Chapter 151: Magrado War ③ Raging Fire at 48 Hours


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「It’s a night attack-!!」

My eyes open to the shouts of the lookout and I rock Celia awake.

「Put on your armor!」

「Funya……mu-! Yessir!!」

We go outside after arming ourselves as fast as possible to see an intense clashing of swords already happening. As predicted, they snuck past the gaps in the city walls to attack us.

The soldiers were taking turns to sleep so a couple of them were already awake, but you can see the fatigue in their eyes. Because of the rain, there isn’t much light either so not much detail is known, but it doesn’t seem like an attack consisting of a large number of enemies. With night attacks, there is a possibility of friendly fire if performed with a big group after all. This is probably closer to harassment, just to tire us out.

「Don’t falter! There aren’t many of them, chase them back!!」

Celia slices upward from the crotch of the enemy who charges at me while I’m shouting.


It cuts in quite deep.
Celia’s height has something to do with it too, but she often aims for the enemy’s crotch or thighs. It’s easier to cut their heads off though, isn’t it?

「This bitch!」

Two enemies follow up and slash at Celia, but she rolls forward to dodge them before slicing at one of the man’s ankles. The man got the tendons in his ankles cut and falls over but the other one attempts to kick Celia as she stands up.


I grab the man by the helmet and pull him towards me.

「Don’t touch my woman!」

I make a fist with both hands and punch his head through the helmet from both sides. His head is left ringing for a while and fluids start leaking from various places.


「Be careful, Celia. I’ll cry if you get hurt.」

I warn her while piercing an enemy soldier’s stomach with my spear and tossing him aside.

「Yes! Aegir-sama too!」

Celia tosses her swords up in the air and grabs the short swords at her waist, throwing them with both hands before grabbing the fallen swords. The two short swords she thrown accurately hit two enemies because I could hear their cries of agony. She’s skilled in a lot of different ways.

At that time, I could hear someone making a fuss near the stables. It seems the enemy was trying to sneakily steal the horses.

「Wh-what’s with this one!」

When I run over, I see Schwartz holding down four enemies – three to be exact, since one has already been trampled to death.

「Enough of this! Just kill it!」
「This thing-……!」

Before the sword could hit its target, Schwartz snaps his hind legs to give the man a vicious kick, sending the man flying and crushing his skull in the process. He tackles the other enemy in front of him with his body and mercilessly drops his hooves on the fallen enemy.


Schwartz, who weighs more than one ton, easily crushes the enemy, making a snapping sound similar to a dead tree being stepped on.

「This-! …………huh?」

The enemy was about to get into a stance with his spear, but his hand and that spear have already dropped to the ground.

「Sorry, this is my horse, you see, so could you stop messing around with him?」


He stares blankly at the hand he lost and didn’t register anything I said. I’ll finish him off quickly.

I cleanly stab the unresisting man in the heart before jumping on Schwartz.

「Celia, take command of the troops. I’m……heading out for a bit.」

The enemy is continuing to flood in from the hole in the city walls. In other words, there should only be enemies in that direction and I don’t have to worry about friendly fire when I go wild.

「We’re charging in, let’s go.」

Schwartz seems to have gotten worked up after getting rid of three people. I’ll let him rampage as much as he wants.

「Rush in!!」

The jet black Schwartz dashes forward, heading into the pitch black darkness.

「Uwaah! Wh-what the-!? Gyaaah!!」

I charge straight into a line of enemy soldiers on Schwartz. With one strike of my spear, I knock back several enemies while Schwartz tramples over any enemies in the way.

We don’t give them any time to respond. The sound of galloping hooves resonate in the night as I take out the surprised enemies one after the other. In the first place, it was presumed the night battle would be from close range and weapons like bows and bowguns would not be used due to the risk of friendly fire. Even long spears would get in the way, so the enemy army’s main weapons consisted of short spears and swords, meaning I’m free to hunt all of them down.

「11! 12!」

Using the momentum from charging, I stab through the 13th person and pierce through his body, and use the remaining energy to puncture the 14th person too. As one would expect, it would be too heavy for one hand to lift, so I drag the two people skewered on my spear like dango and pull out my Dual Crater with my left hand. As I pass by each person on horseback, I slice them one by one, causing them to stare dumbfoundedly and stop moving entirely, but I hear screams from behind me a bit later. There’s probably a time lag as the bodies slide apart after being sliced.

I reach the center of the enemy after charging for some time. It would be bad if I get surrounded.

「H-hey, isn’t that an enemy!?」
「Surround him! With everyone……」

「Schwartz, turn left!」

Schwartz stops on a dime and twists his body to the left.


