Chapter 114: Coming of Age Ceremony


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The short men lined up in front of the entrance to the mountain. It seems the dwarves don’t often come out of their hole. But they are outside now to send me off.

「Then I’ll see you later.」

「Ok, pal. I’ll have your weapon ready after 18 more meals.」

He’s really keeping count. Even with their lively personalities, they’re pretty conscientious guys.

「I’ve also packed you some alcohol. It might be too little but please enjoy it during your trip.」

So he packed six people’s worth of alcohol in bottles for us too? With such few people, there’s no way we could finish such extraordinarily harsh alcohol.

I make a strained smile while parting ways with the dwarves. After coming this far, it won’t take long before we meet up with the mountain nation. It’s fine to go slowly.

I put Leah on Schwartz after she gets on the carriage. Leah looks at me curiously after being placed in the front.

「What’s wrong?」

「It’s nothing much. Just relax.」

While holding the reins, my right hand reaches for Leah’s crotch. The girl was slightly surprised, but she spreads her legs without much resistance. My hand goes underneath her mini skirt and under her underwear as well.


「It’s so smooth……」

There is no hair around Leah’s crotch. It was originally quite thin but she shaved it clean so I can enjoy it. I wanted to enjoy such a hairless sensation at this moment.

「You’re just gonna rub it? You can put your finger inside too, you know?」

「No, this is fine.」

I knead Leah’s hairless lips and the entrance of her vagina. While I’m at it, I roll up her clothes slightly and rub the smooth skin of the side of her body.

「Haau? What’s wrong?」

It’s not because she was a bad woman, but I’m fed up with hairy girls for now.

「I-I’ll shave too! To make it smooth and slippery!」

Celia’s neat pubic hair is a pretty silver color, which I also like. But changing it up can be nice too. I guess I’ll have two hairless holes that I can stack and fuck together.

「You got hard. I’m gonna lift up my butt then~」

Until then, I’ll rub against Leah’s ass and have some fun.

「Can I finger myself?」

The soldiers are also looking so don’t go all out and show off your body too much.

「……It’s my first time accompanying Hardlett-sama on a trip, but he fondles girls in front of people like it’s nothing, don’t you think?」

「If he goes this far, it actually shows you how manly he is.」

「Aegir-sama, m-me too……」

Adolph and Claire talk with an astounded tone while Celia is darting around in my get my attention, but that is peaceful compared to the march of an army.

Mountain Nation Territory

「Cheers to our great chief!」

「To the great victory!」「To the prosperity of the tribe!」「To the souls of the deceased!」

The mountain nation stop their own journeys to start a party for my visit. The surrounding small to medium tribes are also gathering one after the other.

It seems they have not acted collectively as nomads to get feed for their livestock but ever since they got a common chief, there is no dispute and they can live a much more stable life than before. As proof of that, there are many large-bellied women who have been impregnated since the last time I departed.

「There were casualties this time too, but you did well.」

「It’s nothing, we are truly satisfied if we were able to let the people of the plains know of the chief’s strength and our strength.」

Counting all the leaders from each of the tribes……there are close to 100 people who I called and poured alcohol for. The alcohol is of course the stuff I received from the dwarves, since there’s no point in treasuring it, so we’ll drink it during the party.

「Guuh……as expected from the chief’s hard liquor……this is amazing.」

I thought there wouldn’t be enough for everyone but most of them reach their limit with only a small cup. That’s how strong the alcohol is……but there is still six people’s worth of alcohol left.

「Chief should have some too.」「……here you go.」「Pipi’s gonna drink too!」

Luna, Ruby, and Pipi are serving me after coming back just now. They aren’t wearing their usual getup which allows them to move easily, but rather they went all out to dress up in formal clothing. Thinking that they had no intention to share, Celia and Leah distance themselves with a bored look on their faces.

「Nn……what should I get you to do?」

Luna holds a cup of alcohol and Ruby brings meat to my mouth. Pipi is sitting on top of me while cross-legged and kisses me every so often or rubs her ass against my crotch here and there. In that state, I continue to refill the cups of the leaders with alcohol and converse with them.

