Chapter 110: Insufficient Funds, so I’ll Borrow


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The morning sun shines lightly through the gap of the closed, wooden window. The gap should allow the winter air to come through, but with the suffocating heat in the room, it’s almost like there’s no breeze at all.


I crawl on the bed to try and open the window but there’s no room for me to stick my hands. The bed is covered with women’s breasts and asses.

I grab the closest white ass to see who it belongs to.


It was Celia’s ass. I roll her over and put her onto Leah and both of them start tangling with each other.


Yes, please get along with each other.

I separate the women’s bodies even more and find a woman sleeping with her legs spread open……the top half of the body is covered with a blanket so I can’t tell who it is. I try touching her.


Her vagina sucks my finger in. This movement is definitely Catherine, since even her hole is so lewd that it seeks men all by itself…….

And the last thing that appears is an island. I can tell from the size, even though there’s only a wee bit of light, that those giant breasts belong to my wife, Nonna. Those things are pointing straight up regardless of her lying on her back and is jiggling gently in time with her breathing.

「Munyaa……What is that……it’s big, isn’t it.」

Carla, who is sleeping beside her, is talking in her sleep with a provoking expression while sucking on her breasts.

「Little baby……it’s time for your milk……」

It seems Nonna is dreaming. It would be nice if she got pregnant soon.

I open the window and the morning sun is closer to the midday sun. I was thinking I would wake everyone up so I open the windows suddenly.

「Nn……pardon me! 」

First is Celia, who wakes up quickly while still naked, and stands up.

「It’s already morning?!!」

「Good morning.」

Irijina and Myla also react to the morning sun and rise out of bed promptly, which is as expected of their military upbringing.


The scream rings out directly in my head.

Irijina is stepping on Casie’s foot. She absolutely couldn’t see you, but since you’re desperately slapping her leg, I’ll help you get it off.

「Then, I’ll go wash my face.」

「I’m going too!!」

Celia and Irijina leave together. Irijina has such a loud voice in the morning so the other girls are starting to wake up too.

「……This is horrible.」

Myla, who remained here, mumbles to herself.

「What is ?」

「It’s nothing. You should know that having so many girls wait on you isn’t something praiseworthy.」

「You were one of those girls yesterday though.」

You were getting fucked in a reverse sitting position and happily pinching your nipples too.

「That was only because of my lack of composure! I don’t have much experience with sexual activity!」

That’s right, she was a virgin not too long ago.

「It’s natural for a person like a Count to have mistresses. But you should narrow it down to one person every night. Having a jumbled orgy like this……is slovenly.」

Myla has a surprisingly high sense of virtue. It’s because of that she’s still a virgin at 25.

「Don’t worry about the little things. You enjoyed the orgy, didn’t you?」

「I-I don’t know what you’re talking about! And aren’t there more girls outside the mansion that you’re surrounding yourself with?!」

「Yeah, thirty others. It seems about twenty of them got pregnant. It’ll get really busy in half a year.」

Myla puts a hand to her mouth and becomes speechless.

「Twenty people……is this a lewd prison……?」

At that time, there is a knock on the door.

「Excuse me. If you are awake, I have brought you tea and hot water.」

It’s the mansion’s maid. I open the door without hesitation.

「-! Please pardon my interruption.」

I wonder what it was that confused her – the fact that I’m naked, or the fierce, naughty smell of semen drifting out from inside the room.

「Oh, thanks. I’ll leave it here, so feel free to drink as well.」

I take the tea and place it on a table, then I leave to go take a bath.


The maid calls out to stop me. Oh, you’re the maid that was here from the beginning. She’s been here forever, yet I don’t remember her name.

「I am also……happy that master has returned unharmed. I’m really glad.」

She looks up at me with teary eyes so I motion to grab her chin and kiss her, but she puts her hands against my chest to refuse me.

「It would be a waste for your lips. I ask that you use this here.」

The maid crouches at my feet as I’m still naked, and kisses the tip of my dick, still covered in sex juices.

「Please fuck me whenever you want, ‘kay?」

After saying that, she smiles and skips out of the room.


I could hear Myla quickly putting her clothes on and her trembling voice.

