Chapter 156: Magrado War ⑧ The End of a Warrior


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

After our victory at the Nord Plains, there is no longer any army in the area who can stand up against us. It should be just like an uninhabited wasteland……or so we thought.

「This was unexpected.」

「It doesn’t delay us much but this isn’t good.」

Leopolt and Myla have a sour look on their faces.

Irijina and the 300 troops assigned to her come back to us from the side. They were dispatched to a farm village near the road to make them submit to us…….
The rising black smoke and the woman’s sullen look tells me something happened though.

「That village was the same as well?」

「I told them I wouldn’t get violent as long as they surrendered……but all the villagers pointed swords as me so I had no choice but to burn everything down.」

I can’t blame Irijina for doing so. If the villagers ignored her advice to surrender and even wielded weapons against her, then they’re nothing but enemy soldiers. It’s natural for them to be exterminated, but I hope very few women and children got caught up in the mess.

「All the villages on the way from Port Randel were like this. Their forces were nothing special but this doesn’t really feel good……」

It’s exactly as Myla says. We burned each and every town and village we encountered on the way to the capital. We didn’t plunder or loot the places, but the citizens took up their arms against us. It wasn’t just towns with a few thousand people, but even the small villages with a few dozen people formed their own army of volunteer soldiers and attacked us at night or ambushed us. Of course, there’s no way the most amateur of amateurs could slow us down with their surprise attacks and got routed instead.

「Thinking about ruling over them in the future with so much hostility towards us really makes my head hurt.」

「There’s no way we can rule over those guys.」

I did unusually get a woman over and had her suck on me, but apparently it was all a ruse and she bit down as hard as she could. Fortunately, she was a pretty nice woman and my dick was hard enough that her teeth didn’t go all the way through, only bringing me more stimulation and causing me to ejaculate all over her. She went wild, screaming ‘I’ll kill you, enemy of my husband’ while covered in my semen. I resignedly handed her a few gold coins and let her go, but she threw it back at me.

「I wonder why they hate us this much.」

「Magrado was originally ruled by the state. Their animosity towards Goldonia was probably stirred up even before that earlier conflict……They might also consider the dead soldiers they dispatched to Treia as foul play on our part.」

「This is annoying, but it doesn’t change what we have to do – bring down the capital and crush Magrado. We can leave the problem of how to deal with these citizens to the person who will rule this area.」

Myla is a pure soldier so she isn’t familiar with politics. But what she said is absolutely correct. Rather than worry unnecessarily, first take down the capital.

「Fortunately, the acquisition of supplies will be easy.」

Leopolt speaks with a cold tone.
It’s well known that we need to pay to obtain things like food if the villages were to surrender and come under our control, but we can take everything for free if they resist.

「Enemy attack in the rear! It looks like they’re militia.」

「Aiming for the transport unit, are they……how foolish.」

It’s the correct move to target the transport unit which is lightly guarded, but because my army has more cavalry, they can respond quicker to attacks. The cavalry will definitely gallop to the area faster than the villagers can accomplish their mission on foot.

「There isn’t a particular need to deal with them. 500 bow cavalry are over there and can easily wipe them out.」

「I know. Let’s pay them no mind and continue on.」

Haah, I wanted to have a taste of some Magrado women.

We continue to march on while repelling the resistance of the farmers and remnants of the defeated Magrado army until we receive notice from Erich that he encountered the other half of the enemy army and defeated them with the first division corps.

Apparently, in order to deal with the enemy’s heavy infantry tactics, he lured them to muddy areas soaked with the heavy rain and used siege weapons like us to defeat them. They engaged with the enemy several more times after that and used the momentum from their victory over the heavy infantry to push the enemy army around until finally cornering them into a certain city and wiping them out.

「As expected of someone of his caliber.」

I haven’t had many chances to fight alongside Erich recently, but I know he’s an excellent commander and general. I wonder what would happen if I pit Leopolt against him.

「Is there something you need?」

「No, it’s nothing.」

In any case, we shouldn’t encounter anything else on the way to the capital besides those trivial attacks.

