Chapter 138: Information Officer Visit


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

We are on the way back to Rafen from the Malt Kingdom with the steel weapon and farming horses given to us as thank you presents, as well as the large amount of alcohol, which couldn’t all be packed on the wagon. Rafen is closer to the Malt Kingdom than to the capital of Goldonia.

「I’m glad there weren’t any casualties this time.」

「Yeah, we were fighting so much after all.」

「Hahaha, and we didn’t bring any girls along either.」


Celia goes silent and Catherine bumps her head against my back. What? I didn’t make anyone into my lover.

「Say that after you look at your feet.」

「Those girls just wanted to visit Rafen so I let them come on, besides I don’t remember making them my lovers.」

Two women are riding on the wagon. They are from the same village and want to work away from home while depending on their relatives living in Rafen so I let them ride with me.

「Even though they look like that?」

Catherine mutters. It’s true the girls are naked and breathing roughly. Not to mention their legs are spread apart and my offspring is flowing out from their crotches.

「It was done under mutual consent.」

They told me to ‘do as I please’ with a blushing face and everything.

「There’s no woman who would refuse Aegir-sama licking their ears or pleasuring their entire body! 」

The unexpected part was that both girls were virgins. If they had told me, I would have been more gentle.


I pat their heads and they smile happily. Since their holes have been stretched so far, they can’t walk properly for awhile. I hope they go back to normal when we arrive in Rafen.

When we reach Rafen, we enter the mansion and see the servants running around. I’m sure we gave them notice before our arrival so they should have had plenty of time to prepare to greet us, but something seems amiss.

「What happened?」

「R-right! Actually-」

I can then hear shouting which drowns out the maid’s voice.

「There’s one over here too! Someone lend me a hand!」

「There’s no enough hot water! Bring some more!」

The loud yelling flies from place to place as the servants scurry about. It almost makes the place seem like a field hospital. I guess I’ll check out what’s going on.

Everyone’s destination appears to be the annex where the so-called harem is living. Walking along the passage, a maid holding a cloth runs from behind us with incredible speed.

「Feudal lord-sama! Excuse me-!」

After bowing once, she runs past me. Celia was about to rebuke her, but restrained herself after feeling the maid’s sense of urgency.

「Aah……I guess it’s about that time.」

(Big trouble, big trouble, what to do, big trouble.)

Casie is confused and flying around in a figure-eight pattern. Ah, she bumped into a pillar and fell down. Her face was indented, so she’s fixing it with her hands.1

「Let me lend a hand.」

「Eh? Feudal lord-sama!? How could I be so- 」「It’s fine, so hand it to me.」

I take the entire tub of clean water the maid was about to carry and lift it to its destination. At that location, I can see the furiously vigorous work of the midwife.

Apparently, the 20 girls living in the annex are going into labor. Of course, it wasn’t everyone all at once, but they were impregnated on the same day during the orgy after being saved from the goblins. So their delivery dates will inevitably overlap.

「The one over there is fine, only the delivery is left. Watch this one carefully, let me know if there’s a lot of blood! Be quick with the sanitary cloth, and bring more if you can.」

「Are there any in danger of losing their lives?」

「Feudal lord-sama, no, everyone is doing pretty well in their deliveries.」

Considering that, there are many voices that sound like they’re suffering though.

「It hurts, it hurts–!! I’m dying!!」
「Bear with it! You’re a woman, aren’t you!」

「Where should I put this……er……uwa, it’s here for me too!」
「Another one is going into labor!!」

「Alice! Don’t play with your ass and boil the water!」
「I put it in up to my wrist and now I can’t pull it out……」

「Even though it’s like this, everyone will still have a safe delivery. All the births so far are ones that made me underestimate women.」

「Well, that’s good. If there is anyone in trouble, don’t hesitate to use the medicine.」

「Yes, that helps a lot!!」

After that, it only took a day for all 20 of them to give birth, and fortunately all mothers came out unscathed and not one of them suffered miscarriages or stillbirths.

