Chapter 147: Preparation for War


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Well if it isn’t the feudal lord-sama, are you making your rounds?」

「Yeah, is the harvesting work progressing smoothly?」

「I have been growing wheat for quite some time, but I have never seen a harvest like this! As the village chief, it fills me with happiness.」

With Celia accompanying me, we make our way around to the villages surrounding Rafen. As expected, it would take several nights just to inspect the harvest situation.

Even looking from Rafen, I can tell the harvest is doing well because of the golden color of wheat dominating the fields outside the city walls. But judging from his face, it seems like a really big deal from the village chief’s position.

「There was little to no labor required during planting season, and manure and water was used in bountiful amounts. In addition, we have iron farming tools and farming horses, so it could only be due to our incompetence if we had a poor harvest!」

I guess this is the result of Adolph’s hard work.
But there is a strange difference when contrasting the expression of the happy village chief and the harvesting farmers, since they don’t look like they are putting their backs into their work.

「Aah, don’t mind them. They were once people who were abandoned after working hard for their hometown, and they just think that there will be an additional tax collected when the feudal lord comes during harvest season.」

「I see……I won’t take any extra tax! So work hard!!」

After I shouted, the farmers look relieved and hasten their harvesting work.

「So, feudal lord-sama, is that rumor true?」

「What rumor?」

「That if we offer you a young girl, a portion of the tax will be reduced……」

Some girls from the village are listening while waiting fearfully behind the village chief.
So they’re going to let me embrace them if I say yes? I’m not that much of a sex beast.

「Don’t say something so stupid and get back to work!」

「I-I’m terribly sorry!」

The village chief hurriedly steps down and the girls disappear after screaming ‘kyaa’.
I guess it’s a bit of a waste.

「It’s because of your habitual behavior that they hear rumors like that. Please act in a more dignified manner.」

How cheeky of you to say, Celia. Here’s what you get.

「Ah-! Don’t tie up my hair……aah! It’s in a square knot nowww!」

Well, let’s call Schwartz over and move on to the next village.
As we look around for where that horse went off to,

「Wait! What’s with this horse, he’s mating with our Herth!」

「Isn’t this the feudal lord-sama’s horse……er wait! His dick’s huge! It’s going to tear Herth!」

「But……she’s in ecstasy. I thought this one was getting old……but she’s still a female.」

That idiot is riding a farming horse and swinging his hips. He looks over at us and neighs as if he wants us to wait a minute.
Why do I have to wait for him to finish mating?

「You two are like peas in a pod.」

Damnit Celia, I’ll pretend to pat your head gently, but I’ll tie a big butterfly knot in your hair.

「This idiot of ours as caused you trouble.」

The two peasant females stare blankly at the mating animals; one looks to be over 50 years old and the other looks slightly younger than 40.

「Here is my way of apologizing.」

「No, no it’s nothi-……eeh!? Nmmu!」

I gently grab the face of the 40 year old woman and kiss her lips. It didn’t take too long after our lips met that her mouth opens slightly. Without delay, I thrust my tongue into her mouth, tangling with the woman’s trembling tongue.

The passionate kiss involving the messy swapping of spit lasted for about 10 minutes.
In the meantime, I can hear Schwartz pulling his dick out beside us. It seems he’s finished mating.
How impressive, this perverted horse is able to make the female one collapse in exhaustion.

The timing was perfect, so I end our kissing, jump on Schwartz and leave the village behind. When our lips separated, the 40-year-old woman’s knees become weak and she falls to the ground.

「I’ll be going now. Take care.」


The 50-year-old woman watches us ride off with a dumbfounded look on her face.

「Feudal lord-sama……m-more please……」

The 40-year-old woman remains seated on the ground, looking at me with wet, steamy eyes. But I won’t be able to avoid being criticized as a sex-obsessed feudal lord if I embrace this likely married woman outside in the middle of the day.
I’m a man with common sense.
I can only leave gallantly in this situation.

「Hey, Kakaa, what’s wrong? You’re just collapsed here. We’re so busy with the harvest we can use all the help we can get, so if you’re free……」

「Oh dear, perfect timing, let’s make a child!」

「Haah, what are you saying? We already have six kids in the family, and you’re already getting old so didn’t you decide you wanted to stop? And also when it’s so damn busy……」

「Whatever, just come! You’re a quick shooter, so it’ll be over in 10 minutes.」

「Why are you so horny?! What on earth happened to you, Ma?」

「I don’t know what you’re talking about.」

The population increasing in number is a good thing.
I did something good again.


