Chapter 129: The Sigh of a Great General


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

After eradicating the worthless group of bandits, our patrol to send the girls back to their villages continues. While the family of the girls are delighted of their fortunate rescue, they’re worried about the bodies and hearts of the girls who were raped continuously. However, the girls did not seem depressed and desperately waved their hands at me when we parted.

Some of the girls didn’t mind being sex slaves if it meant they could come with me, but I told them that they probably couldn’t make any rational decisions right after escaping from a crisis, so I returned them to their family.

All the girls, excluding the still-developing girl, got a stomach full of my seed without the use of contraception. They told me they would take care of the baby if they got pregnant, so I didn’t hesitate to shoot it inside them. The bandits also did the same, so the girls hoped my seed would drive out the bandits’ semen.

And so we take the soldiers and start marching once again.

「Where was the next place again?」

I’m getting tired of repeating the same things again and again. Judging by the sound of Adolph’s voice, he doesn’t seem to have much drive either.

「It’s the city of Zan Dora. It is southeast from the Erg Forest and about due south from Rafen, where suitable land for farming spreads around the city and many farm villages dotting the surrounding land. The city is the central city of the area, so it has a relatively larger population, and although it may be restricted to only the nearby areas, their roads and bridges are properly maintained too.」

Fumu, so this is basically the core city of the countryside.

「According to the governor however, he has not finished gathering the head tax. He is delaying for some reason.」

「I guess it isn’t surprising at this point.」

「He’s a former Count of the Kingdom of Treia. He might have an unnecessary amount of pride after all.」

「If necessary, let’s suppress him with force.」

Leopolt cuts in. If they resist, there’s no reason to show any mercy.

「A fight?!!」

Irijina swings her spear as if waiting impatiently. It seems she felt bored fighting against bandits.

「I’ll at least listen to what he has to say.」

It won’t be too late to kill them after that.

When we entered the city of Zan Dora, what drew my attention was the group of armed soldiers. They are not particularly impeding us, but the several hundred soldiers gathered are too many to be just guards.

「Irijina, stay alert.」

「Yeah! If they come at us, they’ll be skewered!」

Even with that said, they shouldn’t be able to compete with the army I brought using the amount of soldiers and equipment they currently have. They may have been preparing for a revolt but I may have come earlier than expected.

「It doesn’t look like we can talk about domestic affairs like this……」

Adolph spreads his hands and sighs. If indeed they are suspected to be planning a rebellion, they will be judged without any arguments. There will be no need for Adolph to contribute.

We step into the former feudal lord’s mansion with that determination in mind, but the reaction we got was different than what we imagined.

「Why if it isn’t the feudal lord, what an early arrival……」

「Having come too soon, are your preparations for our welcoming not done in time?」

Myla sarcastically asks while looking at the gathered soldiers. I get my spear ready in anticipation of sending heads flying.

「No, there are various problems, however if I have a little time, then I can resolve this myself……」

Something is strange. This atmosphere doesn’t appear to be one where he’s trying to cover his screw up in preparing for a revolt.

I stop Celia and Irijina, who are preparing to attack, and ask him what’s wrong.

「Be honest, what’s wrong?」

The governor sweats profusely and speaks inarticulately.

「This is just something limited! It is a small-scale issue and will eventually be resolved by my own power……」

With a slam, I place my legs on the table.

「Just answer the question of what’s wrong!」

The governor hangs his head and starts speaking softly. What he said can be summarized as follows:

A small-scale rebellion of farmers broke out within the territory.

In the early stages, soldiers were gathered, but were defeated when they went to suppress the revolt.

The rebellion army distanced themselves from his reign by setting up camp in a natural stronghold – a hill surrounded by a forest – and established their own system of government.

The farmers in the vicinity heard of the rumors and the forces they are accumulating are increasing in size.

He drafted soldiers to form a suppression unit of several hundred people, but were repelled countless times.

So that’s how it is. The soldiers are part of the suppression force and the reason he can’t pay the head tax is due to the war expenses piling up. He must have been struggling desperately to settle this before I came.

「Not only to go against the people, but to fight and lose……this incompetent-!」

Myla is furious. As a feudal lord and noble, having the citizens rebel is something shameful and even more absurd is losing to an army of farmers. The failure of the governor will naturally also become the failure of the feudal lord so that’s why she’s angry. But nothing will happen even if we blame this guy now.

「We will deal with that later. Do you know how many there are?」

「I’ve been told the farmers that joined together have reached the thousands……but there are women and children mixed with that number so the amount of people who can actually fight may be less than that……」

He doesn’t really seem to know.


「A scout has already been sent, and we should be able to grasp the general situation within a few days.」

The place where the rebel army has set up their base isn’t too far from here. It won’t take much time for light cavalry to run over there.

「This matter seems to surpass your own capabilities. Entrust your soldiers to me and wait in your own room for further instructions.」

If there is no revolt, there will be no need to judge. But I intend to take away his position as the governor of course.

