Chapter 119: Rafen City Tour


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Uuu……I have to read this again?」

There is a stack of paper heaped onto the table in front of the weary Celia. It goes without saying that the sender is Claudia.

「A typical exchange is about 10 letters. If this many were sent, something must have changed.」

「I want you to read it yourself……」

Celia normally doesn’t complain and faithfully listens to me, but she can’t hide her discontent. I don’t want to read all the letters with so many unnecessary sentences either. Besides, I can’t just throw them away if there are important issues mixed in with the worthless compliments and praise.

「Letters? There are so many of them.」

Only Celia and Leah are by my side. Nonna and Mel showed up as well, but they didn’t want to read the letters from that woman, so they accompanied each other outside to go find something to eat.

「I don’t understand, since I can’t read it.」

I’ll have to teach Leah how to read too.

「Ahem……then, I’ll summarize it.」

Celia reads the letters and writes while sweating strangely, summarizing them all. The contents are as follows:

「Happy New year.」

「I heard you will be heading to the capital of Goldonia this spring. I will match your schedule and come as well.」

「This time it will not be a public obligation so I will be able to move freely. I want to visit you in your territory as well.」

「I have also obtained an interesting present, so look forward to it.」

「My heart feels like it’s tearing apart when I think about meeting you. I will be bringing Clara along too, so let’s fuck like crazy.」

「In the time I was unable to see you, my body has gotten more lewd. Please don’t be mad.」

「Fumu, it seems there is a considerable amount of content in these letters this time.」

For me, I’d be done after reading half the letter, and even Adolph, who makes very detailed responses, would be done after two letters. I give Celia, who collapses over the desk, some fruit juice and sugary confections to revive her.

「That pig-woman is really……she even wrote in her letter that she’s getting fatter and fatter.」

Don’t call her a pig, she’s our benefactor who easily gave 5000 gold to me. Without that, the development of my territory would slow down considerably and that shop which sells the sweets you like might not be around now.

「It seems she’ll be coming over this time. She’ll definitely do something unnecessary……」

「If it’s too much, I’ll tell her. I haven’t paid her much attention in two years. It can’t be helped that she’s in high spirits……she also said she’ll be bringing presents.」

「She’s crazy to be embraced by you.」

「I guess so.」

I’m also looking forward to embracing the maturing Clara, and although Claudia tires me out as well, I’ve grown somewhat fond of her. When I embrace that lewd body, she’s not muscular but soft and I like how hard I can fuck her. I also don’t dislike the feeling of superiority when she craves for me.

「She’s not hairy either.」

「We don’t have much money either, so it’ll be perfect if she spits out gold when you thrust your dick into her.」

But the girls living in this mansion hate her like snakes hate scorpions. It would be nice if the present she brings isn’t anything strange that will trigger the girls again.

「With that said, it’ll be spring when we go back to the capital so there is still a ways to go. During that time, I’ll have to prepare the hearts of Nonna and the others.」

I say that and stand up from the sofa.

「Aaau……even though I haven’t even started.」

Unable to participate in the conversation, Leah was going to open the front of my pants and crawl her tongue over my dick. It’s a shame, but I have to take a look around the city today. If I slack off too much, Adolph won’t shut up. I’ll give her lots of love when I come back.

「I’ll come with you.」

「No, I’ll be fine by myself. Celia should take it easy and rest your body.」

Celia tries too hard, so it’s fine for her to laze around the house sometimes.

「……you’re not going to pick up girls, are you?」

「You think I embrace girls every time I go out?」


An immediate answer.

「The purpose isn’t for girls this time. I’ll just be going around the city and taking a look here and there.」

Celia makes a dissatisfied face, but understanding that she can’t accompany me, she reclines back on the sofa and closes her eyes. As I thought, she got tired from digesting all the contents in those letters earlier.

「Celia-san, it’ll be fine. I touched his balls just now, and since they’ll get lighter when he releases, I’ll know about it.」

(Shall I come along too?)

Geez, don’t follow me.
Casie switched the stuffed toy that turned into a cursed doll with a cute doll that Alma handmade and lowers it from her neck. This will make it so the servants will be able to see her and they won’t be as scared. It seems like her hair has gotten longer from the first time I saw her, but maybe that’s just my imagination?

