Chapter 120: Mireille Joins


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「It feels even colder today, doesn’t it.」

「It would be nice if it felt warmer around this time of year.」

Today isn’t the coldest day of the year, but it’s cold enough that you feel chilly after leaving the warm water in the bathroom. The girls also quickly wash their bodies before getting into the bathtub one after the other.

「Hey Miti, could you hold this up a bit?」

「……couldn’t you support your own breasts at least?」

Miti has already become one of my lovers, but Nonna is still ordering her around as usual. Miti seems unhappy about it, but she isn’t brave enough to defy Nonna.

「It can’t be helped. If someone doesn’t hold up it up, I can’t wash the bottom part.」


I hear a strained voice being squeezed out from the girls who don’t have ample bosoms. And although Miti complains, she helps support Nonna’s breasts. In any case, Nonna’s breasts are big; nothing I’ve seen before can match their size.

「Ah, master, you got a little bigger.」

I’m sitting on a bath stool while Leah washes my body from behind, almost as if she’s hugging me, and states innocently. Nonna boastfully puffs out her chest but as they bounce, they slap Miti.

「Ow! What are you doing?」

Miti flings away Nonna’s breast. Ooh, Miti is finally counterattacking.

「Kyaah! It’s going to tear off!」

「Since they’re so big, it’s fine if you only have one!」

「That won’t be good! They’re the breasts that Aegir is so fond of.」

Nonna and Miti make a big fuss. I plan to have Miti become my concubine and it’s nice that she has the courage to retaliate, but if they don’t get in the water quick, they’ll catch a cold.

「……Nonna-san is unfair. You have big breasts and are beautiful, so the starting conditions are way too different.」

I hear someone’s voice from somewhere.

「Ah, it got bigger again.」

I can’t help it, since Nonna and the others are playing around while naked and I can see a lot of things.

「It’s easier to wash when it’s bigger.」

Leah uses her own body to scrub my back while she grabs my dick with both hands and scrubs it clean. She’s technically still washing me, but she focuses on rubbing the sensitive places, causing me to get hard.

「This thing, has gone into so many girls so I have to make sure it’s clean.」

「I can wash it myself, so you don’t really have to go out of your way to do it, you know?」

「No, no, distinguished people need to have their penis washed by women.」

I’ll have to repair that distorted common sense. But I’ll leave it to her for now……I can feel her nipples distinctly against my back.

「Your nipples have gotten erect too.」

「Yeah, I get aroused when I touch my beloved master.」

I pet Leah’s head and wash off the bubbles, then stand up to move myself to the bathtub. I wanted to quietly enter the bath, but now my dick is erect. I lift my foot to enter the tub, but I feel a jolt of pleasure through my dick.

「What’s wrong?」
「……I’m sorry……your thing was in front of me so I just……」

Catherine, who was resting her chin on the rim of the tub, suddenly extends her tongue to lick my dick. It’s so characteristic of this lewd woman to unconsciously lick my meat rod.

I kiss Catherine and submerge myself in the tub. Aah, because Leah got me hard, the tip of my dick is sticking out above the water now.

「How come your dick is sticking out even when the bath is filled so deep……?」
「It’s just too big. Not to mention, the tip has swollen so much……it’s hard……and dark……」

The girls relaxing in the tub approach me with blushing faces. When Catherine reaches me, her mouth is open and her tongue is sticking out. Her eyes are blank and she’s completely ready to have sex. Even the calm and collected Celia has brought her face closer to the tip of my dick and takes a deep breath as if smelling me. It seems everyone is sexually excited.

「Everyone! If you have sex the entire day, you will get dumber!!」

The one who shouted in a loud voice was Myla. Irijina, who brought some alcohol with her to drink in the corner of the bathtub, responds by asking whether she was drunk.

「Anyways, please do this in bed at night!

Myla covers the exposed tip with a bucket. It is quite the comical scene, but it caused the girls to regain their composure. Is this because some strange noxious fumes are coming out of the tip?


Leah is the only one who shakes the bucket regretfully. She better not tease it too much, since everyone might get pregnant if it ejaculates in the tub.

