Chapter 152: Magrado War ④ Hell by 72 Hours


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「The enemy is retreating!」

「Let’s hear the victory cheers-!」

The commanders strain their voices but don’t get much of a response. All the soldiers similarly rest the weight of their bodies on their weapons or against a wall and collapse on the spot.

It’s totally understandable, since this is the sixth consecutive battle we started fighting on the defensive counting from the first day, including two night attacks, so everyone has reached their limits from the continuous pressure of the enemy.

「How are our losses looking like?」

Celia is gasping for air, but she still puffs out her chest with pride.

「The casualties……no, there are 500 surviving soldiers and 300 who are too injured to move.」

「I see. Have everyone move only the corpses around the wells! Once they’re finished, they can have a drink, eat a meal and even sleep, but with their armor on.」

There are countless bodies in the city of both enemy and ally. Normally, the corpses would need to be removed in order to eliminate any chance for plague to spread, but there are far more corpses than survivors so it doesn’t look possible to move all of them. That’s why we’ll just make the areas around the wells clean enough that no rotten fluids flow into the water and ignore the rest.

「There’s pretty much no use trying to raise the soldiers’ morale now……」

「The enemy also knows that our numbers have dwindled. It won’t be long before their next attack.」

We fought hard and made the enemies suffer more casualties than we have troops. But fighting a defensive battle with a force one tenth of the enemy’s size pushed us to the limit. Rain continues to fall as I gaze up at the sky, but the relentlessness seems to have diminished somewhat and a thick fog is creeping out, not only making the coast barely visible, but making it hard to see even the area in front of you. It doesn’t seem appropriate to send ships out in this weather either.

「Aegir-sama, I’ve secured a boat, although it is small in size. If things are about to get ugly, then at least Aegir-sama can……」

If I have a boat, then I’ll let Irijina and Celia and the others escape. The raging waters might lead them astray, but they might reach a safe location if they’re lucky. I feel a little bit more relieved.

「Let Irijina get on the boat. As for me……」

I hold my spear in my hand and head up the road. I can hear the enemy’s screams. I guess we don’t have time to sleep.

「Everyone, abandon the defence of the city walls and fall back to the harbor!」

The encampments near the city walls have all been destroyed. The only thing left to protect is the harbor.


「Knight Dhorne-dono died in battle!」
「The front is collapsing! Have both wings fall back, or they’ll surround us!」
「If we fall back any further, we’ll fall in the river? Perfect, the river won’t thrust spears back at you!!」

The shouting of my allies echoes all around me and I can even hear the sound of swords clashing very clearly, reaching all the way to the harbor where I’m taking command.

「They have recaptured almost all of Port Randel. The only place left is……」
「Just the harbor.」

In addition to the city being completely surrounded, the enemy is pushing us to the harbor from the inside of the city. Fortunately, the area in front of us is restricting so the several thousand soldiers overflowing in the city could not move and they could only send several hundred soldiers at us at a time.

「Let’s go Celia.」

「Yes! I will accompany Aegir-sama……until the very end!」
「I will return to the mountains with the chief!」

I take whatever is left of the escort unit and head towards the enemy.
It seems Celia and Pipi intend to die with me. Irijina wanted to fight until the end too, since she was still holding onto her spear despite standing on one leg with all the other injured soldiers. Everyone plans to die here, but I want to live on and return home. However, I’d feel sorry if I ruined their mood by saying that, so I’ll keep that thought to myself.

「Charge in!」

There is no need for trickery. The enemy is pushing at us from the front in a dense formation so there is nowhere to run. Then, there’s no other option but to continuously defeat the enemies coming at you.


I slam my spear on the head of an enemy fighting with one of my allies. The sound of impact made by my strike stood out from the piercing rings of metal and the soldier’s head splits open like a watermelon dropped from the second story.

「Let me join in too.」

I follow up with a rising strike, sending the enemy soldier flying in a nice parabolic trajectory. Cheers erupt from my allies while the enemies scream.

「I’m heading to the right wing!」
「Idiot! That puts me in front of the war demon, don’t leave your post!」

I run my spear through the backs of any escaping enemies and swing my weapon left and right to create a hole in the enemy’s ranks.


I jump into the opening I created and whip my spear around full circle, causing loud metallic clangs, cries of agony and a whirlwind of blood. With that, I eliminate all enemy soldiers within the range of my spear – a circle with a radius of a little over 3 meters.

