Chapter 159: Malt Kingdom Invasion ③ Recapturing the Throne


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–Aegir POV–

「I see, I see……」

Crossing the border to the Malt Kingdom, our army advances forward careful not to catch up with the escaping enemy while they attack us sporadically. In addition, they poisoned the wells and moved all the food away.

「So they’re copying you?」
「Please don’t group me with them.」

Tristan grumbles.

I guess that’s true, they’re not really picking the right terrain to conduct their occasional attacks.
The small unit trying to sneak up on us in the open field where we have such an unobstructed view means that they will only get chased away over and over by the bow cavalry and writhe in pain.

Moreover, we scattered a cavalry unit around our main force as sentries, so they get trapped instead and ambushed more often than not. It doesn’t have any effect on our march and the enemy is decreasing their numbers for us.

「So the wells and the food too……」

Taking away the food is fine, but they’re really just taking it away from the villagers who are still there and starving them. As a result, the villagers sought us for help and even told us where an unpolluted watering hole was. We carried food on our own in the first place. The supply carried by the transport corps should be enough to support us for one or two weeks assuming it’s not a long expedition.

「So there’s clean water over here?」

「Yeeaah……there’s a fresh lake on the other side of the hill……aaau! D-don’t stop, please! The woman……from ten years ago……the woman is coming backkk!!」

「You mean you’ve been in a drought for ten years? For such a nice woman, it’s such a waste. Then how’s this?」

「Hiiiiiih–! So thicccccck! My breasts……my nipples, pinch themmm!」

「Hahaha, what a cute woman.」

In exchange for fucking her and injecting my seed in her, this widow who lost her husband ten years ago told me whatever I wanted to know. The location of the watering hole is an important piece of information, but there’s something else I’m more curious about.

「As expected, they don’t hate Celestina.」

「Yes, then it should work.」

Myla comments while nodding.

The cities and even the farming villages don’t particularly hate Celestina. The Malt Kingdom being the stable farming nation it is without frequent conscription or change of tax makes it so the citizens don’t think much about the monarchy.

Things like the coronation of a young Queen, the chaotic distribution of ranks, and the whimsical diplomacy don’t really affect the citizens’ lives directly. Since their own lifestyles are not negatively affected, there’s no reason to hate a Queen like this cute sun of a girl. The rebellion was caused by the nobles and soldiers unhappy with the country. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the people.

「In fact, the recent conscription seems to have caused much dissatisfaction. They have the worst impression of those brothers. And that man named Brutus doesn’t seem to be involved with the current expedition.」

「Looks like it. Then shall we proceed as planned?」

「Yeah, they’ll probably run all the way to the capital. Biado has quite the sturdy walls……」

I take a glance at the cannons and catapults being pulled along on the wagon. They were used in the Magrado war, but now that the war is over and order is being restored, the 1st and 2nd division army corps let us borrow a large amount of unneeded siege weapons.

「I hope we don’t have to use them.」

Their siege weapons are more just to threaten rather than a trump card. Our trump card is taking an afternoon nap in the carriage right now after finishing some snacks.

「Then shall we head out while maintaining a distance away……honestly, their pace is so slow that our soldiers feel like they’re on an excursion.」

「Even so, it’s faster than when they came. Right, Tristan?」

「Yes, it’s more than twice their initial marching speed. They’re probably desperately trying to run away.」

「That’s desperate……is it? Now I understand how important training is. By the way, Lord Hardlett?」

「What is it?」

「What do you plan to do with that woman at your feet?」

「I wonder what I should do.」

「Aaahn……Hardlett-sama, please take me with you. I’ll be your lover or your slave or whatever~」

The widow clings to my leg, seemingly captivated by me after we did it just once together. She glues herself to me, pleading for me to keep her by my side by saying she would do anything I ask.
Apparently, she doesn’t have any family left here.

「Then get on the transport corps wagon, I’ll bring you along as my woman after the fight is over.」

Overjoyed, she hugs me and lowers my pants so she could service me with her mouth, but Celia throws her out.

「Well, there’s only a short distance left……until the capital.」

–Third Person/Malt POV–

Malt Kingdom, Capital: Biado


Pablo kicks a chair over, pulls out a sword and knocks down all the objects on top of a shelf. After that, he tries to overturn a table but because he isn’t strong enough, he knocks down a maid instead.