「For all 20 to give birth to healthy babies……」

The midwife sounds shocked.

「Isn’t that good? There’s nothing to complain about if all of them are healthy.」

「Of course that’s the case, but……is it perhaps due to the grace of the feudal lord-sama’s thing?」

Usually, giving birth is a life-threatening event, and it’s normal for 10% of children and mothers to die. So that’s why she’s surprised the 20 mothers and children are still lively. The help of this older woman also played a huge role in that, so I’ll present her with a special reward.

「I’m grateful for the reward, but is it alright to request something?」

「Yeah, anything you want.」

The older woman then brings a woman in her late 20’s. She wasn’t the prettiest girl but she’s got a gentle and calm atmosphere about her.

「This is my daughter.」


She has a large belly, so she’s probably already in her last month of pregnancy.

「Please pardon me.」

As the girl finishes her sentence, she opens the front of my pants and takes out my dick. I don’t think it’s possible to fuck a pregnant woman with this, or they’ll suffer a miscarriage.

「Please, somehow let a healthy child to be born……」

But the girl strokes the exposed member while expressing her wish.

「Please pray more seriously. You will definitely bear a healthy child.」

It looks like this is what the midwife wanted. My dick isn’t some spirit which guarantees safe birth though.

「Please, I pray that I am granted with a healthy child.」

I have no power over that, but if she’ll be satisfied from stroking my dick, I’ll let her do it as much as she wants.

And so a strange rumor was circulating around the city, in which pregnant women would come and stroke my cock whenever I went out to do inspections. I can’t do anything like pounce on the pregnant women if I get aroused. It’s unavoidable, but I’ll have to enjoy them secretly after their births.

「Adolph, 20 children have been born so I want to expand the annex a little more.」


With that, things are looking good.

「So this is a clump of steel, it’s the first time I’m seeing something like this.」

Along the city walls of Rafen, the caravan of merchants from the Flitch Company have fully loaded a wagon with as much weight it can carry with the iron taken from the recently operating mine. And although there is only a small amount, there is some steel as well.

「We wouldn’t have had an opportunity to see it if we didn’t have blacksmiths. But this is undoubtedly a chunk of steel. 」

Exporting iron ore from Rafen doesn’t make much money, barely going in the red, but refining it into a chunk really seems to change the situation. There are already facilities constructed near the mine which turns the rocks into iron.

「Production is limited now but as soon as the blast furnace is completed, the amount supplied would increase by several times. In fact, it is more worrying that there may not be enough miners to dig out the material or wagons to carry it.」

The wood used as fuel to produce iron is carried from the surrounding villages to Rafen and iron is packed on the wagons on their way back. As expected of a merchant, the wagons are used in an efficient manner.

「Iron manufacturing……it takes quite the skill to do it, but we have the necessary human resources.」

「The crucial thing is to use the craftsmen we have, but the people who live there……the fire nation? We will hire them and have them work. In any case, they are so poor they are willing to kill a child to eat, so even if they get paid a little less or work a little harder…… 「Ahem, ahem.」

Laurie coughs behind Claire. Don’t go too far now.

「I have heard the price of iron in the capital has risen. I’m sure the profits will be big as well. 」

Adolph chimes in as well. Normally, the feudal lord would apply tax to the renting of the mine and the shipping of finished products, but everything from the construction of the mining town to the acquiring of human resources is handled by Claire so she needs some concession.

The wood fuel, the personal expenses and the wagon expenses will be deducted, and tax will be levied according to the “increased profit”. In other words, when she profits, we will also gain a cut.

「Oh my, ufufu. It won’t be like that, since it may be a huge loss.」

「Also, there will be a thorough examination before summer.」

Sparks fly between Adolph and Claire. By the way, I was made to promise to entrust this entire matter to Adolph. It appears he couldn’t bear to have a reduction of tax every time Claire swings her hips on top of me.

