Chapter 122: A Man’s Education


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Aegir-san, I have a request for you.」[1. Nat: Starting the same way as the previous chapter..?]

I’m resting on Melissa’s lap pillow while she cleans my ears in her room. She does this kind of delicate work carefully. The short skirt she’s wearing, which lets me see her underwear, is probably a service to me.

Carla and Mireille took Irijina along with them to a liquor store. It seems to have all sorts of high class alcohol from the capital. I’m sorry to say, but since Irijina is going, you might run out of stock today.

Nonna’s waste of money the other day was discovered so she is forbidden to go shopping this week. She’s drinking tea sullenly while Celia and Myla are keeping watch.

「Umm, are you listening?」

「Yeah, what is it?」

There was a similar development just recently too.

「It’s about Kroll. 」

Kroll has been doing well ever since he came over. Although chopping wood and heating the bath is not necessary anymore, he’s doing important work as a man for the girls living in the mansion. Obviously, there’s no way I can hire a new untrustworthy guy to roam freely in this place full of girls.

「Did he tell you something he’s dissatisfied with?」

We’ve known each other for a considerable amount of time, so if he wants a raise, then I’ll let Sebastian know.

「No……it’s just lately he’s been masturbating like crazy. Miti has been hearing groans from Kroll’s room in the middle of the night and peeked to see what was going on……I’ve also been worried and checked but it seems he’s doing it countless times every day.」

「……why do I have to get involved with Kroll’s masturbation?」

If that’s what he wants to do, I don’t care if he does it 10 or 20 times. I won’t allow him to lay his hands on any of my women but he’s free to do whatever he wants to himself.

「But he’s doing it every day until late in the night……I don’t think it’s a good thing.」

「Then what do you want me to do? Should I tell him not to jerk off so much?」

「You can’t! It will definitely come as a huge shock for a boy at that age! 」

Melissa treats Kroll, Miti and Alma as her own kids. But to me, he’s no more than just a young boy who’s working hard and honestly he doesn’t mean much to me.

「At this rate, his lust will go out of control and he might pounce on someone……」

If that happens, I would kick Kroll out of here. I guess Melissa is worried about that too.

But the 3 biggest culprits for Kroll’s lust is Carla, Irijina and Melissa. Carla purposely shows him her underwear and breasts to tease him. Irijina doesn’t pay particular attention after bathing and wanders around naked. Finally, Melissa’s attire and atmosphere is pretty much toxic for men. Even though Melissa cares for Kroll gently, there have been many times where the front of his pants bulges out.

「Alma is in love with Kroll, right? Wouldn’t everything be resolved if you ask her to help out a little?」

「Eeeeh!? Alma is still 14, you know? There’s no way she can do that!!」

Kroll is already 15, which is a little early, but I don’t mind if they both agree to it.

「No good, no good! Even if their kids, it would be a disaster if she gets pregnant! Who knows what would happen between two virgins?」

She’s acting just like their mother.

「Then what? Would it be resolved if he loses his virginity?」

「You’re right, I believe he’ll calm down a little if he graduates from being a virgin……」

Fumu, I’d hate to have to take care of his masturbation, but it might be nice to teach him about women as a reward for his hard work.

「I guess I’ll take him to the brothel.」

「A brothel, huh……I wonder if he will get sick.」

Melissa has been to the brothel herself so she knows about various things regarding conditions and the like within the place. She holds her head with a worried look.

「If you would allow it, I would help him lose his virginity but……with Kroll’s size, it would be too loose.」

「It’s not like I’m jealous of some brat but the timing is bad, since there’s the issue with Yoguri after all.」

Nonna and Mel are becoming sensitive about that. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire.

「Then as I thought, let’s go to the brothel. There won’t be any future troubles. I’ll get someone of the highest class so there’s no chance of catching any illness.」

「You’re right……sorry about discussing something like this with you.」

「No, it’s fine. When Kroll becomes an adult and things go well with him and Alma, it may be nice to show them how we have sex while they’re doing it.」

Melissa smiles bitterly before rejecting the idea.

「We can’t. Aegir-san might never understand, but when a guy sees a dick bigger than their own, they’ll feel depressed, you know? There have many times where Kroll felt depressed and wilted when your dick is out.」

Is that how it is?

「In any case, leave it to me, I’ll make Kroll into a man.」

The ear-cleaning is done too so I turn my face towards Melissa’s crotch, shift her underwear to the side and suck on her pussy. Knowing that this would happen, she has slathered some fragrant oil there.

