Chapter 126: Children and Mature Lady


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Two children went missing. After I heard that from Dorothea, I throw off my formal wear, change into leather clothes I can easily move in and put on my steel arm guards.

「Explain the situation first. In as much detail as possible.」

The only thing I asked about was the two kids who went out to shop and didn’t come back.

「Memel and Ami……if they don’t return. Aah! It would have been better if I went myself!!」

The conversation won’t go anywhere when Dorothea is so agitated. Myla explains in her place while she changes her clothes as well.

「The two who went missing are girls – one who is 8 years of age and the other is 12 years of age and both of small build. They went out before evening and the sun was high enough for them to return home after a short period of shopping at the nearby marketplace.」

So two little girls went missing after they went out for a little shopping.

「It’s probably an illegal slave merchant or something of the sort. It happened to both children at the same time when the sun was still out and they were on their way to the busy marketplace. If those guys weren’t used to doing it, it wouldn’t be possible for them to capture the kids.」


Dorothea holds her head while collapsing to the floor, which prompts Miti and the other kids to hurry over and support her.

「What should we do?」

Celia is already finished her preparations and is holding the sword made by the dwarves. As expected of Celia and Myla, they are used to being on the battlefield so they don’t panic even in emergency situations.

「Even if the kidnapping occurred in the evening, they shouldn’t have time to transport them. If a covered wagon were to run at night, it would catch the guards’ eyes, and it would be the end if they get stopped, so they probably won’t take that chance. If they want to sell the kids, they would need to wait until after the sun comes out before they can move them.」

「So until then, they should be in some building?」

「Most likely. If we can find them tonight, we can bring them back.」

「Is that true!?」

Dorothea swiftly lifts her head up.

「I’ll do as much as I can, so wait quietly in the house. Gido, Kroll, protect the mansion. Celia and Myla will come with me.」

They probably aimed at random orphan kids, so there’s a chance they will aim for the kids at home too. Nonna and Claudia are at home too so I can’t just take the entire fighting force.

「If the escort squad enters, we can overwhelm them.」

「The guards will be a bother if we gather soldiers within the capital. It would be a waste of time to explain things, and worst case the kidnappers will run away if they sense a large gathering.」

It would be all over if they leave the capital. The girls would become playthings for perverts or be headed for the brothels.

Celia, Myla and I head out on a stroll at night wearing light armor and swords at our waists. If we wear heavy equipment, it would ultimately aggravate the guards and eat up our time.

The door closes, as if interrupting the voice of the worrying Dorothea and the bolt gets locked in place.

「Where should we search first? Perhaps a place where criminals are likely to gather?」

「Should we try the slums?」

Celia and Myla propose some ideas but eventually get rejected. If we were to run a fine-tooth comb through all the suspicious places in the wide capital, we wouldn’t even get through a tenth of the places by morning.

「Search for a prostitute.」


Don’t be too loud, we’ll stand out.

「Hardlett-sama!? You were in the capital, eh? I didn’t get any customers today, you see~ I’ll make it cheaper, so one round……-wait, you have girls with you? The three of you together? It’s fine I guess, but doing it with girls isn’t my forte, you know?」

I find a street prostitute I know on the path. I’ve been with her many times already.

「That’s not what I’m here for today. Actually……」

I tell her about the place where the children were believed to have gone missing and ask about any rumors regarding illegal slave merchants targeting small kids. Those kind of guys don’t just pass along casually. In order to slip past the eyes of guards and citizens, it would require much experience and familiarity with the land.

「Aah……over there, huh……then it’s probably those guys……」

「Please tell me where their hideout is.」

「Mmm, well it seems that they’re going out with our boss here and……I can’t really say much, and it might mean we can’t continue doing business here……」

「Please tell me.」

I hand her the several gold coins in my pocket. This should allow her to live for the next year or two.

「Geh!? I-is this all gold!?」

「If you can’t stay here, I can bring you to Rafen and introduce you to a nice shop. Tell me quickly, please.」

Celia draws her sword.
Please answer quick, I’m begging you.

