Chapter 162: A Loyal Retainer’s Heart


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Pursuing Helvi’s naked body, I climb on the bed. I swiftly throw my clothes off and hug her close, causing her body to naturally stiffen slightly.


「You’re beautiful, now that it’s come to this, you don’t have to hold back.」

「If you promise to save His Excellency’s life, then I don’t care what happens to me.」

She’s really in love with Brutus. Her body trembles at the touch of another man as she slowly tries to relax.

But since you’re letting me embrace you, I’m not going to go easy. I dive into Helvi’s crotch and place my mouth against her vagina to make love to her.

「Haaua! Ah, your tongue-……nnnh!」

Brutus isn’t foolish and treats his women properly unlike Pablo. Helvi’s genitals appear to be used quite a bit, is slightly darker in color and a little puffed up, but isn’t damaged at all, reacting naturally from my caresses and gradually getting wet. It’s been thoroughly developed.
I talk to the woman while licking her thighs, vagina and clitoris.

「Why are you going so far for this guy?」

「……His Excellency is my everything. If he wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be alive.」

「So he means that much to you.」

「That’s why no matter what, I want His Excellency- ……aahn! 」

Just out of curiosity, why don’t I listen to the story of how she first fell in love. It’s a strange idea, but it might be nice to hear these things once in a while.

「I was born as the daughter of a knight in the rural regions. Five years ago in Biado……I was given a mission to accompany His Excellency Brutus as his secretary and-」

「What happened? Tell me quickly.」

Helvi seems hesitant to speak so I lightly bite her clitoris.
After a shrill shriek, she starts talking again.

「……I worked for him normally during the first few ……aahn! –months, but one day, he invited me to his room to drink with him, uugh! And that was when our lust collided.」

In other words, she was violated when both of them were under the influence of alcohol. How impressive of Brutus.
Helvi wraps her legs around my head as I continue licking her vagina.

「What thin yet pretty legs.」

I take my mouth away from her genitals and slowly draw my tongue from the base of her thighs to the tip of her toes.


She lets out a cute moan contrary to her appearance.
I’m almost at my limit.

「Turn your face to me.」

I quickly prop her body up and steal her lips.

「Ah! Don’t!」

She might not have wanted to give up her lips but it’s already too late. My tongue infiltrates deep into her mouth, runs over her teeth and probes around for her tongue. She curls her tongue in a corner of her mouth to avoid me, but when I find it and prod her tongue, she eventually gives in and allows her tongue to get tangled with mine.

After swapping spit for a while, we separate and I stand in front of her with my erect cock thrust out.

「Next, you’ll be showing this guy some love.」

「…… it’s big.」

Helvi’s eyes widen in surprise, so it seems I won in the dick size face-off.

「Is Brutus not big or something?」

「His Excellency has a large one too! I was crying while he made love to me as a virgin!」

“Except” – she adds.

「I-it’s not as ridiculously large as this……」

I smile, lightly holding Helvi’s head and pushing my dick forward. Her face appears conflicted but eventually her mouth opens and she crawls her tongue on my meat rod.

「Uu……that’s good.」

It seems she was properly taught how to use her tongue and how to make slurping noises. As a stand imposingly in front of her, she rubs my hips with her hands, closes her eyes and bobs her head back and forth. I am really starting to see how lovely this woman is.

「Nnh! Nnboh……uggghhuu!」

After servicing me for a while with her mouth, the woman inhales deeply to steel herself before instantly taking my cock deep into her throat.

「Hey……are you okay?」

You can clearly see the shape of cock bulging out from the woman’s throat.
If she’s even doing this to a man she met for the first time today, she must really want Brutus to be saved.
I’m sure she won’t be able to enjoy herself if she remains uneasy about that.

「I can see your resolve now. If you’re willing to sleep with me tonight as my woman, I’ll save that guy’s life.」

「Nnboh! You will!?」

She spits out my cock with great excitement.
So it actually went all the way into her throat.

「I don’t lie. But don’t expect any luxurious living conditions. 」

「O-of course! Aah……Your Excellency……I’m so glad……」

Helvi sits down in front of me and cries, but our conditions haven’t been met yet.