「Nnfuu~ Let’s do it at the same time.」

Melissa and I suck on each other’s genitals. Melissa’s technique is excellent so she’s quite formidable in this position. I can’t lose to her.

With a peace of mind, Melissa lays on the bed motionless as I make my way to the dining room. At this time, Kroll should be helping out with preparing the meals.

「Is Kroll here?」

「Yes, do you need me for something?」

Unlike in the beginning, Kroll isn’t talking in a rude manner anymore. When he was a kid, I forgave him, but it won’t be the same when he becomes an adult. Sebastian must have taught him, but it’s still not perfect yet. I didn’t even tell him to.

「You can skip out on work. Follow me.」


Kroll has a doubtful look but Sebastian signals silently that he can leave. There’s no way that his daily duties would be prioritized over the master’s orders.

After Kroll changes into his casual wear, I accompany him to the city. It seems he still doesn’t know what’s going on yet.

「Am I going to be carrying the load from shopping or something?」

「No, you’ll understand when we get there.」

The place we’re headed is obviously the brothel district, and we enter the store with the highest class.

「Eeeh!? This place is-?」

「Come quickly.」

I take the bewildered Kroll into the shop and greet the store owner.

「Welcome, feudal lord.」

「Sorry for the sudden visit, but today I want to find someone not only for me, but for him as well.」

I push Kroll forward, though he still does not know what is going on.

「Oh my, oh my……and what kind of person would he prefer?」

「Go on, tell him.」

「Eeeh!? I don’t really know what to say.」

Geez, he’s so slow.

「Do you have a young and petite woman with a nice, tight body?」

The types of women Kroll prefers are either like Melissa or like Celia. I’m sure he’ll be fine with women who are similar.

「Yes, I will prepare them for you.」

「Prepare one who is skilled. Also get an additional one for me with some leeway, if you understand……」

「I will prepare a woman who can accept larger sizes.」

As expected of a high class store, he understands me.

「Um……Aegir-sama? What on earth is this?」

As we passed through the inside of the brothel, we reach the best room – in other words, the room with the highest class in all of Rafen’s brothels. The wide room is magnificently decorated and has running warm water. Only nominated prostitutes of the highest class are allowed in here and it would take two months’ worth of salary as a laborer to afford this.

「It’s obvious. I want to reward you for all the hard work you’ve done so far and introduce you to a nice woman to help you lose your virginity.」


「It’s easy to see you’re a virgin. Melissa and Celia are both my women so there’s no way you could sleep with them.」

Kroll becomes silent after those two facts were pointed out. That was when three women came into the room.

The first one is inferior to Melissa in terms of looks, but she’s more voluptuous. Her breasts are especially big and voluminous.

The second is shorter than Kroll, slightly muscular in build and has a tight body. She’s probably around the same age as Kroll or a little older.

The girl I asked to be added as extra is fairly pretty, but she also has large breasts and a plump ass. Her entire body is on the fleshy side so it seems she’ll be fine even if I’m rough on her.

「「「Please excuse us.」」」

The three of them are wearing a thin one-piece dress that not only lets us see the outline of their bodies but also their nipples and pubic hair. The dress is clearly not acting as clothing but rather something that serves to excite men.

「Please excuse us as we take off your clothes.」

The two women help strip the confused Kroll naked. It only took a second for him to become naked, but there’s no way for me to avoid seeing another man naked.

「Please go ahead.」

「Yes, feudal lord-sama. Please let us know if we are impolite.」

The girl peels off each piece of clothing one at a time and folds them neatly. She pauses as soon as she lowers my pants.

「Uwaa, so big……I’ve heard rumors of it, but for it to be this big.」

The other girls are reacting to Kroll as well.

「Aha, you’re quite manly.」
「Waa-, nice abs~」

「I-I’ve been working out quite a bit after all.」

「Wah, what a nice looking thing you got there.」
「It’s peeling. How splendid.」

「Y-you think so?」

It seems like they’ll have fun over there too. But flattery is a prostitute’s strong suit, though I won’t say anything to dampen the mood today.

「No way……I can’t wrap my hand around it even when it’s not hard. What will happen when it becomes erect……」

I’ll have fun over here too.

「I’ll screw this thing in you when it becomes rock hard.」

「Kyaa, I’ll break. But I’m looking forward to it, since it’s my first time taking in something so huge after all.」

The girl says so while sitting in between my legs and crawling her tongue over my cock. The steadily rising member quickly points towards the ceiling.