「The ones who are targeting kids in that area are probably Baroll’s party. Their hideout……well I don’t know if they have one, but they are often seen entering and exiting that warehouse with a blue roof on the main street.」

「Alright, let’s go.」

I take Celia and Myla and run to the place we were told.

「Ah! Don’t forget about what you said about taking me with you, okay?」

I reply by turning back and raising my hand slightly. I can do something as long as I know the place.

「So using a thief to catch a thief……is it?」

「Exactly, playing with women can be useful sometimes, don’t you think?」

「I admit that but……in the end, you made another one into your woman, didn’t you?」

「Keep it a secret from Nonna.」

We joke lightly while keeping our feet moving quickly. As we head to the district of warehouses the prostitute told us about, we see only one place with a blue roof. I move to the front, Celia moves to the side and Myla stabilizes the formation behind us.

We silently move all the way to the entrance but the warehouse doesn’t look any different from any of the others on the surface. Putting my ear to the door, I hear two men chatting idly but I can’t make out what they’re saying. Geez, this is troublesome, if I make a mistake when I charge in, I can just use my authority to suppress it.

I knock on the door violently.

「-!! Ya, yama.」

A code? If this was a regular warehouse, the person who filled the place wouldn’t say something like that.

I draw the sword I received from Claudia and kick down the door forcefully. It wasn’t a thick wooden door so it breaks and falls into the room.

「Gueh!!」「Who is it!?」

The man standing behind the door fell over along with the door, while the other one tries to unsheathe his sword.


But Celia tumbles in quicker than he could do so and stabs the man in the chest. The sword with the dwarven marks is able to easily pierce through the leather armor and the man’s body.

「You’re not used to it. Don’t go up front too much.」

Her movement is far slower than usual. She’s being held back by the heavy sword.


To be precise, the sword pierces the man’s heart and when the weapon is pulled out, blood squirts all the way up to the ceiling. In a flash, Celia swings her sword down towards the head of the man who was pinned under the door. As usual, she is merciless.

「We’ve caused quite the ruckus. They should be fairly vigilant.」

A rattling sound can be heard from the room around us. It appears our next opponents will be heavily armed.

「Won’t we allow them to move the kids?」

「They shouldn’t think we’ve come to recapture the kids. Guys who are in this occupation have many enemies after all.」

I grab the corpse by the neck and lift it up, taking it to the connecting corridor and hurling the body after opening the door. As soon as I did so, a bang could be heard and the corpse was pierced by a bolt.

「Let’s go.」

When we jump out through the door, we see a man aiming a bowgun at us from the end of the corridor. In a panic, he tries to reload, but there’s no way he could do so in a few seconds.


Estimating that he wouldn’t make it in time when I charge at him, he abandons his bowgun and pulls out the knife attached to his waist, but it doesn’t look too reliable.

I run towards him without paying attention to his weapon and sideswipe him with my sword.


The right hand which sticks out to try and block my attack dances in the air while still gripping the knife. I would lose precious time if I got hung up by this man so I don’t stop running and pass him.

「Please stop, agh! Gogh!」

The two following behind me similarly slashed at him. I don’t think he’ll remain alive after that.

「Hey, stay here!!」
「No……I want to go home……」

A man’s angry shout and the crying voice of a girl, must be that room.

I try kicking down the door of the room I heard the girl from, but it seems something is blocking from the other side and I can’t open it.

「What should we do?!」「Let’s escape from the window for now, we can beat them up when we round up some people.」

It would be problematic if they escape outside.

「What do we do?」

「Myla, can you go?」

「Of course, but if the door is blocked, unless I can go around to the window……」

The wall separating the corridor and the room is made of wood, and it isn’t thick like the walls made with a stack of logs. From the voice of the man I heard before, I know that one of them is along the wall close to us. I stick my sword into the ground and swing my arms barehanded.

