Chapter 117: Punishment


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

The girls gather in the living room with Nonna sat in the middle, emitting an intimidating aura.

Nonna told me not to get involved for now, so I sit on the edge of the room where Leah and Celia are enjoying their sweets around me. Leah’s face is stuffed full of sweets and her eyes are dripping with happiness. Celia is enjoying them quietly but the speed in which she shovels the sweets in her mouth is faster than that of Leah’s. Out of all the women, Celia is actually the one who loves sweets the most.

But unlike the peaceful area around me, there is a sense of tension surrounding Nonna.

「Yoguri-san. Is your injury alright?」

Even though the height of the chairs is the same, it seems as if Yoguri was sitting way down low on the ground.

「Somehow, thanks to you.」

She’s still using a chilled towel against it, but it doesn’t seem like the wound will be permanent.

「Ahem, then I have something I would like to ask you immediately.」


「That man you were seeing……did you sleep with him?」

「Wha-! What are you asking all of a sudden!?」

「Answer me, Yoguri-san!」

As if enduring the threatening stare of the angrily shouting Nonna, Yoguri nods slightly.

「So you slept with him?」


I thought as much, but it doesn’t make me feel good. I’ll recover by stroking Celia.

「You slept with another man even though you’re living in Aegir-sama’s mansion and even receiving allowance……」

Nonna looks up to the ceiling, as if to say it was unbelievable. It seems like all of her actions are meant to be dramatic. But all the other girls are looking at her with reproachful looks, making Yoguri seem smaller and smaller.

「Haah……there’s nothing we can do even if we talk about it. Well when your injury heals Yoguri-san, you will gather your belongings quickly and leave this place, okay?」

「Eh? Why?」

Yoguri opens her mouth in surprise.

「It’s obvious! Why does Aegir-sama have to look after a woman who has slept with another man? Your village is around here, isn’t it? Please return to the village over there.」

「No way……even though I still have things I want to do.」

「Go back to your village and do it. I don’t mind if you bought your own house and lived in Rafen either.」

Yoguri whines as she pleads her case, but Nonna’s attitude remains cold. The other girls don’t offer her a helping hand either.

「Uu……no way, I don’t have any money.」

「Then work hard and grow some delicious wheat.」

As if saying the conversation is over, Nonna requests for more tea from Sebastian, who immediately obliges. This elder erases his own presence to become like the air we breathe, and he doesn’t flinch no matter what happens in front of him.

Exhausting all other options, Yoguri turns to me. Her eyes are basically saying ‘help me’, but Nonna’s harsh gaze is also being directed at me from behind Yoguri. It’s a little unfortunate how fate works and when I have to choose between Yoguri, who’s just living with me, and Nonna, whom I love, it’s obvious I would prioritize the latter.

「You’ll have no problems living in new village. You won’t starve and I can also gladly welcome you if you want to visit, isn’t that right?」

Rather, I might actually worry if Yoguri could not return to her own village. This is a good opportunity for her to do so.

「Delicious meals……alcohol……baths……」

Yoguri gets on all fours and crawls towards me with a face that seems on the verge of crying. The way she looks up at me is cute.

「Heey……Aegir-samaa……can I not leave ?」


Nonna pursues her from behind but Yoguri is devoting herself to persuading me.

「Haah, she’s a companion who’s offered her virginity. Even if you don’t like it, it’s a little awkward to toss her out like this.」

「Idiots have to get hurt before they learn.」

Carla butts in without hesitation. Don’t say that, I think she’s been hurt enough just from being hit.

「You agree, don’t you!? Please……I won’t go near any other guys and I won’t waste any more money.」

She grabs onto my thigh and shakes it back and forth. She’s acting just like a little kid does when they beg for something, but the feeling of her large breasts touching me shakes how I feel.

「Geez, it can’t be helped……then-」「No!!」

Nonna exclaims.

「I don’t want to live with a woman who exposes her body to other men!! Aegir-sama, which one of us are you going to choose!?」

Well, let’s all calm down.

「I have two conditions for Yoguri to live here……the first is to live a disciplined and correct life without being lazy every day, and I’ll also give you a role. The second is that you’ll accept the punishment for the money you received from me which you used to support that weird man.」

I don’t feel good about her sharing her body with another man, but that’s because she wasn’t my woman.

「And also, if you’re going to stay here from now on, that means you’re my woman. I won’t forgive any cheating and you’ll let me fuck you whenever I want. Naturally, you may also get pregnant.」

「Children as well……? Well, can’t be helped I guess.」

「This woman……!! Aegir-sama, you’re too nice!!」

I stop Nonna, who finally starts to get physical, and continue speaking.

「Just listen, first I’ll talk about your role: Once every week, you will report in detail to me about your village and the villages around the area. Of course, you will be going there to see what’s going on for yourself. I’ll have guards escort you.」

I’ll have Adolph adjust it so that it takes the whole day. If she does this every week, she won’t just become a vegetable in bed. I’m not expecting anything from her report, but its purpose is to prevent her from being lazy.