Celia looks pretty unhappy, so I’ll try cheering her up by patting her head.
She seems embarrassed perhaps because the villagers can see her, but they’re just laughing at the large butterfly knot on your head.

After that, Celia and I went around to several other villagers, but everywhere we went, the farmers were cheerful because of the abundant harvest. Adolph thoroughly prepared the flood control and cultivated the land in the areas around Rafen in the early stages of ruling and now that effort is being returned in the form of harvest.

There is a clear difference between the land now and newly acquired land. There have also been people recently who want to migrate to my territory and live in Rafen or one of the surrounding villages. With that said, there is a finite amount of land and there isn’t an unlimited number of job openings in Rafen. That is where I stop thinking.

「Why am I troubling myself with domestic affairs?」

「Isn’t it because you’re the feudal lord?」

While we are away from the public eye, Celia rides with me on Schwartz, sitting in front of me.

「All the villages we went to thought that they could reduce the tax by providing a young girl for you to embrace.」

Most of them were above middle-aged so I was able to hold back, but there was a pretty girl in one of the villages so it was a little dangerous. My crotch was really bulging out, but Celia helped me before I laid hands on her.

「Aegir-sama will one day get his body destroyed because of a woman.」

「That’s what I want.」

「Geez! That’s not good!」

Celia makes a fuss in my arms, but I hug her tightly, rubbing her breasts and neck. My dick has already gotten hard and is pushing up against her cute ass.


「You don’t want it?」

「……It’s just that we’re in a busy area, so just the pants……」

Celia pulls down only her short pants, revealing her ass. My dick searches for her precious little hole and pushes against the entrance……

「This is quite the mess. It might cause a flood.」

「Uuu-, you don’t have to say it. It’s impossible for someone not to get wet in the arms of the person they love!」

「Alright, alright.」

I get Celia to ride on my hips while remaining on the horse, and Schwartz starts to move strangely. His body rocks as if he was travelling on rough ground and the movement caused my dick to dig deep into Celia.

「Hey! Schwartz! Don’t……so deep!」

This guy’s doing it on purpose.

Celia was unable to endure the feeling of being pierced so deep by my cock. She quickly orgasms, then sprays her juices on Schwartz’s mane. The stupid horse neighs, satisfied with what he accomplished, but he hasn’t seen anything yet.

「I’m cumming too!」

I continue thrusting until the last second, then pull my cock out of Celia and squeeze it in between her thighs before ejaculating, getting the sudden burst of semen all over Schwartz’s head.

Feeling the suspicious sensation on his neck, Schwartz twists his head to smell the substance, but as soon as he does, he lets out a loud neigh and accelerates.
Hahaha, did he learn his lesson?

Schwartz finds a small river and dips his head in the water, but he wasn’t able to wash it off easily.
After that, he wouldn’t let me ride on his back no matter what, so I had no choice but to ride with Celia on her horse on the way home.

「I’m glad that you managed to complete a proper inspection this time.」

Back in Rafen, Celia covers her face when she hears Adolph greet us.
She did climax several times after all.

Schwartz, who had been in a bad mood, cheers up when he gets into the stable. I could hear another horse neigh from the widely-constructed stable.

The horse was a young female one who couldn’t run well after injuring her leg in battle, and would normally be disposed of and turned into horse meat, but Schwartz seemed to be persistently concerned about her, so she was placed into the same stable with him. It seems his definition of “looking after her” is to have sex with her everyday, since that’s what I see whenever I check up on them during my free time. The mating season for horses is usually in spring but Schwartz seems to be horny throughout the entire year.

The female understands she’s been saved, and doesn’t reject his daily advances, even feeling dejected and lonely during the times when Schwartz and I are away.

She also seems to know that he has mated with other horses on the outside, and rubs her body against Schwartz as if to replace the scent on his large body with her own.

He really is an inexcusable perverted horse, repeatedly riding on other mares even though he has a female that thinks of him so much.

「「……that’s right.」」

What was the pause for?

「Then, I’ll talk about the tax revenue and the like for autumn.」

Everyone has been gathered in the office for a meeting. I take it easy, drinking tea and putting Pipi in between my legs so I can stroke her. Celia is trying to listen diligently so my hand feels lonely.

Pipi writhes around as I stroke the bottom of her neck, and the meeting ends when I pat her playfully. I’ll have to ask Celia to show me her memo later.

