Chapter 125: Actor Soul


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–Aegir POV–

「Wel-welcome to our humble abode Madam Malordol. Please help yourself to some breakfast.」

After passing out as a result of our lovemaking, Claudia continued to sleep until this morning, where she appears in the dining room wearing a dress. Nonna and Carla greet her wearing formal wear but Nonna, being the legal wife, speaks with an uptight face and uses honeyed words.

「Ara, why thank you.」

I know it’s weird coming from me, but there really is no one else who would still act so unashamed after sleeping with someone else’s husband.

「Please take a seat over there.」

The seat Nonna prepared is the spot opposite me, with the table putting a fair bit of distance between us. Letting the guest sit when greeting the head of the house is the correct thing to do. However, believing that there is a possibility Claudia might do something unreasonable, Nonna and Carla sit on either side of me to prevent her from interrupting.

「I’ll be fine over here.」

Claudia goes beyond their expectations and sits on my lap instead.

「Wha-!」「Hey you!」

Unable to hold back anymore, Carla tries to grab Claudia. That girl really doesn’t hold back so there’s a possibility she will knock her over.

「Claudia, I can’t relax and eat like this. Please take your seat properly.」

「Aah, I’m terribly sorry! How rude of me!」

In a hurry, she raises her butt and kisses me before taking a seat.

The teary-eyed Nonna and the angry Carla glare at her, unable to enjoy eating their meals.

After the meal, the luggage is brought in one after the other according to Claudia’s orders. I’m grateful for the souvenirs, but it would be nice if there isn’t anything strange this time.

「Aegir-sama, was the armor I sent you earlier helpful at all?」

Celia reflexively looks down. Don’t laugh; it did make an impact, but it would be a big deal if someone found out, and I don’t particularly want to talk about it either.

「Yeah……it was useful.」

「I’m glad! I’ve realized since then. Even if you have armor and a spear, if you don’t have a shield, there is a tiny chance that an enemy might pierce your body with their spear!」

She continues, saying ‘if that happened, she wouldn’t be able to live anymore’, clinging to my thigh, though later separates herself since the conversation wouldn’t progress any further. It only makes me have bad feelings about what will happen next.

「That’s why I brought you a shield this time.」

The shield brought forth was a polished metal one with a slightly gaudy design carved on it, but it looks sturdy enough for practical use.

「I told them it’s too boorish……but the blacksmith didn’t listen.」

He probably has doubts about what you did to the armor last time.

「No, it’s better like this……」「That’s why!!」

Claudia inlays several jewels in the depressions of the shield’s carved decoration. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds……. The strong-looking, metal product quickly became something of bad taste belonging to a typical rich upstart.

「Now it looks elegant.」

I wonder what the blacksmith was thinking when he made those indents. I want to remove those jewels and use it as a regular shield. Also Nonna, she’s staring at those jewels.

「I also had them make this while they were at it. It’s quite uncouth so please give it to an escort or follower or something.」

She quickly drops the sword one of the servants was holding in my hands. I try pulling the sword out and see a sharp one-handed sword, not even one meter in length, with the blade around 60 centimeters long. It’s a slightly small sword but this is perfect for using inside a room. It’s lightweight and it doesn’t have such an intimidating presence like the Dual Crater. This might actually prove more useful than the shield. I can’t walk around the city with a spear or a large sword after all.

「And this is the precious gift for you!!」

Claudia moves onto the next item, absolutely uninterested in the sword.

「A painting……?」

It isn’t just a bad feeling anymore, but it’s become a certainty.


The veil is removed and what is drawn on the painting was a character who looks like me and another character who looks like Claudia, but the story told in the picture is getting even more risky.

The man standing imposingly has his dick exposed and thrust into the woman’s crotch. What is amazing is the size of the member, which is almost as large as a person and the tip is even thicker than a person’s head. If this thing becomes erect, it would tip the person off balance and he’ll fall over. Though that may be my jealousy speaking.

「It might be a little exaggerated, but it is a result of love, so please forgive me. The promising painter is young, but I have become that person’s patron……It took six months to finish this.」

Although it might be to earn the support of a high class noble, I wonder what kind of person is needed to continue working on this strange painting for half a year. If I look carefully, the woman’s hips are beautifully narrow and her limbs are extended elegantly, exposing how much pleasure she’s in. I guess flattery is the secret to getting on in the world.

「Thanks, I’m happy.」

Following the artist’s example, I say my thanks and softly stroke Claudia from her neck to her chin. As soon as I did so, her breathing becomes rougher, and if I continue like this, it might turn out like yesterday where she takes off her clothes, so I stop before it gets good for her.

