seems Myla can see her, as her face stiffens. As expected of a former general, she doesn’t scream and can calm herself down.

And also, Casie lowers the stuffed bear from her neck so people could know she is here – which is fine – but it’s been used so much that it has gotten dirty and there are several places that are torn open and cotton is starting to come out. If this is flying around, it would be unnecessarily creepy, so please change it.

We return to Rafen together with Casie, who came to greet us early, to find something that would work as an object to help perceive the ghost. The citizens cheered for us as the soldiers gather in the newly established plaza and then disperse.

There won’t be any more wars in the near future so having a few guards should be enough for the city’s security. After the confirmation of war merits and the distribution of rewards, everyone goes off to rest.

「Aaah, so busy! Everyone is coming at me from the left and right! I also lifted the ban on my ass and had to do three or four at a time!」

The prostitutes are also fired up. Well, they can earn money from the anguished soldiers who just received their rewards. There is no other night more profitable than tonight.

「We don’t have enough people to help! Please bring your sisters, your mothers……and even your younger brothers, if he’s cute! 」

Hey, I can understand you want to make lots of money, but making other men fuck a man’s ass is too much.

I also let the bow cavalry know that they are dismissed and they can return to the mountains. I want them to rest up in their own homes.

「There was a sizeable amount of casualties……tell the leaders that I’m sorry.」

「What are you saying? We are the chief’s bow and sword. To die in battle is a warrior’s honor.」

「Tell them I will definitely pay them back for this.」

「I am humbly pleased and grateful.」

I had the sisters, Luna and Ruby, as well as Pipi act as messengers and have them return to their home for a while. I’ll check on the mountain nation territory in the near future but I will return home for now.

It’s fine if I leave the rest of the various tasks to Leopolt and Irijina. I want to go back home quickly and embrace my women.

「I’m glad you’re safe-」「Welcome back, Aegir–!!」

Carla jumps in and pushes Nonna, who greets me with a mitsuyubi bow. Nonna gets pushed into the floor but her breasts act as a cushion.

Rita and Catherine are also dressed up when they greet me.

「Welcome back.」
「I know you prefer it better when we aren’t wearing anything.」

She knows me well. I want to play around with everyone tonight, fully naked.

Lastly, Kuu and Ruu walk alongside Mel, whose stomach is about the same size as Maria’s. It feels like every time I see Mel recently, she’s pregnant. She’s a wonderful woman who easily gets pregnant.


Sue, Mel’s and my daughter, can already walk and is wobbling over towards me so I pick her up and rest her on my shoulder.

「Papa tall, mama」

I play around with the kid while I pick up the prostrating Nonna. It always turns out like this for her.

「Uuu, stupid Carla, I’ll remember this…….someday heavenly punishment wi- nnnmh.」

First I have to give this wife of mine a deep kiss. I tangle my tongue with hers and soothe her anger, then she quietly rests against my chest.

「Aah……I always feel calm when I’m in Aegir-sama’s chest.」
「It feels great for me too.」

They are large, no question about it. Her breasts are pressed against me and the portion of her breasts that are sticking out of her large-cut dress is sticking to me.

Nonna loves wearing dresses where the chest area is exposed. Carla says that she just wants to show off her breasts, but Nonna herself says there’s a more serious issue – that she has no choice because it would really hurt to try and suppress them.

I also know that she rests them on the table to relax when there is no one around but family. I guess big breasts have their own troubles too. I heard from Catherine and Kuu that she stopped smiling.

I make the other girls wait a little and hug Nonna, kissing her repeatedly and rubbing her head and shoulder. Nonna is also pushing herself into my chest and touching my face while rubbing my chest with her cheek.

I look at her face again. She’s really beautiful……I’ve never seen someone this beautiful besides Lucy. When I took her away from the slave trader, she was also beautiful but also looked childish, whereas now she is completed as a beautiful woman and is radiating sex appeal.

A little unnecessary spending and selfishness can’t be avoided in order to make this beauty and these large breasts mine. Besides appearance, she is also a wonderful woman with cute points.

I kiss Nonna’s neck and while rubbing from her back to her ass, my dick gets hard and pushes against her stomach. She teases it and plays with like a kitten would, but then stops, as if she remembered something.