「Anyways, I’m going. Celia, just be good and sleep or something.」

I’ll finish things up quickly and come back.

After Rita orders the maids to clean, I exchange a deep kiss and tangle my tongue with hers at the entrance before heading out.

「Haah, haah. Wh-what are you looking at……? Haah, haa, hurry up and continue cleaning!」

She’s cute when she’s scolding the maids with her blushing face. Ah, Schwartz isn’t here. Come to think of it, Carla’s riding him, so I guess I’ll have to go on foot.

It’s been awhile since I’ve walked slowly around the city. When I descend from the mansion on top of a slightly elevated hill, there are two main roads – one running north to south and the other running east to west. The city is split up by these main roads and are divided into four sections.

「The city walls are too wide and there’s still nothing there……how much in the future is he thinking?」

On Adolph’s instructions, the walls were made to surround a large area around the city so none of the four sections have extended close to the walls because of that. The southeast section especially is mostly dirt so kids run around there. It’s convenient when we need to put troops in the city though. Still, there are houses being built everywhere so Rafen’s population is still growing. I’m sure it has grown past 10 000 but I’d have to look at Adolph’s record book to be sure.

Then, at the perfect location where the two main roads intersect, where it can be said to be the center of the city and the place with the most traffic, Nonna’s theatre was built. It has been completed recently and there have even been public performances. It’s a place close to the mansion so maybe I’ll take a little peek.

「Oh my, if it isn’t the feudal lord! Hey everyone, gather round!!」

The people who were left in charge of the theatre comes out one after the other after seeing my face.

「I just came here casually. Don’t mind me and go back to work.」

I take a brief look inside but there aren’t many guests. There are over a hundred seats, even allocating room to stand, but most of them were empty. Some sort of play is being acted out, but after glancing at it, it wasn’t any different than the performances by travelling entertainers on the street side.

「Well, I guess that’s as much as I can expect.」

「I’m terribly sorry……」

An elderly man, who looks like the manager of the theatre, lowers his head. It’s not like it was his fault.

「In any case, the people living in this city have only begun to live their new lives……they are still not very interested in things like theatre or opera.」

Only the rich and the nobles see this kind of play in the capital as well. If the commoners have the time to watch a play like this, they would rather work and when they make money, they’ll use it to eat tasty food. Rather than going to a theatre, the young men would want to spend money on girls and liquor.

「In addition, Rafen doesn’t have a dedicated theatre troupe, but visiting travelling performers act……」

「It would be much cheaper to watch something like that on the streets, huh.」

As I thought, the theatre made on Nonna’s suggestions won’t become successful.

「The troupes and singers gather in the capital. It’s quite the suburban city……please excuse my rudeness but Rafen gives off a very rural image to the people of the capital.」

「I thought as much.」

Even now with a through path from the capital and considerable development, it can still be seen as the wilderness. It isn’t a place where people who enjoy theaters, the symbol of city culture, would want to come.

「I have the chance to go to the capital soon. I’ll try looking around……but there are no guarantees. If there is a promising group of travelling entertainers, I’ll try to hold them down.」

「I understand. And this is about the madam……she advised a variety of things regarding management……」

I guessed everything from the troubled face of the elder.

「If you face any trouble, tell me directly. Adolph alone probably won’t be enough to stop Nonna. During my absence, tell Carla and she’ll do something about it.」

「I thank you for your thoughtfulness.」

The only ones able to stop Nonna are me and Carla. Leopolt doesn’t seem to be proficient at it either, but it’s outside his area of expertise after all.

But this would increase my workload again. Fortunately for Adolph, he can push all the Nonna-related trouble to me.

I exit the theatre and head to the place where the shops are lined up. Along the main road, there are relatively larger shops and inns, whereas there are smaller shops and street stalls when you enter the side paths, and also somewhat shady-looking places. If I’m not careful when I enter a larger shop, they’ll recognize my face and do all the greetings and whatnot and it gets quite troublesome, so I’ll walk past them.

Although these shops all have different shopkeepers, they are all part of the same conglomeration under Claire. It made Adolph complain about diversity and monopoly.

Many of them sell food and clothes, and there are very few shops that sell decorations. The citizens probably aren’t rich enough to buy those things yet. The high-class sweets shop on the main road is undoubtedly being supported by the females in my mansion.

