Chapter 183: Endless Assault


Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

I respond to the welcome of the townspeople as I return to the mansion after approximately three months.


Mel’s three young children jump at us and Mel’s face softens up.

「Mama is sorry for being away for so long. Did you get along well with your onee-chans?」

「Kuu nee-sama gets mad too quickly.」「Ruu nee-sama trips too quickly.」

Mel strokes her child’s head to comfort him, and then I feel something hit my back.


Catherine’s daughter Rose and son Antonio jumps onto me.
They’re 5 years old and 4 years old respectively and can scamper around quite freely now.
I pick the two of them up and they giggle happily.
Carla’s child Ekaterina and Maria’s son Claude are at my feet too.

「You’ve gotten so big in the short time I didn’t see you.」

「That’s just how kids are.」

I hear a voice I haven’t heard in a long time – that of Carla’s – who was standing with her arms folded.
Next to her are Maria, Catherine and the others too.

There are a bunch of kids at my feet and a bunch of women in front of me – I’ve become quite an impressive man if I do say so myself.
I honestly feel a man’s growth is not in status or money, but in the number of women and kids you have.

「Nooope, before you come to us……」

Carla pushes forward Yoguri and Rita who are holding their children.

「Ooh, so you’ve safely given birth. Sorry…… that I couldn’t be by your side.」

「No, well this much is a woman’s job.」「Yeah, I’m doing okay.」

The two were acting strong, while Carla was snickering with her hand over her mouth.

「Pufufu, trying to act tough even though you were tightly hugging Aegir’s clothes and pillows when giving birth.」

The two of them turn red.
What cuties.

「They were just born not too long ago. Please give them a name.」


I hug the two of them together with their children in their arms.
Yoguri’s son is named Reiner and Rita’s daughter is named Amata.

「There is no doubt about it with this.」
「Aegir-sama’s sons all have that…… huge thing. How big will it become once they get older?」

What are they talking about?

After naming the kids and hugging the women, there was a commotion nearby.

「Is it not time yet?」「Hey, don’t push!」「I want my child to be named too……」

The women who I’m housing in the annex have gathered here and are making a fuss.
Oh right…… those girls were also waiting for me.

I turn to face the girls and spread open my arms, then all of them run towards me screaming cries of joy, quickly turning things into a jostling match.
It looks like several women gave birth to my child, so I specially give the mothers carrying my children a hot embrace.

「By the way, I don’t see Nonna anywhere…… what happened?」

Carla and Rita sigh.

「Nonna’s in her room, she said that the cold is bad for the child. In addition, she said she might get a cold transmitted to her so she won’t go to any place where people have gathered. Please go to her as quickly as possible, I’m sure she’s feeling miffed.」

Fumu, she’s just as selfish as usual.

「Booo! You should be seeing me first when you come back!」

Sure enough, Nonna was in her own room feeling ticked off.
Her stomach looks quite large, almost like it will burst at any second.

「I’m sorry…… your belly has gotten so big.」

Air leaks from Nonna’s puffed up cheeks and her expression relaxes into a smile.

「Yeah, it has! I can tell the baby is moving. It’s kicking me so energetically…… I’m certain it’s a naughty boy.」

「I wonder…… nevertheless, it’s going to be your child, so I’m sure it will be a beautiful one.」

I look at Nonna’s face again.
As usual, she has a terrifyingly pretty face.
I always thought she was very beautiful when I first met her, but now that she’s become an adult, she has gotten even more so.

「With such beauty and such extraordinarily huge breasts, if I don’t allow for a bit of selfishness God will punish me for not being fair.」

「T-thank you. All of me belongs to Aegir-sama, so please stay by my side.」

Perhaps because I praised her too much, Nonna is blushing and clings to me.

「My beloved Aegir-sama has returned. I can finally be at ease.」

However, the spoiled Nonna suddenly separates herself from me.
For some reason I feel like it’s something troublesome.