Because I was dragging it around on the ground, part of the bodies on my spear have torn off, but I use my strength to force it up off the ground. I can feel the muscles in my right arm bulging out.


As I swing down on the enemies coming at me from the front, a terrifying sound echoes. Judging from the impact, close to 10 people were sent flying back……and the two who were skewered on my spear have flown somewhere too. Now it’s much lighter.

「Mo-monster, that horse and rider are both demons!」
「There’s no way we could defeat someone like this……I don’t want to die yet!!」

This should have broken their spirits, but a spear suddenly lunges at me from the darkness. There’s no time for me to block with my spear so I try to twist my body to evade the strike, but the tip gouges into my thigh and gives me a shallow cut.

「Look! Even gods bleed! He’ll die if you cut him!」

The one man who cut me is wearing a different outfit than the other soldiers around him.
I see, so he’s a brave commander.

「We’ll attack with everyone next. If we finish him off, getting peerage might not be just a dre-……hgyaa?」

It really pisses me off that he injured me, so I swing my spear with my utmost strength. It was so fast he probably didn’t even see it. He’s spouting some nonsense, but it doesn’t matter anymore. After all, there’s nothing left of his face except the bottom part.

「Well ……」

I glance quickly at the soldiers trying to surround me and lightly tap the commander, who is still standing but has lost half of his head, with the handle of my spear. The corpse falls over and makes a thud on the ground, halting the enemy soldiers in their tracks.

「I’m going back, but come along if you want to chase after me.」

Schwartz gallops off in double time and the enemies on the path open up a way for us despite continuing to point their spears at us. I don’t sense any of them pursuing me from behind.

「Hey, if we don’t chase him……」
「I’ll go if you go.」
「Spare me.」

I guess the enemy soldiers aren’t going to follow. That means I’ll have an easier time fighting.

「Guh! There’s more where that came from! Take that!」

A fierce battle is still ongoing in the center of the city. In the middle of all that is Irijina, who’s rampaging at the very front of the other soldiers.

She’s fighting hard while leading four other soldiers, but there are over 30 enemy soldiers in front of her. It’s impressive how there are already five corpses at her feet, but it still remains a tall task to defeat all of them.


A spear pierces Irijina’s thigh. Blood is drawn and my beloved woman groans. Before I knew it, the only thing I can see is red. Schwartz neighs viciously – apparently we feel the same.

「Get in there, Schwartz. Kill them all.」

From a brisk gallop to a full-out sprint, Schwartz picks up speed and charges into the herd of enemies from behind. A few of them get crushed and scream out. I won’t let anyone of them escape, they’re all going to die.

「How dare you injure my woman.」

I dismount from Schwartz and first take out the two in front of me with quick thrusts, then bash the head of another one with the handle of my spear. Next, I leave my spear in place so I can hold my Dual Crater with two hands.

「Don’t think you can leave alive, you hear?」

「What the heck is with this guy!?」

「What does he want all of a su-gugh!」

「Forget about that woman in front, this guy’s more dangerous! Gueh!」

I swing my Dual Crater around as I spin, almost like a tornado tearing through people. The blade’s fearsome sharpness is nothing to scoff at, and although I won’t be able to take out multiple enemies all at once like with my spear, I can slice through things like swords and shields with ease if I put some strength behind my attacks.

「Hyaaah!!」「I lost my haaand!」「 My leg!」「My stomach was cut……someone……help me……」

Hands, legs, heads and torsos are all sent flying in the air. All of them splash blood everywhere and it was like being in the center of a whirlwind of red liquid. I not only swung my sword around, I also headbutted and kicked enemies, then finished them off by grabbing their chin or neck and crushing them with my bare hands. The thirty soldiers quickly become a scattering of loose pieces.

「He-……help me……」


I bisect the last enemy, running my sword from the top of his head down to his crotch, turning all the enemies in this area into corpses. I run over to Irijina, who’s wrapping a bandage on her subordinates.

「Are you alright?」

「Yeah, it wasn’t a fatal wound……but I won’t be able to fight as I wish like this……」

「No, you did well. Go nurse your wound in the back.」

「But now is not the time to be saying that!」

「I’ll put in extra effort for your sake too. Just stay alive and return the favor in bed.」

Irijina looks at the mess I made.

「Okay……but when things get bad, I’ll fight!」

If that time ever comes, I’ll let you escape. I tell myself that in my heart as the soldiers take Irijina along to the back. Before I realized it, the enemy soldiers have already started pulling back.

