Chapter 121: Eating The Sisters


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Aegir-san, I have a request.」

On the afternoon of a rather cold day, I rest on Mel’s lap pillow as she sits on a sofa in her room and pats my head. Even now, she seems close to giving birth and has to be careful, but being her fifth time, Mel is rather calm.

The reason I’m relaxing here instead of the living room is because Adolph is searching for me after being notified of the decision I made on my own to exempt the head tax for Mireille’s village. If he finds me, he will undoubtedly spill out lengthy complaints. I’m sure he won’t step in the girls’ rooms though.

Carla and Mireille went out together to eat the black beast steak, which is gradually becoming a specialty product this city is known for. The other cities ship it after salting or smoking the meat, which is quite tasty in its own right, but in the end, it tastes the best grilling it plain and can only be enjoyed fresh in Rafen.

Since Carla isn’t around for her to fight with, Nonna went out to do some shopping. It was quite hilarious how Miti got pulled along unwillingly.

When I zone out and think, Mel calls for my attention.

「Are you listening? I have a request.」

「Aah sorry, request whatever you want.」

If this was a request from Nonna, I would need to be somewhat prepared, but Mel wouldn’t say anything too outrageous. It’ll probably be a cute request.

「I’d like for you to sleep with Kuu and Ruu soon.」

I choke on the fruit juice I was drinking.

「Kuu is already 20. If it doesn’t happen now, she’ll never get married.」

「I guess she can’t really meet a lover as long as she stays here.」

The sisters Kuu and Ruu are treated as my daughters through marriage, but I frequently have them suck my dick and we make love to each other. They’re virtually my women so I can’t give them away to other men. But it would be cruel if I keep this relationship and let the years pass.

「Yes, if you are fond of them as lovers, then I would be delighted if you make them your concubines.」

「Are you okay with that? I don’t plan to treat them poorly in the least, but I’ll be making your daughter my lover, you know?」

I don’t understand how a mother would feel, but I thought it might not be a good feeling.

「I don’t mind. Rather than being a worthless man’s wife, they’ll be much happier to be Aegir-san’s lover.」

She adds that in this way, they’ll stay with us forever.

Their mother has given permission and I was hoping I get to take their virginities as well.

「Ruu will probably be ready to accept you, but Kuu is a little scared.」

「I showed her something a little too graphic.」

Mel giggles.
Kuu may have gotten frightened after seeing me make love to Mel in such a feral fashion. She watched as her mother fainted in front of her too.

「But with that said, it would be too sad if she just grew old. How about holding her down with force and slamming your meat rod in?」

Those don’t sound like something a mother would say.

「Fufu, you’ll definitely make her happy, so I have no complaints as a mother. I’ll make the preparations.」

After she said that, she gets up slowly and leaves. She says one more thing as she gently rubs her belly.

「I’ll be 39 this year……I think it’ll be pushing things, but I want to try for one more. I think it’s lovely……to be pregnant at the same time as my daughter with the seed of the same man.」

Putting the fact she wants grandchildren aside, I didn’t think she would want to be pregnant simultaneously with her daughter…….It is somewhat surprising, but my dick gets hard. The expectancy date for Mel’s birth is in spring……so I can probably impregnate her one more time before summer.

「Take your time and rest in this room.」

Mel puts out the light in the room and exits. I don’t know what’s going on, but I guess I’ll sleep and wait.

Awhile after Mel left, someone knocks on the door.

「Mom, we’re here.」「I have the hot water~ It’s heavy~」

Without getting permission, the sisters Kuu and Ruu enter the room. The two of them are holding tubs filled with hot water and clean cloths. Aah……so the prey has come with condiments.

「Why are the lights off? Geez, how troublesome.」

In order to see first, Kuu goes to open the window. As soon as the two of them are inside the room, the door slams shut.

「Eh? The wind? Ruu, open it because it’s hard to see.」

「Eeuu, it won’t opennn……」

The girls hear Mel, who they believed was sleeping, speaking on the other side of the door.

「Ufufu, now please make love together, ‘kay?」

「Eh, mom!? Then, the person here is……」



I’m doubtful that the two of them were able to find me in such a dark room, but they probably guessed from the bulging in my pants.

「Hau……I see……it’s about time.」

Ruu casts her eyes downward while blushing.

