Chapter 175: Dealing with the Aftermath


Translator: Nat

–Third Person POV–

「Hoover has successfully been apprehended.」
「Hooh……so you captured the traitor.」

Rebecca drags Hoover in front of the King.

「Do you have anything to say?」

「Devil…… the gates of hell will…… open.」

「……What is this man saying?」

The ringleader behind the chaos was brought to the angry King, but rather than spitting excuses or curses, the elderly man murmurs something to dampen the spirit in the air.
Then suddenly, Hoover’s eyes shoot wide open and he yells loud enough to want to cover your ears.

「Haarrrdleettttttt!! He’s a devil! He’s the leader of demon incarnates who eat people and suck their bloooooood!」

「……If I had to guess, the Marquess suffered a deep emotional pain since his rebellion failed.」

Rebecca comments dully while covering her ears.

「You are blind to your own incompetence, using despicable means to kill my retainers and then finally you go insane? You will not be let off easily with death, prepare yourself!」

At the King’s orders, Hoover was stripped of all his titles and had his status revoked.
The old man became nothing but a prisoner and was sent off to the underground dungeon in shackles.
All the while, he kept screaming nonsensical things like “Hardlett is a demon” and “He’s an evil being”, but the King and those around him ignored the crazed man, thinking nothing of his words.

「Hmph, I could see how he would be envious of Radhalde, but to think he was envious of Hardlett as well. I really don’t understand the thought process of imbeciles.」

The King snorts and turns to face Rebecca.

「To be honest, I didn’t think you would be able to carry out my orders. This was meant to beat you down but…… I wasn’t anticipating you bringing any information back, let alone the perpetrator.」

The King grabs the documents necessary to deprive someone of their peerage.
Beads of sweat roll down Rebecca’s face.

「You made up for your blunder with a great achievement. The high-ranking Hoover was the one who acted, so I’m sure you had trouble just to find him. Going so far as to corner him is more than enough. Let us not speak of this incident again.」

The King tosses the documents into the fireplace.

「M-my humblest thanks.」

「In the future, create a net capable of catching something like this before it happens. Show me the competence I expect from my retainers. You may stand down.」

「Yes, Your Majesty!」

It was the first time today that the King smiled, although just slightly.
Rebecca silently breathed a huge sigh of relief and exited the room.

With this, her standing is secure.
Judging from the King’s expression, it can actually be considered a boon to her promotion.

「But what did he do……?」

At dawn today, the crazed Hoover was delivered to her from Lord Hardlett.
Nothing was mentioned about where he captured him or how he caught up to him.
He just said “Everything will be credited to you, and I’ll let you make up the rest”.

「In any case, it was a big help…… thank goodness.」

She remembers after talking to herself.
He’s done so much for her so she naturally needs to thank him somehow.

「3 hours of intimacy……was it?」

She heard of the rumors about him even without having to use her authority as an information officer.
He’s a huge womanizer.

「Thank you and goodbye, my virginity of 23 years.」

–Aegir POV–

Capital: Hardlett Residence, Evening

「Hmmm, I guess there’s no other option but to carry it back to Rafen.」

I tilt my head to Brynhildr as I stare at the mountain of treasure piled high in the basement used as temporary shelter.

「Maybe it would have been better to throw it away? I know humans like to accumulate treasures so I brought it all here.」

This is all of the riches Hoover took with him in his escape.

「No, I’m grateful. But I’m having trouble dealing with it.」

I can use the gold as it is, but the jewellery and fine arts will be problematic to handle.
Those things are all one-of-a-kind items so it’ll be exposed if I’m not careful when I sell them.
I’ll have to bring it back to my territory and get Claire to do something with it.

「Then I’ll take several items which I find nice.」

「Go ahead, they’re items you obtained after all.」

Brynhildr rummages and picks out various items like a gold goblet and a jewel-encrusted vase while continuing to talk.