I hug Leah with my right hand and Celia with my left and breathe deeply. That’s right, we can talk only after everyone is calm.

「Hey, I actually have two people in mind I want to hire as servants……」

「「「「Is it a girl!?」」」」

Everyone around me shouted loudly. It echoes in the bathroom so my head hurts.

「Aah……well, they’re siblings – one of them is a girl, the other is a boy.」

What a bad experience. I believed that he was a girl and was really close to penetrating a boy’s ass.

「What kind of skills does she have?」

Rita, who manages the maids, approaches me.

「I’m not sure of the details. She worked as a waitress in a bar……but it seems she’s a little dull. She got raped every time she moved around from place to place.」

「……Then it might be difficult for her to be a maid. There are many expensive items in the mansion after all.」

Hmm, I wouldn’t really care if one of those items break, but if she shatters Nonna’s teacup, Nonna would make a big deal about it. I can easily imagine Nonna changing her target for concentrated attacks from Yoguri to Leticia.

「It seems she can cook and do laundry.」

「We already have chefs……and there are luxurious items to wash too.」

The same thing will happen if any of Nonna’s expensive clothes or underwear get stretched or torn. If she was good at handling things swiftly, she’d continue to work at normal restaurants or bars after all.

「Would you prefer if she took care of your body?」

「They told me she took care of people as part of her job……. But it doesn’t feel right for her to become my attendant.」

Leticia is a bit slow, so if I leave her in charge of caretaking, she’d probably be quite careless. That’s why she gets raped so easily. So, what should I do?

「Maybe let her work at a simple eating house?」

If she had your average skill level, she could do something at a commoner’s eating house.

「Is she unfit as an employee? Will she screw up right away?」

「I’d have to consider setting up a store and think about the supplier too……」


Rita and Celia go silent. What’s wrong? I’m just thinking about how to make her not fail.

「In the end, she got placed somewhere outside the mansion……」

「It would be perfect if she asked for his body as compensation.」

You’re too noisy.
If I neglect Leticia, she might get sold as a sex slave. I’ll have to talk with Adolph too.

「I’ll bring her in and introduce them for now.」

After saying that, I take Irijina’s alcohol for myself and drink some.

「Aaah! My alcohol!」

You already gulped lots in the bath. The rest will be confiscated.

「It can’t be helped……I’ll go get some!」

My lovable Irijina runs out to the dining room while still naked to grab some alcohol. Well, she shouldn’t catch a cold.

The Next Day

「M-my name is Leticia! I wish everybody the ha-happiest……myaa! My, my tongue……」

Leticia lowers her head towards Nonna and Mel, who sits on the sofa. She’s strangely tense because of Nonna’s harsh gaze and her noble-like dress. It would be weird if she prostrates herself here, so let her raise her head up for now.

「Ahem, Aegir-sama has given you special consideration. Work hard so you don’t waste this opportunity.」

「Y-yes!! Thank you very much!!」

The planned construction site for the guard station from yesterday will be shifted slightly so that we can secure a location for the shop. It will be along the main road and near the center of the city, where there will be considerably high human traffic, but with the guard station nearby, outlaws shouldn’t appear.

The construction of the shop-slash-residence will be put as the top priority for the carpenters association so it should be started today. I also told Claire about the supply issue so each of the vendors should wholesale at a cheaper price. There’s nothing else I can say if she screws this up. Then, there will be no choice but to let her be a night attendant.

Adolph said this would set a bad example for the other shops and not to do this again in a way that sounded ten times more troublesome, but I don’t pay any attention to him. Every time Leticia would lower her head, her breasts jiggle slightly. I keep my promise and do this much, so she’ll surely like me now. Her heart and body will eventually fall and she’ll become my woman.

But there is one problem.

「Hardlett-sama, it’s incredible how you’re doing so much for us! ……Sorry about last time. Only making me feel good……I’ll work harder next time! I’ll make you feel good even if my ass tears!」

Sharon’s affectionate voice cause Nonna and Celia to look at me with a face of disbelief.