「Wai- mom, open up! I’ll get fucked!!」
「Ufufu, do your best. Once you get used to it, that thick thing will feel the best.」

Kuu rushes to the door, but it doesn’t open.

「I just have to hold this down?!」
「Yes, this will make everyone happy.」
「Is that so?!!」

Hearing Irijina’s voice outside, Kuu gives up on trying to push open the door. Even with the two of them together, Kuu and Ruu shouldn’t be able to budge Irijina a single bit.

「You don’t have to be so scared. We always caress each other, don’t we?」

「That’s true but……when it comes down to losing it……eh! You’re already naked!?」

Taking advantage of the commotion just now, I’ve already thrown off all my clothes and am fully naked. Then I stand beside Ruu and start taking her cute clothes with ribbons attached one piece at a time.

「First, do it as usual.」

「Uu……I’m scared.」「Onee-chan, it’ll be fine.」

The fully naked Ruu and the fully clothed Kuu sit on the bed and get in between my legs, using their tongues to lick my cock from both sides. Having the two sisters suck on me at the same time lets me experience the difference between the two of their techniques. Their mother, Mel, will eventually join too.

「Wah, it got bigger.」
「He’s probably thinking of something naughty.」

Two pairs of slender hands grab my meat rod and two cute tongues crawl all over. It would be more pleasurable if they took my dick all the way down their throats and bob their heads but this vexing feeling is nice too. My cock twitches occasionally, causing the sisters to let out wonderful little screams.

「Funii……」「Ruu, you’re putting your tongue there?」

Ruu puts her mouth on the tip and sinks her tongue into my urethra.

「Aah, that’s good. Do it more.」


They cooperate as sisters to pleasure me. While my urethra is getting stimulated, Kuu licks my meat rod slowly from the base to the tip, coaxing me to cum. As if chasing after the tongues crawling up and down my dick, the semen rises up.

Before I knew it, I held their heads and brought them closer to my crotch. It might be a little forceful for the two small sisters, but they aren’t making faces of displeasure and are continuing to service me. As I thought, these two are my women and I won’t give them to anyone else.


Ruu’s persistent attacks on my urethra cause me to raise my hips up. It isn’t an intense movement, but if it is done continuously, it would make my semen spray out soon.

「Alright, that’s good enough……if this continues, I’ll cum.」

The two of them wet my tip with saliva from the mouths and look up at me.

「Fueh? You’re not going to cum?」
「Even though it’s already twitching……」

「I want to pierce you two with this today after all.」

As I say that, I hug Kuu and swiftly strip her clothes. I’ve gotten quite skilled at taking off a woman’s clothes, if I do say so myself. Even though it’s dark and I can’t see my hands, it doesn’t take much time for me to do so.

「Uu……so in the end, you’re going to do it?」

「Yeah, I decided already. I’ll make the two of you my women. If you really don’t want it, run away.」

I expose my erect, veiny penis and place their hands on it.

「Onee-chan……I want to be embraced by Aegir-san……」

Ruu calls out to Kuu, slowly stands in front of me and snuggles against me. Using a finger to check her crotch, I confirm that it’s already overflowing like a fountain.

I’ve known that Ruu has had feelings for me ever since she was small. She was too young then so I didn’t lay my hands on her, but she’s 16 now, even though she’s small in size, and it should be fine for me to eat her.

「You’re going to give me your first time?」

I pick up Ruu and bring my face close to hers to ask gently.

「Yup! Please take it……my virginity.」

We exchange a deep kiss in front of Kuu, who is taken aback by what happened in front of her. Unbeknownst to us, the door opens and Mel comes to the bedside.

「I’ll do it in your preferred position. How do you want to do it?」

「Um……sitting on top……err……」

「So like this.」

I sit on the edge of the bed with my legs spread apart and put Ruu on top while she faces me. My dick sticks to Ruu’s body.

「Hauuu……it’s reaching my breasts.」

「Hahaha, I won’t put it in all the way, so don’t worry.」

If I did that to Ruu, she might actually die.

「Okay, try putting it in yourself.」

As I urge her, she stands on my thighs and slowly aligns my cock with her opening. She might feel unsteady, but I only need one hand to support the Ruu’s lightweight body.