「Well done, everyone. Station some lookouts and take a breather. The next wave will probably be at dawn.」

We’ve won temporarily but it’s nothing to cheer about. As one would expect, three consecutive battles since yesterday morning would build up fatigue. Not to mention, it’ll only be several hours before we have to fight another battle. At this rate, everyone will eventually collapse.


「Oh, Celia, are you hurt?」

「I’m fine, Irijina-san is……」
「Pipi’s unharmed too.」

「My leg got hit. It’s not life-threatening, but I probably won’t be able to fight adequately.」

I pat Pipi’s head as she plays around innocently.

「Is that so……Christoph was the only one injured over here. His shoulder was cut quite nicely……」

Well that’s a relief. We’ve known each other for a somewhat long time, so it would be a little sad.

「The enemy’s sword was smeared with blood and slipped so the blade didn’t pass through the area where his chainmail was. On top of that, the impact knocked him out cold so the enemy mistakenly thought he was dead.」

What should I even say?

「His only injuries are a light cut and a bruise. He isn’t conscious at the moment but he’ll be ready to fight as soon as he wakes up.」

This guy has been through so many harsh battles and still has not once received a fatal injury. But he also has the rare ability of not being able to add anything to his military accomplishments.

「Anyhow, next time will be tomorrow morning. Get some sleep even if only for a short time.」

I say that as I remove my armor covered in the blood of the enemies. It’s a bit of a pain to have to change into my armor for every enemy attack, but I think I can sleep a little easier this way.

「Ah-! You’re wounded……!」

「It’s just a scratch, ignore it.」


「If we don’t sleep now, we won’t be able to last in tomorrow’s battle. It’ll heal itself when I’m sleeping.」

After Celia thinks about it for awhile, she quickly gets naked. Naturally, Pipi is also naked. I just want to get as much rest as possible.

But Celia unnecessarily notices how my dick has gotten rock hard.

「Is it because of all the fighting……it looks so hard it hurts. Shall I help you relieve it?」

「Pipi will suck too, ‘kay?」

My dick is pent up and pushing against the futon. But I’d feel sorry for making the girls service me knowing that they’re already tired.

「I don’t mind, so let’s sleep. If we just cling to each other while naked, I’m sure it’ll release by itself.」

With that said, I lay down with the two of them. They’re tired as I thought, since it hasn’t been a minute and both of them are already fast asleep. I’m probably fatigued as well, since my eyes are getting heavier and heavier.

The Next Day

Because of the neverending rain, the morning sun doesn’t come up, and the only way to tell it was morning was from the sky subtly getting brighter. The three of us spring out of bed.

「I’ll get ready immediately!」「Pipi is fine like this!」

The two stop moving for an instant after getting up.

「Incredible. As expected of Aegir-sama.」
「The chief has an inexhaustible supply of seed.」

Sure enough, my semen sprayed out while I was sleeping and made a big puddle on all three of our stomachs. Normally, this seed would be dyeing the insides of a woman’s pussy……sorry, forgive me for shooting you guys out pointlessly.

「Once this siege is over, I want to properly inject all of this inside you girls.」

「Of course. As much as you want……in my vagina, in my mouth or even in my ass!」「Pipi wants it in the ass!」

Alright, now I’m motivated. Let’s get going to this defensive battle.

We exit the house, with its roof covered in arrows like a porcupine, and get into position on the road. Because of the battle, many areas in the city walls have crumbled and it can no longer be considered a point of defense. Now, we have to fight within the city and chase the enemy out.

「Everyone listen! The enemy’s attack will still persist and many of you will probably die. But if you are able to successfully protect this place and survive……good food, wine and women will be waiting for you. Eat, drink, and release your seed……so, it’s worth betting your life for, don’t you think!?」

The soldier laughs dryly.
I’ll take this as them being happy, even if they’re faking it.

「Now, this will be a battle to the death!」

Enemy soldiers come rushing in through the countless gaps in the city walls. We have set up our positions on the road behind many obstacles which we have created by sticking the spears and swords, which the enemies left behind the other night, in piles of dirt on top of stacked carts and rubble with their sharp tips pointing outwards.
This is just a little defensive measure.

When the enemies see our defensive encampments, they stop moving and call their archers forward.

「Arrows are coming, cover yourselves with something!」

Several houses were dismantled in advance so the soldiers could equip themselves with a thick wooden plank. As long as the enemy doesn’t use flaming arrows, it should protect the soldiers hiding under these boards from any incoming arrows.

