Chapter 109: The Women’s Problem


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

On the night we returned to Rafen.

「Aaahn, aaaah–!!」

I swing my hips as I listen to Nonna’s excuses and she climaxes while gripping my back with her nails.

「Did I hit a nice spot?」

I try asking, but Nonna is still trembling and doesn’t answer. It seems like she genuinely climaxed.

「I didn’t think I thrusted that hard though.」

「Aegir’s is big, so it feels amazing just from you putting it in. And also, Nonna is……truly in love with you from the bottom heart. If she gets fucked by a man like that, it only takes an instant.」

Carla cuts in.

Is that how it is? I kiss Nonna softly and roll to the left side of the bed. Carla is next. All the girls are lying on their backs on the bed and are waiting for me to embrace them.

「Here I go.」

「Ah, It’s going in……」

I slowly push into Carla and move my hips. It wasn’t anything intense, but a gentle motion. Carla could afford to talk as well.

「Now that I think about it, I’m the oldest member out of all Aegir’s girls.」

「……I guess so.」

「Fufu~ I have known Aegir the longest~」

When she clings to me, Celia objects.

「There are gaps within that timeline! If you’re talking about longest, I’ve spent the most time with him!」

「Fufuuun. Even so, the first one to taste Aegir’s dick is me.」

Carla turns to Celia while still lying on her back and smiles mischievously.

「Hey, don’t provoke her.」

I slam my hips strongly against her.

「Aaau! Sorry. You’re really big, aren’t you……I’m surprised it slipped so easily inside me too.」

「Your body has become only mine as well.」

I hug her and suck on her neck.

「Y-you’re right……aah……not good!!」

As soon as I crawled my tongue over her neck, Carla throws her head back and moans. I feel a warm sensation around my crotch; this girl climaxed immediately too.

「Even though it was so slow……no way……just from Aegir’s kiss……」

Carla becomes exhausted for a brief moment, then she gets up and brings her face to my crotch.

「Thanks for making me feel good. I’m relying on you from now on too.」

Carla greets my dick with a kiss and turns her body sideways on the bed.

As expected, I’m not ready to cum yet so I roll Carla to the left. She jumps into the overenthusiastic Nonna’s chest and they start arguing. I feel calm when I hear this.

「Maria……I guess I won’t.」

「Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s my first time getting pregnant so I’m scared of pushing myself too much.」

Maria sits on a chair a little bit away from us.

「In return, I’ll be watching everything from here.」

「Mel, will you be okay?」

「Yes, please rub it against my stomach.」

Penetration isn’t possible, but Mel has gotten used to being pregnant, so she could still participate a little. I rub my dick softly against her belly, which has gotten big enough to appear like she’s in the last month of pregnancy.

「So my child is inside.」

「That’s right. The seed that came out from Aegir-san……is growing in my stomach.」

I can’t push my dick in, so I place my dick on her genitals and slowly move back and forth to pleasure myself. It would tough for me to ejaculate like this and Mel won’t climax either, so time passes quietly. I may have room in my heart because there are too many girls. If I think that way, then I would be able to eat up all the women here, lust after the mansion’s maids, and also fuck all the women I saved from the goblins.

「Hm, it moved.」

「Ufufu……it may have felt papa’s penis. Maybe it will be a boy this time.」

Mel is already 39 years old and she’s at quite the age to have her fifth child.

「It feels like all I’ve seen of you is your pregnant appearance.」

「Yeah, I got pregnant right after giving birth after all. I did not expect to give birth to three children in my late thirties either.」

Mel declared that she’s in her late thirties. It seems she gets upset when you say 38 or 39 and a merchant who mistook her for 40 got kicked away too.

「But isn’t it better to make this child the last one? It will be a burden on the body too.」
「You’re right……as expected.」

Nonna and Carla overlap with each other. They don’t sound jealous, but genuinely worried.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a big deal for women. It isn’t unusual for even a young women to lose her life after childbirth. Even more so for Mel at her age, which should be a life-threatening act for her.

