Chapter 169: Invitation to the Capital and Rebellion of the Females


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「To the capital?」

「Yeah, it’s a new year and all. It should be simple now that you’ve got such a splendid road constructed.」

Erich sits in front of me while we drink together in the guest room of the mansion.
It seems he decided to pay me a visit after doing an annual inspection of his own territory.

「I just came back though……」

I honestly don’t want to go.

「There are no plans for war in the near future. The southern nations are keeping each other in check and don’t have the force to oppose us. There shouldn’t be any problems with you leaving your territory.」


It’s true I don’t have any particular reason to stay in my territory.
Conversely, there’s no real reason to go to the capital either.
Besides, Celia is still bedridden and I don’t really want to leave her right now.

「……I’ll state my true intentions. It’s about the Royal Institution.」

Seeing my bewildered expression, Erich reluctantly spit out his concern.

「The Royal Institution – a school established to train army commanders. I heard that things are progressing quite steadily.」

I feel as if someone might or might not have told me to go check it out before ……

「Umu, I’ve mentioned that they plan to train not only military personnel but also raise up potential domestic affairs officials, didn’t I?」

You might or might not have.

「There was a substantial increase in students to welcome the new year, but it’s difficult for me or the new nobles to teach any of the prospective domestic affairs officials.」

「Well that’s……」

A lot of the new nobles, including me, have miserable pasts after all.
Nobles like Erich are fairly scarce.
However, many have learned proper manners and how to curry favor in order to protect themselves or get promoted.

「Therefore, I wanted to invite a person who was connected with the government to make us instructors but…… Kenneth is breathing down my neck.」

Kenneth is one of the individuals under the King who has been given partial authority along with Erich.
Things like domestic affairs and government matters in particular are his speciality, so domestic affairs officials not under his influence are hard to come by in the capital.

「That’s where you come in.」

「No, that’s impossible for me.」

Asking me to teach domestic affairs, what kind of joke is that?
The only things I could really teach are ‘how to swing a spear’ or ‘how to sleep with women’.

「No, rather than have you teach anything, I just need you to show up at school and give some confident speeches about mental fortitude. 」

「That’s it?」

「Yeah, if you went to the Royal Institution on my request, everyone should know who has leadership over the school. After that, Kenneth should not be able to curry favor with as many students. As things are now, not just those who aspire to be domestic affairs officials, but those aspiring to be military commanders will also be won over.」

That sounds serious.
I’d like to find someone knowledgeable about domestic affairs from the school for myself, so it might be nice to show up.

「Staying there for two months should suffice.」

Well that’s going to be a problem.
Because ……

「Aegir-sama! You’re going to desert me!?」

After guiding Erich to his bedroom, Nonna jumps out and yells at me.

「Of course not, you’re my wife.」

「You were talking about going to the capital! You told me you were going to be by my side when this child gets born too!」

「It won’t be a long stay. Two months will mean I’ll be back just after spring and you’re scheduled to give birth around summer, right?」

「I don’t like this–!! I’m sure something will happen while Aegir-sama is gone and I’ll give birth prematurely…… my child won’t be born properly…… and then I’ll be chased out– !!」

Nonna wails and the attending maids get flustered while I look towards Carla who was next to them.
It appears she’s just past the halfway mark of being pregnant where people usually feel the most anxious.

「This woman really needs her hand held with every little thing.」

「Well that’s what makes her cute.」

I slowly approach Nonna as she hurls cushions at me and then gently embrace her.

「Carla and Miti will be here. The other girls will protect you too and if anything happens, I’ll work Schwartz to death and rush back over in a day.」

「Gusu……egh…… you mean it ?」

「Of course. You’re my precious Nonna.」

I give her a passionate and sloppy kiss, enough to make the attending maids cover their eyes shyly.

「……I’ve calmed down. You’re really going to be here when I give birth ?」

I softly knock Nonna’s head without saying a word.

「I’m sorry for getting upset. Also, Carla peed in the garden again. Naked at that.」

「Carla, you……」

「You’re saying that now!? It’s fine, isn’t it? I can’t get enough of that sense of liberation!」

If the two of them arguing, Nonna will be fine.