「10 soldiers in one swing…… !」
「So he’s really a demon of some kind ?!」

「Who are you calling a demon!?」

I grab the soldier who was bad mouthing me by the lower jaw and throw him away, then stab another one with my spear. While I’m at it, I’ll kick away the one beside them too.

「What’s wrong? Come and get me if you want the commander’s head!」

「「U……uoooooooooh !!」」

The three of them run at me with their spears. Good, that’s right. It makes things easier than having to come get you myself.


I defeat two of the charging enemies with consecutive strikes with my own spear. The remaining soldier’s spear digs into my side.

「I did it! I took out the war demon……or not!」

Unfortunately, I just caught it with the side of my body. I place my hand on the pathetic soldier who lost his weapon and casually snap his neck.


Four enemies are rushing at me holding large two-handed swords above their heads, then swing their weapons down at me simultaneously. I quickly react by turning my spear sideways and blocking their attacks.

A sharp metallic sound echoes as my weapon stops their slashes, the fearsome impact generated from the collision enough to break any normal spear. I’ll have to treat the dwarves to some alcohol next time.

「He stopped us!」「Even the four of us together can’t take him out!?」

「This isn’t enough, you’re still too weak!」

I push off my foot hard enough for it to sink into the muddy ground slightly and push their swords back. The four enemies fly backwards and into their allies, who are packed tightly behind them, causing all of them to tumble.


Sensing something bad will happen, I turn around. As soon as the squad of bowgun-equipped soldiers enter my field of vision, their bolts fly towards me. I instinctively block one, but another one pierces into my thigh.


「Finish him !」

They must have two layers of attacks set up as several more bolts soar towards me, one of which stabs into my abdomen. I can hear the sound of the bolt hitting my body.

「Nooooooooooo!! Aegir-samaaaaaa!!!」

「The corps commander got hit!」
「I-it’s ……over now.」

Celia abandons her sword and runs towards me.
Idiot, you’ll get yourself killed too if you do that. Plus, this isn’t something to scream about.

「That was close, I thought I was going to die.」

I place my hand on my stomach and pull out the bolt stuck in my body.
I’m glad the tip isn’t too big, but it still hurts.


「Eh? Why is he still……alive?」

Instinctively tensing up my abdominal muscles saved me. If I slacked off on my daily training, it probably would have reached my organs.

「His muscles stopped it!? This bowgun is powerful enough to penetrate plate armor though!」

「Heere, I’ll return this to you!」

I throw the bloody bolt back at the soldier who fired it and it pierces him accurately in the eye.

「Well, I’m not dead yet. What are you going to do next?」

They quickly prepare to fire a second volley, but we aren’t that naïve. Allied soldiers concentrate their bowguns and throwing knives at them, defeating the entire enemy bowgun squad.

「Aegir-samaa……gosh! Geez!」

Regardless of it being in the middle of a battlefield, Celia clings to me with tears in her eyes.
Hey, come on, do this later. If we survive this, I’ll make love to you until you faint and piss yourself.

「Alright, let’s fight.」

「Yessir! I’m ready!」

Alright, she’s back to normal.
I’m glad that the sensitive Celia can’t discern how bad my condition is from my face due to the rain. It might not have dug into my internal organs, but it was just barely and blood won’t stop flowing out from the wound. Fortunate for me, she can’t tell the difference from that blood and the enemy’s blood.

Now that Celia cheered up, she rushes at the enemy like an arrow, slicing the legs of the enemies one after the other. With their legs taken out, the enemy soldiers roll on the ground and impede the path of their fellow soldiers behind them. This might be better than killing them outright.

「Their legs! Aim for their legs!」

The spears of the allied soldiers are aimed lower, piercing at the enemy soldiers’ thighs and calves. The injured enemies fall over and obstruct their reinforcements from rushing in and thereby relieving some pressure. The enemy commander orders them to advance while stepping over the fallen soldiers, but none of them were too pleased to trample and kill any of their comrade-in-arms.

I’m positioned at the place where the enemy’s attack is the fiercest while Celia, Gido and the escort unit are turning the enemy soldiers into corpses beside me. Naturally, the enemies try to stop them with their arrows and bowguns but everytime they tried, they got hit in the head or heart with arrows and died. Pipi has camped out on the roof of a slightly elevated storehouse near the harbor. Her arrows graze over our heads and defeat the enemies.

The enemy’s attacks are getting even more intense and I no longer have the luxury to decide which enemy to attack first, rather I have my hands full just beating down the enemies in front of me. The sound from my surroundings gradually drowns out and everything starts to move in slow-motion.