It seems the second division corps successfully completed their landing operation but are having trouble taking down the city where the vassal lord holed himself and his army in. Considering the size of the city, the enemy shouldn’t have more than 5000 forces.
I really want to find out how on earth he could struggle against a motley crew of 5000.

Erich told me just to treat them as if they don’t exist.

「It looks like we’ll reach the capital first. Let’s set up camp before they get here.」

We brought our engineers this time around too. They’ve been doing nothing but building even during peaceful times so there is no group better in constructing camps than them.

「We let about 5000 soldiers escape while the first division corps didn’t really let any run away so there should be about 10,000 soldiers left in the capital in total. Looking at it now though, they might proactively use the citizens in their defensive battle.」

Magrado’s capital, Odoros, has a population of 20,000 making it a little hard for us to overpower them with brute force even if we don’t include the young children and elderly in their military force. With that said though, we can still crush them if they sortie on their own.

「I guess it’s better to surround them and wait.」

「Fortunately, we were able to establish our supply route over the river thanks to the Federation. We won’t have a problem even in an extended siege.」

「I would rather finish up quick and return home……well, I’m sure it won’t take too long.」

I feel it in my gut.

「Well, I’m going back to the carriage for a bit.」

「Please watch the volume of your voices. The soldiers are forbidden to rape after all.」

It irks me when I get told by Leopolt with such a straight face.

「Ahem, w-well, I’m going to take a little break too……」

Myla follows me.

「Do you wanna do it in your armor?」
「I-I’m not that improper!」

「Then how about pleading me to stop while riding on top?」
「I’m not a dirty women like that!」

I think Leopolt just sighed behind me.

–Third Person/Malt POV–

At the same time, Malt Kingdom: Biado.

「All units sortie!! Our destination is the city of Rafen in Hardlett’s territory! We’ll attack as quick as wildfire spreads and as furious as a strong gale!!」

「It’s normally the other way around. What a fool.」

Pablo yells loudly to motivate his unmoved soldiers.
On the other hand, Hilario is dressed in formal attire and cursing him on the side.

「Shut up! Why are you here in the first place? I’m the one who handles everything military.」

「Invading is a national issue, and since we are ruling over the kingdom together, we can’t have one of us stay back. You don’t need to worry, I won’t interfere. I’ll just be watching from the back.」

「Then you didn’t have to come……」

Hilario is completely ignorant about military affairs.
Normally when Pablo is absent from the palace, he would think about making progress with winning over the vassal lords.

But what would happen if Pablo manages to lead soldiers and carve out a large portion of territory for himself?
The trust of the vassal lords and nobles would instantly upsurge and any petty tricks of his would be blown away. In order to avoid that, Hilario needed to sortie himself to attain his own merits as well.

Of course, he wouldn’t be entering any dangerous battlefields and only watching the outcome from the rear. On the off chance their plan fails, he would escape immediately and he can pass responsibility to Pablo.

「I don’t think Pablo can do much without Brutus, but I heard Lord Hardlett is away because of the war between Goldonia and Magrado. That guy might be incompetent but his army of 10,000 isn’t an illusion.」

「Did you say something, brother!?」

「No, nothing. More importantly, what do you think about sortieing immediately? The soldiers don’t look like they want to listen to your boring speech. Also, if you take too long, there’s a chance Lord Hardleet will come home.」

「Hmph, the messenger from Magrado said that the battle was progressing in their favor. He won’t be back for the time being! Plus, I’m personally leading the invasion operation this time and things are progressing in secret. By the time he realizes what’s going on, we’ll have Rafen surrounded!」

「That would be nice if it were true.」

The signal to invade is given and the army composed of Malt Kingdom soldiers and temporarily conscripted soldiers slowly depart from Biado.

–Third Person/Tristan POV–

Half a day later

「Urgent news from the spy. The 10,000 soldiers of the Malt Kingdom has finally departed. There’s no doubt about it, they are heading north towards our territory!」

「Aaah……I thought so.」

Tristan heaves a sigh long enough to make the messenger who delivered the report uneasy. He already knew about their gathering of forces way in advance and has already prepared countermeasures. Even so, the endless echo of his loud sigh makes him seem like he really dreads actually going into battle.

