Chapter 123: Madam Jumps


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Capital: Goldonia, Royal Palace, Reception Hall

「Gentlemen, it hasn’t been too long since the last victory but we can not say all of Goldonia’s enemies have been cleaned up. I am expecting even more loyalty and devotion from you gentlemen.」

This is the large reception hall newly constructed with stone beside the royal palace. It appears to be built for grand balls used to welcome state guests or for gathering nobles like this. It is one way for a large country to show off.

「Many of you have gained territory from the victory as well. Be that as it may, the important thing is because that land is ultimately under the protection of the royal family……」

The King’s speech continues in front of everyone. If all the hundreds of people lined up here are nobles, they won’t get much value in receiving peerage. I unconsciously let out a big yawn, but I’m hidden behind the rustling nobles so I don’t have to worry about being discovered.

「Geez, you’re really an unserious person, aren’t you.」

Myla, who is standing beside me, reproaches me in a low voice and rams her shoulder into me. To return the favor, I grab her butt, but she pinches my hand. If it was Celia, she would let me touch her while turning all red.

「Bravery during wartime is loyalty towards the kingdom! Paying taxes during peace times is the proof of that!」

While the King continues his speech, we continue to talk in a low voice.

「But is it okay? To be this far in the back.」

「If I’m in the front and not careful, I won’t be able to yawn and I won’t be able to feel your ass either.」

As I speak, I once again reach for her ass, but Myla digs her nails in my hand. That hurts, you know. The noble beside us glares in my direction, but when our eyes meet, he looks away in a hurry.

Actually, there was a strange dispute between the order in which we line up before the King’s speech began. I am told those with higher rank should be lined up closer to the king, but it seems it isn’t simply based on rank and is influenced by the job you have and the rewards you received in war.

In particular, the traditional nobles and new nobles argue with each other, comparing their long years of service and their recent military achievements, while the civil officials and military officials also argue. Each side has different areas to compare so the feud is never settled, even going so far as comparing the status of their family and those they’re connected with to decide on their position in line, but there are always nobles who remain unhappy and continue to stare at each other in anger.

「Lord Hardlett is a Count, and moreover his achievements in war are prominent. It wouldn’t be a big surprise for you to be in the very front row.」

「You were my opponent for one of those achievements.」


By the way, Myla was promoted after the war with the enemy nation so she’s in the last row, and although she might have been below a Knight or Baronet at worst, because I’m beside her, no one dares to say anything.

Because I don’t really interact with other nobles much, I’m not surprised that there isn’t anyone I know around me. There aren’t any girls here either so I want this to end soon.

「……that’s why, those holding territory will be expected to contribute to the Kingdom and the war expense of……」

Crap, I farted. It didn’t make any noise, but because I ate so much meat recently, it smells really bad. I’ll just wave my cloak nonchalantly and disperse it.

In the end, the summary of the King’s new year speech was:

「We won, but because there are still enemies around, don’t let your guard down.」
「There is no money in the national treasury, so please cooperate.」
「We might send tax collectors to those who have wealthy territories.」

It’s been awhile since I came to the capital so I want to drink with Erich and check how Andrei and Agor are doing. I hope they didn’t get stabbed to death.[1. Nat: both of them are with girls who are quite violent and unlike Aegir, can’t calm them down with sex]

When the entire speech was finished and the King leaves the reception hall, the nobles break off into groups of different sizes and start friendly chats. After all, there are many territory nobles who don’t usually leave their land so it is a good opportunity to deepen friendships. I’m sure invitations to dinner parties and talks about marriage are flying around.

「Lord Hardlett.」

Ah, so he’s coming here. I turn around to see Erich.

「It’s been awhile……I guess it hasn’t been too long.」

It hasn’t been too long since the victory ceremony.

「I guess so……do you have some time?」

‘There is an unlimited amount of time, but the amount I can use is limited.’ is one of the lines I heard from the plays Nonna took me to watch and thought would make me seem intellectual if I said it, but I think it’ll be troublesome if I start unnecessary fights so I’ll refrain from saying it.