I can see the arrow flying slowly towards me from the front and I duck to dodge in a similarly slow motion. I brush away the approaching enemies with my spear, kick them away and trample them.

Gido defeats them after locking swords with them, evading their sword attacks with a paper-thin margin, then thrusting up at their throats in return. As spears thrust at Celia, she cuts the arm holding the weapon and spins her way close to the enemy to cleanly slice their neck, dyeing herself red with the blood she spills.

As I knock back a crowd of enemies in front, I can clearly see the results of my attack. One of their heads got cut off, two of their heads were crushed and two of them were just blown away. An attack comes at me from the side, but it should really be more towards my back since this strike is within my field of perception.

I elbow and crush the nose of the man who attacked me from the side, grab his head, then slam him against a rock on the ground.

At that moment, I felt something prick into me. A spear must have stabbed my back, but they made the right choice to attack in my blind spot where I can’t deal with them. However, he lacks the strength to penetrate my body completely despite aiming for the gap in my armor. It just hurts.

I grab the spear to bring the enemy soldier to the ground. As I was about to step on him, Celia rushes over in a flurry of rage after seeing him stab me and cuts him up.

「How bad is the wound!?」

I can’t even reply to Celia’s frantic question.
I continue to run my spear into the pressing enemies and toss them aside.

Celia and Gido are practically stuck behind and beside me in a tight formation, not willing to leave me. Now, I won’t be able to swing my spear too much like this.

In this desperate situation, the heavily-armed and well-trained escort unit, which suffered relatively few casualties, also fight hard around me. But fighting endlessly eventually exhausts them and they also get pushed back gradually.

「The arrows have stopped coming. Does this mean Pipi has also-?」

「No, the storehouse is still quite far back and the enemies hasn’t gone there yet. Maybe she ran out of arrows……or her bow broke.」

Due to the overuse from consecutive battles, she didn’t have the opportunity to do maintenance on her weapon so it’s possible that it might have broken.

「We have no choice but to keep fighting! 」

As I send some more enemies flying, the encirclement pulls back. Hm, did we fend them off?

「Please be careful. Something is up.」

Unlike what they have been doing, the enemies back off and keep a distance. They are still surrounding us, but a little further back.

「That is……not good!」

An object soars over our heads, casting a large shadow and making a low-pitched sound as it cuts through the air, distinct from how normal arrows sound like. Some ally soldiers cover their heads with shields anticipating arrows, but they were crushed along with their shields.

「A ballista……so they brought it with them in the city.」

The idle soldiers who couldn’t participate in attacking us are not playing around.

They brought out roughly 20 of those ballistae and are firing large bolts consecutively. Shields or roofs won’t protect us from those large arrow-like things. Our allies are defeated one after the other and our ranks are being torn to pieces.


One of those bolts fall to the ground near Celia and a shattered iron fragment shoots into Celia’s shoulder. The fragment isn’t big but it’s causing her to lose a lot of blood and she won’t be able to fight.

「Gido, take Celia and Irijina to the boat. Then set out when you find a chance.」

「No way! I can still fight! I won’t leave Aegir-sama’s side!」

「Listen to me! Irijina is pregnant with my child right now……she hasn’t realized when she came here. You’ll have to protect her Celia.」

「Eh? Didn’t you use contraception……」

「Just listen to me and go!」

Of course that’s a lie. But if I didn’t say that, this girl wouldn’t leave me even if she dies.

However, just as Gido and Celia were about to fall back, a rushing wind sound can be heard overhead and a bolt falls even closer to them than before, causing another fragment of iron – this time the size of a sword – to fly at them.

「Watch out!」

Gido pushes Celia down. Then he doesn’t move at all after.

「Wai-! What are you doing in front of Aegir-sama……let go! Move it! ……Gido?」


The iron shard is embedded deep into Gido’s back. There is blood leaking from the side of his abdomen as well. It looks as if the fragment pierced through his body. He spits out blood and remains motionless on the ground.


Celia and I exchange glances. Is there any chance he would survive an injury that pierces his body? Even worse, it doesn’t seem like any medicine would help either.

「……Aegir-sama, three wounded people won’t be able to steer a ship properly. I’ll stay here till the very end.」

There’s nothing I can say anymore. But I don’t intend to die yet.

There is another rushing wind sound and I can see a faint shadow this time. It’s above my head.

Celia goes quiet and closes her eyes.
Good grief, she really wants to die today, doesn’t she.


I lower my hips and build up some power.