「As expected, you’re hung like a horse. What shall we do?」

「Do you have any options?」

「Yes, I’m pretty durable so I can do many things. I can take it if you want to fuck me like you’re raping me, or if you want me to service you first……」

I don’t let her finish to the end and push her over, stripping her thin piece of clothing and spreading her legs. If I continue like this and push slightly, my dick will reach the depths of her hole.

「Can I just slam it into you?」

「Nnfu, yes. ……nnaaaaaaah!!!」

I push my hips forward and about 80% of my dick plunges into her, thrusting all the way to the back of her insides. Her hole reflexively clenches down tightly and the folds of her inner walls coil around me.

「What a nice hole. There are plenty of folds and it squeezes me tightly. Not to mention, it’s wet and syrupy.」

「B-being loose is one of my drawbacks, but for it to feel this tight, your thing is too biiigg……my juices won’t stop flowing.」

I press down on her with my weight in the missionary position and although I move slowly, I make big motions with my hips. I don’t intend to be too violent, but she’s not one of my women and I’ve also paid money. I won’t get punished if I act a little selfishly and fuck her how I want.

With each thrust I make, the girl lets out a moan and her body trembles. I thought she was acting to heighten my sense of pleasure but when I press my chest against her breasts, there is a considerable amount of sweat coming out from her body so it seems she’s really feeling aroused.

「Are you turned on?」

「Yeeess……I’m quite loose at the back so I’m not really used to it being so tight so……」

「Do you like it this big?」

「I-I love it! I really love big cocks!!」

As she makes me happy, the movements of my hips get more intense, causing the girl to drool and start moaning in agony. There’s no feeling of service from her as a prostitute anymore, but I guess this is good in its own way too.

「I’m just letting you know that I bought you for the entire day. I’ll be fucking you the whole night.」

「I’ll die from that……I’ll really dieee……」

「You dislike dying from having this dick thrust into you?」

「Aaah!! Aaaaaaah!! It’s fine, I don’t care if I die. I’d be happy if this big cock kills meee!」

When I use the tip of my cock to rub against her in the places I get the best reactions from, the girl stretches her legs tautly and lowers them slowly. She must have climaxed, but I have no reason to stop moving my hips. I move them even faster and the girl stretches out her legs again, but this time she remains trembling. She’s having consecutive orgasms.

「I found your weak point.」

「Noo……you found it~」

I grab her waist tightly to fix her in place and rub that spot roughly.


Her moans turn into silent screams, as she throws her head back and grips my back with her nails, then lets out a long sigh before she passes out.

However, I still have not cum yet so I continue shaking my hips. Her insides have loosened up a little but I swell up to close the gap, making it feel just as nice. I swing my hips to bring myself close to ejaculation and glance over at Kroll to see how he’s doing.

「Uwaaaa!! I can’t hold it anymore!!」

「Nnbbh, nnboh, nnnnnh!!」
「Arara, you came a second time.」

Kroll is lying on the bed while the two women are servicing him with their mouths. There’s nothing he can do except hold on in agony. The voluptuous women seems to have caught his seed in her mouth and goes up close to his face, opening her mouth to show him.

「Here, see how much seed you spilled, boy. Watch, ‘kay?」

After showing him the semen she collected in her mouth, she gulps it down her throat.

「Nnah. I drank your seed, boy.」

「M-my seed……」

「What do you want to do next? Would you like to cum again in our mouths? Or perhaps……」
「You’d like to pump it in here?」

The women spread their pussy lips with their fingers in front of Kroll. It’s impossible for a virgin to resist such an attraction.

I turn the woman I’m fucking around and lay her face down so I can thrust from behind and watch over Kroll. The least I can do is tell Melissa how his graduation from being a virgin goes.

Kroll chooses the younger woman. So I guess he chose Celia over Melissa. The next time Celia kicks Kroll, I won’t say anything.

The young woman gets on top of Kroll, who is lying on his back, puts her hands against his chest and aligns her vagina with his dick with accustomed movements.

「Here I go~ There.」

The girl’s ass drops and the boy lets out a pathetic voice. I see, so he wanted to lose his virginity by having a girl of similar age ride on top of him in this cowgirl position.

「Congratulations on graduating from being a virgin. Er……did you cum?」

The woman smiles bitterly as she gently rocks her hips, matching his rhythm and helping him ejaculate pleasurably. But it’s kind of pathetic to ejaculate as soon as you put it in.

