Chapter 163.5: National Strength & Character Introduction


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Goldonia Kingdom
Population: 3.1 Million
Ruler: Alexandro I
Capital City: Goldonia – Population: 80,000
System: Feudal
Military Strength: Current – 100,000 / Max Mobilization – 250,000
Area of Dominion: Entire Northern Area of Central Plains

Goldonia is a large and strong nation in the Central Plains with almost the entire northern area under its control. Goldonia has practically made the Republic of Stura a protected state under their control while developing a rather favorable relationship with the Olga Federation. The occupied territory of the former Magrado Dukedom is still in disorder while the rest of the territory has generally remained stable, and is currently recovering quickly from the loss it suffered from the following war. The increased tax for the noble class is persisting, however it is causing slight unhappiness amongst them. With almost all of the northern area of the plains subjugated, Goldonia is hastening the building of nonexistent relationships with the southern nations.

Republic of Stura
Population: 220,000
Ruler: —-
Capital City: Mishil: Population 60,000
System: Republicanism
Military Strength: Current – 10,000 / Max Mobilization – ?
Area of Dominion: Centre Area of the Central Plains

Stura is a commercial nation along the North Teries River. The capital city located along the river functions as a logistics base and is a economically rich country, but began hemorrhaging money following the war. There is also growing public opinion for the more prominent merchants to move out of the country and fall under the umbrella of the Goldonian Kingdom because there is no way to compete with them. The country itself may be weakening but the hometown merchants are still quite financially strong. The conflict with former neighboring countries continues and a large number of refugees and anti-Goldonian rebels poured into the country, racking their brains in anguish for countermeasures against their enemies.

City States
Population: 500,000 in total
Ruler: Various
Capital City: Each of the scattered cities functions as its own independent entity
System: Various
Military Strength: Current – 20,000 / Max Mobilization – 150,000 (Total of all city states)
Area of Dominion: Right in the middle of the Central Plains

The City States is a general group name for the various cities existing in the area between the base of the North Teries and Teries Rivers. The population of each city state ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousand and each city functions self-sufficiently. The city next to the wetland region near the base of the Teries River also acts as a headquarters which sends out adventurers to explore the unknown environment.

Most of the cities are protected by sturdy castle-like walls and universal conscription of their citizens, normally fighting wars between states as necessary, but will also form an alliance with each other to deal with an outside attacker. However, since the system of government and command structure of each state is so varied, the states rarely ally themselves willingly and interfere with issues outside their territory.

The Southern Nations

Malt Kingdom
Population: 200,000
Ruler: Queen Celestina
Capital City: Biado: Population 20,000
System: Monarchy
Military Strength: Current – 2000 / Max Mobilization – 10,000
Area of Dominion: Central Area South of the Central Plains

Malt is an agricultural nation located to the south of the Central Plains. Malt doesn’t possess any special resources or special industry and the sole product it’s famous for is the alcohol made from its barley. The citizens’ disposition is rather calm and are thus unsuited for any kind of conflict, also holding little interest in politics.

Malt is bordered by four other nations but has avoided being invaded because of its lack of strategic value. A portion of the nobles dissatisfied with the rule of the young Queen incited war against Goldonia but were quickly defeated. Currently, the country is essentially under the protagonist’s protection and maintains an extremely strong friendly relationship with the protagonist due to the Queen’s personal relationship.

Democratic Nation of Libatis
Population: 1,000,000
Ruler: President —
Capital City: Tortoent: Population 80,000
System: Democracy
Military Strength: Current – 50,000 / Max Mobilization – 100,000
Area of Dominion: Western Area South of the Central Plains

Libatis is a nation located on the boundary separating the south and north parts of the Central Plains. The nation operates using a system rarely utilized anywhere else where management of the nation is conducted by a representative whom the citizens elect through voting. The noble class does not exist in this nation and the citizens also elect the leaders in each city. The ordinary citizens are granted a high degree of freedom and their economy is developing remarkably.