My spear collides with the extremely thick arrow falling down from above my head. Both sides seem to be locked in a stalemate for an instant, but after a dull sound, the large arrow is deflected diagonally forward and back towards a crowd of enemy soldiers. They shout in astonishment.

「Celia, never give up. Open your eyes!」


Celia’s injured arm hangs limp but she holds her sword in the other one and glares at the enemy. Seeing how we have completely fallen apart, the ballistae have stopped firing and the enemy soldiers advance forward again.

It was at that time.
There was that sound of rushing wind again created from a ballista being fired, but the enemy ballistae should not be firing now.

The large bolt flies over our heads and rains down on top of the enemy soldiers’ heads. Dozens of bolts pour down and stop the enemy’s advance. Following the bolts are several hundred arrows.

There’s nothing but river behind us. Unless the water god has come to help, there is only one answer.


「Reinforcements have finally arrived—-!!」

The allies who were on the verge of death explode with cheers.
The ones who added in their attacks were the battleships, followed by the transport ships which are continuously unloading soldiers on the harbor. Only a mere 2000 were dropped off, but the fact that we received reinforcements is enough to give our allies hope and cause panic in the enemy’s heart.

「They did well to cross the river in this fog……」

Now that I realize it, the rain has become more of a drizzle, the amount of water in the river has decreased and the current has also slowed down. Even if it rains over here, the current will go back to normal when it stops raining upstream.

The enemy’s offense has been halted, allowing Gido and Celia to fall back and treat their wounds. In that moment, a flag can be seen in the middle of the water near the harbor. It was coming from the opposite shore and continued at a regular interval but was shrouded by the fog.

「That is……they’re not moving. Maybe they fixed their position on the water using a rock?」

「They used a stone weight to fix their position and fly their flags. If they do so with even spacing, they can figure out our course even in this fog.」

They probably changed the color of the flags and had several small boats do the same, then followed the colored boats to reach where we are. This is most likely Leopolt’s idea. But more importantly, those two need treatment.

「I just have to stop the blood and can do it myself! Help Gido instead!」

The armor is removed from Gido’s exhausted body and his clothes were cut open with a knife. As predicted, the iron fragment pierced his back and penetrated through his abdomen. His organs must be pretty damaged too.

「Aegir-sama……how does he look……?」

Nothing can be done about 80% of the injury. Maybe only about 20% can be treated with drugs and a doctor. If he’s left here, he’ll die 100%.

Celia must have determined the situation from my expression and grimaces, though it looks like it wasn’t only because of the pain from her own injury.

「Get him on a returning transport ship, the doctor and medicine are still on the opposite shore.」

「I will……」

「We’re fine here. He protected you so send him off, don’t hit him too hard even if he brushes against your breasts, got it?」

I look at Gido, who’s barely keeping himself conscious.

「Gido, you did well to protect Celia. Your efforts will definitely be repaid, so don’t die.」

「Chief……-sama……take care……my wife……」

「I’ll treat you and your wife well. If you survive, your reward will be doubled.」

Gido smiles weakly.
Celia and I look at each other and she nods obediently, lending Gido her shoulder and taking him to the ship. The other injured soldiers are retrieved as well and the ship quickly turns around.

This fog is annoying, but also a stroke of luck. Right now, the enemy navy are unable to grasp any of our movements as long as this fog is out.

Eventually, the 2000 allies have completed their disembarkment and although their numbers are still vastly inferior to the enemy, they are energetic and fresh soldiers.

「Now, the backup is here! We’ve won this fight! Kill the rest of their soldiers!!」


The reinforcements don’t understand the situation but start cheering anyways. The other allied soldiers also cheer and continue fighting while believing in their victory.

「The enemy’s reinforcement has come! How many of them are there!?」
「A few thousand? There’s no way there are that many!?」
「Is it true that the enemy has landed outside the city as well? Send out the scouting unit to confirm!」

In reality, we are still being cornered, but this sort of momentum and atmosphere is important. Moreover, the enemy is not able to accurately ascertain the number of our reinforcements due to poor visibility. Because of that, the enemy seems ready to flee just from our war cries.

Judging that it’s about time for me to contribute again, I jump onto Schwartz as he trots about.

「Take back the city!」

Since we have received reinforcements, our troops were able to mount a counterattack immediately and after an intense battle, we successfully chased the enemy out of the city of Port Randel again.

The fog lifted in the evening, and we were able to make two transport trips, increasing our troops to over 6000 during that time. The archers and ballistae are lined up as well, making this force one that is not so easily wiped out. I can almost hear the complaints of the enemy commanders.