「I already know but……. Actually, it feels easier for me now than the time I gave birth to Kuu and Ruu.」


She was probably twenty years old when she gave birth to Kuu, which should be the perfect age to give birth.

「Yes……I pushed down slightly like this, and it came out with a ‘pon’.」

What is that?

「It’s thanks to this little guy. This swollen meat rod stretched out my insides.」

Mel moves her body and holds my dick in both of her hands. With her belly on the bed, it feels immoral but nice to have an expecting woman to hold my dick in her mouth.

「Nnnh, nnh, nnh! Puha……if you let it out in my mouth, the others will be unhappy, so I’ll leave it at this……」

My cock has gotten even harder, but Mel takes her mouth away.

「I’d like to continue giving birth to Aegir-san’s children. I want to give life to even one more child if possible.」

「I see……」

「Even if something happened to me, I have Kuu and Ruu, and everyone will definitely look after me too.」

「You don’t have to say anymore.」

Even if they are just ‘what ifs’, I don’t want to talk about what could happen to Mel. I seal her lips with a kiss and she smiles back at me.

「Please continue to get me pregnant, ‘kay?」

The pregnant Mel sits on a special seat……another small bed, and I bend over Melissa, who’s next.

「Go ahead~」

I’m putting my dick in without any foreplay, but her insides accept me gently. Her genitals have been cruelly damaged in the past, so she doesn’t squeeze down much on me. I’m rock hard right now so it feels tight around me, but normal guys probably wouldn’t feel anything.

「Nn……it’s in. Sorry, it’s loose.」

「I don’t think so. And that’s not all, right?」

「Ufu, I guess you’re right.」

Melissa spreads her legs even more and shifts her waist slightly. The penetration is complete when I insert it all the way to her womb.


With practised motions, I hold her waist and put in some strength with Melissa’s cooperation. The flesh makes a sort of gulping sound and my dick pushes in towards her womb.

「Did you hear that just now?」
「Yes……it’s the sound of her womb being violated.」

Carla and Nonna watches on in curiosity. For them, they would need to be drowned in much pleasure to do the same thing, or they would feel pain. However, Melissa is rocking her hips with a pleasant expression.

It wasn’t rough sex like a storm, but a rather quiet one, where we can also converse together. It’s nice to do it with this calm atmosphere too.

「Hey, Melissa, do you want……a child?」

「Hm, it’s alright. I have Kroll and the others, so I’m not lonely.」

But Kroll and the others are becoming adults. For Melissa’s age, it would be more natural to have a younger kid.

「There isn’t really anything I can do about that.」

I brought her to a doctor to have it checked, and it would have been one thing if it was a recent injury, but this wound is close to ten years old, so can no longer be healed with medicine or surgery.

「I was planning on having a doctor examine you if I hear of anything good……but what do you think about adopting one?」

There is a high demand for people in Rafen so there are not many unemployed people who survive by begging. Women are also taking them one after the other, so the ratio of unfortunate kids is relatively low, but not zero.

Prostitutes suffer especially from having children because they interfere with their line of work, so the ones who get pregnant are often troubled about whether to bear or abort their child. The popular prostitutes will use contraception without fail, since getting pregnant means you’re harder to sell and poor, causing children to be treated as annoying very often.

「I don’t know much about pedigree or lineage, but there shouldn’t be a problem with us taking in a child.」

「But won’t the people in the house treat them poorly because they’re not connected by blood?」

「Do you think I’ll do something like that?」

I interrupt what was being said.

「I don’t think so……A child, a child against my chest……」

「There are many women here, and they’ll get pregnant repeatedly. There shouldn’t be any problems with milk either.」

Catherine especially squirts a lot of breast milk, like some spraying device.

「So he’ll get us pregnant all the time.」
「It’s just like Aegir to declare that so boldly.」
「But more importantly, his seed must be for me……」

I won’t ask about what the girls said.

「I can hold the child and take them for a walk, right?」

Melissa’s insides start to clench down on me. Hey, are you getting turned on just from imagining things?

「That’s right. If you want, you could have lots of them. You might just have children flocking all around you.」

Those kids don’t want to feel miserable and Melissa can make them happy.