「Arara~ it’s shrinking. ……nnfufu」

The woman smiles maliciously and brings her lips close to Kroll.

「You know, I’m not using any contraceptive. So there’s a chance that your seed has went inside me, boy……」


「If it reaches one of my eggs……then I’ll be pregnant with your child, boy. You’ll be responsible for getting a woman pregnant.」

「T-that is-……」

「Ahaha, you got bigger. Then we’ll continue like this, let me know if you want to change positions, but go ahead and thrust as you like.」

There’s no way a high class prostitute would not use any contraceptive. It’s a complete lie, but it is a dream of all men to impregnate a pretty woman. As expected, Kroll also believes it.

「-oh, I’m almost there……cumming.」


I guess she can’t even hear me. Oh well.


I slam my hips strongly against her before ejaculating. 90% of my dick went int. If I push any further, it’ll dig into her womb.


She lets out a groan while still unconscious and her stomach expands. It seems like it’ll be a long ejaculation so I guess I’ll suck on her erect nipples while I cum.

「Come on little boy, I’ll be fine even if you swing your hips harder.」
「Ahaha, your ass is clenching. If you spread your legs apart a little bit more I’ll lick your asshole.」

Kroll is doing the voluptuous woman in doggy style while having the other young woman lick his asshole. How enviable, I’d like to take part too.

「……Nn. Ah, I lost consciousness? I’m terribly sorry!!」

It looks like the woman I fucked is finally awake. She tries to get up in a hurry but she notices something strange about her body.

「Ugh……my stomach is in pain? Eh? Why am I pregnant!?」

「Don’t fret, that is my seed.」

I press against her stomach gently. Juices squirt out from her hole accompanied by a disgusting noise.

「What a tremendous amount……it might make me pregnant……even after I used the contraceptive.」

「Now, I’ll have you service me to make up for the time you were fainted.」

I just came, so I’m a little tired. My dick is still energetic, but I want to take a little break.

I lean on the bed and stick out my hips. The girl services me with her mouth without a moment’s delay and takes me in all the way to her throat, as if to atone for her sin of passing out. As expected, she’s skilled.

The ones who are skilled with their fellation techniques back home are Melissa and Leah, where Leah is probably the better one if I compared the two. Melissa ultimately services me to have fun whereas Leah does it without any regards for her own body. The last time I told her to use her mouth, she took me all the way in her throat, pretty much choking herself. She might really want me to fuck her to death so I have to be careful.

As expected, the skill of this popular girl is excellent, exceeding that of Melissa’s. However, she’s still slightly below Leah.

「Nnboh! Nnn—!! Nnh, nnh, nnh-!!」

Taking into consideration her atonement, she’s going at it quite intensely. I won’t be able to hold on like this.

「Aah……cumming. Can I thrust it deep in your throat?」


She nods while holding my dick in her mouth so I hold her head and slowly push myself deeper. I pass her throat and go even deeper, finally pushing all the way up to the root before starting to ejaculate.


「Aah……so good……」

It feels really good, but if I ejaculate too long, she’ll suffocate so I stop halfway and pull out, spraying the rest on her face. While the girl still chokes, she turns her face towards me to be showered in semen.

「That was good. You did well to drink it.」

「Fuu, fuu, rather than drinking it, it felt more like you poured it directly into my stomach.」

The girl smiles bitterly and was about to ask my next request, but she sinks down, probably because her stamina has reached its limit.

「Huh? My body won’t move……you’re kidding……」

「It’s fine, you did your best. I felt really good.」

It seems she got overconfident and went too hard. If I embrace her any further, she’ll collapse.

「Thanks. Don’t hesitate to sleep.」

I’ll squeeze one gold in between her breasts as a tip. The girl feels ashamed but grateful and eventually starts sleeping because of her fatigue.

I don’t have anyone to entertain me now so I’ll have Kroll share one with me.

「You came 5 times already, so are you done now?」
「If you want to take a break, you can sleep, ‘kay? The two of us are going to be sucking you the whole night so when you want to fuck us, wake up whenever you want.」

It seems they’re finishing up over there too.

