Chapter 144: Power Struggle


Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

Capital: Goldonia, King’s Room

The private room of Alexandro I, located in the depths of the palace, is normally a place where only the King’s servants and those who have garnered favor from the King can enter.

However, there are two figures in this room right now – one is the King and owner of the room, who is seated comfortably on the sofa and the other is the honorary Knight, Rebecca Blaze, who is kneeling in front of him on the floor dressed in clothes far from being formal wear.

「I see, so there is an iron mine within the domain of the barbarians.」

「Yes, and furthermore, that meat is from the special monster which appears along the route to that mine.」

「So that is where the iron and meat originate from? And there is no hidden trade?」

「Affirmative, Lord Hardlett is not evading the law.」

The King mutters ‘Is that so?’ softly and closes his eyes.

「In the first place, I had doubts whether that guy could pull off something like that.」

Even so, it couldn’t be helped one would have doubts due to the various goods being circulated in the market so suddenly. In addition, the civil officials are making a fuss about that, so this investigation was necessary to appease them.

The civil officials in the capital are constantly assuming the noble feudal lords are trying to deceive them when it comes to tax, while the feudal lords treat the civil officials as annoying birds and neglect them.

「In any case, it is fine if he isn’t violating any laws. I am rather interested in the mine, do you have any other information about it?」

「It is listed here.」

Rebecca presents the document with the collected information. Adolph also had a hand in compiling that document so the information is extremely detailed. On the other hand, there is a slight discrepancy in regards to the most important part.

「You seem to be much more capable than the others. Many have gone to the other feudal lords but were unable to obtain much information when they came back and there have even been some who were reduced to corpses.」

Information officers have the status of honorary noble and were given a certificate of proof from the King, but besides being able to secretly investigate the territory of the feudal lord noble, it is possible to be killed if they are not careful. It can be said they were killed coincidentally by bandits and dumped in a random wasteland and nothing can be done about that. Besides letting them enter the territory without refusal, the feudal lord has no duty to protect them.

「Thank you for your words of praise.」

Rebecca sweats as she speaks.
She knows that not being turned into a corpse herself is simply due to luck.

「The information officers are still fumbling around, so rather than surveying the site, I want you to take the role of managing the others. By my royal name, you will be granted the rank of honorary Baron. If you mobilize the others efficiently and produce results, you will eventually be granted more honor.」

Being promoted two steps in rank is unbelievable, but not impossible when it comes to honorary ranks. In this case, the promotion was given to provide the other information officers leadership to ensure smooth sailing rather than as a reward. The limitations of a life peer1, in other words the title of “honorary”, will always be hard to remove.

「Good, then make your preparations immediately. And as usual, present the reports to myself only. It goes without saying for the nobles of the royal court, but don’t say anything to Kenneth or Erich without my permission either.」

「I will keep that in mind, Your Majesty.」

「Then you may go.」

Rebecca walks backward, ensuring she remains facing the King, and leaves the room quietly.

Information is a weapon and it may be shared with the ministers as a form of advice or for discussion, but that decision will ultimately be made by the King. It cannot be leaked out slowly or known by any others the King is not acquainted with. That applies to the ones he trusts the most and has given authority to, Kenneth and Erich, as well.

Kenneth, the Commissioner of Government Affairs and the finance minister are quickly called to the throne. The King shows the two of them the document given to him by Rebecca. The reason why the finance minister was called along with Kenneth, who is of superior rank, is to use their discussion as a reference.

「……so that’s how things stand. An iron mine has been discovered within the territory of Lord Hardlett. It appears the quality of the product is fairly high too.」

In actuality, a specialist in the field said he has never seen such high quality iron before as he boasted about the quality of the material, but the fact was slightly falsified by the King’s underrepresentation.

「In the midst of such economic struggles, it would be a shame to leave a source of income such as this to the local feudal lord. In addition to trade tax to the capital, there needs to be a special tax for the mine itself……no, the mine itself should be made into national property, don’t you agree?」

The finance minister is mainly thinking of benefits for the country when he said that. That is his job.