「Well, let’s clean up the problems one by one.」

「I’m glad you feel that way.」

There are four of us in the office: Me, Adolph, Leopolt and Celia. It is usually like this whenever we discuss about military or internal affairs. For such a large territory, we have quite the small governing body, if I do say so myself.

「First of all, we don’t have gold, right? 」

I ask Adolph.

「Yes. The funds we have on hand have been exhausted, and we can’t pay for daily wages. Currently, the labor has stopped due to the feudal lord’s triumph return, but there will be people in need of money if this continues for a long period of time.」

Labor does not only include flood control or road construction, but also farming and regular jobs, and is very important for everyone to make a living. If I leave them alone, they may resort to becoming thieves or bandits.

「Fumu, Leopolt. There should be spoils of war from the time we plundered in Trisnia, but there isn’t anything to deduct from the soldiers’ rewards, right?」

「None. It is also dependent on their distinguished merits, but we distributed rewards equal to about a citizen’s annual income to regular soldiers. I believe it may be excessive, but considering we are not giving out money for anything else besides the necessities of life since the consecutive battles after the previous conflict, it is probably necessary to maintain the soldiers’ morale. 」

「The number of casualties this time is large after all.」

「Those who have family will need to be paid as well.」

If the soldiers get themselves killed or injure themselves so much they can’t move and their wives and daughters need to go to the brothel to earn money, soldiers won’t want to fight for me anymore. I need to pay a portion for their bereaved family to live on.

「So there is nothing remaining, huh.」

「Strictly speaking, there is a little left, but it can’t be used.」

「What do you mean?」

「The minimum amount of money is needed to be kept for military expenses. If something were to happen when we have no funds, then we won’t have any food for expeditions and we can’t make any preparations.」

「But isn’t the current priority on the territory’s finances?」

Adolph snarls at Leopolt. But I want that to be the last resort. The reason there has been a sharp decrease in bandits around my territory is my mysterious stories of legend and my powerful military. It would get worse if they propagate, knowing my soldiers can’t move out.

「When needed, we may have to break it down. But before that, can’t you manage without it somehow, Adolph?」

Adolph props his elbow on the table and rests his head on his hand. Celia’s eyes follow him. If it wasn’t me, you would be scolded.

「There are a million ways to go about it. But it would just be a delaying the deficit; if we get through this year, it would only get worse in the future years……and if we rely on that too much and someone notices, our financial hardships may be discovered.」

「How about that iron mine?」

「We have confirmed its location. It is a good quality and promising mine but since the roads have not been completed, we can’t transport anything…….iron ore would be too bulky to carry slowly on rough terrain.」

「And we would need more money to complete the path too.」

「It would take much time and effort to make the roads wide according to Claire-san’s strong suggestion.」

That reminds me, Claire is quite interested in the iron ore. If I’m not careful, the extending roads will be wider and more impressive than those in Erich’s territory to the north and those going to Goldonia. Adolph says maintained roads would benefit the towns and villages along the way too.

「There will be head tax in the spring, but a majority of it has already been paid in advance……if we take into consideration the restarting of the labor and the reinstatement of the soldiers, it would only be a drop in the bucket.」

There is one option that people who are strapped for cash have been using since ancient times.

「So, we’ll be borrowing?」

「……as I thought, it has come to this.」

Adolph slumps his shoulders dejectedly and Celia furls her eyebrows. There isn’t anybody who is happy we have to take a loan.

「I have also done some thinking on my own, but our situation has changed.」

Adolph hands me a document. It appears to be a list of merchants who have set up shop. This guy really loves to collect these detailed information and put them together in a document.

「These merchants supposedly took loans in exchange for preferential treatment in business, but they have all gone bankrupt.」

「Why is that?」

「All the merchants mentioned here are currently under the umbrella of the Flitch Company. They were told that preferential treatment cannot be promised without the permission of the person in charge of the area.」

「Claire, is it……? So it’s true that she’s a go-getter.」

「No large company has existed in Rafen in the first place. Large peddlers and large farming families were all merchants who have transitioned after all. They were probably overwhelmed financially.」

Adolph also shows me another document with crosses on it. It seems to be a document of merchants who have gone out of business or gone bankrupt but the timing is absolutely the same. They were probably crushed if they refused to come under Claire’s control.