「No way……it’s impossible.」
「Are you serious?」


When both of my fists crash into the wall, they break through and stick out from the other side.

「Wha-!! The heck-?!!」

Once I feel the sensation of the man by the wall, I grab him and pull him towards the wall with all my strength. After several snapping sounds, a large hole opens in the wall and I pull the man completely out of the room. Like so, another entrance is made.


There are two other men in the room, who are confronted by Celia and Myla after charging through the gaping hole.

「You are-! Count Hardlett!?」

The man I pulled out draws his sword. I would be at a disadvantage if he distances himself since I have no weapon, so I’ll finish him off now.

「Nonna, I’m borrowing your technique.」

「What are you saying-, Gyaah.」

While grabbing the man, I give him a vigorous headbutt, causing the man to squirt blood from his forehead after one strike. The man grimaces in pain and drops his sword, but I don’t let go, following up my headbutt with a second and third strike, tossing him aside to retrieve my sword after a fourth headbutt caves his head in and causes the man’s entire body to spasm.

「Are you unhurt?」

「I’m alright. Please check on the children.」

Myla and Celia are each crossing swords with their respective enemies. The children are in the corner of the room clutching their heads and trembling in fear. I was thinking about saving them.


Celia’s situation doesn’t look good. The heavy sword doesn’t match her style as it is, but combining the fact that it’s large and she can’t swing it around in the room, it works against her, putting her at a disadvantage. It’s fortunate that her opponent is not much better than an amateur or else Celia would probably be dead if she faced a skilled knight.

「Celia, stand down and take care of the kids.」

「I can still……no, I’ll step back.」

As Myla sees Celia turn towards the children, she also goes on the offensive. I guess she was worried about her.

「Damn, how can a woman, you……guwah!!」

After parrying the enemy’s sword, she leans in and slashes once at his knee, then skillfully lops off the head as the man unconsciously lowers it. Myla can’t fight like Irijina, who overpowers a male opponent with brute strength. But she’s sufficiently large for a woman and is pretty muscular, so her attacks aren’t powerless, plus she’s capable of exchanging blows skillfully and beautifully. In terms of swordplay, there is no one more skilled than her.

「I’ll back you up.」

「No need.」

Myla comes over after finishing off her opponent, but there is no need.


It appears it wasn’t just the sword that caused Celia to struggle against the man I’m facing off against. He must have returned from the war because his movements are quite sharp. But even so, it doesn’t matter.

「I guess that’s it.」

When I block the man’s slash and take a step back, he swings his sword down with his full strength to finish me instantly. I sidestep his attack and swipe at the man’s side after he exposes a fatal opening by slamming his sword to the ground.


Fresh blood sprays out as my blade digs into his body and cuts him open. The man tries to hold back the guts gushing out from his body but ends up dying anyways.

「Are the children safe?」

「Yes, they’re alright.」

Celia seems to have secured the two girls. She’s covering their eyes with her hands and clumsily trying to comfort them.

She’s doing well. With heads flying and innards gushing out, the room has become a total mess after all.

「I’m counting on you to look after the kids, Celia.」

As long as we can bring back the kids, there is no need to look for the slave merchant. Let’s hurry and return home.

But it seems it isn’t over yet.

「What an idiot.」

When we go outside, about 10 men wearing leather armor and holding swords and short spears are waiting for us. A man who appears to be the leader is holding a large sword and yelling at us.

「Did you think you could just go home!?」

「That is for our mutual benefit.」

I leave Myla and Celia with the children and step forward. Since there are so many of them, there might be some idiot who goes after the children.

「If you hand over the kids and women behind you, your life will-……」

「How noisy. Hurry up and come at me.」

I only have the one weapon Claudia gave to me, but I think I’ll manage somehow.

「H-hey. Isn’t that guy Hardlett?」
「The fierce god Hardlett……can we win with a mere 10 people?」

As expected of the capital, people know my face. I participated in the triumphant war celebration twice after all.