「I do.」

「Then follow me for a bit.」

I follow Erich and exit the reception hall, entering a room inside the royal palace that seems to be given to him. Myla didn’t know what to do so she follows along for now.

「You’re going places now, getting a room inside the palace and all.」

I heard that you have to be at least a minister to get an office inside the palace.

「Umu, Baroness Hyuutia leave us for a brief moment.」

Aah, Myla can’t stay as I thought. But who will remember what is said if she isn’t here? I just realized that I forgot about Celia in the waiting room.

「Lord Radhalde, it’s alright. She is……」

She was an enemy not too long ago so I can’t say she’s trustworthy. And it’s meaningless to say she’s our ally, since that much is obvious. Hmm.

「She is my woman. There shouldn’t be a problem.」


Myla is surprised, but she would be chased out if she denies, so she puts up with it.

「……she is a noble who received peerage from the King. What will be achieved by making a vassal noble [2. Nat: I think I used retainer in the past, but maybe this is a more accurate description.] your woman?」

Erich looks up to the ceiling but he quickly regains his composure. As expected of a veteran soldier, he’s quick to recover.

「I will keep this matter in mind so please be discrete. Good grief, there are so few people who don’t cause problems.」

Erich also places a pitcher of water in front of Myla. This means he’s allowing her to stay.

「We went off topic. I’ll get straight to the point and ask you, but are you my ally?」

He’s saying something strange.

「Haah, I don’t think I’ve become your enemy once.」

Erich still does not drop his serious expression.

「Count Baldwin……I don’t like addressing him this way. Kenneth and I are getting all the vassals involved and are opposing each other in various ways, are you aware?」

Nope. But if I say that, the preface will be longer, so I’ll just nod.

「That Kenneth is going around spreading how close he is to you. Things like how he can invite you whenever he wants to balls, despite how rarely you show up, and how you send polite thank you letters when your wife receives gifts, despite your violent rumors.」

Ah, that reminds me, a letter was sent when I said I was coming to the capital this time. Basically all the thank you letters are written by Sebastian. He can write letters way more polite than me. In any case, I haven’t written a single letter so he may have mistaken his words as mine.

「Of course, I don’t believe what he’s saying and don’t think you’re with him. But when I see you riding the carriage he gave you, I’m inclined to believe that he might not necessarily be lying.」

So he knows about the carriage. That carriage is heated and doesn’t wobble too much so it’s quite comfortable. It also has a bed equipped so I can relax and enjoy my time with the girls too.

「There is also the fact that he might be trying to win you over from my faction and agitate me. That’s why I want to confirm with you. Are you still my ally?」

Although he’s still a soldier, he seems busy with work in the royal palace and the fight with a civil official with authority to do things. It seems impossible for a person like me to deal with.

「Lord Baldwin has helped me with many things. Nevertheless, I will follow you when the time comes. I believe I have been your friend from the very beginning.」

Erich’s expression relaxes. I guess he just wanted to hear those words.

But I would like it if he doesn’t tell Kenneth. The carriage is convenient and I don’t want to return it.

「I see, then that’s good. But if you get too close to him too often, it’ll cause unrest among my subordinates and vassals. I won’t tell you to refuse his invitations, but I would like if you also participate in my gatherings as much as you do for him at the very least.」

Aah, an unnecessary task is added to my list. I wonder if I can have Kroll or Gido disguise as me and take my place. I guess it’ll be impossible, since their dicks are too small.

After that, I chat with Erich in a calm atmosphere.

「You are already one of the most prominent great feudal lords in all of Goldonia. Do you have any relationships with the adjacent nobles?」

「No, not really.」

「Fumu……The people around you may also want to connect with you. Why don’t you hold a ball in Rafen sometimes?」

Erich smiles slightly.