「Now, she’s done it.」

「Let’s think about this problem later, since there is no choice but to talk to Claire-san.」

「Alright. It’s better than borrowing from a filthy man. Call her.」

Adolph gets up from his seat and leaves one last word.

「If you’re going to borrow, borrow big.」

「The debt will balloon though.」

「A man who can’t repay 10 gold will be sold to slavery and for 1000 gold, there’s no choice but to wait for loansharks. That’s how it is.」

What an interesting way of thinking.

After Adolph leaves, there is some time before Claire comes over.


「What is it?」

「The territory I got this time is the south of Treia……the various countries in the south and our territory are connected now.」


「Are there any existing treaties or pacts?」

「There’s a one-time trade agreement with a portion of them. But we are not adjacent to their territory at all so peace agreements and any other agreements do not exist. The capital will probably negotiate those.」

「Do you know how much of a threat they are?」

「There is little information so I’m reluctant to make a decision now, but the countries adjacent to our land to the south are weak countries so I presume there shouldn’t be much to worry about. They shouldn’t have the courage to attack Goldonia.」

「If I were to personally fight with that country, how will the capital act?」

「If it is before the Goldonian royalty officially ends the peace agreement, there shouldn’t be any particular problems. I don’t believe they are putting much of an emphasis on the relationship between the southern countries. 」

「I see……well, at least gather the information. As a precaution, also note the marching path to get to the southern border.」

「I understand.」

Living off of a loan is a little sad so I should play my hand. Celia, your face looks tense. And also, don’t write it in a memo pad because it’ll be troublesome if it gets leaked.

Then, Claire arrives. The young-looking girl called Laurie is with her as well.

「Congratulations on your victory in the recent war.」

「Thanks, please sit.」

I made Claire, who wanted to remain standing, sit down and asked a maid to prepare some tea. Nonna fussed about our tea leaves, so we have good quality ones.

「So……Count Hardlett-sama, what will your request be this time?」

Claire glances at Celia. It seems she won’t call me ‘Aegir-sama’ if there are other people present.

「Lend me some money.」

Everyone freezes momentarily.

「……that’s quite sudden.」

「Are you curious about the reason I need money?」

「It’s not like I’m not…… well I won’t ask now. How much will you need?」

「20 000 gold.」

Everyone freezes once again.

「20 000 gold……You are aware that this is a lot of money, right?」

「Of course. It’s twice the amount you bet last time.」

「……it will definitely hurt me.」

Claire sips her tea with a refined movement and looks at me.

「In your perspective as a Count, money may only be one element you possess alongside territory, fame, and military force. However, to us merchants, money is more precious than anything. It is equivalent to our lives. 」

Is that how it is? I’m not interested in merchants so I don’t really understand.

「In the Count’s case for example, imagine yourself lending one of your women to another person. If you err and lend too soon, you can’t take them back.」

That would upset me.

「Would you elaborate on how you will use it? There is also the favor from before, so I am not unwilling to lend you money, but it’s an amount I need to be prepare myself for, so please make me feel at ease.」

「It’s the usual labor costs for the flood control and highway maintenance and material costs. If we have it now, the revenue in the fall should also increase.」

「The revenue will increase……and you will be able to repay the 20 000, right?」

Claire looks at me with doubtful eyes. It probably won’t be possible. This year’s harvest will be larger than average but our population has increased and we provide supplies to the mountain nation too. It’ll be hard to say whether we’ll still have enough to sell to make 1000 gold.

「And also……the maintenance for the road to the iron mine.」

Claire twitches.

「Adolph has been convinced, but they’re quite the splendid roads after all. They require much more money than regular roads. In the first place, it is already a burden to do work in the mountain nation territory.」

A round trip isn’t possible within a day and there are no surrounding villages that we could stop at. There are even many places where we wouldn’t survive unless we carried water on wagons.

「If the roads get completed, you’ll be able to transport iron ore for real, right? 」

Claire looks at me while glancing slightly at Celia. She’s probably asking if she’s trustworthy.

「Celia is practically a part of me. Don’t worry.」

Celia’s eyes droop. Please don’t forget to write in your memo.

「Then I will talk. I don’t intend to only carry the iron ore as they are dug up. 」

「I don’t get it……what else besides iron ore can you extract from an iron mine?」

「Actually, I have also visited the location with subordinates when the Count was heading to the battlefield, along with Adolph.」

He also mentioned it. So Claire also deployed her own subordinates.