According to the report of the scout who returned the next day, the number of rebelling farmers is around 3000, living their own lives under their own unique system of government. However there are many women, children and elderly, and they only have around 1000 capable fighters.

「This is a dangerous omen.」

Adolph, who fundamentally stays out of talks regarding military issues, cuts in with a grave expression on his face.

「If they’re only causing a ruckus with weapons, we can persuade them with a reduction of tax or an exemption of crime, but we can’t ignore it when they’re running their own government. They will be lining up two forms of power.」

His face is grim.

「Unfortunately, I can’t overlook it.Even if it means a large number of citizens have to die, we have to suppress this with force.」

It’s an unusually uncompromising opinion from him, which shows how serious the problem is. Leopolt reports subsequently.

「Our target is the natural stronghold, but our horses can pass through the woods and the hill isn’t a steep cliff either. Their main defensive structures are simple too.」

That means it is possible to fight a field battle and attack them as usual. They did put up a fight when they resisted against the governor, so we can bring a few seige weapons with the assumption they’ll hole up in the city and residences, but we probably won’t be able to conduct a full-scale castle seige.

「Alright, then let’s depar-……」

「Hardlett-sama has plenty of things he has to do here!」
「The enemy is really just a mish-mash of 1000 farmers-turned-soldiers. I can handle it myself.」


In the end, Leopolt was left in charge of suppressing the rebellion, while Adolph and I remain in Zan Dora. Even though, I’ve wanted to go wild for so long now.

「We need to crush their reign. However we still need to be tolerant with the citizens after it’s settled……」

Adolph is insistently repeating himself to Leopolt, who’s heading towards the suppression, but Leopolt doesn’t answer. He seems like the type of person who can calmly massacre even women and children. Let’s provide some insurance.

「Myla, follow Leopolt and keep watch over him. You won’t have command over him, so just watch.」


Logically, she would be Leopolt’s superior since she has peerage, but I stress that she will only be acting as a spectator. Being a wise girl, she won’t interfere with Leopolt’s command. Having two people simultaneously lead is the main reason which led to her defeat and ultimately her virginity being taken after all.

She is still an exemplary woman though, so she would make a fuss if there is any unnecessary slaughter after the battle is over. It isn’t like Leopolt would insist on being thorough to that extent.


Leopolt turns his back, though it appears the tiniest traces of a wry smile appears on his face. There shouldn’t be any problems if I leave it to him.

「But it was the right decision to patrol. Problems keep popping up here and there.」

「Do you understand my hardships now? If I was not here, Rafen and all your territory will become like this too.」

Adolph, who wouldn’t even have a role if there wasn’t a large-scale rebellion, is calmly drinking tea beside me. He might doubt me even if I say it, but I have to admit what he’s saying is right. At the very least, the entire region starting from Rafen is extremely stable and rebellion is the last thing you would think could happen. There might be some soldiers injured due to the sudden appearance of an orc or it would just be small, detailed reports about the smallest things.

「As a reward, why don’t you choose a nicely dressed lady when we get back?」

「No thanks. Unlike Hardlett-sama, I don’t want a garden of flowers. Just a single wife is enough for me.」

Oh really, how boring.

Unlike the galloping scouts, the march of close to 2000 soldiers takes much time. In the meantime, I’ll just be talking to Adolph, like we always do back in my territory.

A Few Days Later

「The feudal lord, no, the governor will be dismissed?」

「Will we also be dismissed? My little brother is still young so it will get hard……」

「Hahaha, the governor will be fired but you will continue doing your work as usual since a replacement will come eventually.」

I gently inform the two maids who are looking at me with a worried expression on their faces. Their faces slightly become more cheerful as soon as I tell them. No matter the city, the servants of an influential person gets more favourable wages than any other occupation. On the other hand, there’s the risk of getting their bodies stolen.

「If you feel relieved now, hurry and lower your hips.」

I’m laying sideways on the sofa while one of the maids has gotten on top and remains still with my cock touching the entrance of her vagina.

「Okay, but……it’s so big and scary.」

「You’re wet enough. It’ll be fine.」

Unable to wait patiently any longer, I thrust my hips up and grab her waist, slowly pulling her down.

「Aaaahh, it’s going in……it hurts!」

My cock gradually penetrates her. The maid is still wearing her apron-dress and only taken off her underwear. The skirt is covering the part we’re connected, but that’s arousing in its own way.

「Is it really that amazing?」

The other maid is licking the nape of my neck while holding onto the hand of the trembling maid.

「Yeah, it’s not only thick, but it’s rugged and rubbing against my insides!」

「It doesn’t hurt?」

「It’s big so it feels a little painful, but……the feudal lord-sama is so skilled, aahn! It feels good.」

I rub the ass and suck the breasts of the maid who said such pleasing things. She quickly climaxes and collapses.

「Uwah……it didn’t even take 10 minutes to climax……」

I pull my meat rod out and thrust it in front of the other surprised person.