「Well, let’s get to the main event.」

I push down the crying woman and she spreads her legs open wide. She’s a tall and slender woman, but her hole is developed enough. She wet enough as it is so there shouldn’t be any issues with me inserting my dick in now.

「You’re really big, aren’t you. It’s got all these veins around it and it’s so rugged. It’s gotten so dark from being covered in all the lewd juices ……how many women have you violated with this thing……」

「You will be one of those women tonight too.」

「Ah, wait a minute.」

After saying that, Helvi lowers her neck, reaching around to unclasp her necklace, then wrapping it carefully with some cloth.

「What’s that?」

「It’s something His Excellency gave me. It was the day after…… I offered him by virginity.」

It was as if the necklace was watching her and if she hid it carefully, she would be able to welcome me in with open arms.
Well, here I go then.

「Alright, it’s here, right? ……Sorah, it’s going in.」

I press my meat rod against the entrance of her vagina and push my hips forward. As the entrance of her hole gradually stretches open and just when I thought my thing was going to be swallowed, Helvi shifts her hips and my dick misses its target, sliding up onto her stomach instead.

「I-I’m sorry.」

「No, it’s fine. Here I go.」

Once again, I position my dick in front of her hole and prepare to penetrate her, but when I try again, the woman covers her face with her hands and cries silently.

「I-It’s fine! I’ll fulfill my promise if I sleep with you for one night, so please go ahead-!」

「……Nah, I’ll stop here.」

I’m not against taking another man’s woman, but I can’t get into the mood with her crying like this.
But the woman under me turns pale and clings to me.

「I-it’s not what you think! I’m not rejecting you. Please penetrate me!!」

Hearing someone beg to get fucked usually makes me happy, but she’s probably just scared I would change my mind and execute Brutus.

「Don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise. I’ll save him……just tell me how you really feel. You don’t want me to sleep with you, right?」

After hesitating a little, the woman speaks as if trying to gauge my feelings.

「……It’s not like I hate you, Lord Hardlett. It’s just I’ve dedicated this body to only His Excellency……and offering this hole belonging only to him to another man is scary.」

I am suddenly reminded that she might be looking at Brutus in the same way Celia looks at me. If I was going to be executed as well, Celia would probably do the same thing. Now that I’ve thought about it this way, it’s getting harder and harder to follow through with our condition.

「Then I’ll let you off. But it’ll be tough for me if this thing is left like this, so let me borrow your ass for a bit and allow me to release my seed.」

Helvi lies on her stomach and I let my rod slide in between her asscheeks from behind.

「Of course……thank you……very much.」

I make big but slow motions, sliding my member from her back down to her ass and back up. Her body has gotten way more relaxed than before when it seemed like I was pressuring her.
As I thought, she was considerably afraid of sleeping with another man and being theirs for one night.

「It isn’t cheating as long as it doesn’t enter your vagina.」

「As long as I also approve……so I would be grateful if you pardon me with just this.」

Whether she wanted to help me or whether she wanted to get it over faster, she matches my movements with her hips and grants me enough stimulation just from rubbing against her ass. Quite a bit of fluid leaks from the tip of my cock and makes her back and ass sticky.

「Alright, this should be good enough.」

「Ah, are you going to cum?」

「Hm? No, this is just the beginning, look how much pre-cum there is and how wet you are. With this, I can probably……」

I shift my cock from the woman’s raised hips to her hole……the one which won’t be considered cheating.

「Eh!? What on earth are you-?」

「What do you mean? You’re lending me your ass, right?」

「Don’t tell me-!! Such a filthy place-……!? Stop, that place is-!!」

I grab her buttcheeks firmly and fix her in place, then I sink my dick into her anus. Helvi squeezes her ass tight, but that’s futile resistance in the face of my cock. I drop my hips, careful not to break her, then scoop some of the love juices from her vagina and smear it over the opening. Finally, my dick slides in smoothly, inserting half its length into her anus.


Helvi’s tall body bends backwards. But I get on top of her and press her against the bed, pushing the remaining half into her ass as well.