「Yes, with the Count’s flag, the barbarians……pardon me, the mountain nation didn’t attack us at all.」

Claire is already aware that I have the mountain nation under control.

「Getting back on topic……the person who went to the location is a person quite knowledgeable about iron, who dug up an unbelievably high quality of iron and even the small surrounding streams have plenty of iron sand stored within them as well.」

Hooh, I don’t know much about the quality of ore, but the fact that it’s high quality won’t escape my ears. Nonna has also talked the entire night about the difference in radiance from rubies that appear the same to me.

「There isn’t just a single iron mine there. There’s a possibility that Goldonia……no, the entire central plains could be one huge iron producing area!」

Claire’s excitement is showing into her words.

「That’s the reason for the wider roads. No matter how high the quality the product is, it won’t turn into profit if we cannot transport it.」

「I understand that part, but what do you mean when you said you would carry something besides iron ore?」

「Right. No matter how high quality iron ore is, the value per weight is known. Thus we will refine the iron near the mine into an iron ingot with a higher degree of purity……or turn it into a lump of steel before transporting it.」

Claire shouldn’t be too knowledgeable about the production of iron, but she probably studied.

「If we process the ore into a final product made of iron or steel, profits should increase even more.」

「But it is also a considerable distance away from Rafen. We could send miners and food there, but a process like refining will be a little-」

Claire suddenly stands up and spreads her arms. I thought she wanted me to hug her so I approached, but she runs away.

「Build a city around that mine! If we don’t have food or water around there, we just have to carry it there every day. Have large wagons packed with food and water head to the mountains on the large maintained roads and have them carry a full load of iron products on the way back……and then it will bring huge profits to us!!」

Claire speaks passionately. I will discuss with Adolph later, but does that mean she agrees to the loan?

「So will you lend me some money for that magnificent plan?」

Claire sits back down on her chair, embarrassed that she got a little too excited.

「I will. But if the development of the mine does not progress, I will be in trouble. So for that, how does this sound? 」

Claire makes a signal and Laurie prepares a piece of paper, then quickly writes up a contract.

「First we will deliver 10 000 gold directly to your mansion so please feel free to use it as you please. The remaining 10 000 gold will be kept by us and will be used to pay for the materials and laborers for the construction of the highway.」

「So the use of half of the amount will be decided beforehand……?」

「And one more thing.」
「Enough of this non-……!」

I stop Celia from wanting to yell. I urge Claire, who is keeping quiet with a composed face, to continue.

「I want you to let me handle everything regarding the plan for this mining city. Everything from the selling of the iron to the business in the city and the transportation of the goods……Of course, I won’t interfere with things like security or conscription.」

If I agree on my own, Adolph will probably get angry.

「Alright. Discuss the details with Adolph.」

He’ll definitely get angry.

「Thank you very much. I will not disappoint you.」

Claire’s face seems to reveal a broad smile. Well, is this an act or her true feelings?

「Next, let’s decide the amount of interest.」

「You will even take interest on top of this?」

「…………Count-sama, there does not exist any merchant who would lend money without interest.」

I’m amazed. Celia doesn’t seem to have anything to say either. But I don’t want to make Adolph any more angry than he already is. If he falls ill because of stomach pain, my job gets ten times harder. Let’s try negotiating a little.

「Hey, Claire……」

I stand up and walk away from the table in the office and sit down beside Claire on the sofa.

「Ara, what is it?」

「We’re male and female so don’t you think we can cooperate a little more?」

I place my hand on Claire’s thigh and stroke her gently. I can clearly feel the sensation of her flesh through the thin material of her clothes.

「Money and relationships should be kept separate.」

Looks who’s talking.

I take the hand placed gently against my chest to resist and envelope her fingers in my mouth. I crawl my tongue over her delicate fingers, take her other hand and have her touch my still soft dick through my pants.

「Aahn……even though we’re being watched.」

Celia sighs, loud enough so everyone could hear, then leaves the room. Claire also waves her hand to send Laurie out too.

「Claire, I’ll let you enjoy yourself like a princess today, so could you take away the interest?」

「The market interest rate is 20% annually……but taking Aegir-sama’s credibility into account, I can make it 10%.」

I push Claire down on the bed and flip her skirt up, carefully pull down her decorated underwear and put my face between her legs.

