Chapter 165: Towards a Clean City


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「Lord Hardlett, I have something to discuss with you.」

When breakfast was over, Myla rushes over and straightens herself in front of me.

「Did something happen?」

Normally after breakfast, she would immediately leave the mansion to complete her duties as a military and security officer and then return home at night. Probably because she’s lived her entire life as a soldier, she doesn’t laze around and relax at home very much. I told her to loosen up once in a while, but the only times she acts spoiled is when I invite her to bed at night.

「I want to do a clean sweep of Rafen and the surrounding areas.」

「Cleaning? How curious. I think it’s fine to do as you please.」

「That’s not what I mean! During wartime, all military personnel were absent. The security unit has been working relatively well to maintain the city’s peace but…… there may still be places with illegal and criminal activity thriving where we cannot see them.」


That reminds me, I did remember hearing from the women in the street vendor district that a group of strange people were picking a fight with them. When the city guards approached them, they scattered immediately though.

「Rafen is certainly the most prosperous city in Lord Hardlett’s territory. It might be the top city amongst all the cities in the east. That’s why when there’s an influx of people……」

「Broke people and slave traders, huh?」

There are all sorts of jobs in Rafen for people who are just broke. The jobs may be low-paying but it’s enough to keep them from starving. However, a portion of those people still chose to form a faction and earn money without doing any work.

Slave traders are technically legal merchants but many of them often conduct business by abducting and swindling. And then if the richer slave traders hire the penniless thugs, a crime organization would be established.

「That’s why periodic cleaning is necessary to prevent that from happening. The security unit would be enough if it was only the inside of the city, but I’m doubtful about the outside.」

Recently, some shoddy houses have been built outside the city walls to gradually develop a marketplace. The people who live there are those who want to work in Rafen but don’t have enough money to buy a house within the walls. It’s not like living conditions are horrible outside, rather the only thing missing is the protection of the walls, but naturally those places are harder to keep an eye on than the interior area. It’s the perfect spot for lawless individuals to create their hideout.

「You can’t deal with them using just the security unit? 」

「It’s possible but I want to divide the forces to multiple areas and suppress them all at once. These kinds of ruffians have a good enough nose to sniff us out. If we move too slowly, they’ll escape. 」

She only has several dozen men in the security unit which she can mobilize freely so she probably won’t be able to assault various locations all at once.

「Alright, then I’ll go too.」

「Eh? It’s a boring job where it’s uncertain if we’ll even find anything though. For the feudal lord himself to do this is……」

「I would just be sitting around doing nothing at home anyways.」

「In that case, I would like if you did some naughty things with me~」

Leah clings to my hip and behaves like a spoiled child so I pat her head while pushing her back a little.
If I leave her alone, she would be fine going around town sucking on anyone’s dick, so I have to be careful.
I love sleeping with women but I need a chance to go wild sometimes too.

「No, well this is ultimately just an attempt to control them. If they don’t put up any resistance, you won’t be fighting, you know? 」

I pick up my spear while humming, letting Myla’s remark bounce off my back.


Leah clings stubbornly to my waist but was pulled away by Celia.

「You’ll wait here.」

「No way~」

「I’ll play with you when I get back.」

「Eheh, then…… I want you to play with me by tying me up.」

Leah doesn’t shy away from openly declaring that she likes rape-play, bondage and masochistic sex.

「Alright, I understand. When I get back, I’ll tie your hands to the bed and fuck you while slapping your ass.」

「Yaaay~ I can’t wait~」

Before I knew it, Celia has overheard our conversation and made preparations.
She’s as sensitive as a woman’s clitoris.

「The fee for this spot is three silver every month. With that, we won’t smash this worn-out street stall of yours, get it?」

「What are you saying!? The feudal lord-sama said it was fine to do business freely here!」

「Feudal lord, schmeudal lord. You’re talking to the Red Wolves here, you know? Hey guys, make him understand the hard way.」

A hand was placed on the man’s shoulder from behind.