「That would be problematic.」

The one offering the rebuttal is the Commissioner of Government Affairs and the person who represents the civil ministers, Kenneth.

「From what I can see in this report, this mine is deep in the territory of the barbarians with only a single road to the area, not to mention those annoying monsters also appear on that road. There is no benefit in discreetly turning that into national property and carrying the iron ore such long distances.」

「It is written that a refining facility also exists there, is it not?」

「Even if there is such a facility, it’s not like the product will be transported using magic, plus you also need charcoal to burn and food and water for the workers. Don’t tell me you want to carry all that from the King’s territory to the mine. In addition, I’m sure Lord Hardlett will not agree to cooperate if the mine he struggled to develop was taken away from him.」

It is possible to force him to cooperate in the name of the King. But if the said person is not motivated to do it, the escorts may slack off and the supplying will be delayed. In practice, it takes profit and desire to encourage people to act, not rules and regulation.

「It is the same with regards to gold, but most importantly, Goldonia has a shortage of iron. In addition to the strengthening of the army, the imports from Magrado has ceased so using only the production within the country would run us dry.」

The current price of iron in Goldonia has shot up to nearly twice the amount since before the war. On the other hand, the price of iron in Magrado is half of what it was now that it has lost its exporting destination, causing the merchants and feudal lords possessing mines to suffer heavy losses. It seems both nations are using this difference and starting to conduct trade in secret though.

「……as expected, the reinforcement of the army has placed a tremendous load on us financially, so we should temporarily-」「Ahem!」

Kenneth forcibly stops the finance minister from saying anymore of his candid opinion. The reinforcement of the army was something the King himself decided to do and the finance minister would not be forgiven if he were to speak up against him.

「I believe it’s best to leave the mine to Lord Harlett, encourage him to increase production of iron and then apply some form of tax on that.」

It appears the conclusion reached by both the King and Kenneth has been agreed upon.

「Then let us fix the rate of taxation. After taking the first portion of tax, he will have to increase the production of iron and raise his profits if he wants to the other portions of tax to be forgone.」

「That will have to be after the war as well. Since he knows that the ceasefire with Magrado is coming to an end, there is no reason to make him angry over just a tiny portion of tax. Tell him just to increase the production of iron for now to help the Kingdom.」

There is a map of the surrounding area on the report document but is somewhat inaccurate, depicting the mine deeper in the mountain nation territory than it actually is. Moreover, there were reports of the mountain nation ambusing those travelling along the road, but none have been confirmed and are being treated as nothing more than false reports and accidents from training exercises.

Kenneth moves on to the next topic after bowing deeply. The finance minister leaves the room after his duty was completed.

「So is there other information?」

「Umu, the country to the south……what was it called again?」

The King takes a glance at the report document in his hand.

「Right, the Malt Kingdom. Reports have come in saying the country is experiencing political disturbance……but what do you think?」

「You have talked with Lord Hardlett about things like trade and peace in the past, haven’t you?」

「That’s right, it was a country not even worth taking so I told him to do as he pleases.」

Countries with 1 million in population also exist to the south. But the farming nation of Malt, with no particular special industry, was not an especially valued country.

「I didn’t think Lord Hardlett would get himself caught up in the political disturbance of that country……there is also the incident with Treia in the past as well.」

「Fumu, the older brother of the young Queen started a rebellion and the Queen and former King seem to have been dethroned.」

When Kenneth heard that, the wariness in his expression disappeared.
The sibling starts a rebellion to try and steal the throne when they don’t agree with the inheritance process – A topic that isn’t even interesting enough to put into your common story books.

「I think it’s quite comical too, but there is no reason to worry about something of this scale or we would be in a constant panic from all the daily happenings.」

「Has Lord Hardlett said anything?」

「No. He has not mentioned anything particular regarding the conflict.」

「Then we can leave him alone. If something comes up regarding the Malt Kingdom, it would be easy to crush them.」

「That’s true. We will leave this issue with him. Let him do what he wants.」

「Yes, Your Majesty!」

「The next issue is regarding the Royal Academy.」

The educational institution founded with the purpose to bring up commanders was officially named the Royal Academy. Erich and Kenneth are confronting each other concerning the management plans for that facility.