「Many of the feudal lords around you are traditional nobles too. If you win them over, your influence will also increase. To be honest, I am not as skilled at smooth-talking as Kenneth is, so most of the traditional nobles have gone to him.」

Originally, the traditional nobles would keep Erich and Kenneth at arm’s length, treating them as newcomers. But with the downfall of Marquess Hoover and the authority in the royal palace being divided amongst the two of them, the traditional nobles have to choose to go with one of them, no matter how much they dislike it. There are very few nobles who would remain stubborn and decide not to choose a side, since that would mean they wouldn’t be promoted.

With these two choices, many of them side with Kenneth, who persuades them skillfully with words and does things in ways comparatively closer to how they do things, rather than Erich, who focuses on managing a violent, new noble soldier.

However, that is only within the palace and the situation is different with the noble feudal lords. Since they only head towards the capital once or twice a year, they care more about their own territory than what’s going on within the capital. There is almost no merit to being with a neighboring great feudal lord or belonging to a different camp.

「You especially……have an incredible reputation after all. Those nearby will definitely want to have a friendly relationship with you.」

In the previous war with Treia, a little before the seeds of war were sown, the disturbance I caused with that country was the commonality those nobles had with me. We picked a fight with a single nation, fought their army, plundered the city and came back. That’s the simple story, but there are a variety of specific events that happened. In any case, I’m sure they will all be afraid of me in some strange way.

「I understand. When I get back to my territory, I will try to speak to those around me.」

「Good, let me know when you do. I will also send someone from my side.」

If I tell Nonna, she will get excited and want to buy another new dress, I’m sure. The money she used to secretly buy a ruby necklace has been chalked up as a loss by Adolph already.

「I’m tired from all this talk about politics.」

「That’s true, I’m usually not one to talk about it either.」

Erich smiles bitterly and stretches. He is also a soldier by nature so the contest of influence happening within the royal palace isn’t his strong suit. He’s pointlessly competent at his job though, so that’s why Kenneth is gradually falling behind.

「Is the rebuilding of the Central Army progressing steadily? A considerable amount of them sunk in the river and all.」

Erich slumps and falls exhaustedly over the table. It’s unusual to see him like this.

「You really don’t hesitate to say things……. Soldiers aside, there aren’t enough commanders. Right, the issue is with that.」

After saying that, Erich takes out some documents. I continue to pass them beside me but Myla gives me a dubious look, oh right, Celia isn’t here. I guess there’s no choice but to read it myself.

「Royal……training institution?」

「That’s right. Because basic education is necessary before you have the talent to lead soldiers. The commoners’ children will be educated and raised to become future commanders. There will be some who aren’t suited to be soldiers, but if you have the basic education, you can get a position as a domestic affairs official or a governor.」

I see, if you train the commoners, you can get commanders who aren’t influenced by the various nobles.

「But wouldn’t that take time? You’ll need personnel for the next few years too, and I thought you didn’t have enough currently.」

「Umu, it won’t only be the children, a place to give high class education to all the adults around them will also be prepared. There are quite a few young knights and even children of commoners of wealthy families who have received basic training after all.」

He adds how he wonders if the young nobles would come too and smiles.
I see, so he’ll prepare two places: one for educating children from the start and a place to train those who have a certain level of education into commanders.

In that case, it’ll be very likely the latter will take a year to produce commanders.

「Those who are educated in this way will be preferentially appointed as commanders and they will be promoted quicker as well. The aim will be……the second and third sons of knight houses and the sons of merchants looking to advance.」

How interesting. If this existed from the start, it would have been nice for Celia to learn here, but she already has experience leading an army and has been educated as well.

「There are already a few people who enrolled in this training institution……the national school is already in operation. You’re in the military too so perhaps you could hold a class or two.」

Why do I have to do something so troublesome? I thought about declining, but when I look over at Myla, her eyes are sparkling. I guess she’s the type who likes teaching others.