「I remember now! Aegir-sama had that rose garden created for the mother and daughters of Treia!」

「The four of them must have been feeling discouraged. Isn’t that much fine?」

Nonna doesn’t seem to agree and makes me piggyback her.

「It’s not fair! I have a bunch of things I want to buy too, but you’re just going to listen to some outsider’s request as easily as that?」

Good grief, what a helpless woman.

「Alright, alright. When your child is born, I’ll buy you something in commemoration. What would you like?」

「You will?! Let’s see……」

Nonna goes into thought with a smile on her face.
I wonder what her answer will be.

「I want to swim.」

「Hm? You want me to bring you to the lake again?」

If she’s fine with just that, then it’s an easy request.

「No. I want to swim here.」

Does she mean the mansion’s bathtub is too small?

「I want you to construct a pool here. I’d like it to be in a high place inside the mansion…… a spot with a nice view. Then I can overlook the vast scenery with Aegir-sama.」

Nonna writes down the dimensions on a piece of paper.
20 m by 10 m…… and this has to be elevated high and placed somewhere in the mansion?

Just thinking briefly about it, this mansion is itself a pretty tall building within the city, so I can’t use a normal waterway and I can’t build up from a well since it will be hard to supply the incredible amount of water needed.
Even if there is some way though ……it’ll definitely cost a fortune.

「While you’re at it, why don’t you build a new mansion? Instead of renovating the old one, a brand new one……」

I underestimated Nonna’s self-indulgent nature.
I’ll have to discuss this with Adolph, he’ll probably get mad.
Oh yeah, Adolph.

「Long time no see Adolph, Leopolt.」

My two trusted retainers bow their heads without given too much second thought, I won’t hug guys after reuniting.
They should have been performing their duties without much trouble while I was gone anyways, so that’s fine.

「Adolph, these are the students I mentioned in the letter who are here for the practical training. I’m sure they can help you out if you teach them some practical experience.」

「That’s a great help. It’s getting to the point I can’t do everything myself……」

「「「Please treat me well.」」」
「I’m their teacher, Polte. Nice to meet you.」

Adolph’s expression becomes stiff.
What’s wrong? There are six students and one instructor, so you instantly get seven more people to your staff, rejoice.

「Hardlett-sama, over here please.」

Adolph pulls my hand and takes me to the back.

「…… what are these women? 」

「What do you mean? They’re the ones I mentioned regarding the practical experience……」

「Why did you only bring females with you?! 」

Adolph, your face is too close.

「Yes, they might be domestic affairs officials, but the job still involves going around to farmland and remote regions! With only girls like those-」

「I’ll explain that properly to them so it should be fine, that’s how territory management is.」

「……I’m sure you laid your hands on some of these girls, right? They’ll need to stay overnight after an exhausting day’s work though.」

「I don’t mind, but you better not get on top of any one of them. All of them are my women after all.」

All six students were virgins who I then made into my women.

「All of them…… what did you actually go to the capital for?!」

「Teaching of course.」

I proudly stick my chest out.

「……Polte’s originally a domestic affairs official and helped with her father’s work, so she can be an immediate asset. Just slowly teach the rest of them. Even after the practical training is finished, I want to keep as many of them here as I can to help with the work.」

Adolph’s cold stares hurt.

「Haah, alright. It’s going to be hard to work with my superior’s mistress as my subordinate……but those with knowledge of domestic affairs is as valuable as jewels after all.」

Umu, it’s good that he’s happy.

「One more thing, Nonna said she wants a pool and a new mansion. Something like this……」

I hand him a piece of paper with a simple drawing on it.


「Think about it, please and thanks.」

Adolph collapses on his desk, is he really that tired?

I glance out the window and see Melissa and Alma standing before the entrance.
It’s already spring, but it will still feel cold just standing around outside.

「How come you two aren’t going inside the house?」

「There’s something I have to do.」
「Waiting for him…….」

Aah, is it Kroll? I can understand Alma but even Melissa is going to greet him, what a lucky guy.
Oh yeah he disappeared right before coming into this road, I wonder where he went.