「Well……I’m happy you’re back safe and sound, but I have something to talk to you about.」
「Aaah- I’m also curious about it too.」
「It isn’t my place to speak, but I am as well.」

The light in Carla and Catherine’s eyes seem dull. Mel holds her stomach while taking the kids away. The atmosphere changed.

Nonna pulls my hand and starts walking.

「The bedroom is over here.」

「I will definitely accompany you there tonight.」

「The bath is here though……」

「When you’re done, I’ll wash your back.」

Nonna exits from the back door and when she reaches the outside, she leaves the mansion’s premises and heads towards the building next door. That place is the temporary residence that was built for the thirty women I saved from the goblins. So it’s still there.

「After you.」

Nonna stands at the front of the entrance and lets me walk in first. I open the door to see what was going on and……I see the thirty girls who I embraced.

「「「Welcome back!!」」」

I’m happy that everyone is celebrating my return but there is something I’m curious about.

「……there’s twenty of them. Twenty of them got pregnant!」

I was about to count every one of them, but Nonna spoke up. Please don’t be angry……it is something you did too, so it could happen to you as well. Although it’s quite something that twenty out of the thirty people that I fucked got pregnant.

「There were girls that couldn’t get pregnant on that day.」
「And there were girls that didn’t get any of your seed either.」

「My stomach……isn’t……big either.」

It’s the red-haired girl……Alice, if I recall. You only used your ass, so of course you won’t get pregnant.

「Alice’s ass addiction has gotten worse since then……as long as there’s a rod attached to it, like a broom, she would stick it in.」
「If you don’t tell her to stop, she’ll hurt herself one day.」

「But……if my ass feels lonely if I don’t put anything in there……」

Spare me from any talks about her perverted inclinations.

「So, the children in all of your stomachs……are they all mine?」

「「Of course!」」

Everyone’s voices overlap with each other. Other guys probably wouldn’t want them when they’re pregnant. I have no choice but to look after them.

「Aegir-sama……do you know what the people call this building?」


「The feudal lord’s harem! It’s obvious, right?! There are so many women here and so many who got pregnant!」

By they way, the girls that I didn’t embrace gradually found other men in the city. Because of that, it has gotten more spacious so maybe I should do some remodelling and make this building a place crowded with women, like the rumors say. If I allow this many people into the mansion, it would be cramped and cause the servants a lot of work.

「Don’t act so calm! I have yet to get pregnant, and this……it’ll make me seem like a woman who can’t give birth!!」

「Calm down, Nonna. Someone make her tea.」


The ass woman – the red-haired Alice – hands me a teapot. There’s no fire, yet it’s quite hot……whatever.

「Here, calm down.」


Nonna drains her tea and regains her composure. Even so, the eyes looking at me are still wavering with anxiety.

「It’ll be alright, you’re my wife, aren’t you? I’ll cherish you.」

「Uuuu……promise. If I get abandoned, I’ll kill myself and become a ghost, like Casie-san after all.」

(You’ll be a ghost together with me?)

「I won’t! Aegir-sama won’t do something like that!」

(How unfortunate.)

Perhaps hearing the clamoring commotion, Adolph comes over. When I check out the city, it seems this guy also did a lot when I was away.

「Oooh, Adolph, when I was gone-」「Please take a look over here.」

I was going to thank you, but you spoke over me. The documents that he handed to me have many numbers and letters written on them.

「So, where should I be signing?」

「That’s not it. This is Hardlett-sama’s income and expense report during the time you were absent, so there’s no need for you to sign……please take a look here.」

Adolph points to the last part. It says 400 gold there and a strange symbol is included at the front too.

「This is the latest report……in other words, this is the current amount of our assets.」

「400 gold…… ? It’s decreased quite a bit, but it can’t be helped.」

「That symbol is a minus sign, in other words, negative. We are 400 gold in the red.」

So we’re in the red? Well, that isn’t good. Even if I get Claudia to forget about the 5000 gold that I borrowed, it seems we’ll still remain in the red.

「Did you borrow from anybody?」

「No, I gathered from those who are financially well off in Rafen……primarily merchants want to settle several years’ worth of head tax quickly, so I allowed a portion to be discounted. It’s like an advance payment for the tax.」

That means we haven’t borrowed money from anybody, so we’re still doing alright.