「Look closer, you cowards, he only has a single one-handed sword! Where do you see the great spear he wielded on the battlefield?!! We’ll kill and bury him!!」

The leader shouts, the other men agree and get into a stance with their swords. Fine by me, it would be annoying if they scattered all over the place.


I evade the two slow swords that jump ahead of the vanguard and cut up the men holding those swords – one gets cut below the knee and the other’s head gets lopped off and falls to the ground with a plop. If they were heavy cavalry, it would be harsh for me, but a single one-handed sword is enough to deal with this group. It would be easier if I had a spear.

「My leg, aghhhh!!」

「Shut up.」

I kick the face of the man who was crying in pain to quiet him down.

「Now, who’s next?」

「You guys, surround him! Stab him with your spears!」

A man wielding a short spear yells and charges at me. He appears to be aiming for the center of my body so I won’t be able to dodge. Because of that, it’s easy for me to grab his weapon.


I firmly grab the tip of the spear and lift him up. In that opening, a man charges at me from behind, in which I respond by piercing my sword through his throat and slash him up. Uwah, his blood is flying everywhere……how dirty.

The man abandons and releases his grip on the spear, so when I turn around, I stab the man in the throat, causing the man to laugh with a stiff expression.

「Hah, hahaha.」

「Hahaha, is it funny?」

「Yeah, I’m actually, gugyaah!!」

After returning the spear to him deep into his right eye, I turn around to face the remaining enemies. There are six of them remaining, including the leader.

「If you don’t kill me quickly, it’ll be morning, you know? What was the punishment for illegal slave trading again?」

「Shit! Get him all at once!!」

Five people attack me after surrounding me. I block the sword of one person coming at me from the front with my own sword and deflect another with my metal arm guard. I twist my body to evade the spearhead of the third person and use my fist to punch him to the ground.

「Uwaah! What are you doing?!!」

A man wielding an axe attacks me from behind, but when I wait until the last moment to dodge, the man loses his balance, stumbles forward and sticks his axe into the thigh of another man in a stance with his sword.

Attacks from all direction will cause friendly fire if weapons without range, like a spear, are used. Even more so for an amateur group, that level of attack is too high for them.

I kick the back of the man holding an axe and cause the two of them roll together, pushing my way through the enemy locked sword to sword with force. The powerless man is unable to hold back my strength and gets flipped over, splitting his head half open.


One of them ignores the leaders cursing and runs away, but that shouldn’t be a problem. An object shining in the dark – the short sword thrown by Celia – soars through the air and stabs the man in the head.

「Guh……it hurts……」

The man I punched tries to gets up while holding his broken nose, so I gently run my sword through his throat. The only ones left are the leader and the two who committed friendly fire.

I behead the man desperately struggling to pull the axe stuck deep in the other man’s thigh, causing the man’s pathetic ally to cry out for his life due to his serious injury.

Well, this guy didn’t lead the kidnapping operation and he can’t fight anymore so I thought about keeping him alive.


But when I turned my back on him and stepped away from him, a short sword flew and hit the man in between the eyes. Aah, I didn’t tell Celia to spare him, my bad.

「Well now, there’s only one remaining.」

「Damn it all!!」

「You’re the principal offender so there’s no way I can let you escape. Unfortunately, even if you run, I’ll definitely chase and kill you.」

I speak while approaching him one step at a time.

The man who appears to be the leader takes a stance with his large sword. Looking at just the sword, I may seem to be at a disadvantage, but seeing how the tip of his sword is trembling, I don’t feel like I’ll lose.


The man charges at me with his sword held above his head. His stance is full of openings and as I position my sword sideways to prepare to slash his stomach, the man suddenly raised his leg. This area isn’t the main road so the ground is dirt, not to mention it hasn’t rained recently so it’s quite dry. He kicks up the sand to blind me.

「That brute!!」

I can hear Celia and Myla shouting. Seeing me lean over, the man laughs while charging at me.

I’m sure he’s certain of his victory and opening his eyes to capture that moment.