If the nobles at the capital or Nonna sees this, they’d probably faint at how rude this is. But this is normal here; no one thinks anything is wrong if the chief has women waiting on him. Rather three women is too few and they would probably speak out and send more women over.

「It’s the spitting image of a barbarian king, isn’t it……」

「If Hardlett-sama was born here, the central plains would probably be in pretty bad shape right about now.」

Claire and Adolph are agreeing with each other a lot lately.

I grab Luna and Ruby’s breasts tightly from above their clothes without hesitation and then one of the leaders steps forward. He is the leader of a relatively large tribe but I believe all the greetings have been done already.

「Chief……I know this might interrupt your enjoyment of the party, but could I trouble you with one request?」

「Trouble? I came this time to express my thanks. If it’s something small, I don’t mind.」

「Oooh! Then please come with me.」

I follow him outside and there are four men standing side-by-side. Unlike the liveliness of the party, these men are wearing leather armor and a decorative uniform. Their faces are all tense and nervous, but after looking carefully, they don’t even look old enough to be called men.

「And who are they?」

「These people are from the leader’s bloodline and the ones who will be in a position to lead warriors when they become adults in the spring.」

「I see.」

「In my tribe, they are allowed to challenge the chief when they become an adult. And if they display their strength, they can request something of suitable value.」

「In other words, they are able to take the position of chief away too?」

「Yes, of course this is a battle to the death so the challenges don’t come light-heartedly. However, the chief has been in the plains and they haven’t seen you around so……I tried to stop them but.」

I’m not normally together with them so I guess they’re looking down on me. These four are still just kids so they probably didn’t come to the battlefield. Boys as old as they are won’t be stopped just because other people tell them not to.

「If at least they are able to see the chief fight, they won’t think of doing anything stupid……unfortunately, their challenges are valid because of the law.」

「It’s fine. I accept.」

The boys’ faces brighten up instantly and become tense immediately after.

「So, what do we do in this challenge?」

「It will be settled through a one-on-one fight using a bow and sword, that’s it.」

Good thing it’s so easy to understand.

「The challenge is starting!」「Bring your horses and weapons!!」

Everyone around me starts getting worked up and the boys jump on their horses.

「Prepare weapons for me too.」

I lost my spear and it would unfair indeed if I used the Dual Crater. I grab the one-handed sword and when I get onto Schwartz, one of the leaders makes an apologetic face.

「That is my son. I don’t know if he’s just an idiot, but he doesn’t listen to what I say. He was saying how awesome it would be to challenge the chief and everything too……」

But more than being apologetic, his face looks worried. Of course, it wasn’t for my sake.

「Don’t worry. I won’t kill him.」

I don’t have to kill a child. The leader closes his eyes and lowers his head.

The first boy and I face each other on our horses. The reason he isn’t attacking is probably because he feels puzzled by the fact I’m not wielding a bow.

「I don’t need a bow. Go ahead and shoot.」

As soon as I shouted, the boy raised his voice loudly and gallops on his horse, firing off arrows. The arrows fly accurately toward me, but since they’re coming at me from the front, I can catch them easily.

Charging at me from the front instantly closes the distance, but even so, the boy fired three arrows. That’s actually quite an impressive firing speed. I grab two of them with my bare hands and sweep the other one away with my sword.


The boy abandons his bow and pulls out his sword to slash at me. He charges head-on even with the difference in the size of our bodies. Normally we would pass by each other and the fight would end with me sending the opponent’s head flying, but I aim to knock away his sword this time. At the same time, I grab his neck with my hand and pull him up, picking him up with one arm like a stray cat.

「Do you give up?」

「I-I give up……」

Being grabbed by my arm while riding Schwartz, the boy surrenders while struggling and flailing his limbs.

「Alright, next.」

The next boy judges that it would impossible to fight against me in hand-to-hand combat and keeps his distance, firing arrows at me one after the other. To the people of the mountain nation, it is also important to be skilled in archery in duels so I don’t think it’s particularly cowardly at all. However, in a one-on-one fight, it will produce the same result no matter how many arrows he fires. As long as I can precisely see the arrows flying at me, they won’t hit me.