「Bringing double the number of soldiers with him is a spineless move! Coward! This is behavior a military man should not have!!」

「Which one is……」

Pablo turns around thinking the one who threw a snide remark at him was Hilario, but he only saw fellow soldiers there.

「Who was it……」

Everyone remains silent, pretending not to know who it was, but they didn’t avert their eyes in fear like they’ve always done in the past. All of their eyes are locked on Pablo.

「What……you think I’m responsible for our loss or something!?」

Nobody agrees or disagrees with him, but they all continue to stare at Pablo. Their eyes are clearly telling him “yes, it’s your fault”.

「Your Highness ordered a swift retreat, which is probably why there are fewer casualties among friend and foe.」

One of the soldiers spoke up.

「What did you say!?」

Pablo grabs the man by the lapels intending to punch him, but seeing the soldier’s absolutely unfaltering gaze, Pablo releases him.

If it was just a simple defeat, there might not be such a mood in the air. But Hilario ran away as soon as he saw battle resume and judged their own army would likely suffer defeat from the appearance of twice the number of enemy soldiers, causing Pablo to succumb to his anxiety and take command from the rear while running away with his close aides.

In the first place, the soldiers were rounded up without any desire for war and suffered many hard times up until now so their morale was never improved. Now that their commander ran away at the sight of the number of enemy forces, the soldiers couldn’t manage their ranks anymore. The entire army instantly crumbled and it was just like a scene from a military play where an army got routed.

The other commanders didn’t have any plans either and they understood that it could only be mercy on the Goldonian army’s part which allowed the majority of them to return home alive. The soldiers never had any reason to respect Pablo in the first place besides him being royalty, but now their disgust and disappointment turned into anger and hatred.

「The Goldonian army is gradually surrounding the capital! Multiple catapults are being mounted.」

The lookout’s voice resounded in the middle of the silence.

「Catapults!? That devil, does he intend to burn the entire city down!? Someone propose a good idea or my capital will be burned to the ground!」


Pablo was answered with silence, perhaps because the other soldiers had nothing to tell a foolish coward or they really had no other move to make.

「Let’s surrender, Your Highness.」

Everyone turned to look for the voice they were so accustomed to. The person standing there was Brutus, who is walking on his own though accompanied by a walking stick.

「Ooh, Brutus! If it’s you, this situation can be overcome……wait, what did you just say?」

「Let’s surrender, Your Highness. That is the only way for this city and Your Highness to survive.」

「Ridiculous! Can I do something as shameful as surrendering!? And that guy is trying to steal my spot on the throne, meaning the Malt royalty will become extinct!」

A slight smile emerged on the faces of a few people.
That was scorn towards him for claiming the throne yet not earning it.
But Brutus wanted to continue the conversation so he didn’t deny what was said.

「Your Highness, the situation is already one where it’s better if he took the throne from Your Highness or if the capital is burned down. We have no other option but to surrender and count on their kindness.」

「No way, no way! We still have 8000 remaining with us! Didn’t you tell me in the past that more than triple the amount of forces is needed for a castle siege!? This city can still hold up!」

「That is only when our forces are brimming with fighting spirit. Our side has already……」

The fear of the continuous ambush attacks, a shortage of food and contaminated water……and also defeat. It’s quite doubtful whether the soldiers who escaped can defend with only a third of the enemy’s numbers.

「You’re diverging from your own restrictions conveniently……enough, I’ll execute you this time! Guards, bring this man to the guillotine……」

Pablo shouts, but nobody moves.
It is unknown what will be given away when they surrender. But at the very least, nobody is against having Pablo’s head be part of the package.

It was at that moment the soldiers near the castle walls start making a fuss. Everyone gulps thinking that the enemy attack is finally upon them, but something seems off.

All of them hurry outside.

「……Everyone, I don’t want to fight any more than this! I don’t want the citizens or the soldiers to die! I’m asking you to please surrender!!」

The soldiers were petrified at the familiar voice. In front of the castle stood a young girl with a small body, shouting with tears running down her face.