The nation’s army is powerful, but the citizens actively keep the troops stationary in order to avoid damage from war. In addition, elections are held every few years, during which all political activity is suspended. Recently, the nation has been paying close attention to the circumstances of surrounding countries.

Divine Nation Altair
Population: 1,400,000
Ruler: Pope Altair
Capital City: Alteria: Population 60,000
System: Fundamentalism
Military Strength: Current – 120,000 / Max Mobilization – 700,000
Area of Dominion: Western Area South of the Central Plains

Altair is a religious nation located in the western area south of the Central Plains. Each generation of the Pope is designated as the reincarnation of the Ancient God Altair and demands absolute obedience and subordination from the citizens.

Any person found to believe in a God other than Altair is considered heresy and will be subject to torture. A noble class exists but they all believe themselves to be below their God, distinguishing themselves apart from typical independent feudal lords.

During times of crisis, all citizens – old, young, male, and female – are forced to participate in war. Altair was initially a small nation but has annexed country after country around them for the past 10 years and has grown since then.

With its unique sense of values, the nation’s cruel nature is prominently displayed regardless of war or peace times. That difference in thought often brings Altair to oppose the Democratic Nation of Libatis and Vandolea People’s Federation.

Vandolea People’s Federation
Population: 1,500,000
Ruler: — People’s Representative
Capital City: Vandola: Population 60,000
System: Modified Autocracy
Military Strength: Current – 120,000 / Max Mobilization – 200,000
Area of Dominion: Eastern Area South of the Central Plains

Vandolea is currently the largest nation south of the Central Plains. The nation was born several decades ago after a peasant rebellion and transitioned to using a special government system after going through a string of adjustments. The citizens believe that they should be ruling the country but the people’s representative holds all the authority and the nation is practically turning into an autocracy. The supreme leader (People’s representative) chooses the head for all departments like the Federation branches (each city) and the army commanders.

Because there is almost no position which is hereditary, a fierce struggle for power unfolds every time the supreme leader changes. In recent years, the nation has absorbed countries in its vicinity and gradually grown larger.

Vandolea believes that the people – not royalty nor Gods – are the most important, forbidding any religious activity exceeding customary acts and often getting into conflict with the Divine Nation Altair whom they have a horrible relationship with.

Polpo Kingdom
Population: 200,000
Ruler: Polpo IV
Capital City: Poron: Population 20,000
System: Feudal
Military Strength: Current – 5000 / Max Mobilization – 20,000
Area of Dominion: South edge of the Central Plains

Polpo is a small kingdom with a well-established history. In the past, Polpo belonged to a group of five kingdoms on the south edge of the Central Plains, but the Divine Nation of Altair quickly annexed the other four, leaving Polpo as the sole remaining kingdom. The current King is ill and has no luxury to look outside the country due to the struggle for succession happening internally.

Outside the Central Plains

Olga Federation
Population: 20 million
Ruler: Jutland II
Capital City: Jutlandgrad: Population 600,000 – 800,000 (2nd class citizens details unknown)
System: Feudal
Military Strength: Current – 600,000 / Max Mobilization – 3 million
Area of Dominion: All Areas North of the Great Mountain Range

With a 500-year history, this continent is the oldest and largest nation. A feudal system is used to rule over the vastness of its dominion. Since the north and central regions will get intensely cold in the winter season, the citizens of the main cities, including those of the capital, will congregate in the southwest region. A strong and conservative class system is maintained and a stable society is formed. The Federation army was formed and is standing by on high alert to catch any suspicious movements made by the Garland Empire. The household belonging to Marquess Malordol, one of the influential nobles, is currently struggling with relationships with successors.