「Here you go.」

While leaning over, I grab some sand and fling it forcefully at the man’s face. Sure enough, the man was looking firmly at me, so he ends up bending over and holding his eyes.

「My eyes–!! Aaaaaaah!!」

The sand he kicked up wouldn’t just conveniently enter my eyes. If he wanted to blind me, he should have done this.


The silence of the girls is a little scary so I’ll have to settle this quickly.

「Please save meee! I didn’t want to do this either!!」

「Is that so, but most of life is like that too.」

I bring my sword up and swing it down on the top of the shoulders of the man who lost his vision and is blindly swinging his sword at me.

A loud cry of agony, which pierces the dead of the night, rings out.

Although this is an unpopular warehouse district, if we make so much noise with our clashing blades and shouting, it was inevitable for the guards to come. I’m still able to use my special privilege as a noble and just mentioning their superior’s name in Erich allows me to leave the aftermath to them so I bring the children back home with me. If I take too long, Dorothea will burn a hole in her stomach after all.

「Yo, we’re back.」

I gently pat the head of Kroll, who’s standing guard in front of the mansion, and have him open the door for us. As soon as we enter the mansion, Dorothea jumps forward with an unexpected expression and movements from her usual self.

「Mama~」「Mommy, I’m sorry!」

「Aah……aah……Memel, Ami……I’m glad. I’m so glad!!」

Dorothea hugs the children and bursts into tears. The children loosen up and start crying as well. Well, since I’m covered in the smelly blood of men, I should quickly take a bath.

I enter the bath along with Celia and Myla. Myla is unusually scrubbing my back diligently. Celia is positioned in front and washing all parts of my body.

「How rare, for you to wash my body.」

「You have earned my respect after today. There was that thing at the end……but there’s no need to fight properly against some beast below that of a human, who is willing to kidnap children.」

Myla carefully washes my back and occasionally presses her breasts against me. It appears to be a reward for a women-lover like me.

「I’m terribly sorry……」

On the other hand, Celia is washing my chest with an apologetic face. It appears she’s embarrassed about her ineptitude today. If she was equipped with her usual gear, I’m certain she could have finished the opponent she was struggling with.

「As I thought, in battle you should use a weapon you’re familiar with. Learn how to use that sword by training.」


I hug Celia tightly.

「I’m glad that you weren’t injured. The children are also safe, so you get full marks.」


Celia slowly returns the hug. Her erect nipples feel comfortable against my skin.

「Don’t forget. I’ll be sad if you get injured, even if you’ve slaughtered 10 enemies.」

Celia turns towards me with a teary expression, prompting me to give her a kiss. Alright, this time I’ll wash her back. What smooth and pretty skin, it would be a waste if she gets injured.


「I’ll wash Myla properly too, don’t worry.」

「That’s not it!」

After we finish washing each other, we soak in the bathtub together.

「……Well, naturally, huh?」
「It can’t be helped.」

My dick emerges from under the water. Of course there’s no way things would end after I wash the girls. Not to mention I get worked up after seeing blood.

「Shall we suck it together?」

It was when Myla and Celia were about to crawl their tongues on my dick.

「I’m terribly sorry for interrupting during your bath time. I understand how rude this is, but may I be permitted to wash your back as well?」

It’s Dorothea’s voice, though this is the first time she’s asked this kind of thing. As I give my permission, the woman enters quietly wearing a thin bathing suit.

「I apologize for disturbing your relaxation time.」

The woman lowers her head as low as if she was prostrating herself. It’s fine even if she doesn’t act so cautiously. There’s no reason to get upset because another woman comes in.

「Are the children okay?」

「Yes, they were tired so they fell asleep after crying for awhile.」

「I see……the lower half too?」

I don’t want to imagine it too much, but there are many perverts out there who like small children. I know a certain person who does. 1

「Yes, it doesn’t seem like anything indecent happened to them.」

「Then that’s good.」

I smile and get out of the tub to sit on a stool. Naturally, my erect dick is swinging around.