「A lot of children……aaaaah, no way!? Noo!!」

Just from her delightful delusions, Melissa climaxed. The entrance of her womb is tightly wrapping around me and gradually relaxes again. She reached her climax from being mentally happy and not from pleasure.

「Well, please think about it.」

「Yeah. Thank you so much.」

Melissa rolls over to the left side of the bed, seemingly more happy than when she fainted from climaxing in pleasure.

「If you want to be a parent, then that would make it five mothers.」
「I would like to have Aegir-sama’s biological child! A child–!!」

Next is Catherine, but she couldn’t wait and started to finger herself.

「Get your hand out of there. You want this, don’t you?」

I couldn’t climax with Melissa either, so my cock is painfully erect as I place it on her genitals.

「Aah……it’s finally here. A man is finally here……」

Catherine fixes her eyes on my meat rod and drools as she stares.


「Aaahn! Ah……no……aaaaaaoooooh–!!」

「Hey, are you for real!?」

I penetrate her by aligning my waist with her hole, which has leaked so much love juice that the sheets are already damp. Just that alone was able to cause Catherine to start convulsing, and cumming for real. Her beast-like screams echo in the bedroom.

「How pent up were you?」

「Haa, haa……I can’t help it. It’s been many months where I haven’t had a man.」

Catherine is fairly lewd so she can’t live without a man. I knew that, but what I didn’t know is that she would climax so hard just from me putting it in.

「Aaah……A man, is so good. A sturdy man, is so good……it’s been so lonnnng.」

I move my hips slowly but Catherine couldn’t wait and grinds her body against me. The warmth spraying against my stomach over and over is her repeated squirting.

「You couldn’t bear it even with the dildo?」

「Of course I used it everyday! I’d go insane within a week if I didn’t have it……but I still need to be embraced by a man or else I’ll go crazy.」

What a severely lewd, man-lover.

「I’ll confess first……I cheated.」

Well, I can’t leave that as it is.

「What do you mean by that?」

Carla speaks on behalf of Catherine, who is looking down while apologizing.

「The shopkeeper of the merchant shop, who came in and out, was sick. So his young son came in place of him. I stopped her from pulling him in a room when her face was all red and she was walking around unsteadily.」

「I’m sorry……when I see a young man, I become unable to think.」

Catherine hangs her head dejectedly while I’m still thrusting inside her. However, my waist doesn’t stop moving.

「You’re truly lewd, aren’t you.」

With that said, I am probably one reason that she’s become such a sex maniac. It would be cruel to continue blaming her, but I can’t just let her sleep with other guys either.

「Alright, then shall we go with this?」

「Aau? Aaaaah!!」

I hold Catherine down on the bed and slam my hips powerfully against her as punishment. I released her after ten times, when her eyes start to roll back and she squirts like a fountain.

「Uwa, is that a human fountain?」

「Let her drink some water, or else she’ll get dehydrated.」

The girls hurry in releasing Catherine, and I search through the luggage I brought from the capital and take out the double-dick dildo, specifically made for Melissa.


Melissa and Maria scream, but I pay them no attention. I hand it over to Melissa and put her on top of Catherine.

「Eh? What on earth……」

「Use this to make love to Catherine.」

Catherine and Melissa look at each other before saying something.

「N-no. We’re both girls and to be fucked by Melissa-san-!」
「I don’t really prefer to……」

And then a loud voice cuts in from the side.

「You can’t ! Melissa makes love with me!!」

Maria, who is supporting her large stomach, is exasperated. Calm down, or it would be bad for the child in your stomach.

「Wait a second, Maria! Don’t say too-……」

「Make love?」
「Don’t tell me you’re serious with this same sex thing?」
「How immoral!」

「W-wait, don’t pull back! I also think that Aegir-san’s thing is the best……」

「Melissa, are you tired of me!?」

「That’s not the case……Maria-san, you also like Aegir-san, right……?」

Melissa, Maria and and Catherine, who is basking in the lingering sensation of climax, puts an end to this strange scene of carnage altogether.

