Chapter 111: Heading Towards the Iron Mountain


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I’m talking to the girls in a dimly lit room with closed windows.

「Eh!? You’re going to be away again tomorrow?」

「Yeah, I’m not going to the battlefield though, so it’ll only be for a bit.」

「Even though we’re finally together~」

「Don’t sulk. In return……how about this spot?」

「Ah, it feels good. It’s already 30 to 1 as it is, so pay more attention to me~」

「Hahaha, then I’ll swing my hips more.」

From then on, the girls didn’t say more, only sticking their tongues out and moaning, while the sounds of flesh slapping flesh echoes in the room.

「Is it over?」

「Not yet, now~ you’ll be doing it. I’m next, so it will be after that.」

「Not fair, it’s your second time, isn’t it?」

「Didn’t you get it in your mouth the first time?」

I can hear the voices of the girls waiting in line outside the room. The building I made as a temporary residence for the girls I saved is quite crude, the walls are thin and not made to last. Some of the girls amongst the 30 told me they want to continue being around me from now on, so I should really build a better building.


The woman I was doing from behind climaxes and falls over on the bed.

「Will you switch with her?」


The girl waiting in the hallway retrieves the girl who is drooling and jumps on the bed. My dick is covered in my seed and love juices so it’s slippery enough for me to put it in just like that.

「Nnaaah!! It’s so thick……and amazing~」

I penetrate her after kissing her and once again, the room is filled with moaning.

「「「Thank you very much.」」」

The girls see me off and I leave the building, dubbed ‘my harem’ by the people. I gotta pay attention to other girls besides the one in my mansion too after all. Just stroking the stomachs of the 20 pregnant girls will make them sufficiently happy as well.

My hips are a lot lighter too so I return to my mansion in a rather good mood.

「Did you enjoy being surrounded by your mistresses?」

I hear words and feel an impact on my back simultaneously from Nonna’s headbutt. This is the headbutt when she’s sulking, isn’t it, since she would come flying with a running start if she was truly angry. Her head continues to rub me after hitting me. I turn around and hug her shoulder, causing her to bury her face in my chest.

「I won’t ask you not to make more women anymore. I know Aegir-sama probably can’t bear it when your dick isn’t always in a woman.」

I put it in you yesterday, didn’t I?

「That aside, it hasn’t been that long since you came back from the battlefield and yet you are leaving again?」

Nonna looks up at me with a worried expression. Pushing her breasts against me while looking up at me is criminal.

「It isn’t an expedition this time. I just have to check out the mine to see what will be going on. I also have to see the mountain nation, since they played a part in the battle……so it would take at most two weeks.」


I wrap my arm around the head of the still unsatisfied Nonna.

「I’m bringing Adolph and Claire with me so I won’t be fighting. Don’t worry.」

Adolph is probably weaker than Claire, who has experience being a mercenary. He’s a man, but he is an escort target.

「Claire-san, she’s the person from the Flitch company, right?」

I thought Nonna was feeling jealous just after she said that she didn’t care anymore, but her expression relaxes.

「She’s a good person. Look at this necklace, it’s from the high-class item from the Federation with pearls. The silver handiwork is beautiful as well……」

That item is a present, but surely she wanted you to buy more than that. Claire, who dug herself out of hell as a merchant, must think that Nonna’s easily understandable desire makes her an easy-to-deal-with customer. On the other hand, she struggles with Carla, who isn’t interested in jewels or snacks. In the first place, she does astounding things all of a sudden, so I can’t quite predict her.

Well, who else should I select besides the two already going? Assuming Celia will naturally follow along, all that’s left is several escorts and…….

(I want to go too.)

The mountains are spooky and scary at night. Ghosts may appear too.

(I don’t like scary. Nevermind.)

That’s fine.

「Um, master, could you bring me along too?」


As expected, I hesitate a little. Leah doesn’t look like she has a strong body. There won’t be too many escorts either, so on the off chance that something happens, Adolph may have to be sacrificed to protect Leah.

「But there isn’t anything in the mountains, right? So won’t you need me to take care of you at night?」

I certainly need that.

「No need. I will do everything.」

Looks like Celia sniffs it out.