「I’ll be intruding on you when there’s the chance then.」

For now, I’ll leave the door open for future possibilities.

「Now that you mention it, am I still a person in the military?」

Erich slumps over the table again.

「……Were you not listening to what His Majesty was saying earlier?! You were officially designated as the commander of the field army reserves. You will be in charge of several corps during wartime!」

I thought for sure that reserve meant an honorary position. If I consider one corps to have 15 000, several of them would be quite the number. With that said, a full-scale war is still not planned yet. I’ll think about it when I’m backed into a corner.

Erich and I talk awhile after that and it becomes time to leave soon.

「You’ll be staying for some time in the capital, right? I won’t keep you for too long today.」

It’s boring to talk with guys while sober. And it’s not like we can drink alcohol in the office of the royal palace either.

「I’ll send you an invitation letter to our ball or dinner party in the near future. You absolutely have to come. Don’t go to Kenneth’s first, or we’ll dispute again.」


I’m glad I have territory. If there was political strife every day I’d get depressed and fall ill or run away feeling crazy about sex.

「The latter is already happening.」

I thought you kept quiet for a while, but that’s the first thing you say when you open your mouth? You deserve some punishment.


When I forcefully stick my finger in Myla’s crotch area, I mistakenly put it in her asshole instead. The servants in the corridor turn to look at us when they heard a strange voice. I return to the mansion while patting the head of the protesting, teary-eyed Myla.

By the way, Celia, who was left alone, was completely sulking and sitting in the waiting room while hugging her knees. I’ll cheer her up by massaging her face loose.

When I return to the mansion, I see Dorothea with a troubled look and Nonna with an unhappy look. As soon as she sees me, Nonna speaks out.

「Aegir-sama……are you planning on turning the mansion into an orphanage?」

「I didn’t tell you about it?」

「I know that Dorothea-san would be coming to look at the mansion, but for all the children to enter as well!!」

「……Mother Dorothea-san, are we not allowed to be here?」

「……Ahem, there is furniture and other high class items here so it would be bad if the kids scratch them.」

When she saw the kids look like they’re about to cry, Nonna’s anger diminishes a little. She is also extremely womanly, except she looks at things in a noble’s perspective.

「They’re not particularly dirty. They’re nice and clean, aren’t they?」

Rather, Carla and Irijina are much more dangerous to have around. Those two are the most destructive after all. Putting aside the fact Carla drops flower pots, I still don’t understand to this day why Irijina charges into doors and destroys them.

「We don’t have much money left too.」

「You’re the one saying that?」

Carla’s remark is correct. Dorothea’s children don’t spend wastefully and all the kids will clean, so the maintenance fee won’t total more than a few gold per month. That’s about the same amount as Nonna’s monthly spending on tea and sweets.

「More importantly, I talked with Erich just now and the topic of interacting with the nearby feudal lords came up. I was thinking of holding a dinner party or something when we get back to Rafen.」

Nonna’s eyes light up.

「I’ll provide you with the money, so would you like to buy a fashionable dress?」

As expected, the cultural center is the capital and although Rafen is developing, the difference in clothes, especially high class clothes, is like night and day.

「Miti! Let’s go!」

Nonna predictably approves of Dorothea and pulls Miti along. Seeing how a single person would not be able to carry all the bags, Miti also brings several kids with her.

「Aegir is spoiling her again.」「I don’t know about this.」

Carla and Celia sigh. It’s fine, she’s cuter this way.

「It’s fine if you bought something too. We’ve come all the way to the capital anyways, so don’t worry about money.」

「……Then I’ll be going out for a little bit. I’m taking Leah with me as well.」

Celia and company will be going around to all the confectionary shops, I’m sure.

「Mm, then I’ll guide Mireille around.」
「Oh, the capital, huh?……I wonder if these clothes are fine.」

Even though it’s the capital, there is an extensive selection of clothes ranging from those for beggars to those for a King, so pick out your favorites.

