Chapter 124: Inflamed Love


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I managed to get Claudia to sit on a chair, despite how much she wanted to cling to me, and prepare some alcohol and something light to eat.

「You arrived in Goldonia way earlier than me, did you not?」

「Just three days before. In those three days, my crotch was itching and it felt unbearable……it would leak incessantly,​ so I changed underwear countless times……」

Claudia doesn’t hold back at all. It seems she has nothing in her head except wanting me to embrace her.

「Madam, if you talk in such a vulgar manner, Hardlett-sama would be disgusted.」

Clara chimes in, but Claudia puts a hand to her mouth, pretending to notice just now.

「Oh my! How vulgar of me……this is also because I have Aegir-sama in mind. Please forgive me.」

「No, I don’t mind. It’s been two years and you’re are looking more and more attractive.」

I compliment Claudia as I give her entire body a once-over. If I were to use one word to describe her, it would be fat. Her upper arms and thighs are gradually exceeding the limit of being plump.

Her face doesn’t have any obvious areas with excess fat so her attractiveness as a woman remains sufficient, but her figure has considerably deteriorated. But her stomach, which should be the one thing that stands out as being fat, is mysteriously constricted. It can be considered a little abnormal when you compare it to her large plump ass.

To sate my curiosity, I pull her close as if whispering words of love to her, but rub her ass and stomach. However, Claudia seems to have taken it as me requesting sex.

「Aah……my love’s hands are on my ass……aaaaaah, I can’t bear it!!」

「Hey……」「Madam!!」「Wah!」「Don’t look!」

Of all things, the sexually frustrated wife of the marquess rips open her chest area to expose her breasts in front of the children acting as waiters and Kroll, who was helping out with various chores. She fondles both her breasts as she looks at me with a feverish gaze. At this rate, she would very likely start masturbating on the main road if I give the order.

Kroll quickly suppresses the front of his pants and leans forward. Even though he lost his virginity, he’s still sensitive.

「Please stop, madam!」

「I want to be fucked……I want a cock slammed into me……」

Clara desperately tries to stop her, but she’s no longer in a state where words will get through to her. So feeding her and talking to her was useless? It can’t be helped, I’ll just embrace her like this. I stop using keigo and speak as if giving out an order.

「Since you said that much, I’ll embrace you immediately. Come to the bedroom.」

I forcefully pull the hand of the madam and drag her into the bedroom.

「So I’m going to be fucked……I’ll be held against my will and raped.」

What are you talking about with your breasts fully exposed?

We enter the bedroom and as I was about to silently strip Claudia of her clothes, she unexpectedly resisted, putting her hands on the bed and turning her ass towards me. I then flip up the hem of her dress and rip off her expensive-looking underwear.

「Foreplay is unnecessary. Please slam it into me.」

「Look how amazing it is.」

It was soaking wet, almost as if she just came out from taking a bath. It was worlds apart from just her genitals being wet, her entire thigh was wet, and her love juices even made several streaks down to her ankles.

「First I want to touch your body so get fully naked.」

「T-that is……I don’t mind doing it like this, so thrust as you want……」

She’s resisting again. I thought about tearing her clothes off as soon as she said that, but I wonder what she is hiding.

「Madam, if you want to enjoy your time with Hardlett-sama passionately, there is no way you can hide it.」

Clara is also in the room to help out. Claudia doesn’t pay her any attention, like it’s natural for her to be here.


「Please resolve yourself.」

Clara undoes the string of the madam’s dress and the clothing falls to her feet. What was revealed was not her fully naked body, but a tight corset. Ah, so this was what made her stomach seem constricted.

I loosen the extremely tight corset and the excess flesh of her stomach springs out with enough force to make a sound. I see, this is the round belly befitting those flabby arms and thighs.

「Aaah!! Don’t look. I can’t help it, since the food in White City has some magic cast on them to make a woman fat.」

You’re lying, it’s probably because you sleep after eating. But although this body isn’t the prettiest to look at, it might actually be nice to embrace and slam my dick into. Her large ass will fully envelope my meat rod and with such a plump body, the small Claudia won’t feel much pain even if I’m a little rough.