「It’s too optimistic……but I guess that’s fine. I heard that you had a tremendous success this time around too. So the money awarded by the King-」

「I was only given land. Certain things happened, so there isn’t any money this time. My territory has increased considerably, so I’ll be counting on you again.」

「……Then we can sell off the spoils of war.」

「Most of the spoils were given as rewards to the soldiers and have pretty much been used up. I’ve been managing to get by with a small allowance after all. If I don’t pay generously, the soldiers won’t follow me.」

「Then what do you expect me to do!?」

Adolph raises his voice unusually. It was that bad of a situation. Well, I had him calm down by asking Alice to hand him some tea.

「Please excuse me for saying this, but even so, I plan to make detailed calculations to maintain the minimum amount of labor while trying not to get even deeper in the red until Hardlett-sama can get back in the black!」

「Hooh, a different calculation?」

「The madam……Nonna-sama didn’t mention a thing to me and decided on her own to talk with a merchant about the construction of the theatre! Those materials and people altogether total 500 gold, which means that we would have been left with 100 gold if she didn’t follow through with it!!」

I turn backwards, but Nonna isn’t there. Carla indicates with a gesture that she ran away somewhere.

So that was the thing being built across the city plaza……. It isn’t anything too fancy, but it is a splendidly built theatre with a roof and a seating capacity of over 100. I thought it was a little unusual for Adolph, who would build things for their practical use instead.

「But I thought I left you in charge of that too.」

「If the feudal lord’s wife creates the contract, the merchants and carpenters will act even without my permission.」

I guess that’s true.

「So there is nothing else I can do. Hardlett-sama will have to choose between borrowing from someone, increasing the tax on the people temporarily and have them resent you, or halting all labor, firing the servants, and waiting like a turtle for the harvest period.」

It’s quite the difficult three choices. I’ll postpone it for now.

「Have there been any other problems?」

I leave Adolph, who is still making a fuss, and chat with Carla.

「Aah, there was one more thing. It’s about Yoguri.」

「Yoguri was in the house, huh.」

I thought for sure that she went off to another village. It would have been nice for her to greet me if she was at the mansion too.

「It’s still just past noon, so she’s probably still sleeping.」

「What the heck is that?」

「Well, just come over for now.」

I follow Carla and head back to the mansion once again. When we reach the front of the room Yoguri is using, the door is opened without a knock. Nonna has also returned and is behind us before I knew it. I’ll talk to her a bit later then.

「Hey! How long are you going to sleep?! Aegir has already come back and you didn’t even come out to greet him!!」

The room curtains are closed and it’s so dim that you wouldn’t believe it was already afternoon. Yoguri seems to be in bed.

「Nnn……it’s not bright yet……aaah, you came back……? Welcome back……zzz」

「Don’t sleep, idiot!」

Carla and Rita grabs the futon and throws Yoguri off. Yoguri, who’s wearing only a thin set of pajamas, shivers and wakes up due to the coldness of being outside the futon.

「Heey~ it’s cooldd~」

「Hurry and change into your house-wear. How shameful.」

As a maid, Rita’s tone is also quite strict when talking normally to the girls.

「Ueeeh ……」

Yoguri slips out of her pajamas and becomes stark naked in front of me. Her genitals are completely exposed and her breasts are jiggling as well, but since she doesn’t act naughtily, it doesn’t really turn me on.

「Someone bring me a hot drink~」
「Go get it yourself!!」

I see, this is pretty bad. After working so hard for the people of her village, why did Yoguri become like this?

「I think that I’m well-suited to become an actress.」

That was the first thing that came out of Yoguri’s mouth.

「So I came here to do a play together with travelling performers, but those kinds of events are normally during the evening time, right? That’s why I had to sleep in the morning and wake up at night.」

I think they only open during the evening, while they spend the rest of the time preparing.

「She insisted that she’s one of Aegir-sama’s women. The travelling performers said her technique is not even up to par so she came crying to me to do something about it.」

Nonna whispers to me to help me understand further. That’s right; those guys go through many hardships to attain their skill. It can’t be done in a short period of time.

「But as expected, nothing really took off yet……even though I think my script is great.」

Aah…… what can I say?

「She pushed a trash-like script to the troupe and they came begging me in tears to do something about it.」

Nonna is also actually listening to the people.

「That is also strange, don’t you think~? The script of a play will have limits to it, no matter what……the people acting will be restricted in certain ways, right? But mine doesn’t have those kinds of restrictions. That’s why I’m writing a story now.」

She cheerfully hands over the unfinished book left on the table. Celia takes it and reads the first page, but scrunches her face a bit later. So, it’s not even worth reading?