Maybe I’ll check out the rose garden now.
There’s a corner in the mansion’s courtyard where you can feel a light breeze and has good sunlight.

「Welcome, nice to see you.」

Marceline and her three daughters pinch the hems of their dresses and curtsies politely, the second daughter looks unhappy and the youngest daughter looks frightened.
It looks like I still need more time to make them fall in love with me, I need to make up time for when I was away too.

「So the flowers here haven’t started to bloom yet?」

「The seedlings were just planted after all…… but if we’re lucky, one or two might bloom this spring.」

When it was still winter, Marceline would lovingly stroke the roses which looked like dead trees.
The rose garden is certainly not a big one, although it will still help a little to comfort the girls who have lost everything.
I have one more present for the girls.

「I don’t know if you will like this, but I thought it might improve how you feel.」

I place a kitten on Marceline’s huge breasts.
The tiny white kitten mews anxiously.

「Let me know if you don’t like this kind of thing.」

Just before my departure, a stray cat wandered to the mansion in the capital.
It was clearly a kitten and it didn’t look like its parents were around, so I took it with me.
It was a nice and pretty white color.

I could have given it to my family members to keep as a pet, but Irijina might accidentally step on it and Pipi might accidentally eat it.


The ones who showed interest more than the mother were the eldest daughter Stephanie and the youngest daughter Felicie.
The third daughter scoops up the cat from her mother and places it in between her own large set of breasts.
The cat seems to have relaxed from being enveloped in those big breasts and remains docile.

「Thank you for your consideration.」

「Don’t mention it. Is there anything else you’re interested in?」

「No, the servants have been chosen already so there isn’t anything which inconveniences us.」

That’s good.
However, the second daughter Bridget looks dissatisfied.

「What’s wrong? Do you have a problem with something?」

「……hmph, you’re only doing all this to because you’re aiming for my sister’s and our bodies.」
「H-hey now! Bridget.」

That’s not quite right.

「My target is you girls ……and also Marceline, of course.」


I hug the confused mother.
Her body is a little loose from being 46 years old, but she’s beautiful enough for me to eat her.
I hope I get to do it soon.

「……I’m way past my prime though.」

「If you touch me here, you’ll know whether I’m joking or not.」

I guide the woman’s hand to my crotch.

「I-it’s hard…… you would really lust for an old lady like me……?」

「If you allow me, I’ll even flip up your skirt right here and now.」

Marceline probably didn’t have the determination and looks down.

「I’m fine with how it is now.」

I lift her chin with my finger and kiss her, pushing my tongue in her mouth gently.


「Oh my……」「M-mother!」「Kitty~ ♪」

I take my time and enjoy her mouth before separating my lips from her and apologizing for my rudeness.
She didn’t reject me, so she’s just like Rebecca and I just have to slowly make my way into her heart.

「Puhaa…… s-surely you jest……」

「I’m up for it whenever you are.」

I let the mature lady remain on the ground flat on her ass and leave.
Aaah, I can’t wait for the time I can taste that ripened hole.

After I finish the reunion greetings and listening to the reports of when I was gone, one of the maids calls me.
I wonder what it’s about, I was thinking of heading to dinner right about now.

「Feudal lord-sama, the representatives of the nearby villages have come here to see you and celebrate your return.」

「Hm? They’ve never did anything like this before though.」

I asked her how many people, and she replied about 20 of them.
Not to mention they came on the same day as my return……making them wait would be a little sad, so I should go out and say hi at least.

「Then which room should I lead them to?」

「No, I’ll go to them myself.」

The representatives are apparently peasants so there is probably a more suitable method of meeting them, but it’s pretty annoying to be so formal.

The representatives and the guards are arguing in front of the entrance.

「Like I said, all your belongings must be inspected first or you won’t be allowed to enter!」

「This item is something which can only be shown to Hardlett-sama! Will you take responsibility for opening it without permission!?」

「What’s with all the noise?」

When I came out, the guard soldiers salute, while the representatives seem somewhat taken aback by my appearance.
They’re pretty well-built despite being peasants, and somewhat well-organized.