「Is the scout still following them? How long until they reach the border?」

「The scout is staying hidden while tailing the Regent. Their invasion is quite slow so it’ll take about 10 days for them to reach the border.」

Tristan’s only savior is the web of secret scouting and information network established by Leopolt. The enemy’s movements are being read perfectly.

「Haah……then we’ll proceed as planned and evacuate the residents near the border. Naturally, please transport the food supplies too.」

「The messenger is already on the way! Things are progressing smoothly.」

「Haah, there’s nothing we can do now that it’s come to this. I guess I’ll just lead the soldiers……and set up in Zan Dora. We can’t completely prevent them stepping into our territory, but Lord Hardlett might get upset if that city falls.」

「Then let’s have you, the defense commander, delivered there as quick as……」

「……I can’t ride a horse. Please let me get on the fastest carriage you have.」

The messenger stares blankly at Tristan. The top supervisor of the defense of the territory or really any soldier not being able to ride a horse is like a merchant who can’t do math.

「I’m just a freeloader, not a soldier. It’s just if I don’t do it, I won’t get any money to buy books and I’ll be sent to the mines……aaah, just thinking about it gets me upset.」

Tristan packs his favorite books in a bag and when he grudgingly stands up, the door opens.

「Tristan! Is it true the enemy is coming!?」

Nonna comes rushing in with her large breasts swinging about. To prevent herself from falling while pregnant, she has several maids supporting her body. Having thoroughly experienced the woman’s selfish whims, Tristan’s expression becomes a little bit gloomier.

「Unfortunately, it seems so. I will be going to intercept them now.」

The way he said it made it seem like he was just going out shopping, prompting Nonna to ask uneasily.

「Will things be okay!? Aegir-sama is not here, you know!?」

With her beloved husband here, she would have absolute trust that things will be fine and even have the luxury to relax, whereas by no means can she feel comfortable with this seemingly carefree man in front of her.

「Haah, well things will probably be fine? It’s more or less within my expectations after all.」

「Probably? More or less? Please get a hold of yourself! The lives of all of us here and the children in our bellies are on the line! If for some reason you fail and I’m not able to give birth to this child, I’ll resent you for my entire life! Even if I die, I’ll become a ghost and follow you until you perish!!」

「……I get it. I’ll do my best.」

Haah~ Tristan lets out the biggest sigh of the day and heads to the south.

–Aegir POV–

One Week Later, Magrado Capital: Odoros


Each commander gives the signal and catapults launch boulders and pots of oil altogether. The projectiles fly in an arc over the high walls of the city of Odoros and lands in the city. Black smoke accompanies the loud crashing sounds.

「We can’t lose to them. Fire!」

Following right after us, Erich’s first division corps similarly begins launching their attack.

Right now, Erich and I are together in the same place. Our objective is the same so there’s no reason to split up into two headquarters. Once reunited, our total number of forces is over 70,000 so it would be nice if the enemy could come out of their city.

「It’s been a while since I saw your face on the battlefield.」

「Yeah. By the way, I heard you earned a huge victory the other day.」

「Haha, you’re the impressive one. Wiping out the enemy in one battle on the plains. I just cornered them after fighting them multiple times.」

Erich sighs after we compare accomplishments.

「What is Marquess Hoover doing with the second division corps……. He was put in charge of the north, which was supposed to put up the least resistance, but this is the result. The 30,000 soldiers are not being put to use at all. Even if he’s just giving face to His Majesty, this is too much.」

When the King had to decide the three people to become the army commanders, he couldn’t avoid appointing Hoover the role despite it being just a reserve role and despite Hoover being influenced by the conservative faction of the army nobles even now. The King is also departing with the Kingdom’s army so he probably wanted to avoid any unnecessary drama if possible.

Even so, Erich couldn’t imagine him being this useless after such long years of service in the military. If those 30,000 were here right now, it would be possible to consider brute forcing our way in.

「There’s no use grieving over the ineptitude of an old man. Once the battle is finished, I’ll ask him to retire to a place with nice weather.」

「You’re quite toxic aren’t you.」

A smile creeps on Erich’s face.
That’s right, wars should be done while smiling.