「What’s wrong, didn’t you want to wash my back?」

The woman looks surprised for a brief moment and touches her mouth with her hand but circles around my back after lowering her head to Celia and the others.

「Shall we go?」
「Yeah……yet another woman has been added.」

Myla takes Celia with her and gets up from the water. It seems they’re allowing this time to be Dorothea’s turn. Celia’s making a complicated expression so I bring her ear close and whisper to her.

「Let’s go out tomorrow, the two of us. Let’s eat something delicious together, then I’ll take you to a love hotel and fuck you until your hips give out.」


Celia’s face turns bright red, quickly becoming obedient and leaves the bath.

「I’m very sorry for disturbing everyone’s harmonious time together.」

As if it weren’t enough already, Dorothea lowers her head to the floor to apologize. I don’t have a hobby of making women grovel on the ground. I lift her back up and have her wash my back.

「I wanted to thank you as soon as possible, so for not having any patience, I’m really-……」
「You don’t need to apologize any more. Can I count on you for the front too?」


When she moves to the front, she naturally sees my erect penis.

「W-what an amazing tool. For it to be this huge……」

「Please wash this too.」

「Y-yes! You used this to……break Miti’s hole, didn’t you?」

「Hahaha, it’s alright. I’ll make you cry out in a cute voice now.」

「Those kids are truly happy. I’ve been in charge of this orphanage for such a long time, and there have been children who have fallen ill because of starvation and some who have gone missing like what just happened.」

Tears start welling up, as Dorothea must have remembered the faces of those kids. There seems to be some remaining tears after that big crying session earlier.

Even though she’s wearing a bathing suit, her ass and breasts seem to have gotten bigger. I’m sure she isn’t growing anymore so it must be that her thin body is returning to normal after eating properly. In the past, she must have let the children eat so they don’t starve, and hasn’t been eating much herself.

I pat Dorothea’s head as she gently washes my dick with her hands.

「I’ll protect everything within my reach.」

「How can I express my thanks to you……?」

Fumu, it appears I’ve completely earned her trust.

「Then, would you like to come to Rafen?」

But she slowly shakes her head.

「That won’t be possible. Even now, children still occasionally get abandoned at the previous orphanage.」

It seems she goes and checks three times everyday – once early in the morning, once just before noon, and once in the evening. Because the capital has more people, more children get abandoned. Since the war, tax has also increased so the number of abandoned children also seem to have increased.

「If I move to Rafen, I wouldn’t be able to save the kids abandoned in the capital.」

She’s a virtuous person by nature. How did she get brought up to become this way, or is she just different from other people from the start?

「What I’m worried about is the additional burden on Hardlett-sama if the number of children increased in the future. When that happens-」

The living expenses of a single orphan is probably around the same cost as one portion of Nonna’s tea cakes.

「Don’t worry because I can rent out another place if it becomes too cramped here.」

「To go as far as that, you don’t have the reason to……」

「Do you have a reason to look after the orphans?」

「There isn’t really a reason.」

「And I do have a reason.」

I bring my face closer to Dorothea as she looks up at me and press my lips against hers.

「Dorothea, I want you.」

「What are you- nmu-!!」

I entangle my tongue with hers and give her a deep kiss. I grab her flailing arms and have her stroke my cock.

She opens her eyes in surprise at first, but eventually closes them and continues stroking my cock. I thrust my erect cock in front of Dorothea, whose face has melted after the passionate kiss.

「Today won’t be only kissing, but I’ll have you entertain me until the end.」


Dorothea’s tiny mouth opens slowly and my dick enters the warm cavity while her teeth gently scrape against me. Alright, I’ll embrace her like this.

However, when my meat rod reaches Dorothea’s throat, she resists and my cock slips out of her mouth.

「Do you not want it?」

「No, we might get seen by the children if we do it here……」

Well, Kroll might be the one stoking the fire.