「The party belonging to that one named Hoover, you said we could do as we pleased and I told the others the same thing…… but my household really devoured the lot of them, you know? It isn’t something you can conceal that easily.」

「Rebecca will do something about that.」

I’ll let her do things like keeping people quiet.
That should be her specialty.

「Is it about time your soldiers came too?」


I asked Brynhildr to gather her household and deliver a notice to Rafen to let them know of the assault that happened.
Apparently, Siegfried arrived in Rafen from Goldonia in half a day, travelling on the road which would normally take a swift horse two days.
I was astonished at a vampire’s physical capabilities but according to Brynhildr, Siegfried is a special one even amongst her household.

They were supposed to protect my family for when the rebellion expands throughout the entire area of the capital, though they will ultimately come in handy later for something else.
At this time, Myla is probably leading the escort unit here on a strict schedule.
There is no need for them now, but I’ll be sure to give her plenty of thanks when she gets here.

「So, how long are you going to make me stay here? It’s about time for me to go home.」

「Right, thanks for all your help. I guess I can’t let you run back. I’ll prepare a carriage which blocks the sun for you to use.」

「……I can go home?」

「Yeah, thanks again.」


Brynhildr shouts with emphasis on each syllable.
As I approach her and wrap my arm around her shoulder, she takes it as a signal to sink her fangs into my neck.
Her teeth don’t reach too deep though and she only uses enough strength to get blood to ooze out a little before finishing up and then pressing her lips against mine.

「Nnh, nnh……」

I taste the faint flavor of blood as we swap saliva and rub each other’s back and ass, continuing the passionate kiss by entangling our tongues.


「……See you later.」

As if hiding her blushing face, Brynhildr pulls the hood over her head and goes on her way home.
What a cute vampire.

I can hear Mel calling me now.
That must be Rebecca arriving, I can’t wait.

「Go ahead, I’ve finished bathing.」

After being led to the guest bedroom, Rebecca places her hand on the bed and points her ass at me while remaining clothed.
It looks like she’s giving me my reward right away.

「My ass…… you’ve been staring at it all this time, haven’t you. You touched it at every opportunity you got.」

I can tell even with her pants on that she has a tight little ass, which I’m sure will feel wonderful when I spread it apart and slam my hips against it.
Placing my hands on her ass and rubbing her thoroughly, I can feel the soft elasticity through her pants.
Rebecca must have read my mind somewhat as she undid her belt on her own.

If I lower her pants now, everything will be in plain sight.
All I would need to do after that is just insert my dick.
My hands move towards the woman’s hips.

「Uu ……」

Rebecca twitches, although I can see her biting her lips and her whole body shivering to some degree.

「……you’re a virgin ?」

「Uuu…… that’s right.」

If this beauty stayed a virgin until 23 then the men around her are a bunch of losers.

「I’ll be gentle.」

I restrain myself from instantly tearing her clothes off, embrace her from behind and rub her crotch.
My dick is already erect and ready to be let loose on a woman.
I put her ear in my mouth, lick her neck and push my dick against her.

「You’re beautiful, Rebecca, and right now you’ll belong only to me.」


「I love you. Let’s enjoy ourselves lots.」

「Right ……」

She isn’t reacting too well.


I stroke her hair, kiss her shoulder and whisper words of affection in her ear, yet Rebecca’s body refuses to relax.

「You’ve already done so much to me. I won’t put up any resistance so I don’t mind if you push it in me now……」

That’s what her mouth is telling me, but her body is saying that it isn’t in the mood.
Her pretty little ass is something I’ve wanted to taste for a while now and it’s simple for me to make it mine right now.
However, if I were to fuck her now, I’m sure there won’t be a next time.
It might be that her frightened body won’t loosen up just from having her hole rubbed.

「Do you dislike me that much?」

「Eeh? That’s not it. You can do it whenever you want……」

「I’ve slept with many women in my lifetime. I can tell you’re not in the mood.」

Rebecca shows a little hesitation, but she judged that it would be detrimental to further hide her true feelings.