「Ufufu, I actually enjoy filling my mouth with this when it gets smaller after ejaculating. I’ll put your balls inside too.」


「Awww, you’re getting him all to yourself. Then I guess I’ll take the boy’s nipples or-…………ah……aggghhaaaa!!」

The young woman who reaches for Kroll’s nipples from behind lets out a dying scream. Of course the culprit is me, as I grab her waist from behind and push my meat rod inside her. Umu, this girl is definitely much tighter and her hole is narrower than the previous one.

「W-what happened?」

「Aaaaaaaaah–!! Something thick is insidee! What is this thing, it’s tearing me apart!!」

「Sorry. I don’t have anyone to partner with so I’ll have you entertain me.」

「No way……that girl could take three men at once. She’s already worn out so quickly?」

The voluptuous woman looks surprised but the the young woman I’m thrusting into doesn’t seem to think so.

「Hiiiiih!! S-something like this entering, of course it wouldn’t take longg!! No gooodd!!」

Her crotch sprays out her juices. It wasn’t because she was turned on, but just a reflex of her body.

「Aaah, it’s clenching down so tightly. This is good in its own way……」

「Aah—-!! Aaaaaah—!! Hiiiih—!!」

「What a face……」

Kroll unintentionally let out his voice. I’m thrusting from behind so the girl’s face is turned towards Kroll. Considering the way she’s shouting, she’s probably making an unbelievable face. I’ll let her enjoy it a little more.

「Hiih……that place is……」

I stick my finger in the girl’s ass as I’m thrusting into her. As soon as I did so, the girl grips down on me so much it hurts and she curls up like a shrimp while screaming.

「You got bigger.」

Kroll’s dick also revives.
Although this is supposed to be for his virgin graduation, it can’t be helped that one of his girls gets taken by me.

I turn the girl around and hug her from the front. Continuing from there, I lay flat on my back so we get in the cowgirl position.

「Kroll, would you like to try this place?」


「T-that place too-!!?」

I grab the girl’s ass, which is facing Kroll, and spread her butt cheeks. Her contracting asshole should be in plain sight.

「We can’t use your ass?」

「I’ve done preparations for it but……doing it with something so thick in my pussy……」

If she’s prepared for it, then there shouldn’t be any problems. But Kroll seems bewildered after coming this far.

「Kroll……you like Celia don’t you?」

「Eh, you’re wro-……」

You don’t have to hide it. It’s not a sin to like her.

「Doesn’t she look like her from the back?」

The woman’s figure is exactly the same as Celia’s. Her face is different of course, but Kroll can only see the girl from behind. Unlike me, Kroll isn’t familiar with Celia’s naked body so he shouldn’t notice the minute differences.


Sure enough, after a loud gulp, he slowly reaches for the girl’s ass. It appears he’s ejaculated 5 times already but his dick is still erect. Compared to me, his is considerably smaller, but he is still young, so that’s unavoidable.

「What’s wrong? You’re not coming?」

If he’s not going to come then I’ll just have fun by myself, but it was at that time he moved.


Kroll covers the girl with his body and pushes his dick into her asshole.

「Agguh! It hurts!! Be a little more gentle!!」


He gets dejected after the girl gets angry at him but he continues to move his hips. I unconsciously smile at that ridiculous-looking sight.

It’s extremely rude to superimpose the image of another girl while you’re in the presence of a girl, but I’ll overlook it for the sake of granting this virgin’s dream. I whisper to the girl riding on top of me that I`ll give her a tip later and tell her our request. The girl accepts with a bitter smile. Then she changes her tone and yells angrily at Kroll.

「Y-you little brat! How dare you touch my ass, hurry and pull out……aaah! Getting both holes while Aegir-sama is inside……aah-!!」

If he actually did this to Celia, he would lose his head immediately, but this is just us fooling around after all. But I did see Kroll visibly speed up his hip movements.

「Kuu……aah……my ass is burninggg! Two penises are inside me……gonna cum!!」

「Ce-Celia-san!! Uoooooh—!!」

Kroll groans as he ejaculates and collapses on the spot. Of course the girl is just acting so she didn’t really climax.

「Uu……he came quite a bit.」

Kroll releases a lot inside the girl’s ass and collapses onto the bed. He used up the strength of his entire body to scrape together all the semen he had left and released it all at once. It’ll be a good memory for him when he looks back on the time he lost his virginity.

「Well, I should get you two off too.」

「Don’t be too hard on us.」「So the two of us will get knocked out together, huh? Ahaha.」

After attacking them for about two hours, they fainted exactly as they said they would and even leaked urine as they roll onto the bed. Whew, that was good. As I thought, it’s nice to enjoy the technique of prostitutes once in awhile.