「Since you’ve become a Count and now hold territory, I’m sure you have many things you desire, so I brought some gold for you as well…… I actually intended to bring more if not for that merchant! She forgets the debt to my family and is being a cheapskate! Good grief, how ingrateful!!」

Clara whispers in my ear from behind.

「We have 10,000 gold. The madam mentioned the master’s1 name and took a loan from the incoming and outgoing merchants. However, there is also the daily labor so the merchants seem to have a natural upper limit pre-determined from master…….」

「I’m sure there would be.」

I can understand since I also have territory, but 10,000 gold is a fair sum even if you possess land. The master must also be someone incredible if he is willing to dish out this much for Claudia’s selfish wishes. Moreover, I’m sure those ridiculous paintings and jewels cost a pretty penny.

「Nevertheless, the male prostitutes are not being supported anymore, and other than that the expenses don’t seem to have changed much. She has held back on luxuries like this time’s dress and jewels too.」

Clara adds that she heard this from a servant who has been with her for a long time. So she’s been spending like this all this time……as expected of a Federation noble, unrivaled throughout the entire continent.

「Nonna, won’t you also become like that in the near future?」
「I won’t! Please don’t say something strange.」

Carla jokes with Nonna. It would be nice if I could allow such luxuries to be bought too.

「And this is ‘that’ thing.」

I take the documents Clara secretly hands me. Those documents lists the details of the powder used in that metal pipe……that thing called a cannon.

When the cannon was taken to the blacksmith, it seems like the cannon itself would take an abundance of material and time and effort but it isn’t something impossible to make. But they could not figure out the recipe of the burning powder no matter what. Clara had investigated but it appears to be a form of prohibited goods, it was impossible to attain through normal methods and unable to be sent through a written letter as well.

「I worked hard and even asked those in the military.」

「You did well.」

「It isn’t only the madam, but I am also attracted to you. Please don’t forget, ‘kay?」

「Of course.」

I give her a light kiss in a way Claudia wouldn’t be able to see.

「Even a child servant!?」
「Those eyes, it’s clear she’s in love with Aegir. She’s definitely been embraced already.」
「I guess it’s true there’s no time to relax.」

It’s ten times as noisy when Nonna and Carla agree on something.

「And this is the item I wanted to show you the most!」

I wondered what kind of enormous item she was going to bring out, but she hands me a small box with about 10 little bottles inside. They probably contain medicine or something similar.

「This is alcohol made from macerated pickled Abora fruit.」

Nonna holds her head but everyone else doesn’t seem to know about it. I don’t know either so I look to Clara for an explanation.

「Abora is a plant that only grows in the far north of the Federation. They produce fruit in the winter so it’s extremely difficult to harvest them……」

The far north of the Federation is already barren as it is, moreover when it is winter time, you still need to risk your life even when equipped with the proper gear.

「It’s a powerful aphrodisiac!! If a man or woman drinks this, they’ll become a sex beast for the entire day. Your cock won’t lose its strength and a woman’s gushing spring will not dry up. I tried testing it on a servant, but a maid was attacked immediately and they fucked for the whole night.」

Claudia laughs with a ‘hohoho’, but I thought I told her to treat her servants gently……but I guess she wouldn’t care about any other servants besides Clara. I’ll let her do as she wants.

「Even for me it was hard to obtain. I’ll offer you everything so please use this to make a mess of me……」

Her breathing has gotten rough once again and she stretches her hand towards her crotch. It would be a problem if she started masturbating in front of everyone so I stroke her hair to distract her attention.

But this might actually be the best gift. I wouldn’t do something cowardly like use this to make a woman mine, but it is well suited for enjoying ourselves in the mansion. It might be amusing to have a sex-crazed orgy.

「Well, what do you want to do today? It might be a little shady compared to White City but would you like to watch an opera or something? Or perhaps you want to mate until our hips give out?」

It appears the days I need to accompany Claudia while trying to appease Nonna and the others will continue for quite some time.

Afterwards, a letter from Claudia’s husband himself – Marquess Malordol – arrived. I thought it would a huge disaster, but the contents only have the Marquess apologizing for the trouble his wife caused.

“It may be sound haughty of me writing as a Marquess of the Federation but, I won’t ask about the earlier incident where my wife went to Goldonia to sight-see and relied on you to entertain her. I believe it to be a large amount of selfishness on her part which caused you trouble, so I will apologize in advance. I guarantee on my name as a Marquess of the Federation to compensate you if you have suffered any loss.”