「Aegir-sama’s escort, assistance, and night-care will be handled by myself, so please rest assured and wait here.」

Perhaps it’s because the two of them are around the same age. The vigorous Celia vs. the meek Leah, the slender and toned Celia vs. the slightly plump and softer Leah.

Their loyalty to me is the same, but Celia strives to be useful by working hard in various fields, whereas Leah chooses to respond with her absolute obedience. If I order her to, she would spread her legs and service me in the middle of the city.

「Celia-san will also be guarding him, right? But then you wouldn’t be able to protect him if you’re servicing him while naked, right?」

「I could just post a sentry during the night for that!」

「I will satisfy master’s lower half, so Celia-san should protect his life. Let’s divide it up, ‘kay?」

「Are you telling me to stand guard and watch while you and Aegir-sama are doing it right next to me!?」

There is a certain way of saying things and this suggestion may have sounded more than what was said, causing Celia to shout angrily while Leah shrinks away.

「Celia, don’t yell at her. She also doesn’t know how to word it properly. She didn’t intend to provoke you. 」

When I lent Leah a hand, she hugs me tightly. Celia furls her brow.

「That place is relatively safe from bandits. The monsters might be concerning but the escort unit will be there as well, so they’ll manage somehow. I’ll make love to both of you together at night so don’t worry……if you like, should I embrace you while you’re still in armor, Celia?」

Celia instantly turns red when she imagines the scene.

「That’s right, it would be better if the two of us did it together. Celia-san, let’s lick his penis together, ‘kay?」

「The servants are still here, so please don’t say that!」

And with that, the personnel selection is completed.

The Next Day

「Then, shall we head out?」

「I’ll be tagging along.」

The wagon and the horses stretches out and departs from Rafen. First is the inspection of the mine, then we’ll head to the mountain nation to thank them for their help in the victory.

I’m bringing Adolph, Claire, and her protégé iron expert. It seems Claire wants to confirm with her own eyes. Then there is Leah, my companion at night, Celia, the 10 escorts she’s leading, and several high-speed wagons. That is the current party.

「In any case, can’t you manage just a little more?」

To line up with the wagon, I make the horse gallop quickly and speak to Adolph. Celia also chases after me.

「To leave my master and be placed in a carriage ……」

「Well, I’m quite ashamed.」

The escort unit and myself, as well as Celia, are all on our own horses. Claire, Leah and Adolph are all riding the carriage.

Leah can’t ride a horse and Claire is wearing high-class merchant wear so it wouldn’t be comfortable for her to spread her legs. The problem is with Adolph, since it’s terribly doubtful whether his donkey of a horse could keep up or even gallop on rougher terrain. If he were to ride other horses, it seems very likely that he’d be shaken off due to his poor riding skills.

「Oooh! It’s the feudal lord!」
「Stupid, don’t wave!」

There are some farmers who are working on something in the village along our path and are gathering when they realize us.

「It’s unnecessary. You can leave it since I’m hurrying ahead.」

It’s the peak of winter so I didn’t think there was a need to tend to the wheat, but the villagers are moving around busily.

「It’s almost time to harvest the radishes and cabbages. With this large path completed, the peddlers often come too so we can earn money on things besides wheat.」

「More importantly, this path has hardened quite nicely and is well-made with stone, so even rain wouldn’t damage it at all. 」

I accept a radish that one of the villagers hand me. This is quite the win.

「That’s why the road is constructed parallel to the village.」
「It’s cheaper for a cart to come around regularly on a pre-determined route, isn’t it.」

I can hear Adolph and Claire’s voices from inside the carriage. I see, it’s not like they keep idle until the large path is connected from Rafen to the mine.

「The eastern part of the territory is now safer than everywhere else, so there is value in a city.」

After making the mountain nation submit to me and crushing Treia, the only threat now is Magrado, who is across the river. The eastern side of my territory should be absolutely safe.

「When we’re free, we can clean up the monsters. That way, it will become even safer.」

「Ara, then shall I introduce you to our company’s mercenaries or hunters?」

「Since it requires a fee, no thank you.」

「Ara, ufufu」

Leah, unable to follow their conversation, sticks her head out once in a while to look at me. When I smile at her, she returns a beaming smile back at me.

After that, we are able to ride pretty quickly on the well-made path for a while, but then we see a bunch of tents in front of us.