「A gift? Also, it’s impressive how you knew of my return, I didn’t particularly announce it or anything.」

「Well yes, we owe an enormous favor to the Margrave…… so we put in a lot of effort.」

Fumu, sounds suspicious.
The spear I brought with me might come in handy for once.

「I see, so you heard from the people of the Benden pioneer village. You stopped by there on the way, did you?」

「Y-yes, we did! We heard about it from there and hurried to make preparations……」

The men nod as I brandish my spear.

「I see. And where is this Benden whatever village?」


Certain that their identity was exposed, the men quickly drew the swords at their hip, prompting the guards to shout loudly for backup.
However, I don’t wait for anything and charge forward, thrusting my spear at the face of the man in the very front.


「I’m not done yet!」

I swing my spear across my body to tear through the man’s face and also cut down the men behind him.
Three men instantly lose their lives and the remaining enemies number 10 or so.

「H-hurry up with the weapons……」

「As if I’ll let you.」

These men probably wanted to surprise attack me, like what happened in the capital, but getting attacked first caused them to immediately prepare to flee.
My women are behind me, I’m not going to have any mercy.

I cut down one man after the other as they try desperately to draw their swords in time.
I wasn’t piercing all the way through them, rather I make consecutive light thrusts, yet the thick spearhead acted like an axe and those small attacks were enough to inflict fatal wounds on the enemies.

「Strong as expected! However, my spear of fury will……」

「Shut up.」

I consecutively thrust at the man who declared his intentions so impressively – the first attack knocked him off balance, the second attack flung his spear away, and the third attack went through his neck.
Seeing the other men around him get flustered, I can guess this one is the most skilled of the bunch.

「Don’t panic! We already knew Hardlett would be tough from the beginning!」

Seeing some of the men try to circle around me, I whip my spear around in a circle.


The heads of the men beside me slowly slide off their bodies and fall to the ground.
I kick the one who tried to sneak up on me and turn him over on his back.

「P-please wait!」

「I won’t.」

I raise my spear and slam it down on his head.

「There are…… 8 left, it’s gone down quite a bit.」

「Damn it, everyone gather around! Use bows……」

Before he could finish talking, I charge towards the remaining enemies.
They quickly topple the wagon they had with them and use it like a barricade.
Pots of oil and spears are peeking out from the overturned wagon…… I’m really glad I didn’t let them inside the house.

「Thanks for bunching up together for me.」

With a full-powered swing of my spear, I slice the wagon along with the three hiding behind it.


「You’re kidding…… fucking monster!」

「Who are you calling a monster!?」

I grab the yelling man’s face with my left hand and crush him to death.
I toss the twitching corpse away, stomp on another enemy who fell to the ground and then get into a stance with my spear again.

With all the commotion, the guards have gathered here now.
They probably can’t escape any longer.

「Now that it’s come to this, I’ll at least finish off this demon’s family!」

The remaining three look to charge into my house and rush forward shouting, coming straight at me as I stand in their way.
Unfortunately, I’m not kind enough to let you guys past me.

「Uuuooooooooh! Push through!」

The man swings his sword at me.

「Oh really.」

After skewering him with my spear, I toss the man aside.

「Dooorryyaa! You can’t escape!」

The man raises his war hammer above his head and runs at me.

「See ya.」

I casually dodge to the side and punch him with my fist.
My fist buries itself into his face and I can feel bone shattering.


I was intending to kick the other one away, but I got distracted for an instant by the high-pitched scream of a woman.
In that opening, the woman crawls through my legs and invades my mansion.

「Oh crap!」

A stunned Catherine and two kids were holding hands and running away.
The woman closes in on them with her sword.

I make chase after her, but I don’t know if I’ll make it in time or not.
It was right at that moment.

(Waaaaaaaaaahn!! This isn’t happenniiinngggg!)

A green-colored Casie slips through the wall all of a sudden and crosses paths with the woman while crying.