Naturally, Erich was called to the throne room.

「Your Majesty, I hope you are in good spirits……」

Erich bows his head while quietly glaring at Kenneth. A battle without swords is about to begin.

–Malt POV–

Malt Kingdom, Capital: Biado, Royal Palace

「Where is Hilario!?」

A loud, angry shout echoes in the palace causing the servants to turn their heads toward the origin of the sound.

「You! I’m asking you where Hilario is!」

「I have not seen Prince Belze aro-……aau!」

Pablo pushes the maid away and into the wall, which makes her bump her head and then fall to the ground on her knees.

「Each and every one of you are useless!」

The yelling Pablo kicks open doors at random. In one of the rooms, he was able to find who he was looking for.

「Hilario! If you were here, then why did you not answer me!?」

「I thought a stray dog got into a fight in the hall or something.」

「What did you say?!! It’s because you were hiding yourself!」

「Why do I have to tell you where I will be at all times?」

The two glare at each other, but seeing as nothing will be resolved at this rate, Hilario swallows his words unwillingly.

「So, what do you want? Say what you have to say and go away already.」

「Tch, it’s about the tax! The report for the tax for the harvest of the royal territory is only going to you. What is the meaning of that?!」

「Of course it is, since you are a man of the battlefield, right? You said so yourself, therefore leave everything else to me.」

Pablo was at a loss for words for a brief moment.
What Hilario said was the truth. They had talked about this in informal conversations in the past. Naturally, he would not have anything to do with military affairs either.

「To begin with, you’re my younger brother, so it’s logical for you to listen to everything I say.」

「What nonsense! Didn’t Brutus tell us that we are of equal standing?!」

There is currently no King in the kingdom of Malt. After Celestina fled, Hilario and Pablo temporarily became joint rulers. Neither Hilario nor Pablo followed the plan after the rebellion and neither brother would allow the other to become King.

「That guy is still in bed, besides, what kind of royalty waits on their subordinates to tell them what to do? Do you not have the intelligence to think for yourself?」

「Hah! Don’t make me laugh!! What have you done besides bad mouthing others!? Tell me one thing you have accomplished after that girl was chased out!」

「……It’s pointless to say anything to an uncivilized person.」

In actuality, he hasn’t done a single thing. In the first place, he only heard about the plan to rebel just before the plan was executed and only joined in because it was convenient for him. Obviously, he would have no plans after obtaining the seat of power.

Brutus had said that all the preparations have been made so he felt at ease, but he has been nursing a fever since receiving an injury during Celestina’s escape and is not in good enough condition to move around.

Pablo tried to force him up once but was frantically stopped by the doctor, which made him give up, thinking there was a slim chance Brutus would not make it and that would render himself helpless.

「But you were just watching in the back like some coward during the fight, so despite being the older one, we shouldn’t be of equal status!」

「Sure, you courageously stepped forward into the fray but you just watched as Brutus was beaten in front of you. The soldiers also told me that you obediently opened the way for Hardlett when he told you to.」

「T-that is because I made a hard decision to stay back, thinking the country would not survive if I were to get injured! I would have won if I got serious!」

The two continue their staring contest while the knights waiting beside them sigh. The two of them would yell at each other and curse at one another every day and nothing would move forward.

The both of them secretly plotted to assassinate the other but none of the few subordinates they had could complete the task decently. All of the people who possessed that ability follow Brutus and would not act unless they received a direct order from him.

Politics in the Malt Kingdom have been completely halted due to Brutus’s wound.

–Aegir POV–


「Do you like children?」


A rather young-looking body is laying on the bed in front of me. The legs of that body is opened slightly, revealing the thin and completely hairless slit.

I thought I was looking at Celestina’s naked body for a second, but the female scent drifting from her is rather thick.

I dropped by the Flitch Company, thinking I would visit Claire as I’m looking around Rafen, but she is away doing inspections at the mine. It seems she will be back in the evening today but I’m not going to wait several hours for her. Just when I was about to leave and come again later, Laurie, the young female attending Claire, called for me. For once, she’s acting on her own, staying in Rafen to deal with some business.