「Anyways……where on earth did you get those things there?」

「They’re imitation products created using an item from the Federation as reference. They breakdown right away so it’s hard to count on them though.」

Eight cannons fire away in front of Erich.
The iron balls shot out from the barrel crash into the stone walls sending the archers stationed on top flying and creating large fissures in the surface.

Obviously, I can’t let him know the source of those products is from Claudia who attained them through some illegal channels.

「Couldn’t you demolish the entire wall if you shoot those?」

「It isn’t that simple……aah, it seems another one just broke.」

The cannon is powerful but it doesn’t have enough precision to consistently strike the same place multiple times and its durability is too low to deal a decisive blow to a proper wall like this. Of course it would be a different story if we had way more cannons.

「It takes too much effort and money.」

「……I see. Then it might be better if you used catapults.」

It would be the best case if we could improve the cannons, but the craftsmen in my territory don’t have the skill to reproduce the product made in the Federation.

「Doesn’t it look like the battle is just about settled though?」

There are close to 100 catapults flinging objects into the city and over 10,000 archers continuously firing flaming arrows including the bow cavalry. Both ally and enemy alike should understand that the end is approaching. Plus, I heard the enemy isn’t getting any reinforcements.

「You’re right. It’s just a matter of time. But this would mean the city would be like hell right now. The citizens will surely hate us quite a bit.」

「It’s a little late to care about that now.」

Erich must have encountered rebelling citizens along his marching route. He’s looking at me with a bitter look on his face.

「In any case, we should bring the city down quickly. Kenneth was probably the one who called the Federation’s fleet here. If things continue at this rate, he’ll act all self-important.」

After the Federation’s fleet destroyed Magrado’s navy, they moored at Goldonia’s port and the commander even garrisoned his troops there. It certainly looks like they want to cut in and see the end of the war. They might take advantage of us if we handle things poorly and struggle in our fight.

Just when orders were about to be given to increase the intensity of the attacks, the city gates suddenly open.

「The gates opened?」「Are they going to charge at us?」

The nearby soldiers are making a fuss about it.
However, Erich and I wait before making a decision.
It’s natural to believe that opening the gates in this situation signifies their surrender.

A single messenger runs forward and calls out in a loud voice.

「If you surrender, I swear there will be no further attacks on you. Abandon your weapons and line up……gugyah !!」

But the answer to the messenger comes in the form of a rain of arrows, as well as a group of heavy cavalry charging out from the gate. There are around 2000 enemies rushing at us, aimed towards the headquarters where Erich and I are situated.

「Assaulting us? No way, have they gone mad……you can’t go, got it?」


I unconsciously reach for my spear but Erich stops me.
It’s true we have dispersed our forces, but there’s no way 2000 cavalry could pass through the headquarters, the most heavily guarded area, with about 40,000 soldiers packed together.

They are instantly met with a shower of giant bolts and arrows, some of it coming from even the unique repeating bow, causing over half the cavalry to fall faster than they came rushing out.

「Have they gone insane?」「Well, they’ve been getting their ass handed to them, of course they’ll get desperate.」

The soldiers deployed on all fronts are sneering at how they don’t even need to move to defend the headquarters.

Not even half the enemy remains as they continue to close the distance. It was quite the reckless charge.

Yet they don’t stop.
Even as they get shot by bowguns and get sent flying by the giant arrows, the enemy maintains their ranks and not a single one of them runs away. They push their horses closer and closer towards us until the moment they get skewered.

If their horse gets shot down, they run on foot and if the rider is shot down, their horse continues running forward. The soldiers in the headquarters is gradually losing their composure too.

「What are you doing!? Concentrate all your arrows on them!」
「Order the cavalry to attack them from the flank!」

As the enemy charges at us, cavalry and spear units approach from the side and finish off a couple of the enemy cavalry. However, it didn’t matter how many were killed by the flank attack. The enemy focuses only on advancing forward, regardless of how many casualties they suffer.

「Anti-cavalry defensive formation! Get your spears up!」

At last, the soldiers under direct command of the headquarters get into defensive positions. The enemy broke through the unit performing the siege attacks.
Well, it’s more like they forcibly pushed their way past them, but their forces have been reduced to a mere 500 while our allies have practically taken no damage.