「Don’t tell me you won’t embrace me! I won’t be able to live if you hate me! Oh, I know, I can just cut off this ugly stomach with a sword.」


I pick up the fully naked woman and throw her on the bed. If you’re prepared for it, she’s lighter than a fully armored knight, and I’m more than capable of throwing her. I get on top of the confused and upside-down madam, take her hand and have her feel my cock from above my pants.

「How is it?」

「It’s big. This enormous cock……is the one I saw in my dreams.」

「It got bigger because of your plump body. Do you still think I don’t want to embrace you?」

Claudia stops hiding her body and uses both hands to stroke my cock. Her mouth is half open and her face is flushed, almost as if she’s a dog in heat.

「Please pardon me.」

Clara hugs me from behind me and takes my clothes off. Those movements are skilled so I get naked immediately, and my erect cock is exposed.

「It’s big……much bigger than even the one I saw in my dreams……how lovely.」


Not only Claudia, but Clara is also in awe with wide eyes. I wouldn’t understand since I see it everyday, but I guess it seems bigger to them after two years.

「You’re my woman, right?」

「Yes! Of course!」

So she declared that as a married woman, I have to be careful Nonna and the others don’t get stolen from me.

「This is selfishness on my part but this is your punishment for getting fat. Use your mouth to satisfy me.」

As soon as I said it, Claudia takes my meat rod in her mouth and swings her head intensely. Because she got aroused so suddenly, I haven’t had a chance to take a bath, but Claudia doesn’t pay attention to that and fills her mouth while desperately licking my shaft with her tongue.

「Nboh, nboh, nbuu!!」

Her service is enthusiastic but what stands out is also how rough she is, and although that vigor feels nice, her teeth bump against my rod, she occasionally swallows too much, and my dick thrusts deep into her throat, causing her to choke harshly. Even so, the appearance of this woman in her mid-thirties happily sucking on my cock arouses me greatly.

「That’s quite good. Turn around and point your ass at me.」

Without going up against me, the woman turns around on the bed while continuing to hold my dick in her mouth.

「What a large ass. How could you get it so chubby?」

I give her ass a slap. As soon as she starts having sex, Claudia would rather be roughed up than to be treated gently.

「Nbooh, that is-!?」

「I didn’t say it was okay to stop. If you want my cock, continue your service.」

In a hurry, she resumes her service using her mouth while I slap the overly plump ass in front of me, opening her vagina and rubbing her clitoris roughly. I thought for a second I was being too rough but her love juices seep out of her hole like a small stream, puddling on my chest. It wasn’t something thin like female ejaculate but a thick and dense fluid.

As Claudia continues to service me for awhile, her ass turns red and shakes left and right as if greedy for something. She’s serviced me so dedicatedly so I guess it’s about time to let her have some fun.

「That’s enough servicing. Lie face up and open your legs and spread your hole.」


The madam in heat doesn’t have any words for the fast-approaching penetration. Following exactly what I said, she rolls onto the bed, opens her legs and spreads her hole wide. I get on top and push my dick into her.


I grab her already spread legs and push them further apart as I don’t hesitate to put my weight behind my thrusts. Because of Claudia’s overly plump body, she should be able to handle this kind of rough sex.

「Ooh, that feels good!!」

「M-me too……ooooooaaah!! Ooooooh–!!」

「Haha, you’re just like an animal.」

I pull my hips back greatly and slam 90% of my cock into her vagina. There’s just a little bit left, but if I push any further than this, she would scream sharply so this is the limit. She’s a married woman so I can’t just break this lewd hole I borrowed.

「Does it feel good? How is it, should I be more gentle? Or rougher?」


I don’t understand what she’s saying but I guess I’ll just go at it even harder.

Short bursts of flesh slapping noise accompanied by a soft wet sounds echo in the room, and when I shift my eyes behind me, I see Clara masturbating while watching us have sex in the missionary position. I have to give her some love too.