–Aegir POV–

Goldonian Camp

「I promise that the city won’t be burned and nobody will be killed. Even though I’m powerless to do anything, I will promise this. That’s why, please……please……waaaaaaah!」

Overcome with emotion, Celestina burst into tears.
At first, I thought it would be dangerous for her, but the thing she really wanted to do actually matched my desire to avoid any bloodshed so I let her do as she pleased.

I thought it would too intimidating if I stood beside her so I dropped her off a short distance away from me so I could always rush in to protect her when the time comes.
There doesn’t seem to a single archer with their bow ready though.

「It’s a promise from me too. If you obediently open up the gates, I’ll treat you leniently. Don’t make the girl cry anymore.」

The soldiers whisper to each other, mulling it over while comparing the little girl with the catapults and army directly behind her.
This might actually work.

「You bastard–!! Traitooorr!」

Pablo’s yelling destroys the current atmosphere as he nocks an arrow and pulls the bowstring taut, aiming straight at Celestina. The arrow he loosed flies accurately towards Celestina, perhaps coincidentally.
The arrow approaches the head of the girl staring blankly with tears in her wide-open eyes, the arrowhead touching the tiny forehead of the girl……then stops in place.

「Just barely made it.」

The arrow is held in my hand. I stopped it right when it touched Celestina’s forehead, grabbing it tightly before it could do any damage.

「Your Majestyyy!」

Monica rushes out and hugs Celestina while glaring at me.

「Aah……did your face get injured!? There’s nothing……thank goodness. Monica would die if something happened to Your Majesty!! Lord Hardlett! This is all because you brought her to such a dangerous place! Aah, Your Majesty, it was scary, right? Let’s go eat some sweets and take an afternoon nap over there, Monica will tell you some interesting stories. Once you wake up, you’ll forget all these unpleasant things.」

Monica instantly envelopes the girl – it’s because you treat her in this way that she’s become ignorant of the ways of the world.

It looks like something is happening on top of the wall.

「Uwah! What are you doing, stop it!」

「You idiot! I’ve reached my limit!」「Anyone who can shoot an arrow at a child is trash!」「Tie him up!!」

The soldiers pounce on Pablo after he fired his arrow and holds him and the bow down.

「It’s over, isn’t it. High-handedness and defeat, with the finisher being the arrow shot at the girl pleading for peace. 」

Seeing how the danger has lifted, Tristan steps forward.


The royalty is rushed down and restrained.
That was a clear rebellion from the soldiers and it affected everyone like a wildfire spreading on the open plains.

「The gate is opening.」

Looking at the place where there was nobody making a fuss, none of the soldiers were against the opening of the gates. The doors opened slowly and we were welcomed in.

「Celestina, Your Majesty, are you hurt?」
「I’m fine.」

「We……what should we say……」
「I am also at fault, no need to trouble yourself.」

「Then we should die to apologize-!」
「Stop it! You will make me cry!」

I let Celestina ride on my shoulders while I’m on my horse and when we walk around, everyone starts calling out to her.
Schwartz is already taller than most horses, but being on my shoulders as well means that many of the nation’s people and soldiers should see Celestina.

Their reaction was favorable for the most part and you wouldn’t think that she was the former King who was chased out. On the other hand, Pablo is tied up with a rope and being pulled along. I thought for sure he would curse at us, but he must be scared of the soldiers rebelling against him again because he’s white as a sheet and doesn’t say a word. Well, he’d have to give up and accept this poetic justice.

Accompanying Celestina inside the palace, the Imperial Guard comes to us. They adjust their spears and protect us by lining up around us.


「You didn’t even blame us for our disloyalty, thanks is unnecessary. 」

The Imperial Guards start breaking down when they see Celestina smiling in tears. I don’t think they’re fit to be guards, but it might be better for Malt to be like this. They were never a country suited to fighting wars to begin with.

We walk through the palace and finally reach the front of the throne.
Brutus and Hilario were there kneeling in her presence.
I guide Celestina, who looks like she wants to say something, to throne.


「Now, go ahead and take a seat.」

With my urging, Celestina slowly lowers herself on the throne.

「Her Majesty Celestina! Banzai!」

Some people who appear to be the ministers raise their hands.

「Hurray for Her Majesty Celestina’s return!」
「Long live the Malt Kingdom!」「Long live the Queen!」

The voices extolling Celestina started within the palace but eventually spread through the entire city, enveloping us in the loud cheers from all of Biado.