Garland Empire
Population: 40 million
Ruler: Garland The Great
Capital City: Garland: Population 1 million
System: Absolute Monarchy
Military Strength: Current – 2.5 million / Max Mobilization – 3.5 million
Area of Dominion: All Areas South of the Great Mountain Range

The Empire is a rising nation which has been swallowing up the countries to the south one after the other in recent years to expand their territory. Although the nobility system remains, the authority of the emperor is strong so it is virtually a dictatorship. Since it is warm throughout the land, there is an abundance of farmable land and population is large.

There have been various conflicts due to the Empire’s rapid growth in recent years, but are being forcefully suppressed by the state. The nobles in the eastern and central areas are ordering for migration to the western area. At the same time, a law for conscription has been proclaimed.

Character Introduction


Aegir Hardlett
23 years old. Black hair. Goldonia Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of the East.
The protagonist rose up in the world with the muscular build, kinetic vision and combat talent he was blessed with. He is one of the most important people in the Goldonia Kingdom, successfully managing his territory and maintaining its extremely rich lands despite it being in the remote regions. The entire noble world has their eyes on him, yet are wary of him. Having slept with innumerable women over the years, he has become an expert in sexual techniques and his already overwhelming crotch is still growing to this day.

Family (females)

19 years old. Silver hair. Height: 161 cm. Has a slender, but toned body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama, Self: I (watashi)
Celia acts as the protagonist’s adjutant and is the closest to him in both public and private affairs. She shows talent in a wide variety of fields. Her fanaticism to the protagonist is still strong, but she lets her guard down around the household members and the female friends who have been with her for many years. She gets along well with the playful Leah.

22 years old. Brown hair. Height: 160 cm. Has incredibly enormous breasts and a slender body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama, Self: I (watakushi)
Nonna is the protagonist’s official wife and daughter of the destroyed Elektra family, entrusting her heirloom sword to the protagonist and swearing to reclaim Elektra. She is familiar with manners and etiquette, and knowledgeable of a noble’s way of thinking while a commoner’s way of thinking and spending habits are alien to her. She has quite the bad habit of overspending. Now that she’s pregnant with the protagonist’s child, she gets high-strung and fusses about taking care of her body.

Late 20’s. Chestnut-colored hair. Height:165 cm. She has a voluptuous body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir, Self: I (atashi)
Carla is the protagonist’s concubine and gave birth to his daughter, Ekaterina. She is targeting Nonna’s standing. Things like exposure and excreting outdoors spurs her perverted hobbies. Since she speaks frankly, she plays the important role of conveying any problems or worries the girls are having to the protagonist.

40 years old. Blonde hair. Height:160 cm. She’s pregnant and slightly buxom.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watashi)
Mel is the protagonist’s concubine and gave birth to his son Gilbard and his two daughters Sue and Miu. Along with Kuu and Ruu, she is the mother of a total of five children and has a body which gets pregnant extremely easily.She hopes to be pregnant at the same time with Kuu and Ruu. The number 40 is taboo around her.

22 years old. Blonde hair. Height:158 cm. She has a slender body.
Kuu is Mel’s daughter and also the protagonist’s lover. She gets urged by her mother and sister to get pregnant, but she still doesn’t feel prepared.

17 years old. Blonde hair. Height:150 cm. Flat-chested.
Ruu is timid and hesitant, slow-witted and clumsy. She offered her virginity to the protagonist and looks at him in mixed ways – as a lover, a brother and a father. She hopes to get pregnant.

29 years old. Red hair. Height:164 cm. She has a voluptuous body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watashi)
Melissa was a prostitute from White City. Due to a tragic experience in the past, her genitals were damaged but she has good compatibility with the protagonist and his large dick. While the protagonist is away, she reduces the cravings the other girls have by playing the male role for them. She is troubled with Kroll’s and the other children’s sexual education.