「What’s your prob-……」

「So you need to pay a fee to operate a stall here. I didn’t know that.」


「Aniki……」「We’re done for……」

These three thugs are talking nonsense in the plaza of the street vendor district.
Two of them are being restrained by the security unit and the only remaining man appears to be their leader.

「Hey, tell me, what did I do!?」

You don’t necessarily have to do anything and I can still send you to prison because I say so.

「T-these guys said they would destroy our shop if we didn’t pay a fee for using the area! 」

The owners of the street stalls collectively testify.

「Myla, what kind of crime did these guys commit?」

「Creating and applying their own tax is a serious crime earning them at least 10 years in prison.」

「……Dammit ! If it’s gonna be like that, then I’ll do this !」
「It’s no use, aniki! You’re up against Hardlett-sama!」「I’m not part of this!」

The man takes out a small knife from his breast pocket.
Celia unsheathes her sword, but his knife looks like it’ll struggle cutting even fruit…… considering he’s doing something stupid, I’ll treat him as if he’s bare-handed.


I use my own bare hands to deflect the hand gripping the knife thrust at me. There was a sound of bone snapping and the man drops the knife.

I waste no time to grab the man by his bangs which sloppily hang over his face and throw him into the ground.


When I lift his face up once, his nose is broken and blood is spilling from his mouth, but he doesn’t seem to be dead.
I guess that’s about it.

「This guy will get five years in the mines and those other two will get one year.」

「That’s too lenient! They should be beheaded!」

Don’t say that Celia, the mine needs the manpower and the two aside from the leader are just smallfry.
Besides, if we capture them and kill them on the spot, it would ruin the atmosphere in this street vendor area.

「They’d be finished if they pulled a sword on me though. Well, let’s go to the next place, hopefully to a place where someone might draw his sword.」

「Shit, why did it turn out like this!?」

「Isn’t it because you’re villains?」

We are outside the city walls…… raiding the hideout of a group of criminals who took the opportunity to steal and rob when the reach of the guards outside the walls is relatively low compared to the inside. Most of them were captured within the hideout, but the leader and some followers took off on horses. If it was within the walls, they wouldn’t be able to escape us, but there is a vast expanse of land spreading out before them on the outskirts of the city.

「But that’s only if they can outrun Schwartz.」

「M-my fastest horse was so easily……」

The leader is a woman and is running at full speed with three other followers but Schwartz easily catches up.

「You can’t escape me now, just give up.」

「The security forces haven’t caught up yet, if it’s just this guy-!」

One of the followers swiftly pulls out his sword.
Unfortunately, I can’t take that any other way but pointing a weapon at me.

「No big deal, we can just run away and once again-……gugeh!」

The follower who unsheathed his sword lost his upper body from the chest up.


The other three also draw their swords but their postures aren’t steady.
In the first place, fighting on horseback is not something thugs could easily pull off.
They don’t know how long it took for me to train and learn from the spear cavalry.

「We’ll be fighting to the death since you drew your swords. See ya.」

I thrust through the stomach of one of the followers and toss him aside.
The other one gets a large swing from my spear directly on his head.
The head of the man without a helmet easily splits open and the man falls off his horse.


The final individual remaining is the female leader who is running away while crying and pissing herself.
If this was a man, I would have skewered him from behind and ended this chase, but it’s more troublesome when it’s a woman.
Not to mention her breasts are huge – what a hassle.

「……good grief.」

With my spear, I give the horse the woman was riding a light poke on the butt. The horse springs upward after getting injured and drops the woman nicely to the ground.
Fortunately for her, the ground is covered with grass so she wouldn’t die.

「So, what should we do with this woman?」

Celia and Myla catches up and pulls the woman along.
Because of the girl’s ridiculous luck, she managed to not break a single bone in her body.

「She directed her blade at Lord Hardlett. That’s definitely punishable by execution.」
「Naturally! Then if I may, allow me to lop off her head.」

「Uuuu…… I don’t want to die…… spare me somehow……」

The leader lowers her head in tears before Myla, who shoots her with an icy gaze.

「I am not inclined to listen to the words of a bandit.」

Umumu, I feel kind of sorry for this girl.