I invited her for a drink to pass the time with me, but she led me to the bedroom. Laurie climbs on the bed and takes off her clothing piece by piece as if trying to show off, finally laying on the bed after becoming naked.

「Woah, what is the meaning of this?」

「I can’t disappoint the feudal lord-sama when the boss is absent. Please enjoy yourself with me.」

「Children aren’t my thing.」

「Please don’t say that and have a taste. I will try my best despite being just a child.」

Looking at her naked body again, it doesn’t appear to be one belonging to a 16 year old, and I wouldn’t doubt her if she told me she was actually 12 or 13. She has a babyface and a small build, her limbs are thin and her breasts in particular are flat, making it seem like her nipples are resting on a straight board. She doesn’t have much of a waist, her body is not curvy and her ass is really small.

But her slightly opened crotch and her twitching hairless vagina invite me in, while the act of putting her fingers in her mouth and twisting her body makes it seem like she’s incredibly comfortable around men.

「Ah, did you get in the mood?」

Seeing a bulge rise from the front of my pants, the girl smiles. This is only a slight reaction though and my pants would pretty much tear if my penis was to get erect for real.

But when there is a woman with a wet crotch on the bed in front of me, asking me to embrace her, hesitating now would be rude to her. That would be the case even if the other person is a young girl. While her looks are completely childlike, she is actually 16 years old and is just barely at the age I can fuck.

「Alright. Let’s do it.」

I get on the bed and stand Laurie up, hugging her close as she brings her face to my stomach and chest.

「Aah, what a manly body. I’ll be stripping you, ‘kay?」

The girl takes off my clothes one piece at a time, pausing briefly before taking off the final piece.

「Now……I’ll be taking a look at your tool……」

She smoothly lowers the last piece of clothing and my cock swings up, slapping the girl on the forehead.


It’s more erect than I thought. It’s probably because she purposely brushed her nipples against my back and legs when she was taking my clothes off.

「Claire-sama has told me about this……but to think a dick like this exists……」

「Hey, hey, it’s still only half erect.」

「You’re kidding, right? If it gets any bigger than this, it won’t be……」

I bet she wants to say I won’t be human anymore.
But now that it has gotten like this, I’ll need her to take responsibility. I thrust it in front of her face as if telling her to suck on it.

「I’m just a child and may be inept so please let me know if you are uncomfotable.」

She takes the tip of my dick in her mouth after saying that.

「Uu-! Child, my ass.」

Laurie grins as her tongue crawls around the tip as soon as it went inside her mouth and begins sucking intensely. Her skill at fellatio is plenty sufficient for her to make a living as a prostitute, but those eyes of hers looking up at me are like those of a child pleading to be spoiled with treats.

I’m sure she’s brought down a fair share of men like this. I’m sure even Andrei would sell his shop to chase after her.


Her tiny tongue invades my urethra and grants me extreme pleasure, while she lets out a very childlike voice as if her nose is stuffed. When I close my eyes, it feels like I’m being serviced by an experienced prostitute, but when I open my eyes, I get the feeling that a playful kid is messing with me. I may have been dissatisfied with Laurie’s appearance, but my cock seems really in the mood now.

「Nnh, nnh! Nnnnh!? Ngh……nnboh!」

As my dick continues to swell in her mouth, Laurie was forced to spit it back out. Looking at it again, her eyes widen as she puts a hand to her mouth in shock.

「The largest cock in all of history.」

「What kind of exaggeration is that?」

「But this isn’t good. Now I can’t really, nnmo……」

She tries opening her mouth as far as it goes so she can take my dick in once more, but her small opening wasn’t enough to fit my tool in. She could probably force it in, but she seems careful about not letting her teeth scrape against me.

「I can’t suck it.」

「It’s fine, you can get me to ejaculate by squeezing it between your thighs or rubbing it with your hand.」

I’ve had a chance to taste this rare phenomenon of a young girl proficient in sexual techniques already.

「Well, if I can’t use my mouth, then I’ll use this here.」

Laurie pushes me onto the bed so I’m laying on my back, then grabs my rod as she climbs on top of me.