Melissa and Catherine are connected together by the dildo in missionary position, while Maria comes in from the side to suck on Catherine’s breasts. The three of them resisted at first, but because of my foreplay, they naturally started having sex.

「If you start craving for it in the future, have Melissa make love to you.」

It won’t be a man, but if she can feel the warmth of another body, it should make a large difference.

「T-that is……auuu, ahh!」

「Catherine-san. How’s this spot?」

「There……it’s good!」

「Then how about this spot!?」

「No!! Aaaah—!!」

If she feels that way, Melissa will use the dildo skillfully to attack Catherine. The girls shouldn’t run and cheat on me with this. Maria is also gradually accepting Catherine, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

「So it can happen……for girls alike to become like this.」
「M-mine is for Aegir-sama’s exclusive use. How could I let something like a dildo inside!」

Carla and Nonna seem to have a problem though.

Melissa continues attacking Catherine and turns her flushed face towards me.

「Aegir-san. A mold of your dick……could you let me measure it after? This dildo feels a little small.」

「Yeah, sure.」

「Did you hear!? An even bigger dildo will be entering from now on! You can’t cry uncle just from this one!」

「Melissa! Melissaa!! Cumminggg!!」

When Melissa gets going, she’s unexpectedly forceful. Everyone belongs to me, but it’s fine for them to entwine with each other.

I let the three women continue to have sex and move on to the next girl.

「Rita, come here.」

「I thought you forgot about me.」

Of course not, since your ass often appeared in my dreams while I was on the battlefield.

「Stick out your ass.」

Only Rita wants to be fucked doggy-style. She wants me to grab her large ass and slap it.

「Of course, please enjoy it.」

Rita turns around without hesitation and spreads her butt cheeks as she faces her ass towards me. Her genitals weren’t the only thing being spread apart, her asshole also spreads open.

「What a large and wonderful ass.」

I draw my face close and sufficiently get her asshole and vagina wet with my tongue, then penetrate her with my cock, which has yet to ejaculate.

「Nnohh! Th-thick……」

「You like big ones, don’t you?」

Rita is crazy about big dicks and the larger it is, the better.

「What do you think about mine? Is it a cock that satisfies you?」

「Of course. It’s thick……and long……and also hard!!」

Every time I move my hips, her insides rub against me, and when my dick goes in all the way, her entire body shakes. It isn’t the most intense movement, but because her ass is big, you could hear loud slapping sounds when our bodies collide.

「Lower your hips. I’m getting on top.」

Rita lies flat on her stomach and I get on top of her completely. I can feel the softness of her entire ass like this.

「Your large tool is so deep……it’s unbearable……」

If I don’t use enough strength in this position, I can’t move intensely. But I’m getting a good reaction from Rita and I can probably satisfy her just by moving slowly. Why don’t we chat a little.

「Hey Rita, why are you a maid?」

Rita is clearly one of my women so it would be fine if she just relaxed around the house. However, she supervises the servants and does chores everyday.

「The only thing that makes me unique is my ass. If I don’t swing my ass and become a maid, Aegir-sama will forget about me.」

「That is-」「I’m joking.」

Rita turns around and grins.

「I’m not as beautiful as the others and I’m also older. You let me stay here out of pity so I can’t just slack off. I’m used to being a servant and I can be of use to you like this.」

I see, so she thinks that she became a needy girl. She feels more danger than the other girls that she would get abandoned. What should I do in this case?

「Are you using contraception?」

「Pardon? Of course. I won’t be able to do the chores if I get pregnant, so it’s a little mean of you to request to cum inside.」

That’s it.

「From now on, you don’t have to use contraceptives. If you get pregnant, you should just relax and bear your child.」

Rita looks surprised.

「You are my woman, right? Bearing my child is also your job……or do you dislike that?」

「Of course not! It’s an unbelievable honor!」

Rita tries to hug me, but since I’m riding her, she is unable to. When we change position to missionary, she clings tightly to me.