「If you girls contact me when you go into labor as well, I could come back……」

The large-bellied Rita and Yoguri got pregnant earlier than Nonna did so I might not make it in time for when they give birth.

「No, it’s a man’s job to impregnate while it’s a woman’s job to give birth. I’ll show you I can give birth to a healthy child on my own.」

Rita smiles as she said that.
She must have it easy with such a large ass.

「I’ll be fine too. The servants are here to look after me anyways…… I actually feel strangely calm with other people getting flustered around me……」

It looks like the rest of the girls feel calm when Nonna makes a fuss.
Even yesterday, she tripped over a carpet which was flipped up and threw things angrily at the cleaning maid.
If I rebuke her too harshly, it might hinder the birth of her child so right now I can only try to persuade Nonna kindly.

I had the maid who ended up with a bump on her head rest at home with pay and I’ll also send her a gift later as well.
When she gets better, I’ll embrace her passionately to make up for it.
Next is Celia.

「So you won’t depart immediately?」

「No. Here, aahn.」

「Aahn…… delicious.」

As I sit next to the bed beside Celia, I feed her a cake covered in cream. I have plenty of fresh apples for today as well.

「But why?」

Isn’t it obvious?

「I can’t leave you alone when you can’t move, right?」


Celia suddenly looks down and turns red.
She’s such an amusing girl, let me give her a bright red apple.

Another Two Weeks Later

「You don’t need to keep it fixed anymore. However, you still can’t do any intense movement or carry any heavy objects.」

The doctor informs Celia while untying the bandages around her arm and removing the splint.
Celia scratches the arm which hasn’t been exposed to the outside air in such a long time.

「So now I can be with Aegir-sama again……」
「Ahem, what I just said is only with regards to your daily tasks. You can’t ride a horse or do anything like wielding a sword.」

「N-no way……」

「Celia, I have an order for you.」


In a snap, Celia firmly adjusts her posture upright.

「Until I get back, you will take a break from your military duties, and just eat, sleep and look after your body.」


I have to do this much for Celia to understand or else she’ll definitely go back to work.
If only part of Tristan’s lazy attitude combined with her, she’ll have the perfect balance.

「S-so you won’t take me with you!?」

「No, you will stay home and relax and let your body heal properly.」

Celia slumps over disappointedly.
I guess this will be the first time she will be away from me for a long period.

「Uuu…… I won’t ever break my bones again.」

That’s good.

「Then I’ll head to the capital tomorrow. Nonna, I’ll be back when you give birth so don’t trouble the maids too much. I understand you might feel anxious about the pregnancy, but rely on Carla or Melissa.」

「Ahem, understood.」

「Apologize to the maid you hit with the pitcher of water in a fit of rage as well.」

「I will!」

She starts arguing with Carla when teased.
They seem fine here.

The modest banquet held afterwards ended quickly and I was about to head to bed in preparation for tomorrow.


Standing in front of my door is Celia, and she gets naked immediately after I invite her into the room. When I sit on the bed, she falls to the floor and prostrates before me.

「I went and got myself injured, yet you looked after me everyday and even took care of my lower half…… 」

I did that because I wanted to, don’t worry about it.

「I heard from the doctor. My arms would be fine as long as I don’t put any burden on them, so even if my body shook furiously, it wouldn’t affect my injury.」

Celia climbs onto the bed and spreads open her legs.

「When I think about leaving Aegir-sama’s side, it feels like I’m about to die. The least I can do is let you embrace me passionately right now.」

「Are you sure? It’ll be intense.」

「Please do it until I scream and faint.」

She’s already wet enough that I don’t need to do any foreplay.
I take off my clothes as well and press myself against her in the missionary position, making sure not to put any weight on her arms.

「Is it okay?」
「Of course. Ah…… it’s coming in…… it’s really big! Just as big as Aegir-sama’s heart is!」

My cock slides all the way in and just when I was about to make her cry out in pleasure, the bedroom door swings open.

「Ahhh-! They’re already doing it!」

「Hm? Carla, what’s wrong?」「Kyaa!!」

Following Carla who jumped into the room are a crowd of girls.
It wasn’t just the girls living in the mansion, the girls from the annex and even the servants are here too.

「Hey, hey, what are the lot of you doing? Is this a rebellion?」

「Yeah, a night time rebellion. Get him, everybody!」

All the girls shriek and scream and then take their clothes off.

