Chapter 178: The Young Miss’s Future


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

「What are we fussing about over here?」

In order to rescue Polte from being attacked by the other noble girls centered around the Count’s daughter, Gretel, I pretended to hear the commotion it caused and entered the classroom.

「Ah, Hardlett-sama!」

A look of relief washed over Polte’s face as she saw me, while Gretel and the other students take their seats awkwardly.

「What’s the big fuss?」

「No, it’s nothing.」

I’m sure it’s hard for Polte to say anything.

「That’s right, Gretel…… was it? What happened?」

The girl faltered for a split second before clearing her throat once and standing up boldly.

「The instructor didn’t seem to be feeling well, so I suggested that she take a break.」

「Fumu, that sounds serious.」

「…… it’s because Hardlett-sama pounded me so much with his dick.」

A whisper that sounded almost like a pout leaks out from Polte under her breath, which she later corrects in a louder voice so everyone can hear.

「It’s just a slight leg pain, it shouldn’t affect the lecture at all.」

「She has stated herself that she’s fine. There’s no need for everyone to worry.」

I pull up a chair and sit next to the teaching podium.

「Margrave, sir?」

「I’m a little interested to learn about domestic affairs too. Let me listen to the lesson from here.」

Polte lets out a gasp of surprise and the students start murmuring amongst themselves.

「Now, please resume the lesson.」

「I-I understand. Umm……the extent of land that a single farmer can till isn’t simply limited to its area……」

I make it seem like I’m listening to Polte’s lecture but I’m actually just watching her ass shake left and right.
Knowing that ass belonged to me the other night is a really satisfying feeling.

「That’s why this much water will be necessary for the flood control at this extent.」

Almost as if the earlier commotion didn’t even happen, everyone is diligently listening to the lesson.
Some of the students, particularly Miss Gretel, appeared dissatisfied since they couldn’t just voice their complaints about the instructor while I’m watching.

The lesson proceeded smoothly after that and they were able to cover the necessary material to keep up with the curriculum.
Polte bowed to me with a look of relief on her face.

It’s fine, let’s go drinking together again.
I’ll embrace you after creating a better mood next time.

Leaving things like this isn’t enough though since the same thing would repeat itself once I’m gone.
I won’t be able to stay with Polte forever either.
Let’s provide some additional motivation.

「Let’s end the lesson here, now I have something to announce to everyone.」

Everyone directs their attention to me.
Gretel and her faction does the same.
This girl…… now that I look at her again, she’s actually really pretty, and makes me crave her despite being a little childish.

「After you graduate and start looking for a job, you can’t enroll in class anymore.」

Erich also told me that very few domestic affairs officials are replaced so it’s quite hard to find an opening even after graduation.

「Starting now, there will be periodic tests which measure your understanding. Those who score high will receive a letter of recommendation from me.」

The students grow lively.
Those who try to sell themselves to the feudal lord without any sort of connections won’t even be entertained, whereas if you have a letter of recommendation, they’ll at the very least schedule a time to meet.

「Of course, the subject of the tests…… will be decided by the instructor and then compiled onto paper. That’s all.」

After saying that, I stand up from my seat.
Simultaneously, the students who have been acting reserved around Gretel and company until now gather around Polte to ask about any unclear points they had with today’s lecture.

Descendants of high class nobles like Gretel can rely on their own family in the worst case scenario, but there are an overwhelming number of students who can’t.
If their future jobs can be guaranteed, they wouldn’t do something as foolish as lowering their grades.
This means that the instructors who decide the scope and topics of the tests, including Polte, will experience an increase in authority.

I would gladly invite someone skilled to my territory to work for me too.

「Margrave Hardlett.」


The one who called out to me was Gretel.
When I turn around, she grabs the edge of her dress and curtsies elegantly.

「What a pleasure and honor it is to meet you. My father sends his utmost gratitude for the incident at the ball.」

So he was at the ball after all.

「My father has already returned to his territory so I will thank you as a representative of the household of Count Beltz.」

「I’m also a noble of Goldonia. Taking down an enemy of the country is part of my duties, please tell him that it wasn’t that big of a deal.」

Gretel knits her eyebrows at my somewhat savage response.
Unlike Polte, she’s still just a kid, so she feels a sense of discomfort unless spoken to in a rather polite tone.