「This large ass. It seems you’ll be able to bear children quite easily with it.」

「It’s like a dream……to be embraced by the man I love……to live side-by-side……and even having kids.」

「And you can taste this large cock too.」

「Don’t make fun of me!」

Rita smiles and headbutts me lightly.

「But would you mind if I continued working? I can’t calm down if I don’t work and it makes me happy that I’m useful to you.」

Rita is a strict head maid who the servants are scared of. But she’s very reliable when they’re in trouble so she’s quite popular. I would really appreciate it if she looks after all the servants for me too.

「Of course, I’ll be counting on you. However, don’t hesitate to rest when you get pregnant……and-」

I bring my mouth close to Rita’s ear.

「From now on, always wear naughty underwear while you work. The ones with an opening for your hole.」

Rita blushes and looks at me.

「When I feel like it, I’ll grab you from behind while you’re working, flip up your skirt and just like that……」

「T-the other maids will see us……」

Rita is already picturing this in her mind.

「The maids will probably watch as my meat rod goes in and out of your large ass, with their faces turning all red. Their steadfast head maid is a pervert who enjoys when her master makes love to her while she’s working.」

「You can’t……how can I look them in the eye after that?」

I bite Rita’s ear lightly.

「Just insist to the other maids that ‘nothing happened’ while my seed drips from your crotch down your leg.」

「Aah……that, that is, aaaah……aaaaaaah!!」

Rita throws her head back and wraps both her legs around my waist. I didn’t really move that intensely either, but she came from our conversation and her own imagination.

It feels like I’ve discovered a new way of pleasuring the girls. I guess I’ll be using this more in the future. I was going to roll Rita to the left side of the bed, but Catherine and Melissa are moaning and having sex so I walk her all the way to the awakened Nonna and company.

「So next is Miti. I’ll be gentle……」

(Me too.)

I stretch my hand out towards Miti but Casie pops out from the middle of the bed.

「You’re a ghost, but you still want to be embraced?」

Communicating with Casie only requires me to think about it, but the girls who can’t see her won’t understand what’s going on, so I purposely speak out loud.

(Mm, when we’re connected, I feel at ease. The feeling of being alive gushes within me.)

No, that is fundamentally wrong.

Still, I hug the uniquely soft Casie and push her onto the bed . When we proceed to align our genitals together, I feel the same feeling of her insides – something I have yet to feel elsewhere.

(Ah, it’s in. It feels good.)

「I’m glad. So, where is your weak point?」

(Above the entrance and then it would be the place at the very back.)


I use the tip of my penis to rub against the area around her entrance and Casie makes a pleasure-filled face, closing her eyes and moaning as well.

「Next up is the back.」

I hold her shoulder and push my meat rod forcefully all the way inside. I don’t think I have to worry about holding back or hurting her.

(Gyaaa!! Not gooood! It went too deep, it’s piercing my womb and pushing all the way to my insidessss! )

「What the heck is that……」

Her body has this distinct fluffy feeling and I don’t need to put in much effort to thrust in all the way to her insides. It shouldn’t hurt her and everything will return to normal when I pull out, but…….I resignedly lower my strength and pull out, causing Casie to breathe a sigh of relief.

(It surprised me, I thought I was going to die.)

I don’t have anything else to say.


Mel timidly calls me. I wonder what’s up.

「Casie is supposedly there……and since I can’t see her, it looks like Aegir-san is face down and swinging his hips by himself……and it looks a little weird.」

There are people who can see Casie and those who can’t see her, and it seems that people who have a detailed personality are able to see her more easily.

Celia and Nonna are able to see her clearly, but Carla and Mel are unable to see her. Irijina is unable to feel her presence and she doesn’t normally pay attention to details either so she would miss the stuffed animal and step on Casie unintentionally, causing Casie to get angry.

So it looks like I’m swinging my hips emptily from the perspective of those who can’t see her? Caral is also looking at me with an awkward expression.

「Casie……get on top.」


Maybe this will be better. Casie happily gets on top of me, bouncing for a while to satisfy herself.

Floating is something revolutionary and a position a human woman would not be able to enjoy. It only looks like my dick is standing erect to those who can’t see Casie but…….