「Higgiiiiih!! My aaaasss!!!」

Helvy writhes in pain while screaming, or more like shrieking. But I made sure to be careful so I don’t think her ass got torn.

「Ooooooh……my ass……my ass hole is……aaooooooooh……」

「Heeey, are you alright? Did it tear?」

I check the area where I’m connected to her and it doesn’t look like there’s any heavy bleeding. It’s true her ass is spread as far as it can possibly go, though I’m sure she’ll be fine.

「Putting it, in my, ass, unbelievable, take it out, how could you do this!」

「Oh, so you never let Brutus use your ass before?」

「His Excellency, is not, that perverted, he wouldn’t, do something, like that.」

It seems she’s having trouble breathing.

「Is that so, sorry about taking your anal virginity then. But this hole won’t be considered cheating, so you can be at ease and enjoy yourself. I heard it’ll feel quite good.」


She looks unhappy, but there’s nothing she can really do at this point when my dick is plunged into her ass up to the root. With great big motions, I bump my hips against her ass and repeatedly kiss her shoulder and neck.

At first, the insides of her ass were spasming and clenching down in pain, but gradually it loosens up and her insides start coiling itself around my dick.
Her screaming also turned into softer yelps, then into something in between a shriek and a moan, then finally she lets out a rather cute voice with every thrust I make.

「How is it? It actually feels good, doesn’t it?」

「I don-don’t know what you’re talking about.」

The woman buries her face into a pillow as I gently stroke her hair and enter my final spurt.

「It might hurt a little, but this is the end. Bear with it ……uoooooooooh!!」

「Kyaaaaaaaah! Aaaaa, aahn! Aaahn!」

Eventually, I really reach my limits and my built-up lust explodes with a last loud slam of my hips as I reach around to her front forcefully and grasp her breasts. I naturally turn my head up towards the ceiling and let out a deep grunt.


I stop moving for a brief moment as I feel the intense sensation of ejaculation, then Helvi’s body trembles as I inject a bucket-load of semen into her ass, accompanied by a loud rhythmic pumping sound.

「Even though you’re not supposed to put it in there ……what an incredible amount……so hooot……」

「Aah……that felt nice.」

Losing my strength, I collapse on top of the woman. I thought about remaining like this and dozing off for a while, but-

「Uu……um, could you move please?」

I could feel a rumbling through my dick.
I have already experienced the result of pumping a woman’s ass with lots of my seed. Moreover, absolutely no preparations were made, so I’m sure it won’t just be my semen which comes jetting out.

「Please! I need you to leave for a while!」

Helvi shouts as droplets of sweat starts dripping from her body. But even if she were to put her clothes back on now and down the corridor……she probably won’t make it.
I pull my dick out and then place a tub in front of the woman who’s trying desperately to dress herself.

「Are you telling me to-!?」

「I’ll be watching closely. This is the finishing touch to our anal sex.」

She screams loudly, rejecting the idea, but even Helvi must know that she won’t make it at this point. She takes the tub and plans to hide in the corner of the room, but I grab her arm and stop her.

「You’re doing it here. Turn your ass this way.」

「Uwaaaaaahhn! You pervertttt!!」

This kind of thing isn’t a fetish of mine, but it’s kind of exciting. If I get my own girls to do this, they’ll get depressed after all.
Just think of this as making up for not using the other hole.

The Next Morning


I wake up feeling a dull pain and open my eyes quick enough to catch the room door closing.
It looks like Helvi left as soon as it was morning. Well, the promise was only for one night, so that’s expected.

Now that I look carefully, there are teeth marks left on the arm where the woman rested.
So she bit me.

I probably overdid it last night.
She really felt it in her ass and because of the final act of appreciation1, she ended up crying until she fell asleep.
I guess I’ll treat Brutus a little nicer.

When I got out of bed and stretched, I saw a pair of eyes staring at me.
It was Celia, who was peeking out her face halfway from behind the door.