「Did this girl kill anyone?」

「No, she mainly committed theft, robbery, and violence.」

Then it’s not something she should be killed over.
However, being the leader and pointing her sword at me is the finishing blow.

「Let me do a little interrogation…… the shack over there is good.」

It’s convenient for me that there’s a small hut for agricultural purposes nearby.


Don’t look at me like that.

「Guuuuuh! It’s thick! It’s too thick……my stomach will breaaaak !!」

「There, there, it’ll keep getting bigger.」


「I could tell even above your clothes that you have some nice breasts.」

Inside the small hut, the woman has her hands against the wall as I’m ramming into her from behind. As expected of the leader of a criminal organization, her vagina has been used, but she still feels tight probably because her partners were all rather small.
I don’t have the obligation to do any foreplay so I just stuffed my dick in her, which might have tore her a little.

I fondle her large breasts roughly and tug on her nipples.
In addition, I play around with her clitoris by twisting it here and there.
The sex is rather rough, but this is just her punishment for pointing a weapon at me.

「So? What’s the reason you’re acting as a bandit!?」

「There’s no job, uugh-! for a woman, aau-! who’s uneducated like mee, aah!」

「There are plenty of people in the street vendor district who can’t do anything above double-digit calculations, plus you could have attracted customers as a prostitute with those boobs of yours.」

I purposely thrust hard to hurt her.

「Aaghh! Alright, I’ll say it! I wanted to make a profit by doing something fun! Rafen is highly populated and I heard everyone has a wide range of wealth…… oh please, I’m still 25……I don’t want to die.」

「……geez, it can’t be helped. In light of these tits, I’ll do something for you. Now I’m gonna get rough, prepare yourself.」

「Really? Thank y-…… kyaa!!」

Her rough speech pattern instantly changed into a rather cute scream.
My hips are relentlessly attacking her, if I do say so myself, and I’ll finish off by pushing into her womb and ejaculating inside.

「Gyaaah! Cu-cumming inside is…… uuu-」

「You were originally going to be executed. Put up with something minor like a creampie.」

「I’m a woman too, you know? Today’s a dangerous day for me. Aaaah-ah, like this…… I’ll also become a pregnant woman……guess I’ll really have to wash my legs then?1

She fixes her clothes while her abdomen is still slightly inflated before we exit the hut. Because she couldn’t walk properly, I grab her by the collar and carry her around like a mother cat carries her baby.


The stares from Celia and Myla hurt.

「Ahh- turns out this one wasn’t the leader. It was that man over there, and she was just his mistress. That’s why there’s no reason to execute her, yup.」

「T-that’s right. I’m just that man’s mistress. Yeah.」


「That’s how it is, so just force her to do some random job for about three years.」

「I regret my actions and will not act as a bandit ever again.」


Their looks really hurt, so let’s move on to the next issue.

「……I’m truly unwilling, however I’ll make her into the prep cook for the laborers for three years. I’ll throw her in some rough place where she’ll definitely get violated.」

「Shall I kill her and make it look like an accident?」

「That’s against the law so we can’t.」

Hey you girls, don’t talk about something so disturbing.

According to the information, it’s this place. I swing open the door violently and enter the store by myself.

「M-my oh my, if it isn’t the feudal lord-sama, what can I help you with today!!?」

「Do you sell slaves in your shop?」

「Yes! Of course I am obeying Goldonia’s law of only selling the criminals and those who could not repay their debts as slaves!」

The small and plump slave trader is sweating while rubbing his hands and putting a friendly smile on his face.
Goldonia legally recognizes the selling of slaves in those two categories, but also those who declare they are selling themselves as slaves in front of notaries2.

「I see, I see, then could you let me take a little look?」

The merchant rubs his hands faster and a dirty smile starts to appear on his face.

「Of course! What kind of slave…… no, what kind of beauty would you like to see? I have some recommendations. If you like, there’s a bed in the back where you can try them out as much as you want.」

I didn’t say anything and he’s already bringing out the pretty ladies.
While tasting them sounds appealing, that’ll have to wait.