26 years old. Chestnut-colored hair. Height:164 cm. She has small breasts.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-san, Self: I (watashi)
Maria is a girl from Roleil’s Little Bird Pavilion inn who fell in love with the protagonist, entrusting herself to him after she was embraced. Maria is good at cooking and works hard to support her livelihood. She’s gentle, kind and well-liked by the children, but is a scaredy cat who can’t handle fights. She is fostering the love she has with Melissa, making love together on a nightly basis using the dildo. She has given birth to the protagonist’s son Claude and has been promised to become his concubine, but the promise hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

Irijina Wolls
25 years old. Brown hair. Height:181 cm. She has a muscular body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-dono, Self: I (watashi)
Irijina is a master with the spear and proud of her manly herculean strength. She has a lively personality but is especially unfamiliar with the concept of being a couple and is quite naïve. This free-spirited girl loves fighting and alcohol.

31 years old. Black hair. Height:170 cm. She has a slightly curvy body with a large ass.
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama, Self: I (watashi)
Rita works as the protagonist’s head maid and is also a highly trusted subordinate. She loves giant cocks and has sworn her absolute loyalty to the protagonist’s crotch. She is currently pregnant.

26 years old. Blonde hair. Height:156 cm. She has a slender body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Dear (anata)
Catherine is a blonde beauty. After giving birth to her daughter Rose and the protagonist’s son Antonio, she’s extremely horny and lewd to the point of losing her reason when craving for a man. When the protagonist is absent, she relieves her sexual desire by having sex with Melissa. She has learned how pleasurable double penetration feels.

24 years old. Black hair. Height:163 cm. She has large breasts and a voluptuous body.
Yoguri was isolated by all the members of the house after she slept with another man while living off of the protagonist’s funds, but is now getting along with Melissa, Maria and Catherine after the protagonist smoothed things over. The scripts for the theatrical plays written based off Yoguri’s vivid personal experiences has garnered a fair amount of popularity. She is currently pregnant.

15 years old. Dark brown hair. Height:142 cm. She has a childlike body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama), Self: Pipi
Pipi is the contact to the mountain nation leaders. She desires to bear the protagonist’s child, but she gets treated as a mascot because there is such a disparity between the size of their bodies. However, she finally lost her virginity. Her childlike body provides the protagonist an immoral feeling.

23 years old. Light brown hair. Height:162 cm. She has small breasts and a slender body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama), Self: I (watashi)
Luna was offered to the protagonist by the mountain nation as proof of their pledge of allegiance, and her virginity was also taken. She excels in martial arts, including swordplay, and is also a capable leader. Because she learned how to speak politely from reading old books, she speaks a little strangely. Her body is considered larger than most amongst the mountain nation, but she still has small breasts.

19 years old. Brown hair. Height:152 cm. She has a slender body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou-sama), Self: I (atashi)
Ruby is Luna’s younger sister and also accompanies her elder sister as her follower. Her breasts are larger than her sister’s.

18 years old. Black hair. Height:154 cm. She has a medium build.
Way of addressing protagonist: Master (danna-sama), Aegir-sama
Miti left the orphanage to live and work at the mansion. She is very capable, acting as the older sister figure for the other two kids from the orphanage, and also admires Maria. She was raped by the protagonist when he was drunk and lost her virginity. She has been promised to become his concubine, but the promise hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

15 years old. Black hair. She’s somewhat tiny.
Way of addressing protagonist: she doesn’t
Alma is the youngest of the orphanage trio. She was raped by Kroll, the person she was secretly in love with, but consented at the end. Because of their young desires, she and Kroll go at each other like monkeys irrespective of where they are.

16 years old. Brown hair.
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama
Nina is the caregiver who Leopolt brought with him. She doesn’t stand out at all. Leopolt has recognized her feelings as a woman.

Looks in her mid 20’s. White hair. Height:155 cm. She has a medium build (variable).
Casie is a ghost who haunted a house in the capital, following the protagonist after getting fucked by him. There are some who can see her and some who can’t (Detail-oriented people have an easier time seeing her). She can communicate directly into your head and can fly in the air, but can go missing because her unathletic body gets blown away by the wind. She doesn’t like dark places and gets triggered by words like ‘abandoned woman’ and ‘hanging yourself’, causing her to materialize…….