「He’s grabbing the arrows……」「It was a mistake for the children to challenge the chief……」

Probably getting upset at the words of the spectators, the arrows stop coming and the boy finally decides to pull out his sword and charge at me. He has quite the skill with the bow, so work hard from now on too.

As soon as our swords clash with each other, the boy rolls off his horse and falls to the ground. I tried to hold back, but the resistance against my sword was so light, I probably misjudged how much strength to use. There is soft grass growing beneath us and not some rough land, so he should be fine.



The next boy has the largest frame. The bow isn’t effective so he doesn’t fool around, and charges at me from the front right off the bat.

But that alone makes me have a bad impression of him. He clearly sees that his opponent has a larger physique and is stronger than himself, yet charging in head first eliminates any chance of winning he had. Let me teach him a little lesson.


As we pass each other by, I make one strike to his abdomen with the sheath of my sword. It was on top of the armor so it shouldn’t cause any life threatening damage, but he should writhe in pain for a while.

「Last one!」


He shouts with no spirit behind it. I guess he got frightened after seeing the three before him get defeated. He fires arrows off first before circling around with his sword but from what I can see, he doesn’t have any drive.


When I shout and glare at him, he becomes completely afraid and loses his spirit. His horse senses that and also rears back. He’s still a child if he loses his will to fight from that. Be courageous next time.

And thus the challenge with the young men is finished. The adults watching over them are relieved that no blood was spilled and are able to return to the party.

「These idiots, I told them they had no chance against the chief.」
「People who charge head-on actually exist? If the chief wanted, he could have sliced you in half vertically.」

The boys are surrounded by the adults and getting told how stupid and idiotic they are, but they look happy.

「The challenge is done. All that’s left is to make an oath to the mountains, marry a wife and become an adult.」

「Wife? Even though you’re still just a kid.」

「The girl is of a similar age too. We’re both youngsters but if we’re together, we’ll become adults together quite quickly.」

I see……it’s atonement for the considerable amount of warriors that died in the war. I’ll help out a bit with the perpetuation of your descendants.


There are various pelts of livestock and monsters laid against one side of the tent, and although there isn’t a bed, it’s fluffy and comfortable in here. This tent was prepared for me so it was expected that I would embrace women in here. Luna, Ruby and Pipi are sitting naked in front of me. It’s natural for me to indulge in these girls and Ruby is also prepared to lose her virginity.

But there is also something a little strange.

「Why are we here in this tent as well?」

The four boys I challenged today and their soon-to-be wives are also in front of me……but they’re really just four girls of the same age. It seems that as a part of the bloodline of the leader, they will first marry a wife when they become an adult and then increase the number of women according to their strength.

「That’s obvious. This is your first night, right? You’re all still immature as warriors, but at the very least, I could help you win your battles at night.」

「Is……is that what it is!?」
「What an honor it is to be taught by the great chief!」

No, I don’t know anything at all about your rules. I just thought it would a fresh experience to have the young boys join in too.

「There are virgins over here too. Might as well have friends who are alike to make everyone feel at ease.」

「……I have prepared myself.」「Pipi is finally gonna become a woman too!?」

With that said, while I think I might be able to fit inside Ruby, it might be impossible for Pipi.

「We can’t do anything while our clothes are still on though. Let’s strip.」

After saying that, I quickly start to remove my shirt. Luna and the others are already naked but the boys are still wearing their nightclothes.


The girls have probably only revealed their naked bodies to the boys who would become their husbands so there is a little bit of resistance and hesitation in them. Now that I look, Ruby is also covering her body with her hands. Luna has already experienced being with men so she’s exposing her body while the boys are staring happily. Pipi is rolling around with her legs spread though.

「They’re your wives, right? Hug them like this.」

I hug the naked Ruby gently and roll her onto the floor.


Ruby’s embarrassment should probably disappear since I’m the only one wrapping around her. I remove the hand covering her body.

「H-here I go.」「Y-yes.」

The boys also learn from me and huge their wives, then gently strip their clothes. Eventually the girls all get naked, but the virgin boys can’t keep calm with naked bodies in front of them. They quickly suck on the girls’ breasts and thighs.

「Kyaa!」「Aah! At least a kiss.」「It’s embarrassing.」

The girls are confused at the sudden change in their husbands. It’s good to be excited, but it’s really too soon. That’s why virgins are…….