「So this is the end of the road?」

「Yes, this is the place still under construction.」

The position is just before we enter the mountain nation territory, and from this point on, there will be less available water so it may be much tougher to travel.

「Oooh, well if it isn’t the feudal lord.」

A chubby middle-aged man, who looks like the foreman, comes out. However, he isn’t unattractively fat, but he looks more like he has fat on top of muscle. With his dark tanned skin, it seems as if he was born to do labor intensive work.

「Are you making progress?」

「Well, although it’s tough, the pay is nice. Everyone is going all out.」

Some of the laborers are still digging holes and stacking stones half naked regardless of the winter weather. Their bodies are emitting a sweaty smelling vapor. Why don’t I motivate them a little.

「Everyone, listen!! I will come back here in about one week. If you don’t slack off and extend the road all the way to that tree, I will give everyone one gold as a special reward. The foreman will get 10 gold.」

The tree I pointed to is pretty far away. But the effect was immediate.

「You guys, move your asses! If you slack off, I’ll slaughter your ass!」

「Make it there before it gets dark!」

Not only the foreman shouts, but other laborers also shout at each other to speed up the work. Even though this work treats them better than others, highway construction is ultimately still unskilled labor and the one gold is close to one month’s wage. The foreman’s 10 gold is pretty much a fortune.

「There are 200 laborers. Our money again……」

Adolph sighs but momentum is important with this kind of work. If we progress forward quickly, the work in the future will also pick up steam.

「Are there any other problems?」

A different foreman from the one who shouted speaks up.

「Well, we’re fine with meals and water, but there is one thing……」

「Tell me.」

「This place is unlike the west and is close to the barbarians’ territory so there are monsters I’ve never seen before. The laborers here are proud of their strength and can bag monsters like hungry wolves and goblins but a strange, black beast has been appearing here recently. 」

「Black, huh…… ?」

I can’t really tell what it is just from that.

「They’re big and powerful……we could form a faction to punch them away somehow, but if they aim for the times we are alone at night, laborers will get killed.」

That’s annoying. But unless they’re in front of me, I can’t really…….I also thought about leaving a few escort soldiers.

「There it is! The black thing appeared!! Bring a stick or axe!!」

Fumu……how terribly convenient.

That black thing is circling around and keeping its distance as if sizing us up. It must be checking to see if there are any strays. The monster doesn’t come in herds and is powerful enough that even several dozen people, who are proud of their strength, are not confident enough to take care of it.

From its appearance, it looks like a large feline and its size is close to that of a horse. A bushy mane is growing out from its neck to its face, and its fangs are large enough to protrude out from its mouth. It is a wearing a full coat of black, just like what the laborers said.

「Escort unit! Get rid of it!」

Celia gives out the order, and the escort unit runs with their spears in hand, but the black beast doesn’t seem to have any intention to fight the armed soldiers and runs away. It is quite quick as well, so the heavily armed guards are unable to give chase.

「Enough. Don’t chase too deep.」

「But if we don’t finish it off here, it will come again!」

「It’ll be finished off.」

The escort unit returns, and the beast returns as if giving chase, while I hop on Schwartz and confront it head on.


Schwartz instantly gallops forward. Seeing how a single person came forward, the monster seemingly thinks for a second and after seeing my spear, does the same thing to avoid fighting and runs backward.

But it can’t escape. When Schwartz gallops at full speed, his speed is no match for any other horse. The monster raises its speed midway and sprints, but the distance still gradually shortens. I felt as if the expressionless face of the beast turned into one of surprise for a brief moment.

It must realize that it can’t outrun me. The black monster stops sprinting and turns around, then dashes towards me instead. It appears to be a carnivorous beast from first glance and it’s fairly large but ultimately shouldn’t be frightening to Schwartz.

The distance closes in an instant as we head towards one another and the beast tilts its head sideways, aiming to bite off Schwartz’s legs first in order to drop me to the ground.

How naïve. Schwartz can jump over even a line of spears. Bouncing up above the monster easily, Schwartz neighs as if laughing.

Feeling enraged at the mocking tone of Schwartz’s neighing, the monster leaps at us from the front. It was a leap that would perfectly reach me even while I’m high up on Schwartz.

「See ya.」

That height actually makes it really convenient for me to thrust at. To make things easy for me like this, what a nice guy.