「So you’ve finally dug into a boy……? No, it was just a matter of time which I was prepared for. But I ask that you keep it as private as possible.」

Nonna looks quite sad. I haven’t dug in yet, I’m not tarnished yet. But it’s impressive how they could tell he was a boy just from appearance. Even now, I still believe he looks like a girl.

「……Aegir-sama’s stain……there’s no way it can remain-」

Celia suppresses her murderous intent. Is she intending to erase Sharon?

「You won’t be staying here, but I just want to let you see their faces. When the shop is done, I might come and eat.」

After the introductions, I go outside to take in some fresh air and hug both of their shoulders and send them off while I’m at it. I can see pure gratitude and affection in Leticia’s eyes but Sharon’s eyes are strange.

「Hardlett-sama……I’m fine with it at any time, you know? If you want, even here……」

I can tell by this eyes that his feelings have gone past admiration and affection and into sexual excitement, and even though nothing happened when Nonna’s enormous breasts were jiggling, just me grabbing his shoulder cause the front of his pants to form a slight tent.

「……I’m not homosexual. Now go on.」

I give Sharon’s ass a slap. It’s a natural act that I often do to Kroll and the new escort Gido, but-

「Aauu!! Ah!! ……I came.」

「Arara, you’re helpless. Let’s go back and wash it.」

I have to do something before Leticia and her younger brother go somewhere they can’t come back from. For better or worse, her gentle heart is too big.

As I see off the forward leaning Sharon and his sister, I hear a horse’s neigh and the clopping sound coming from hooves larger than those of a normal horse – from Schwartz.

「Carla’s back……Hey, what’s going on?」

Carla comes back riding Schwartz as predicted, and that much is fine. The problem is with the cargo.

「Nn—!! Nnnn—!!」

A woman is loaded on the back of the horse, tied up and blindfolded and even gagged.

「Ah, Aegir, I’m back. Nnnh, so tired~」

「……Your business was to kidnap someone?」

「No, you’re wrong. She wouldn’t listen to me, so I took her by force.」

That’s the same as kidnapping.

「Return her back to where she came from. We can’t keep her at our place.」

「Eeeh!! Even though I brought her all the way here!」

After saying that, Carla frees the poor woman’s eyes and mouth.

「Nnaah! You bastard, what the hell are you doing?!! You trying to kill……Aegir?」

「Mireille? How nostalgic.」

The woman who was being restrained is Mireille. So it’s been more than a year……she didn’t come when I asked her to come back with me from her hometown in eastern Treia. Since then, there was a conflict and it became a place I could no longer go to play. But her village is now my territory.

「You forgot, didn’t you?」

「Haha, no way.」

I remembered after seeing her face. I was going to pick her up one day, it’s not a lie.

「You’re a heartless Count-sama, but it’s fine if Mireille stays by Aegir’s side from now on, right?」

「Yeah, I don’t mind. There’s more than enough room.」

As the talk between Carla and I progresses further, Mireille raises her voice angrily.

「No way that’s okay! I to you that the village will be in trouble if I’m not there!! Attacking me while I’m asleep and kidnapping me!!」

Ooh, it’s been so long since a woman yelled at me. She’s cute, so I move in to kiss her, but she dodges. I forget that Mireille is strong and nimble after all.

「Is there a problem? Winter is already over so they shouldn’t starve.」

「You might not know since you’ve been living in such a nice place, but there’s a head tax in spring! We don’t any leeway when it comes to crops so if we don’t hunt something and convert the pelt into gold……」

That reminds me, it’s almost time for the spring head tax. I guess this is the reason Adolph has bags under his eyes recently.

「Your village is Sheera village, wasn’t it?」

「That’s right, but……」

「Then I’ll eliminate the tax for them this year.」

Sheera village is a poor village which doesn’t even have 100 people. It won’t have much effect on our finances.


「Sheera village is my territory.」

I officially received this land from the King. It’s up to me to decide whether I want the tax to be zero or ten times higher.