「You can suck on them at any time. First you should take your clothes off and kiss them gently.」

Returning to their senses from my voice, the boys undress as if tearing their clothes off and expose their bodies in front of the girls.

「Woah, you’re pretty big.」
「Hehe, you think so?」
「Please don’t say anything……」

It seems the boys are comparing the size the dicks that exposed themselves. We’re going to be sleeping with women starting now so it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

The girls cover their faces embarrassingly while monitoring their husbands’ members.

For me, there’s no helping it that I have to see another man’s junk. There’s gonna be big ones and small ones for sure. There’s one who isn’t that lucky, and though I can’t really see it, if that’s his thing when it’s hard ……that’s quite pitiful.

「Excuse me please.」

Luna lowers my pants and takes out my dick. After that, the air between the four boys, who were making a fuss earlier quite typical for their age, and the girls froze.

「It’s not something you can just call big. Isn’t that like an arm already?!」
「There’s no way we could win……」
「A radish……why is mine a bean sprout?!!」

「Will that even fit?」
「Ruby-sama, I’ll die.」
「But it fit in Luna-sama, right?」

The eight brides and bridegrooms focus their eyes on my rod. This isn’t a show, besides it’s only 80% hard anyways.

「Go on, kiss them.」

After saying that, I lightly kiss Luna and cover Ruby, locking lips with her intensely. The boys copy me and start pressing their lips against their wives’ lips.

「Ruby……you’re cute.」

「S-saying something like that……that, when everyone is here, it’s kinda strange.」

「It doesn’t matter who’s beside us. You are cute, and I want to embrace you.」

I kiss her again and fondle her breasts, which are slightly larger than her elder sister’s. Everytime we kiss, her nipples get harder. If I continue for a little longer, she won’t worry about the things around her.

「Excuse me, ‘kay?」

Luna gets in between my legs, while I’m covering Ruby and continuing to caress her, and stuffs her mouth with my dick. In addition, Pipi circles around behind me and uses her mouth on my ass. With so much stimulation, my cock further increases in size.

All you could hear inside the tent is the sounds of multiple people kissing and sucking dick. The girls are gradually getting infected by the obscene spectacle starring Ruby and are gradually losing their sense of shame.

The wet noises continue for a while before I finally felt it was time to take Ruby’s virginity.

「I-it’s too big……」

「It’ll be fine. You’re flooding down there. Just leave everything to me.」

Now that I look, the other boys are learning from me and they have their dicks ready to enter the girls in the missionary position. I didn’t even say anything. But with that said, the girls will feel better this way than if the virgins do whatever they want.

「Alright, put it in.」

The boys push their hips altogether.

「It’s big, ouch!」

The girls each express the pain of losing their virginities and their faces distort, causing the boys to stop moving.

「It’s worse to leave it half-done. Make them your woman all at once!」

I also grab Ruby’s thigh and thrust my hips without so much as a second thought. My dick tears through her virginity and I can feel the sensation of something being ripped apart.

「Aaaah!! It hurtttttssss!!」

As expected, with the difference in size, getting hurt can’t be avoided. Luna and Pipi caress her breasts while I kiss her and rub her entire body gently.

When I see that her stiff body slowly relaxes and she calms down, I start using my hips. If I move slowly, she doesn’t scream, and although it’s a simple movement, the inside of her hole wraps around my rod. She’s panting very slightly through her nose, but when I lick her neck and stimulate her nipples, her breathing gradually becomes longer sighs.

「Once you get used to it, it’s quite nice, right?」

「Hau……it’s painful. Chief.」

Ruby says that while gently grabbing onto my arm.

「The wound……I can still see it.」

Is this about the scar left behind after I got cut by Ruby? It’s nothing but a scratch and there are many other scars from deep wounds.

「Don’t worry about that……more importantly.」

I place my hand on Ruby’s belly.

「I’m the one who tore the membrane here. That wound will also remain……so that makes us equal, right?」

Ruby smiles slightly, relaxes and closes her eyes as if to leave her body to me and telling me to do as I wish.

Having completely become mine, I thrust my hips up into Ruby, then turn my gaze to see if the virgins are doing alright.