「It expandedddd, aaahhhiiiih!!」

Claudia’s eyes roll back as she continues crying out. With her white eyes, dripping snot and drool, her face is a little disgusting, so I guess I’ll suck on the nape of her neck to avoid looking at it.

「I’ll give you the first shot for now. Inside? On your face?」

「Both issssss-!!」

What a luxurious woman.

「Cumming, cling to me!」


Claudia tangles her entire body with mine and clings to me. The tip of my dick fixes itself to the entrance of her womb as I let out a groan.


At that moment, my meat rod convulses and begins ejaculating. I can feel my semen flowing through her entrance and spraying inside her.


She lets out a short growl as a thick load is released into her, and her entire body loses strength. It seems after letting out a sound indicating her climax, she fainted.

「Woah there.」

Without realizing it, I pull out my still ejaculating cock and spray her face with semen as well. The warm seed juice splashes on the madam’s face and seems to have woken her up. While my cum continuously sprays on her face, she uses both hands to catch the spilling fluid and scoops them in her mouth.

「Is my seed tasty?」

「It’s smelly……and sticky……and it tastes the best.」

After the ejaculation finishes, she sucks in the liquid with a nasty sound as I stroke her head.

「Make it clean.」

「My pleasure……」

After my ejaculation, I push my dick, which still retains its rigidity, in front of her and have her suck it.

「My body……how was it?」

「It doesn’t look the prettiest but it was nice. But I do think it would be nicer if you got a little thinner.」

I do prefer more voluptuous girls than thin girls, but there is a limit to how plump they can get. The reason I could embrace Claudia without much problem is probably because I slept with that dwarf woman before.

「Uu, so I’m too chubby as I thought.」

「Age is also a factor so there’s a certain extent which can’t be helped, but it’s not good for your belly to be flabby like this.」

I roll Claudia over and put her on top of my body.

「My cock still isn’t soft yet. Move your hips on top and get some exercise.」

That is when Clara cuts in.

「Please wait a moment. The madam, she hasn’t used any contraceptives. We have some that can still be effective even if you take them after sex.」

I have heard about drugs that still have effect even if used after sex and are fairly expensive, but she doesn’t seem to have any financial restrictions on anything.

「You dampened the mood. It’s fine, since my belly has never given birth to a child in several decades after all.」

With that said, she grabs my meat rod and drops her hips.

「Oooooh……it’s so thick」


With her weight, my dick enters deep and buries itself into her womb as she starts rocking her body. Clara seemingly gives up trying to convince Claudia since she didn’t seem receptive to listening.

「It feels good! Please grab my ass!! Please punish my fat, unattractive asssss!」

She screams as she swings her hips fervently. It seems she wants to be abused.

「Do you feel good with your belly jiggling like that, you bitch, no you pig. Swing your hips more, you sow!」

「Noo, so cruel! How crueeel!!」

Claudia cries out while rocking her hips with a soft smile, and the temperature of the room has risen before I knew it, causing even the motionless Clara to begin sweating.

「It’s because of you that it’s so hot in here. Is it fun to shake your hips while covered in sweat, you sow?」

「Fun! It’s fun! It’s the best to have sweaty sex!!」

「You’re lewd on top of being a pig?! There’s no saving you!」

「Save mee……Please save this lewd pig with Aegir-sama’s penissss.」

「Penis? Say it more vulgarly.」


I slap her ass with all my strength

「More indecently!!」

「It hurtsss! P-penis, I want you to save me with your dark, burly penissss!」

「Good, continue saying it.」

「Penis, peniss……pe-……not gooood!! My crotch is hot, it’s burningg!!」

Claudia seems to be really close to climaxing.