「Sleep in my bedroom. I’ll come over and visit you at night after I’ve had my meal.」

「You really want such a worn out mature woman like me? You have such beautiful ladies by your side beginning with your wife.」

「Nonna is the best woman. Celia and Myla are too……but so are you.」

It should be fine to have many women as long as I can love them.

「I’m undeserving of such praise. This is the unattractive body of a mature woman but……if that is what you desire, please enjoy embracing it.」

She’s given the consent, ahh I’m looking forward to it.

I fill my stomach, which emptied after I finished fighting the earlier battle, and head to the bedroom. I sit next to Dorothea, who is already in bed, and stroke her body from on top of the blanket. She is apparently naked already.

「I’ll be enjoying you now.」

I get on top of Dorothea, who nods slightly. I cover the woman lying on her stomach and lay my dick on her body. Her butt is slender but it appears I can put my dick deep enough in her. If this was Claudia, I doubt I would be able to put my dick in up to the root in this position.


She leaks a pained groan. As I thought, she’s too thin, and unless she puts on more meat, she won’t be able to accept me.

「Listen, don’t only feed the children, but fill your own stomach from now on too. Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need money.」

「Th-that is……aah! It’s thick and long!!」

「You are……already my woman after all.」

I speak while grabbing her hips and lifting her up. The way Dorothea looks now is as if an infant would pee.

「No, this is embarrassing!」

「You help the small kids urinate like this too, right? Go ahead, why don’t you try letting your pee out?」

「Please don’t humiliate me! I am 20 years older than you……」

Her face turns red and she covers herself with both hands. Her mature vagina simultaneously grips down tightly on me.

「Oh, it’s squeezing me. I’ll shame you even more.」

I purposely move up and down in a manner that lets her hear the sound of her juices. When I do so, Dorothea’s thin stomach bulges out in the shape of my cock.

「Hahaha, I can recognize my dick through your stomach. You gotta get some meat in your diet.」

「Something so big is……inside me?」

「Yeah, your 40-year-old hole is already mine. Feel it.」

Dorothea rubs the part of her stomach that bulges out unnaturally.

「A man is digging into me……it’s the first time in my life I’ve felt this sensation……」

「You’re usually acting as the mother figure, so it’s nice for you to be a woman sometimes……no, a bitch.」

I lightly bite the woman’s lifted back, engraving my mark on her body.

「Don’t, I’m a mother……everyone’s mother……」

I move Dorothea from the bed and have her put her hands against the wall so I can thrust into her more violently.

「Even a mother sleeps with her husband at night. What’s wrong with indulging in your sexual desire when the children are asleep?」

The sound of slapping flesh resonates loudly.

「A husband……awesome……it feels good!! Uwaaah!!」

Her screams sound like a mature lady at first but then sound like a little girl’s later. It’s perfect for me that she doesn’t seem to have much experience with men.

「How is it……over here!」

I pinch her clitoris.

「Hiiiiiiiih—!! No goooood, it feels too good!!」

「And this?」

I extend my hands to her breasts and pinch both her nipples, pulling on them lightly.

「Owww!! Nooo!!」


I let go of her nipples, and rub her breasts gently.

「Aah, that feels incredible.」

Alright, I’ll do more embarrassing things to her.

「How is this?」

I put my finger at the entrance of her asshole and slowly push it inside. It feels tight even for a single finger, so it doesn’t seem like I can fit my meat rod in there for the time being.


I only put it in a little bit, but her reaction is outstanding. Despite being disgusted, because of the buildup of arousal in her genitals, she doesn’t stop feeling pleasure. With the stimulation to her asshole, she finally starts to climax and her vagina clenches tighter.

「Haha, what an unrestrained orgrasm.」

「Aauuuu!! Aaaoooooh!!」

I thrust my cock deep inside and wrap her entire body up, kissing the nape of her neck until her climax finishes. Her skin has lost some of its elasticity, but that’s fine.

Dorothea shouts for several minutes and is about to collapse, but being supported by my meat rod, she is somehow able to regain her balance against the wall. Her breathing is faint and doesn’t even have the luxury to wipe the drool leaking from her mouth.