「Wha-! Kyah.」

I was able to catch up to the woman who lost her balance from being surprised, grab her collar and throw her down.

「Gyaahn! Kyuu……」

The woman who got slammed against the floor lost consciousness from the impact.
Thank goodness……it’s a good thing Casie was here.

Night, Basement

「Well, your identity, your base, your leader…… let’s hear all of it.」

I interrogate the naked, tied up woman.
Even I didn’t think I could speak to a woman as coldly as I just did.

Leopolt is seated with me and also presses the woman for answers but she doesn’t reply.

「I usually treat women gently, but not this time.」

This one pointed a blade at Catherine and my children and tried to kill them after all.
I’m not even aroused by her, so no mercy from me.


「If you’re not going to say anything, you’ll be fucked until you’re all worn out then.」

Even forceful penetration with the intent to destroy the woman might not reach her heart.

「I’ll toss you with the soldiers. 」

Leopolt continues.

「I wonder, how many days will you last if you’re violated by over 50 burly men all night, every night. If you answer right now, you might still get away with just being thrown in prison.」

「……Rape me, kill me, do as you wish. I won’t yield to you bastards who brought my ancestors to ruin.」

So she’s some former noble or knight of Magrado, then I don’t have to listen anymore.
Even if she somehow manages to kill me, there’s no way she’ll leave my territory alive.
The only people who could follow through with such suicidal plans can only be individuals who have nothing else to lose.
If that’s the case, getting her to talk might prove difficult.

「Why not try to fuck her once? If it’s Lord Hardlett, it might loosen her mouth.」

I never thought I would hear those words coming out from Leopolt.

「Or if you want me to make her confess, I’ll do it.」

「You’re going to fuck her?」

Does he like raping someone while interrogating them or something?

「No. Torture is outside my area of expertise, but I am somewhat knowledgeable about it.」

Leopolt arranges a set of needles and tiny knives.
The woman’s expression turns pale yet she remains silent.

「I don’t want to embrace this one to be honest…… besides, I just thought of a good idea.」

I whisper it to Leopolt.

「……that is rather unique, although it might be fine if she’s not going to die from it.」

Let’s go with it then.
I make the woman stand up and take her with me.

「Hmph! You’re going to have people gang rape me to make me talk? This vulgar tactic fits you despicable people perfectly! No matter how many crude dicks you shove in me, I won’t say……」

The woman shouts and curses along the way, although I’m not taking her to the barracks.
I tie up both her arms and legs in this certain place.

「Taking me to a place like this, what do you-…… don’t tell me!」

This is Schwartz’s stable.
I fix the naked woman in a position with her ass sticking out.

I spot Schwartz behind her with an expression as if asking me what was going on.
Judging by the discontent look on the mare who is sharing the stable with him, they were probably in the middle of mating.
Schwartz gets the urge to breed once a year, but he’s basically doing it all the time.

「I’m lending this one to you.」

「Wh-what did you say!? Stop it, you pervert! You trash! You savage!」

「I don’t want to hear that from someone who wanted to kill a child. Schwartz, you can do as you please as long as you don’t kill her.」

He neighs happily.
It sounded like he was telling me that he wouldn’t hurt the woman.
Since he was in the middle of mating, Schwartz’s penis has gotten incomprehensibly larger than a human’s penis.

「S-stop it! I don’t want to be raped by a horse! Stop, don’t mount me……aaaaaaaaah—!!」

I’ll leave the rest to him and turn away from the stable.
The sun sets, darkening the stable as the sounds of Schwartz’s neighs and the woman’s screams blend into a strange cacophony.

–Third Person POV–

Side Kroll1

「I wonder if it’s alright now.」

Once Kroll saw that night was beginning to fall, he started heading back to the mansion.
Of course he won’t be going to the main entrance, he’ll be sneaking in through the back.
He can easily picture Alma camped out in front.
That’s why he deliberately waited for a while and went around the long way to the back.