「Now I can pretty much take a break too.」

They should have plenty of strength to deal with anything that comes their way during the night. I can finally relax and sleep until the morning. My wounds on my thigh and stomach hurt but the blood has stopped and my muscles have stopped it just in time, so they aren’t anything major.

「But how troublesome.」

Because I wasn’t able to sleep with a single woman during the fierce melee, my dick looks incredible now. As soon as I felt relief, my dick has gotten so hard it hurts even while I’m staying still.


「Pipi, huh? You did well too.」

Celia and Irijina are wounded and have returned to the opposite shore so the only woman here is Pipi. I don’t know if it’s safe to call her a woman though. By the way, her bow broke as expected and she was left feeling chagrined.

「Is Gido dead?」

What a straightforward girl, but I know that Pipi doesn’t beat around the bush.

「I don’t know yet. It’d be nice if he survived though……」

「Pipi doesn’t want Gido to die. Gido’s an excellent warrior.」


I guess it’ll be hard to ask for a quickie in this atmosphere. I’ll just hug Pipi and go to sleep right away.

But Pipi dives under the blanket and squirms about. I feel a sharp sensation running through my crotch. Pipi’s using her small tongue to lick my strained dick.

「Hey, hey, you’re tired too aren’t you? You don’t have to push yourself.」

「Pipi wasn’t useful in the fight……so I want to be useful as a woman at the very least.」

Pipi throws off the blankets and gives my dick one last strong suck before taking her mouth away and getting on all fours.

「There aren’t any other girls today. If you’ll accept Pipi then I want the chief to put his dick in Pipi’s hole.」

As I’m worrying about the pain she would feel, her vagina is spread open with both hands.

「You’re still small, so wait until you’ve grown a little……」

「Pipi wants to be embraced! Chief……Pipi is the only girl who hasn’t received your penis yet. Is Pipi……defective?」

Pipi jumps on me and desperately tries to get me in the mood by licking my neck, kissing me and rocking her hips. Normally, we’d settle with petting, mutual rubbing and licking of each other’s genitals.

But this time, I’ve fought endlessly, escaped death several times and built up a lot of pent up lust to feel more turned on than I have before. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if I dug into Sharon’s ass.

Yes, she might be young and small but I don’t think I’m at an advantage fighting a naked girl who wants my dick so much. Going against my sense of reason, I grab Pipi’s body and push her down on her back. I start stroking her brown, sun-tanned skin from top to bottom.

「Chief……Pipi wants you to use her hole too. Pipi’s a woman too so Pipi can bear children too.」

「The sizes are different, it’ll hurt you know?」

「I don’t mind. Getting torn apart by the chief is like a medal of honor.」

Pipi grins broadly. Did I have an option of not sleeping with this girl in the first place?

I go in between Pipi’s legs and lift up her legs. Her body and legs seem like they’ll break if I’m not careful.

Looking from the side, a man pressing against the small body of this girl undoubtedly makes it seem like I’m raping her. She doesn’t have any pubic hair, and her vagina is just a thin slit if not spread open. I press my dick against the entrance of that pussy.

「Chief…… Pipi is becoming one with the chief she admires so much……I’m so happy.」

「If it hurts, don’t hesitate to bite me anywhere you want, but avoid my neck. You might die from that.」

As I talk to her, I hold down her shoulder and kiss her lips lightly before pushing my hips forward.


「Sorry, but I’m not stopping now.」

I hold Pipi’s shoulder in place as she groans and push my hips even further in. Her hymen hasn’t torn yet, but there was a sound of something ripping, as if Pipi’s hole was screaming out.


As Pipi grits her teeth and starts to cry, my sense of reason slowly comes back to me .Just a little more and I’ll tear her symbol of virginity, and then if I pull out and caress her, she’ll probably be satisfied. With that in mind, I thrust in strongly.


Pipi groans, wraps her arms around my back and pushes her hips out. Because the both of us are pushing our hips out, I feel the tip of my dick forcing itself into her undeveloped womb, way past just tearing through her hymen.


Pipi squeals in a way I’ve never heard before.

「Corps commander! What happened?!」

The soldier standing on lookout thought the scream was in response to the enemy surrounding us so he rushed in the room. When he came in, he finds the small girl in Pipi crying in pain while my dick is buried in the small girl’s body.

「……A, apologies for interrupting.」

The door closes and I can hear him talking outside.

