Chapter 132: Sentence


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–


Laying sideways on the bed, I gently stroke the head of the woman sleeping beside me. I bring her close and allow her to rest on my arm, but the woman turns away, burying her face under the blanket and crying in anguish.

「Don’t cry like some little girl who just got raped.」

「But that’s exactly what happened!!」

Getting up so suddenly, what an energetic girl.

「Ah, don’t! Again!?」

I push the woman down and when I press my half-erect cock against her opening, I’m able to slide smoothly into her hole due to the previously pumped semen acting as lubricant.

「It’s inside againnn.」
「Don’t look so unhappy about it. I’ll make sure it feels good for you.」

With just that said, I start moving my hips, evoking small dog-like sounds to leak out from the girl as she clings to me. As I thought, she’s turned on. She’s just saying she doesn’t like it, but she’s quite the cute girl.

After the suppression of the rebellion, I wanted to return to my territory immediately, but Adolph and Leopolt stopped me. It looks like I have to give a sentence to the rebels directly.

The sentence I gave out contained three parts:

The rebels – execution or forced labor at the mine for 5 years

Individuals who participated directly in the battle – 3 years of jail time or unpaid labor for half a year

The citizens who followed along – exempt

All of the people who participated directly in the fight chose unpaid labor rather than imprisonment. If they have the strength to rebel, they should be able to complete something simple like labor.

However, it was most of the men who participated in the rebellion, so the women and children left behind would starve at this rate. That’s why the village which was being used as the rebel base will be turned into a developing village and tax will be reduced for a year. This will allow them to manage somehow until the men come back from doing labor.

Although the discipline is unpaid labor, it only means there is no reward, and everything else remains the same. It isn’t extremely harsh work that would make the laborers collapse.

The problem is with the rebels, who all chose heavy labor at the mine rather than execution. Claire finally has plans for the iron mine, so I will entrust them to her. What happens to them is none of my concern.

By the way, the cute woman crying beneath me is the one I pointed my spear at previously and used my finger to take her virginity. Going by the sentence, she would have to do half a year of labor, but that would be hard on a woman’s body. That’s why I told her if she became my woman for the night, I would pretend I didn’t see her participating in the fight.

「Aau……that place is feeling all tingly……it feels so gooood!」

Thus, I’m finishing the job I started, tearing her virginity apart completely and making her moan in agony under me.


「Eeh!? You’re cumming again? The contraceptive……」

I ignore what she said, grabbing her hips and giving her a nice creampie. It might only be for one night, but it’s natural for a man to impregnate his own woman.

「Uuuu–!! So much cum……-will get pregnant, but the pulsing inside me feels good……」

「Aaah, nice. That was awesome.」

While continuing to cum, I whisper the girl’s name into her ear. Every time I did so, the girl twitches and blushes. She just lost her virginity, but she’s already starting to get used to sex.

Dawn is almost upon us. I pull my dick out and roll over, as the girl timidly rests her head on my arm. I hug her close and pat her softly, but she’s falling asleep already.

「So this one makes it six.」

I’ve already slammed my dick into five other women who were taken in after the fight, two of which were virgins. They exchanged half a year of labor for this, don’t think badly of me.

「……It’s about time to depart. Should we postpone it?」

Reacting to the voice coming out of nowhere, I turn my eyes to the entrance and see Celia peeking her face out halfway. It appears the sun is already up. It would have been nice if I got some sleep, but it can’t be helped.

「No, it’s fine. Shall we go?」

I slowly get out of bed so as to not wake the girl and slip my clothes on.

「Honestly, it doesn’t sit well with me. At least take the escort unit……」

「Even if we go full-speed with the other horses, it will take two days, and they’ve already worked hard in the last fight. I don’t want to push them too hard.」

「But that’s their job.」

The patrol is now completely finished. All that’s left is a little bit of cleaning up and returning home, which normally takes about a week if the infantry comes along. I thought I could just leave quickly on Schwartz and let Leopolt and Adolph take care of the rest. I knew they would complain, or so I thought.

「Lord Hardlett’s job is finished. There are no problems here.」
「I don’t mind now that the fighting is done, since Hardlett-sama will only make the girls do unnecessary things while you’re here.」

I really feel like strangling those two.

Celia was the only one who wanted to be together with me no matter what, so I let her ride with me on Schwartz. The newly acquired territory isn’t completely safe yet, but Schwartz should be able to shake off any bandits or monsters. Besides, I don’t really like riding with the escort unit crowding around me.