「Going around every week? Sounds annoying……」
「That’s about enough from you. I’ll slap you.」

Who was it that said something this violent? I felt like it was from Mel, but when I look at her, she’s rubbing her belly with a gentle face. Kuu and Ruu are looking at their mother with a surprised face, but it’s probably just my imagination.

It seems like the other women lost their chance due to the sudden harsh voice.

「Then, will you go?」

「I understand……I’ll do it.」

「Alright, next is regarding the punishment……」

I was thinking about making love to her a little violently, but before I could say anything, Nonna blocks me.

「Please wait! If it’s Aegir-sama, it’s probably something naughty.」

She knows me well.

「It would be too light of a punishment if it’s finished after getting hurt a little! We will be the ones to decide the punishment!!」

「Mm, well, I don’t mind……but don’t make it something too terrible.」

「Wait a minute! I am- 」「Shut up, you cheating woman!」

After silencing Yoguri’s protest, all the girls huddle together and start to whisper to each other.

「……have her retire but ripping her ass open?」
「………stuff her with vegetables?」
「………with a horse?」
「Shut up, stupid Carla!」

I can hear some disturbing words here and there. Yoguri is looking over at me with a frightened look, as the group of women get more excited.

「……tongue……teeth too……」
「Mel……you’re scary.」


Don’t say anything too extreme. She’s really scared.

Having reached a conclusion, the women separate.

「As Aegir-sama desires, naughty stuff is also included.」

「Well, I didn’t really mean it that way.」

「I’m prepared……」

If they were going to give out a harsh punishment, I would stop them, but I’m looking forward to it a little bit. When the girls explain the punishment to Yoguri, her face gradually warps. That is certainly a tough punishment, but it’s not something painful nor is it something agonizing, rather something quite comical.

「Alright. Let’s make that the punishment.」

「No waaaaay—!!」

And thus the punishment was decided.

The Next Day, Morning

When I’m in the house, I eat with everyone in the family. Even now, everyone is gathered in the dining room with food in front of them. The only one missing is Yoguri.

「She’s usually always gets up for food, doesn’t she?」

「Today’s the first day of her punishment after all. As expected, she’s resisting a little.」

After that was said, the door opens slowly and Yoguri comes in the room. She’s facing the floor as she walks quietly and then sits at the foot of the table.

「So now that we’re all here, let’s eat.」

Everyone starts eating, but my daughter Sue, who is 3 years old this year, continues staring at Yoguri.

「Mama~ Nakednnbo」

The servants are also whispering to each other as they stare at Yoguri.

「She’s a pervert.」

That is a natural reaction, since Yoguri is stark naked. As expected, the servants are scrunching up their faces.

The servants often see me when I’m in the middle of fucking a girl. There are times when the maid comes in to clean when I’ve taken Rita to an empty room to fuck her and it’s not unusual for me to fuck my wives when the maids are on standby in a room. But still, there have not been any women who walks around naked in the dining room or the hallways. Getting naked by themselves and not getting embraced by me is a clear sign that they’re a pervert.

Wanting to finish eating quickly and return to her room, Yoguri instantly shovels the food in her mouth.

「Yoguri-san, that’s vulgar. Please calm down and eat.」


「You can say anything, cheating woman.」

Nonna is absolutely ruthless. This is the punishment that the group of women decided on……for one week, Yoguri will not be able to wear a single piece of clothing. Of course, that means she has to remain exposed in front of the maids and men. There is extra fuel in the fireplace so it shouldn’t be that cold anywhere besides the hallway.

I inspect the naked Yoguri while eating my meal. It looks like she’s added more meat to her bones overall, and due to her idle lifestyle, it seems she might have gotten fatter. The hair around her crotch has gotten quite thick too; she hasn’t really taken care to keep it neat.

「Uwaaaan! I don’t want this!」

Yoguri whines and complains. If I forgive you here, it wouldn’t be punishment though. I’ll let you serve the punishment properly for the entire week.

After that, Yoguri continued to expose her naked body to serve her punishment without any sort of relief for the rest of the week. The maids of the mansion look on with disdain and she became a hot topic among the merchants that go in and out. More importantly, it seems that Yoguri’s voluptuous body became the subject of masturbation for the young males in charge of taking care of the garden and cooking.

By the way, Casie laughingly reports how Kroll also rubbed himself so much that his thing might fall off. Don’t peek so much, she really needs to hold onto a new stuffed toy.

Yoguri has gotten quite worn out this week. She’s obediently accepted her punishment too so maybe I should spoil her a little.

「So that’s why I’m going to spoil you. Do you have any requests?」

I drop by Yoguri’s room at night, patting her head as she’s looking down and writing something.

「……I’m happy enough that I get to walk out of this room with my clothes on tomorrow.」

Telling her not to be like that, I pick her up from her desk and move her to the bed, then take her clothes off. I also take my clothes off as well.

「In other words, you want my body?」

「That’s how it is.」

I can feel that Yoguri’s body has gotten a little softer than before as I hug her tightly. She doesn’t resist me as I push her down while she wraps her arms around my head.