The Next Day

「……What is it?」

「No……it’s nothing.」

「I’m asking what you’re looking at from behind me!」

「It’s nothing!」

After that, Kroll frequently stares blankly at Celia’s figure from behind. In addition, it seems he’s slowly saving up the allowance he gets for shopping, eating and buying accessories. Don’t tell me he’s hung up on that prostitute. Melissa might get angry if I tell her, so I guess I’ll stay quiet.

But yesterday was fun. Even now, my face is relaxing unintentionally.

「You look quite happy, was yesterday really that fun?」
「The outer clothes still smell like roses. I’m sure it was a wonderful place.」

Nonna and Celia are harsh. Celia is probably jealous of the fact I went alone with Kroll on an excursion.

On the other hand, the pregnant Mel and Maria are going ‘oh my’ while smiling cheerfully. But Maria’s expression instantly changes.

「Huh? Something hurts, uu……i-it hurtss!! It hurts!!」

Everyone becomes lively all of a sudden.

「Wait, she’s giving birth!」「Hurry and get the midwife!」「Is she not in the mansion?」「We thought it wouldn’t be so soon!!」

Everyone clamors and runs around, but Maria reaches her limit quite soon.

「I can’t hold it……it’s coming out!!」

「Eeeh-!? Wait a minute, we aren’t prepared yet!」

「Let’s spread something out for now!」

「Not yet! Go back!」「Stupid Nonna, don’t say something ridiculous!」

(Awawa, what to do, what to do, this isn’t good.)

For now, we hurriedly prepare a cushion and lay out a clean cloth, but there’s nothing we can do until the midwife gets here. Honestly, Casie, who is flying above our heads and slamming into walls, is annoying.

「Aaah! Aegir-san, don’t look!!」

Unable to wait for the midwife to come, Maria, who was reached her limit, starts taking her clothes off and spreads her legs. The cloth is instantly covered in blood and it seems like she’s starting to give birth. In a panic, Melissa and Catherine rush to her.

She doesn’t want to let a man see, so I pray for her safety as I turn around.


I hear Maria’s screaming, and in the next moment, I can hear the wailing of the baby. Really……it was just 30 seconds though.

When I turn around and look, there was the puzzled-looking Maria and the baby, well……looks like the baby was born.

「It’s a boy……it didn’t take long……」

Celia mutters after seeing everything.

「For the first birth to be this easy……」

Mel seems to be dumbfounded too.

「It wasn’t such a big deal when I gave birth though.」

Carla mutters.

「As expected, it must be thanks to Aegir-san. You know……it expanded and all.」

Melissa’s also saying whatever she wants.

(This is serious, this is serious, what do I do, oh crap.)

I grab the flying Casie, who hasn’t even looked over here, and calm her down. It was at that time when the door opens and the midwife comes rushing in. Let’s leave her to deal with the aftermath.

And so, that was how Maria’s first son came into the world, and was given the name Claude. Nonna is all smiles and congratulates her but something about that smile bothers me.

「In any case.」

「「「Even though he’s just a baby, why is his penis so big.」」」

No clue, don’t look at me.

After awhile

「Then we’ll be off. I’m counting on you to look after the place.」

Winter is almost over and spring is near. It’s finally time to head to the capital for the annual audience.

The ones coming along with me are my legal wife Nonna, who’s coming because of the official audience with the King, Celia and Leah, who cannot imagine going separate ways with me, Carla and Mireille, who wants to do some sight-seeing in the capital, and Miti, Kroll and Alma, who want to visit Dorotea.

Melissa also wanted to come but since she has to look after Maria, who has just given birth, and take care of Catherine’s lower half, she decided to stay behind. It won’t take that long so they just have to be patient.

Besides the girls, Adolph and Leopolt are also staying behind. It’s the important collection period for the head tax after all and the private army is still being reorganized.

Myla holds Goldonian peerage so she has to come along.

「I am looking forward to going to the Kingdom but unfortunately, I feel depressed when I know that swine is coming.」

Nonna has somewhat become timid. But when she gets to the capital, buys some trendy clothes and watches some theatre, her mood will probably improve a little.

That’s why I won’t say anything about the 50 gold in her purse.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 1800 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 6550 gold (labor -100) (travel expense -70) (Nonna -50) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Accompanying to Capital: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort), Myla (peace officer)
Family: Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 104, children who have been born: 10



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