「But there are still 10,000 soldiers directly under the command of the headquarters, so how are they going to get past them?」

「Which side are you supporting?」

A defensive formation with no gaps is set up in front of the enemy, which can be taken out in two ways by cavalry – destroying the formation from long range like the bow cavalry, or slowing down and brushing away the spears – but if they choose the latter option, our allies would catch up, surround them from behind and wipe them out in an instant.

It was then that the enemy took another option.

「No way! They’re going to charge in anyways!?」「Not good, the trailing units are going to break through!」

The heavy cavalry continue charging forward into the defensive formation, using the momentum and weight of their heavy equipment to crush the spear units and opening the path for the cavalry following behind them. Naturally, there was a terrifying collision between the enemy and the spears and the enemy suffered great casualties, dropping their unit count to a few dozen in number.

Nevertheless, they press on.
They run past the archers who intended to support the spear unit and hurriedly rush straight at us, ignoring the other soldiers in the headquarters. The enemy units continue to get taken out one after the other, becoming 50, then 30, then 20.
Even so, they only look to push forward.

The man leading the pack bellows loudly.

「My name is Radgalf! Hardlett, if you are a true brave general, then you will come out and fight me!」

It seems he has designated me by name.

He swings his spear around to remove the soldiers blocking his path and cuts down the fence so his horse can advance. His horse eventually gets stabbed by spears and he’s forced to dismount but the fallen man recovers quickly and continues to run at me while waving his spear. His mud-covered appearance and desperate actions don’t look unsightly in the least to me.

「Aegir, you better not be thinking of doing something stupid. We can deal with this guy just by shooting him down.」

It’s been a while since he’s called me Aegir.
I guess he’s lost a certain amount of composure too.

「The Supreme Commander should stay back. I’ll stay here.」

I raise my spear to let that Radgalf fellow know where I am.
But I’m not going where he is. I’ll challenge him only if he can make his way past the allies in front of me.

「So you’re over there!!」

As Radgalf brandishes his spear, the spear unit thrusts their weapons at him while the bowgun unit fires volley after volley, but he remains undefeated.
His last subordinate rushes to his aid and protects him, blocking the bowgun bolts with his body and becoming a porcupine.

「General ……I wish you luck……I will be waiting in the otherworld……」

「Umu, it won’t take long. Take a drink and sit tight!」

「As if I’ll let you!!」

Irijina and Celia rush out from my right and left to protect me, but I don’t have enough time to stop them.

「Don’t block me!」

He somehow blocks Irijina’s intense consecutive thrusts with his bare hands and tosses her aside. Next, he’s easily able to block Celia’s sword, parries her attack and kicks her to the ground.


「Haa, haa……Hardlett……Hardlett, oooh!!」

It’s almost exactly like how I fight – fine, bring it on.
Looking carefully, you can see his eyes are bloodshot and he can’t see anyone else but me.
Did I do something to make him resent me so much?

Irijina and Celia somehow seem unhurt and once again ready their swords, but I stop them from going any further.
He’s probably stronger than you girls. You probably won’t escape unscathed the next time.

Standing still in front me makes for a perfect target for the bowgun unit aiming to shoot him down.

「It’s not needed.」

I hold out my spear to stop them.
At the same time, some allies form a circle around us to give us some space.

He did well to get here with only 2000.
I’ll have to respond accordingly.

「My name is Radgalf, and you are Lord Hardlett!?」

「That’s right. What do you want with me?」

「Well done on your impressive battle in Treia! But I came carrying the regrets of my subordinates. Now that the battle is all but finished, this is my last chance……come, accept my request for a battle to the death!」

I don’t need to know any more than that, let’s fight.

「Alright. Come at me.」

「En garde! Uoooooooh!!」

The spear swinging down at me is a halberd1, which I block with my own spear, but it forces me to take a step back. He has a considerable amount of strength, rivalling that of the dwarves.


Seeing how I moved backwards, he follows up with a side swipe and an upward thrust to continue his attack. I block his attacks successfully but step back every time. I want to counterattack but if I’m not careful, I might get my head split open. Even iron armor won’t be able to guard against this kind of strength.

