Chapter 148.5: National Strength Comparison – 3 Nations


Translator: Nat

Goldonia Kingdom
Population: 2.6 Million
Ruler: Alexandro I
Capital City: Goldonia – Population: 75,000
System: Feudal
Military Strength: Current – 120,000 / Max Mobilization – 200,000
Area of Dominion: Entire Northern Area of Central Plains

Goldonia is the largest nation in the entire plains. The nation is situated in the northern part of the central plains, where trade and cultural exchange occurs prosperously with the Olga Federation via the North Teries River and the land route. There is a cloud looming above international trade via the river because of the tension with Magrado on the opposite shore. The nation attempted to unify the entire northern region of the central plains but were handed defeat by the Magrado navy and were set back, resulting in a one-year agreement of peace being signed. With the repeated wars and expansion of arms, their financial surplus has gradually been disappearing.

Magrado Dukedom
Population: 600,000
Ruler: —-
Capital City: Odoros – Population: 20,000
System: Feudal
Military Strength: Current – 70,000 / Max Mobilization – 70,000
Area of Dominion: Northern Area of the Central Plains

Magrado is adjacent to the Republic of Stura and faces the river as well, but the strong political regime is preventing business from developing. They have a large mine so their mining and manufacturing industry is comparatively prosperous, but they have lost their trading partners due to Goldonia’s expansion and are gradually being pressured financially. Their production of food is barely enough to get their own citizens full. They are preparing for the time when Goldonia declares their attack as soon as the ceasefire ends, frantically recruiting and conscripting soldiers. The nation is focused on fighting Goldonia on all fronts, and the confrontational mood is building up even among the citizens, so there isn’t much objection to mobilizing the maximum amount of strength in the country to expand their military.

Republic of Stura
Population: 200,000
Ruler: —-
Capital City: Mishil: Population 50,000
System: Republicanism
Military Strength: Current – 20,000 / Max Mobilization – ?
Area of Dominion: Centre Area of the Central Plains  

Stura is a commercial nation along the North Teries river. The capital city along the river functions as a logistics base and is an economically rich country. They don’t have a standing army, but when necessary, mercenaries can be gathered and an army can be established. The intense military pressure revealed from Magrado has inevitably caused a large-scale request for funds and materials. A portion of the companies have already been transformed into foreign bases.



  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Considering the size of Goldonia and the fact that Aegir is a count in there… There is little room for them to lose agains Magrado ou Stura even. Except if the target gets help from either of the two powerhorses (one in the north and the other in the south).

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