Late teens. Blonde hair. Height:153 cm. She is slightly more plump than Celia.
Way of addressing protagonist: Master (goshujin-sama)
Leah was saved from the underground facility where the protagonist came from. She relies heavily on the protagonist and is absolutely obedient to him in a different way than Celia. If you get mad at her, she becomes remarkably frightened. She is proficient with sexual techniques and isn’t particularly worried about hurting herself.

Myla Hyuutia
27 years old. Blonde hair. Height: 170 cm. She has a slightly plump body but is also muscular.
Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett
Myla is a former commander of the Yurest Alliance army who was defeated, captured and fucked by the protagonist. She followed the protagonist after she acquired household peerage and a small piece of land after his negotiations with the King. Her talents lie in the military domain, where she basically fulfills the role of tens of thousands of commanders. She’s especially persistent when it comes to keeping public morals and is keeping an eye on the territory as a security officer.

Late teens. Red hair. Height: 150 cm. She has a straight body figure and small breasts.
Alice is one of the girls saved from the goblin’s nest. Normally, she’s a quiet and obedient girl. She has a fetish for anal and is able to easily swallow even the protagonist’s dick. Her addiction is so serious that she always needs to have something in her ass to calm her down. She appears to be able to use magic.

Late 20’s. Red hair. Height: 172 cm. She is curvy, yet muscular.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir, Self: I (atai)
Mireille met the protagonist while she was with Carla and worked together with him for a while. She has a determined personality, is boyish and has superior sword-handling skills.

5 years old. Catherine’s daughter.

4 years old. Mel’s daughter.

3 year old. Mel’s daughter.

2 years old. Mel’s son.

4 years old. Catherine’s son.

3 year old. Carla’s daughter.

2 years old. Maria’s son.

Females (non-family)

46 years old. Strawberry blond hair. Former Queen Consort of Treia. Height: 162 cm. She has a voluptuous body.
Marceline was just about to be sentenced to execution during the trial but was entrusted to the protagonist instead. She’s relieved to know her life isn’t in danger for now, yet she’s unhappy about the poor living environment she has moved to. She’s prepared herself to offer up her body for the sake of her daughters.

25 years old. Strawberry blond hair. Former Princess of Treia. Height: 160 cm. She has a voluptuous body.
Stephanie is Marceline’s eldest daughter who was similarly about to be sentenced to execution during the trial, but was entrusted to the protagonist. She has a calm personality and was married, however as the girl ran away to another country, she was abandoned and divorced by her husband when she lost her authority. She is actually trembling in fear on the inside even though she acts brave for her younger sisters.

20 years old. Strawberry blond hair. Former Princess of Treia. Height: 165 cm. She has small breasts.
Bridget is the second eldest daughter and the only one of the three sisters who has small breasts. The rest of her body is fairly plump and it’s only her breasts which haven’t grown in size. She puts on a strong front and often flares up at the protagonist.

16 years old. Strawberry blond hair. Former Princess of Treia. Height 155 cm. She’s big-breasted and has a voluptuous body.
Felicie has an extremely curvaceous body with respect to her age as compared to the other sisters. She isn’t particularly cautious about the protagonist who’s trying to protect her. She’s a timid girl and is rather naïve about other people’s ill intents.

26 years old. Black hair. Height:163 cm. She has an average body.
Officially: Margrave-sama, Privately: Aegir-sama, In bed: Aegir
Claire was formerly the daughter of a noble and fell into the bandit occupation in order to restore her family name, but was defeated by the protagonist and even had her ass violated. She entered the Flitch Company in the Kingdom of Stura and has currently risen in ranks to become the person in charge of the northeastern area of the Central Plains. She’ll do whatever it takes to succeed, regardless of appearance, and doesn’t mind using her body in negotiations either. She monopolized doing business with the protagonist, and has quickly expanded her influence due to the enormous increase of profits, especially from the management of the mine, while manipulating the head office in Stura using the risk of danger in the area.