「Uoooooh!! Tilooooo! My Tilooooo!!」
「Kyaaaah!! So intenseee!!」

「Uwaah! Gonna cum, gonna cum!! Uu-!!」
「Eeeh!? Already!? So quick……」

「How is it? Does it feel good?」
「Put it in quickly……eh? You’re already in?」

There’s nothing left for me to say. A virgin’s first time is something like that. It seems that they’re having a good time for now and they just have to keep trying hard next time. I’ll need to satisfy Ruby too.

I gently hug her while sticking to her body, then slowly get Ruby to climax while lifting her up and asking Luna and Pipi to help out as well. Then finally, when she grabs onto my shoulder and starts twitching a lot, I give her one last thrust before releasing my semen.

「Aah! Don’t!」

As if desperately clinging onto a log to prevent herself from drowning, Ruby hugs me with a trembling body and receives my sperm.

「Good work. You were great.」


Ruby smiles and collapses, falling asleep shortly after. It seems the combination of losing her virginity and climaxing made her tired. I’ll just let her sleep like this.

Next is Pipi but…….it’s impossible.

「It’s not! Pipi can also-!」

Alright, alright, I get it. Maybe when you get a little bigger.

I suck on Pipi’s vagina, focusing my tongue on her clitoris and make her climax. Her hairless crotch makes it easy for me to lick her and I don’t stop making love to her even after she squirts and continue until she loses consciousness. I drink the love juices flowing from her small body before laying her beside Ruby and letting her sleep.

「Good work. I thank you for taking my younger sister’s first time.」

「I feel the same. It was tasty. I hope to continue to embrace her in the future.」

「Yes, for sure. Together, we are the chief’s women. I wonder which one of us will receive a child first.」

Fumu, considering the leadership of the bow cavalry, it would be a detriment if Luna gets pregnant first, but if I compare my military missions with a woman’s body, a woman’s body wins out so it can’t be helped if that happens.

「Fufu, embrace me as much as you can so that the both us can alternate who gets pregnant.」

Having the sisters get birth alternately. This strange immoral feeling makes my dick hard. That reminds me, I have yet to sleep with Luna.

「I’m putting it in.」

「Yes, you are welcome to……ara.」

I follow Luna’s dubious gaze and find that one of the boys look quite lonely.

「What’s wrong?」

「No……it’s nothing.」

It seems his first night is over and there is already an exhausted girl sleeping by his feet. The other two boys came before they were able to satisfy their girls and fell asleep while the dissatisfied girls badmouth them.

The remaining boy seems to be in misery about the fact that even though he desperately moved his hips, the girl fell asleep. He continues to have sex while crying. I’ll keep quiet about that.

The boy’s gaze is not on me but doesn’t stray from Luna, who’s getting fucked. I get the general picture.

「Are you in love with Luna?」


His silence is the answer. This guy was a head above the others in terms of strength. He might have been stirred up by the fact that the girl he admired was taken away by me.

「I’ve always loved Luna-sama…….She’s dignified and a little absent-minded…….and if she’s by my side-」

「Thank you Gido, but I’m already the chief’s womaannnnnnn!!!」

I slam my dick into her in the middle of her conversation. The large and swollen meat rod infringes Luna’s hole and makes her moan loudly. Sorry, but she’s already my woman. I won’t give her up to anyone.

I call out to Gido, who is dumbfounded at the complete change in personality his admired girl makes.

「Luna is already my woman. I will embrace her and I will protect her.……you have another girl you should be protecting, right?」

Gido lowers his gaze to that of the woman below him, looking at him with teary eyes – the woman who’ll be his wife from now on. As expected, the woman jumps into Gido’s chest when she thought that Gido’s getting criticised.

「I knew about it. The fact that Gido liked Luna-sama……but I still like you! Your wife is me!」

Umu, that went well. Unlike the other boys, Gido properly satisfied his woman after all. As I thought, you need to embrace the woman properly if you want to have a good relationship with her.

「Then, shall we begin?」

I press down Luna and thrust. Gido’s wife might have a sense of rivalry as she lines up and joins in too. Only the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh echoes for a while.

Anyways, this guy challenged me just to take back the woman he fell in love with? What an interesting guy. I’ll reward him a little for that.