「I’ll make you like that soon too.」

「You’re used to this, aren’t you? Even the head maid yesterday……」

Aah, yesterday I also took a maid around 30 years old to an empty room and ate her. She resisted at first, but after caressing her, she started swinging her hips on her own repeatedly. She was quite the lewd woman. Was this girl peeking?

「The head maid is a married woman, you know? She has a husband and three kids in this city……. But today I also saw her looking at the feudal lord-sama with a blushing face.」

I didn’t know that, but I also have a bunch of wives and kids. I want to believe we’re even since the both of us had fun.

I lick the maid’s ass and vagina all over, then grab her waist, inserting myself into her hole from behind.

「Aah! I’m also going to become a prisoner of this thick tool!!」

「Savour this feeling.」

This girl must be experienced, since her hole has plenty of room to stretch. I’ll enjoy my ejaculation with her.

I continue tasting the girl for a while, and as soon as I ejaculate deep inside her, the door swings open and Celia rushes through.


「I’m cumming right now, so wait a bit……Uu! Ooohh……」

「This is no time to plant your seed in her! There’s an express message from Leopolt in the subjugation unit!」

Hearing the report 10 minutes later won’t make that big of a difference. Aah……still cumming. Oh crap, I forgot the contraception again……Celia and the others use it without saying anything to I just forget about it.

「The report is about how the subjugation squad confronted the rebel army!! There are many casualties, so they’re retreating in order to reorganize themselves!!」


I unconsciously thrust my hips up, causing my ejaculating penis to enter her womb. The report isn’t something done in front of a servant, but Celia should also be agitated. It’s fortunate the two maids are already fainted.

「Are they temporarily halting their attack and re-establishing their position?」

「That’s not it! They’re retreating and coming back to this city! They’re running……it’s a defeat!」

For a second, I don’t believe what Celia is saying.

「Leopolt lost to a small army of farmers……?」

If that’s true, this isn’t the time to be fucking a woman. There is a mountain load of things to be done.

「Celia, come with me.」

I forcefully pull my dick out and leave the two women on the bed.


First of all, we have to prepare ourselves for the retreating army and understand exactly what happened.1

–Third Person POV–

Peasant Army, Base, Center

「Those guys are completely retreating!! Victory……it’s our victory!!」
「We rebelled the war god Hardlett’s army……!?」
「We did it……We did ittttt!!」

Cheers resound within the village. Amongst the men shouting in victory, a single man heaves a large sigh in contrast with the surrounding atmosphere.

「Haah……that was tough. As expected, they’re strong, the soldiers are incredibly strong. Not to mention their leadership is excellent.」

「Hey, hey, what are you doing acting like that? The reality is, you won and they lost.」

The other men call out to him as if blaming him, but the man’s expression didn’t seem bothered by it. This kind of interaction is commonplace.

「But there were a considerable amount of sacrifices this time as well. In the first place, I was against the revolt. Yet, you guys ignored that fact, so there’s pretty much nothing I could do.」

「Don’t complain at this point in time. It’s true that we suffered many casualties, but those guys should have suffered several times more than us! We are invincible as long as you’re here!」

The man being praised by the other muscular men and getting slapped on the back is one head shorter than everybody else, has a scrawny physique, and is far from looking like a strong warrior. Moreover, everytime he opens his mouth, nothing but complaints and a cowardly attitude comes out.

「Besides, I never wanted to be the leader in the first place. I would prefer staying in the corner, reading a book while drinking tea and maybe chiming in occasionally……this is the worst role, since there is so much to do and when we lose, I’ll be the first one to be hung.」

Even complaining has a limit, but since he habitually does so, those around him don’t seem to mind much.

「Haah……those units who can shoot arrows from their horses are particularly incredible. I thought we were going to lose for sure.」

「You say that, even though you thoroughly routed them……be more confident in yourself, since you sent away Hardlett’s army said to be the strongest in Goldonia. I have never met someone more capable than you.」

His expression remains sullen despite the highest praise.

「That’s right, since we crushed Count Hardlett’s image, he will come again for sure. I won’t do any bad things, so I wonder if they’ll leave me alone……impossible, right? Ah, I can’t do alcohol, so I’d like tea instead.」

「As usual, you’re such a lightweight……in times like this, you should drink, Tristan.」

「You already know how if I drink a cupful of alcohol, I’ll be sleeping for two days. This place is too noisy, so I’ll be going outside to read a book.」

Tristan leaves the hustle and bustle and climbs up a watch tower by himself, then lays down. He lies on his back with a book in one hand and a chipped ceramic cup in the other.

「Haaah-……why did things become like this?」

His large sigh melts away into the glow of the sunset.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: 2050
Bow Cavalry: 800, Infantry: 300, Archers: 200, Spear Cavalry: 150, Escort: 100, Standby in Rafen: 500
Assets: 14500 gold (Labor -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 114, children who have been born: 10


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