「In line with this, after today’s lesson is over, would you like to accompany me to a meal to deepen the relationship of our households?」

How did it come to this from the conversation we had?

「Yeah, why not.」

However, my mouth moved before I could think about it.
It can’t be helped, so I bring myself close to the girl’s ear.

「Students are restricted from any excursions except on weekends though. I’ll treat this as a special interview so please keep it confidential.」

「Yes, thank you for your consideration.」

I didn’t think Gretel would be the one inviting me.
She’s practically asking me to sleep with her, isn’t she?
I’m almost certain.

The girl’s still young, but her breasts are big and her body is fairly developed.
I’ll gladly accept this opportunity.

The lesson ends and I was supposed to return to class with Myla.

「Hey Myla…… I have a special interview today.」

「……with an instructor? Or a student?」

「A student.」


「It’s just an interview, but because of certain circumstances, I decided to have a meal with them as well.」


Myla stares at me while stepping back.

「That’s why I want you to tell Celia and Mel that it isn’t anything strange.」


Myla remains silent, returning to class while keeping her eyes on me.
Hmm, this might cause a huge fuss when I get back home.

「Ara, did I keep you waiting?」

As I was thinking about what excuse to give the others, a voice calls out from behind me.
Let’s concentrate on Gretel right now.

「No, women need time to get ready after all. Especially one as beautiful as you.」

I carefully escort Gretel who is wearing an even more extravagant dress than the one she wore for school.
As she’s puzzled by the difference in my tone of speech, I lead her to the carriage I had prepared ahead of time.
This kind of attitude is probably what she likes.

「Take us to the Gold Lake.」

「Very well sir.」

「……Gold Lake?」

The Gold Lake is the highest class restaurant in the capital.
In order to reserve this place and the carriage, we skipped out on afternoon classes.

「A suitable place is needed for a talk with a refined lady like you.」

「Oh my……」

Gretel probably doesn’t desire a place where she can eat in a carefree manner.

When we arrived at the restaurant, neatly dressed employees line up and lower their heads.

「「「Welcome to our humble establishment. Magrave Hardlett, Miss Gretel Beltz.」」」

「Did you prepare us a private room?」

「Of course, sir. Please follow me this way.」

The shop manager himself guides us into a private room in the back.
Inside the room, lights of different colors shine down on the table and other furniture from the jewel-studded chandelier, and there’s even an aquarium acting as the ‘lake’ in the name of the restaurant.
The multi-colored beams reflect off the water in the tank, creating a beautiful light show.

「Waah! It’s so pretty.」

Gretel pretends that it wasn’t anything special at first glance but she seems to be in a rather good mood based on her facial expression.
Maybe she’s experiencing something like this for the first time.

As the two of us take our seats, appetizers are quickly placed in front of us.

「I’m sure you already know, but I am just an ill-mannered simpleton of commoner’s origin. I may be ignorant about the manners and upset you as such, so please be easy on me.」

「I am aware. I will try not to pay too much attention to that while I’m here. Oh, this is good.」

Gretel gracefully picks up a serving of one of the appetizers and puts it in her mouth while drinking a glass of first class wine.
That expression shows how truly happy she is, which is good, because I was a little concerned whether this food would be good enough when I heard she was the daughter of a Count.

「Before we chat, let’s indulge in the food and wine.」

「Yes, let’s do so.」

After that, waiters would gradually bring many plates of food to us.
I thought that would be too slow and asked them to bring all of it at once, but these are all appetizers and my main dish is Gretel’s body so I’ll endure it.

「This here is a wintertime-limited black beast steak, directly from Rafen.」

Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve seen that meat.

「!? S-so good…… who knew such delicious meat existed.」

She continues to conduct herself in a refined manner, but she’s still in her growth period as expected, and reaches for many more servings while checking my reaction.
No matter what she said, she’s still just a young girl.
The girl has been drinking in conjunction with eating so her face is getting redder by the minute.
It should be about time now.