「More than half was acting though.」

In any case, there are more than 20,000 soldiers even with just us here. It’s more than the population of Biado citizens so it’s easy enough to lead them into doing something. But I won’t say anything.

「Go out there.」

Celestina stands up and pulls my hand, taking me outside. I don’t know whether she’s gotten everything under control, but her small hand is trying its best to pull me.
The commoners and regular soldiers gather in the plaza in front of the palace.

「Everyone, hear me out.」

The loud cheers quieted down so her voice could be heard.

「I was the King before too……but I wasn’t good……because of that, father and……grandpa too……」

Some people can be heard shouting “I’m sorry” or “we were foolish”.

「It is not any of your faults. It’s because I was foolish and a child.」

“You’re better than Pablo”, “Cuteness is justice!” – she really has a favorable impression as expected.

「I don’t hate any of you soldiers or citizens-! I do not. I am sorry for getting you involved in the royal family’s dispute!」

Celestina bows her head deeply.
The citizens and soldiers let out a sound indistinguishable between cheers and shouts.
It’s unheard of for a King to lower their head to a commoner, but they should understand somehow if it’s this young girl.

「Please lift your head, Your Majesty!」「We don’t resent Your Majesty at all.」「Glory be to the kind-hearted Queen.」
「Prosperity to the future Malt Kingdom.」「A cute girl, haahaa」

「From now on I will borrow the strength of my new brother……Hardlett-dono……and I’ll work hard!!」


The heart of the people, normally captured through prosperity and charity, has been captured through just words and gestures this time. This quality isn’t something she gained through hard work alone, what a remarkable girl.
I’ll also remember the last person of the Imperial Guard who shouted, he might make a mess of something in the future.

And thus, the incident with the Malt Kingdom is settled with Celestina returning to the throne.
But not everything is cleaned up yet.

Kneeling in front of us in ropes are Pablo, Hilario, Brutus and the other commanders who participated in the rebellion. If it was left up to the kind Celestina, everyone would be acquitted. I need to act as the villain in her place.

Side Story: A Citizen’s Reception, A Little Bit Earlier

「Feudal Lord-samaa!」

Not long after demolishing the Malt Kingdom’s invading army, I heard a young woman’s voice when I was setting up camp. Turning back, I find a daughter of some peasants who were taking refuge from the war.

I hold back the escorts from trying to stop her. The young woman is overflowing with tears of happiness as she approaches me.

The female who jumped into my chest was about 15-16 years old.

「It was so scary! I ran into the forest……and the enemy past through right in front of my eyes……then the feudal lord-sama finally came.」

I pat her head to comfort her.
Because she doesn’t stop crying, I lift up her chin and kiss her. I also stick my tongue in her mouth and twirling it around while fondling her breasts.

「Aah……feudal lord-sama?」

「Sorry, I tend to get carried away with cute girls……huh?」

「Cute? Ehehe……it’s just like the rumors~」


Turning around after I hear someone clear their throat, I see a middle-aged couple and two children – so they’re the girl’s parents and siblings.
With an “Arara”, the mother smiles, but it seems the father doesn’t know what to think about this situation.

「It’s not important?」

「No, everyone in the family is safe……but they burned down our house.」

「Once the battle is over, I’ll have it rebuilt. Until then, try to get by with just a tent.」

Oh that’s it. Something can be done as long as they aren’t dead. It only increases Adolph’s work anyways.

「So……about my daughter……」

「Mu, sorry.」

My hand unconsciously moves to her breasts and caresses her gently. The woman’s expression slowly melts and she starts to moan.

They want her to return to their home, but the girl clings to my waist and doesn’t leave my side.

「J-just a little longer……if you like, we can talk in the feudal lord-sama’s tent……」

「De-Denise? What are you saying?」

It’s clearly an invitation for night time activities.
The mother steps forward in response to the confused father.

「That’s fine, go ahead and have a good talk for the night.」

「You sure?」

「Denise is already 16 so she’s at the age where she can be with men. I’ve heard the feudal lord-sama is quite adept at handling women so there’s no better person who she can be with.」


「Thank you mama! Let’s go, feudal lord-sama.」

The mother sends her off and wishes her luck by waving, while the father remains doubtful.
Well, if they’re giving her to me, I’ll gladly accept.