In the middle of organizing the ranks in preparation to set out to the capital, a single girl peeks out from a wagon and takes note of something.

「What’s that……?」

Celia and her sharp senses also seem to have realized it.

「Is it a spy? I’ll capture it.」

Jumping off her horse, she instantly accelerates as soon as she touches the ground, and by the time the other person turned around to look at her, Celia already closed the distance.


Before the girl could open her mouth, Celia circled behind her and put a knife to her throat.

「Don’t move, if you aren’t cooperative, I’ll slit your throat.」

It was impressive skill on Celia’s part, and as expected, there is no one who can match her when it comes to speed.

「Unhand me, you incompetent fool! I am Goldonia’s……」

「Yeah whatever, just come!」

The girl shouts and glares at Celia as she is dragged and brought in front of me.

「Let go of me! I’m an honorary Knight of Goldonia and Information Officer, Rebecca Blaze! I won’t tolerate any rudeness!」

「Let her go, Celia.」

Celia is yet to fully believe what she said, but releases the girl on my order as I step forward.

「I’m Hardlett, can you prove your identity?」

The girl looks surprised for a second but reaches a hand into her bosom and reveals a document with the royal seal on it.


Her name and status of ‘information officer’ are certainly written on the document. Fumu, it seems like the real thing.

「Right. My subordinate has done you wrong.」

Celia gets dispirited and seems to shrink. Don’t worry about it too much.

「But if you let me know you were coming, I could have made some preparations.」

An honorary rank is a rank attached only to the person it’s granted to, which means she can’t make a family or have anyone inherit the status, so I only have to treat her individually as a noble. I should also be treated as a noble, but since there is such a big difference between our ranks, I don’t pay much attention to it.

「No, well……I couldn’t do that……」

Rebecca averts her eyes awkwardly. It’s the first time I’ve heard of a position called information officer, but it doesn’t seem like a visit I would gladly welcome.

「Don’t say that, why don’t we eat something. I have some delicious meat.」

I observe Rebecca as she stands up and brushes the dust off herself. She exudes a slightly cold air with her short black hair and small frame, but she’s still fairly pretty. The part of her leg I can see between her half-pants and long boots looks thin and fragile, and while her shirt should be tight-fitting on her generally slender body, there is no volume in her chest area.

If I were to sleep with her, it would probably be hard on her if I push it inside from the front, and it’ll hurt her if I slam it into her tiny ass from behind. So then, it means I’ll have to get her to ride on top, rather it’s probably better to lift her up while doing it.

「Is something the matter, Lord Hardlett?」

I came to my senses when Rebecca called out to me. Not good, not good, I’m imagining lifting her up and swinging my hips.

「It’s nothing. Now, shall we go?」

I place my hand around her waist and escort her while feeling her ass a little bit here and there. She has a tight ass like I thought, so it might nice to have her ride on my face. I can feel my dick pulsing and gradually forming a tent in my pants, but I’ll be careful not to let Rebecca see it while I’m guiding her.

「Now, can I hear what you have come for? 」

After eating, I speak to her while drinking tea as if nothing happened. I would have liked to talk with her in bed, but she remains unemotional and cold.

「It isn’t something which I can say.」

「If you don’t state your reason for coming in my territory and act all suspicious, then perhaps it doesn’t mean Celia was wrong with the way she dealt with you?」

I’m sure it’ll make her more feisty in bed if we have oppose each other a bit.

「……if everyone could clear out.」

As soon as she finished her sentence, Sebastian and the servants simultaneously leave the room. Celia wanted to stay, but Rebecca wouldn’t accept that.



Celia exits the room tearfully, leaving only the girl and myself in the room. I wonder if I can make her mine if I attack her now, no maybe not, I won’t.