「Aren’t you glad? Now you don’t have to worry.」

「There’s no way the governor will allow it……」

「There’s no way the governor will defy my orders.」

If he did that, the army would pay him a visit in three days.

I hug the dumbfounded Mireille tightly. She’s muscular so I don’t feel much of the softness you usually find in a woman, which proves how hard she works.

「Did anyone die of starvation in your family?」

「No, they were able to manage somehow. They eat less, but they’re fine.」

「I see, you worked hard. But it’s fine now, I’ll do something about the rest.」

When I think about it, Mireille has been left alone forever. She’s been having a hard time all this time as my woman. But from now on, I’ll let her taste the happiness of being a woman……and if she’s worried, I could have her entire village migrate here. I already have the power to do so.

「I……I am……」

「You are my woman, aren’t you, then rely on me. As compensation……I’ll take this.」

I rub Mireille’s ass and grab her breasts. My dick immediately gets erect and presses against her stomach.

Little by little, Mireille starts to relax. The mood is starting to build up, and even though the servants often come and go in front of the stables, let’s have our sex outside.

「Alright, that’s enough.」

Just when I opened the front of my pants, Carla pulls Mireille away. Even though it was just getting good.

「Neither I nor Mireille has taken a bath yet. We’ll wait for you in the bedroom after we get ourselves clean.」

Is she being cheeky and telling me to embrace her as well? I guess she did smell a little when I hugged her. Then, wash yourselves thoroughly.

On the way to the bedroom as I try to calm my raging boner caused by the thought of being able to indulge in a woman I haven’t met in a while, Nonna calls out to me with a puzzled face.

「Uhm, Aegir-sama? That idiot Carla just went into the bath with a girl I’ve never seen before……who is she?」

Nonna hasn’t met her before.

「She’s Mireille. She’s someone I met a while back……Carla’s best friend.」


Nonna gets a little unhappy and puffs up her cheeks. Although they swear and curse at each other, they still get along nicely, so it might be somewhat disheartening to find out about a best friend from the past she never knew about.

「Mireille has a rough manner of speaking, but she’s a nice girl. I’m thinking of letting her stay here from now on, but please don’t be too biased against her……and I believe that Carla likes you as much as she likes Mireille.」

「T-That’s not what it is! In the first place, I was just worried that the idiotic Carla made a perverted friend!!」

Nonna huffs and turns her head away. She’s cute so it made me kiss her and tangle my tongue with hers. But because of that, my dick is up against her stomach, making her realize my dick is erect.

「……Having the girl get in the bath, your crotch swelling up this much and on the way to the bedroom……you’re going to be swinging this big spear into the girl from back then, aren’t you.」

Not good, my dick’s pointing in this direction. I should leave.

「Thanks for waiting~」「Yeah, it’s been so long.」

「You’re right, come here.」

I sit on the bed naked. Carla and Mireille are wearing thin pajamas but Carla quickly takes them off. There is one man and two women, naked as the day they were born.

「Will you let me see your body first?」

It’s Mireille’s body after such a long absence, so I should admire it before I lust after it.

「Come on, don’t hide your breasts.」

Carla takes Mireille’s hands away and moves them above her head, exposing her entire body. Her body is muscular, accentuated by the fact that she’s slim. However, her breasts and ass are still soft-looking and her body is sufficient to excite any man. And one more thing.

「You shaved.」

Mireille’s crotch and armpits are smooth. Most of my women keep their armpits clean, but not all of them shave their pubic hair.

「That Mireille’s crotch and armpits were messy. That’s why I shaved it all.」

「It can’t be helped! I had no time to worry about that……making it so smooth, it looks just like a child’s!」

Mireille is large and muscular, and is rough with her words, but she’s smooth now. It makes my dick point up higher.

「Heey Aegir, let Mireille see your body too. It’s already amazing.」

Carla urges and stands up from the bed. Mireille’s gaze is fixated on my cock.

「What do you think? Seeing it after so long.」

「Aah……It’s big as usual. It’s much bigger than I pictured in my head.」

So she was fantasizing about my thing?