One characteristic of Rafen is having no nobles or knights. Furthermore, the only person besides myself with any status is Myla. There isn’t any privileged class, resulting in no unnecessary ties, but that in turn causes a low demand for luxury goods. At best, there will be a few merchants who are fairly successful.

「As the number of people increase, so will the number of successful people, I guess.」

After mumbling to myself, I buy a chicken drumstick from a street stall. As I walk while taking big bites of meat, I feel someone grab my sleeve.

「Mister, I have some lemon that goes great with chicken! Now you-……mister feudal lord !?」

This girl, whose appearance still retains its youth, seems to be selling fruit.

「I guess I’ll take one.」

「Here! You don’t have to pay. It’s because of the feudal lord that me and my mother can live without having to starve!」

What a cheerful little girl. The one who decides on the tax is Adolph, while I just stamp my approval. It would be bad of me to give money to her when she’s giving it to me out of courtesy.

「Then, I’ll gladly take it. I’ll have to thank you somehow.」

「It’s fine! But if you’re asking, a kiss with the feudal lord~ just kidding!」

The girl giggles. It seems it’ll work out for the both of us.

「Aah! Aah, ah!! It feels good!!」

I take the girl to the back of an empty alley and caress her. Under the girl’s long skirt, she wears a short linen waistcloth in place of her underwear. In other words, I can flip it up and reach her genitals without having to removing it.

She’s standing with her hands against the wall and I’m putting my finger in her hole from behind, rubbing her sensitive spots and clitoris. She seems like a virgin so I have to be careful not to rip her hymen with my finger. Without pushing my finger too deep, I rub a shallow area diligently with my finger.

「Amazingggg! It can’t compare……to when I do it myself……aaahn!!」

I am pretty much as familiar with this as I am with battle. I’ll make you feel good in return for that lemon.

「I feel something shivering……ah! It’s weird, something strange is-!! Ah, ah……aaaaaaah–!!」

The girl twitches and trembles, spraying her liquid at my feet. It seems she was able to reach climax with my finger.

She loses her strength and looks like she was about to collapse, but I support her and turn her around, tangling my tongue with hers in a deep kiss. We exchange much of our saliva before I sit her on a clean wooden box.

「There’s the kiss you wanted. And, I’ll have you sell these to me too.」

I take the entire basket of lemons the girl was selling and dropped some silver coins in her chest. That should be enough for compensation.

「Mister Feudal lord……incredible……how dreamy……」

Now where was I going next?

I head towards the city walls as I sink my teeth into a lemon. The walls encircle the area, but the work to raise the watchtowers and dig the moat is still ongoing. Realizing I’m here, a person who looks like the foreman comes out.

「To think the feudal lord would come here himself……」

「I just came to look. Don’t mind me, do you want some?」

If I ate the basketful of lemons by myself, my sense of taste will become strange.

When I look closer, there are other men with collars around their neck working besides the normal workers, while guards armed with spears are watching over them.

「Who are they? I don’t remember including any slaves.」

Did Adolph do this on his own accord because of the shortage of personnel?

「They are prisoners. They’re people who have committed crimes within the territory……we have gathered mainly thieves and those who have hurt others.」

「So it’s forced labor?」

「No, this is a full day’s work with nothing given to them besides meals and water, but their time in prison will be reduced to a quarter of the time if they choose to work. The ones who chose this are the criminals themselves.」

「I see.」

If they’re getting meals and water, that will be enough to keep them from dying for now, and since two years in prison would be reduced to half a year, many men would choose this. It’s quite the clever method that would save us the trouble of throwing them in prison and lets us use them as manpower as well.

「But there aren’t any who would run into the city to do something, right?」

「Escapees would be sentenced to death unconditionally. The collars cannot be taken off through human strength so even if they run, we’ll be able to distinguish them immediately. There haven’t been anyone who’s escaped so far.」

「Then that’s good……roughly 40 people, huh? Give them an extra piece of meat for tonight’s dinner.」

I hand him one gold coin. If they don’t eat meat occasionally, they won’t be able to muster any strength.

「You guys hear that?! I won’t give any meat to those who slack off. Work!!」

The speed of work visibly increases all around. It’s an easy method if I do say so myself.