17 years old. Blonde hair. Height:146 cm. She has a childlike stature.
Laurie is the daughter of a ruined merchant family and was taken into Claire’s custody. She is extremely smart and blessed with great business sense. She has a childlike figure but is used to handling men. She is attempting to climb up in ranks alongside Claire. She gave her body to the protagonist in order to get him to purchase all of her expensive items in stock.

Claudia Albens Malordol
37 years old. Blonde hair. Height:160 cm. Her body is comparable to a pig’s.
Claudia is the wife of an influential marquess in the Federation. Due to a discord with her husband, she was left in White City. She has fallen in love with the protagonist from the bottom of her heart and continues to offer him gold and expensive items. Perhaps because of her self-indulgent lifestyle, she destroyed her figure and practically turned into a pig. She’s pregnant with the protagonist’s child and returned to the home she should be succeeding, though she caused a chaotic mess when she insisted her child was from a marquess.

17 years old. Silver hair. Height:152 cm. She has a slender body.
Clara is Claudia’s assistant who was bought in the slave market. She has an expressionless face and cold eyes, but has relaxed around the protagonist, who is the first man she has accepted. She has a brilliant mind and is able to observe things calmly. In conjunction with the protagonist’s request, she provides him with crucial information from inside the Federation.

Around 50 years old. Mermaid. Her upper body is glamorous.
Mirumi is a young mermaid who lives in a cave at the bottom of a lake near Rafen. While she was searching for a male to breed with, she found the frolicking protagonist and brought him back to her cave. As a result, she squealed in delight as several hundred children were born. She devotes herself to look after the children together with her fishwoman friend.

23 years old. Chestnut-colored hair. Height: 168 cm. She has an ideal glamorous body (sculpted through intense self-restraint)
Way of addressing protagonist: Margrave-sama
Lilian climbed her way up to become a starring actress in Goldonia but was banished from the theatre troupe when her past work history was discovered, then later was invited to Rafen. She has more passion towards acting than most. She’s beautiful enough to attract other people’s eyes and wants to climb to new heights after receiving the protagonist’s favor. Now that she can no longer return to the capital, she works hard to help the theatre in Rafen succeed.

24 years old. Brown hair. Height: 163 cm. She has a soft and plump body.
Way of addressing protagonist: Feudal lord-sama
Leticia has a calm personality and a soft body with juicy lips which attract men. Because of her nice body and her tendency to let her guard down, she gets raped quite frequently. The protagonist handed her a small restaurant in a first-class area in Rafen. She’s willing to accept the protagonist’s invitation to become his lover on the condition he eats her younger brother as well.

15 years old. Brown hair. Height: 155 cm. No breasts.
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama
Sharon is Leticia’s younger brother and is often mistaken as a female because of his gender-ambiguous appearance and voice. He works with his sister in a small restaurant. He has fallen in love with the protagonist and hopes to offer everything to him. If necessary, he is prepared to cut off certain things.


Lucy Yuktovania
500 years old?? Blonde hair. Height:166 cm. B100 W58 H96
Way of addressing protagonist: You (anata), Boy
Lucy is a self-proclaimed vampire who has lived more than 500 years, has inhuman strength and demonic eyes, which can kill creatures on sight. She protects the house deep in the forest and is the one responsible for the lost kingdom? She is a peerless beauty, has goddess-like style, and possesses extraordinarily terrifying sex techniques.

She taught the protagonist, as well as gave him his reason to live (the protagonist took her as her lover but also treats her as his mother). She promised to become the protagonist’s woman if he becomes king and rules over the area in the vicinity around Erg forest, and this promise is the basis behind all of the protagonist’s actions. Her existence is absolute and takes priority over everything else. She has recently gotten some tasty snacks.

