Chapter 115: New Weapon and Subordinate


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The Next Morning

「You don’t need a reward?」

On the day after the welcome party and after the first night for learning the basics, I was going to give the leaders a reward for their merits in war before making my way back, but they refused.

「Our loyalty originally lies with the oath we made to the mountains. Something like compensation is unnecessary.」

But that is too one-sided. It’s fine if they say they don’t need it, but the ones who lost their families may remain unsatisfied if they don’t get anything back. I want them to say something even if it’s by force.

「It’s something I want to do. Just tell me anything.」

The leaders look at each other and then open their mouths to say something.

「Then for the tribe that suffered the most deaths, if the chief could…… please grant the women of that tribe with his strong seed. The chief’s offspring……will definitely become our strength for the next 100 years!」

「If we have the warriors from the chief’s bloodline, there is nothing we’ll fear!」
「Their strength will be worth more than a thousand people!」

They believe it is important to have excellent blood running through their family and it would be bliss for me if I can embrace women and spray my seed. There is no reward as convenient as this.

「Alright, send me some nice women. Is there anything else?」

When I asked, another leader opened his mouth.

「Are the escorts the chief has by his side warriors from the plains?」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

They are the ones Celia selected and is leading as my escort unit, technically making them Celia’s squad. They are few in number but they are an elite squad superior to your average soldier in terms of physique and martial arts.

「It is regrettable the chief only has warriors of the plains by his side to protect him. We would like to have our own warriors fulfill that role as well.」

Fumu, I don’t mind, but if they were to join the escort unit, that would mean they would live in Rafen. I won’t give special treatment to everyone like Pipi, Luna and the others but they’ll probably be fine.

「I’ll ask for those who will be able to get accustomed to the lifestyle of the plains. I’ll choose people who are young and not stubborn.」

That’s fine with me.

「This is separate from the reward but I’ll resupply you with more food so you can fight with ease. Rest assured and eat until your stomach is full.」

Adolph also nods at me. In the first place, they wanted something not resembling a reward, so this much should be fine.

「So, you did well this time. I don’t think I’ll call on everyone for a while. As usual though, come over to Rafen during our training period.」

The leaders lower their heads together.

「Well……where should I go to grant women my seed?」

「This way please, chief.」

The chosen woman is waiting for me naked at the place where I was guided to. They must have considered appearance as well, since she is considerably beautiful and young and has relatively large breasts. If I saw her in the city, she’s the type of woman I would pay money to be with, and since she’s naked, my dick is sufficiently hard.

「But this is a little- 」

As expected, this will be hard for me to do it.

「Please don’t pay any heed and impregnate her. 」

The problem is the middle-aged woman here, who is wearing a formal dress, sitting in the place where the girl and I will make love.

「Mother……I am a bit scared.」

「What are you saying? You will be receiving the great chief’s seed. As a woman, there should be no greater joy than this.」

「I know, but……I heard that the chief’s tool is as big as a horse’s……」

It appears their tribe usually sends a woman to accompany their girls to watch over them as they get pregnant – this time, it appears that woman is her own mother. It’s quite the special situation to be able to sleep with a daughter in front of their mother.

「This is not a joke between a man and a woman. This is the sacred act of receiving the seed from the chief.」

Fucking a daughter in front of her mother, and furthermore, that daughter appears to be a virgin from how scared she’s acting. There’s no use just thinking about it. My dick is hard already anyways, so I should just put it in her for now.

「This is going to enter you.」

I lower my pants and reveal my erect penis.

「Hiiih!! It’s a horse’s thing, as I thought!!」
「Th-……this is……!?」

The mother and daughter look at each other and exclaim. I should stop thinking about it. The mother stares blankly at the dick while covering her daughter and caressing her genitals.

Since she’s frightened, she won’t be able to calm down and relax naturally. After caressing her hole for a brief moment, the mother finally moistens the daughter’s genitals by dripping saliva accumulated from her mouth. With this minimum amount of preparation, she shouldn’t get wounded much.