「It doesn’t seem I can hide it from you so I’ll tell you. This visit, if I may be so rude, is about a certain suspicion against Lord Hardlett.」

I wonder what it is. Is it because I bent the jewelled spear I received from the King? Or perhaps it’s about Catherine? Have they discovered the mountain tribe are obeying me? Don’t tell me Claudia’s husband said something. Now that I think about it, I have a bunch of secrets.

「The royal palace is paying close attention to the horses and the meat just now, which nobody has seen before, and also the refined iron which the merchant caravan from your territory is carrying. 」

Oh, it’s just that? I knew it would be discovered anyways and it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong. It’s much better this gets exposed than the issue with Catherine or Claudia.

「In any case, the land is an uncivilized land in a remote region, so many different things will be discovered.」

「The palace is suspecting you of secretly trading with the southern countries and avoiding tariffs.」

That is outside my expectations. It certainly makes sense to have that doubt with the sudden appearance of new products on the market. Especially when Goldonia is expanding their military and trade cannot be done with Magrado, who has a large iron mine, there is enough profit to gain from the skyrocketing price of iron even if the other countries import the iron without tariffs.

「Is that from the examination of the merchant caravan?」

「It didn’t appear to be a load from other countries, and there isn’t a large refinery within Rafen. The suspicion has not been made public yet.」

What should I do, even if I reject it here, the girl still has the title of information officer. It isn’t the best plan to go up against the power of the state.

If I tell her the location of the mine and lend her a horse, she could trot over there secretly by herself, but there is a high probability she would end up in the stomach of the black beast, and I can’t just send a pretty lady to die like that.

It probably isn’t a good choice to simply tell her about the iron mine or the mountain nation either. With that said, she’ll probably uncover things I don’t want her to know if I let her sniff around.

Seeing me think, Rebecca checks her surroundings before swiftly bringing her face close. I’m thankful that she did, so I also bring my lips close.

「That’s not what I meant!」

Oh, how unfortunate.

The girl brings her lips close to my ear and whispers in a soft voice so that absolutely no one outside the room could hear.

「I understand that having me sniff around your territory is unpleasant. As a feudal lord, you probably have things you don’t want to tell me.」

Rebecca stops to think for a bit before speaking again.

「I won’t conduct a strict investigation so could you provide me with some sort of achievement? Information officer is a newly established position so all rivals are fighting to get ahead of the others.」

Fumu, I’ve never heard of an information officer so it probably wasn’t established too long ago. The first step she makes will probably be very important in the future. Alright, I’ll make this beauty ride me. It will make Adolph and Claire scold me, but it can’t be helped.

「Then how about knowing the details of how the iron is supplied?」

「That will be sufficient.」

I talk about the discovery and development of the iron mine and also about the black beasts which appear around the area.

「An iron mine……to think something like that is in the barbarian territory……」

At the same time, I hide the fact that I have them under my control.

「It has recently started operating. His Majesty has told me I was free to do as I wish in my territory, and since it’s within my territory, tariffs shouldn’t apply.」

Claire should still be properly paying tax when she does business in the capital.

「That might be true……but if it’s a mine, tax would apply. No, you might have to share the profits with the royal palace.」

「If you could somehow smooth things over with them about that, I would appreciate it.」

「……I am an information officer for the kingdom, not your subordinate, you know that right?」

「That’s why this isn’t an order, but I’m asking for a favor.」

Rebecca thinks for a moment.

「Could I see the mine in person?」

「Sure, but with escorts.」

The reason the escorts are there is two-fold: the first is to prevent the girl from being eaten by the black beasts and the other is so she doesn’t go digging around where she doesn’t belong.

「You have my thanks……and about this matter, not to directly attack you, but would it be alright to let this be something I confirmed by my own efforts?」

That might be better for her promotion since it would be a big accomplishment.

「Fine, let’s just say this visit was me inviting you just for a meal.」

My love for women is well-known for better or for worse. It will be seen as something natural, like breathing, that I invited a beauty like Rebecca.