「Au……it’s thick……i-it hurts.」

The cry-baby Ruu immediately sheds tears, but doesn’t look like she wants to stop and continues to drop her hips down slowly. But she only goes down until the tip gets caught by the membrane signifying her virginity.

「Haauu……I can’t put it in anymore than this.」
「D-did it reach all the way?」

「Once I pierce through that part, you’ll become a woman. What do you want to do?」

Considering Ruu’s tight and narrow hole, there will be sharp pains the first time. But Ruu shakes her head frantically.

「No, I want you to take it now. I’m a coward and can’t move any more than this so……Aegir-san……」

Ruu tries to smile despite her tear-stained face.

Mel, who has come into the room and is watching on the side, also nods her head.

「Alright. Here I go.」

I grab the top of Ruu’s shoulders and press down firmly.


What a cute scream. My meat rod tears through her hymen without any resistance and instantly pushes its way to the back.

「Auuuuu–!! It hurts, it hurrttttsss!! Mamaaa!!」

She calls her ‘mama’ instead of ‘mom’, as Ruu throws her head back and continues screaming. I can feel the blood trickling down from the place we’re connected.

「Ruu! Stop it, you’re hurting her!!」

Kuu pleads desperately, but Mel controls her before hugging Ruu from behind.

「Ruu, you have become Aegir-san’s woman now. Here, feel the thing that’s inside you. It doesn’t just hurt, it’s also warm, right?」

Mel gently rubs Ruu’s stomach. The shape of my dick can be seen bulging from Ruu’s thin stomach.

「It hurts but……uu……it’s warm……have I become Aegir-san’s woman now?」

「Yes, you’re a grown woman. But there is still one thing missing. Endure it and move your hips. Once you squeeze out his seed, that will be perfect.」


「You will have Aegir-san protect you and look after you from now on. He’ll definitely make you happy……that’s why you have to accept the pain. This is a woman’s trial so you have to bear with it and move your hips.」

Being admonished by Mel, Ruu looks at me and steels herself. Then, she slowly starts moving her hips.

「Eh! Eh! Uah! Nnh!!」

While letting out a strained voice, Ruu moves her hips on top of me. Mel said it was a woman’s trial but it would be really sad if her first time was nothing but painful.

I wet my finger with saliva and reach for Ruu’s crotch. I rub and pinch Ruu’s clitoris.


「I’ll make you feel good. Move your hips how you like and tell me when you reach your limit.」


I play with Ruu’s clit while supporting her ass and enjoy her clumsy hip movements. The way she moves is quite childish, but combining the fact she’s a girl I’ve known since she was little and being squeezed by her exceedingly tight hole, my pleasure gradually builds up. It also helps that I got pleasured so thoroughly with her mouth earlier.

「Ruu, I’m about to cum. Are you fine without the contraceptive?」

「Yup! I don’t mind if I get pregnant!!」

Then I don’t have to hesitate. With a strong, final thrust, I grab her hips and firmly grasp her barely noticeable breasts.


I might hurt her a little, but forgive me for being a man. I thrust up three times while lifting her up before hugging her tightly.


It was quite the forceful ejaculation. The twitching of Ruu’s body matches the rhythm of my pulsing dick as it shoots out semen.

「Eh? Is it coming out? Are you releasing inside?」

Kuu is panicking.

「Try touching it.」

「……wah! It’s pulsing!! You released inside Ruu……」

Kuu feels my dick from behind. Since there’s more than half of it outside, it should be easy for her to touch it.


After desperately trying hard, Ruu finally reaches her limit and slumps over exhausted, leaning against me. It seems she lost consciousness. It was just when my ejaculation ended too.

「You did well.」
「You’ll be like your mom from now on.」

I lay Ruu on the edge of the bed and Mel gently whispers to her. Ruu’s expression somewhat relaxes as she’s fainted.

「So next is Kuu.」

After pulling out from Ruu, I stick out my meat rod covered in blood, love juices and semen.


I guess this is too much of a shock for her. I clean it with a towel wet with hot water and stick it out in front again, but Kuu shies away.

「Your body is ready so it shouldn’t hurt as much as it did for Ruu. I’ll give you plenty of foreplay too, so come.」



Mel roars at the reluctant Kuu.