「Was it good?」

「Yes……You’re quite skilled.」

「It’s because I’ve slept around a lot.」

「What a bad gentleman.」

「You are a woman who belongs to that bad man from now on.」

We smile at each other and exchange a kiss.

「I also felt quite good. Shall I continue and ejaculate inside?」

「Ah……please spare me, I have yet to give birth to a child so I’ll get pregnant.」

「Isn’t that fine? There are people here to help you.」

「No, my children are those kids. If I have my own child, I may favor them over the others.」

Her eyes are filled with determination. It isn’t my desire to impregnate her against her will.

「Alright. Then please bear with it a little.」

I put Dorothea back on the bed lying face up and swing my hips in the missionary position. My thrusts are more intense than before, causing the woman to scream loudly and grab the sheets. I suck on the agonizing woman’s breasts, and suck hard enough to leave a mark.

「So rough!! Hiiiiiih!! I’m breaking!!」

Contrary to what Dorothea is saying, it seems her insides have more leeway than before. It must have been tight because it hasn’t been used in so long. I’ll stretch it out properly for you.

I grab her ankles and thrust into her as if piledriving her into the bed, with my ejaculation finally approaching.


I push my dick deep into her hole and pull out as soon as I feel my dick twitching.

「Dorothea! You are my woman!!」

「Hot-! Amazing amount of seed……」

I stroke my dick after pulling out and thick, jelly-like semen is released. Dorothea is instantly painted white with my seed from her face to the tip of her toes.


I roar as I continue to ejaculate, pushing my rod into her mouth.


After pouring enough seed into her mouth to make it overflow out, I roll her over onto her stomach and push my shaft against her asshole.

「That place is not good!」

It’s impossible to push in there since it’s so tight, but I want to try pouring even a little bit of my seed into her body. Most of my semen spills around her asshole, but it gradually seeps into her.

「It’s inside……something hot is dripping into my asshole……」

After I finish ejaculating lots, I also collapse on the bed. I’m tired today and I also satisfied Dorothea, so I can let her sleep like this.

「Thank you very much. You are surely……our god.」

It felt like she was in a trance-like state and saw something exaggerated.

The next day, Dorothea hesitated to enter the bath without permission, and everything was discovered by Nonna after Dorothea asked to enter the bath while covered in semen.

Nonna attacks me with her headbutts as soon as I wake up in the morning. An orphan nearby copies her and made the adjacent child cry with a headbutt.

Amongst the chaos, the two young girls who were saved last night came out.


「Hm, what’s wrong?」

「We want to become Hardlett-sama’s girls too~」
「Hardlett-sama, women-lover~」

Who indoctrinated them?

「I guess……but you’ll have to grow a little older before I make you into my women. That’s why you have to eat lots and sleep lots.」

「Okay~」「I’ll eat~」

But be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll become like that lady over there who’s eating her second steak this morning. By the way, Claudia went to sleep immediately after dinner yesterday, so she didn’t notice the commotion. It doesn’t appear like she’s interested at all.

My stay in the capital is almost over. Once I return to my territory, I’ll have to go around to my new territory too. But before that, I’m worried about the other girls……especially Mel and Claudia being together.

「Mother Dorothea, did you get Hardlett-sama’s seed? Sprayed on you?」
「You both like each other, so is it true that you swallowed his pee-pee?」

「Eeeh!? Geez, where did you learn that?!!」

Come out here Casie, you were peeking, weren’t you? Ghosts who give bad education need to be punished.

(I’m sorry~ My cheek is stretching~ Mine really won’t go back to normal~)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 2400 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 15000 gold (Prostitute Information Fee -40) (labor -200) (Call up -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, Jewelled Shield, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Accompanying to Capital: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Celia (adjutant), Gido (escort), Myla (peace officer), Dorothea (lover)
Claudia (heavyweight), Clara (assistant)
Family: Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 106, children who have been born: 10


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