「Kroll-sama…… if we’re in your way, you can just abandon us somewhere.」
「But could you let us live on together?」

「How could I do something like that!? You two are my women.」

「Kroll-sama…… so lovely.」
「I love you, Kroll-sama.」

Feeling moved, Lola and her mother hugs him as Kroll happily opens the back door.

「Welcome back Kroll, sitting pretty are we, with a girl on each arm.」

Kroll’s relaxed face instantly freezes.
There was a dry-sounding whack.
It was the sound of Alma chucking a rolling pin at Kroll and then him losing consciousness.

「N, nnn. This is-……」

「It’s my room.」

Kroll regains consciousness and checks his surroundings, where he saw Alma smiling and his own body bound to the bed.

「What is the meaning of this!?」

「Kroll, you cheated on me, didn’t you?」

「Eh? W-well, you see……」

If he said that he didn’t just cheat but made them his own women and decided to look after them, there would be no denying it.
Thinking desperately for a way out of this situation, he chose to refer to his women-loving master.

「It’s alright! They’re my women, but Alma is also my precious woman! I won’t let you feel lonely!」

Alma smiles kindly.

「Yeah, that’s right. You cheated.」

「……Eh? Like I said, you’re precious to me……」

「I know. Kroll isn’t someone who would do something cruel to a girl. I know you well, since we’ve been together since we were small…… I’m sure it’s all this thing’s fault.」

Alma exposes the lower half of the immobilized Kroll.

「It was much cuter when you were small, but it’s gotten bigger recently, hasn’t it. It’s all this thing’s fault.」

「Eh? What are you-……」

「That’s why-」

The girl opens a drawer and pulls something out, then smiles.

「I’ll cut it off. That thing.」

The object she took out was a pair of shears, which she places up against the root of the problem.

「Alma, what are you doing!? Please stop this!」

「Nope, not stopping. Once this thing disappears, we’ll be able to live happily together again. We won’t be able to do naughty things together anymore…… but it can’t be helped. I’ll put up with it.」

The girl smiles as her empty eyes stare only at the boy’s penis.
The young man screams at this unusual situation.

「It will just be a little snip. I have some ointment for the wound, so don’t worry. It’ll only hurt a tiny bit.」

「Uwaaaaaaaaaah! It’s all my fault, just come to your sensesssss!」

「Then will you throw those people away and look only at me?」

There was a brief hesitation before he shakes his head.

「I-I can’t do that! As a man.」

Kroll faces Alma tries his best to look determined.
Her reply was obviously a kind smile.


The girl presses down on the handle of the shears and the blades dig into the tiny pecker.
Just before the symbol of his manhood gets sliced, the door opens.

「Wah! Alma, what are you doing!?」

The one who came rushing through the door was Melissa.

「It’s fine to punish him, but that is not allowed! You’ll definitely regret it in the future.」

「Melissa-san…… but as long as this thing is attached, Kroll will do bad things.」

「I won’t anymore! I won’t add anymore women!」

Melissa sighs lightly.

「No matter what happens, you must not do that. Do this instead.」

She takes out a thick dildo.

「You can punish him with this, so please spare him from the snipping.」

「T-that’s just as bad though.……」

Kroll’s complaints were met with a ‘Shut up, cheating man’ from Melissa.

「Okay…… I understand. Then, I’ll be punishing your ass.」

The vacant-eyed Alma takes the dildo in her hand and pushes it against Kroll’s butthole.

「Wet it with some saliva first…… wh-, all of a sudden?」


Without any preparations whatsoever, she forces the dildo into Kroll’s anus.
The young man lets out a cry like a girl who is being raped.


「U-uwaah…… I wonder if that injured him……」

Ignoring the worried Melissa, Alma moves the dildo back and forth.
With every movement, Kroll lets out a scream and writhes his body.

「Melissa-san, look, it’s hard. Surely those people also did this to him too.」

「Well…… it’s a natural reaction for men to get hard so that might not be the case.」

Melissa’s words fall on deaf ears.

「This won’t be good enough. More punishment is necessary.」

Alma takes the rolling pin which she used to knock Kroll out earlier.