Harvest Tax – Wheat Sales (payment in kind)
15,000 gold

Mine Tax
12,000 gold

Other, Direct Trade
3000 gold

Subtotal: 30,000 gold

Army Maintenance Cost, Wages, etc.
24,000 gold

Rafen Mansion Maintenance, Management (Servant Wages)
2000 gold

City Guards Maintenance
2000 gold

Paid Labor
4000 gold

Subtotal: 32,0000 gold

Grand Total: -2000 gold



Looking at Celia’s trademark memo after the meeting, Melissa, Maria and Mireille are in shock. This should be the normal reaction, but the reactions of the other girls seem dull in comparison. Nonna and Catherine were originally great nobles so this isn’t much to them, whereas Leah and Pipi don’t quite understand the value of money yet.

「So you really are a great noble……」

「And you are that great noble’s lover.」

It hasn’t been too long since Mireille came to Rafen so she might not have been too aware.

「In that case, I can rest assured……for those kids too.」

「Haha, but in return, you will also act as my sacrifice today.」

「I know. I’m looking forward to how you’re going to eat me today.」

The small village Mireille was from will be exempt from tax as long as I’m alive. On the other hand, everyone in the village which treated Mel coldly are trembling in fear. It’s not like I’m going to do anything though.

「But to think we’re still in the red. It’s surprising.」

Adolph said the revenue was turning around so I thought for sure we would be in the black.

「It’s a good thing Adolph-san isn’t here. If he knew you weren’t listening at all, it would pile additional anxiety on him again.」

It seems there is more harvest than it appears even if the tax to the Kingdom is deducted, but is being kept as wheat and stockpiled instead of being sold. There is the rebellion with Malt Kingdom too, so the situation doesn’t really allow for wheat to be traded. The thinking is probably that we can manage somehow if we run out of gold by borrowing or beating down some people, but the citizens would quickly die of starvation if we run out of food supplies.

In addition, if there is going to be a war in the future, the price of grain will definitely jump in price, so everything besides the amount needed by the merchants are stored away.

「The mine tax and trade has really increased dramatically. I did joke around and said that as long as Aegir-sama doesn’t overdo things, you wouldn’t be troubled with debt anymore but……you weren’t listening, I guess.」

「Sorry, I was absorbed in petting Pipi.」


Celia becomes timid.

「It’s because of you that I’m saved. Come on, I’ll pet you too, so come over.」


While remaining sullen, she brings her head over to me.
When I pat her, she instantly cheers up – what a cutie.

Soon after the meeting was over, a messenger came from Erich, telling me to convene in the capital, and that he’s bringing his troops and leading the Kingdom’s army as well.

There is still time remaining in the ceasefire agreement. But the ceasefire only prevents the parties of the agreement from attacking, so they are free to brandish their forces as they please. And when the time has expired, it is possible to attack with full force – which is probably what the other side is thinking too.

「It’s starting, eh?」

「Were you bored?」

I chat with Leopolt as I read the letter telling me to convene.


Leopolt doesn’t reply. But a tiny smile appears on his face.

I’m the same – embracing girls is nice and all but I can’t calm down if I don’t fight in a war every so often.
Now, let’s bring the entire army and call up the mountain nation as well.
It’s the start of an exciting time.

Side Story: Maid’s Tragedy?1

There was a large crashing sound as a vase shatters.


「Ah, what have you done!!?」

When I was cleaning, my eager self was carefully wiping down the place, even the underside, but I knocked over a vase. In that moment, the object sunk into the ground, creating a loud sound and breaking into many pieces. I quickly try to pick up the pieces, but there are so many that it’s impossible to put back together.


After realizing the vase was completely broken, a scream I thought didn’t belong to me leaked out. I’ve come to the mansion about a month ago as a live-in housekeeper, but I knew about this vase. It’s a high-class item worth about 30 to 40 gold.

It’s even more expensive than one year of my wages and there’s no way I could compensate for the damages. If this was found out, there’s no way I would be let off the hook.

「T-that’s right, I can go to Rita-san!」

The strict head maid would get severely angry and might even hit me, but that’s fine. I wouldn’t know what to do if the madam finds out about this.

「What happened?」

I thought my heart stopped when I heard a male’s voice, or perhaps it did actually stop for a second.


This is the worst, the person who I didn’t want to find out the most, found out. The senpai who was cleaning together with me, quickly created some distance between us. There’s no time for me to hold a grudge against her for that though.

「Oh, did the vase break?」


I have two parents and six siblings younger than me, who were all happy when they found out I was able to work at this mansion with good pay when we were struggling with tax and food costs……yet something like this happened.
I jump at the feet of the master.