「Let’s see, how about letting me see the slaves you bring into the basement night after night?」


「Bring me one of the slaves from the basement.」

「The girls are ultimately still brought in legally. Besides, they’re dirty so they have to be cleaned first.」

「Shut up.」

I smash my spear into an expensive-looking table and destroy it, then point the tip of my weapon at the merchant who fell on his ass.

「Bring one to me, did you not hear me?」

「B-but you see……」

「I’ll give you 30, 29, 28……」

「Hiiiiih -!」

The man makes his way down to the basement and brings one girl with him.
She has a pitiful face where you can see marks of her face being hit, her entire body is dirty, and she’s giving off a bad odor.
She looks up at me with tears in her eyes but doesn’t say a word.

「S-she’s in a little bad shape, but she’s ultimately obtained legally. Isn’t that right!?」

「Yes, I became a slave on my own accord. There is no problem here.」


It was obvious she was made to say that.
If she was going to get punished later, there’s no way she would say what was really going on.
However, this girl has probably not been a slave her whole life.
The people who live in that kind of environment wouldn’t have teary eyes like she does.
Then that’s fine.

They wouldn’t obediently tell me the truth if I just asked them.
I bring the dirty girl close to me and look towards the merchant.
I’ll have to be more of an arrogant noble who abuses his standing.

「You’re a mere merchant, while I’m the feudal lord here.」

「That is true……」

「Don’t you think it’s strange for us to talk on the same level? Kneel down.」

「Y-yes sir!」

The merchant prostrates himself in front of me.
I don’t like doing this kind of thing, but this guy is vulgar and I don’t need to hold back.
I bring the girl’s ear close so I can whisper to her.

「I’m more important than this guy. If you tell me what’s really going on, I’ll save you. Now, go on and say it.」

The girl looks troubled as she compares the merchant and me.
I hug the smelly girl tight.

「You really will……?」

「Yeah, maybe I’ll give you a hot kiss after saving you too.」

When I give her a smile, the girl makes the slightest of grins and takes a deep breath.

「I was kidnapped and brought here by this man and his friends. They would hit me when I resisted and raped me ……and told me to say that I was brought here on my own will!」

「You bitch!!」

I step on the head of the indignant merchant who tried to stand up.

「Did you hear that!?」


At that moment, the security unit floods in from the rear entrance and the windows.
The slave trader’s friends try to escape in a hurry but they all end up being captured and those who resisted were killed.

「Wouldn’t it have been better to just kill them all from the start and then hear the story from the slaves in the basement?」

「But it wouldn’t feel good if we did that mistakenly.」

Celia is quite the extreme person.

「Did we get everyone?」

The security forces reply a little excitedly after having achieved a great feat.

「Yes, six murdered and twelve arrested. Fifteen illegal slaves were found in the basement. There are several corpses as well…… even one who was just a child.」

「Take them away.」

This makes me sick, I’ll deal with the twelve captured criminals tomorrow morning.

「And there’s also…… one more.」

「One more? Did one of them escape?」

「No, at the feudal lord-sama’s feet……」

Ooh, I totally forgot about the one I stepped on.
I put too much weight on him and he’s already foaming at the mouth.
I guess it’s fine to finish off like this.

「Please wait. This man should be kept alive.」

I didn’t think Myla would protect him.

「Is there any merit for keeping him alive?」

「This man isn’t valuable, but the information he knows is. I’m curious about where the merchandise is sent after the slave trader ‘gets’ them. If things go well, we can pull out the other illegal organizations like a string of potatoes.」

Fumu, is that how it is?

「Hey, hurry up and talk.」

「There’s no way I’m telling you shit! If I betrayed them like that, they’ll chase after me forever.」

「You only have two choices. Either betray your customer and live in fear…… or be killed right here and now.」

I brandish my spear and Myla also puts a hand on her sword.

「Okay! I’ll talk, but guarantee you’ll spare me! If you don’t, I’m not telling you anything!」

「Fine, I’ll spare just your life.」

「You aren’t lying, are you!? It’s a promise, right!?」

「If you irritate me any further, I might change my mind.」

Celia looks at me as if asking me ‘is that really alright?’
I wink back, telling her I have a plan.