「No, that’s impossible.」

It won’t fit no matter how I think about it.
I’m sure the size of Kroll’s thing is a perfect fit for the hole she has. But the girl slathers some oil on her entrance and on my meat rod and gets herself ready.

「Here I go.」

Without listening to my words, she pushes her body weight down against me. She drops her hips on my member but not even a little bit of the tip goes in.


She bounces on it once again, but the result is the same.


This time, she held her own hips and jumped on my dick.


But even with that, only a little bit of the tip dug into her entrance.

「See what I said, it’s impossible, so stop.」

「I’m a woman too, and I have pride!」

She sits half-bent on my dick and places both my hands on her hips.

「Use the strength you’re so proud of and jam it inside.」

「Well, that’s a little-」

I’m scared that I’ll totally destroy her hole.

「It’s fine. I won’t haunt you even if you kill me with your thrust.」

If she’s saying that much, then I could try a little.

「Then, here I go……sooraa-」


I hug the girl’s thin waist close to my body as I thrust my own hips up. Her flesh is spread open and her thin stomach starts to bulge out. It wasn’t so much that I could feel the shape of my cock just from touching it. But I could certainly tell the shape of my meat rod and ascertain its position as her stomach is clearly expanding.

She wasn’t screaming so I took the chance to push myself all the way to the back. Even so, not even half of my dick went in yet.

「This is incredible, are you okay? Oh, hey!」

As I push it in up to the root, Laurie’s face has fallen onto my stomach. When I check on her in a hurry, I see she’s already fainted and her eyes are rolling back. Crap, I kind of relaxed when she didn’t scream.

「Hey, hey, answer me.」

I try calling out to her, but there was no response. I thought I really killed her with my cock but a soft voice groans out when I shake her shoulder.

「……Uuun, what was I……」

Laurie remained in this dazed state for a while but is quickly taken aback, returning to her senses and presses against her womb.

「I’m terribly sorry! It was such a large cock that I lost consciousness!」

「That’s fine. Can I continue?」

「Yes. The pressure is honestly suffocating, but I’m fine.」

I totally don’t think she’s fine at all, but I guess I’ll try to cum quicker.

I gently rock my hips and make love to Laurie, who’s riding on top of me. We try doing it in the doggy style as well, but she fainted after I thrusted once, so we go back to the other position in a hurry.

Like some sort of acrobatic feat, I also try lifting the girl’s small body with only my dick as I fuck her. As expected, it seemed slightly frightening for her, so Laurie grabs my shoulder and smiles.

「Aha, so you can do something like this as well! Will it bre-……no, there’s no way something this thick would break.」

She still has a pained expression on her face, but it looks like she’s gradually getting used to it, so I continue playing around with her, making sure the both of us enjoy it. And with that, I am starting to feel like ejaculating soon.

「I’m almost there.」

「Please shoot it inside, ‘kay?」

「Yeah, I won’t listen even if you tell me to stop.」

As I hug Laurie while she’s facing me, I push her back against the wall. Both of her legs are in the air but tightly wrapped around my waist.

「Please don’t hold back even if I lose consciousness.」

「Be at ease and cum! Soraah!」

I push my cock deep into the small body. The disproportionately large tool goes in and out of the girl’s small body, causing the tip to rub against her soft, fleshy insides. Her body flails around amusingly as the nails of the hand that drapes over my shoulder digs into my back.

「Nnhaaaah! Soo biiiiiig–!! I’ll break, Laurie’s pussy is going to explode!」

She’s probably doing this on purpose to excite me further, shaking her head left and right and screaming. It might be too late to say this now, but her voice is really childlike as well.

「Even though Laurie is still just a child……the Count-sama’s thick and dark penis went inside her! Is that naughty liquid going to shoot out inside Laurie? Is the adult Count-sama feeling good from the hole of a child without any hair?」

This child changes her tone of voice smoothly without any stuttering, shouting sweet words in pleasure. I shouldn’t be into kids like this, but my dick is getting even bigger.