「I’m sorry……for doing it with other men……」

「It’s fine. I didn’t pay any attention to you for a long time after all. But that won’t happen from now on.」

We give each other a hot kiss and caress each other. Might as well compare myself with her previous partner and enjoy the taste of stealing her away from him.

「What do you think of my thing? Is it better than the other man’s?」

「Good or not, the difference in size is too great. It’s not only big, it’s hard like a rock ……are there really any men who can win against this?」

Umu, it seems I won in the dick comparison. Next will be technique.

I turn Yoguri over, put her on top of me and lick her crotch while I have her suck my dick. This is a competition with the other man so I’ll thoroughly make love to her.

「Wai-! So intense all of a sudden! Waaah! Amazinnng……」

With a tremendous slurping noise, I thoroughly attack her hole and in no time, she stops pleasuring my dick, crying out miserably as she squirts on my face.

「Sorry……I sprayed it on you……I couldn’t endure something like that.」

「There’s quite a lot. It was much better than the previous guy, right?」

「Is that what you had in mind today? ……not even comparable. Hannes got on top immediately and swung his hips after only a little bit of touching. 」

It seems the technique battle is my win too. Time to move on to the main attraction.

「I’m putting it in.」

「Do it slowly, and let me take deep breaths.」

「You’re overreacting.」

「It’s because it’s been so long. I need to prepare myself for something this big.」

As Yoguri relaxes, I hold her hips and slowly sink my dick into her.


It went in deeper than before. I guess because she’s gotten a little more plump, there’s more room. But I’m still just 80% inside.

「Aaau, it’s reaching all the way to my womb……and this thickness, more than anything, makes it feel like my insides are being spread apart.」

「Mine is better, right?」

I ask her while gently rocking my hips and using the tip of my dick to rub against her weak point close to the entrance of her vagina. When I did so, her love juices overflow and get my dick warm.

「Of course, something like this is unbearable…….rubbing me with you hard dick-!! Aaah!! 」

As I rub around her entrance and saw her starting to get more turned on, I thrust deeper inside. Yoguri looks like she’s in agony and is also screaming, but I’m not letting her go. I want to make her a prisoner of my cock so that she’s completely unable to see any other men.

「Aaaaah!! G-gonna cum!! Hiiiiiiih!! Le-let me rest a lit- uaaaah!!」

Her resistance is futile. I hold both her arms above her head as I continue to move my hips. It seems she genuinely climaxed several times as she sprays me with her juices and her entire body convulses, but I don’t stop moving.

She lost consciousness part way through, but I pay it no mind and continue to thrust fiercely and deep into her over and over to forcefully wake her up. The hell-like pleasure continued for several hours, until I stopped to hydrate myself and wake Yoguri up.


「How was it?」

「Good……amazing……aah, I’m going to die……Hannes can’t even compare to this. I’m fine with just this……this penis is incredible……」

「Are you going to stop sleeping with all guys besides myself?」

「Yeah, I don’t want any other cock besides Aegir-san’s. Use yours to thoroughly make love to me……」

What a cutie. Then I should finish things up here.

I quicken the movements of my hips again and Yoguri repeatedly climaxes and faints, but soon reaches her limit. My semen is rising up from my balls as well, so this will be the end.

「Good night, Yoguri.」

With a final deep thrust, my cock digs into her and releases semen. As she gets pinned down, she silently opens her mouth and throws her head back.

「Aaah ……you’re cumming so much……」

My groans and Yoguri’s screaming can be heard, and there’s also the rhythmical sound of my ejaculation. As I rock my hips slightly while ejaculating, I feel a warm feeling spreading around my crotch. I thought that she squirted again, but there’s too much of it and there’s a strange smell.

「Ah, did you wet yourself?」

I may have gotten too carried away and made her cum too much. I pull out my dick as she leaks even more urine from her bow-legged state. The bed is also in terrible shape. This will be make lots of work for the servants.

Yoguri’s reputation is already at rock bottom as it is due to her naked lifestyle. To add onto that, she’s wet the bed, so the servants might treat her even more horribly. I want to go take a bath, so maybe I’ll leave a note here.

I looked for some paper, but there’s nothing except the one Yoguri used to write her story. This seems to be fairly important and I’d feel a little bad to use it for a memo.

It can’t be helped, so I’ll put the ink directly on Yoguri’s body. There’s not much space for me to write on, so I have to restrict the number of characters.

“Urinating was an order”
I’ll put my signature here. If I say that the urinating is my fault, then Yoguri shouldn’t get blamed. Well, let’s head to the bath now.

The next day, a rumor spread among the servants that Yoguri was punished by me and was turned into a meat toilet. The servants don’t look at her with harsh stares but their gazes became sort of lukewarm.

Moreover, Yoguri has stopped resisting me when it comes to having sex in front of people, even becoming fine with sucking my dick in the living room while Sebastian and the other maids are around, probably due to her time living naked.

「She finally doesn’t care about the place ……even going so far as to disturb the public morals here!!」

A blood vessel bulges on Myla’s temple and she seems to have decided something.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – Escort Unit: 80, Others: still reorganizing
Assets: 8200 gold (labor -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Myla (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (Dubbed as a Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll, Pipi (follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 99, children who have been born: 9



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