「What’s wrong!? You’re only going to defend!?」

Since I didn’t make any move to attack back, he prepares to take a huge swing, aiming to strike a fatal blow.
This is my chance.

I time my own upward thrust to meet his full-powered down swing. As our weapons collide, a loud ear-splitting metallic sound rings out and the dry grass on the ground scatters into the wind.

The force of the tremendous impact knocks me back, but also pushes him away and brings his knee to the ground.

With some distance created between us, we will now be using the thrusting range unique to spears.
I’m the one who takes the initiative, performing my three-part thrust at his throat, chest and stomach, but Radgalf blocks all my attacks and even returns a thrust to my face.

The spear grazes my cheek and draws first blood.
Pushing his spear away with my arm guard, I swing my spear down intending to bisect him in a single strike, but he expertly twists his body to avoid the attack, then counters with a furious thrust aimed at my heart.

I deflect the blow with the handle of my spear on reflex, but open myself to his consecutive attacks.
I’m able to block his fourth and fifth attacks but I’m a bit slow to intercept his last attack aimed at my knee.


「Not yet!」

I lift up one leg and rotate my body to perform a spinning strike with my spear. The attack glances his shoulder, but because I was in an unsteady position, it isn’t a deep enough wound. However, I won’t ignore how he staggers, creating an opening for me.


I swing my spear furiously down at him, which might be a simple attack, but not one you can block half-heartedly.

He also uses all his effort to meet my attack with his spear but on the third time we clashed, his weapon breaks. He promptly draws his sword to block the fourth time, but he gets sent rolling on the ground. He must have scraped his forehead as blood runs down his head, dying half his face red.

As I was about to skewer him before he gets up, he flings some blood at me with his hand. My body stiffens instinctively at the sudden action.


His sword digs into my side.
Blood squirts out and I unconsciously reach to press against my wound.


「Wh- ! Dastard !!」「 Do you know no shame !!?」

The surrounding soldiers jeer at him.
The one making the most fuss is Celia and if it wasn’t for Irijina stopping her, she would have jumped out and attacked the other guy.

I don’t really think anything of it myself to be honest.
We aren’t competing in some swordplay tournament.
This is just a one-on-one on the battlefield and a deathmatch where anything goes as long as you win.

「Let’s finish this.」


My wound doesn’t reach my internal organs, but it isn’t shallow either.
He looks a little clumsy, so maybe he’s feeling some pain from my previous attack too.
Both of us probably want to settle this battle as soon as possible.

I drop my spear and unsheathe my Dual Crater.
It’ll be over in a flash.


I run towards him and cross blades with Radgalf.
He slashes at me diagonally ignoring all defense, which I plan to evade with a paper-thin margin, but it was probably read by him from the start as he slightly changes the angle of his attack instantaneously as if capturing my movement.

Can I dodge it?
The world seems to move in slow motion as I twist the left side of my body, but feel the blade of his sword cutting into me.
His slash doesn’t reach all the way to my bone though.

With a splash of blood, his sword passes through my body, but I suddenly see a completely defenseless Radgalf in front of me.
I can feel a small smirk emerge on my face.

There was a sharp cutting noise.
The moment which felt like forever was actually over in the blink of an eye.
The soldiers all look on in worry, awaiting the outcome of the duel.

「Aegir-samaaaa!! I’ll assist you right now!」

You don’t have to come.
It’s over.

A geyser of blood shoots out from my shoulder, but Radgalf’s stomach splits open and spills his organs to the ground.
The battle is finished.

He lets go of his sword and falls over while still facing me, meanwhile the pain from my shoulder caused me to fall on my ass.
His hand grabs at my foot, but his grip is loose. After leaking his blood and guts all over the ground, he probably won’t survive for more than a few minutes.

「……Was I……strong?」

「Radgalf, you were the strongest man I’ve fought so far.」

「Is that so……Ansgar! Dieter! I’m on my way, we can laugh at my defeat as we drink together!」

Radgalf looks up at the sky while laying on his back, extending his hand towards the heavens and then passes on with his eyes still wide open.
What a heroic end – he has a satisfied smile on his face.