「We’ll also wither away if we don’t get to let loose during the time Aegir’s not here. To make up for that, you’ll need to show us some loving right now.」

A large number of pitchers are prepared with some strange fluid…… probably mixed with the drug Claudia brought over. The women all drink that water and make me swallow some by transferring the liquid to me mouth-to-mouth.

「Wa-wait, if you make him drink the drug right now…… aaah! As I thought, it’s getting bigger!!」

「All the preparations are done so let’s go at it until morning!」

The girls led by Carla start swarming around me and Celia.

「……Alright, I’ll sleep with everyone ! But this room is a little too cramped so let’s move to a room in the annex.」

Unless it’s in one of the rooms in that building specially made for a large gathering of people to have sex, it would be impossible for this many of us to do it all at once.

「You’re going like this!? Kyaa!」

The entire group passed naked through the corridor, out the back door and into the annex.
Obviously, I held Celia in my arms and carried her over while I’m still connected to her.

The guards and maids on night watch all fell powerlessly to the ground in shock.
I can’t blame them, they encountered a herd of close to forty naked people after all.

Once we reach the annex, I give Celia, who has already reached her limit on the way here, several more thrusts and call out to the rest of the girls.

「Five of you line up your asses over there, the rest of you will play with each other and get turned on.」

I pleasure the vaginas and asses of the five girls in a row and have any of them who squirted and got exhausted switch with the next woman.
After drinking the drug, my cock still remains energetic while the girls who passed out once before all get back up and wait for their next turn.

「Aaahn, feudal lord-samaa~…… today, it’s dangerous for me…… so…… 」
「Fufu, that’s fine…… get pregnant.」

Whispering those words in the ear of the woman causes her to scream and her entire body to convulse.
I push my dick up into her womb and ejaculate without hesitation, then roll her to the side.

「Okaaayy, one pregnant woman down~」
「I’ll write it down.」

A pen and ink was brought out and the characters for “impregnated” as well as a number was written on the fainted woman’s stomach with a smile.
However, I pounce next on those smiling women and share my cock with them, turning their happy giggling into moans of pleasure.

「Haah, haah! Put out the fireplace already…… it’s so hot.」
「Feudal lord-sama…… more…… the front is already swollen from all the rubbing so do my ass next!」
「Uwaah, Melissa-sama’s swallowed it up until the root. It must be nice to be able to feel it in her womb……」

It feels like all the moisture in my body is being drawn into my dick and then spraying right out of my body, but every time I said I was thirsty, the girls would rehydrate me with water from their mouths.
However, that water contains the drug so it further increased our arousal.

「Ah, I’m just a maid who refills the water and…… mmgh!」

The girls flock around the maid who brought more water and kiss her, fondle her body and make her melt.

「Eh…… feudal lord-sama, I didn’t plan to…… but your tool is so big…… oh gosh…… I don’t care anymore.」

I embrace the maid from behind, lower her underwear and insert myself into her hole.
I feel myself tearing through her virginity although the maid doesn’t scream at all.

「You’ll be one of us starting tomorrow.」

While the maid receives my thrusts, she exchanges kisses with the other girls and shouts how she’ll become my lover.

「M-me too? Kyaa, so huge!」
「I’m already 40 and-……aaooh!!」

A few other maids fell prey to the arousal and excitement from the orgy.
I also ate the over-40-year-old maid who was changing the sheets, although age doesn’t really matter when it comes to sex.
They’re all my women.

The orgy continued endlessly and I my entire body was worn out as expected from being outnumbered so greatly. My dick didn’t get any rest and became swollen and red from the excessive rubbing while my entire body was covered with the teeth marks and kiss marks from all the girls.
My asshole was being licked without pause and is gradually becoming loosened.
My balls were overworked, doing their best just to push out a clear liquid from the tip of my dick.

The number 12 was written on the stomach of the formidable Catherine as she lays unconsciousness.
Melissa and Maria each have the number 5 written on their stomach while they fell asleep in each other’s arms.
It took me a lot of effort to defeat those girls.