「Alright, shall we head out?」

I jump on Schwartz and have Celia ride in front of me. The perverted horse neighs happily as Celia’s butt clings to his back, running off with an arrow-like speed you wouldn’t expect from such a large body.

I hope I can make it in time for Mel’s delivery.

On the way, Trifle

「Oh? A single horse is coming our way.」
「Nice, the three of us should be able to handle one.」
「A woman’s riding on it, and she’s a fine one too!」

The outlaws jump out bravely onto the path holding swords.

「Oi, oi! Leave your gold and the woman and take a hike!」
「Or else you’re dead!」
「Missy, the three of us are gonna show you a nice……gueh!」

A short sword flies into the eye of one of the men.


Another one gets his skull smashed by a giant spear.


The last one gets knocked away by the horse, who charged at him almost as if purposely aiming for him, and breaks his neck.

The enormous horse continues off without losing any speed, almost like nothing happened, leaving the three corpses behind for some goblins who showed up later to drag back to their den.


「Fumu, we’re here.」
「We arrived without much trouble.」

Celia strokes Schwartz as if telling him he did well. The sun is still pretty high up. It took this horse only a few hours to run along the path which would normally take the infantry one week.

「Well done. You can go back to the stable now so go ahead and find a mare to mate with.」

After neighing, he lowers us from his back and returns to the stables on his own. So he actually understands what we say? There’s a chance he’s some perverted man who got cursed and turned into a horse.

「Now then, time to head back.」

「We didn’t tell them in advance, so I’m sure everyone will be surprised.」

「We might see some people who we don’t usually see.」

I open the door while commenting. Of course, since they were not informed, there are no servants to greet us.

From the corridor of the mansion, I can hear a familiar voice and a voice from an exhausted Mel.

「Mom, that outfit is……geez~」

「It’s fine, isn’t it? The baby isn’t coming out yet and it’s better to wear comfortable clothes.」

Kuu is talking to Mel, who’s still walking around with a large belly. It seems I made it in time. Her clothes are comfortably loose for the most part, but her stomach is covered to retain warmth. She covered her breast area only roughly so it’s easy to see her nipples if she bends over slightly.


Mel and I exchange looks.

「Eh? Why?」

「It doesn’t matter why. I’m back.」

「Eh? Aegir-san? How come……when I’m looking like this!!」

She quickly tries to hide her breasts, but the unsightly hem stands out. It’s fine, since a pregnant woman should care more about her kid than her appearance. If that outfit helps her feel more comfortable, then I don’t mind.

「No! Kuu, lend me your shirt!」
「No way, if I take this off, I’ll be in my underwear!」

Ooh, they’re panicking.

「How can I look so slovenly in front of Aegir-san…………」

The panicking Mel stops all of a sudden.

「Ow……no way……it might be time now.」
「Eeh!? Someone! Call the midwife!!」

I wonder if the shock from panicking just now caused it to come. I guess I really just made it.

Mel, accompanied by her daughter, enters the prepared room. After a couple minutes, I could hear the crying of a baby.

「Giving birth is something so simple?」

「According to the books I read, it’s much harder and there’s a chance you might lose your life too.」

The women here give birth quite easily though.

「It’s a healthy boy. ……To be honest, I started to think I wasn’t needed anymore.」

The midwife has a complicated look on her face. There might be an emergency, so keep working hard.

「Nice work.」

I reenter the room and gently stroke Mel as she holds our child wrapped in a blanket.

「So the fifth child is a boy……ara, look at how big his penis is. I’m sure he inherited that from his father.」

Even the midwife is surprised at how large the genitals the boys born in our family are. I don’t know if that’s true since I never compared with other babies before. Carla said it would be easy to distinguish which babies are ours like this though.

The child was named Gilbard.2 Mel would have liked a shorter name, but since the women made a fuss about how he might succeed the family, this name was decided.

「Oh yeah, I don’t see Nonna here.」

Mel literally gave birth right after I came back so there wasn’t any time to greet everybody due to all the hurried preparations. She’s usually the first one to come out to do the naming and stuff though.

「When she found out Mel gave birth to a boy, she went to sleep. I’m sure she’ll come out when she gets hungry.」

Nonna’s such an interesting woman. It would be nice if she gave birth soon.

When I look straight out the window, I can see a brand new building.