「If it hurts, don’t be afraid to grip with your nails or bite down with your teeth. I don’t mind.」
「O-…… okay.」

I hug her from the front, ready to penetrate her. Her pussy lips, wet with saliva, is still quite tight and I can’t get in even if I use a little strength.

「Ah……aaaaaaaaaah……aaah—!! Aah–!!」

The woman’s screaming becomes louder as I continue with the act, grabbing her shoulder and pushing my hips. I hear the sound of her membrane tearing as my dick penetrates her all at once and I feel it pushing all the way to the very back.

「Sorry, it’s going to hurt a little……there!」


At the same time, she digs into my back with her nails and digs into my shoulder with her teeth. It seems she really didn’t hold back when she bit me. I can feel blood dripping from my shoulder.

「He-hey! How could you do that to the chief-」「I don’t mind. Having women bite me is not a big deal.」

I hold back the flustered mother and gently rock my hips.

「Bite as much as you want, I’m going to move slowly so relax your body.」

The girl, who’s screaming in a muffled voice, closes her eyes and nods her head.

I’ve torn quite a few hymens. If you ask me, I’d prefer experienced girls who I could have intense sex with……but there’s a first time for everyone.

It seems I’m fairly large so I end up hurting virgins no matter what. It begs the question if it’s even possible for me to pleasure them right from the start. I continue to move my hips in a calm manner as I think about such things.

I want to somehow make myself ejaculate faster, but the stimulation is too weak for me and even if I were to force myself to build up pleasure, it would take several dozen minutes. The girl is already exhausted from the pain and pressure. I have to cum quickly.

I lick her neck, pinch her nipples and stir up my own arousal, then my meat rod finally twitches as if it’s ready to release my sperm.

「My seed’s coming out……now, get pregnant.」

「Y-yes……seed……get pregnant……」

The mother takes the languid girl’s hand and watches over her. I increase the speed of my thrusting and after slamming into her several times, I cover her and hug her tight. When the daughter gets wrapped tightly by a man, her face looks full of pleasure and she moans lightly.

「Aau !」
「The seed……is shooting out so forcefully……」

With the loud pulsing sound of my ejaculation, the girl’s stomach expands. She looks like a pregnant woman for a second and the daughter makes a face of disbelief while the mother strokes her belly.

「Ah……I’m still cumming……just a bit more……」

Much more semen than I expected came out while I’m moving my hips because of the feeling of implanting my seed in a virgin.


「T-thanks for your hard work.」

When I pull my cock out, a large amount of semen flows back out and the daughter lies there in a daze, looking up at the ceiling and unable to say anything. The mother thanked me for now, but her eyes are fixed upon the cock that just left her daughter’s pussy.

「It got a little dirty, don’t you think?」

「I-I guess so.」

The cock, still wet with in love juices and semen, hasn’t lost its rigidity in the slightest. I stand up and push my dick in front of the mother’s face.

I’m sure she’ll understand that I want her to suck me off. Of course, penetration is waiting right after as well.

「I-I’m already past the age to be getting any more seed……」

I ignore what she says and continue to step forward, slowly bringing my dick closer and closer towards the mother’s face.

「The next girl should be waiting for you too……」

Although she continues to refuse, the mother seems to be entranced at the sight of my approaching cock, losing sight of everything else, and slowly opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. It was her instincts as a woman, rather than her reason, that made her desire my dick. Her breathing starts to get rough and her face becomes flushed. It was at that moment when her extended tongue was just about to touch the tip of my dick.

「Chief, are you finished? The next girl has been prepared.」

The leader outside the tent must have called me because it has gotten quiet and there was no more moaning. As if snapping back to her senses, the mother quickly distances herself from me, and I no longer pursue her either. I was almost there too.

「This girl was the best. If she gets pregnant, will you take care of her?」

「Y-yes! Of course, I will nurture our tribe splendidly!!」

The mother was unable to hide the unrest from being so close to sucking my dick.

「If fate allows……I’ll let you suck it next time.」

I whisper into the mother’s ear before licking her earlobe lightly. The woman sighs erotically before sinking to the ground. Without minding that she’s in front of her daughter who just lost her virginity, she grabs her own breasts and even extends a hand down to her crotch. What a cute lady.