When I look again, moats are being dug around and stone walls are being built on the outside of the simple wooden walls that have been surrounding Rafen to this time. The watch towers are also being erected at a regular pace, so as long as I station guards there, it will be impossible for monsters and bandits to sneak in secretly at night. It’s highly doubtful whether it will stop an army, but they should be sufficient enough to fulfil the role of protecting the citizens.

The completion of the city walls will grant a sense of security to the citizens beyond their physical strength and will also encourage immigration. I wondered what was going to happen after Adolph made the walls too wide, but the walls will soon be completed.

Where should I go next? I still have more than 10 lemons left. It feels like I can’t taste sour in my mouth anymore.

As I stroll along, I come across about 10 men holding weapons in an empty area. At first, I thought they were guards or soldiers who were in the middle of training, but it’s somehow different. It should be strictly forbidden for regular citizens to gather while wielding weapons.

「Oh, it’s the feudal lord! Hey you guys! We saw the feudal lord, now our fortunes of war will go up!!」

The large man, who appears to be a ruffian, raises his voice loudly. Well, just eat a lemon and calm down.

「We were just about to head out, do nothing much except hunt 10 or 20 of those black beasts.」

The large man rests his spear on his shoulder and gets on a wagon with the other men. They continue on their way through the gates and exit the city. I wonder what that was all about.

「My, for the Count-sama to take the trouble of coming here.」

When I turn around at the sound of a voice, I see Claire, who is short of breath. It seems she hurried over when she heard I was coming.

「So, does that mean the thing just now is your doing?」

「Yes, I contacted Adolph-sama to get permission but……」

I know nothing about that. I pretty much don’t even read the documents when I stamp my approval, not to mention I get Celia to do it for me when I find it troublesome. She’s been given something similar to my own mark.

「They’re a group of hunters.」

It seems she felt my confusion so she explained it to me. It’s really helpful to have such a perceptive woman.

「Hunters? You took the effort to gather them in the city?」

I was wondering what they were going to do with spears and bowguns.

「Yeah, they will be getting those black beasts……the ones that appeared in the mountain nation territory.」

So it’s that monster, now I understand. You’ll need considerable equipment and manpower to hunt that.

「Grilling the meat of that monster will naturally be delicious and so will drying it, so it seems like they’ll sell well.」

「It was certainly tasty.」

I ate some myself to try and it was really good.

「Moreover, they only appear in the mountain nation territory, so we actually have a monopoly over this. I thought this would be good business so I formed contracts with hunters and mercenaries and had them come over but……」

「They didn’t come back.」

Claire collapses as she wails and cries.

「A clause for compensation on death was included in their contract so it’s a major loss.」

She’s worried about that part? What a scary woman.

「Count-sama was able to easily slaughter it, but it takes tremendous effort to finish them off. Because of the risk of injury and death, I can’t really send proteges.」

「So, what about them?」

「When they come back after they hunted the black beasts, we will buy it from them at a high price. We guarantee until it reaches our location since they have such large bodies in the first place. They won’t be able to carry it sufficiently if they don’t have a dedicated wagon.」

「So they’re like mercenaries who get rewarded based on their results.」

「Yes, even after considering the selling price of the meat, if it takes 10 people to take care of 2 or 3 of the beasts, they’ll get over an average monthly income. Idiots who risk their lives to challenge them……there are countless uncouth heroes like that.」

I feel sorry for those men, but this can’t be helped since they agreed to it. There will always be a certain amount of risk when aiming for large profits.

「With this method, profit should rise steadily whether there are casualties or not.」

「How big is the difference between the buying price of the monster and the selling price of the meat?」

Claire laughs elegantly with a ‘hoho’. It seems there’s a considerable amount of profit made.

It would be troubling if the citizens die too, so this is something necessary. It would hinder construction in that area if the monsters run rampant and even when the road is completed, it would prevent easy travels back and forth. If possible, I would want them to concentrate on hunting along the highway and exterminate them all. In the meantime, a wagon comes into the city from outside. The following carriage is carrying two black beast corpses.

「Somehow we got two……Grace and Malorda is……」
「But our shares will increase……they were just unlucky.」
「We’ll be safe this month. Let’s drink and forget about them.」

「What a large specimen. It’s quite fresh so I’ll handle it and take it to the feudal lord’s place. Please use it for dinner.」

What a scary woman. That would normally be the guards’ duty but it isn’t bad for me if I can generate profit from it too.