「What, you’re only looking at my penis?」

「T-that’s not it! Your wonderful muscles……and the scars left on your body, I think they’re really cool. A wild man is unbearably attractive for a woman who loves him.」

「How about you?」

「I also like it……」

Mireille hugs me from the front and begs me for a kiss. I was about to reply, but Carla pulls her leg and makes her crouch on the floor.

「What is it all of a sudden……hiiih!」

In this position, my dick will be right in front of her face.

「Look, it’s big right? And that’s not all, look.」

Carla takes Mireille’s hand and wraps it around my cock. I’ll let her play with it like a toy for now. Since I’ll be making her into my toy after this.

「What do you think?」

「It’s like a rock……it’s so big, yet it’s hard as well.」

「There’s still more, this is only 80%. It’ll continue to get even bigger and even harder.」

「Carla, you didn’t burst from this?」

「Mmm, it’s fine if you get used to it, but it will make your hole gaping wide though」

Carla grabs my cock and brings it closer to Mireille.

「It also has an amazing smell, the smell of a male, and it’s dark……several dozens of people……it’s probably a spear that has taken down a hundred women.」

「A hundred……」

Mireille stares up blankly at my cock.

「Watch ‘kay?」

Carla puts her index finger against my cock and slowly puts her finger in my urethra.


I unconsciously let my voice out.

「Hey! You’ll hurt him.」

「It’s fine, here look, the place where he ejaculates from is already this big, and this is where the semen sprays out vigorously. If you get it inside you, the amount is enough to expand your stomach.」

The stimulation of her finger is already pushing me to the limit, I want a woman soon.

「I’ll let you do it first, so suck it.」

Mireille approaches my meat rod slowly and opens her mouth. At first, she prods the shaft with her tongue timidly. I put my hand on Mireille’s head and urge her to do more, sticking my hips out more.


My dick settles into the inside of her opened mouth. I’m glad Mireille has a large build. I don’t have to hold back and thrust my dick in deeply.


I thrust into her mouth a little and I reach the back of her throat. In a panic, Mireille slaps my ass.

「Nnbbgh! You trying to kill me!?」

「Sorry, sorry, I pushed too deep by mistake.」

「Control your strength properly. If you did it for real, it would reach all the way to her womb.」

「……It’s scary. It’s already this erect, so it should be good enough with my mouth. Attack my most precious part on the bed.」

Mireille gets on the bed and spreads her legs wide. This is splendid.

「Then I’ll gladly do it after so long.」

「Yeah, it’ll definitely be tight so just slam it in me. Save me from any half-hearted attempts.」

I bend Mireille’s body so her vagina points up to the ceiling and push my cock against her from on top. Using my weight, I pierce her instantly.

「Uuu……It’s tearing me.」

「Isn’t that fine? Mireille’s going to live as Aegir’s woman from now on. You’ll only accept Aegir’s dick and bear his children……if you become just that, that’s perfect, even if your hole gets ripped.」

「You’re right……it’s fine if I’m allowed to check on how my village is doing, right?」

「I’m not a slave merchant nor will I lock you up. You can go see them anytime.」

「Then there’s nothing left to be desired. Alright, I’ve prepared myself and I’m fine if it tears too, so come!」

Alright, I’ll slam it in her without hesitation.

「Here I go……fuun!!」


Mireille stretches her legs and stiffens up, then kicks around. I thought she resolved herself.

「Ooooh……it feels good. What’s wrong? It hasn’t torn.」

「Idiot! Not my hole!! My womb!! Uwaaaah!!」

Fumu, I put too much weight on her and I went in too deep, sinking my dick into her womb. No wonder I thought it went in all the way to the root.

「There’s no blood, so there’s no problem. Continue.」

After that was said, I hold her flailing thighs and swing my hips. The tip is stuck in her womb and I can’t pull out, but the feeling of my shaft being wrapped in her fleshy walls and my tip being wrapped by her womb is the best.

「It’s the best……how is it for you?」

「It hurts and it’s painful……but……can’t get enough.」

Mireille clings to me and licks my chest. In response, I bite the nape of her neck lightly.