「It isn’t because I dislike it…… it’s because I’m scared. You see…… I didn’t have experience with men before in my 23 years…… and when I was just focusing on work-」

「You became scared of men.」

「……t-that’s right.」

No wonder she didn’t take me up on my offer when I invited her.
It’s a path everyone goes through in their teens but not getting over it at Rebecca’s age means the feeling is deeply embedded within her.

「You haven’t experienced getting your breasts touched by a man?」

「There’s no way I have!」

「Don’t tell me, you haven’t kissed either?」

「…… I haven’t.」

I smile unconsciously while Rebecca’s face turns red in anger.

「Hahaha, sorry. Then before you get to experience a man, you should get familiar with one first.」

「B-but are you okay with that? I thought for sure I would be violated.」

「If you would rather prefer that, I’m all for it.」

I guide the woman’s hand towards my hardened crotch.


「I won’t be able to fuck you like this. It isn’t my style to embrace a woman who doesn’t want it herself.」

I’ve had sex with another woman under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but those times are exceptions.

「Then shall we just chat? We can talk about anything which interests-……」

Rebecca, who openly looked relieved, tightens her belt and sits on the bed.

「No, getting familiar with men is important after all.」


I push Rebecca onto the bed and steal her lips.

「Now I’m the man who took your first kiss.」

I kiss her again once I finish my sentence.
Initially, the kiss was just us putting our lips together, but I eventually looked for an opening to trace her teeth with my tongue.

「Nnmh! Nnnmhu!」

「Puha, have you gotten used to it yet?」

「Haa……haa…… my lips…… were stolen……」

「I won’t do anything besides kissing. Relax.」

We lock lips once again, but this time I send my tongue to the depths of her mouth.
My tongue inches into Rebecca’s mouth and finds her tongue curled up in the back.


My tongue dances with hers as we kiss sloppily.
Saliva builds up between our lips and drips down onto the bed.


We continued to kiss for a while longer and she finally got used to it.
Her arms wrap around my head and her tongue enters my mouth.
Our positions in bed were also reversed.

The room was dominated with just the sounds of rustling clothes and the wet sounds of exchanging saliva.

「Rebecca, your nipples are brushing up against your clothes. Looks like they’re pretty hard.」

I try addressing her without honorifics, which doesn’t seem to have upset her.

「Look at yourself, Mr. Margrave, your pants are about to tear.」

「Call me Aegir when it’s just the two of us.」


「That’s right, Rebecca.」

We resume kissing deeply and fervently.

In the end, the only thing we did in the 3 hours which seemed to last forever was roll around in bed and kiss.
But that’s fine, that’s one piece of clothing stripped off her heart.
Once all her clothes have been removed, she’ll become my woman through and through.

「Fuuuu…… my lips feel so swollen.」

「Hahaha, how was it?」

「……kisses aren’t scary anymore.」

I release the woman with one final peck

「I’ll in your care in the future too.」

「Are you referring to business? Or perhaps private?」


「Fufu, please let me know if you obtain valuable information. I will also report to you if I come across any information that inconveniences you.」

「Yeah, leave it to me. We only kissed this time, but next time your breasts will be fondled and the time after that you will get naked and let me lick your entire body. And lastly-」

「I’ll be parting with my virginity……? But I’m not going to making any promises. You’ll have to win me over each and every time.」

「Just the way I like it.」

We smile at each other before the woman gets prepared to leave.

「Oh, wait. You should tie this around your waist before you leave.」

「A mantle? Why…… ?」

「Look at your crotch.」

「Haa…… hieeh!」

The front and back of Rebecca’s pants are soaking wet, darkening the fabric as if she peed herself.
The woman wraps the mantle around her body and exits the room with a flushed face.

「Ara, you’re going home already? I prepared a bath for you and everything.」
「I’m fine, thank you!」

That’s Dorothea’s voice.

「I have some after-the-fact contraception. Would you like to take it?」
「We didn’t do it, so I’m fine!」

Now it’s Mel’s voice, followed by Rebecca’s shout.