「What kind of perverted play are you doing……?」

Nonna, who could see everything, offers her candid opinion.

Casie flew to the left after being satisfied and moves in between Nonna and Carla. It looks like they’ve gotten quite used to it.

「Well, Miti, it’s time to make up for last time.」

Miti is covering her breasts and genitals with her hands and is slightly nervous. I was too forceful during her first sexual experience after all. This time, I’ll definitely make her enjoy it though.

「Come on, take this hand away from your crotch. I won’t hurt you.」

「Y-you mean it?」

Miti glances back and forth at my dick. Her body’s probably afraid of my large member.

「I won’t be putting it in yet. I’ll use my tongue first……」

I spread her legs and crotch and start licking her vagina diligently. It looks pretty like it’s brand new, but her pussy is already something I broke the seal on.

I lick her hole and get lots of saliva inside, making it very syrupy. In addition, I also rub her clitoris with my nose to stimulate her.

「Hyaa! It tickles!」

「Is that it?」

Next, I put her clit in my mouth and roll my tongue gently around it.

「Unii……it feels good.」

I would expect it to. I’m going to thoroughly make love to her now so I could apologize for last time too.

The seemingly endless attacks on Miti’s crotch with my tongue causes blood to rush to her head and naturally spread her legs wider. Her insides are twitching too, so she’ll come if I don’t stop soon.

「Come here.」

I have Miti stand on her knees and I hug her tightly from the front. Then, I use my right hand to stir up the insides of her vagina and finish by pinching her clitoris.

「Ah!! Kyaaaah!!」

Miti, not knowing how she should respond to the pleasure, lets out a sharp shriek which causes Maria and Melissa to look over worryingly, but that wasn’t because she didn’t like it. It’s just because she didn’t know how to react to the pleasure.

As evidence, Miti has gotten my right hand drenched with her juices and she falls over on the bed softly. Well, I guess I’ll ask her the same thing I asked the other girls.

「How was it, Miti?」

「It felt……good.」

I hug her from the front as she lies on her back and pet her head.

「Sorry about before. I did something mean.」

「Yes……I was really afraid and it hurt……but it’s fine now.」

I kiss her repeatedly in between her words.

「Actually, I really loved master……and if you embraced me in a better mood, I would definitely accept you. Although I’m still a little afraid of your penis.」

I pet the pouting Miti. I stretch my other hand to her vagina and use my finger to stir her up again.

「Nnnh! That place is……nnnah!!」

「I’ll be careful from now on. I won’t make you cry, since you’re already……my woman!」

「Aah! Eh!? Don’t tell me-」

Miti looks at me in astonishment. At that instant, I penetrated Miti with my cock.

「Look, it’s inside. Does it hurt?」

「No way……it doesn’t hurt. Even though your penis hurt so much before.」

I didn’t do enough foreplay before. This time, I used my saliva and Miti’s crotch overflowed with love juices, so I was somehow able to fit inside her tight hole.

「I’ll be doing it lots from now on. I’m going to really pamper you.」


The two of us hug each other as we rock together. With this, Miti’s fear of men should also disappear.

「There’s a nice pond near Rafen. When it’s summer, let’s go there together and swim.」

「Swim? 」

「Yeah, getting naked together and playing in the water. When we get in the mood……we could also play like this.」

I take Miti’s hand and place it on my dick.

「B-but I can’t swim……」

She speaks while continuing to stroke my dick with her hand.

「Then you can go in the water while I’m embracing you. It’s nice to get in there while we’re connected, you know?」

「Swimming……while we’re connected……」

Miti’s insides start contracting. As expected, the effect is instantaneous.

「Until then, I’ll have to get you used to my dick!」

「Y-yes! I……will do my best!! Aaaaaah!!」

Miti climaxes within my arms and passes out.

「Maria, please.」

「Please keep your promise, ‘kay?」

I lay the fainted Miti, who looks really happy, beside Maria and she starts stroking her head like Miti’s her younger sister.