I take the merchant to the security station and sit him at a table across from me.
This isn’t normally part of my duties, but it’s something I already started. It wouldn’t make me feel good if I left it to someone else.

Myla conducts the questioning.

「I’m actually gathering a large amount of slaves for a certain customer, you see……」

「Is that person in the city of Rafen?」

「No, some guys come to the city to buy child sex slaves once in a blue moon but not very many of them. The guards keep an especially tight watch in Rafen after all.」

That’s proof of their work, wonderful.

「So where are they? What are their names?」

「I think the place is somewhere far away from the city. I don’t know where it is…… and I don’t know their names either, I’ve never heard them say it. But they buy a lot of slaves every time……」

「……do you think such vague information will allow you to live?」

「Wait! Those guys come from the west, and it doesn’t look like they’re too far away!」

「On what basis can you say that?」

「In the past, some defective products…… some sick ones were mixed in with the bunch and it only took them half a day to come complain. That’s why it should be a distance a horse can travel in just a few hours.」

「Fumu…… is there anything else? You spoke to them, right? Are they a large group?」

「It’s always the same group of three who come to place their order and pick up the merchandise. But I can tell from the way they speak that there are way more of them.」

「What else?」

「Um, the slaves they buy are a little strange. In most cases, the people who buy from illegal slave traders like me want beautiful lady sex slaves or children for the perverts to turn into playthings, focusing heavily on looks and appearance. However, those guys don’t care much about that besides the slave being healthy. Moreover, they buy ugly women who don’t usually sell well and even thin men.」

「How strange.」


If they want slaves like that, it would have been fine to buy from a legal slave trader. It would be much cheaper and they wouldn’t have to worry about being arrested.

「They didn’t want to leave any traces?」

The ‘surface’ slave traders are ultimately still merchants. They naturally record the time they sold their merchandise and how much they sold in their account books. With the rampant growth of illegal slave trade, a bunch of buyers are recorded in the books. It’s possible for any of the buyers to be reported for any strange purchases.

「They didn’t want their way of using slaves to be discovered, or they didn’t want their very existence to be discovered…… or both.」

Either way, they can’t be an upstanding organization.

「How many slaves have you sold so far?」

「……about 50 this half of the year.」


Celia and Myla have serious looks on their faces.
It’s too much no matter how you look at it.
I picture the underground hole where Leah and I were in before.

「That reminds me, there’s another strange part.」

「Tell me.」

「Those guys only move in the dead of night. It’s always after night falls.」

Well, it’s normal for those involved with criminal activity to move at night.

「I could understand it if they’re moving their ‘merchandise’, but surely there’s no reason to place their order and determine the date of pickup at midnight either, right?」

What he said is right.
But if they’re just coming to chat, they’re not at fault and it doesn’t prove anything.
The more suspicious part is that they’re purposely acting at night.

「And when the business negotiations are prolonged until morning, they insist on staying here. In addition, they refuse to stay in the rooms prepared for them and sleep with the slaves in the basement instead……」

They might be some crazily insane people.

「Those three are creepy and wear robes which cover even their eyes. I heard them talking secretly and they were saying how some are tasty and some are horrible-tasting……」

「Anyways, we can’t do anything right now.」

「Yeah, let’s close this case for now.」

「But if we don’t know where they are…… a distance several hours away on horse would be too wide of an area to search. We might need to mobilize the army.」

「In that case, I have a suggestion…… they’re actually planning to come to pick up slaves tomorrow at midnight. We always meet in a secret place quite far away from the city.」

「Alright, you just have wait there until you lead them to us. Hurry up and tell us where.」

「Well you see…… uh, not just my life but I want you to guarantee my living environment too.」

「Fine, I could even let you act freely in a brothel if you want.」

Celia and Myla turn to look at me with shocked faces, but there’s no need to worry.

「You mean it!? Mr. noble, you’re not lying are you!?」

I’m fine with lying to these kind of men, but I’m not telling a lie this time.

The slave trader happily tells us the secret meet-up place.
So now the battle is tomorrow.