The aforementioned contents of the letter brings to mind a great deal of trouble on his part.

「It would bring shame to the head of the family if his wife acted rudely towards other nobles after all. I’m sure he has it hard.」

Nonna appears behind my back and sneaks a peek at the letter.

「The Marquess went out of his way to tell me, huh.」

The Olga Federation is a large nation separated from the countries in the Central Plains. They have more or less some form of diplomatic relations with Goldonia, but they absolutely don’t believe the remote countries are equal with them at all. Someone like a Count of Goldonia will probably be treated like a Baron in the presence of nobles from the Federation.

「I’m sure she would be causing trouble all around the Federation anyways, that madam.」

It might have become a habit for an apology to be sent in advance before the wife’s stay.

「But it hurts my heart.」

Far from being hurt or troubled by the Marquess’s wife, I’ve been getting gold and gifts from his fortune and even gone so far as savoring the madam’s body plenty of times. On top of that, I even took his daughter’s virginity. If I have the chance to meet him, I’ll have to put up with most things and avoid embarrassing him.

「There is no end to the struggles with such a selfish wife, don’t you think?」

I silently stare at Nonna before pushing her to the sofa and tasting her. It wasn’t rough, hip-bumping sex but lovemaking where we whisper sweet words of love to each other while kissing passionately, taking our time to connect with one another.

A few days later

「You still have a ways to go, it’s out of the question. Please improve and come back again.」

Claudia is saying ‘no’ in a harsh tone while the girls are moaning and groaning out of the room. Nonna and I are watching together.

「Hey, don’t you think you’re being too harsh?」
「If you have an opinion, I’ll prioritize it.」
「No, I also didn’t think much of the people just now.」

What we are doing is searching for a troupe to hold a performance in Rafen’s theatre. I’m sure the theatre is currently in a state of constant deficit and unable to pay the performers’ fees, so I’ll have to pay their wages out of my own pocket to have them perform. They can make up for it if they become popular and turn the fees into sales.

I’ll be the one who gives out the money to hire, so naturally I will have to choose the members as well. We gather some members excluded from each troupe and some promising newcomers to make up the numbers, but I can’t find an actress to be the focal point of the troupe.

「Even if we expect growth in the future from the other people, unless we have a core of skilled people, we cannot establish a troupe.」

That’s how we were conducting this interview based on what Nonna said. Claudia overheard and stuck her head into our business, but her playfulness is leagues above Nonna, and her sharp eyes are terrifyingly accurate.

Nonna was reluctant at first, but after harshly judging her acting, acknowledged her promiscuous spirit. It might be fine to let Nonna handle the inspection, but when she assesses things, she’s sure to create a problem that will come up in the future. She might go to the capital to watch a play in the future. As a husband, I want to try my best not to let people think poorly of my wife, so I’m sorry to say but I’ll have the outsider Claudia shoulder all the burden.

「She seems to be having a wonderful time.」

Claudia is joyfully cursing out the leftover actress candidates. It’s good she’s having fun.

「Nevertheless, there is an incredible number of people here.」

「I guess so. Rafen is far, but this is for a troupe of the theatre and to be the starring act as well. Moreover, the wages are guaranteed so the newcomers unable to feed themselves will come flocking to us.」

「This is serious business for the actresses too, huh.」

「It’s a dog-eat-dog world after all. They will do anything to appear on stage.」

Nonna puffs out her chest as if proud of herself. I guess I’ll let her do it, since her breasts are big.

The strict interview conducted by Claudia continues after that.

「This girl and this girl are a step above the others. They are both different types of people so I can’t really say which one is better.」

「So two people……Nonna, what do you think?」

「I prefer this one over here……mm, but this one is also……」

So she’s unable to reach a decision, oh I know.

「I will let you know the result soon. This will be it for today.」

Without telling the results to the two of them, I hand them their wages and have them return home. There is still some time before I head back to my territory. I’m sure I’ll know which one I prefer before then.

「Then, shall we eat out?」

「I’m terribly sorry. I have a tea party later……」

That reminds me, Nonna told me she was going to have a tea party with the wives of the new nobles. This kind of meeting with fellow wives seems to be important so I’d like for her by all means to try her best too.

「I have been invited to have dinner with the finance minister of Goldonia, but if it is for Aegir-sama’s sake, I won’t go!」

I’ll get blamed if you don’t, so please go. Even though it’s an unofficial visit, there can be something to gain because of their high status. Rather, I’ve excluded a lot of those things, so if she goes, they would be willing to entertain my needs in return too.