「The people from my village have certainly been living easier lives than before, so I want to find a new way of living too.」

「She’s always laying around doing nothing, coming to the dining hall to eat and drink.」

It seems Rita is getting tired of putting up with her too.

「From what I remember, she also went out to meddle around with the bards in the city.」

Catherine also adds in her two cents, saying that the bards regard her as so much of an annoyance that they run away from her on sight.

「Not only that, but she also plays around with guys!」

Carla raises her voice. As expected, that is unforgivable. Yoguri isn’t officially recognized as my mistress, but it wouldn’t be a calm environment if she were to bring in other guys to the mansion.

「Hannes isn’t like that! He is someone who is also writing a story. Right now he is hard pressed and has trouble finding work but he will eventually create masterpieces that leave their mark on history!」

「How so! He’s simply an unemployed bum! He’s just fooling around with the money you gave him.」

The girls are periodically given some allowance and are allowed to freely spend it on items they wish to buy. It is the same with Yoguri, but giving it to another man is another issue.

「Nonna’s stupidity is one thing, but you are not getting any allowance starting from today either! We don’t have enough money!」

When the topic revolves around money, Nonna once again tries to get away, but this time she was caught.

「Eeeh! What do I do now, I promised to lend Hannes money for paper and ink!!」

「All that money has already gone into alcohol and prostitutes! You should stop this nonsense already! 」

Yoguri, almost at the point she’s treated as a waste of food, doesn’t have anyone supporting her and the cornered woman ended up sulking and going to sleep. She has some nerve to sleep after all that.

For now, I’ll overlook the fact that she fooled around outside. She isn’t my wife either, so I won’t say anything about her playing with other guys. But I’ll break their necks, if I see them in the mansion.

I thought I would sleep with the girls but this huge pile of problems really turned me off.

「Um……there is a certain story behind this……」

Nonna grabs me and desperately presents an excuse. That reminds me, I’ve always been really rough with Nonna’s ass when she resisted like this in the past. When I think back, it makes my dick hard again. I’ll listen to her excuse in bed.


「I’m sorry! I was lonely and Aegir-sama wasn’t around……I don’t have any children either so I was always alone.」

「That’s why you decided to construct the theatre on your own?」

Nonna is lying on her back and giving her excuses while I slam my dick into her.

「I was thinking I could at least see the play I like and distract myself.」

She is covering her face with both hands and crying.

「What an absolutely hopeless person.」

The actions of a wife are basically the actions of the husband. If she screws up the financial situation, I have to do something about it.

「It’s also Aegir-sama’s fault……if you were stayed beside me all the time, I wouldn’t be lonely.」

She removes the hands covering her face and wraps them around my neck. Her enormous breasts stick to me and I can feel the distinct sensation of her nipples against my skin.

「You know it’s impossible with my military service.」

「If I could at least get a child, the seed that impregnated all those girls……why does it not work for me?」

I think it’s a mystery too. Even though I’ve ejaculated more than a hundred times in Nonna, it doesn’t seem to work.

「Embrace me more intensely! I offer my everything to Aegir-sama.」

I change my position and have Nonna ride on top, bringing both breasts close to me and sucking her nipples.

「Aah……I can’t get enough……only you have these monstrous breasts.」

「Only Aegir-sama has this monstrous cock too.」

Nonna smiles as her vagina tightens around my dick. The both of us move our hips together as we indulge in the pleasure.

「I’m sorry for something so selfish……please forgive me.」

Nonna rocks her hips and clings to my chest while pressing her breasts against me. The way she looks up at me is unbelievably cute.

「You’re a hopeless woman. Consult with Adolph the next time, got it?」

「Of course! As I thought, Aegir-sama isn’t a person who is of small capacity and gets angry at a woman’s selfishness.」

Nonna hugs me tightly. I grab her ass and thrust harder into her and our conversation eventually turns into her moaning and screaming and my groaning.

「「「You’re too soft on Nonna!」」」

I think I heard the other girls say something.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter. Year change.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Feudal Lord of Entire Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Private Army – reorganizing
Assets: -400 gold (Labor Cost -100)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (NEET), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll
Off on their own: Pipi (follower), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 88, children who have been born: 9



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