「You’re called Gido, right? Do you want to see how Luna looks like when she’s turned on?」


「I won’t say it again.」

「……I want to see it.」


To declare so definitively about something while his wife is glaring at him, it makes me like this guy more and more.

I make Luna get on all fours while my meat rod is still inserted and move her closer to Gido.

「A-as expected, this is embarrass-……aaaah—!!」

In the doggystyle, I grab her ass tightly and swing my hips furiously. Instantly losing her reason, Luna opens her eyes wide, opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue.

Along with the slapping flesh sounds, Luna lets out moans as if she’s screaming. The distance between Gido and Luna is so close that they can feel each other’s breathing. Even now, the saliva dripping lewdly from her mouth flew onto Gido.


Gido slowly extends his hands to Luna’s breasts……even though they’re rather flat and not jiggling too much, he still reaches his hands for them.


But I stop him by glaring at him. I’ll allow him to look, but Luna is already my woman, so I won’t let anyone else touch her.


「Kyaah! What the-!?」

Gido groans and turns his new wife, who is feeling more and more jealous, around to face the back, then slamming his dick into her. His hip movements are frantic, but the woman will definitely feel it. He’s pushing all his feelings for Luna into his own wife.

「We can’t lose over here either.」

I lift Luna up a little and move my hips even faster. The two girls, who are being rammed roughly by their man, draw close to each other and eventually clasp their hands together, even starting to kiss each other. I never intended for them to go that far, but since it’s between girls, I’ll overlook it.


When I look over, I see that semen is flowing out of Gido’s wife’s pussy. It seems that Gido came countless times already after rocking his hips that much and that hard. It’s still premature ejaculation but you just have to build up experience to become matchless, and when he does so, he might be a good man.

Eventually the consciousness of the other three become hazy and Gido’s wife reaches her final climax.

「Gidoo!! I love youuu!!」
「I’m cumming!!」

The two newlyweds tangle their tongues together as they mutually reach their peak for the last time, then they collapse and fall asleep while hugging each other.

「Aegir-sama! I love you!! Aaaaah……」

Luna also whispers her love to me before collapsing and falling unconscious.

I pull out my meat rod and quickly drink some water.

「What a tough job.」

But I’m troubled. In the end, I didn’t cum with Luna and my dick still won’t calm down. The blood from losing her virginity is leaking from Ruby’s crotch and I guess it would be quite pitiable if I were to screw Ruby again like this.



The ones who called out to me are the two poor wives, whose husbands have gone to sleep first.

「It’s our first night but things were left half-finished.」
「It looks like the chief isn’t satisfied yet either.」

Going from their first night as newlyweds to cheating, what lewd women. It’s really outrageous.

「Well, get on top.」

I sit cross-legged and spread my arms.

It might also be part of the chief’s duty to expand their holes so that they can give birth easier. It might be good just to pour my seed in while I’m at it too.

Just in case, I’ll check to see if there are any other people awake.

The boy in the last pair, whose dick is the size of a bean sprout, is desperately swinging his hips.

「How’s that! Is it good?! Does it feel good!?」

It doesn’t seem like they’ll see anything, so they probably won’t find out about it.

The Next Morning

I can hear the voices of the boys in my sleep.

「Yesterday was incredible.」
「Yeah, girls are the best.」

I don’t hear Gido’s voice. As expected, he’s tired and probably still sleeping. It’s the two who went to sleep early. It seems they’re making a fuss……about seeing their own wives completely worn out and knocked out cold.

「I fell asleep before I knew it, but I’m pretty amazing……Look at my wife’s crotch, there’s thick seed spilling everywhere and she might get pregnant just like that.」

「I wasn’t aware of it myself either, but I apparently have a huge dick. My wife’s pussy……look, it’s gaping so much I can probably fit my fist in there. So it looks like it’ll expand this much when I sleep with a woman」

Congratulations. Have some nice dreams because I’m tired.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains
Troops Commanded: Private Army – Escort Unit: 50, Others: still reorganizing
Assets: 8900 gold (labor -100) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword)
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (NEET), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll, Pipi (follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 92, children who have been born: 9



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