「Kyaa! So thiiiicck!!」

Without doing anything out of the ordinary, I slowly penetrate her in the missionary position with my meat rod and Denise writhes around. But I’m pinning her down quite well so the slender girl couldn’t get away from my dick.

「If you struggle, it’ll hurt. Here, I’ll kiss you.」

「Nnnh-! Nnn……nh……」

We’ve kissed many time today already but it calms her down.
Because I’ve done such a thorough job of caressing her, her insides are pretty wet. Her hole looks too small though.

「Feudal lord-samaa……you’re too biiigg.」

「Sorry about that.」

I push my hips forward slightly while saying that. The tip of my dick pushes against a soft barrier, probably the proof of her virginity.

「Won’t I break?」

「It’ll be fine, a woman’s hole is made for this purpose.」

「‘Kay, I’ll leave it to the feudal lord-sama. If possible, when I lose it, in my ear……」

I embrace Denise’s entire body and push out my hips all the way forward. I then bring my lips to her ear.

「I love you, Denise.」

「Aaah-! I-it hurts! But……I’m happy!!」

There was a tearing sound when she loses her virginity accompanied by her screams of pain, but the girl looks happy. It seems women find it unbearable when you whisper words of love in their ear.

「My stomach is bulging outtt! You’re kidding……Your penis is all the way up to here!?」

「That’s right, I’ll be directing my seed to your womb here.」

「My hole’s gonna break……feudal lord-sama……my insides are killing meee.」

「This is nothing, women give birth to children from here. It’s better if it gets stretched out a bit.」

I crawl my tongue along her neck and bite lightly.

「Hiiiihn! It feels tingly……」

「Let your body feel tingly. A woman’s happiness is waiting if you do.」

The night is long, let’s enjoy ourselves.

The Next Morning

「Good morning Mama, Papa.」

「Ara……Denise, the air about you has changed?」

「Ufufu, you think so? I also became an adult~」

「D-did you get hurt? Was he rough on you!? How about your hole……」

「Papa, you’re too persistent.」

Denise and her mother seem to be on good terms with everything that happened but Denise’s father looks on with a little bit of hostility. If you think about it, it’s natural since I did sleep with his daughter last night.

I take out a sheet of paper and write something on it.

「When you have your house rebuilt, show this to them.」

In return for her virginity, I’ll allow a slightly more extravagant house with more room to be built for them.
I can hear the mother and child talking behind the father.

「So……how was it? The infamous thing of the feudal lord-sama.」

「It’s a little thicker than an arm and it’s about this long.」

「You’re lying! There’s no way it could be that thick and big……」

「It’s true! Not to mention it was really hard and the tip was all swollen.」

「Amazing……just like the rumors……did it hurt?」

「It did. But when he played with my breasts and vagina, it felt really good……I melted after all.」

「He’s good at caressing too……」

「His last ejaculation was incredible like ‘byuu, byuu’. It made my stomach expand so much.」

「He’s got an unbelievably huge dick, his technique is amazing and he’s got a boatload of semen……? Aah, I wish I was Denise’s age too.」

「What are you saying? Mama has Papa, right!? ……by the way, how big is he?」

「……about this big. Even when he’s really turned on, it’s like this.」

「So tiny! It’s really like that!?」

「It isn’t really that small! It’s just the feudal lord-sama’s thing is too amazing, so don’t use him as a standard when Denise tries to find a boyfriend later, okay? With his size and the amount of seed, it’s like you slept with an orc.」

「Dear? Denise?」

The father’s grief is deep.

Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter. Wartime (finished)
Commander of Third Army Corps
Subordinate Squad: 22,850

Private Army: 7880
Infantry: 2480, Cavalry: 500, Archers: 700, Engineers: 300, Bow Cavalry: 3900
Cannons: 7

Kingdom Army – 1 divisions: 14, 970

Military Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Myla (deputy commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander of the bow cavalry), Pipi, Tristan (zzz), Gido (rehabilitating)
Current Location: Biado
Achievements: Capitulated Port Randel, Annihilated the Magrado Army, Defeated Radgalf in man-to-man combat, Capitulated the capital Odoros (joint), Defeated the So-called Powerful Malt Kingdom Army



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