「If you run like that, it’s going to open the injury even more!」
「Nothing even went inside me!」

That was Irijina’s loud voice – though now that I think about it, how many women have I invited to my room and let go without embracing?

「I messed up my pants, didn’t I.」

I held back too much and my erect dick is tearing the pants apart at the seams.
I better take them off quickly before it rips.
Oh right, Kroll.

「Kroll, I’m going out now, follow me.」

「Eeh? No way, are you going to dig into me!?」

「Who’s going to do that? I said I would take you to a nice place as a reward, didn’t I? We’re going right now.」

「O-oh thank goodness.」

The nobles in the capital are still in disorder but it should be a typical day for the commoners and prostitutes.
Let’s have some fun.

The two of us walk side-by-side to a brothel.
For some strange reason, Kroll, who is in formal wear, is tidying up his hair while moving stiffly.

「It’s natural to get hard here so don’t be so concerned. You’ll stand out even more.」

「Aegir-sama, you’re probably unbelievably hard yourself. Nobody will look at someone like me. The difference in size is …… too much.」

It can’t be helped, I can’t get it calmed down after all.

As we continuing walking with a bulge in our pants, a quiet voice calls out from the back alley.

「Um……if you’re looking for a woman than I’m available……」

Turning in her direction, I see a fairly dirty-looking girl with silver hair…… she still looks rather young.
She’s short, about the same height as Laurie or Pipi.1

「Please look here.」

The girl lifts up the hem of her clothes to reveal her genitals to us.
She’s easily recognizable as a street prostitute, not to mention she’s in the back alleys, which means she’s a prostitute of the lowest class who can’t even manage to secure a designated spot for herself to do business.
Normally, I would just pass on by.

「I’ll make it…… on the house.」

However, it looks like Kroll can’t take her eyes off the girl.

「You want this girl?」

「Er, I-……」

This guy’s so easy to understand.

The place we were headed to is the highest class brothel.
It isn’t a guarantee that you’ll meet an excellent woman by paying the most gold though, in fact you’ll probably be the happiest if you embrace the woman you like.

「It’s too cold to stay outside though. Take her to an inn with warm water.」

I hand one gold coin to Kroll.

「T-thank you very much!」

「Um…… please come with us too, noble sir. If you’re paying, then I don’t mind if both of you use me at the same time.」

「Hahaha, if I did that, you’ll explode. I’ll still pay, just enjoy your time with this guy.」

I proceed to whisper in Kroll’s ear.

「The girl’s thin and cold. First, you must not be greedy, let her bathe in warm water and feed her plenty of good food. That act of service will also reach her heart.」


I watch as Kroll and the young girl links arms and disappear into the inn.
The pretext of coming here to give Kroll a reward is now gone, now I’m here because my dick needs a prostitute to give it some love.
I’ll just gobble up the women who I planned to pair with Kroll.

Late at night, Kroll and I returned home, the former with an extremely soft expression and the latter with a heavy scent of perfume lingering on his body.
Dorothea looked at Kroll harshly while Mel gave me a cold stare.
Dorothea knew about Kroll and Alma being in a relationship so she quickly spoke to him about the act of cheating.

「When Aegir-san gets close you, you have absolutely no persuasiveness. It can’t be helped because he’s such a wonderful man. He just draws in each and every woman.」

Leah and I try to cheer the pouting Mel up by giving her a massage. Mel’s mood didn’t improve much however and even with Irijina joining in, Mel continued to complain while screaming.

As if rescuing Mel from her predicament, the sound of several hooves echoed in front of the mansion – it looks like the soldiers have arrived from Rafen after receiving the notice.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 155,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 22,000. Lintbloom: 3500.

Assets: 63,100 gold (Loot, Gold only +3000), (Mansion Repairs -100)

Accompanying: Mel (angry concubine), Leah (lover), Irijina (escort), Pipi (escort?), Dorothea (angry lover), Alice (lover), Kroll (hustle)

Sexual Partners: 153, children who have been born: 32


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