Let’s go to the next one then.

Afterwards, I accompany seven other girls in total and similarly tear seven hymens. It isn’t that big of a deal in terms of the number of people, but I had to be extra careful with virgins so I end up being strangely tired. Nonetheless, I shot a large amount of my seed in everyone, so all the people monitoring the girls were rejoicing about how they would definitely get pregnant.

That was how the reward of getting to impregnate some women was finished, marking the time I would leave the mountain nation for now. I will be returning to Rafen along with Pipi, Luna, and Ruby, who has recently become mine.1

The number of people I’m returning with is much more than the number I came with. 30 warriors have been added from the mountain nation to be a part of my escort unit, and since they will eventually adapt to life in Rafen, they’re all young. Gido, who I helped with his first night, is also there. It seems he volunteered himself, despite his position as the leader’s son.

「It’s not like I asked for a newly married couple to leave their hometown so soon.」

「No……I also want to see a brand new world after all.」

I guess kids need to have a sense of adventure.

「I also want to grow up to be as big as the chief.」

That’s fine, but why are you looking at your crotch and my crotch?

「I’m not going to ask you to do anything in particular but you will find the answer in your work. ……however, you get minus points for that just now.」

「I am terribly sorry……」

The thing I’m referring to earlier is when Gido told me that he was going to come along and will be leaving his wife behind after marrying her. Although the woman who is in love with Gido consents, she still ends up crying. That’s why I picked up the girl and placed her on the back of Gido’s horse. If you can’t even understand the feelings of that girl hugging you from behind with a look of complete satisfaction, you will never become a good man. Or did he think that I wouldn’t prepare a place for his wife to stay.

When I look at Gido again, he looks slightly taller and larger than Celia, and has a rather bulky body. There is plenty of room for him to grow if you consider his age, so there’s a possibility that he’ll become an excellent warrior. The people of the mountain nation never had a large stature in the first place after all.

In terms of appearance, he is almost but not quite manly enough, however even I think he has a handsome face. He was also the only one able to make his woman climax during their first time having sex. He might be a little concerned about the size of his dick compared to mine, but as long as he fixes his premature ejaculation, I think he’ll be a fine man.

「Gido……I’m so happy that I’m scared……」

「Hey, don’t do anything unnecessary in front of the chief.」

「Yeah……we’ll be together forever, Gido.」

Celia glares at the two newlyweds, who are emitting a sweet atmosphere. If you get so bound up about this and you show off something foolish, you’ll be the one who’ll get embarrassed instead.

「What is it?」

Celia calls out to me. When we were in the mountain nation’s place, I didn’t pay much attention to her.

「I had a bunch of duties. Sorry for ignoring you.」

I’ll pat her head.

「Getting all the virgins to line up and tearing their virginities is quite the splendid duty, isn’t it!?」

「Not only that. It’s finally complete when you pour your seed in them.」

Celia pouts even more and pulls on the cheeks of the applauding Leah as an outburst of anger. I’ll pat both of you together, so cheer up.

「My, my, I’ve heard lots about the mountain nation, but actually seeing it in person makes their difference in culture stand out.」

Adolph may have changed his way of thinking after actually seeing them. He was thinking whether he could somehow use them for labor work or development of some sort, but I’m sure he knows that it’s probably impossible. They are a people who run about in the wilderness, so it would be impossible for them to stay in one place together to do something.

「No matter how much I hear it from people, I wouldn’t understand if I don’t see it for myself. It was a valuable experience.」

It seems Adolph is starting to do some thinking. I’m glad he’s so enthusiastic about his job, since the lives of the citizens rests on his shoulders.

「I also……had a wonderful experience.」

Claire voices her opinion next.

「Did you see something interesting?」

「Yes, it was something great for reference.」

Originally, it wasn’t something that I would show Claire, who isn’t even my subordinate. But she agreed to the loan and we will be cooperating for the development of the mine in the future too. I have to trust her to a certain degree.

「Please don’t spread it around too much.」

「Naturally. This is information I gained with great pains, so if I told everyone, it would lose its value ……besides, there’s nothing I can do if it inconveniences you, the Count. We reap the benefits together after all.」

Claire leans against me and acts flirtatiously, using her mature charm not present in Celia and Leah, which causes me to unconsciously reach for her crotch, but she runs away.

