Chapter 154: Magrado War ⑥ The White Fleet


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Port Randel

「Heey……it’s fine, isn’t it?」

「No, it’s not, the doctor said so.」

As Pipi wipes down my body, I rub her ass, but she doesn’t meet my demands. She’s wearing a regrettably short skirt so I slip my hand past her thigh and rub her vagina with my finger. Pipi doesn’t seem to mind being touched though and closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of my finger.

I fainted after the wound in my abdomen opened up again, but fortunately, a soldier keeping watch found me. However, he made a fuss and caused everyone in Port Randel to hurriedly search for an assassin in the city in confusion.

After that, Pipi and the doctor had to tell them the truth that I wasn’t dead and that I was fucking while injured so the wound opened up again. It calmed everyone in the city down but it unnecessarily caused them to give me strange looks.

「You aren’t allowed any women until the wound closes. I don’t mind if you just look.」

「That’s unreasonably cruel……」

I pull my finger out from Pipi’s crotch. I can’t penetrate her or ejaculate so touching her anymore than this is pointless.

「Count-sama has a strong body. The wound will close up quickly, so please take care of yourself for just a little longer.」

The other woman in the room seems to be the doctor’s assistant tasked with nursing me. So Pipi has a bunch of things she won’t put up with either.

But this devoted girl can also be considered as the cause of my suffering. Her clothes are revealing and barely covering anything, exposing her bulging breasts and large ass. She’s a nice woman who I want to get pregnant as soon as possible.

「……go ahead and do as you like.」

I rub the ass of the girl who finishes spreading the ointment on my thigh and stomach wounds. The girl made a fuss about it at first, but she doesn’t mind now that we did it so many times.

「It’s fine if I cum as long as I don’t move, right?」

「Nope. Releasing your seed uses up your stamina and the strength in your stomach too. Your wound will open up again.」
「That’s right! I thought my heart would stop when I saw the chief fall over!」

At this rate, I don’t think I can get Pipi to do it with me sneakily either. I wonder what the cause of death would be if I die after my dick bursts.

「Commander, a messenger from the opposite shore. It’s from Leopolt-dono.」

「From him?」

The message from the opposite shore once again reported they have been isolated because of Magrado’s navy.
A small ship might be able head out at night while relying on the lights from the city while transporting on a larger scale would only yield a small chance for success.

I look at the letter handed to me by the messenger.
I unconsciously pass it beside me, but Pipi can’t read.
Oh, how I miss Celia.

「If this is true……then we’ll be able to reunite with the soldiers of the opposite shore soon.」

「Really!? Pipi wants to know how Gido is doing too!」

Gido is still fighting a losing battle with the god of death, but I’ll keep quiet for now.

「Contact the soldiers. Set up Goldonian flags in various places in the city. We need to make sure there are no buildings with flags belonging to Magrado. And also, absolutely don’t do anything to the ships coming up from downstream. Tell them to stay still like they’re watching a play.」

「What’s going to happen?」

The woman inquires as she’s treating me.

「Just a little show. Look forward to it.」

I speed up the rubbing of her ass but get pinched when I stick my finger just a little bit into her ass.
Haah, I want to fuck a woman.

And then one week later, when my abdominal wound has closed up for the most part, it finally came.

「Commander! An unidentified fleet of 10 ships coming from downstream – six large-sized ships and another four super large-sized ships!」

「So they’ve come. See to it that absolutely nobody interferes with them.」

I stand up and head outside to see them off.
Pipi also comes along with me……her head is at just the right height for me to rest my arm.
She’s just like Celia when she was young.


The devoted girl who nursed me lays trembling on the bed with her legs spread open. When I think about how she squirted a little earlier while holding her inflated stomach, it brings up an impure yet comical scene in my mind.

As soon as the girl told me my wound healed, I pounced on her. She resisted at first, but eventually gave in after my repeated kissing and caressing. With a sensitive body and a dick full of semen, I made her moan in pleasure to my heart’s content, and released a bucket-load of seed inside her womb after she granted me permission.

「She squeezed the most out of me……」

Sorry about that Pipi, that body was against the rules after abstaining for close to two weeks.
I’ll make sure to inject lots inside you tonight too.

「Over there!」

My attention shifts when the soldier shouts.

「It’s big……even when looking from here.」

「It’s unbelievably big. To think something that big could sail on the river……」

The fleet of 10 sheets advances in two rows, approaching the coast of Port Randel carefully as if inspecting the area.

「Raise the flags.」

Goldonian flags fly on the top of citizens’ houses and shops, and any tall places where the soldiers could climb up. As soon as we did so, the fleet seems to lose interest and changes direction to run parallel to coast.

「Fuu……what a scary guy.」

「Chief? What is that?」

Pipi jumps and clings to me from behind, resting her chin on my shoulder.

「So Pipi doesn’t know. If it’s you, I know you can clearly see that flag, right? Remember it well, that is……」

The Olga Federation.