Celia and the others don’t know much about theatres or plays so they went out to buy things or eat. Should I go wandering for a bit?

I put the one-handed sword I received from Claudia on my waist and leave through the entrance. This weapon is the only weapon I have that doesn’t draw attention when I’m in the city after all.


As soon as I left the premises of the house, someone called me from the shadow of the door. I thought it was going to be a quick chance for me to test my sword, but it seems like something different.

「Oh, from the interview just now, right? What’s wrong?」

「I have something I couldn’t tell you through the earlier acting, so I would like if the Count-sama could watch one more time.」

「……It will be unfair if I only look at you. In addition, as you might have noticed earlier, I’m a complete amateur when it comes to acting. It might not change much even if you show me.」

「I don’t mind! I just want another chance in front of my admired Count-sama. If you want, maybe you would like to have a meal before this?」

Fumu, it’s fine since I was thinking of eating something anyways. This girl……is Lilian if I recall. She desires to be an actress and she’s beautiful, so it might make my meal taste better if I have a pretty lady to go along with it.

「Fine, do you know which shop?」

「Yes, I have the perfect place in mind.」

The restaurant and bar Lilian led me to is fine, and after having a light meal with some alcohol, the girl takes my hand and leads me to a room on the second floor. Things start to progress from there.

「Count-sama……I know about the etiquette. Please have an interview with my insides too.」

Lilian lies on the bed fully naked, wriggles her body suggestively and takes her fingers in her mouth. The turned up blanket and the ass I caught a glimpse of is a beautiful white color.

「Hey, hey, don’t you think this is a little unfair?」

「Ahn, Count-sama’s hands on my breasts……」

Nu-, my hands just grabbed her breasts on their own. Her whole body is pretty voluptuous yet her stomach is slim and she also has a pretty waist.

「I’m an actress after all, so I have maintained my body quite strictly. But I’m plenty plump, so I’ll show you that I can satisfy a man like Count-sama too.」

「But you see……even though both of your acting is equal, this kind of method isn’t really related.」

「Oh my, we were equal!? In that case……I must also fight outside of the thea-, aaah–it’s so big!!」

Nu-, my dick went into her vagina on its own.

「If you choose me, this body will belong to Count-sama, you know? If we are equal, could I ask you to say something to your wife?」

Lilian rocks her hips while whispering sweet words in my ear.

「Mmm, but after the girls especially conducted the evaluation, what good is it if I made the decis-……uuu-!」

「Ah! You came……such an incredible amount……what a manly ejaculation.」

Nu-, semen came out from my balls on its own. I guess I’ll think about it after I let everything out.

After my ejaculation ends, the two of us lay beside each other wrapped in the blanket. Since the sex developed from such a sketchy situation, I caress her entire body afterwards to make up for the lack of foreplay, which is reciprocated by the girl’s gentle stroking of my cock while using my arm as a pillow.

「Actually, I was a lead actress of a certain troupe.」

The name of the troupe the girl mentioned is a very popular one, even in the capital, competing for first and second. The fact that even I know of their name is something to say about how famous they are.

「But during the time we weren’t profitable, they found out about my naked dancing at a cheap bar and I was exiled from the troupe……and the rumors spread, even to the other small to medium troupes.」

For better or for worse, scandals regarding a famous troupe in the capital are persistently spread. When it happens with travelling entertainers or any arts groups in the area, it actually gets even more heated regarding those topics. Especially in Lilian’s case, it seems that people were jealous of the fact she’s young and at the peak of her career, and rumors about an exaggerated truth circulated everywhere.

「After that, the people who called out to me were theatres with a primary focus on sexual acts, and in the worst cases, brothels themselves would try inviting me.」

It appears Lilian rejected all those offers and survived from the funds she saved up during her time as a lead actress.

「I have become an actress. I will not work in a brothel if that will cost me my pride. If that ever happens, I would rather die a dog’s death.」

The girl has pride from climbing to the top once before. Although I don’t think badly of prostitutes.

「You’re fine with becoming my lover?」

Lilian smiles with a face full of determination and no hint of flirting.

「If you will let me act properly……and stand on the stage as an actress, I will do anything. I will agree to lick your dirty asshole or let 100 men beat me up. Everything is for the sake of living as an actress.」

So she doesn’t want to her to make a living by sleeping with other men, but she will do anything to achieve her goal. I don’t dislike such a way of thinking and she has a nice body, but I’m curious about what drives her.