「But as a merchant, rather than the lifestyles of the mountain nation……I’m more interested in the mine and the demi-humans living there.」

「Is that so? They don’t seem to want to come out of the mountains though.」

「That’s why there is such value. Please take a look at this.」

Claire takes out the metal cup used by the dwarves to drink their alcohol. When did she bring that with her? It isn’t particularly a valuable item though.

「It isn’t iron or bronze……it looks like some sort of precious metal, but it seems like something different.」

They probably don’t come out of the mountains, so they shouldn’t have any wooden items. They make everything using the metals dug out from the mountains. That reminds me, the axe Balbano was using was made of something other than iron too.

「It’s strong enough that it won’t break even if you hit it or step on it, yet it is gorgeous and is finely decorated. I’d say that I can sell this to a noble for 20 gold.」

「If you think so, then please return it.」

They’re nice guys but they seem to get angry at the smallest things.

「If we acquire their products and sell them……but what compensation will……allocate more girls sooner……hairy……thick……」

Claire stares at the cup and mumbles something while thinking to herself. This isn’t my area so I’ll leave it to her as the merchant.

From what I’ve seen from the decorated cup, everything the dwarves make is ultimately made with sturdiness in mind, even products with ornaments on them. So I can expect something great with the spear I asked them to make.

Several Days Later, Mine (Planned Location)

「I’m back! Have you finished the spear!?」

I stand in front of the reddish-brown mountain and try shouting in a random hole, but there was no reaction.

「They know how you look like. Why not try going inside?」

Agreeing with Celia, I was about to move forward but stop.

「Which one is the right hole?」


I turn my eyes away. In addition to there being many caves in the mountain, they all look the same so I don’t know which hole I went in before. If we pick one at random, something disastrous may happen inside.

「How bothersome.」

I don’t intend to spend my time leisurely here either. I want to return to the city quickly and eat some good food, and embrace the girls waiting for me. Especially if I keep Nonna waiting too long, she’ll pout and start wasting money again.

「Lend me the hammer. I’ll make some noise.」

「……You’re doing this again?」

If they don’t come out when we call them, then I have to knock. I take a swing with the hammer given to me and hit the side wall of a random cave. The sound of rocks breaking echo loudly.

「Look, there wasn’t a cave-in this time. It’s not like it crumbles every time.」

As soon as I said that, I feel an earth tremor deep in the darkness, in the belly of the cave. After a brief pause, a cloud of dust and sand was blown out of the entrance of the cave.

「……so it collapsed after all. Not to mention, it’s considerably far back.」

「It’s a coincidence. A cave-in happens once in awhile. This kind of thi-」「It’s you againnnnn!!?」

The dwarves won’t come out if you don’t knock a little hard.

「My friend. The promised spear is completed. We just finished eating the last meal after all.」

「Is that so? How faithful.」

「Dwarves keep their promises. Especially to those who we have shared a drink with.」

In the hole where the dwarves live, I face Balbano and drink with him. It seems they always drink before doing anything.

「This is it.」

I hold up the spear given to me over the light to check it out. It is a mix of brown and black colors.

Its length is a little over 3 meters, there is an axe-like blade attached near the tip but no hook back so I don’t have to worry about unsmooth thrusting. It’s heavier than my previous spear but the position of its center of gravity is perfect, and when I give it a test swing, my balance isn’t thrown off. There is a slight recess in the handle area in the shape of my hand so even if I don’t cover it with leather, it won’t slip. I can handle it without any problems if I’m bare-handed or wearing arm guards.

「I understood the shape of your hands after my hands locked with yours.」

I guess the dirty grappling wasn’t for naught.

「Try cutting something.」

He holds out a board made of a metal that looks like iron. I don’t hesitate to swing my spear and bisect it horizontally.

A jarring screeching of metal rings out but the board splits and flies away. It isn’t similar to the way the Dual Crater cuts things cleanly like butter. It ultimately feels like I’m cutting something by hacking through it, but unlike the steel spear, I don’t feel any sort of grating from this spear. It feels like even after slashing many hundred times, the spear won’t feel like breaking.