「Is that the nation that Nonna spoke about? Are they an ally?」

「I can’t say for sure, but this time it seems they’re an enemy’s enemy.」

Leopolt’s letter detailed the Magrado Navy attacking a merchant ship from the Federation and massacring everyone onboard. It appears the Federation immediately responded by dispatching a disciplinary fleet to the eastern rivers. They did make contact with Goldonia afterwards and insisted that no one interfered or helped.

Having a third party enter the fray is amusing, but if they’ll defeat what we consider to be a troublesome navy, then I’ll humbly accept this fortunate event.

「It’s a bigger ship than Pipi and the others got on. And it’s also white and pretty.」

「You’re right ……the four ships especially at the back are incredible.」

The six battleships are about the same size as the largest battleships in Goldonia but the other four look to be double that size. They are tall as well so it isn’t easy to climb onboard just by throwing some rope over and crossing.

The entire ship, including the deck and mast are painted white. They’re extremely beautiful when viewed from afar, but it really only makes them stand out.

「But, I guess they don’t need something like smokescreen.」

That white color probably encompasses the dignity of their ruler to allow them to boldly challenge any opponent when they get discovered.

「But that ship is strange. There are a bunch of holes on the side.」

Holes? I couldn’t see that much detail with my eyes but water will seep inside if that’s true.

「There’s something black sticking out of there. It ruins the ship’s white beauty. 」

「Magrado Navy spotted upstream! Over 40 of them!」

So they’re here. With this many battleships, there’s no reason to butt in. Judging based on size, the Federation has the advantage but Magrado has quadruple the number of ships and is more importantly coming from upstream, so they should have the speed advantage.
Well, let’s see how things turn out.

「Can’t see-」

Soldiers all gather in high places so they don’t miss the action. The small Pipi’s view gets blocked so I put her on my shoulders.

「Oooh~ So high! 」

The Federation’s fleet is in two vertical rows whereas the Magrado Navy is spread out horizontally. The small ships of the Magrado Navy use the river current in an attempt to destroy the larger ships with their naval rams.

「If both fleets are facing each other from the front, then the Federation has the advantage despite having fewer ships. Will they instantly close the distance and aim for the side……?」

However, at that time the battle ranks of the Federation’s fleet suddenly veers left, exposing their side.

「What-!? 」「No way, they’re practically screaming to be attacked there.」

The spectating soldiers also raise their voices of confusion.

The six large battleships widen the gap between the four extra large ships, which are gently floating sideways slightly downstream, naturally inviting the Magrado Navy to take the opportunity to accelerate towards them.

If both sides close the distance by heading straight, it would take several changes in direction to get around to the side of the other party, but in this situation, Magrado only has to accelerate forward. Now I’m worried about what the Federation’s admiral is planning.

「They’re getting closer to each other! 」「Naval ramming……if a ship of that size takes an attack empowered by the river current……」

Everyone gulped in anticipation for the ramming by the Magrado side and the hand-to-hand combat which would naturally follow. But what happened next betrayed all of their expectations.

A loud roaring sound, which even echoed all the way to Port Randel located a fair distance away, sends vibrations to my stomach.


The sound surprised Pipi, causing her to fall off my shoulders and wrap her legs around me in a hurry to save herself from hitting the ground.

「What happened!?」

「Pipi saw it! The white fleet spit out fire!」

There is some sort of smoke seeping out like mist from the sides of the Federation’s fleet.
On the other hand, the Magrado Navy is……

「Amazinnng……they look like worn-out rags.」
「What on earth happened!?」

The Magrado ships are still intent on colliding with the enemy fleet but lost speed after their masts were destroyed and their decks turned into a tattered mess. The rowers are most likely finished too as the ships are diverted off-course weakly. The ships are pulled along the river by the current, and eventually capsizes and sinks.

「10 ships disappeared in an instant?」「So the ships of the Federation’s fleet blow fire……?」

「Cannons, huh? ……Pipi, how many flames did you see?」

「8! There were 24 big ones!」

A big applause to Melissa who taught her how to count.
That was only the right side, so they essentially have 16 and 48 altogether……which means that the entire fleet has close to 300 cannons in total.
Nonna……it looks like it’ll take a while to take back the Elektra name.

The soldiers looking forward to seeing both parties clash were also rendered speechless. That showed just how impactful the scene was.

That initial attack basically determined the victors of the battle.
Another group of ships were sunk with a second volley and the separated ranks of the Federation’s fleet steered their ships around to pursue and finish off each and every escaping ship belonging to the Magrado Navy with their cannons.

「The white ships are large, yet considerably fast.」

That’s right, the Federation ships are fast.
The reason they looked sluggish was simply because the body of the ship is big, and even now, those ships are sinking the Magrado ships left and right with cannons and naval rams. The battle has become one-sided, clearly distinguishing the hunter and the hunted.