「I just passed by a female whose entire body was covered with kiss marks.」

「Is that so?」

「She was walking awkwardly. I definitely think it’s because she was violated by a large cock.」



「Come over, Celia, I’ll show you some love too.」

The air in Celia’s puffed up cheeks slowly leaked out.
As expected, Celia’s the best – she’s soft and smooth, and her breasts are getting bigger.
This might be an effect of those strange exercises she’s secretly doing early in the morning.

–Third Person POV–

「Being in the same carriage as you makes me want to puke, Brutus.」

「That’s right, two royals were chased out of their own country because of your ineptitude. You shameless bastard.」


Three individuals – Pablo, Hilario and Brutus – were placed on a carriage made for long distances. The carriage was only minimally decorated, which might seem luxurious to a commoner, but is not enough to satisfy the likes of royalty.

「Hmph, this banishing to the southern countries. I don’t know which country it will be, but I’m going to give you an appropriate punishment when we get there. You better prepare yourself.」

「Don’t think you’ll die peacefully in bed, you disloyal son of a bitch.」


Brutus remains silent in the face of the two royals continuous onslaught of abuse. He knew that any excuses or rebuttals would be meaningless.
He knew that there was no destination for him from the start – this was just a journey to death.

「Letting Celestina off the hook is like piling shame on top of shame!」
「In the first place, letting a mere Count ride with royalty like us is fundamentally wrong.」


“I wanted my final journey to be calm.” – Brutus mutters to himself.
But just before the carriage was about to depart, a soldier calls out to him.

「Meldus Brutus-dono, get off.」


Brutus descends from the carriage wondering what else could happen at this point in time.

「Haha, as I thought, you’re going to be executed here.」
「A suitable punishment, I thought it was strange how you were going to be treated the same manner as us.」

Ignoring the verbal abuse thrown at him from behind, Brutus continues forward to see a new carriage and his secretary Helvi waiting for him.

「Helvi? What is going on?」

「Your Excellency! Oh, Your Excellency~……」

Helvi jumps into the man’s chest. The soldiers prompt the befuddled Brutus onto the new carriage and Helvi follows after him.

「Where is this carriage headed?」

「It’ll go to Rafen first, then it’ll head to Lintbloom.」


His journey to death was halted and his destination changed. But he doesn’t know the reason.


Brutus lowers his gaze to the secretary he made into his lover and sees several marks on her neck and shoulder area. Those are marks clearly left behind by a man’s mouth, plus her hips are also wobbling unsteadily.

The suspension of his death sentence, the marks on Helvi’s body, and the fact Lord Hardlett – who holds the power of his life or death – is extremely fond of women. The answer would be reached once you connect all those things.
Brutus hugs Helvi tightly.

「You……did you save me?」

「Your Excellency……if you aren’t with me, I can’t-, I can’t do anything.」

The two of them accompany each other and climb onto their carriage.
And so Pablo and Hilario’s carriage and Brutus’s carriage sped off in separate directions.

「Your Excellency, it’s true that I used my body to plead Lord Hardlett for your clemency. But……I didn’t let him use this hole. This place still belongs to you, Your Excellency!」

「Enough with this ‘Excellency’ stuff, I’m a nobody now. However, you did well to get Lord Hardlett to let you off without that.」

He tilted his head in confusion, knowing that Lord Hardlett would have wanted everything being the womanizer he is.

「W-well, yeah. You know……I sorta figured something out……ahaha……」

Helvi presses against her ass while speaking in ambiguous terms.
There’s no way she could say that the person violated her ass and then watched as she excreted the contents of her stomach.

「But it’s still unpleasant for me to have another man touch my woman. I’ll make love to you like a raging fire today.」

「O-Of course! By all means, Your Excellency, please use your big cock to pound me to death!!」

「You saved my life after all. I’ll embrace you however you want.」

「T-then……from behind as you bite my ear lightly……」

The two of them started having sex quietly yet passionately despite remaining in captive.

–Aegir POV–

Trisnea, Former Royal Palace: Conference Room

「Then I’ll get straight to the point and ask you. The Federation……what does your nation want?」

The King inquires.
There are six people in this room including me: The Federation’s ambassador and fleet admiral, the King and Kenneth, Erich and myself.
The ambassador and fleet admiral are straight-faced while Erich and Kenneth have tense looks. I’m trying to stifle a yawn.