「So it’s completed.」

「Yes, sorry. I used some of your money again.」

「It’s fine.」

The new building was built as the temporary residence for the women who were saved from the goblins, but it wasn’t finished due to the short notice in which 20 women got pregnant, however they couldn’t be left in that state, so a full-fledged residence was constructed/renovated for them. It’s nothing luxurious, but it’s sturdy and properly built, even containing private rooms and a reception hall.

Aside from the girls I slept with, there are the other girls who hooked up with men who migrated to Rafen, making up a total of 30 women.

「Those girls don’t have to hold back and can sleep with me too.」

「Don’t be so unreasonable. If they tasted Aegir’s thing, those guys will end up lonely.」

Carla hugs me from behind and strokes my cock. Hey, you’ll get it hard like that.

「I’ll have you use this huge log of a cock to make love to me tonight.」

「Leave it to me, I’ll do it until you faint.」

I wrap an arm around Carla and take her with me to check out the new building. The girls quickly cheer as soon as we enter.

「This is quite the scene.」

There are 30 people in total, 20 of which are pregnant with my seed and are nearing their last month of pregnancy in the beginning of summer. The girls and their large bellies are lined up together.

「There’s no denying this is your harem.」

「Is that so?」

「We want it to be that way too though?」「Our friends in the city all say they want the feudal lord-sama to play with them too……」

While the girls get excited and fuss around me, my clothes get taken off. Carla resigns herself to the situation and strips her own clothes too.

「Ehehe, the feudal lord-sama’s huge dick~」「Wait, I’ll get it wet so don’t get ahead of yourself!」

The girls yet to get pregnant prepare themselves to take it in their mouths. Someone shuts the windows and the room becomes dark.

「Hey wait! Don’t close the window before setting up the light. I can’t see anything now.」

While the girls complain, a snap of my fingers rings out. Immediately after, fire is seen burning on the candle stand. Umu, it’s brighter now.

「Ooh, so quick?」

As I sit on the bed, the girls crowd around my dick and start licking so much I couldn’t count precisely how many tongues there are. In addition, my chest, nape and everywhere from my face to my feet are being licked by the girls.

「This is incredible, it feels like I can cum just from these tongues.」

Looking at my feet using the light from the candlestand, I see that everyone crowding around my dick are pregnant women. They must want to give their best with this service since they won’t be able to use their vaginas. With the budding of my seed, their bulging stomachs and darkened nipples, these pregnant ladies in front of me will eventually give birth and will start squirting breast milk.

「Kyaa, it twitched.」「He’s getting turned on, let’s concentrate.」

Imagining these ladies after childbirth and bathing in their milk might cause me to ejaculate sooner than I want. There’s no reason to hold back though, so why not just let it fire away.

「I’m cumming, those who want to be showered, get in front of me.」

The pregnant women push each other and line up in front of the bed with their faces sticking up. I choose one person in the crowd, grab her head and stick my dick in her mouth, thrusting several times before pulling out again.


Without a moment’s delay, Carla crawls under my crotch and licks my balls, coaxing an even more intense ejaculation.

「Kyaah!」「Abbuh! Drowning!!」

It was almost like the feeling of an intense urination, as my sperm sprays out and dirties the girls’ faces. I finish splattering their faces as my ejaculation stops, but the girls aren’t finished yet. They start licking the semen off each other’s faces and roll around on the floor, showing me quite the delicious scene.

「It isn’t drooping……」
「As expected……」

Next, I have to drive my dick and my seed into the girls who haven’t gotten pregnant after all. This is no time for my dick to get soft.

I see the bright red hair standing out from the dimly-lit room. I guess I’ll start with Alice first.

「Come here, Alice.」

I pull her to the bed and roll her onto her back, pushing my cock against her pussy lips.


「It’s weird to use the asshole all the time in the first place. Sometimes you need to use this……hmph!」


Alice should have been playing with her asshole when I was getting serviced by the other girls, so I thought she would be ready to go, but her hole isn’t wet at all. The narrow vagina feels dry and quite painful when my rod rubs directly against the inside flesh.

Alice seems to feel the same and glances at me with a look of displeasure. This isn’t good for a man. I try to pleasure her somehow by sucking on her breasts and nape but it practically has no effect on her. And then finally.

「Um……it’s too big and it hurts……. Could you stop……please?」

The girl expressed her desire to stop. She genuinely didn’t like it, so there’s no choice but to pull out.