「I’ll lick you plenty……of course I’ll have you taste this too.」

「It’s been several months……and it’s big as I expected……like a club……」

After stroking my cock and getting it hard, I put my mouth to her vagina, not minding the sounds being made.

「Aaah!! Your tongue……Aegir-sama’s……Aegir’s tongue is inside!!」

Enjoying a woman can also be a form of negotiation. As expected, it’s convenient that I made Claire my merchant. I should also let Adolph know about it more.

「Aegir!! Please lick me more! My clit, bite my clit!!」

That day, plenty of time was spent to please Claire, as she returns home unsteadily while being supported by Laurie. The result of the negotiations is the condition that if the amount is repaid within two years, the interest would be zero.

–Third Person/Claire POV–

Flitch Company Head Office, Eastern Rafen

「Was the 2000 gold gentleman tasty?」

Laurie teases Claire, who is laying on the bed exhausted.

「Don’t joke around.」

Claire places a towel on her face and sighs.

「It was amazing…….it’s the first time I didn’t have to pretend to make such a girly voice.」

「I’m happy for you.」

「I almost said that it’s fine if he doesn’t pay me back so make love to me more.」

Claire smiles mischievously but Laurie also knows that she isn’t being serious. No matter what she did, it was clear that she won’t let go of her current position.

「Agonizing in his arms and shouting ‘I don’t need interest’. It makes you want to be a female merchant who wants him to continue being affectionate with you, right?」

「You prefer having men over money?」

「Of course not, I won’t even let go of one gold if it’s given to me. But this time should be fine, since it’s more valuable to have him want to be affectionate with me in the future.」

「He was promoted to Count for his merits this time……and although his territory is in a remote region, the area is comparable to that of a small country.」

「That’s right. I’m absolutely not going to let him escape.」

Claire’s eyes look tired, but still continue to burn bright with passion.

「But you really wanted that 2000 gold, right?」

For small and medium size merchant families, that kind of money can be laughed away. Although Claire isn’t that kind of person, it didn’t seem she minded.

「Not really. Besides, the amount of money I lent him was 20 000 gold……if I failed, I could have been made an example of how to crush a merchant on the outskirts, or became a perverted sex puppet.」

「I would probably have the same fate.」

The two of them look at one another and smile. These two girls are of one body, so if Claire were to be ruined, Laurie would as well.

「When I’m betting that much money, 2000 gold is nothing. Also……half of it, 10 000 gold, will be used for the hiring of laborers and purchase of materials for the construction of the highway.」

Claire smiles, but doesn’t look too happy.

「If a large amount of materials is purchased, it will become over 20% profit. If the laborers buy prostitutes or something during their work, 20% of their wages will be returned.」

「So in the end, 20% of the 10 000……2000 is secured.」

「There is no loss and I sold my flattery to him. In addition, I got to taste that sturdy body and cock……not a bad result.」

「How enviable.」

「We’ve also made much profit off him from the armor and weapons and construction all the way till now after all~. Please go ahead with the care for my hole, it hurts a little.」

Claire spreads her legs and Laurie tends to her crotch. That place, which has become red, marks the price of pleasure.

「Will you become his woman like this?」

I won’t become his wife, but if I become his lover, I can at least pressure the other merchants in his territory.

「But if you do that, there are other customers too, you know. In the place where we stock up, there are perverts that vie for your body after all.」

Claire flaps her legs as she is massaged by Laurie.

「Is it a little too early?」

「Perhaps. When the mine is functioning, profits will increase dramatically……so then, you should coax him.」

「When you do, please recommend me to be his lover as well. I want to live in luxury as well.」

「No way, if you get fucked and the Count becomes addicted to little girls, I’ll be in trouble.」

Claire is also aware that Laurie possesses sexual prowess beyond her appearance. There have been many merchants willing to go in the red just to embrace her.

The two girls giggle. And the 20 000 gold, an amount which could purchase the lives of a thousand commoners, is set in motion amongst their laughter.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Private Army – reorganizing
Assets: 9400 gold (labor -100) ※ except for mine system (10 000 exclusively for mine, development of highway) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (NEET), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll
Off on their own: Pipi (follower), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 88, children who have been born: 9



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