Helvi’s ass yesterday was pretty amazing.
Imagining how to develop her virgin ass also gives me this feeling of superiority.

「If you desire land, then the Magrado region and the port city……」

Cutting Kenneth’s words short, the ambassador opens his mouth to respond.

「No, my nation has no desire for territory. Deploying our fleet this time was ultimately for their punishment, not so that we could become allies.」

「Then……what do you want?」

「We seek only the compensation for the sunken ship and cargo and funds for the bereaved families. It would normally and logically be paid by Magrado, but they already no longer exist after all.」

The way her ass clenched down on me as I plunged inside felt like my dick was about to be torn off, but then it slowly got used to me, coiling around my dick as if it was trying to milk me.

「Then how would you like the confiscated assets of Magrado to be distributed?」

「I want as much of it in gold as possible……but jewellery fluctuates in price. I don’t mind it as it is now.」

「And the share?」

「Considering our fleet’s unexpected contribution to the war, I would say 40% instead of half.」

「40% you say!? 」「That is rather …… 」「Fumu……」

It wasn’t just 40%, 100% of my dick went inside Helvi’s ass. Ejaculating when it’s in all the way to the root is something out of this world, I might want to ask Carla or Catherine to let me use their ass when I get back, no it’ll probably feel more immoral to dig into Mel’s ass in front of her daughters.

「I don’t intend to seem arrogant towards Goldonia. That’s why I’ll only ask for 40%. I know this is supposed to be kept a secret, but my nation has asked me to get as large a sum as possible and I can’t compromise for any amount lower than 40%.」

It would seem the margin for negotiation is quite slim.

「Don’t you think this is a rather cheap price to pay to borrow the strength of my fleet? 」

This was the first time the fleet admiral spoke up.
Unlike the ambassador, his tone was rough and he didn’t seem too fixated on niceties.

「However, you have only participated in the war against Magrado, it would be unfair for you to take a share of the assets brought by the Treian nobles. If that were to happen, further detailed discussions would be necessary too. I’ll accept your proposal of 40%, Kenneth, fill the ambassador in about the details.」

「I’m glad these discussions proceeded so smoothly and peacefully, King Alexandro.」

「Our nations are on friendly terms after all.」

The King and Kenneth remain smiling, but Erich seems to have mixed feelings.
He must be annoyed how 40% of the reward was taken away after just a few one-sided bombardments on their part.

But there is no way Goldonia could oppose the Federation. Although the Kingdom has grown, Goldonia is still greatly inferior to the Federation in terms of technology and national power. Goldonia would need to invest ten years’ worth of their tax just to construct the giant three-layered castle walls which White City has.

The King might not be feeling calm internally then.
Not letting their feelings show in their expressions just proves how proficient the King and Kenneth are at scheming.
It doesn’t really mean much to me so there’s nothing I need to hide though.

With the serious negotiations settled and conversations now devolving into gossip, the ambassador makes his way to me.

「You are Lord Hardlett……I assume? Did you find the beauties of Treia appealing?」

Hahaha, I have yet to taste them.
I’ve checked how they were doing, but the mother and child are still nervous and trembling in fear.
I have to get them to calm down first.

「First I’ll have to transplant them in my own garden, then I’ll enjoy them when they start blooming beautifully.」

「The parent and children, have you tasted it yet?」

「They haven’t bloomed enough yet, plus there’s a smaller flower which I intend to nurture carefully. Once all of them blossom, it might be nice to enjoy the flower garden in its entirety.」

The ambassador laughs while the fleet admiral who didn’t show up to the trial tilts his head.
The King and Kenneth also laugh wryly.
It feels like I’ve become somewhat of a sex pundit recently.

In the end, the conference determined the splitting and distribution of Magrado’s assets between Goldonia and the Federation and to the royalty and the nobles who participated.