「The only reason you have been living without any inconvenience is because of Aegir-san! Up until now, you were treated as my daughter, but now you are 20, and you need to decide as a woman!!」


Mel makes a sudden change and speaks in a gentle tone.

「Even if you weren’t worried about it, there is no better man than Aegir-san. From this point on in your life, all the guys you’ll see will only be boring. So you should boldly open your legs.」

Being urged by Mel, Kuu similarly gets on top of me as I sit on the edge of the bed. The position is exactly the same as that of Ruu’s except her back is facing me instead.

「Haha, Kuu can’t leave her mother.」

「Uu……well, that’s-」

That’s also cute. Kuu puts the tip into her hole and holds hands with Mel, who is in front of her.


It seems these two sisters call her ‘mama’ when they’re at their wits end.

「Now, Aegir-san, slam it.」
「Eeeh! You wouldn’t-」

That would certainly be cruel, so I push my way in slowly until I reach her hymen. Regardless, I hear the sound of her flesh being push apart and Kuu lets out a groan.

「Oh my, the thick meat rod is entering Kuu. What an incredible sight.」
「Don’t say it, mama!」

Eventually, I am unable to push my dick in any further. Once I tear through this part, Kuu will become a woman.


As Kuu turns around and begs for a kiss, I give her a deep and hot kiss. Behind her, Mel gestures for me to stick it in now. The timing is excellent now, I guess.

I hold down Kuu’s waist and instantly push myself in. Unlike Ruu, her body is ready and she should be fine despite being a little forceful. More importantly, I want her agony to be over quickly.



「Oh my, I could hear the tearing sound. Arara, your insides are stretching.」

Mel is feeling Kuu’s stomach with her hand. To relieve some of Kuu’s pain, her clitoris and breasts are being fondled.

「You’ll be fine. A woman is made to have a cock inside them. Just relax.」

「Aggh! But! This horse-like thing might be an exception!!」

「Now Kuu, what is this about a horse? A horse’s thing wouldn’t have such a nice shape……the tip is swollen……and it’s veiny……it’s such an irresistible cock once you get used to it!」

「Eh? Mama?」

I haven’t slept with the pregnant Mel in close to a year. Once she gives birth, I’ll fuck her again.

I fall over on my back and move my hips in a backward-facing cowgirl position. In this position, it won’t go in and out of her as deep so she’ll feel very little pain too. It’s somewhat pathetic that she can’t put up with it even though Ruu was able to, but pain is somewhat inevitable.

「Ah……this might actually feel a little nice……」

Hooh, so I can hit Kuu’s pleasure point in this position, I’ll remember that.

「Mom will help too. Here, let’s make it feel better.」

Mel gets on the bed while making sure not to put any burden on her stomach and licks the place where my dick is connected to Kuu. She uses her tongue on Kuu’s pussy lips and her clitoris and occasionally bites lightly on my cock to give me some stronger stimulation. Hey, if you lick so proficiently, it’ll make me get bigger.

「Hmm, a little less than Ruu?」

The two of us lie on top of each other as I grab her breasts with both hands. Ooh, her nipples are stiff like corks. Her nipples are fairly big compared to the size of her breasts. So it becomes like this when she feels pleasure mixed with pain.

「Even though your nipples are big.」

「How mean! It bothers me!!」

It seems she’s really started to relax too. I pinch and rub her nipples.

「Aaahn……That……feels good.」

「When I do this to your mom, she vigorously squirts out milk, you know?」

「Oh my! Don’t say something like that!」

Mel protests and Kuu laughs. She has considerably loosened up.

「Can I thrust harder from the back?」

Kuu nods.

We swiftly change positions, with Kuu getting on all fours as I grab her hips and slam into her from behind. Accompanying the steady rhythmic slapping sound is not an agonizing groan, but Kuu’s high-pitched moans. It seems her body has started to get aroused.

「I’ll be watching over here then.」

Seeing how we’re doing well now, Mel gets off the bed and sits on a chair, watching us with a smile.

「I’m going to get rougher!!」


Kuu’s upper body collapses on the bed as I lean forward and swing my hips. I’m not touching her breasts so I try feeling her back, but she really has nice skin and a nice figure.