A few Magrado ships manage to shoot their ballistae and hit the Federation ships, causing small fires, but the white fleet responds by blasting the enemy ships with cannons.

When most of the Magrado ships have disappeared to the bottom of the river, the white fleet formed into their two rows again and heads to the coast. The place is slightly upstream from Port Randel, and it looks to be all forest until the area close to the shore from what I can see, but that seems to be where the Magrado Navy appeared from earlier. It’s probably a hidden base or something.

The continuous roars from their cannons make me want to cover my ears as dust rises and slivers of wood gets sent flying in the air.

「What a staggering attack. I’ve never seen anything like it.」

「Chief……my eardrums are going to burst……」

Pipi was about to cry, but when I cover her ears with my hands, she looks up and grins broadly at me. I’ll make more of an effort to stretch Pipi’s hole today.

After a thorough cannon strike, the Federation fleet raise their anchors and head further upstream. But then, a single ship of the Magrado Navy which appeared to be destroyed and drifting on the water started moving. Apparently, they were just disguising themselves and took out their oars altogether to paddle together, accelerating towards the super large battleship. Thinking they could at least get some form of retaliation, they get in extremely close so the Federation ship has no way to respond.

「Oooh! They’ll crash.」

Although they’re the enemy, I have to give some props to them for challenging the Federation ship with a single ship. It’s fine to cheer for them a bit.

In a panic, the cannons spit out fire, but are unable to hit their target. Then, there was a thud sound from the flank of the giant vessel as the naval ram runs into the ship’s body.

「!?」「What was that sound!?」

That wasn’t the sound of the naval ram destroying the hull. I hear a dull sound of metal colliding with metal and the ship which did the ramming tilts over and sinks.

The giant vessel continues to progress forward slowly as if nothing happened, watching the other ship sink.


Only one person’s voice leaks out, but that was probably what everyone thought at the moment.

That ship probably installed something metal under the water’s surface. Because the ship is so big, they probably thought as long as they protect the water surface around them, it would be a herculean task for them to be destroyed and thus sunk from the top. But can a ship even install something metal like that……? I don’t really know.

「Such a fleet is on the eastern rivers……?」

The eastern area is a remote region to the Federation and their main enemy in the Garland Empire is to the west……in other words, it isn’t wrong to believe they have another fleet in the west several times more powerful than that one.

「I’ll have to work even harder.」

「If you work too hard, Pipi will die. I’d like you to be satisfied with making Pipi faint already.」

I’ll pat Pipi for misunderstanding.

They must have waited until the battle was settled.
A transport ship comes towards us from the opposite shore. Since the Magrado Navy in our area has been vanquished, there is no longer anything blocking them.

–Third Person POV–

At the same time, Rafen

「There is no mistake.」

「Is that true!? You’re sure!?」

「Everything is true. I swear on my life as a doctor.」

Nonna takes several deep breaths before confirming again.
Again, the doctor gives her the same response.

Nonna’s shocked face gradually becomes happy, then finally a beaming smile appears on her face like an explosion.

「There is no mistake. Madam, you are pregnant.」



「No, that was nothing. Is that so, well good work……you may leave. Absolutely keep the embarrassing part you saw of me to yourself.」

「T-then I’ll excuse myself.」

The doctor leaves the room and Carla comes in, as if taking his place.
Carla smiles in front of Nonna as she is putting her underwear back on and getting her clothes back in order.

「Cheating with that old man? Was it fun?」

「Don’t be stupid! More importantly……」

「Congrats. You’re pregnant, right?」

Nonna freezes at the unusually kind words, tears gradually well up in her eyes and she jumps into Carla’s chest.

「Waaaaaaaaah, I made a baby! I’m not unqualified to be a wife!」

「What, you’re crazy…….besides, the important part is the child.」

「Of course! I will raise this child to be healthy and upstanding. To do that……」

Nonna summons a servant in the area.

「Bumping into something and falling down is the source of miscarriage so……wrap all the railings in the mansion, the furniture, the walls, and all sharp edges with cloth! And I heard that it will do the baby good if the mother’s body stays relaxed. Someone go buy a painting from my favorite artist, Torteon, and bring it to my room……」

「Don’t get ahead of yourself!」

Carla was about to hit Nonna, but remembering it would be bad if she fell over on the off-chance, she tugs at her cheek instead.


Nonna gets angry, but the smile deep inside her heart cannot be hidden.

Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Autumn. Wartime.
Commander of Third Army Corps
Subordinate Squad: 43,000

Private Army: 8000 (Units brought to battle only)
Infantry: 2500, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 4000
Cannons: 10 (1 Genuine)

Kingdom Army – 2 divisions: 27,000
Neighboring Vassal Lords’ Armies: 8000

Additional – Rafen Defense Squad: 1000

Military Subordinates: Leopolt (Deputy Commander), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander of the bow cavalry), Pipi, Tristan (house-sitting), Gido (critical condition)
Current Location: Port Randel
Achievements: Capitulated Port Randel



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