My right hand thrusts out the spear and the full-powered strike enters from its mouth, and comes out from the middle of its bent back. I don’t even have to check to know that it’s a fatal wound. The beast utters a short muddled groan before dying.

I forcefully pull out the spear from the lifeless body that collapses powerlessly to the ground. If I act too reckless, even though the entire spear is made of steel, it might still break. I will be careful from now on.

The neigh that Schwartz makes afterwards is as if he was asking whether everything is over, then he looks over at me.

「It’s done. But next time, don’t just dodge, step on it. It feels gross when my spear gets all dirty like this.」

Schwartz breathes out and huffs as he returns back to where Celia and the others are.

「One shot from atop a horse?」「No way……」

The laborers are dumbfounded but the escort unit isn’t fazed. The battlefield was several times harsher than this after all. They have gotten used to seeing what I can do by being close to me.

「About the monster’s body, if we drain the blood, we might be able to eat the meat. Get excited for tomorrow.」

That was the only thing said as I get back on the horse once again. It’s going to be serious from this point forward.

「……Have some people come and handle it.」
「You guys better not slack off now.」「If I find out, I’m gonna puncture you from your mouth to your ass.」

Can you even do something like that?


「Nnpuh……Nnboh, nnnh」
「Nn, nnh, nnh, nnn~~~!」

I am resting in a lightly-covered carriage while camping for the night, where Celia and Leah are servicing me. My legs are spread open with each of their hands resting on them while they lick my shaft thoroughly.

「Leah, the tip feels nice. Do it harder.」

「Mhmkay……nnh, nh, nh!!」

Leah fills her mouth with my member and does her best to service me. Celia also follows suit and services me more intensely.

「You’re enjoying yourself quite a bit, aren’t you.」

Claire is on the edge of the carriage, looking over at us while wrapped in a blanket. There is only one carriage without luggage and has enough room for us to sleep with our legs stretched out, so she is also here.

「Would you like to participate?」

The more girls, the better.

「No thanks. I’m being stared at.」

Celia glares at her menacingly. I grab her head and push my dick all the way in her throat to tell her not to think about unnecessary thoughts, and she resumes servicing me happily, even though she chokes a little.

After servicing me for a while, Celia senses that my dick is twitching and stuffs her throat, whereas Leah envelopes my balls with her mouth. It seems they can grasp the timing of my ejaculation even if I don’t say anything.


I hold Celia’s head as I ejaculate, and after releasing about half of it, have her switch with Leah so I can pour some into her stomach too.

「Haa, haa」

「Now, swap with each other.」

I urge the two of them, whose mouths are filled to the brim with my seed, to kiss each other and exchange the semen left in their mouths. Mutual touching of this nature every day will give birth to their cooperation.

「If you think about this with a cool head, this is an incredible scene. Two girls are playing around with a dick the size of their arms.」

While laughing, Claire grabs Leah’s butt and screws my meat rod into her vagina. Celia is being hugged while kissing me.

「It’s because they’re my women. There shouldn’t be any hesitation from them wherever I choose to embrace them.」

「If I look closely, these two look rather young. If you like young girls, would you like to try Laurie? She will head to the sleeping quarters at any time though.」

Having a dialogue while I’m pounding another girl from behind is also comical. Leah, who’s indulging in the pleasure, doesn’t seem to mind at all though.

「Laurie? She seems quite nice despite her appearance.」

「Yes, I guarantee you will enjoy it. If a smaller……young girl is more to your taste, then I could prepare a different one for you.」

「I never had a preference for young girls in the first place.」

And when did Claire become a human trafficker?

「I become one when necessary. But there aren’t any as beautiful as this one though.」

The female merchant smiles as she watches me pour my semen into Leah’s hole. That smile lasts even as Celia gets on top of me while I’m lying on my back, but I didn’t miss the fact that there was an additional person’s lewd smell drifting in the room and the fact that the merchant is secretly moving her right hand.


Well, I better hurry up and finish so I can let Adolph back in, otherwise he’ll catch a cold.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Private Army – Escort Unit: 50, Others: still reorganizing
Assets: 9200 gold (labor -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Large spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (NEET), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll
Off on their own: Pipi (follower), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 88, children who have been born: 9



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