「The commander even sleeps with kids.」
「As we thought, there isn’t a woman he won’t put his dick in as long as they have a hole……

「……shall we continue ?」


Pipi will get exhausted if I continue to move at this rate. I pick up the extremely light girl and have her sit while facing me, hugging her tight and rocking her gently.

「Ah, chief……」

Pipi buried her face in my chest and playfully bites my nipples through my clothes, entrusting her body to me and my gentle movements.

「I’ll continue to rock like this. Don’t worry about losing consciousness or pissing yourself. Just leave everything to me and thoroughly enjoy the feeling of my cock.」

「Pipi is……happy.」

The pain probably hasn’t decreased at all. But Pipi’s adorable when she smiles so happily.

「I’m happy to be inside you as well. With this, Pipi has become my woman too.」


Pipi’s tiny body trembles and her vagina is clenching down on me too.

「What’s wrong?」

「I want you to do me a favor. Once again……say I’m your woman.」

「Pipi, you’re my woman, my beloved woman belonging only to me.」


She trembles again.
What an interesting girl.

「You’re lovely, Pipi. You’re my woman, you’re my Pipi.」

「Hau wa! You’re saying too much! Pipi is- Pipi can’t take it!」

To finish her off, I bite her ear and blow lightly before whispering one last sentence.

「I love you more than anyone……Pipi.」


I feel a hot splash on my crotch, Pipi squirts during her first time and throws her head back in pleasure.

「You’re cute, Pipi, you’re wonderful, Pipi, I love you, Pipi……」

I speed up the movements of my hips. It appears as if she isn’t feeling pain anymore so I thrust more intensely while Pipi desperately clings to me and cries tears of pure pleasure as she climaxes.

「Chief! Cumming! I’m going to go flying! Fuuuniiiii!!」

After she screams exceptionally loud, she stops moving for a few seconds. Her face warps and drool starts dripping from her mouth. Her eyes are still open but she’s lost consciousness. I’ll have her make me cum too.

「Cumming, take it all in.」


I lick Pipi’s light brown skin and suck on her slightly protruding breasts. Unlike Laurie’s sense of familiarity, she’s genuinely like an unripe fruit, but this immature young girl has finally received my seed. The root of my dick is already swelling. I’m sure an awfully thick load of semen will come out.


The substance emitted as I ejaculate felt more like a solid but soft mass rather than liquid. I unconsciously grab Pipi’s ass cheeks and throw my head back. My urethra is pushed open and a large amount of semen is released, almost to the point of it feeling painful.

「Oooooh–!! Ooooooooh! Still cumming! Uooooooh!!」

「My stomach……going to break……」

「Just a little more! Endure it! Uoooooh!!」

I forgot that it accumulated so much. My ejaculation doesn’t stop and Pipi’s stomach continues to expand.

After a good five minutes, my dick finally settles down and I pull out of Pipi.

「Hahaha, incredible.」

The tiny Pipi now has an unnaturally swollen belly. She looks completely like a pregnant woman on the last month of pregnancy. Even though I’ve pulled out, my seed is overflowing out of her hole. Because it was too thick, it got stuck in her womb.

「Is Pipi……pregnant !? Is it the chief’s child !? 」

Why would you get pregnant right after we did it?

「Oh no! We made a baby!」

While holding her belly, she walks around clumsily and exits the room.

「H-hey, did you see that!?」
「Yeah, why is that kid pregnant? Your stomach gets that big after the commander sleeps with you?」

Of course not, you idiot.
I’ll have to clear up the misunderstandings after Pipi’s done running around.


I glance down at my stomach when I feel the sudden pain and see that the wound has started to bleed again. I was overconfident and worked too hard. Everything is getting dark.

「Oh, come on……if I die like this……」

That would be pathetic.
I smile and collapse unconsciously on the bed.

Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Autumn. Wartime.
Commander of Third Army Corps
Subordinate Squad: 42,700

Port Randel
Kingdom Army: 6400

East Coast
Private Army: 8000 (Units brought to battle only)
Infantry: 2500, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 4000
Cannons: 10 (1 Genuine)

Kingdom Army – 2 divisions: 20,300

Neighboring Vassal Lords’ Armies: 8000
Not strictly under the command of the protagonist.

Additional – Rafen Defense Squad: 1000

Military Subordinates: Leopolt (Deputy Commander), Celia (adjutant, injured), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander, injured), Luna (commander of the bow cavalry), Pipi (belly of a pregnant woman), Tristan (house-sitting), Gido (critical condition)
Current Location: Port Randel
Achievements: Capitulated Port Randel



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