「The wagon which transports wood will be departing tomorrow. You can hitch a ride and head over to the mine.」

「Great. I’ll put in a good word for you to the royal palace in my report.」

Now, the real talk begins.

「The wagons will be heading out tomorrow, but it would be unnatural for me to invite you only for a meal. Would you be so kind to stay the night?」

「Haah……I don’t believe getting so intimate will benefit either of us.」

「Then just one round……no, then how about just a short rest?」

「……I will go find an inn. I hope we can maintain a friendly relationship in the future.」

Rebecca bows politely and takes her leave. Aah, crap. My tiny ass……my tight beauty ran away.

「Is it alright now?」

Confirming the guest has left, Rita enters the room.

「Rita, could you suck it for me?」

「What’s this all of a sudden?」

「Please, I want you to take it in your mouth.」

「I understand……then I’ll service you.」

Rita crawls under the desk and begins performing her fellatio. But this is the dining room, so servants will eventually come in one after the other. Having dived under the table cloth, Rita continues her service without making the other maids aware, finally making me ejaculate, though the amount of seed in her throat causes her to choke and almost exposing her dick-sucking appearance to nearly 10 maids.

「 ……Sorry about that, using you like a tool.」

I took all the anguish from getting rejected by Rebecca and let it out on her. I did something horrible.

「No, I’m happy to be used by Hardlett-sama. Please use me for any to your liking.」

What a commendable woman, which is why I have to respond accordingly.

「Come to my sleeping quarters tonight, I’ll apologize and properly make love to you for the entire night.」

「What an honor.」

「I’ll slam my hips against that large ass of yours until it turns red.」

「If you say that much……it’ll start dripping……」

「H-hey. Do you think we could watch?」
「I knew about how the head maid was head over heels for the master, but……this is amazing.」

I rub Rita’s ass and kiss her while the maids watch with blushes on their faces. It’s about time I get this one pregnant too.

「And so you told her just like that.」
「So you said it……」

Adolph, Claire and Leopolt sighed. Did I make a mistake here?

「But, it shouldn’t be a bad move. With the amount of laborers working on the construction of the town and roads and the transportation of the iron, it was only a matter of time before it gets discovered. We only had a few options anyways after the information officer from the capital came.」

It’s rare for Leopolt to cover for me.

「Well, I guess so. Rather than trying to hide it poorly, this may turn out to be a positive report to some extent.」

The information I leaked seems to be within Adolph’s range of approval as well.

「Fumu, as long as we know their name, we can pressure them to our side. For a mere honorary Knight, if we collect 200 gold……」

No, don’t start bribing. I don’t think it would be effective on her either.

「On the other hand, we have the option of promoting this Rebecca Blaze as an information officer. Information is the basis for everything. If we can get her to back us, it will be an unfathomable advantage for us.」

「So that’s an option as well.」

「For example, something like the mountain nation are gradually accumulating forces in their territory……if she catches word of information like that, what would happen?」

「Hey, hey, if you tell a lie, you will cause our standing to worsen unnecessarily.」

「It isn’t a lie. We just have to follow through after she gets hold of that fact. Lord Hardlett will mobilize the mountain nation, then subjugate them……what if you pretend to do so by holding some sort of practice outing?」

What a wicked guy. But this is interesting. If we raise her up, this beauty may eventually fall into my lap. I’m looking forward to having her slender legs around me as she rides me.


「Oh my.」

Adolph and Claire sound dumbfounded and Leopolt has already left the room. When I check what they were looking at, I see my dick getting erect and making a bulge in my pants.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 140,000. Central City Rafen: 15,000
Troops Commanded:3000 (excluding bow cavalry)
Assets: 47,000 gold (Labor -300) (Military Call-up -600) (Annex Addition -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (follower), Claire & Laurie (Black Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 125, children who have been born: 31


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