「I guarantee its durability. The things dwarves make are all sturdy, but this one is especially so.」

Great. I won’t have to worry even if I go wild on the battlefield. I’ll gladly take this with me.

I said my thanks and then suddenly notice another side of the spear. It isn’t a flashy color nor is it as shiny as the Dual Crater, but if I look carefully, there are some detailed patterns carved on the surface. The detailed designs carved carefully on the spear, that also don’t affect its functionality, look beautiful even to a person as ignorant about art as I am.

「As a gift to our companion, it would be boring if it was just an ordinary stick. We made it so that it wouldn’t affect its strength.」

「You did well to make a decoration like this in such a short time.」

「Well to us, smithing is second in importance only to alcohol, so that was easy. ……I actually thought about making it heavier, but when I considered holding a weapon in each hand, this felt just right.」

「I’ll never do something like that again. But this is good, if it gets heavier than this, not only me, but my horse will get exhausted too.」

There probably won’t be any more chances for me to dual-wield an axe and a giant spear. That evening, my muscles hurt as expected.

「By the way, what is this spear made of? It doesn’t seem like steel and I’ve never seen this color before.」

「Don’t be ridiculous! We wouldn’t use iron for a present for our friend! We used something more special than that!」

He mentioned the name of some metal, but since I’ve never heard of it before, I forget about it.2

「Nevermind about that. I used the leftover material to manufacture a sword as well.」

After saying that, Balbano takes out a sword of the same color as my spear. The length of the blade is about 80 centimeters, so it looks like a large one-handed sword.

「The one our friend has is a little small, so put this one on your waist too.」

It feels like he just made this as an extra and didn’t put as much of his heart into making it. But I’ll take it anyways.

「It’s not really compensation……but I brought some dried meat. Eat it with alcohol or something.」

「Meat?! I’m looking forward to it. The meat of the cave rat is pretty watery after all.」

After saying that, we just finish our alcohol and say nothing else. Balbano and I aren’t the type of people who enjoy idle talk.

「Then, I’ll be going home now.」

「Alright, come again later, pal.」

Well, this is the end of that. We leave the dwarves’ dwelling behind.

There is nothing left to do. All that’s left is to head back to Rafen.

「Oh yeah, Celia.」

「Yes? What is it?」

「You wanna use it?」

I give her the sword that I received from Balbano earlier.

「Eeeh!? I-is that alright!?」

I don’t normally use a one-handed sword much. If I’m going to fight in range of a sword, then I have my Dual Crater anyways. It’s a sword made for practical use, so it’s much better if Celia uses it than if I use it as decoration on my hip.

「Thank you very much!」

Celia seems slightly overjoyed and hugs the sword. I’m happy if it makes her that happy.

Celia wants to take a swing to test it out and is about to remove it from its sheath. Aah……I see.


It’s only a slightly larger one-handed sword to me, but it becomes a two-handed sword for Celia. For Celia, who likes to move quickly and aim for the gaps in the enemy’s armor when she attacks, this sword is a different beast.

「……Use the sword you’ve always been using, if you do something weird on the battlefield, you’ll die.」

「I’ll definitely become able to use it in the next battle! I’ll develop a lot more muscles!」

Please don’t. A super muscular Celia won’t be cute. I hug Celia, who is unwilling to let go of the sword with teary eyes, and rub her head. Celia’s hair has started getting longer recently, so it gets ruffled and messes up after I rub her head, causing her to groan slightly.

I thought that nothing else would happen as we head back to Rafen.

「Chief, black beasts are following behind us. Three of them!」

I guess I was wrong. Gido, who was recently added to my escort unit, shouts.

The black beasts are the ones we encountered on our way to the place where the highway construction was supposed to be done. With my eyes, I can only tell that it’s some sort of animal but he must be right considering how extremely excellent the mountain nation people’s eyesight are.

「Fumu, do you know much about the monster following us?」

I try asking Gido. The only things I know about it is that it kills things and it’s black.