「It didn’t feel good?」
「Not at all, to be honest……」

As a man, this is slightly depressing and embarrassing. I guess it means I still have a lot to learn.

Out of desperation, I use my finger to prod her asshole.


I just poked it once, but she shouted so loudly.


Let’s put a finger into her ass.


Her eyes instantly become blank, her tongue jumps out of her mouth and she spreads her legs open. This makes me feel slightly empty inside.

「You asshole junkie……take this!」

I grab my cock and forcefully penetrate her asshole.

「Wai-! Aegir, don’t! She’ll die!!」

I suddenly shoved my cock inside up to the root so Carla comes over to stop me in a panic. With my size, the abrupt insertion would ruthlessly tear the asshole. But that’s only if it was an average girl.

「Nnohhhh!! My assssss- such a thick dick is inside my assholeeee! Thrust into mee! Thrust all the way to my insides! Fuckk meeee–!!」

This is what happens to Alice. Both hands are placed on her head as she screams and her face has distorted to the extent that it wouldn’t be strange to say she’s insane. But still, the insides of her ass are twisting and wrapping around me.

「Put something else in my ass too! It’s fine even if you stick your arm in there and thrust at the same time!」

I would definitely think she would die if I stuffed my arm in there along with my dick.

「I don’t care if I die! Being fucked in the ass and dying is true satisfaction! I want to die from my ass!!」

「……a pervert.」

Carla mutters at the outrageous scene. At this moment, the most perverted one in our midst changed from Carla to Alice. She’s usually quite well-behaved and doesn’t talk much though.

In the end, Alice squeezed two shots from me with her ass while climaxing several dozen times herself and finally collapses on the bed. I did it with the other girls as well and the calm atmosphere resumes as usual after sex.

「Hey……Alice’s ass, it looks like I can fit my entire arm in there without a problem, so is she okay with going to the toilet and stuff?」

Alice plays with her ass whenever she has spare time after all. She probably put some incredible things in there to stretch it and now it’s stretched too much. The girl resting on my arm replies with a resigned look on her face.

「It seems like she isn’t able to hold it in most of the time. There are times it happens suddenly after arriving at her destination.」

「A comrade!?」4

As expected, Carla’s prominent pervertedness within our house continues.

「Well, time to head back I guess. First, the window……it’s dark here. The light has gone out.」

The pregnant women should all be lying around my feet so it’s not good to rely just on instincts to move about.


Alice, who has collapsed face down, distractedly lights the flame. Oh, now I can open the window.

I screwed up the order because I got too heated. I’m sure the girls back home are mad. I don’t know how much of Alice’s screams they heard. It would be fortunate if Nonna has fallen asleep already.

But, as soon as I opened the front door.

「What is the meaning of abandoning me and having an orgy with your mistresses?!!」

Nonna flies at me with her headbutt, or she pretends to, and presses me with her enormous breasts. I feel a considerable amount of pressure, but I’ll gladly welcome Nonna like this. I’m glad she’s doing well more than anything, so let’s get to making babies.

The Next Day

I wake up early and gently stroke the girls, who are sleeping with their legs spread wide open, and hear a knock.

「It’s Sebastian. I have an urgent notice for you, master.」

「Come in.」

Sebastian won’t tell me anything unnecessary. Also, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid at my naked appearance or the naked girls sleeping on one side of the bed.

「You have a guest.」

「A guest? So early in the morning?」

Some rude guy who comes so early in the morning without an appointment will be turned away at the door. If he didn’t do so, it means it is something important.

「And who did they say they were?」

The capable butler slowly enunciated his words.

「He named himself as Marquess Mulney of the Kingdom of Malt.」

「A marquess!」

Nonna gets up all of a sudden. Is she a zombie?

The Kingdom of Malt……if I recall, it’s a country who recently established their borders to the south. What a delicious-sounding name.

「I can’t ignore him if he’s a marquess. I’ll change, so wait a moment.」

「Miti! Miti! Where’s my dress!!」

「Nnn, thick……」

I feel sorry for Miti since she was woken up from her deep sleep.

Leopolt and Adolph haven’t come back yet either. That means I’ll have to think and negotiate for once.

「……Why do you have a spear?」

I realize after Celia points it out. Oh right, this is a negotiation, so I don’t need a spear.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded – Reorganizing
Assets: 13700 gold (Labor -100) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (Temporary Follower), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 120, children who have been born: 11


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