As an aside, this hunt is extremely dangerous but the profits are large and it’s become famous among the citizens in Rafen that if you are blessed with luck and skill, you can earn a monthly income over 20 gold.

Many people are participating in the hunt to aim for the chance to instantly pay back their debts and it seems ‘riding the wagon’ has become some sort of sexual lingo as well.

Claire has other duties as well, so we part after we kiss. Claire intentionally asks for kisses where other people can see, making sure that everyone knows that we have an intimate relationship with each other.

The sun is setting and this tour around town is just about done. I believe I saw most of the city, and after going to that place, I’ll be finished.

I down one cup of alcohol from a street stall and drop by the area that livens up during the evening……the place where the brothel and bars are lined up.

「Hey mister, how about a round? It’ll be only one silver.」
「With your face, maybe half of that.」
「There’s no helping it……then, how about this?」
「Uooh! Nicee breasts! Fine, I’ll buy you.」

The time is just after the soldiers finish their training and also when labor work is done. The street is overflowing with young men searching high and low for women and the prostitutes are also enthusiastically calling out to the men. The poor men are being waved over to the alley by the street prostitutes, while the men with money are entering into the brightly lit brothels.

「I would want to enter one of those places.」

But if I enter a brothel after I said I was going to do an inspection, I won’t be able to avoid Celia’s cold stares when I get back home. When I return to the mansion, there are a row of ladies who won’t overlook the fact that I visited a brothel, so I’ll have to endure.

「Ah, isn’t that the feudal lord?」
「Eh? Really?」

The girls standing outside the shop, who are wearing risky outfits to attract customers, walk over to me. They have come over as prostitutes and introduced me to their shop before so we know each other.

「Did you come to play around today?」
「If it’s for the feudal lord, we’ll give you as much service as you want~」
「Shall we call some girls from the shop? I think it’ll be fine to go 10 at a time.」

That’s a very attractive proposal but if I stay out all night and return home in the morning, Celia will coming flying over. She won’t search the other places and will come straight to the brothel district.

「No, I’m just doing something like an inspection. I’ll count on you some other time to entertain me.」

「Eeh, too bad.」
「I wanted to taste the feudal lord’s famous dick too ……」
「I heard from an acquaintance, you know? That it’s as big as a horse.」

The girls start to rub my crotch on top of my clothes. It’s not unusual in the brothel district to attract customers using your body, so it didn’t draw any strange looks.

「Uwaah!? It’s really big!」
「It has this size, yet it’s soft……it’s not hard yet, right?」
「Wait, it swelled up. Incredible, surely it’s as big as an arm.」

Getting rubbed by three ladies wearing provocative attire feels unbearable. I have to remove myself from the situation before I’m pulled into bed. Although it’s a shame…….

「When I have time, I’ll use this to make love to you. Also……if you know of any places that push people too hard or make children sleep with customers, let the guards know and you’ll get a reward.」

Information leaked from the inside will be more accurate than those gained from conducting a poor investigation.

「We’ll wait for you come and plaaaay.」
「We’ll give you plenty of service~」

The girls cheerfully bid me farewell and return to attracting customers. They look healthy so it doesn’t seem their work environment is bad. Even though they’re prostitutes, you have to treat women well.

I’m pretty much finished now. The stimulation just now made my cock hard too, so it’s about time I head back home.

Just when I was thinking of going back, I catch a glimpse of the signboard of a bar in front of me. Fumu, it might be nice to go drink a cup or two. The alcohol I have back home is high quality but it’s nice to feel the atmosphere of drinking in bars like these once in awhile.

When I entered the shop, it appeared to be a typical bar. However, the light might be reflected elsewhere as the place is dim and the waitresses are wearing short skirts. In the center of the shop is a stage where dancers wearing provocative outfits are performing an alluring dance.

「Give me a cup of hard liquor」

「Coming right up.」

It’s dark inside the shop so nobody could recognize me. It’s better like this since I can drink in peace.

I drink my alcohol and chew on some cheap dried meat while watching the girls dance. I won’t be able to enjoy my time here if I were with the other girls. It’s nice to spend time like this as well.

The dancers have gotten be quite aroused and when I toss out a bundle of copper coins I received as change from the street stalls, after the girl smiles, she loosens the string of her underwear and opens her legs wide. The other customers cheer and start tossing out copper coins one after the other.