「Yes, they appear sometimes in the place where we live. Their meat is tasty but they’re strong so it’s easy for there to be victims and I don’t personally hunt it by myself.」

I see, so their meat is delicious……?

「If we are in a large group, it keeps its distance and follows us……if we let our guard down and one of us is alone, it targets them.」

So that’s why there are three of them slowly following us. As expected, they won’t try to attack us while we have 40 armed soldiers with us, but I can’t let them follow us all the way to the location where the highway construction is going on either.

「We’ll do it here. Gido, leave your wife with Leah in the wagon.」

「Eh? But chief, it will run away if we chase with lots of people. They’re fast so horses can’t catch up to them……」

「What are you talking about, you and I are going to do it.」

I light a fire to motivate the stunned Gido and have him line up beside me. Although Celia and Luna insist on fighting with me, I leave them to guard the wagon.

Based on the feeling I had in my previous fight, I can probably slaughter all three of them by myself. I want to see Gido’s skill and courage though. From what I saw during the time he challenged me, it doesn’t seem like he has the skill to fight them easily.

「Let’s go.」

Our horses gallop side-by-side. The three monsters appear to get ready to escape when they see the charging horses, but after confirming there are only two of us, they run at us instead. It’s a chance to hunt they didn’t even ask for.


Gido swiftly shoots out an arrow. The vertically flying arrow soars in the air, piercing the first monster’s neck and face, but doesn’t deal any fatal damage.

The monster cries out in anguish yet doesn’t slow down. Gido judges he doesn’t have enough time to loose more arrows and draws his sword. I see he has pretty good judgment ability.

The monster moves into a position to eat Gido along with the horse, running head on and aiming for the horses legs. Gido was able to barely change the direction of his horse, evading the monster’s fangs with a paper thin margin. Then, he leans forward on his horse and charges quickly at the monster, slicing at its face.

Gido’s sword is small compared to the size of the monster’s body but factoring in his momentum, he was able to gouge deeply into the monster’s face. Its fang flies off, as the monster somersaults and flips around.

「Chief!! It’s coming from the front!!」

I forgot about that since I was only watching Gido. There is one coming after me too. Schwartz neighs as if telling me not to get distracted.

「I guess so!」

I align my spear with the approaching enemy and thrust powerfully. If it’s the durable spear made by the dwarves, I don’t think it would break even if I bash the monster from the front…….

The large axe-like blade attached to the tip of the spear crushes the monster’s face and pierces into its neck, protruding all the way to the other side of its face.

It doesn’t even have a chance to let out any cry. It twitches once in surprise before dying and collapsing on its side.

This spear’s sharpness is above that of the steel one but more importantly, even when I thrust at the monster from the front while it’s charging at me with all its weight behind it, it doesn’t bend or creak at all. If I have this spear, it probably wouldn’t break no matter how rough I use it.

「What a perfect time to test it.」

「In one shot……」

「Gido, there’s no time to stand there in awe. It went over there.」

The last one compares the two of us before deciding to run at Gido. Even though I would have liked it if it ran at me.

Gido hurriedly tries to get his horse to run, but he was a step slow. I’m also heading over to back him up, but at this rate, the monster will catch up with Gido before I’m able to reach him. The monster is faster than a normal horse.

「I’ll barely not make it in time. Do something on your own!」

Gido makes a pathetic face for an instant, but steels himself immediately after. He tosses away his sword, switches to his bow and takes aim. It seems insane to use a bow at short range.


Turning his body and twisting it to face the monster behind him, which is about to eat the horse, he releases his arrow at close range to accurately pierce through its right eye. At the same time, he tilts the horse to the left. Naturally, his speed drops and the monster instantly jumps in for the kill, but misses and rolls on the ground.

「I see, he turned in the same direction as the damaged eye.」

He has quite the judgement on the fly. There will be many times on the battlefield where this kind of intuitive action will save lives.

The monster gets up immediately and chases after Gido again, but it’s already too late. I’ve caught up.

「Take that.」

Its meat is tasty so I don’t want to rough it up too much. With a precise downswing of my spear, it sticks into the ground and the monster’s thick neck drops down. It’ll also make draining the blood easier if I do it like this.