「There’s nobody watching except Carla, you can moan loudly.」


As Mireille shouts like a beast, I hug her and swing my hips. Mireille seems to be in shock, but in reality, I have done this kind of hip movement frequently with Melissa before and have gotten used to it. I hit her precisely so that I don’t cause her any sharp pains.

「Amaazing technique, like how animals mate.」

Carla smiles and circles around behind me.

「If you do it now, Mireille is going to suffer.」

「No way, she’s not suffering now, is she?」

After saying that, Carla puts her mouth at the entrance of my ass and sticks her tongue inside. My dick instantly swells up even more and Mireille lets out a moan that echoed around the whole mansion as she climaxes.

「Look, she’s feeling aroused.」

Her voice is not one of agony, but of pleasure while her face is warped with joy, dirtied with tears and drool. Seeing that face makes my heart fill up with different feelings.

「Mireille, where are you on your cycle?」

「P-period? I think there is an egg inside but……」

Perhaps jumping to conclusions, Mireille searches by the bedside for contraceptives, but obviously found nothing. There’s no reason for that after becoming my woman.

「Please wait! Today is dangerous! I still haven’t said anything to the people in the village!!」


I put both my hands on Mireille’s face and bring my face close to hers. Her face melts as she closes her eyes.

「I hope you give birth to a healthy kid. Uoooh—!!」


I hold down her muscular thighs and make a final thrust with my hips. Carla also senses I’m close and moves her mouth from my ass to my balls, rolling them around with her tongue. Because of that, I release much more seed than normal.

「What’s going on with my stomach……you’re kidding.」

With a loud shooting sound, Mireille’s stomach expands.

The ejaculation continues for several minutes and Mireille holds her stomach blankly, which has expanded to make her look like a pregnant woman. After losing its rigidity, my dick slips out from her womb and Carla quickly brings a tub to put under her vagina. This tub prepared in the bedroom has been dubbed the ‘seed bucket’ by the girls.


The seed that flows back out quickly fills up the tub.

「Just a little more……sorry.」

I climb right up to Mireille and stroke my cock, spraying whatever remaining semen I have on her face, dying her pure white.

「Aah……I’ll get pregnant……with this much, it’s certain a baby’s going to be made……I will finally be a mother……」

Carla reacts to Mireille’s words.

「Ah, that’s right! I also gave birth to a child. She’s cute, wanna see?」

The place goes silent. Then there was a shout.

「Eeeeeh–!! Why didn’t you say that earlier!? You, a mother!? A child? Eeeh–!?」

The mood isn’t conducive for me to continue with lovemaking. The girls are filled with thoughts about Ekaterina.

「But is it alright to leave your child while your travel?」

「Mmm, well there are people here to look after her.」

If it was just a mother and her child, it would be impossible for her to leave, but we have plenty of girls here after all. Especially Mel, Kuu and Ruu love to look after the children, and many women here are lactating as well. It is extremely easy to nurture children.

However, Irijina is the only one against touching children. Insisting that it’s unfair, Celia and even Pipi often sends them away, so I can’t entrust them to look after the kids. Casie often gets her feet stepped on and flies in a rage, even threatening to turn back into a vengeful spirit, although Irijina still can’t see her and has stepped on her head.

「Well, after a round of sex, I guess I’ll have a cup of alcohol……」

Carla and the others goes out and when a different door opens, Nonna stumbles in. It seems she was putting her ear against the door.

「What are you doing?」

「No, nothing……」

「Are you jealous of Mireille? If I tell Carla, she’ll be happy.」

「Muu……I’m being mocked.」

「What a cute girl.」

As I thought, girls are better than alcohol.

「Come here.」


I hug Nonna, pick her up and throw her onto the bed.

「Please ejaculate more semen than what’s in the bucket.」

Leave it to me. I’ll make love to you even after you pass out.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 1800 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 6900 gold (labor -200) (lump sum for call-up -300) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Mireille (lover), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Casie (ghost), Sebastian (butler), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll, Pipi (follower)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Kuu, Ruu, Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 99, children who have been born: 9



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