「Kuh, I’ve really worked hard. Sweets are really delicious after all.」

「I’m happy. You have such a nice body.」

Kuu looks really happy, but with my fierce hip movements, she quickly furls her eyebrows and starts to look like she’s in agony again. I try slamming against her deepest part and it doesn’t seem like she feels any pain anymore. I don’t have to hesitate in pleasuring her now.

「How’s this?」

「Aaah! So deep!!」

I pull both her arms back and thrust vigorously, as if I’m lifting her upper body up as I thrust. Her body is shaking like she’s become a toy. With the intense movements, pleasure is building up in my dick too.

「It expanded!!」

「I’m cumming!! Where would you like it? Inside!?」

「N-not inside! I’m still not ready for a baby!!」

That’s unfortunate, but it can’t be helped. Baby-making will be a little later.

「Alright, then I’ll cum outside. I’m going to be rough for the final spurt.」

「Even more violent!?」

I flip Kuu over into the missionary position, hold her shoulder and move my hips furiously. It isn’t something you would normally do to a virgin, even for me.

「Nnnn……what is this slapping sound~? Onee-chan!?」

Ruu wakes up to see our intense love-making. When I glance briefly, Mel is also looking worried. If this continues for too long, I might really injure her.



In the next moment, Kuu locked both arms and legs. Since we’ve always been doing pseudo-penetration, she got used to clinging to me like this.

「Hey! If you don’t let go, I’ll cum inside……uuu-!」

「Eh? Aaah!!」

Kuu panics and releases her limbs, hurrying to pull out my dick, which has begun twitching.


In a half-bent posture, I rub my cock swiftly and spray my juices at Kuu. Naturally, I point my dick at her crotch, but her stomach, breasts, and face are entirely covered from the thick, almost-solid semen intermittently pulsing out from my dick. The ejaculation lasted for five minutes and she became painted with juice.

「This is something else……」
「…………Could you go get a towel?」

「Aah……that was good. I want to fuck you two sisters together the next time.」

「That’s naughty.」「You pervert……」「Ufufu.」

I was going to use a towel to wipe my dick dirtied with the syrupy juices, but it seems there was no need to.

「Ruu」「’Kay, onee-chan.」「Mom will do it together as well.」

The sisters and their pregnant mother gather at my feet and stick out their tongues. Mel snugly takes my rod all the way into her throat, while Kuu and Ruu lick from my shaft to my balls to clean up the juices. The immoral feeling of having the mother and her two daughters servicing me with their mouth is the greatest pleasure. After my cock gets cleaned completely, it becomes larger than it was before.

When I look at the bed, Kuu and Ruu are lying on top of each other, pointing their asses towards me.

「「Go ahead and do both sisters side-by-side.」」

I can’t wait any longer. I carry my erect spear and charge into the holes of the two sisters.

「Aah, my balls are light.」

「You came so much that even the bucket wasn’t enough.」

After my dick has gotten soft and limp, Mel plays with it while sleeping next to me. The sisters are completely knocked out and are clinging at my feet.

「So they became my women.」

「Yes, when they become pregnant, please make them your concubines, ‘kay?」

Mel smiles as she rests on my arm.

「There is still something left to do. For mother and child to be pregnant, right?」

「Ufufu, you pervert.」

Something interrupts our lovey dovey talk, almost as if trying to participate.

(Ufufu, I saw it, sex with a parent and child.)

Casie, even if you’re a ghost, you shouldn’t peep.

The stuffed toy hanging around her neck would get stuck, preventing her from phasing through the door, but she’s really good at just poking her head to peek inside.

(I saw it, I saw it.)

She goes on to pull her head back and go out into the hallway. Good grief, I’m sure she’ll receive some sort of divine punishment one day.

「Mel-dono-!! I have something I want to ask you!!」

This loud voice belongs to Irijina, huh. This vengeful spirit would very likely let all the corners of the mansion hear about this.

(Ooooooooow!! Your foot is stepping on meee!! Eh? Gyaaaah!! You’re stepping againnnnn!!)

The punishment was fast.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 1800 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 6770 gold (labor -100) (Ruby Necklace -30)[1. Nat: A ruby necklace…not mentioned in the story yet, but will be brought up later although it isn’t something too important] Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Melissa (lover), Maria (pregnant lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (anguishing), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio (son), Rose (foster)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 101, children who have been born: 9



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