「Miss Gretel, don’t you have something you wanted to talk to me about?」

I get close enough to her that our shoulders are touching and bring my face in towards her.
Initially, we ate while facing opposite each other, but as the girl got more drunk, our seats drew closer together.
Right now, I’m directly beside the girl.

「Ah, yes.」

Gretel looks at me and wipes her mouth gracefully.

「Ahem, there is a tremendous gap between my traditional, long-standing Count household and the house of the up-and-coming Lord Hardlett. Our family’s territory is in the north of the capital so there are very few chances to meet with the feudal lord too.」

「That’s true.」

「However, it must be some sort of fate for us to meet in a place such as this royal institution. I think we should further improve the interactions between both of our households.」

I don’t know what she means.
I’m pretty sure she doesn’t think of us new nobles too highly, yet she deliberately wants to exchange culture?

「Could you elaborate more?」

I stack my hand on top of Gretel’s hand.
I signal the waiter who brought in the dessert and tell him with my eyes not to enter the room.

「The fact is……」

Engrossed in the food, alcohol and atmosphere, Gretel becomes loose-lipped.

「I believe you know I am the fourth daughter.」

「Yes, that’s what I have heard.」

「Besides my three sisters, I also have five brothers. That’s not including the illegitimate ones.」

Oh wow, her parents worked hard.

「I am the youngest child and would be sheltered in our domain until they decide to dump me off to some random vassal or retainer.」

“Just like some piece of jewellery” – Gretel adds in a louder voice.

「I’m already 16. It wouldn’t be strange if they married me off tomorrow.」

Traditional nobles often view their children, daughters in particular, as tools for marriage.
Not only is she a tool as the fourth daughter, but I heard that daughters in similar positions to her are treated like a prize to a lower ranked noble partner in most cases.

「I want to live relying on my own strength. That’s why I enrolled in the royal institution despite the objections of my parents.」

It’s certainly true that even her parents can’t meddle excessively while she’s in school.
I couldn’t imagine them picking a fight with the King or Erich just so they could make her drop out of school and marry her off to someone.

「I can understand that part. But why me?」

My tone reverted back to my usual tone, though Gretel doesn’t notice.
She drinks more of the wine I recommend to her.

「My father thinks poorly of new nobles, but he would like a friendly relationship with a great feudal lord like Lord Hardlett. So if I were to act as the intermediary……」

「You won’t be seen as just a tool for marriage?」

I refill her glass with even more wine.

「Thazz righd, if I can also bolster my knowleje, and attain a responsible position in the kingdom then I can live on my oohn~1

Is it alright to tell me that much?
She’s completely drunk, isn’t she.


The girl doesn’t appear to be earnestly striving to learn though.
In my opinion, it just looks like she’s acting all important around the instructors and doing no good but lots of harm.

「Well, I alsho want to study and lerhnn. But my prryyd~」

The pride of living as a noble has been deeply ingrained into her and she can’t bear lowering her head to anyone of lower rank.

It might be inevitable when she’s a child.
Nonna acts spoiled all the time too.

「I’m a Count’s dawderr, but don’t get mussh allowanzz~」

The Beltz family isn’t poor by a Count household’s standard, but they aren’t an especially wealthy family either.
They don’t appear to have the luxury of providing abundant funding to a fourth daughter who rebelled and went off to the capital on her own.
That’s why she carefully chooses the dresses and accessories to maintain her own dignity within her team.

「I get it. Then I’ll speak highly of you to Count Beltz.」

「You will!?」

「Leave it to me. And we also need to get along better.」

I call the store manager and make sure he doesn’t speak to anyone about the events that happened tonight.
The girl also wants a relationship with me
In other words, she has consented.

「Very well, sir. Tonight’s events will disappear from the memories of all employees here.」

「I’m counting on it.」

I provide support to the flushed and unsteady Gretel by hugging her and then take her inside the carriage.
We’ll be heading to an inn, where we’ll get to know each other intimately.

「Nnn, where is this place?」

Looks like Gretel sobered up.
That’s good, it would have been boring if her head was all fuzzy.