「Gido, one of these is your achievement.」


When Gido comes back, he has a dissatisfied face. He probably wants to say that he took down two of them, but the one with the destroyed eye didn’t die yet……

I swing down my spear with both hands from behind and split the head of the enemy.

「You didn’t finish off the first one. There are two half-dead, so you get one kill.」

I laugh while pulling out my spear. It got covered in blood so quickly after being brand new not too long ago, but I’ll wash it in some water to make it nice and clean afterwards.

Gido looks disappointed as he kicks the split head of the monster’s corpse.

He’s still naïve in certain areas, but he gets a passing mark. I can see enough promise in him.

「Don’t crush the corpse, we’ll tie it up to the back of the wagon and carry it. I’ll bring it back as a bonus.」

「This monster……since it can only be taken from here, will it become a special product?」

Adolph mutters. Well, if we can hunt it well then it could be.

But more importantly, I want to go back quickly. The mountain nation as a whole has small breasts. Leah’s are comparatively bigger, but they aren’t really big, and I’m starving for some big ones. Nonna, Carla and Melissa……when I get back, I want to play around while surrounded by big tits.

「You’re thinking of something naughty, aren’t you.」

Celia stares at me.

「What are you saying, all of a sudden?」

「The front……please cover it.」

When I lower my eyes to my pants, there’s a bulge that looks like it’ll rip my pants soon. Gido is dumbfounded and his wife quickly covers her face with her hands, peeking through the gaps in her fingers.

「……I’m going in the wagon to rest a bit. Leah, come.」

「‘Kaaay~」「M-me too!」

I’ll have this little skirmish first.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – Escort Unit: 80, Others: still reorganizing
Assets: 8600 gold (labor -100) (bonus -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (NEET), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll, Pipi (follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 99, children who have been born: 9


  1. Nat: Ruby officially became his woman after sex of course
  2. Nat: hm, any guesses?


  1. i knew chapter was gonna be coming out but didnt know when

  2. I hope Aegir’s 100th woman is someone important in the end. I at the very least will do my best to remember her name if it is said

  3. hmm so he fked 7 virgins and got them pregnant… i mean think about it MC prob only human to have a huge dick… or his father might be bigger?

  4. adamantite? orichalcum? or mithril? anyone can spoil it, please~
    thanks for chap

  5. For fantasy metal I’ve read before, mithril is considered light and had good magic flow. Adamantite is sturdy but bad at absorbing magic.

    Orihalcum however is both sturdy and good magic flow but somehow a bit heavy, with it’s black color as it’s special feature. So I’m guessing the metal they used is Orihalcum.

    • I’d say it’s an alloy of them, possibly with something like black iron. We don’t know what kind of lore author bases on.

      • i agree that it might be a mixture of several metals
        well, Aegir is not THAT stupid, so he should be able to memorize the metal of his weapon if it’s simple enough
        but he didn’t memorize it, so maybe Balbano is telling him the mixture of metals used in detail

  6. My guess is Obsidian: is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimal crystal growth.
    It is black and brown.—Tumbled-Stones-03.jpg
    Thanks for the chapter!

    • But the problem with the idea of that it being obsidian, Is as you said obsidian is a type of natural glass, glass being fragile and it says it was made of metal.

  7. Dual Crater is defenitly mithril.
    As for any other type I can’t think of any. Here is a link to other metal types.

  8. Mithril’s too light and it’s usually a shiny, silvery color. Zalpha mentioned obsidian but that’s a brittle rock and more suitable for small slicing weapons compared to heavy hacking weapons. Adamantium or Orichalcum are the obvious fantasy options, but orichalcum is usually a shiny alloy and not heavy at all, so adamantium seems more likely.

    … There’s also the possibility of it being a real material, but sadly I know more about fantasy metals than real ones… *looks off into the distance*

  9. Thanks for the chapter

  10. Almost 100. Keep at it Aegir

  11. Thanks For The Chapter

  12. Thousand Skeleton

    Thanks for the chapter. Maybe the new spear is made of bearmonite.

  13. Thanks for the chapter!

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