「Two will definitely tear his ass, so you can’t!」

Alma doesn’t listen to Melissa or stop, and pushes the rolling pin into Kroll’s already tearing ass.

「Punish, Kroll…… be an honest man!」


The rod was merciless pushed in and the squelching sounds of flesh stretching can be heard.
Kroll lets out a cry several times louder than before and faints in agony.
As expected, Melissa subdues Alma.

「Let me go, Melissa-san, if I don’t punish him-」
「I said you can’t, he will really die!」

「What’s going on!!?」

At that moment, Celia kicks the door open and flies in.
There was an enemy attack just earlier in the evening so it was natural of her to suspect another outside enemy from the shouting.


「Aahhii……But…… it’s not bad……」

However, what she saw in front of her was Kroll, whose ass was stuffed with two rods while his dick was erect and his face in ecstasy.
Celia instantly starts heating up.

「You confused…… little…… pervert!」

The power in Celia’s kick increased because of her increase in weight, and when her foot hit Kroll’s ass, he ejaculated.
Just when Celia was about to draw her sword, Myla similarly came running to hold her back.

In addition to the earlier commotion, there was a sense of agitation throughout the entire mansion as guards and servants gather around to see what was going on.
What they arrived to see was the sight of Kroll continuously ejaculating with two poles in his ass.

In the end, Kroll managed to escape with his dick in tact, but the two objects shoved into his rectum caused him to be bedridden for two weeks. Moreover, the rumor of him being a pervert became widespread knowledge of everyone who worked in the mansion.

Alma remained the same on the surface after everything was said and done, but she never went to meet Lola or Mira.

–Aegir POV–

Side Story: Pickled Casie

「By the way, you…… why are you so green? Plus, you smell sour.」

(Waaaaah, hic, sniff.)

I somehow manage to get the truth out of the weeping Casie.

The story starts off one week ago.
Casie was feeling hungry so she snuck into the kitchen and tried to steal something from the large barrel of pickles.
However, her foot slipped and she fell into the barrel, buried under the pickles.

One of the cooks came and checked the inside of the barrel, but unluckily for her, he was someone who couldn’t “see” Casie, so he just closed the lid of the barrel and placed a heavy stone on top.

Casie cried feebly over and over, until finally Celia realized and just opened the lid. However at that point, Casie was well-pickled for about a week and moderately fermented, turning her into the distinctive green color.
Apparently, the reason she ran through the wall crying at that time was because of the shock she felt after seeing the horrible discoloration of herself in the mirror.

「Discoloration…… exactly what are you made out of?」

If I press down hard on her body, she’ll permanently deform, so I’m very curious.

(How would I know that, more importantly, what will I do if I can’t return to how I normally look?)

「You’re the savior of Catherine and those kids. Don’t mind the fact that you’re green.」

I hug her close and give her a kiss.

「……you taste like pickles.」


Incidentally, Casie eventually went from being green to light green, then to yellow, and then gradually lighter and lighter until finally returning to normal after two weeks.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Citizens: 158,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 23,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Assets: 62,400 gold

Family: Nonna (pregnant wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (lover), Casie (ghost), Miti (betrothed), Melissa (lover), Maria (betrothed), Rita (head maid), Catherine (betrothed), Yoguri (playwright), Pipi (lover), Alice (magician), Alma (unstable)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Sue, Miu, Ekaterina, Amata (daughters), Antonio, Claude, Gilbard, Reiner (sons), Rose (foster daughter)

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant, round), Gido (escort unit), Kroll (heavily damaged ass), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby, Myla (security officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official, tired), Tristan (NEET), Claire & Laurie (Official Merchant), Schwartz (training horse), Lilian (actress)

Taken into custody: Mother – Marceline (slightly charmed), Daughters – Stephanie, Bridget, Felicie
Polte (student director), Gretel (dog)
Other Country:
Celestina (Queen of Malt), Monica (lady-in-waiting), Claudia (in conflict), Clara (accompanying the Madam)

Sexual Partners: 198, children who have been born: 43


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