「You wouldn’t be able to return to the dorm if you were drunk so I booked us an inn. Now, shall we become one?」

「Drunk? How rude of me. …… Become one?」

Gretel is laying on her stomach while I’m on top of her, both of us are naked and my dick is already pushing up against her entrance.
There is a clear difference in size but she feels soft, so I’m sure I can push myself in without much problem.

「Eh? Eeeeh?」

「Here I go, Gretel!」

I grab her pretty little waist with both hands and thrust my hips forward.
Unexpectedly, I was able to push in my cock quick enough in the doggystyle position to instantly tear through her virginity, accurately hitting the deepest part of her hole.
It made the once-in-a-lifetime sound of something being ripped.

「Ooh, that wasn’t so bad.」


Gretel throws her head back and her eyes widen in surprise.
Her mouth is opening and closing like a fish out of water although she couldn’t make a sound.

「So you were a virgin like I thought. Thanks, I’ll gladly eat you up.」

「Ah, aggh ……gyaaaaaah!! Mmgh!」

I seal Gretel’s mouth when she suddenly screams.
I’m sure everyone nearby would be shocked by that.

「You’ll be fine, the pain is only in the beginning and you’ll feel good if you just leave everything to me.」

It would hurt if I pound her deep right away, so I just precisely nudge the area near her entrance.

「Nnnnnnnnh–!! NNNnh—!!」

「That’s right, I wanted to do something like this with you.」

I stand Gretel up while supporting her weight and put her hands on the wall.
I rock my hips in this reverse standing position and her ample bosom bounces up and down.
I can’t get enough of this, this is the best.


I wonder if she’s having trouble breathing, if so I did her a disservice.

「Puhah! W-what are yo-!! M-my virginity!! Nooooo!」

「You would have lost it anyways. Don’t worry too much about it.」

「I worry!! I was saving my virginity until after marriage, when it would be taken in a more romantic setting……」

「It’s already torn now so there’s nothing you can do about it. Why don’t you just enjoy yourself now.」

「In the first place, this is rape! Getting me me drunk and then pouncing on me is just too much!」

What is she saying?

「Weren’t you the one who invited me to eat with you?」

「And what does that have to do with this-!?」

「This meal we’re sharing is to deepen our relationship, no?」

「That’s right!」

「I’m a man and you’re a woman.」

「That’s obvious!」

「Then nothing will started if this doesn’t go in.」

「Why does it have to be like that!?」

To silence the angrily shouting Gretel, I thrust out my hips.

「It hurts, it’s really painful. Please don’t move! How could you put something as big as a log in me-?」

「There, there, just leave everything to me.」

In order to distract her from the pain of losing her virginity, I tease her sensitive clitoris with one hand and fondle her breasts with the other, then bend my body forward to kiss her lips.

「Nnmu! Even my first kiss! Nnnmuu!」

Her body won’t feel much pleasure if I get too intense when she hasn’t gotten accustomed to me. I slowly gyrate my hips and caress her entire body.

Eventually, her cold sweat changes into a shiny glow which signifies her arousal.
Her tight hole gradually coats itself with a syrupy fluid and has loosened up too.

「It’s feeling better, right?」

「Y-you’re wrong. Kyah!」

Gretel’s pretty legs start wobbling and it feels like her knees will drop to the floor at any moment.

「Leave it to me.」

I push the girl up against the wall to prop up her collapsing body.
The price she paid for keeping her body upright is my cock burying itself even deeper, though she isn’t feeling any sharp pains because of the abundance of love juices.

「Your boobs are soft and big…… they just draw men in.」

I don’t need to play with her clit anymore.
I take both hands and grasp her breasts.


「Your breasts are so big, yet your nipples are cute and tiny. It has a nice color too.」

I squeeze her tits while pumping my hips and then my dick reaches its limit.
It might be due to the alcohol, but I’m pretty quick today.
Oh well, the night is still young so I’ll let out one shot for now.

「Anyways, it doesn’t matter what reason but please hurry up and take it out!」

「Is that so? Alright, just bear with it for a bit.」

I grab Gretel’s hand and switch from a rhythmical bumping to more intense hip movements after my curt apology.

「Kyaa! What are you doing!?」

Her protest will do nothing to stop me in this moment. I suck on the girl’s back as I push my dick deep inside for the final spurt.