Even so, I cannot let myself be defeated in this battle.
Beside me, my beloved Celia has a 3 on her body and is squirting with her legs wide apart as she orgasms.
My beloved wife Carla has a 4 on her stomach and is laying sprawled on the floor leaking her urine all over the place.
I had to get rid of these girls’ regret too.

「Defeat is unacceptable.」

I pull out the spear skewered into another woman’s body and point it at the rest of the girls.
The number of my opponents may have decreased a fair bit but there are still ten of them left.
I’m fighting at a disadvantage but I don’t have to option to run.

「Get ready to lose your minds!」


The battle continued until morning, resulting in a draw where I collapsed as soon as the last girl’s eyes rolled back.

The Next Morning, On the way to Goldonia

「So sleepy, and it hurts all over.」

「Geez, you did it too much~ It’s all red now~」

Leah tends to my dick by slathering some oil and ointment as I’m resting on Mel’s lap in the carriage.

The women coming along with me on the journey this time is Mel, Leah, Irijina, Pipi and Alice.

I might be invited to dinner parties in the capital so I brought one of my official concubines in Mel with me.
I wanted to take Carla with me at first but she ended up staying behind because Nonna made such a lonely expression.

「The kids are still young but we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. 」

There are a lot of girls for the large amount of kids at home so there isn’t a lack of caretakers.

Leah was strongly recommended to come along by Celia.
Her intents was for Leah to drive away any annoying insects in her place, though she might have chosen the wrong person – Leah doesn’t seem like she would do that.

Irijina came with us because the other girls aren’t capable of protecting me.
It definitely isn’t because she’s more dangerous around pregnant woman.

「You’re really…… letting me…… come too?」

Alice mutters in a soft, almost disappearing voice.
She seems to be nervous to come with me and my special family as someone part of the group of girls in the annex.

「You might discover something you like by taking in the sights at the capital. It isn’t healthy to only have a hobby of digging your ass.」

The girls in the annex were worried about her too so they pleaded for me to take her along.


「Don’t be so tense. Nobody here is going to be cruel to you.」

As long as you don’t call Mel an old lady, you’ll be fine.
Once we arrive in the capital, I’ll give you some pocket money and you can play around with something besides your ass.

Incidentally, Kroll is the only male who came along since Melissa couldn’t tolerate him having sex with Alma without any regard for time and place and said it would be best if he was separated from her for a while. I think it would have the opposite effect though.

Even with the cold wind blowing outside, Irijina rides around on Schwartz after giving us a sidelong glance as we huddle together in the carriage complete with a heating unit.
Pipi’s riding in the back as well and somehow seems to be fine.

「Master~ I’ve finished putting on the ointment.」

「Sorry for asking you to do that.」

「Don’t be, I’m a naughty girl so I love touching master’s dick.」

Leah crawls towards me in a naughty manner unfitting for an average person her age.

「What are you looking at?」

「Hmm, since Adolph is going to be absent, I wanted to check over things again.」

I have the documents listing the tax revenue with the spring head tax included.
He makes this for every season.
Erich told me that his acting governor only provides details for his tax revenue once every year, collecting information about harvest tax, head tax and other various things together in a single report.

「Adolph is working really hard after all.」

「Uu~ I can’t read it.」

Hahaha, Adolph’s writing is always quite detailed and complicated so it can’t be helped.

I rest my head on Mel’s lap while I doze off with Leah in my right arm and Alice in my left.
This is travelling at its finest.
With this, I can do my best in the capital too.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 155,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 21,000. Lintbloom: 3500.

Assets: 60,700 gold (Tax Revenue +20,000) (Separate House -1000)

Accompanying: Mel (concubine), Leah (lover), Irijina (escort), Pipi (lover), Dorothea (mansion supervisor, lover), Alice (asshole), Kroll (orz)

Sexual Partners: 149, children who have been born: 32

Head Tax: 50,000 gold (8000 already offered to the King)
Mine Tax: 30,000 gold (3000 already offered to the King)
Trade Tax: 15,000 gold

Total Income: 95,000 gold

Mansion maintenance: 3000 gold
Guard maintenance: 3000 gold

Army Salaries: 30,000 gold
Military Facilities and Miscellaneous Expense: 4000 gold

Concentrated Development in the South: 30,000 gold
Paid Labor: 5000 gold

Total Expenses: 75,000 gold

Net Income: +20,000 gold



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