「You’re a naughty kid for leaking so much female juice like this. Let me punish you.」

「Noo~ I’m gonna be punisheed~ I’m getting such a naughty punishment from this penis~」

She’s having more fun than I expected.

「Count-sama! I like you! I love you! Love you, love youu!」

She was just telling me just liked me, and I was sure it was acting on her part, but my meat rod continues to swell. This girl has quite the knowledge of how to turn guys on.

Even so, Laurie breaks down when I start to move my hips furiously.

「Use Laurie’s small hole……to-!? Uuuun! Ah, ah, ah!! Aaaooooh-!!」

Her childlike acting crumbles, her tongue sticks out of her mouth and she stops saying anything that makes sense.

「Are you done being a child?」

「T-that is-! Nnah! N-no more……this much is go-……cumming!!」

She screams out remarkably loud as she is being held by me while her body tenses up. Her tiny vagina clenches down on me cutely before losing strength as I suck on her pale neck while I ejaculate.


With a pulsing liquid sound, the girl’s stomach expands while her body unconsciously twitches.

「Aah……that was good.」

After pulling my cock out from Laurie, I roll her over on the bed, and hug her while I lay beside her.
I finally slept with a child.

I’ll be sure to make plenty of love to this child before she regains consciousness for letting me enjoy myself. I fondle her breasts, which have yet to develop, and suck the nape of her neck.
Her skin is really pretty though. I should see if all kids have such pretty skin.

–Third Person/Claire POV–

Several Hours Later

「Laurie, did you complete the work I entrusted to y-……eeeeh!?」

Claire returns home to the smell of semen drifting in the room and lets out a surprising shout unconsciously when she sees Laurie laying on the bed.

「Welcome back……I’m very sorry. I can’t stand up right now, so please excuse me for being like this.」

「What happened!? The Count-sama?」

There is only one person who comes to mind who is able to reduce women to this state.

「Yes, he visited when you were absent……so I entertained him.」

「Stupid, he isn’t someone who you could handle with your body. He didn’t break you?」


It might have been stretched quite a bit, but it’ll probably go back to normal after some time.

「Well, I guess it’s fine if he is pleased……」

It’s many times more meaningful to please the feudal lord than to complete the detailed work she was entrusted with.

「So, how was it?」

「Is the Count-sama really a human? I have also been teased and have pleasured men with large cocks in the past. But nothing on that level……if I were to give an example-」

「「An orc.」」

The two of them spoke at the same time, causing each other to laugh.

「And he doesn’t only have size either. He also possess incredible skill……my pussy is still tingling.」

「That’s right, even I screamed and was made to piss myself after all.」

「That kind of combination is a real lady killer, isn’t it. It’s something that could make the heart of any woman in the town waver even if they were to get raped.」

「Did you fall in love?」

「Yes. I want to be his lover.」

They laugh when they look at each other. They know that they were both joking around. The two of them still have things to do after all.

「You should go the next time to ask him for requests.」

「Is that okay?」

「The Count is extremely kind with the girl he just slept with. He should listen to your requests even if they seem a little over the top. The artisans in charge of supplying created excess decorations. It’s fine to use them.」

「Then I’ll do exactly that. At this rate, I might become a prisoner of his large cock and enter his harem, though.」

「Don’t be stupid. But it might be a good idea to get pregnant. You won’t be able to move for half a year but he might listen to a majority of your requests.」

「The children are a secondary objective? What a villainous woman.」

「Like you can talk. Besides, there’s no way having the children of a great feudal lord can be bad, and that person will definitely help you……if I wanted to start a new life, I could take your place too」

Jokes are being thrown around, but the light in their eyes remain strong. The two women are still aiming to get higher.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 146,000. Central City Rafen: 16,000
Troops Commanded: 4000, 400 in reserve
Assets: 45,200 gold (Mansion Decorations -500) (Reserve Recruitment -200) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (betrothed), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (betrothed), Rita (head maid), Catherine (betrothed), Yoguri (Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Celestina (Refugee Queen), Monica (Lady-in-waiting)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (follower), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 130, children who have been born: 31


  1. Nat: peerage which is appointed rather than inherited


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