「What happens when it gets hot?」

「I’ll cum! This thick penis is making me cum over and over and making my hole burn! I’ll become a burning pig!!」

「What a lewd woman. It’s fine to cum as much as you want, but you better not stop moving your hips. Continue rocking them until I tell you.」

「Aaaaah!! I’m cummingggg!!」

After that, Claudia continues to scream vulgarities as I ejaculate three times into her uterus in the cowgirl position. The woman has climaxed several times more than that but I don’t let her faint, waking her up and making her continue shaking her hips, resulting in a scene of carnage where her sweat and love juices make it seem like she pissed the bed multiple times.

「Madam……looks horrible.」

The married woman seems to have resolved her sexual frustration, lying on the bed in the ‘大’ character pose with seed flowing out of her crotch and her tongue sticking out of her half-opened mouth. Her ass is all red and swollen after being hit and her vagina has been used so much that the flesh is all puffed out.

「I thought about using her ass too, but if I go any further than this, she might really die.」

「And it really is unbelievable that Hardlett-sama is still hard after all that.」

「I haven’t completed all my objectives after all.」

I push my dick in front of Clara

「Will it be fine if I just service you?」

「No, I want to do it all the way.」

Claudia will probably not wake up until the next morning. I fucked her so much that she’ll continue sleeping for several days in the worst case.

「……then I’ll oblige with your request.」

Clara goes off to the corner of the room as if hiding from Claudia and puts her hands against the wall.

「You’re okay with not using contraceptive?」

「Actually I used some before coming into this room.」

「So you were anticipating this……like so」


When I push my meat rod into Clara from behind, I can see that she was pretty wet already.

「Nnn, so tight. It’s squeezing me nicely.」

「I haven’t had a man in me for two years after all. But it’s not because I’m tight, the penis going inside is thick. Guu……」

「I’ll enjoy it to the fullest, make you pass out and lie you beside Claudia.」

「You wouldn’t, please have mercy……」


I mercilessly cause Clara to faint and then lay her beside Claudia. I thought about having fun with the two of them on top of each other while they’re passed out, but I could hear Nonna’s scream from the entrance. When I look outside, it’s already quite dark and seems like I’m out of time.

「Aegir-sama, what’s with the carriage outside!!?」

「Claudia’s come over.」

「Where is that woman!?」

「Sleeping in the bedroom. She won’t wake up until tomorrow.」

「Geeeeez–!! What are you thinking, letting her come into the house!?」

Nonna is shouting happily.

「I should ask you what you are thinking. Are you stupid?」

Everyone who came home, including Celia and Leah who just arrived, nod at Carla’s point.


「Speak after looking behind you. This idiot.」

Behind Nonna are Miti and the other children she brought along with their hands full of bags, followed by staff who are carrying the confectionaries, tea, tableware, accessories and pelts that could not be carried by Nonna and company.

「I thought I told you to buy a dress or something……」

「The dress is custom-made so it would take a few days.」

I see, so she ordered that too. Since her breasts are so big, the readily available items probably don’t fit her.

「I think you’re more of a problem than the woman who has come here.」

「It isn’t like that at all! This is necessary!」

If you want to gather nobles, you would need things like expensive tableware and furniture. But I still don’t think Nonna has a good eye for this, so I’ll bring it past Sebastian once at least.

「By the way, where is Casie?」

I thought she was sticking with Celia and the others.

「She was resting over Leah’s shoulder just now.」
「Eeh!? Really?」

At that time, there was the sound of a strong gust. It seems there have been lots of windy days lately.

「……don’t tell me she got blown away.」

「I’ll go look for her!!」

Around the time when the sun set, Casie was finally found crying behind the alley. She flies into my chest as soon as she sees me.

(I was scared! It was dark and I didn’t know the way and I wouldn’t know what to do if ghosts appeared!)

「Alright, it’s alright, everything’s going to be fine, there’s no such thing as ghosts.」

(Uuu, there was really something in the shadow under that tree.)

She probably imagined it so it’s nothing to be scared of. Now, let’s go back home and eat.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 2000 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 5840 gold (labor -100) (Call up -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear
Accompanying to Capital: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort), Myla (peace officer)
Claudia (heavyweight married woman), Clara (assistant)
Family: Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse)
Sexual Partners: 104, children who have been born: 10



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