Companions (men, subordinates)

Leopolt Fugenberg
24 years old. Staff Officer.
Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett
Leopolt possesses excellent leadership ability and talent in commanding and also has knowledge about politics and conspiracies. He shares a similar kind of ambition with the protagonist. He supervises everything related to military within the territory.

Adolph Fulker
31 years old. Domestic Affairs Official
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama
Adolph was formerly a parliamentary official of Arkland and was thrown in prison for criticizing the upper echelon, but was rescued by the protagonist. Adolph is highly capable in dealings related to government affairs and also has innovative ideas. He is bold and aloof from the world but can’t handle violence. He supervises all domestic affairs within the territory. As the territory continues to expand, his workload and fatigue level increases.

22 years old. Blonde hair.
Way of addressing protagonist: Margrave
Tristan is a natural tactician and has knowledge regarding a wide range of topics, but is a lazy person who hates doing work and has no sense of responsibility. He loves tea and reading books more than anything. He is even worse than an amateur when it comes to fighting and is also unable to ride a horse. He sighs constantly and often spouts negative remarks. The protagonist half-forced Tristan to come to Rafen and work for him.

16 years old. Mountain Nation. Black hair.
Way of addressing protagonist: Chief (zokuchou), Aegir-sama
Gido is part of the protagonist’s escort unit. He has a natural sense for battle. He is charmed by Luna even though he has a wife of the same age as him. During the war with Magrado, he protected Celia and suffered a near-fatal wound, which conversely made the protagonist trust him more.

Sebastian Mizels
58 years old. Butler
Way of addressing protagonist: Master (danna-sama)
Sebastian served as a butler for a noble family but lost his job when Goldonia was undergoing reform. He was hired by the protagonist. He is courteous, polite, and highly capable in business and administration. He is a calm, elderly gentleman.

16 years old. Child. Servant. Blonde hair.
Way of addressing protagonist: Aegir-sama
Kroll came from the orphanage to work as a servant and is one of the only men who can enter and leave the living spaces of the women in the house. He was spending his time with prostitutes frequently but one thing led to another and he ended up becoming Alma’s lover, who he repeatedly has excessive amounts of sex with every day. He is brimming with sexual appetite however his dick size is average.

27 years old. Macho
Christoph is a member of the most elite escort unit, but he is the weakest and most pathetic of the group. He has participated in many wars but has no contributions to his name. He frequently injures himself but he has yet to suffer a serious wound.

33 years old. Height: over 2 m. Super macho. Covered in bulky muscles. Muscle demon. Captain of Engineering Corps.
Way of addressing protagonist: no subject
Mack is an extremely muscular man.

?? years old. Dwarf Tribe.
Way of addressing protagonist: Pal
Balbano is a strong male dwarf, particularly stronger than most males in his tribe, and also possesses a smithing skill that stands out above the rest. He acknowledges the protagonist as his friend.

61 years old. Representative of the Fire Nation. One-eyed.
Flamme is the leader of the people of the fire nation, who are barely managing to live in the area close to the mines by smithing. The entire tribe was employed by Claire recently. The working conditions are harsh but their lifestyles are much better than they have been thus far so they are unaware of that fact.

Personnel (Country, Army)

Alexandro Goldonia (Alexandro I)
32 years old. Goldonian King.
After his father’s death, Alexandro murdered his brother and uncle and ascended to the throne, almost subjugating the entire northern area of the Central Plains and making Goldonia a powerful nation. Because he is usually so involved with schemes, he has very few people he trusts and no family at all. He uses Erich and Kenneth as his primary gears to aim for greater progression.

Marquess Gudroit Hoover
54 years old. Reserve Army.
Gudroit was driven away from his position in the army and showed his incompetence in Magrado expedition – the one last chance he got to prove himself. The nobles practically treat him as if he died and no longer has any influential power in part due to his bad standing with the King. He’s preparing for a final gamble.