The slave trader accompanies me as I walk along the brothel district.

「In the brothel you’re hiding me in…… can I really eat as many girls as I want?」

「Yeah, you’re free to fuck the employees. They’ll probably have the same intentions. 」

「Gehehe, the feudal lord-sama’s authorization. But how far are we going? This is already past the brothel district.」

「We’re almost there.」

Eventually we could see a small store located in the corner of the brothel district.

「It looks kinda deserted.」

「Don’t complain.」

「I guess you’re right. The girls are more important than the store after all! Aah, I can’t wait. The shop’s name is Chrysanthemum-opening Garden, is it??」

I enter the store and shout in a loud voice.

「Is Madam Gonzales here?」

「Gonza? Eeh?」

Immediately after, an earth-shaking sound could be heard.
A prostitute over 190 cm comes out wearing a splendid dress. The chest area of the dress is bulging out due to large pectorals and is decorated with an abundance of chest hair.
The prostitute makes lively motions with limbs as thick as a chubbier woman’s waist and comes over toward me.

「Feudal lord-samaaa~~! You came to visit!」

With that disgusting falsetto voice, it’s without a doubt an Okama.
You couldn’t even sense any effort that he tried to disguise his appearance to look anything like a woman.

This shop is one which I mistook as a regular brothel and almost passed out when I entered.
It’s a brothel where men sleep with men, but not one with beautiful young men or older men as male prostitutes.
The people serving the customers are ugly crossdressing guys who are devastatingly far away from looking feminine.
Women are forbidden from entering the place and there are even some employees who will vomit just from the fact that females are anywhere near them.

「Of course you’ve come to play with me, right~?! If it’s the feudal lord-sama, then it’s no charge~ Now come with me and let’s take turns digging into each other~!」

The shopkeeper is Madam Gonzales, who gathered his persecuted friends and set out on a journey to finally reach Rafen and establish a store of his dreams.

「No, well today I want you to take care of this guy. Some things happened and I wanted to leave him here, you don’t have to worry about getting too rough.」


Madam starts rubbing the merchant’s body which has frozen stiff at the sequence of events and tears the back portion of his pants.

「Hiiieeeh, what are you doing!?」

To tear a pair of leather pants bare-handed……


Madam takes two of his thick fingers and stabs them inside. It makes me feel uncomfortable so I avert my eyes.

「A small build…… plump…… and a soft body with a tight ass…… such high quality!!」

Madam ecstatically pounds his own chest and shouts.

「Hey you guys~~~!! It’s time to feast~~~! Come on out~~!」

After some hoarse beast-like voices, the room gradually gets filled with horribly cross-dressing men.
The slave trader is practically like the raw meat being thrown into a pack of wolves.

「Feudal lord-sama! This isn’t what we talked about!」

「It’s not different at all. I said “you’re free to do as you wish in the brothel”. I’ll let you do as you wish, and the employees will also violate you freely, no?」

「Guhu, you want to try me~?」

「T-this is a scam…… you betrayed me!」

「Wasn’t it fun to beat those defenseless girls? At that rate, you would have been headed to hell if you died, but now you get to at least be on the receiving end so you can atone for your sins.」

「Ara, this one’s a baddie?」

「Yeah, play with him but don’t kill him.」

「Nnfu, okay~」

The continuously screaming merchant gets carried off by the men.

「We’ll thoroughly enjoy the feudal lord-sama’s present~」

「It’s an ass hole party!」「It’s a penetrating party!」

「Gehehe, I’ll plunge my thick one in you~~~」
「I’ll put mine in you too~~」

「Control yourself, guys! The last guy’s asshole ripped apart because three dicks were stuffed in him at the same time. We gotta treasure this one for a lot longer~」


I turn my back to the store and walk out the door.
There was quite a bit of agonizing cries and groaning reverberating to the night skies but I’m sure it’s just my imagination.

I’ll rest my body to prepare myself for tomorrow.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter. New Year

Omitted – No changes

Sexual Partners: 144, children who have been born: 32


  1. Nat: what does her legs have to do with being pregnant..
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