「This should be everyone.」

「Where’s Yoguri?」
「That sloth drank some alcohol and is sleeping. Isn’t it time we threw her out? She isn’t even one of Aegir-sama’s girls.」

Rita’s words are full of spite. But I’ll overlook it a little longer. Even though she’s like this now, she was really stressed for the sake of her village.

「Well, I……still haven’t ejaculated yet, so about my seed.」

Since everyone climaxed just from the atmosphere and through conversing, I still haven’t been able to release my sperm. My dick is bulging so much that it’s about to burst and my balls are quite profoundly heavy.

「There’s a wife over here whose womb is empty.」

「You’re right. I guess after such a long absence, I’ll pour it in while I’m about to burst.」

After standing up to tell me that show me where she was, Nonna was about to lay sideways, but I don’t let her.

「Eh? You want to do it standing up?」

Without answering, I lift Nonna up and thrust my cock deep into Nonna while she’s still standing.


「It’s your punishment for overspending. I’ll do this!」

The other girls stand up and start caressing Nonna, also badmouthing her and deliberately mentioning her name.

「Hey! Stop that! Aaah!」

Nonna tries to resist but her vagina is already pierced by my thing so she can’t move too well. I don’t intend to stop thrusting either.

I fucked Nonna as I wanted for some time before Melissa approaches with her dildo attached and causes Nonna to finally scream.

「Don’t tell me you’re putting that in my ass……I-I don’t want it!! Aegir-sama, save me!」

I kiss Nonna softly.

「Alright, do it.」

「Here I go~」


The dildo sinks deep into her ass and Nonna couldn’t even make any sound when she screamed. Her pussy is also clenching tightly around me as she stretches out her arms and legs.

「It’ll be alright, since it’s not as thick as Aegir-san’s.」

She probably can’t hear what Melissa said. The beautiful girl collapses with tears and drool on her face, but that is also what makes her precious in a way. My dick is also at its limit. I want to release about now.

「I’m cumming Nonna, it’s gonna shoot out.」

「Aaaah……your seed……a baby……」

Seeing how my movements have gotten more intense, Melissa pulls the dildo out and the other girls also move away. It seems they want the moment of climax to belong to the two of us.


We look at each other and kiss and then my semen fires out simultaneously. At times, even I could tell that the amount backed up in my balls and the force at which it sprays out is going to be tremendous.

「Hey, I have only ever experienced Aegir so I don’t know. But isn’t it strange when we can hear the sound of a man’s ejaculation?」

「Well, you know.」「It’s impossible, isn’t it?」

The former prostitute, Melissa, and the experienced Mel answers.

「You can feel the pulsing when he cums but……」
「It’s not possible for such a loud pumping sound to be heard throughout the entire room……」

Sorry, but not even half of it has come out.

「And I don’t think I need to ask, but-」

「「It’s not possible.」」

Carla’s doubt was denied before she could finish.

「I’ve never heard of or seen a man’s ejaculation expanding someone’s stomach like that……well I’m actually seeing it now though.」

「It’s really bulging, isn’t it.」

I came for about five minutes and I release Nonna when her stomach has inflated to the point that she looks pregnant. With that, I’ve been with everyone. Let’s go to the next one, shall we?

「Please and thank you.」「Please give me lots of love, ‘kay?」「Slam it into me!」「 I don’t really……」

Celia and Leah, Irijina and Myla line up fully naked. It seems everyone except Myla have been touching themselves and are now finished preparing their pussies.

Because these girls have been with me during the war, the female pact dictates that they will be put off for later, but since everyone has been satisfied, it should be fine now.

「Well, why don’t we all have fun.」

Blood rushes once again to my cock, and it becomes erect. I hug the four of them close and push them onto the bed for the orgy to begin.

「Hey wait! Nonna is spraying the semen back out!」

「Bring a tub please!」

「Aah, she’s leaking urine too!」

It seems like a big fuss over there too.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Feudal Lord of Entire Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Private Army – reorganizing
Assets: -400 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (NEET), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll
Off on their own: Pipi (follower), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 88, children who have been born: 9



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