「But it’s boring to be repeatedly shot at. Have you prepared those things?」

「Yes……are we really doing this?」

「Yeah, it’ll be interesting, don’t you think?」

The soldiers brought me the spears retrieved from the corpses of the enemy soldiers which were leftover from enhancing the defensive structures. Most of them are around the same length and divided into many bundles tied together with a simple rope. I grab one of those bundles and draw my arm back. The soldiers raise their shields to block any arrows flying at their heads.


The bundle of spears I threw with all my might flies in an arc and lands in the middle of the enemy archers.

「Shit! They even have a siege engine!?」

Three of the enemy soldiers get skewered simultaneously.

「One more shot.」

I grab another bundle of spears and chuck it towards the enemy. It seems the enemy was prepared for it this time and the soldiers at the landing destination set up their shields……but were still skewered. The force from an arrow cannot compare to that of a javelin, but the weapon I threw was a regular spear. However, the weight of the bundle of spears is too much. Factoring in the energy it gets from being thrown, it wasn’t something shields could stop.

「A human ballista……」

I’ll remember the person who said that just now.
If he manages to survive, I’ll give him the four ugliest women.

I continue throwing those spear bundles and take down a few dozen enemies, which help excite my allies, but doesn’t affect the entire battle much. Eventually, the enemy realizes their arrows are ineffective, orders their archers to stand down and gets ready to approach us for a close-quarter fight.

Now that the enemy is charging at us, there’s no time for me to waste throwing each and every spear at them.

「Untie all the ropes, I’ll finish them all at once.」

「Eeeh!? Geez, that’s absurd……」

Celia grumbles but still loosens all the rope, leaving 10 bundles of about 50 spears all spread out, which I carry and prop up on my shoulder. As one would expect, I won’t be able to throw all of this very far, so I have to get a little closer to the enemy.

「Uooooooooh–!! Chargeeee–!!」

With the enemies pressing forward and my allies ready with their weapons, I take a running approach and hurl all the spears right before their imminent collision. The spears disperse and fly in all directions, raining down on the enemies who were only focused on the encampment in front of them.

The enemy soldiers were unable to deal with the sudden downpour of spears and one squad gets defeated right as they clash with my allies. Even my allies are in awe. But even though those spears are normal spears, the combined weight of several spears is still fairly heavy.
My shoulder is tired now.

「I never thought it was strange that the Corps Commander was something greater than a human.」

「I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually an orc.」

「Quit your yapping! Look, the next wave is coming!」

The enemy was surprised for only an instant when their vanguard was wiped out, but that didn’t make them give up. Many battalions composed of several hundred soldiers, even including cavalry, come charging at us. I give my favorite spear a twirl before stepping forward.

「Well, let’s do this! Pile up their corpses.」

They probably want the cavalry to disrupt cause chaos in our encampments, since they’re the ones charging at us first with their spears.

「I won’t let you.」

I thrust my spear at the leading cavalry unit and pierce the horse’s throat, then swing it away to the side. The rider was also flung off his horse violently and rolled off somewhere in an exhausted mess.


As the second cavalry lunges at me with his spear, I evade the strike and grab his weapon, then pull him down off his horse and crush his neck with my foot.
I slash the horse’s legs of the third cavalry to topple the rider, then let my allies finish him off.

In such a narrow passage where it’s easy to predict their movements, they aren’t able to use the fully utilize the cavalry’s strength.

「You need to study how to use cavalry properly!」

For the fourth cavalry, I bash the horse’s face with the shaft of my spear to knock it unconscious, then stab the rider who was flung in the air. I swing the skewered soldier around before tossing him back at the enemy.

The enemy soldiers falter slightly and then they look at me angrily.
It seems like the soldier I threw was a commander they respected quite a bit.

「Get revenge for the Baron! All units……chargeeeee!!」

「Just what I wanted, I’ll take all of you down!」

Both armies collide with each other on this narrow road.
A fierce battle has started.

Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Autumn. Wartime.
Commander of Third Army Corps
Subordinate Squad: 43,700

Port Randel
Kingdom Army: 1400

East Coast
Private Army: 8000 (Units brought to battle only)
Infantry: 2500, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 4000
Cannons: 10 (1 Genuine)

Kingdom Army – 2 divisions: 26,300

Neighboring Vassal Lords’ Armies: 8000
Not strictly under the command of the protagonist.

Additional – Rafen Defense Squad: 1000

Military Subordinates: Leopolt (Deputy Commander), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander, injured), Luna (commander of the bow cavalry), Pipi (mascot), Tristan (house-sitting)
Current Location: Port Randel
Achievements: Capitulated Port Randel



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