「Uuu! Uuuuuu! Guoooo!」

Accompanying my beast-like growls, semen gushes out from my dick.
There was a wet pulsing sound a few seconds later.

「Aah…… feels so good……」

「It’s hooooot! What on earth-……eh? Don’t tell me…… no way…… you released your sperm inside……!?」

Gretel wriggles in my arms as she trembles from climax.
Don’t worry, it won’t end after just one shot.
I’ll make you cum from the doggy-style position too.

「S-stop it, anymore and I’ll get pregnant!」

「No worries, I’ll take responsibility if you do.」

Gretel stops wiggling her ass in a desperate struggle to resist me.
She stops and stares at me blankly but I don’t remember saying anything shocking.

「R-really? You’re really going to ‘accept’ me?」

Of course, I won’t do something so cruel as to abandon you after you get pregnant.
If you want, I’ll protect you properly too.

「Of course.」

「I’ll be the wife of a Margrave…… aauuu!」

I give Gretel’s insides a deep thrust when she became obedient.
It sounded like she was about to say something, but I want to thrust into her right now.

「You’re too big it hurts……but ……I’ll endure it.」

She suddenly became submissive.
I’ll have to reciprocate by making her feel good then.

「Your hair is really pretty.」

She must take good care of her long, curly, chestnut-colored hair. Its glossiness and smooth texture are both top notch.

「Yes, I’m very proud of my hair. Are you interested in it?」

「Yeah, if you’re fine with it…… will you let me grab it?」

「No…… is what I want to say, but this is for the future so I don’t mind. Please do as you wish.」

「Thanks, Gretel.」

Her attitude towards me has really softened up, so it was probably the right decision to cum inside her.

I grab the girl’s hair like reins and slam my hips into her harder than I did initially.
Now that she’s accepted me as a man deep down in her heart, her hole feels much better than before.

「That felt great, Gretel.」


Gretel is lying prostrate on the bed with seed dripping out her ass.
I ejaculated four times while she probably climaxed around ten times.

「I’ll……service…… you, woof2.」

「Hahaha, I’ll leave it to you.」

As I lay on my back, the girl squirms close to my crotch.

「You really are big. To think something like this went inside me…… woof.」

As expected, her fellatio technique is practically non-existent, but the way she carefully licks the entire shaft to clean every nook and cranny really stimulates my desire to protect her and my desire to dominate her.
When I gently stroke her hair, she smiles pleasantly.

「It’s all clean now…… woof.」

「Hey, you’re still keeping that up?」

When I grab Gretel’s hair and thrust from behind her, it was as if two dogs were mating.
I got caught up in the moment, telling her to cry like the bitch she was, which seemed to get her really into the role.


「Good girl, you wanna kiss?」

She sits in front of me, shaking her ass and looking at me with eyes hungry for something.
Apparently that’s supposed to be how she wags her tail.

「What a cutie.」

I can see the sun rising from out the window.
I won’t be able to make an excuse to Mel or Myla.
I’ll buy them flowers or something to improve their mood later.

I think about what to buy as I pet the whimpering Gretel who has climbed on top of me.

The Next Day, In Class

「Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.」

「Good morning.」「How do you do?」「Please treat me well today too.」「Woof!」

Everyone’s eyes concentrate on Gretel.

「……How is everyone today?」

Ever since our time together, she and her followers stopped their quibbling about the instructor.
And everyone lived happily ever after.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 155,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 22,000. Lintbloom: 3500.

Assets: 62,970 gold (Food Cost -30)

Accompanying: Mel (concubine), Celia (adjutant), Myla (commander), Leah (lover), Irijina (escort), Pipi (escort?), Dorothea (lover), Alice (lover), Kroll (miscellaneous affairs), Gido (escort squad)
Polte (mistress), Gretel (bitch4)

Sexual Partners: 155, children who have been born: 37


  1. Nat: she’s slurring
  2. Nat: normally as an ojou-sama, she would use ~desu wa. Now, she’s using ~wan. It’s the same sound for a dog’s bark
  3. Nat: some whining sound…
  4. Nat: literally female dog


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