Marquess Erich Radhalde
34 years old. Commissioner of Military Affairs. Feudal lord of Former Arkland Northeastern Area.
Erich has been serving as the army commander since his days in the Wings of Dawn. He is highly capable in tactics, politics, and leadership. He took up position as the Commissioner of Military Affairs and the Supreme Commander for the armies of the Kingdom of Goldonia, reaching the top in terms of position and rank. Erich manages the new nobles and soldiers and is gradually opposing Kenneth – who he treats as a rival – and the traditional nobles and civil officials in Kenneth’s faction.

Marquess Kenneth Baldwin
43 years old. Commissioner of Government Affairs.
Kenneth is skilled in conspiracies and scheming. He took the top position right next to Erich, becoming the person supervising the country’s domestic affairs department. He has the traditional nobles and civil officials under his influence. He is trying to win over the protagonist, who he believes is in Erich’s camp as a soldier.

Rebecca Blaze
23 years old. Black hair. Height: 155 cm. Straight body figure.
Way of addressing protagonist: Lord Hardlett, Lord Margrave
Rebecca was the eldest daughter of an honorary knight and a noble’s personal assistant working in the palace, but the King recognized her talent and assigned her to the information officer position. Her skill in martial arts is average, but her mind is sharp and is excellent at developing plans and detecting schemes. As a result of investigating the protagonist’s domain, she was promoted to honorary baron and became the lead information officer. She has a cooperative relationship with the protagonist where she provides and exchanges information with him.

Personnel (Others)
45 years old. Bearded. Large man.
Andrei is a lolicon and is trying to create his own loli harem.

21 years old. She has a childlike stature.
Natalie is Andrei’s wife, whose looks are like that of a 10-year old child. She occasionally thinks about the protagonist’s cock.

44 years old. Director of the orphanage. She is thin.
Way of addressing protagonist: Hardlett-sama
Dorothea is a middle-aged woman in charge of managing the orphanage. She’s the type of person who gives her best effort from the very beginning and does everything she can for the sake of the children. She is a fairly quick thinker. After becoming the protagonist’s lover, she looks after the children in his mansion. She often lets her guard down thinking she’s getting old and wouldn’t get embraced by the protagonist anymore.

22 years old. Helper at the orphanage. She is tiny.
Aurelia is a girl who was raised in the orphanage and helps Dorothea around the place. She’s a lively but childlike girl. She is being kept by Andrei as a mistress for her childlike body.

Meldus Brutus
35 years old. Margrave.
Brutus is the Malt Kingdom’s best soldier but revolted against the Kingdom. Helvi pleaded with the protagonist to release him and was sent to the mining city instead.

26 years old. Black hair. Height: 175 cm. Secretary. She has a slender build.
Helvi was formerly Brutus’s secretary and is quite capable at her job, but because she devotes herself to Brutus, her relationship with others is lacking. When Helvi was first working for him, she was violated by Brutus under the influence of alcohol, but she has been in love with him since then. Before the rebellion, her life goal was to return with Brutus back home, become his wife and have kids.

Other Nations

Celestina Malt Cortis
11 years old. Blonde hair. Height: 137 cm. She’s a child.
Celestina is the Queen of the Malt Kingdom. She has a smile like the sun and everyone who sees it becomes charmed. She adores the protagonist like an elder brother. She’s growing up while her nation is essentially under the protagonist’s protection. She’s still just a kid, but a few ‘pranks’ were played on her.

23 years old. Celestina’s maid (lady-in-waiting). Height: 163 cm. She’s slightly curvy.
Monica is a personal assistant for Queen Celestina. She dotes on Celestina and shields her young eyes from any troubles deemed unnecessary. Her virginity was taken by the protagonist as per the orders of her mistress, but her heart remains loyal to the person she serves.

Anselm Dunois
Former Prime Minister of Treia
After his disappearance from the war, he fell into the hands of Goldonia. Probably trying to get revenge after his entire family was executed, he verbally attacked the Treian King during the trial and drove him to get sentenced to death. His once-sensible eyes are now tainted with insanity.



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