「It has been half a year since my banishment from the troupe……at this rate, I’ll be finished as an actress. I believe this is my last chance, so I will do anything if you choose me.」

「What an interesting woman.」

「Aren’t I?」

We look at each other and smile. It just so happens that my dick has gotten energetic again.

「I’ll have you show me a little of that acting then.」

「Fufu, what do you think about this?」

Lilian stands me up from the floor and falls on the bed.

「Brother! We are siblings, so intercourse is forbidden!」

What an interesting idea.

「We both like each other, so what’s wrong with showing our love?」

My acting is terrible and unbearable to watch, but Lilian responds immediately.

「Brother, you are the heir of this family and of suitable age to get married! If it is discovered you had sex with your younger sister, you will be disowned!」

「I won’t choose love and think about the future.」

I push the girl over and suck on her breasts.

「Please stop! You know how much I think about you, my brother, how much I admire you……I thought I finally gave up on you……now, my feelings will burn up again!!」


This is the limit of my acting. But her acting doesn’t stop.

「Everything is your fault, brother……you poured oil onto the dying embers of my love. I’m falling into this hell of depravity, this swamp of immorality. I’m certain there will be no future and only ruin will await us. Even so……I will let my body be burned by this instantaneous desire.」

Without saying anything, I once again plunge my cock into her vagina.

「Brother’s member, I’ve seen it countless times in my dreams……for it to feel this good……please feel free to move how you like. Tear the virginity of your younger sister and dominate this body that has grown with you many years with that rod of yours.」

Lilian’s acting is as expected; she speaks in a dramatic fashion yet her expressions and gestures are indistinguishable from acting. Nonna and I have done sister-play before but this is worlds apart from that. So this is what a true actress looks like.

After being together with a person related to a theatre, I reach my limit faster than usual.

「I’m cumming!」

「Oh brother, you’re cumming, aren’t you. You’re going to get your younger sister pregnant, aren’t you……Please pour it into the deepest part of a person who shares the same blood as you!!」


At the time of my ejaculation, Lilian clings to me with her entire body. And when she felt my seed coming out, she rocks her hips while continuing to cling to me to magnify the feeling of my climax.

「Aah……that was good.」

「Ufu, thank you very much. Then, regarding the selection process…………fufu, thank you very much.」

I didn’t even say anything yet, but she just went ahead to thank me after looking at my eyes. How could she tell?

「Then, shall we drink some more downstairs?」

I grab onto Lilian’s hand as she gets up from the bed.

「Could I ask you to act as the older sister next time?」

Lilian laughs with a ‘fufu’ and smiles.

「Even if I have to be impolite?」

「Is there such a thing as being rude when a man and woman are together in bed?」

Lilian trails off with an ‘in that case’ and lies on her stomach on the bed.

「Ara, Aegir, you were here? This is perfect, could I ask you to massage my body?」

Her playing as an elder sister fires me up many times more than when she plays as a younger sister.
In the end, it was decided that Lilian would be the leading actress who welcomes Rafen. This is the result of an impartial decision and I had no influence on it at all. Well, of course not.

Life in the capital continues free from accident. I participate in a ball held by Erich’s faction and say my compliments in the dinner party held by Kenneth’s faction. I entertain Claudia back at home and keep Nonna in a good mood as well.

It was a day where I was slightly getting sick of everything. When I arrive back home after returning from a ball with Nonna and Celia, acting as the escort, Dorothea is almost in tears as she jumps at me.

「What’s wrong, making an expression like that?」

「The children……two of the children haven’t come back!! They only went out to buy something……」

It will be the next day soon. There’s no way they could get lost on the way to the nearby marketplace. There’s no way they got blown somewhere by the wind like Casie either.

「Alright. It’s already dark, so you girls go back into the house. They probably won’t be found after a rough search.」

They dressed in plain clothes to avoid being too luxurious. There are plenty of people out there who would want to kidnap orphans.

「No way……Memel……Ami……」

Dorothea crouches and cries. Carla and Mireille, who searched the neighborhood around the house, appear to have nothing to say either.

「I’ll do something about it, so go back in the house and calm down first.」

It seems like a small storm is brewing.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 2200 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 15440 gold (Claudia’s gift +10 000) (Ball expenses, etc. -100) (labor -100) (Call up -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, Jewelled Shield, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Accompanying to Capital: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort), Myla (peace officer)
Claudia (heavyweight), Clara (assistant)
Family: Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 105, children who have been born: 10


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