「Would you like a refill?」

「Yeah, please.」

A serving girl calls out and I hand her a tip as she pours me additional alcohol. I thought her voice is quite pretty and when I take a peek at her face, I recall seeing her somewhere before. It’s the elder of the two sisters who I previously saved from being raped and who followed us to Rafen on a wagon afterwards.

「So you were working here?」

「? Ah!? Hardlett-sama!? Mgh-」

It seemed like she was going to shout loudly so I cover her mouth. If she makes a fuss then I’ll get found out.

「Sir, if you want to taste, please do it after the girl consents. You gotta pay me 20 copper as well.」

One of the employees warn me. I understand now: I can embrace the employees if they consent, but that means I have to pay 20 copper to the shop. This isn’t a brothel, just a shady bar. It would be better if she didn’t have to work in a place like this.

「Ah! Don’t get violent with my sister!」

Oh, here comes the younger one. As usual, it’s nice how she’s so energetic.

The younger sister rushes out quickly but after recognizing me, blushes immediately.

「Long time no see. Shall we talk, the three of us.」

I signal the employee and tell him that the two of them have consented.

「So it’ll be 40 copper?」

「N-no! You don’t need to pay. Please excuse me for being rude!」

It seems like one of the customers recognized me and told them. Either way, I can’t relax.

The second floor of the shop appears to be a place where customers can play with employees who have agreed. As we walk along the corridor, we can hear the creaking sounds of a bed as it shakes.

When I take the sisters to the room at the end of the hallway and enter the room, a foul smell wafts in the air. This shop isn’t really the cleanest. The three of us find a spot and sit down.

「Well, what do you think about living in Rafen? This is quite the shabby place you’re working in though.」

The sisters make grim faces. They probably don’t have that nice of a time here.

「At first, I was working as a waitress for a regular bar……」

「She tipped over a little food when cooking and they scolded her!」

I see, I thought the older one was calm and gentle but she’s just how she appears.

「After that, I moved to a bar that caters more to men……」

「They touched my sisters ass so when I kicked them, I got fired!」

The same thing happened in the capital, didn’t it.

「I was somehow picked up by this place……it would be a regular bar if I didn’t sell my body after all.」

「Everyone was being so persistent and asking how much my sister cost!」

Well it’s obvious that her voluptuous body and calm demeanor intrigues men. Even I would pay money to embrace her.

「It seems you guys had it hard.」

「There are also many bad men in Rafen!」

「Uuuu……it’s my sister’s fault. She’s careless……」

When I listen to their story, it seems that after they came to Rafen, the older sister has been raped twice. The first time, she was brought to an alley and the second time was when she got drunk after drinking with employees while working at a previous shop. It seems during their time in the capital, the number of times she actually got raped was around two digits.

「……When it’s that bad, there might be some problem with you as well.」

「I’m sorry……I often get told I’m careless and I try to be careful, but sometimes I just……」

It seems easy to exploit her based on her ‘quiet’ appearance. Not to mention, she’s also pretty, so it’s too dangerous for her.

「If you’re working at this kind of place, you’ll be fucked even more.」

「Yes……but I don’t have any other way to earn a living.」

I heave a sigh. This is also some sort of fate, so I’ll look after her a little.

「Alright. I’ll do something about it.」

The sisters’ expressions instantly become brighter. This is my territory, so if I say I’ll do something, it will definitely happen.

「Thank you very much!」
「As I thought, Hardlett-sama is amazing! He’s totally different from the other cowardly men!」

After a moment of them thanking and praising me, the elder sister stands up and gets ready to leave the room. I was actually hoping to get to enjoy the proof of their gratitude in this room though.

「Sharon is in love with Hardlett-sama. She’s1 prepared even though it’ll be a thorny path, so please make love to her.」

The older sister……Leticia says that and quietly leaves the room. I see, I did do various things to the younger sister like kiss her. I’m glad she’s fallen in love with me. It’s a little early, but I’ll harvest the fruit.

「Hardlett-sama……I, will do my very best so I look forward to being with you.」

「Yeah, I’ll be affectionate with you.」

First, we hug and kiss each other. Sharon is cute as she tangles her tongue earnestly with me while blushing. I reach out my hands to fondle her breasts, but I couldn’t really feel much. She’s the same as Maria in that regard.