Moreover, although we would have to wait until it’s officially announced during the ceremony in Goldonia’s capital, Erich and Kenneth will be promoted to Marquess and I will be promoted to Margrave. Compensation is also given in correspondence to our achievements in war, but the King proposed something special to me.

「I can grant you additional territory in exchange for the compensated funds if you would like, you can use the port city of Magrado and its surrounding region as a base for trade……」

「No thank you, unfortunately I have my hands full ruling over the land I already possess and I would not be able to manage another region especially one so detached from my domain.」

「Is that so, I guess you would know about it having stepped foot in Magrado yourself.」

It might seem like abundant new territory at first glance, but their entire population is oozing with hostility towards Goldonia. That feeling would be exacerbated if they knew their King has been executed. A great deal of time is needed before they can be ruled over.

「I just thought you would be able to handle it, not because of any other hidden intentions, so don’t think ill of me. I have other ideas too.」

「No, it’s the truth when I said I’m currently struggling with my own territory.」

「You’re ruling over your domain quite well. There are no uprisings and harvest tax is high. I thought you were a man who only shone on the battlefield, but you’re an excellent feudal lord as well.」

It’d be better to direct those words at Adolph.

「That reminds me, I was engaged in a separate matter at the time but is that incident with the Malt Kingdom dealt with?」

「Yes, I settled the matter using my own discretion following the results of the trial.」

「I see, but they were rather foolish to even intrude on your land like that. It’s as if a hare challenged a giant bear.」

After the King laughed for a moment, he drew me in close so he could whisper in my ear.

「By the way, in regards to the women from Treia, I hear the Queen Consort is already 46. Are you really going to……sleep with her?」

「Of course, I don’t mind older women at all.」

「……what a dauntless man. I recognize that even I am no match for you in terms of manliness.」

In the end, the conversation with the King also devolved into talks of sex and women.
Finally, I get to go home.
It might be nice to have one big orgy with the girls in the mansion and the annex.
If Nonna’s lactating now, it might be nice to try squeezing her breasts.
Leah must be happy for having followed me all the way until now.

As I was wandering about the city thinking about buying something from a food stand for lunch, someone called out to me in surprise.

「Mr. Captain!?」

I turn around to find a woman carrying a child while shopping. She looks familiar.

「Ooh, long time no see.」

She’s one of the street prostitutes in Trisnea who I’ve slept with many times before.
Right now, she’s wearing some neat but pretty clothes.

「A lot of things happened since then……the son of a merchant family fell in love with me at first sight and asked me to be his wife.」

How wonderful, that’s the best outcome for a prostitute, isn’t it?

「This kid……take a look.」

「Hm, so you gave birth to a child.」

「Doesn’t he look like you, captain? Here look, his nappy is so tight because his thing is so big.」


「Wait here for a bit.」

The woman rushes off in a hurry and then returns not long after.

「I left the child with a servant. Now, come with me.」

The woman pulls me by the hand and takes me in the direction of an inn.

「Hey, hey, aren’t you someone’s wife now?」

「I’m extremely grateful to my husband and I certainly love him but……it’s impossible to forget about the captain-sama’s big dick. As soon as I met you, look……」

After confirming there wasn’t anyone looking, she flips her skirt up.
Love juices were dripping down her thighs as if she wet herself.

「My husband slept with me yesterday too. Plus, he has black hair, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Please inject lots of your seed inside, ‘kay?」

Spreading your seed is also one of man’s greatest duties.
I’ll award her with a healthy child, for her husband’s sake too.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 150,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 18,000. Lintbloom: 3000.

Troops Commanded
Private Army: 8600

Assets: Calculating
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword

Family: Nonna (pregnant wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (betrothed), Alma (sex beast), Kroll (sex beast), Melissa (acting as a male), Maria (betrothed), Rita (pregnant head maid), Catherine (betrothed), Yoguri (pregnant Neo Neet), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (♂), Tristan (z), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Marceline, Stephanie, Bridget, Felicie (Taken into custody)

Other Country:
Celestina (Queen of Malt), Monica (lady-in-waiting), Claudia (Pregnant pig), Clara

Sexual Partners: 140, children who have been born: 32


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