Myla and Gido also head out, leaving the mansion silent. Accurately speaking, there are a bunch of children in front of me, who aren’t making a sound probably because they’re feeling nervous.

「Here, come.」

I pick up a girl about 10 years old and rest her on my lap. At first, she was a little scared but when I shove a sweet baked treat in her mouth, her face instantly melts. On sight of the sweets, the other children start flocking around me excitedly.

Sweet foods are a luxury so they were not given any, instead they are all eating well and are growing up steadily, meaning there is not a single one who is too thin. When the girls grow up a little more and become closer to adults, I’ll try whispering my love to them.

「Arara, I’m terribly sorry.」

Dorothea lowers her head in a hurry.
The woman is already past her 40’s but she still looks relatively young. As I thought, she wasn’t eating well before, which made her look thin and older.

「There is fruit juice over there. Go and drink as much as you like.」

I lower the girl sitting on top of my lap. I got hard after looking at Dorothea’s ass and breasts. I can’t have my dick pressing up against such a young girl after all.

Well, time to drink with Dorothea, and pull her to bed when I see an opening. It was at that time when I was about to talk to her.

I could hear the neighing of several horses in front of the entrance. And then I hear the sound of wheels rolling on the stone-paved road. I hear the sound of many hooves, meaning it’s a large carriage pulled by multiple horses?

That reminds me. Didn’t she say she would be coming to the capital? There’s no way she could be slower and more laid-back than me when journeying here.

It happened right at the moment the door to the entrance was opened.

「My beloved one!!」

A bright red wall spreads out in front of my view.

「My beloved! My man! Your Claudia has arrived!!」

Claudia, who jumps out from the carriage, is wearing a bright red dress and doesn’t hesitate to leap straight at me. She has an unexpected leaping ability for a woman and is literally soaring towards me. She would crash headfirst into the ground if I avoided her, so I spread my arms to catch her.


Claudia doesn’t only use her hands, but her feet as well to cling to me.

「Aah, I’m speechless! Two years……two years was quite long. My love, aah my love!! Clothes are in the way, body is in the way. I want everything to disappear so I can become one with you, melt with you, eat you up……no, I want to be eaten up, I want to be a part of you!!」

She didn’t even take a breath, yet she was able to freely say so much. But that’s not what made me groan. She’s simply heavy, probably more so than Irijina.

「If you cling to me so much I won’t even be able to kiss you.」

As I say that, Claudia jumps off me and gives me a kiss. Without reservation, she gives me a sloppy kiss – one that makes wet, slurping noises – and I’m usually the one who puts my tongue in the girl’s mouth, but this time Claudia twists her tongue into my mouth, as if trying to reach all the way down my throat.

「Puhaa……it’s silly to do this in the afternoon where people are looking. Now, let’s get inside the house.」

「Yes, I’ll be intruding!!」

Clara gets off the carriage, taking only her personal belongings with her and bows her head. She was still a child the last time I embraced her, but two years has past and she’s gotten so much more beautiful that I hardly recognize her anymore.

「Come, come, come, come! Let’s head to bed!! I will suck on your large tool. Please slam it into my lewd hole too!」

The somewhat older children and little kids cover their ears.

It’s a good thing Nonna and the others aren’t here. It’ll be fine if I calm her down before they come back.

「Mother Dorothea~ The red pig flew~」
「H-hey now! Please be quiet!」

Fortunately, Claudia didn’t hear, but Clara and I smile unintentionally. Our eyes met and we press our lips together for a light kiss. She’s also my woman who I haven’t seen in a long time.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 1800 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 6240 gold (labor -100) (girls’ shopping -10) (Nonna’s shopping -100) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Accompanying to Capital: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort), Myla (peace officer)
Claudia (heavyweight MILF[3. Nat: literal is attractive mature lady, but I think this is funnier], sexually frustrated), Clara (assistant)
Family: Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 104, children who have been born: 10



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