We kiss for awhile and finally get to taking off our clothes. Feeling embarrassed, Sharon just stares at me without removing any of her own clothes.

「What’s wrong, after coming this far, there shouldn’t be anything to be embarrassed about.」

I throw off all my clothes and get naked, exposing my cock.

「Hyah!? You’re kidding……something so big……many times……than mine……」

「Hm? Did you get scared?」

「No, I’ve already prepared myself. I will……offer it.」

After Sharon says that, she lowers her uniform pants halfway and turns her ass towards me.

「Go ahead……please dig……into my ass.」

「Going with your ass from the beginning? Normally it would be the one in front though……」

「How awesome to have Hardlett-sama penetrate me!! I will receive it properly!!」

I don’t know what she’s saying, but if she wants me to insert it in her ass, I won’t hesitate to do so.

「The difference in size might tear your ass, if you’re using it right off the bat.」

「I don’t mind! I’m already prepared to offer it to Hardlett-sama even if it tears!!」

If she’s going that far, then I’ll dig into her……there may actually be quite a few people who have this fetish, like Alice and her ass obsession.

「Then, here I go, relax.」

Sharon gets on the bed while facing backwards and shifts her pants, exposing only her ass. I press against her from the top and push my dick against her asshole. I did use saliva to get it wet but it’s still quite tight.


「Auuuu!! I-it hurts!! It’s ripping!」

「You said you were going to use your ass. Go on, prepare yourself.」

I use a little more strength to push my hips, but my cock doesn’t go in. I’ll have to use my weight to push myself in then.

「Agaaaah!! I-I can’t take it anymoreeee!!!」

When I was about to penetrate her forcefully, Sharon suddenly trembles and starts to convulse.

「Oh, you climaxed? Even though I didn’t even put it in yet.」

「Uu! Ah! Still cumming! It won’t stop!」

If she squirted while still wearing pants, her pants would get soaking wet, but when I checked the front of her pants, a strange scene unfolded before my eyes.


There is something bulging in the front of her pants and the erect object is intermittently twitching. The size is different, but it feels familiar somehow.


When I grab the bulge, I feel something slightly hard. Her clitoris couldn’t possibly be this big.

「Ah! Uu! Auuu!」

Sharon continues to moan in pleasure, as I grab her pants and vigorously pull them off.

「Aah- it’s embarrassing!」

I didn’t see the hole I was expecting, but rather the familiar rod and balls dangling from the crotch area. On top of that, semen is gushing from the shaft.

「……Hey, why do you have this hanging from your body? 」

「Haah……haah……eeh? That much is obvious……」

After recovering from the lingering pleasure of climaxing, Sharon faces me with teary eyes.

「Because I……am a boy?」


A strange voice I never heard before comes out. I repeatedly kissed a boy, and was even about to stick my dick in his ass……? My erect cock shrinks in the blink of an eye. It’s the first time it’s gotten this small.

「Um……you’re going to violate my ass right?」

「……It seems I had quite a few misunderstandings, I didn’t lie about the issue with the job, I have an urgent business to attend to so I’m going back, Give my regards to your sister.」

I blurt out my words quickly, roll out of the room and leave the shop. That was close……if I thrust my dick into Sharon’s ass, I would have lost something important. I need a woman quick, if I don’t embrace a woman quick, my heart will go crazy.

Once I return to the mansion and Leah greets me, I peel half her clothes off and bury my face in her crotch.

「Wa-wah-what’s wrong all of a sudden?」

「Nnah, what’s going on so suddenly in the hall……hyaah!!」

I flip up the dress of Nonna, who came to complain, and lick her vagina. I give out orders to the maid who is staring dumbfoundedly.

「Tell all the girls to come to the bedroom and that I’ll fuck them so much they’ll faint.」

The maid is frightened by my intensity but still runs off. In the end, that day I embraced women until the sun came up and was able to heal the wounds in my heart. Aaah, that was dangerous.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 1500 (Bow Cavalry – 1000) – Reorganizing
Assets: 7400 gold (labor -150) (lump sum for call-up -150) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (on business trip), Mel (pregnant concubine), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll, Pipi (follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 99, children who have been born: 9


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