「I’m terribly sorry! Oh please……I beg you……uuuuuu-!」

Genuine tears run down my face. What will happen to me, let alone my family. It might mean several of my siblings will be sold just from him demanding me to compensate for the damage.

「Hey, hey, what’s wrong? You didn’t get hurt, did you?」

「Waaaah!! I’m sorry!! I’m so sorryyyyy!」
「Yes! I didn’t break it!」

「Calm down a bit. ……you, clean it up.」

「Y-yes! I’m not related to this!」

The master lifts me up and tells my senpai to clean up the fragments. I’m still in a state of panic, so there was nothing I could do but continue to apologize.

「Don’t get so riled up, I’m not going to get angry. It’s not a big deal if you broke the vase.」

「I’m sorry……egh……I’m so sorry……」

I can’t really hear what the master is saying. I just cling to him and apologize again and again.

「Good grief……nevertheless, you have a pretty nice body. How old are you?」

I understand only the part where he asked me about my age.

「Egh, gusu! I’m 18……gusu.」

「Alright, good.」

The master walks to the corridor as he carries me, not to a punishment room……but just a regular bedroom. It’s a bedroom for guests if I recall correctly.

「There we go.」

He throws me on the bed and covers me with the sheets. The master quickly gets in the bed too.

「Um……I……the vase……」

I remain bewildered and couldn’t say anything as the master kisses my lips and squirms in between my legs.
That reminds me, this is my first kiss……just when I was thinking that, the master climbs on top of me.


I could hear a rip or a similar sound coming from the inside of my body. I feel a sharp pain and an incredible pressure, but more importantly, I need to beg the master for forgiveness.

「Um……if you could please spare my family and let it just be my punishment?」

「Hm? Oh, were you still talking about the vase? It’s fine, that kind of stuff happens. I won’t blame you.」

「So you’re forgiving me !?」

「Uu……Next time……guh……be careful. Could injure……uuu, too.」

I’m glad, since this was really the scariest point of my life. I exhale and then realize the master has gotten naked before I knew it and grabs my body.

「Guh, you loosened up and it went all the way in! Alright, I’m cumming!!」


At that moment, a brawny, muscular arm hugs me and after a soft groan was let out by my ear, I can feel something hot flowing inside my body.

I probably regained my sense of touch because I’m relieved now. The sharp pain and pressure runs throughout my body and there was also an indescribable feeling, causing me to let out a short shriek before I feel my consciousness fading.

The Next Day


When I open my eyes, I find myself in a room I’ve never seen before.


I feel pain in my crotch and see a red flower stained on the sheets.


My shoulders, chest, and even my thighs are covered with marks, probably a result of getting sucked on.


When I bend my body, an incredible amount of liquid is flowing out from my crotch, of course I have not used any contraceptives.

「I……did I get eaten?」

While I’m still dumbfounded, Rita-san and Sebastian-sama shows up and talks about different things. I was told not to disclose anything about the bed, I was told not to entertain any other men in return for receiving twice the amount of wages, and was additionally given a special sum of money on the spot.

On the next day off, it felt like a joke, but I was able to get the meat of the black beast, which I’ve never been able to try once because of how expensive it was, and let my family eat it.
Everyone seemed to think it was so delicious they might faint.

By the way, when the senpai who abandoned me found about how I was taken to bed with the master, she came crying in apology to me.
Everything was my fault so it didn’t sit well with me.

「……So, what are you doing?」

「I think it was this thick.」

I make a large circle with my arms.

「What is that, the size of the firewood? Isn’t that too big? It’s like the size of a thick log.」

「It really is, I’m surprised it went in.」

「In the furnace? It’s still too early for that.」

I’m really surprised it went in. I really have to praise myself for not breaking.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 146,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 16,000. Lintbloom: 1500.
Troops Commanded: 4000, 1600 in reserve
Assets: 22,900 gold (Profit from Grain Sales +15000) (Profit from Mine +12000) (Profit from Trade +3000) (Army Maintenance Expense -24000) (Mansion Maintenance -2000) (Guards -2000) (Labor -4000) (Reserve Recruitment -300)
Loan – paid in full (new)
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (betrothed), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (betrothed), Rita (pregnant head maid), Catherine (betrothed), Yoguri (pregnant Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital), Celestina (Refugee Queen), Monica (Lady-in-waiting)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Tristan (follower), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 135, children who have been born: 31


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