「Geez! Geez! You suffered such injuries again!!」

I gently pat the crying Celia as she treats my shoulder and side.

「He was quite an impressive man. I might happily let him embrace me if I was a woman.」

On second thought, I take it back – imagining his bearded face sucking on me is gross.

Shortly after the death of Radgalf and all his subordinates, a large white flag is raised from the palace. Magrado’s royalty have completely surrendered and even the Treian royalty who were under Magrado’s protection also completely surrendered to us.

The war with Magrado is finally over, but at the same time, I receive a notice that the Malt Kingdom is invading my home.
I guess the fighting will continue.

Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter. Wartime.
Commander of Third Army Corps
Subordinate Squad: 39,900

Private Army: 7900 (Units brought to battle only)
Infantry: 2500, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 3900
Cannons: 7

Kingdom Army – 2 divisions: 25,500
Neighboring Lords’ Armies: 6500

Additional – Rafen Defense Squad: 1000

Military Subordinates: Leopolt (Deputy Commander), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander of the bow cavalry), Pipi, Tristan (house-sitting), Gido (???)
Current Location: Capital Odoros
Achievements: Capitulated Port Randel, Annihilated the Magrado Army, Won Against Radgalf in man-to-man combat, Capitulated the Capital Odoros (joint)


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  6. Malt will melt

  7. Despite how homophobic he is, he’s okay with stroking the dick of a dying, shameless enemy soldier.

  8. God I hate Nonna so much…worst character in the story, even worse than Claire. And @Kooky I dont think Aegir is homophobic, he doesn’t hate or fear gay people, it’s just not his thing. And even with that, he’s still considering fucking Sharon (the boy) cuz he looks so much like a girl and Aegir wants his sister.

  9. Author is really stretching the word count with these silly one-on-one battle scenes. Kind of sad. Wish they would actually progress the story.

    And I agree with you about Nonna. Author doesn’t make the MC reign in his women at all, especially Nonna. He’s whipped and doesn’t know it. Pathetic. Although it is the way of these “anime” style stories. Maybe the author is just projecting onto the MC with his own docile and wimpy nature.

    • And maybe you people should stop whining since you couldn’t possibly make a novel that’s half as good as this.
      Sheesh, enough complains and enjoy the read.
      Personally I don’t hate Nonna, she’s just spoiled that’s it

    • i’d rather have women with personality than some 1 dimensional sexdoll that solely existed to make the MC feel good

      nonna is a strong woman
      she’s using aegir to get back her lost position in federation and she’s not plotting it in secret behind his back, she went face to face and ask him directly
      it’s rare to see heroines like her

      • lol lol lol

        No one said to make them a sex doll. But stopping their bitching and unneeded spending is kind of common sense. She’s supposed to be a noble woman, not a noble child.

        And whining about the book, enjoy the read? lol even more. It’s always good to see people who are complacent and don’t desire more out of life. Maybe go lie under a rock and die since you don’t wish anything from life. lol.

        GL Have fun.

      • A whiny, spoiled, selfish, conniving woman who acts more like a spoiled noble child than the adult woman she is supposed to be. Bitching constantly and spending all of the MCs money and providing nothing but big hits? Please. He needs to reign her in quick, so she can start acting like an adult. Her “personality” isn’t entertaining, it’s annoying. Claire may be a conniving bitch but at least she’s not here every other chapter whining about dumb shit and acting like a child.

      • Providing nothing but big tits*

      • And as for her being a “strong woman”? HA!! Irjina and Celia, they’re some strong women, laying down their lives next to Aegir on the battlefield, fighting side by side and protecting him. What is Nonna strong at? Sitting her giant tit ass back at home, eat a ton of sweets and spend a bunch of the MCs money while having maids carry her around the house? She’s not “stromg” she’s just relying on the MC to do everything for her whole she just acts like a bitch all day.

    • He was reigning over women in the beginning. It is like he got soft along the way. He changed from ” let’s fuck women and make them all mine” to “let’s do anything to fuck women”.

  10. What a misleading title!!! I thought for sure Gido was a gonner!

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